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Revenge Spells: Part 1

To everyone this is from Ms. Q so it is in her own words as she dictated this to me, her niece,  she recommends that you read the entire thing for your own information and understanding and to not skip down towards the end, because it is very important that you understand the negative side of Revenge~~~

Dear Ms Q

Lately I have been getting a number of request for Revenge spells. Recently I heard a very interesting statement about Revenge, that revenge isn’t a passion that it’s a disease.  “You hurt me so I’ll hurt you back, even worse” that is the concept.  Sadly the events that happened in Paris yesterday is a prime example of revenge at it's worse.

But I want everyone to realize that performing revenge spells on other people is a spiritually immature act,   it proves that you are on the same low emotional and spiritual level as the person who you believe has cheated on you,  has done you wrong, or has in any way harmed you.

It really pays to Learn why this person has done you wrong in the first place and also make sure that you are not being lied to by another person who would like to see you upset and angry because it’s possible that person that you think has done you wrong might be innocent and that your are being lied to. 

But if you have been done wrong then learn from it and see what you can do in the future to prevent that from happening again.

Remember, revenge spells are only used when you have been wronged and cannot come up with legal solution or legitimate way of getting it corrected!

So Do not curse/hex or do a revenge spell on people for the fun of it or the rule of Karma will come back to haunt you and hand your ass on a platter. 

People need to understand that the act of revenge is really a mistaken attempt of  trying to establish the balance of Justice.   

The concept as well as the struggle with revenge is centuries old.  Shakespeare certainly understood it with this line from one of his plays, "If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?"  He clearly thought revenge was as normal and predictable as having your first cup of coffee in the morning.

And it seems that Revenge appears to be one of the deepest instincts we have. I’m sure more than one person reading this blog has said, "I hope he gets his," or wishing that Karma would strike sooner rather than later? Even Dirty Harry’s famous line "Go ahead, make my day" resonates across generations, the idea of Revenge is basic even to the youngest child and the most primitive of tribal societies.

However out of control revenge, or revenge out of spite which involves attack and counterattack, that goes even beyond the two children in the back seat of one’s car pushing each other back and forth until eventually the parent says “I’m going to spank both of you!”  Or so called Honor killings or revenge can be blinding and destroy the lives of all involved.  And in the end solves nothing, except self-destruction or in the case of the two children arguing in the back seat no sense of justification or that My parent likes me best..

So maybe only the concept of Revenge can be only personally fulfilling but also it maybe self-destructive, so what about the idea that revenge is self-destructive? Confucius said, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." Gandhi seemed to agree with him when he said, "An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

But our instincts and emotions on the concept of Revenge usually serve some sort of purpose.

It is thought that the purpose of revenge is in preventing certain hostile actions or that the threat of revenge insures people do not hurt you in the future.   A prime example is the nuclear arms treaty (which seems to not be such a threat to some governments anymore)

But this does not always works especially in the heat of anger, or tribal destruction.

Sometimes people act revengeful when no good can come of their actions, other than to inflict suffering on others. Those actions can go to unfathomable extremes. From lovers destroying what their ex most values, to businessmen damaging the careers of those who have rejected them, to students opening fire in school hallways, or suicide bombers killing people in a quiet restaurant,  revenge can be an act of anger, hurt and imagined power.

That is why some people say that “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

An experiment was done in which students were tested in a situation where they were betrayed but were given a chance for revenge.  The results showed that the students who got revenge reported feeling worse than those who didn't, but they also believed they would have felt even worse if they hadn't gotten back at the betrayer.

The students who didn't get the opportunity for revenge said they thought they would feel better if they'd had that opportunity, even though the survey results identified them as the happier group. Both groups thought revenge would be sweet, but their own reported feelings showed that revenge made them less happy.

How to explain this? It was suggested after the tests were analyzed, is that the act of revenge increases anger rather than decreasing it, and this is because of ruminations. When people don't get revenge, they tend to trivialize the event by telling themselves that because they didn't act on their vengeful feelings, it wasn't a big deal. Then it's easier to forget it and move on.

But when people do get revenge, they can no longer trivialize the situation. Instead, they go over and over it and feel worse.

However this does not work with chronic sociopaths or those with an over blown sense of self entitlement or dealing with a country whose dictator is a megalomaniac (see Hitler, North Korea, the religious and political leaders of some middle eastern countries as well as tribal and religious warfare in Africa.) or those who have been indoctrinated/conditioned into tribal so-called "honor killings". 

