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Spirit Guides Part 2--What is a Spirit Guide

Dear Ms. Q,

We are now coming to the more difficult part about spirit guides, Frankly “What Are They?”

First I want to make it clear on several points as to what they are and what they aren’t.

1. A Spirit Guide is not your Guardian Angel---Your Guardian Angel is a separate entity and works in concert with your Spirit Guide and works on a higher level, your Guardian Angel is a direct expression/creation from God, a Guardian Angel has never taken on a human life at any time, although, for brief periods will take on a human disguise from as short as just a few seconds to as long as an hour at the moment you may need them.

2. A True Spirit Guide is Not a demon---although it is possible for a low-level entity or a soul that has passed over that was disturbed to try and disguise themselves as a spirit guide, but they can be quickly found out by putting questions to them and can also be sent off by reciting the Prayer to St. Michael.

3. A Spirit Guide is a being that has lived at least one life time on Earth---since lowering their energies to our 3 dimensional world or any 3 dimensional world is a “School” for learning. They do this so that they will have an idea and understanding of the struggles of the human condition so that they can relate. But also to a Spirit Guide the material things that we accumulate really has no importance.

4. A Spirit Guide never has been an animal in one life then a human in another life time, but we can have Animal spirit guides whose energies we connect to, draw from them a sense of their power, or ‘natural’ instincts.

5. We can have more than one spirit Guide, some come to help us for certain needs, and others will stay with us for our entire physical life. We also can have more than one Guardian Angel to work with us as well.

6. Many mediums seem to work with just one spirit guide and may prefer to work that way, and there are others who work with a “team”. John Edward refers to his team of guides as “The Boys”. Arthur Fords’ Spirit Guide was a childhood friend who died young. Sylvia Browne worked for some time with “Francine” who lived one life time during the time of the ancient Maya’s and has been contacted by a Persian philosopher, working on her 3 stage of development.

7. The old time mediums seem to refer to or prefer that their spirit guides be either native American, Chinese or Persian philosophers thinking that their wisdom being in the Natural world or that their civilization developed sooner therefore they maybe wiser. But in truth, they are beings that have in many cases lived more than one life time and will take on that guise that best suits working with the Medium.

8. In a number of Spiritualist Churches they developed a system in which you work with a team of Spirit Guides usually 7. I happen to have a team of 7 that will come in as needed to cover different questions or aspects of need.

9. When we are on the other side, prior to our being re-incarnated we will work with a group of spirit guides and our guardian angels to plan the life we need to live to learn our next life lesson or to work over again a life lesson that we did not learn fully. While on that side the guides will ‘volunteer’ to work with the individual, but may rotate to find out which one is best suited to our earthly vibrations. They do not get upset about this they know that there are others who need their help as well.

10. Spirit guides can be composed of people that we knew in other life times, family members, friends from the current life time and previous life times, as well as volunteers. They take on the job of spirit guides so that they can spiritually continue to grow and understand and progress along their own spiritual development and/or to work off Karmic debt. For those that are working off a karmic debt they may take on another human incarnation as needed.

11. Those that have done spirit guide work will sometimes come back and take on another earthly incarnation as part of their soul development to an even higher level.

12. In Soul development or ages, you will have spirit guides starting at the elder Mature level, never anything younger.

13. What is the purpose of a Spirit Guide? They are like “teachers” to help the younger souls develop and process in their advancement as well as improving the state of the human condition, with the idea that the perfect state is to love and help one another.

To the Spirit guide as I said before, to them the material possessions that we have or acquire have no importance to the development or advancement of one’s soul. But because we have to live in this 3 dimensional world we have to work towards a balance of spirit and material wealth.

For example, to have a reliable car to transport you is fine, but to go for a BMW when a reliable Ford will do is an abuse of wealth. Because wealth is only a trapping to establish a form of higher ranking in the material world. When in the spiritual world it is meaningless.

The advancement of the soul, the creation of ideas, the helping the helpless or needy is more important. But even within that we are working with our feelings of self-preservation and sanitation and cleanliness.

That does not mean to ignore everything that keeps us healthy, no, it means we have to achieve a balance and to encourage people to work with the correct mores or etiquette of an advance society, by doing that we will create order and balance and salvation out of chaos. But not within a theocracy or a diasporas society, nor even in a commune, because our Spirit guides are also trying to teach us that each soul advances at a different rate.

We need to come to this 3 dimensional world as our souls age to understand and appreciate the beauty and perfection that can be achieved on the spiritual side.

This does come in contrast to those Ghost Hunters that work with EVP and seem to get responses that seem to not indicate a Heaven, but one has to realize each soul that goes to the spirit side is at a different level of development and those that are higher see no need to communicate most of the time.

The idea of this soul development is to achieve a state of grace that there is no need to come back into the physical world and instead work with the Devine Being as a whole. We and spirit guides do not become angles, but we work in concert with the Angels.

This is because we are still susceptible to fallibility, and yes we can eventually incarnate on different worlds and do the whole process again. The concept of parallel universes is not outside the realm of possibilities

There are other concepts or opinions about "what are Spirit Guides" wikipedia has a very good definition if you want to see what they say.

My next post will be about my Team of Spirit Guides, and how I communicate with them.

Blessings Ms. Q

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