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The Times to "Purchase" Graveyard Dirt~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"Is there a certain time or moon phase to purchase Graveyard dirt?"

I was taught this many years ago by both my Grandmother as well as two of her friends who came from the South,  so some of what I learned is from those areas and some is what my Grandmother was taught as well.

I've seen people who have posted around and they have learned either from their mentors or have read it in a Folklore Book by a man names Hyatt.

So much of it still hold true,  it worked then it still works now.

I recommend that you read a book by Fritz Lieber titled "Conjure Wife"  it was made into two movies one in the 1940's with Lon Chaney jr. titled "Wierd Woman", the other film done in the late 50's early 60's titled "Burn Witch Burn",  although fiction and film, the premise on which they are based is correct and older than time. 

As a matter of fact I recommend watching as a "double feature" the two British made movies "Burn Witch Burn" aka "Night of the Eagle" and "Night of the  Demon" aka "Curse of the Demon" starring Dana Andrews, both were done in the late 50's early 60's look for the longer time versions of these two films as the American released edited out some scenes.  It's amazing how these had all the spiritual information almost correct, and not over exaggerated either, but very close to how magic would work.  Although some scene's I feel were over played for dramatic effect.

The Timing to obtain the dirt is also important, most of the old graveyards are some what accessible but because of vandalism many cemeteries have guards to prevent as much as possible such desecration.

I give you these times for your own information and if you are able to gain the trust of a caretaker or grounds keeper to be able to have access to such locations, but sometimes you maybe lucky to find such a place.

Now in a number of regions of the United States you have to be careful in old graveyards and cemeteries at night not only because of trespassing, but also because of poisonous snakes, this is especially true in the West, Southwest, and in the South due to Rattlesnakes, Coral Snakes, Cottenmouths and Copperheads, just to name a few.

There are also scorpions, Black Widow Spiders and the deadly Brown Recluse Spiders again just to name a few, also poison oak and poison ivy.

Check to find out what kind of dangerous, venomous insects and reptiles could be lurking among the old grave sites, wear thick leather gloves, boots that are mid calf, long sleeves, high turtle necks and a head covering to keep them out of your hair, carry your offerings, your jars, labels and pens to write on the labels, as well as a small handheld garden shovel in a carry bag, include flowers as well. Take also a long stick or cane to ward off snakes and such.

If you think you've come in contact with poison oak or ivy, remove your clothing as soon as you get home, wash it in hot water and take a shower immediately.

Now you might get lucky and find an old urban cemetery that doesn’t have as many problems that I have named, otherwise find out when the cemetery closes its gates, usually its at Sundown, however as the days get longer and twilight is lengthened that will give you a certain advantage.

If you live in Europe, in Asia, more rural Canada, in any of the South American States anywhere Mexico and further South again exercise caution both physically and legally.

If you live in New Orleans or plan to go there---DO NOT take any dirt from anywhere around Marie Laveaus’s tomb, you would be inviting very serious trouble upon yourself, only a properly “crowned” voodoo, hoodoo practitioner can do that. Do not think that because you maybe proficient in magikal workings that you can, trust me it is dangerous.

Alright with that out of the way, let me give you the times to collect the dirt and some possible alternatives.


Go to the graveyard at nine o'clock at night, and get some dirt out of a grave on the north side of the cemetery. If there is a man or woman you want and they are married or living together, gathering this dirt, can be used to breakup the relationship.

But be careful as how this is used it could cause a serious possibly deadly illness.

Another purpose would also to get rid of someone out of your life, but it would have to be placed near where they sleep, like under their mattress again use with caution and again it depends on from whose grave you gather this from.


Gathering dirt at this time also depends upon the type of luck or success you need, such as getting that break in acting or the music business or even getting a job, again it depends on whose grave you get it from. When you have gathered this dirt do the ritual for luck or success, put this dirt into very tiny bags and wear it around your waist, you could sew it or pin it on what you wear to an interview. Be sure that it cannot be seen, some people will sew it up in a small green flannel packet. Green for prosperity.

You may not have the luck all the time as there could be other factors but you will be more successful than not.


Gathering dirt at the dark of the Moon is mostly for doing harm or wishing ill or bad luck, it is said if you want a person to have bad luck you toss the dirt at the person, without anything else, it doesn’t have to hit them, it can be just a very small amount, you can even add glitter to it like as if you’re at a party or club and they won’t suspect.

Prepare the dirt first with a hexing ritual, and then when you’ve done it they will never be successful in any undertaking. I’ve known one person who did this and they used black glitter and since it was a Halloween party they mixed black bat glitter (black glitter in the shape of bats) with their dirt, they tossed it on the person’s head and since that person was drinking and it was a noisy, fun party with dancing the person wasn’t aware of it.

The person who was Hexed by this method I knew to be unscrupulous and devious in their business dealings, he went down hill fast.

This could also be used if you know of someone who has done criminal activity then they could be arrested and in jail, just don’t be around them ever again after you do this act, because you don’t want to be arrested either.

(Do not do this indiscriminately, if you do this out of jealousy you could have it backlash to you)


A New Moon as compared to a Dark Moon is just when the tiniest bit of moon is showing just barely a sliver or by using a good Astrological Calendar set for your location that will tell you when the new moon is, usually 3 days before the new moon is the true dark phase.

An innocents’ grave is usually a baby’s grave or very small toddler, it is believed that using dirt from this grave the spirit is more compliant to do as you request, but just as any 2 year old they can say “no”.

There are two ways to use dirt gathered at this time, if you have someone who is always running around, leaving your home and just going off or if you want to go off and do something and don’t want anyone asking you or bothering you about where you are going.