But still in the long run it was discovered that among normal thinking people still like to have revenge on a perceived hurt or harm.  Why?  Because Revenge in hardwired into our brain.  

 Scientists suggests that this punishing betrayal or perceived betrayal has a biological basis and feels pleasurable. At least the decision to get revenge does.

And they discovered that revenge and trust are opposite sides of the same coin. Perhaps the idea that people believe revenge restores justice is really about reestablishing trust.

But for a number of people acts of revenge does not repair trust or reestablish a sense of justice, peace or equality for both parties and can lead to greater harm and self-destruction.  For that see the Star Trek episode from the original series titled “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” from Season Three.

In the long run it’s best to wait until you are calm emotionally and can think rationally before making any decisions. This is the cold part of "revenge is a dish best served cold." If you act impulsively on such urges you are likely to create more suffering for yourself and others and regret your actions.

Think of it, if you discover your longtime boyfriend went out with another girl and you run into them at a club or party, you then think that you can get revenge by damaging his car, well with security cameras, Cell phones and people being quick to turn in a person, you could easily find yourself before a court being charged with vandalism and having to pay hundreds of dollars on a new paint job on your now ex-boyfriends car.   You don’t win.

You need to consider whether the loss of trust is justified. Do you have all the facts? If not, get clarity about what truly happened before taking any action or making any decisions. If someone has acted in ways that truly are untrustworthy and hurtful, then the task suggested by your thoughts and urges is to find ways to repair the trust or to move forward in a different direction.   Or go with the concept “That living well is the best revenge”.

But you have to remember under what circumstances was your trust used and then betrayed.  Were you looking for love, seeking to help a false lover only to lose your money, get yourself separated from your family or support group only to discover yourself alone and abandoned?  Or betrayed by an ideology, which has proven to be harmful? Or other such events.

First  all I can say is that your needs put you there without looking and listening for any warning signs, you may have blinded yourself to those warning signs either out of a sense of love or a commitment to a false ideology.   

 It’s a wise person who puts logic ahead of their emotions, I should know, when I was young I did find myself in a few troubling  situations, but I managed to break loose before I got hurt because my loyalty to my family was my safety net.

So think before you seek revenge.


Betrayal is often the greatest motive for revenge, especially if one has been lied to and had their affections used.  

In some of my posts I have given examples of Revenge, for betrayal, Rape, Abuse and the circumstances that prevented Justice.   So Spiritual means were sought.   Check out these particular posts and see if they can help you.

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“The positive and negative use of Hot Foot Powder Part I “ posted June 1, 2015   this also includes how to make Hell Hound Powder.

Now some folks want to have a person’s, well mostly a man’s penis cease to work, I do know of one such person who came up with a ritual, because her ex-husband had been cheating on her, well it went beyond cheating really, he was draining off their joint accounts, purchasing property and stocks just in his own name, without her knowledge until almost too late, she filed for divorce, managed to get back what was rightfully hers and a decent settlement but she wanted to make her ex’s sex life miserable, since for 2 years he didn’t have sex with her nor did he want to have children with her, even though she remained faithful to him.   This was one very angry woman.  

She knew something of the practice and consulted one of the Ladies in my Granny’s group, now the lady that this woman talked to, who was in Granny’s group knew something of this ex-husband and what a low down skunk he was, so talking it over with Granny and the other ladies they fell back on an old time recipe, which is fairly known but they added a few things to it. 

One thing was chicken bones,   so they informed the Lady to invite her ex and his new wife over to her house for dinner just as a sort of let’s get along and be friends thing oh and by the way I’m going to be moving on with my life and getting a new place to live or some such friendly pretext.   Now the lady was to serve a chicken dinner, not pieces from boneless cuts, they had to have bones, like those buffalo chicken wings or something like that. 

Then she made sure to clear away the plates herself, without any help, setting aside the plates of both her ex and his new wife, saying that she’ll wash them later.   She put the bones of her ex and his new wife into separate baggies, and put them into the freezer, hers she tossed out.

After they left, and she cleaned up the leavings of the dinner, the next day she took out the chicken bones from the part that her ex-husband ate, cleaned them up, and put them out in the sun on a pan lined with shiny aluminum foil to help speed up the drying process, the bones had to be very, very dry and brittle, so they stayed out there for 4 or 5 days.  

If you’re doing this in the winter and it gets cold put it outside in the daytime and then into an oven in the evening, taking them out before you go to bed. Repeat until they are very brittle.

