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Answer to Parallel Universes in one post

Dear Ms. Q,

"Are there Parallel Universes"

Fortunately I was able to do this in one post instead of two.

The parallel universe concept is something that I’ve both read about and also have an inkling about. In my researches that I’ve read and through the meditations that I’ve done working with my guides, I’ve found that there is the possibility that there are universes that are parallel to us but are working or vibrating on a different vibration level, in short we have duplicates of ourselves in these universes that live the lives we might have lived or are living instead of the one that we are currently going through now, sometimes I have dreams and I know it's myself but I look different, thinner, taller, younger with red hair, blonde hair, different shape face but it is not a past life or anything like that, it is in the current here and now existence but different.

Some people would call these alternate worlds.

One time I talked to an Author who had the most amazing imagination and she told me that some times she felt that she was living another life in those worlds, that there were hundreds of herself living at different life times or different lives. For her it made her writing easier. She said that she gets her ideas from that.

It's totally different from the idea of re-incarnation, it’s always that
"What If" concept, because many of these imaginings are not thoughts of the past but of the present, which makes it different than re-incarnation. Maybe that's why children play with dolls, it might not be make believe but tapping into those parallel universes.

That is what I mean by Parallel Universes or Many planet Earths that exist side by side, but we can't see them because they vibrate at these different levels----Think of the movie "The Matrix” or another one called the "Thirteenth Floor" if you can rent those DVD movies that would explain the idea of Parallel Universes, but that they are not things of our imagination, although we may think they are, this is especially true of writers and artists.

I think writers and artists have an innate ability to tap into them and because there are so many writers and artists---well the universes can be infinite.

This idea of Parallel universes or existences that live side by side of us but we can't really see them, but we sometimes tap into them--- I believe in a way partly explains the "Deja Vu" (seen before) feeling some people get.

When I was young I was not too much into dolls, but I thought they were pretty but somehow I really didn’t want them around me, I would put them away into my toy trunk and ask my Mother to lock it. When Mom bought a doll she would usually get me a doll that was a stuff animal or something like that, which I felt better about, because she noticed that when I looked at a doll I would go into a trance of sorts

When she asked Granny about it, Granny said to remove the doll when I was either asleep or at school and put it away, it wasn't that the doll was creepy, it was because the doll may have been a sort of "cartoon" or non-living version of someone who existed in a parallel universe and I was somehow tapping into that "mind".

Granny was worried that I was not strong enough to step away from that trance, now that I'm older (much older) I'm more aware of it and I know what I have to do to avoid that.

I never had that problem if the doll was a stuff animal like a bunny or a
lamb or even a horse, for me there was no “mind” to tap into.

To explain further about parallel universes think of two or more streets that run side by side, but are separated by a city block---like Main Street, Central Street, First Street and River Street---none of those streets meet, but they run parallel to each other, but separated by 1 block of houses that separate each street from the other.

O.K. so we have these 4 streets----they run along side each other but we
can’t really see them, but some how we know (through some scientific means)
they are there. Each street or Universe is a bit different---

Main Street is a very tight street, with a mix of Victorian, Craftsman houses, parks, a tree here and there, and industrial buildings.

First Street is a very wide street, with a mix of some Victorian houses, schools, businesses, somewhat the same but a bit different no trees.

Central Street is a medium wide street, not as tight as Main Street, it has mostly Victorian houses, lots of trees, a few small businesses, and some apartments built in the 1970’s and one park, then blends into a very Heavy business hub.

River Street is another wide Street, with small family business hubs, near a lot
of churches, some Victorians, a number of apartments, heavy on houses split into
apartments, a lot less trees.

Each street has many similarities but it has differences as well, and that
makes them like parallel universes, the streets do not really meet except
with cross streets---so think of those cross streets like our minds in relax
creative mode, we begin to envision something and then we either write about it,
or draw it or re-create it in our home or in miniature with dolls houses or
sculpture it.

It is during those relaxed moments that we can see the other universe, but
each universe vibrates at a different rate, so what we see is imperfect.

And because we ourselves exist in this particular universe, we attribute it to
our imaginations, as creative ideas.

