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Railroad spikes as protection~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"I've seen used Railroad spikes sold in metaphysical shops and botanicas.  What is their purpose?"

Rail Road spikes, I know, of what use is rail road spikes, well they are excellent for protection primarily.

Of course if you live in an apartment hammering rail road spikes into the floor would make the tenants and the landlord very unhappy, but there is an alternative for that, but let’s start with standard rail road spikes.

Now a days you can go on line and buy railroad spikes, they have been used and removed from the tracks as the tracks were repaired so those that are found are the best.

If you are walking along a rail road line (and be very careful that you are very alert for any trains) and you find discarded rail road spikes that would be perfect. Never remove any spikes from any rail road line that is illegal and dangerous both to you and the train and its staff and passengers. Avoid trapping yourself in an area where you do not have any means of escape from harm, so don’t walk over any bridges or anything like that.

The easiest of course, is to buy the spikes and that does not make them any less effective in magical working, they are just as effective just less dangerous for you to collect, unless you have a friend who works on the railroad, then I would say “Jack Pot!”

If you own a house or are even renting a house you can “nail” the property down to keep any evil energies out, and if you own your house you can “nail” the property to avoid as much as possible foreclosure.

First figure out the configuration of your property, if it’s the usual rectangle or square then that is easy.

If the lot is an odd shape then figure out the shape looking for corners were the property lines meet. If your property is fenced in that makes it very easy, but if it’s not, then determine what is your property line, with all the corners including the front part of your property that will tell you the number of spikes you will need plus the number of silver coins or Indian head pennies---

A slight digression here, some methods suggest using dimes since you are buying the services of a spirit although some methods suggest using Indian head pennies because then you can call upon the power of the Native America peoples who lived in America first to act as scouts and as your first wards of protection.

Once you’ve figured out the number of spikes and coins then use the Fiery Protection Oil. Dress or coat each of the railroad spikes with this oil, rubbing it onto each spike from the butt toward the point. So rub the oil in one direction only, from the top or rounded end and then stroke downwards only toward the pointed end. As you do this, pray over the spike as you dress it for God to protect your home, keep your feet firmly planted in that property and to defend you from anyone that would seek to remove you from that property or harm you and your property and anyone who lives with you on that property. You finish with praying Psalm 23, Psalm 18 and Psalm 1 over all the spikes and coins.

Now hammer one spike down at each corner of your property. Try to place it at
the perimeter of the land so that you can secure ALL of your land, but if you
can’t, then make sure to at least place the railroad spikes in the ground
outside the four corners of your home. Pound them into the ground as you pray
and make sure to get them down below the level of the earth so they are not

Make sure you are not driving the spikes into any gas, water, sewer or electric lines, now once the spikes are below the ground place the coin on top of the spike and cover it with graveyard dirt that you have “purchased” from the grave of a family member, preferably one who served in the military and have asked to secure your home, then traditionally one is suppose to urinate on each spike after it has been driven in the ground however that can be difficult especially if your property is in plain public view, so have a jar of your urine on had and pour some on each spike after it’s been nailed into the ground, it works the same way an animal marks it’s territory.

Your home is now secured.

Now some people ask why railroad spikes, well they are made out of iron and cold iron is one of the best things to keep away negative energies. Iron is a powerful magical substance that works to ground or earth approaching energy. Any negative magic launched at the home would be earthed into the ground as it tried to cross the railroad spikes.

As a matter of fact many old time cemeteries use to have Iron gates and fences in the belief that any restless spirit buried in the graveyard would remain there for they cannot cross a line made of iron. In some old cemeteries or graveyards you might see either a simple or complicated designed fences around individual or family grave sites.

Some witches and magicians would have either staffs or wands that would be tipped or banded with iron. I saw in one woman’s home in her basement several magical circles to contain any energies that would be invoked. The basement was where she had her magical altars and other things for her work, but she had to have a separate room built down there to contain the hot-water heater and washer and dryer so that they would not not be interfered with, and she spiked them to prevent any thing from “fiddling” with her “laundry” room.

Now if you live in a town house, condo or apartment using railroad spikes is not as easy, so find the 4 farthest outside reaches of your unit, then get 4 square cut nails, not round top nails they must be square cut nails.

Dress them and pray over them as if they were spikes, cover them briefly with the graveyard dirt then remove them from the dirt and then drop them into a shallow dish of your urine and then nail them into the baseboards of your unit and it will work the same way.

Now if you are going to sell your property since this will be a move of your choice that will be different, once the sale is done, find your spikes and remove them from the property, and take them with you to use at your next location, re-energizing them and re-purchasing the graveyard dirt for your new location.

If you are living in a unit where you did this with the square cut nails, leave the nails there but inform your spirit whose services you purchased that their work is done and they can leave until you request their services again. Wait until after you’ve had the final walk through with your landlord to inform the spirit and make sure your unit is thoroughly clean by that time.

I've known some people who use railroad spikes as door stops to hold their doors open, but then they have them placed very close to the door as well to negate any negative energies from crossing the threshold.   I even have one placed in my fireplace since I consider the chimney as another entrance for energies,  I keep it there even when I'm burning a fire in the fire place and then when the ashes are cold I swept them out but leave the spike there, and during the warm months it remains there as well.

I know of one person who lives in an R.V. (recreational vehicle) and keeps a railroad spike next to the doorway,  and has several extra with dimes soldered to their sides  when he sets up his vehicle where he's going to camp he hammers them into the ground but keeps them above ground and just ties down his awnings with them, it works as a disguise and protects at the same time, after he's tied his awnings down he pours a little of his urine on the spikes each time he sets up camp.  

When he leaves the last thing he packs away is the awnings and ropes pulls up the spikes and puts them in a special box,  another thing he does with the spikes is tie a red cloth to the tops of the spikes as added protection both spiritual and physical that way he won't forget any of them.

There are other things one can use the railroad spikes for, as I come across them I'll post it.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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