Once the bones were very dry and brittle She purchased a black candle in the shape of a man’s penis from a metaphysical shop, 3 coffin nails, and hot foot oil (handle with care)

Then she made a powder of hot red pepper, black pepper, salt, sulphur, graveyard dirt, black dog hair, dried powdered vandal root, and the scrapings from a few common rusty nails (not the coffin nails) and a small cloth bag, preferably black (you can buy some black cloth fold in half and hand sew the two sides leaving the top open to put the things inside.   And a picture of her ex-husband.

On a night when the moon has gone dark that is before it becomes the new moon, (usually 2 days before the new moon) she anointed the penis candle with hotfoot oil, then she rolled it in the powder she made (after washing the hot foot oil off of her hands) then taking one coffin nail she shoved it into the tip of the penis candle, the other two coffin nails she put shoved one on each side where the ‘balls’ would be, then putting the coated and nailed candle, the picture and the brittle chicken bones (it’s doesn’t have to be many) into the bag, she sewed up the open end so that the bag was completely sealed.

Holding the bag up to the dark moon she said “This is so and so’s manhood, may he never have any pleasure from it again, may it shrivel up, may it become diseased, may he only know pain  and may he never have relief, may he never know happiness”    then putting the bag on a hard concrete surface and taking a very sturdy hammer she proceeded to pound that bag with its contents to death, directing all her anger, her hate, her energy into it with every hit, and she didn’t stop until she was exhausted. 

The next day she took the bag, a trowel and a bouquet of flowers to a cemetery, and she looked for the most distant corner of the cemetery where it looked the most forgotten and there she buried the bag away from any graves,   then going to the nearest woman’s grave, or married couples grave she laid the flowers saying “I pray I can find happiness for as long as you have had it”  not knowing who that person is. 

She then went home and after she had completed the ritual took a cleansing bath, imagined the white light of protection around her and smudged her home completely to remove the negativity from her old home and out of her life.

Then she moved out of her old apartment and in to a different area of town, to a much nicer place, got a new and much better job, went to a beauty parlor and got herself looking real good, reconnected with her family and friends .   And never looked back on her old married life.

Later she and the ladies from Granny’s group found out about what happened to  her ex-husband, well he and his new wife were trying to have a child but never did, he just couldn’t perform and in fact developed cancer of that area and to save his life It had to be removed.  So he never did have happiness.  Now this was back in the late 1960's and you just don't get a woman mad at you.

Yes as one would say “Ouch!”   But this is an extreme form of revenge.  

O.K what if you can't have him over for dinner? Well if you have anything of his, an old toothbrush, something that he wrote to you, a picture, use that and put it into the black bag, but have a meal of chicken, buffalo chicken wings or just KFC chicken wings will do,  eat them with a picture of your ex in front of you and project your anger towards him  into what you are eating (don't choke)  and with some of the bones set them aside and dry them and proceed as usual.

To keep an Ex's male member limp

There are other revenge rituals if you want your ex’s male member to remain limp.

And it usually involved a black penis candle,  To make it where a man can not get it up with anyone, take the black candle and carve the man's name into the candle with a rusty nail, a coffin nail will do but is not necessary. If you have any of the man's hair, nails, semen or any other personal item even a sample of his handwriting then carve a hole in the bottom of the candle and place the items inside it.

This helps the spell to be even stronger. Dress the candle by stroking it away from you from the base to the tip, do not do it in an up and down motion, use Black Arts Oil. Roll the candle in Black Arts Powder along with Alum Powder, dried and finely chopped Lemon Peels, Graveyard Dirt and Asofetida Powder.

Stick 9 pins (common pins for sewing) into the candle to represent the pain the person will feel when he tries to get aroused. If you have a photo of the man, place it under the candle and sprinkle Black Arts Powder atop the photo as well.

Burn the candle for about 15 minutes each day for 6 days in a row. Each day as the candle burns say, "person's full name, you cannot become aroused! No matter what you do it will stay limp! In the name of the devil, your penis has no life and is completely dead!”   

On the 6th day let the candle burn all the way out.  Put the left over candle wax and other items into a brown paper bag, and bury it in a very old graveyard or in the most old and abandon part of a cemetery. Walk away and don't look back.

 An Easy Revenge Spell with a Lemon

There is a very old and simple Revenge spell using a Lemon.   It has been on the internet but my Grannys group knew of it ages before in various forms especially from countries where lemons grow.

