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Full proceedures to gather Graveyard Dirt~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Well I’ve given you a lot of the basic premise for Graveyard Dirt, now I’m going to put it together as a whole.

First you now know that Graveyard Dirt is really dirt, not Mullin or anything else.

Next decide the type of spell that you need to do for the situation that demands it.

Then the type of grave to use, and if you have free access to a graveyard, the time to gather it. If you do not have free access then as close to Sundown as possible without raising suspicion, but then you need to know if it’s a full moon that night or a dark or a new moon. So consult your Astrological calendar.

The next thing to decide on is the location on the grave to gather the dirt. For most spells taking it from the head is usual, from the heart for love, from the feet for domination.

Next is putting together your “kit”, that which you’ll need to gather the dirt, coins both silver or copper, 9 copper coins for the spiritual gatekeeper (more on that in a bit), maybe a small bottle of whisky, a little tobacco (depends on what will work best for offerings but you have to have those coins because you are buying services, if you’re taking it from a baby’s or small child’s grave then add a bit of candy or a small stuff toy to put on the grave) your bottles, labels and pens, small hand garden shovel, flowers either cut or in a pot as both an extra offering as well as a cover up, if it’s getting dark then a tea light incased in a clean clear glass jar to light up the area, plus something to light it with, gloves (simple cloth garden gloves works well, but if you’re in an area where there’s dangerous animals, insects then leather)

Have something to carry this stuff in, a tote bag or small duffel bag.

Most cemeteries one can drive through, but if there is parking outside, park out side first, go to the gate way entrance of the graveyard/cemetery stand to one side to allow other cars to go through but then ask silently for permission from the spiritual guardian of the cemetery to enter to do your work, once you feel the permission has been granted, put 9 copper coins (pennies)next to the gate in a place where it’s not easily seen, and then either walk or drive into the cemetery, if there is no parking outside, then drive just inside the gate get out of the car being careful to not block the entrance and ask permission.

Then send out the meditation energies to the grave you’ve selected earlier, when you approach it do not dig yet, ask permission silently or softly if you can “purchase” their services and state the reason, then listen for their response, if it’s yes see if you can sense what they may want as payment in addition to the coin, if they were a drinker or smoker the whiskey and tobacco can be an addition plus the flowers, but if they were a family member and female, maybe a little candy with the coin and the flowers, although there were some female members of my family that liked a little wine.

Those small bottles that one finds for air lines work real well.

If they say no, then send out a “message” to one that might be receptive, you will almost always get a response or a grave will send out an energy and draw you to them.

Then gather the dirt from the correct area, if there is soft sod or grass, remove it as a plug to put back after you’ve gather the dirt from underneath, then drop the silver dime or if they also request any copper pennies, into the hole in payment for the dirt, thank the spirit and say "As I have paid you in silver, so shall you pay me in labor!" you can then pour the whiskey or wine or candy into the hole, and replace the plug of sod to cover the hole.

Now comes a bit of “book keeping”, write down the name, birth and death dates of the grave as well as the cemetery on a piece of paper or label and affix it to the bag or jar. Hold the bag or bottle of dirt in your hand and pray hard for the spirit of the grave to come with you, that there is work to do, and that it is through this work that their spirit will be elevated and redeemed. This is especially good if it is to correct an injustice.

Place the flowers at the grave and even on the grave next to it just in case.

Leave the grave knowing that you have that spirit's assistance and its power in the grave's dirt. Don't look back. Leave the cemetery and go home by a different route than the one you came by otherwise more than just that spirit will come with you, at the gate turn around three times (if you’re walking) or get out of your car and do that, it confuses any spirits that might decide to attach themselves to you. Sometimes sprinkling a little sea salt on the bottom of the car’s door frame or on the driver’s side mat helps, or a pinch of salt (if you’re walking) drop behind you as you exit.

