Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An alternative for Graveyard Dirt~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Yes there is an alternate way to collect graveyard dirt, granted its not nearly as effective, but it does work.

Potted plants, yes potted plants.  Purchase some inexpensive potted plants or get plastic pots and grow flower seeds in them with clean potting soil,  marigolds are the easiest.   They are also considered the flowers of the dead.

Take the blooming plants any time during the spring, entering the cemetery or graveyard by means of the procedures that I have given you and then go to the grave that you wish to purchase the services. 

This works best with elevated headstones, the ones that are flush with the ground do not work well for this procedure.

Place the blooming pot on the ledge of the headstone and ask the spirit of the person you wish to assist you to infuse their energy into the dirt in the pot of blooming flowers,  plant a silver coin in the dirt on the grave, leave the potted plant until either end of Summer, early Fall.   Many grounds keepers will not disturb a pot that in put into the holding cup of an elevated head stone since it is off the actual ground and there for easier to cut the grass.

When you go back to collect the pot label it with the name of the person, dates of birth and death and name of cemetery and purpose.  The plant material should be very dry by now and can be used as well as the dirt,
for magikal purposes.   You can keep the pots in a small portable potting shed outside, I've seen wire ones with clear plastic covers.  You can have it in your patio or balcony if you live in an apartment.   Then you can use that dirt following the procedures and times to collect the dirt as if you were going to the graveyard.

Now one of the ladies that my Granny use to know would do that because it was hard for her to go to a cemetery but she could go at least twice or 4 times a year before the hard winter sets in, so she'd do that.

But she'd vary the flowers,  marigolds for hexing, violets for peace and love,  those small miniature roses for breakups or disturbances or getting rid of someone,  snapdragons to affect a man's love in a negative way, baby's breath for harmony, you get the idea, but she'd leave the plants in their pots there at the graveyard, she would not water them, they had to become dry and be part of the soil, infused with the spirit, and then at the right time with the right gifts she'd buy the dirt from those pots.  And it seemed to work.  

But to make sure that the spirits would not follow her into her house until she was ready to do her magik she'd plant "hen and chicks around the potting shed and have that large pot with lots of pebbles as well, no salt because of the plants and she'd also have two more of those pots one at the back door and one at the front door with small pebbles and salt.  But she'd plant Hen and Chicks along her walk ways to both doors.  That way the spirits couldn't come in uninvited.

She'd also use that potting shed to start more seedlings for more pots as it became time to need more dirt.

And she'd always seemed successful in her workings, so this is an alternative to do. 

But don't be disappointed if the pots that you leave in the spring are missing in the fall, it just means that the grounds keepers are doing a very serious job of cleaning.  Keep trying until you succeed.

For now that is all that I know about graveyard dirt.

My next posts will be about the use of railroad spikes.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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