You will need 1 Lemon
1 black candle
9 nails (old rusty ones are good—coffin nails not necessary but you could use them)
Black Arts Oil
A Picture of the person to be hexed,  with cell phone cameras that should not be a problem but don’t damage you cell phone, and print the picture out but make sure it’s small enough to fit inside the lemon,
A sharp knife (don’t cut yourself)
A black bowl, no patterns it must be a black bowl,  large or small enough to hold the lemon and the nails

Light the candle and then with the knife cut a deep slit into the lemon (don’t cut yourself), put the picture of the person you want to do the spell on inside the slit.  Take one of the nails let your anger rise, visualize your anger then pierce the nail into the lemon,  do the same with each remaining nail and with each nail your anger should be rising more and more against this person until it is black.  

When the last nail it put deeply into the lemon, put the nail studded lemon into the black bowl, pour all of the Black Arts Oil onto the lemon.   Then let the lemon rot either on your ceremonial altar if you are a practitioner or  someplace away from prying eyes and hands, allow the lemon to rot down to it’s desiccated self,   and so too will the luck and good fortune of the person you’re seeking revenge on,  when it is completely rotted away to a disgusting pulp, (in 3-4 months) bury it and the left over candle in the farthest corner of the cemetery away from prying eyes.  

Cleaning up after the ritual or spell

Now after you do any of these revenge rituals, wash the area and any reusable tools (ie knife) where you have done these workings with Chinese Wash to clear the area of any of your anger and negativity, Smudge it with Sage or Frankincense  and  You take a cleansing shower with Hyssop and sea salt put into a muslin bag.   

Any tools that you have used for ritual work, needle, thread, knife etc must be set aside for any future spell work,  if the candle is only going to be a one-time use candle I’ve discovered that tea lights in colors work very well, or the short thin candles that are about 4 inches tall they are the least expensive, especially if you have bury them or throw them away, they cannot be used for any other ritual.

After all you do have to clean up after yourself.

Recipe for Black Arts Oil and Powder 

Now there are some area’s here that I have not covered like what is the recipe for Black Arts Oil and Powder

 half a dropper essential oil of patchouli
half a dropper essential oil of black pepper
a pinch of valerian root
a pinch of wormwood
a pinch of black dog hair (or if possible wolf hair)
a pinch of black mustard seeds
a pinch of spanish moss
a pinch of powdered Sulphur
a pinch of graveyard dirt (now what kind well since this is destructive I’d suggest from the grave of someone who died horribly, or was a murderer, or from the grave of a solider or the male member of your family especially if they understood the idea of revenge)
nine whole black peppercorns
Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond with vitamin E oil although Granny’s group used mineral oil since itself was of a negative type.

Shake well, let sit for 24 hours

For the powder just use the dry ingredients such as ground black pepper, crushed black pepper corns, ground wormwood, valerian root, black dog hair (or wolf hair), Spanish moss, sulpher(be careful if burning a candle) and graveyard dirt.

There are other oils and powders that are used for Revenge, hexing, jinxing and yes cursing, I will be giving those in due time and how to use it especially since everyone seems to be very Vengeful of late.

Chinese Wash for clean up.   

There are many different recipes for Chinese Wash, they all work and I’ll give them in another post for your information but this one is good for starting out:

You will need a liquid cleaner such as Lemon Pine-sol or a lemon dish-washing soap,  or unscented liquid castile soap  or Murphy's oil soap,  distilled water, 7 or 13 broom straws cut from your broom (not plastic--- it must have the sweeping section made of the traditional broom straw)  make sure the dirty ends are cut off,  add a few drops of Lemon juice if you’re using the unscented soap, a few drops of Van-Van oil, and a few drops of Frankincense oil, a few drops of Citronella.

If you cannot get Van-Van oil or Frankincense oil or Citronella oil, then use Lemon Pine sol or lemon dish-washing soap or plain unscented soap with the juice of one lemon and 13 broom straws, in distilled water.

Either way you make it, use it to wash down what you used, the area where you put it together and all tools, this even includes the trowel that you buried the stuff with.   Overlook nothing. 

When you are done take this water  and toss it at the base of a very large and sturdy tree, it will absorb and ground into the earth any residual energy, as you toss the bucket of water say "In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit", then walk away, and don't look back and know that the work is done.

But remember, Revenge does not always solve your problems, living well, building yourself up, and holding your head high, is the best way to have Revenge.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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