If this person is running around you get this dirt add sulfur and salt (sea or kosher salt) and when they are about to leave but they are out of their room toss some into their room, then when they go out the door toss some after them saying you do this in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, and ask them to bring this person back.

But if you want to leave and not be bothered you do the same thing but toss the dirt in front of you as you leave saying in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit that you want to leave and not be bothered by anyone and then you can go anywhere you want.

But as with anything, this can have dire consequences, if you are going to get into trouble, it will hurt you in the worse possible way, but if you are leaving a person who has abused you and not because you’re mad at your parents, then it will clear the path.


If you have a business or shop, either working from your home or a brick and mortar store during the full moon gather the dirt from the grave of a business man (successful) especially one who has recently passed away, you mix the dirt from the fresh grave with sulpher and red pepper and bury it under the step of your shop, now considering that most places have steps or walk ways that are concrete place it under the welcome mat in a small flat brown envelop or packet that you can make yourself, or if you are working from home that is you have an internet business place it under your computer, this is suppose to bring in customers/persons to your business or shop.


Again choosing the right kind of grave, gathering it at this time will help you make someone you don’t want in the neighborhood to move. You get the dirt, do the correct ritual, sprinkle it on their porch or in front of their doorway walking backwards to make them move.


This one is very difficult to work with so you have to work with it very carefully. It is used to get rid of someone out of your home or if you rent to get the person out of the room they are renting or to cease having someone be a friend, perhaps they might have in some way betrayed you and you want them to no longer come into your home, you no longer want anything to do with them.

Go to the graveyard around four in the morning and buy 2 ounces worth of graveyard dirt equal to 3 pennies. And sprinkle it around the house, all around and be prepared to sweep out the doorway behind them after they leave, make sure that you sweep the dirt from the doorway completely outside of the house. That will get them to move.

Sweeping graveyard dirt is both an uncommon and dangerous rite. The person that wants to get rid of an unwelcome renter or friend, sprinkles graveyard dirt about the house on the outside, leaving themselves with all entries that is dirty with the dirt except one. Coming indoors the person closes the door that does not have the graveyard dirt yet and then sprinkles the graveyard dirt in front of that doorway.

The person who does this then becomes a prisoner in their own home. But, as soon as the unwanted person walks over the dirt, either entering or leaving, the practitioner sweeps it away. The spirit in the graveyard dirt does not liked to be swept by the dirty broom, and will flee back to the graveyard; the person having walked across the dirt, must go away, and the practitioner, now immune from the graveyard-dirt spirit, is free to have either a new renter or friend.

This was told to me by one of my Grandmother’s friends who was with her group, the lady was from New Orleans and told this to me many years ago, she used it to get an unwanted sister-in-law to move, but she had a hard time figuring out how to get the sister-in-law out of the house, especially before her husband came home, so she tricked the sister-in-law to go to the store to buy some things for dinner and said she couldn’t leave the house because she was baking some cookies for a church social and needed to keep an eye on them, the person in question went to the store and a week later felt that she needed to move out of the house and did.

So if you are going to do this one you need to plan it very carefully, otherwise the spirit of the dirt will make you very uncomfortable.


This is another one that was told to me by the same lady to get a person to move who lives in your area that you don’t want around.

Go the grave just before the sun crests the horizon or before sunrise, take it from the head area, and then hurry home, then from the front of your home throw the dirt in the direction where this unwanted person lives and recite a verse from the bible, allegedly they will move very soon. Part of the planning is finding a good verse from the Bible that speaks of moving or leaving, write it down and then read it while you throw the dirt.


I was told again by the same lady this other Sunrise gathering ritual, that if you purchase your dirt before sunrise, right from the heart area of a person, let it dry out a bit and then either put it in your shoe or in a little flannel bag and put it in your pocket for good luck.

This is mostly for gambling, personally I would not put it in my shoe because there maybe unwanted bacteria that may cause problems.

So the best way to remember is this:

For luck, take it around the new moon. For warfare, take it around the full moon. Midnight is usually the ideal time to take it, as like in the story “midnight in the garden of good and evil” if you take the dirt a minute or two before midnight is for good, a minute or two after midnight is for evil.


Most of the time purchasing the dirt before Sunrise is usually the best time and works best for positive magic, but because of the nature and protection laws of much of this may be prohibitive. So your best bet is to go soon after the cemetery is lawfully open to the public and send out your intent to the spirits.

Another is to go there close to Sundown with your supplies including a tea light in a glass enclosed jar, sometimes I’ve used a relish jar that has been well cleaned put my tea light in it with a touch of earthquake wax to hold it in place, light it with a long match or long necked bic lighter like the kind used for bar-b-ques, it will already be rigged with a wire to carry it with. This way the flame from the candle does not endanger the property. The reason why I say use a tea light is sometimes the batteries from flashlights are energy disruptive and also can be drained by the spirit.  

Always carry a bouquet of flowers, inexpensive ones from the supermarket, that way if any security asks you why you're there you can say you got off of work late and this was the only time you could come, but this only works just after Sundown, and leave the bouquet of flowers so that your excuse appears legitimate, and also it's a nice additional offering.

Another way to obtain permission is to say you are ghost hunting, get permission from the cemetery and also notify the police as well, in that case there should be two or three of you with camera’s and portable recorders to appear that you are capturing EVP, again be respectful this is NOT A GAME.

On my next post  I will lay out the procedures that you will need to do, so you can follow it step by step, and I will also include some other types of graves to collect dirt from.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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