Friday, February 12, 2010

Spirit Guides Part 4~~~how do I communicate with them.

Dear Ms. Q,

You asked me “How do my Spirit Guides communicate with me”

Well when I was younger and we had a lot less electronics things and heavy duty power poles and such, it was much easier.

Remember when I was 10 and that was more than 50 years ago, my first guide manifested himself to me in daylight as a full figure projection----50 years ago!

Now it’s a lot harder.

When Brother John showed up as I said it was in daylight, a very hard thing to do because the radiation from Sunlight can break up some of the energy that is needed for manifestations, especially full figured ones. And he “talked” to me as well, I saw him in great detail, the shape of his smile, the color of his eyes, the shape of his nose; if a forensic artist wanted to do a picture I could describe him.

Something like that is rare, especially now a days. The energy it takes to manifest that is a lot.

Since then it has become more subtle, when I do readings, I don’t really see them, but I hear them it takes much less energy to talk to me than it does for me to see them, and each has a different voice, but because of the disruption of the use of energy now a days with computers, cell phones, blackburrys, I pods, I pads and portable mp3 players and cell towers, it’s like trying to tune in through static.

So when I do a reading, I try to find a location that has the least amount of electrical static or at least controlled static, and then I’ll get answers in 3 or 4 words, sometimes they will show me an image almost like something is being played out. My eyes maybe open but I am not seeing the real world, I’m seeing the spirit images.

It’s like a glass screen has dropped down in front of me, the images are played out on that screen but behind that screen I can see both the real world with the spirit world playing in front of it. then I’ll get a word or two to explain to me what I’m seeing. But I need confirmation from the “questioner” that what I’m seeing is right---when that happens a connection is made stronger and the words and images become more defined.

Sort of like a loose connection being tightened up with the confirmation of it asking like a psychic “screwdriver”.

It takes energy, and if the “questioner” is mentally putting up road blocks or fear that is acting like a road block, then the energy does not flow or flow easily—It’s more like sludge, they may want to get in touch with “aunt Millie” but because of a subconscious fear of doing something that is considered “dealing with demons” they put up the road block.

When I’m trying to connect to my guides about something in my own personal life, I put up road blocks without realizing it. That is why it’s always difficult for a sensitive to read for themselves. So when I try to at least get an idea of what I’ll be dealing with, I just say, “Guys, can you give me a sign”. Then I have to let it go as best as I can, do something mindless, like washing dishes, or sorting through old papers, or filing something, when my mind is doing something repetitive then the answer will filter down to me, sometimes it will come to me in a dream.

But the one thing I have to do is to let it go out into the world and not worry about it.

Because worry and fear is what causes a blockage, easy to say but hard to do.

When I’m doing a reading for a person I will use different things to connect to that person’s energy, I may hold their hand and start by reading their palm, I may do a “4 card reading”, I will ask the person to relax, breathe in and breathe out three times, by doing that they will relax and begin to feel comfortable.

Then, especially with someone new, I inform them that it is not an exact science, that sometimes I’ll get a message that may not make sense, but for the questioner (that would be you) to accept the message, acknowledge it and file it away to study later.

If the “questioner” doesn’t do that Spirit will not let go of the message and start repeating itself---and I hate that. Once the questioner does that then Spirit will go on to the next part.

Sometimes family members will come in, sometimes their spirit guide, I just never know who is going to “drop in”.

One time I was reading for a very nice young lady, and this very Spanish looking man in a yellow gold “charro” outfit, the kind that you see those old style Mexican bands of singers wear appeared and this threw me off, because the lady looked Irish, what they call “Black Irish” black hair, fair skin, blue eyes, so I said to her that what I was seeing didn’t make sense but I described the person----It was her Grandfather! And he performed for years in a Mexican band. And he had a message for her.

So one never knows.

Now how did I learn to listen to spirit----well it was easy for me in a way. Remember 50 years ago we did not have the distractions that we have now a days, T.V. had only 3 channels and if the President was on you could forget “Howdy Doody” or “Superman”.

Sundays were always quiet so that was the best time to “listen” during the day. That’s what my Granny did, she had me learn to listen----We’d go out into her back yard, and I’d have to close my eyes, sometimes my Granny would put a mask over my eyes to make it easier, I sat in a chair and I had to learn to not wiggle. I got comfortable in the chair and then my Granny would say that she was going to be very quiet and I was going to tell her what I heard. Most of the sounds were easy, a car starting up, kids playing ball down the block, but as time went on my Granny had me learn to hear the harder sounds, like the sound of a bee or the high ‘creek, creek’ sound of a humming bird. I can still hear a humming bird if one is around.

Then after a bit I began to hear whispers, my Granny would ask me what was being whispered, it was hard but in time it became clearer.

So what my Granny was doing was teaching me to quiet my mind, focus on one sound, once I knew what it was to discard it put it into the back ground and go to the next sound and do the same thing. Very hard and very tiring.

After my encounter with Brother John, my Granny shifted to do it inside the house at night early evening mostly, and the same way, eventually the whispers started again and became clearer. The time I finally heard it clear it was a deep voice that said “I’m Brother John, I’m sorry I scared you.” And then I felt like a soft kiss on my cheek. I told Granny that and she said tell him ‘thank you and that he is welcomed into the circle’. When I did that I heard what sounded like wings flapping and I told my Granny that and she said “that is one of your angels, say ‘Hello’” and I did.

Then I began to get sleepy and Granny would stop for the evening, I’d have milk and cookies and watch Disneyland after wards. That was my treat.

The hard part was turning the voices off, but Granny said to just tell them to go away that I’m a little girl and I need my sleep. What I didn’t know at the time is Granny would also put Holy water under my bed, and salt in 4 glass containers and place one of them in each corner of my bedroom. Then for good measure she’d put up the pictures of the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary over my bed. I asked her about that, being 10 years old and she said that way Jesus and Mary could watch over me and protect me.

One other thing is to have a night light on in the bathroom that was just off my bedroom, the bit of light would help disrupt the energies.

When I sleep in a hotel or motel room I put a night light on in the bath room and sprinkle a little salt in the corners and use an atomizer to spray holy water as well, I have a small framed picture of Jesus and Mary and put it out when I go to bed. This is to keep them from disrupting my sleep.

Because Spirits of those who have passed on have no concept of time, and for them everything is urgent it needs to be done right now. What they forget is they may have been dead 5, 10, 50 or 100 years, the urgency is no longer important.

It takes a lot of practice to ignore them when I’m in public, so I ask my guides to be my psychic body guards as well and that helps.

When I go Ghost Hunting I always carry a small bottle of Kosher or Sea salt, and sprinkle it on the ground before I get into a car after I go ghost hunting, or I’ll use some holy water. I’ll also say the Saint Michael Prayer and say to the spirits to stay where they are that where I’m going is not home.

That seems to work, with one exception, one time my boyfriend bought an antique that belonged to a dead cowboy and put it in the car and didn’t tell me. Tex” came home with us, but he’s very nice and doesn’t bother us and respects boundaries. But that is one reason why I have to be careful in Antique shops and Thrifty stores and estate sales, many objects will have residual vibrations from the previous owner and if you do not take care to spiritually cleanse it you could have problems.

That doesn’t happen all the time, mostly with very old stuff. Baby toys almost always seem to have a happy vibe so there is usually no problem with those items.

But in the long run I’ve learned to turn them on and off at will by just saying “Time to leave me alone.” And they usually do.

Blessings Ms. Q

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