Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What you will need as a Magikal Practitioner

Dear Ms. Q,

As I said earlier, the information on gathering Graveyard Dirt is long and needs time to put together in a sort of organized understanding of things.

But there is one thing I do recommend, it matters not where you live, if its a house or apartment or even one room in shared accommodations.   What you will need is a cupboard or cabinet to hold all your magickal tools and ingredients, it can be a book case or an amouir or portable closet, but it really should have doors on it that you can lock to keep the curious out of it.

You will need herbs and resins, waters (yes that's waters plural), dirt (there is more than one kind), candles and proper holders, incense, stones and crystals, silver and copper coins some should be new and never circulated others can be old and worn in coin collectors terms called "sliders",  bottles and non metal containers to hold things,your magical tools,  church style charcoal blocks (not bar-b-que briquettes), divination tools, and things that can help you focus your intent.

In time you will discover what you need as you become more proficient in your workings.

Most practitioners have several books on magikal workings at least a half dozen, one is the uses of each type of herb, stone, resin, flower, oil, inks and water, the color correspondences, the types of moon phases, and the planets and hours and days of the week to do magickal workings,  the second book is how to make each item or formula's,  the third book is your book of spells what the spell is how it is done what is needed for the spell, times to do the spell,  the fourth book is for dreams and visions, the fifth book is for divination either by cards, pendulum, candle flame, toss the bones or shells or what ever means of divination you use, the sixth book is your own personal journal, it should be daily to note any changes or what you may sense, or signs or encounters or revelations,  this one can be a small note book that can be kept in a purse or pocket, backpack or brief case  later once a month you can transfer this to a larger book and subdivide it to either understanding the energies around you, quick understandings of protocol or etiquette, revelations of magikal workings or procedures---all of this becomes your Grimoir, because it is not just one book.

Then there is a final book, this is of rituals and prayers and includes the seasons of the year, what you will need, how to put the circle together and dismissing it, how to address your guardians or angels, some people call them the watch towers   This is done for Sabbaths and esabbats during the full and new moon, the equinoxes and solstices,  but also for the secular holidays as well of your country.

Ritual is always important just as routine and meditation is important, just as being a productive and concerned citizen is important.  Awareness of your surroundings is important as well, we make the mistake of cutting ourselves off using our cell phones, Ipod or Ipad, blue tooth and other electronic devices which short circuits our 6th sense, not a good thing to have happen in this day and age.  We look down at our texting when instead we should stop texting completely and instead use our eyes and ears to look around us and our envioroment or surroundings, by doing that we become alert to danger to ourselves and anyone else.

I never text when I'm walking, I never use my cell phone especially never in my car, I wait until I'm in an area where I sense I'm safe and I am not moving then I'll call or text.  But I tell people to call me on my land line and leave a message on my answering machine, if I have your e-mail address then I'll either call you back or e-mail you, but I always make sure I am not cut off from the energies around me and too many young people are doing that, so they lose contact with the spiritual aspect of their lives and in some cases may lose their lives.

Another aspect of being psychic or a magikal practitioner is that sometimes modern technology sometimes fails us----frequently.   I like working on the computer, but it has a tendency to stop working, nothing is wrong with it because it's my energy, so I have my husband clear it up.

That is why any technology built or created after World War II sometimes will not be compatible with me.  Which is hard because I really like my washer and dryer, but if I stick to basics, like my washer is basic no extra whistles and bells it works,  my dryer is also basic so it's easier to repair, everything is basic.

Touch tone phones that are wireless drive me nuts  so much static, our car is pretty much basic no gps, no satellite radio.  But if it's anything that resembles WWII technology even early 1950's I'm fine.

Fortunately going to the Doctors or Dentist office is not a problem, I dampen down my energy because I'm in the office or medical building of a healer.  That seems to be different.

But these cell phone towers, and heavy duty high power lines, can mess my energies up.  That is why many serious practitioners will live is a more rural area, or if they have to live in the city have a lot of plants and herbs growing even in pots in their apartment.

So as you become more proficient in your magikal workings you will find that happening to you as well and living a simple, some what routine life will be working for you.

I have not forgotten about the other subject, but be patient.

Blessings to you Ms. Q

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