Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spirit Guides Part 1 (of many)

Dear Ms. Q,

Spirit Guides----That is a very big questions. Something that can take a very long post.

So I'm going to do it in sections, which would be best.

And I'm going to start with the last part of your over all Question.

"Can Evil People Have Spirit Guides?" In a word---Yes.

But do they listen to them? No.

Depending upon the development of "evil people" the bulk of them operate on a selfish, self-centered emotional level, that is they do not seek or look outward but inward and not to meditate and connect with their higher selves, but to think thoughts of revenge, greed, destruction, pain, torture, and self pleasure.

A fire bug for example---is a person who starts fires and watches them burn for self pleasure, they get a sense of sexual gratification, they do not care if property is destroyed or people killed, it even increases their gratification. They operate on a purely 'animal type' instinct, their guides are there, trying to make a connection, but it's almost a lost cause. So what a guide will do is cause the person to make a mistake, a simple mistake, such as leaving a clue to help officials track him down, or linger too long at one spot, or be in a crowd and displaying a sort of behavior or interest that is a clue that they might be the person who has caused the situation.

In extreme measures, the spirit guides will take steps to have the fire bug do a mis-step and be caught in their own fire, thus injuring or killing them.

Thieves, rapists, drug dealers, drug users, murderers, suicide bombers, etc. never connect to their spirit guides even though the guides are there waiting for the connection, even though the guides are trying to connect to them but cannot be heard. Evil people like them are mostly operating at the lowest level of soul development.

Once in a while, they--they guides--- can get through, but they are then working with someone who is a more developed soul.

Example: Judge Joe Brown on T.V. (or is it Judge Mathis) I get them confused, I know its the younger one. This Judge, as a teen, was heading to a life of crime, had seen the inside of a jail cell, most certainly would have turned bad and die young, but something happened, and he listened to someone and also his spirit guides connected to him and woke him up and he turned himself around and with a lot of hard work become a lawyer and then a Judge, but he is a higher evolved soul. And that's when the connection works.

But once in a while you'll get a Hitler, who is listening to a certain extent, but their interpretation is always clouded by their ego and even then the guides sometimes have to take steps to guide someone as evil as him because of a greater Karma or life lesson that needs to be taught, that is why until the very end Hitler seemed to almost always avoid assignation, only because it had to be that way for destiny to play itself out.

So evil people do have spirit guides, but they never listen to them, and what they do is they will revolve and change with each incarnation the person takes, to see which one will be come a better fit.

My next post will be about my spirit guides---

Blessings, Ms. Q.

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