But what if---and this is just speculation---what if there are duplicates of
ourselves living in these parallel universes and living the lives we imagine we would like to live.

What if Ms. Q in universe # 2 is a famous artist, showing her works and
getting a lot of money?

What if Ms. Q in Universe # 3 is a well known graphic designer who designs
many things from movie posters, to greeting cards, to perfume bottles and she
gets a number of commissions.

What if Ms. Q in Universe # 4 is a moderately known local artist who makes a
living from her art but also teaches art at a school to supplement her income.

These 3 other Ms. Q’s are doing the same thing as Ms. Q living in
Universe #1 is trying to do and would love to do, and as a matter of fact may envision herself doing, but instead in this Universe (Universe # 1), is struggling to make ends meet, go to school, recover from surgery and trying to get ahead.

Each Ms. Q has her struggles and problems but each Ms. Q has different
situations presented to her and different choices.

And very subtlety each Ms. Q is vaguely aware of the other, but to each
Ms. Q that is only a “What if” type thought----because they are not living
that in their current existence, so each Ms. Q will simply shrug that “what if” type of thought off and put it down to pure imagination.

It’s hard for us to see that other existence, because we are living in our
“here and now” existence so we attribute that to our imagination or our personal ‘wishes’ like “I wish my work would sell” or in the other universe “I wish my life was simpler”.

The only time we cross into those other universes is through our imagination,
our dreams and our relaxed-meditative mind mode.

Then what happens is that each person and their duplicate can generate energy
to each other to help them continue on to become successful or a least content.

Now what is really scary is if we have a person who is going through something very difficult and makes a very serious decision--- I’ll call this person Carl.

Now in this universe #1 Carl is suffering from depression---has had a lot of
set backs, but in Universes # 2, # 3, # 4 the Carls’ there have had
different degrees of success and health problems and different degrees of

So what if Carl # 1 decides to commit suicide, it also means that Carl’s #
2, 3 and 4 are going to be facing different endings.

So Carl #1 takes his life by committing suicide, in the other parallel universes Carl #2 may be murdered, Carl #3 has a fatal heart attack and Carl #4 dies in an accident. Different endings, but the out come is the same, all 4 Carl’s have died.

But Carl 1 does not necessarily control the lives of # 2, 3, and 4. Any
one of them could meet an end and it will affect the others. Say Carl 3 is
just doing what he usually does but has some stress that brings upon the fatal
heart attack, this will affect Carl’s’ 1, 2 and 4.

But conversely, what if somehow Carl # 4 survives the accident but is only injured, then Carl #1 will either change his mind or survives his suicide by someone interrupting him or finding him in time, Carl # 3 is taken to the hospital in time and Carl # 2 instead of bring murdered is only wounded or rescued in time.

Again the actions of each Carl will affect the other.

So if Ms. Q is having struggles here, it means that the Ms. Q’s in the
other universes are also having struggles and each of them will deal with it,
each will give the other the strength to continue on and over come it.

When I feel down or I get depressed, I tap into my “imagination” and say
“what would my other Ms. Q’s do?” and I get ideas’.

Our spirit guides and angels help us connect to each other to over come our
problems, but it is the people who do not even attempt to connect to their guides or angles or even the Divine Presence, that have the greatest difficulty.

That is why the elements of Prayer, Meditation, “listening to the inner
voice”, are so helpful.

Right now my other Ms. Q’s are most likely writing on a computer or with a
# 2 pencil, either writing a novel, a letter to a friend, a text book on
spiritual help and each one maybe in a slightly different environment.

One will have an office, one will have a very neat book lined room, one will be in a very messy room and one will be cramped in a studio apartment. And each one may look a little different, one might be tall, overweight and brunette, one may be a sexy blonde, the other an athletic redhead who walks marathons.

But I know that they maybe there and I tap into them just as they tap into me.

And that is what a parallel universe is.

But if that idea is too scary then just think of it as just imagination. To be
tapped into to be creative.

About being depressed, struggling, we all struggle, The Divine power never
gives us more than we can handle.

Is it a test? In a way yes, but we can handle it.

But only if we seek to find the answers to our situation and generate patience to deal with it.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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