Thursday, November 5, 2015

Of Halloween Waters~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"Is there anything special we should do this Halloween?"

As you know  this  Halloween at least in the United States had 3 very special events.   In those countries that celebrate Halloween there was at least 2 special events.

And it also has to do with water.   The night before I knew of the fact that we would have rain coming, of course the big question was at what time.  I also knew that Halloween would also have a meteor shower called officially the Taurids, but because they occur during Halloween to just past November 12 they are unofficially called Halloween Fireballs. 

The reason they are called the Taurids is because they seem to emanate from the constellation of Taurus.   So water placed out to collect the energy of this effect has a number of ways of being used.

Any Taurus magic, during Halloween to speak to the dead by having it on your ritual altar, and there is a third reason---the 13th hour in those area's that have daylight savings time. Plus if it rains on Halloween that rain water can have a triple effect.

But lets say it's not going to rain, O.K. then you would use Spring Water.   As a matter of fact you should set out several different bowls of Spring Water but each bowl be dedicated to a different facet.

1.  To energize  the water from the Taurids on Halloween, that would be Halloween Fireball water.

2. To energize water during a 13th hour, because this year and every 7 to 8 years depending,  for those area's that acknowledge Daylight Savings time, instead of rolling the clocks back at 2 a.m. to 1 a.m. do it at Midnight,  put out the bowl of water outside at Midnight DST then roll all the clocks in your home back 1 hour to 11 p.m. leave the bowl out there for 1 hour, that is your 13th hour water.

What would it be used for?  Since it's an hour that only exists rarely you can put it on your altar to help speak to the spirits.

3.  If the weather man says that there will be rain on Halloween, put out a bowl to collect the rain water from Halloween, because the veil is thin at this time, the rain water is energized by the spirits that seek out people, but this kind of water one needs to be careful with, because it also means negative spirits as well.   

If there is no rain forcasted then a bowl of spring water put out before midnight and then brought in when the clock strikes 12, (at the 12th bong) bring the water in and bottle it. 

Now if it rains and we have all three events happening, the Taurids (which happens every year), a 13th hour (rolling back to standard time)  AND rain on Halloween before midnight,  That is what my Daddy would say is a triple-whammy, excellent for negative magic, seances, or calling upon the spirits to help you with positive help, it works for all things.

My Dad was very supportive of what Granny, Mom the Ladies did, he didn't participate he, like my Uncles and Grandpa and the Ladies' husbands just supported their activities, they did help out by baby sitting the little one's or looking for materials needed, in some cases driving them where they wanted to go and no questions asked.

My husband and my family are the same way which is good.  And to all you young ladies, if you are looking for good husband or boy friend material, make sure they support you in your spiritual practices, if they just blow you off, or say that's Satan's work,  drop them like a hot rock.  But if they do support your efforts also make sure they are faithful, hard workers, responsible and will hold a job, and that they drink very little alcohol and do not do drugs.   It's so difficult to find the right partner that sometimes in a way it's best to remain single.

So although for many of you you may have missed out on this special triple  event, you will have this information for when it does happen.   For any regular Halloween you still can get Halloween Fireball water as well as Halloween seance water.   But should all three or more events occur on Halloween,  the Taurids, the 13th hour, Halloween itself as well as rain then take advantage of it.

For many of you who are practitioners you may not have heard of this, very few have but it was practiced by my Granny's group of ladies with success.   Good luck to you.

Blessings, Ms. Q

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