Then go home, before you enter your house, turn around three times, make it look like you are just checking things out like anything around the outside of your home or the neighborhood. Be subtle. This is to also confuse the spirits in case any of them decided or are able to circumvent the gates of the cemetery, also have outside next to your front door a pot with a lot of small pebbles and sea salt, add another pebble to it before you enter, spirits will have a compulsion to want to try and count what is inside the pot, and if they try and are still there by sunrise they are forced to return to the cemetery.

A small planter with a succulent plant nick-named “Hen and Chicks” also works well to keep spirits and evil beings out side of your home, if you live where there is a lot of frost or snow, bring it just inside the door and protect it from the cold, as this is a plant that does well in milder climates like Italy or California, Arizona, Portugal, Spain, Mexico places like that.

Then start preparing the dirt, yes Ms. Q the dirt needs to be prepared, there are two ways to dry the dirt out, one is to tie the dirt up one bottle’s worth at a time so you don’t confuse or mix up the dirt, in an old tea shirt or old cotton dish towel, so the dirt will dry out. Another method which is good if you’ve only collected a small amount is to lay out the dirt on a piece of foil to thoroughly dry out.

Once it’s dry (and do this next step outside or if you’re doing it inside wear a mask to not breath in the dust) sift the dirt into fine grains, larger clumps or bits of rocks/pebbles, tiny roots, any dead bugs, any live ones or worms (this is if you dig very deep) that you find, put into a jar and release at the nearest open field (even a school or park baseball or football field) and release them.

The dirt that is either fine dust, clumps, rocks/pebbles, roots, dead bugs, keep those but put them into separate jars or bags but with the same name on the label, keep a list or notebook of whom you gathered dirt from and for what purpose, each part of it can be used depending on the spell or if you are making a mojo bag or packet. Another way to store the dirt is in a small paper bag or a zip lock baggie with the name, birth and death dates and name of cemetery on it.

Every time you use the dirt, call the spirit by name and command it to assist you with your work by the contract you and the spirit made in the cemetery.

Some other examples of graves to use in magical purposes are these:

Using the graveyard dirt of a lawyer to win a court case

Using the graveyard dirt of a detective or police officer to expose a rapist

Using the graveyard dirt of a dockworker, carpenter etc. to get steady employment that’s if you are a blue collar worker, a white collar worker is for more “office” work

Using your grandma's graveyard dirt to get your perfect mate

Using graveyard dirt from a doctor to help you overcome illness

Another option is to use dirt from the grave of someone who you may not have personally known but is generally known to you by reputation, like dirt from a famous writer’s grave for creative inspiration, dirt from a wealthy person for prosperity spells.

And then there are other dirt’s a person might consider collecting although some I would not recommend:

Mentally Disturbed / Insane person : To cause insanity, mental instability, etc.

WARNING: When collecting this dirt, do remember that you're dealing with the spirit of someone who was obviously mentally disturbed. This can backlash upon you.

Murderer / Killer : The older the dirt, the better in this case. Dirt from the grave of someone who has taken human life can be extremely powerful in matters of revenge and causing harm. Especially if the person was hung by the neck.

WARNING: Do be aware that incorporating this type of dirt into your magikal practices can even cause DEATH! And like the insane person can be an instable energy to work with.

A Murdered person: This dirt is very useful in matters of injustice or wrong-doing.

Nun / Priest / Pastor: Used in situations where spiritual guidance and spiritual protection are needed. However some people will unscrupulously use this to present or to convey the appearance of goodness and innocence to the outside world. This is a type of glamour or glamoury spell and it cannot hold up against someone who is truly good.

There are other types of dirt that is gathered for other purposes that are not from graves, I will cover those in my next post, as well as an alternative way of getting graveyard dirt and  although not quiet as powerful it still can be very effective.   I will post that as my final post on Graveyard dirt in my next posting.  After that I will post about railroad spikes and their uses.

So one more post on Graveyard dirt.

Blessings Ms. Q


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