Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Recommended Metaphysical Shops

Hello Everyone,

Ms. Q has suggested to me to post on the side bar under the heading Metaphysical Shops,  those shops that have an on-line presense whose products she has used espeically when she has not had a chance to make her own supplies.

This illness that she is recovering from, she felt emphasized her own frailness and she was concerned that the information that she has in her notes, from her personal experiences, as well as the experience of those whom she learned from, may not get out completely on this blog.

She also felt that because she is so slow, again due to her current health situation, in having this out there for you to learn from, that these Metaphysical Shops that she has worked with she can comfortably recommend to you, based upon her own personal use of their products.

She told me this and I quote:

 "O.K. so you buy a candle from a shop and you see the same candle at another shop and it's made either by Wisdom Products or Indio Products, its the same candle and they do mass production, that does not make it any less 'magical', because all magic is faith based.

 When you pray over it, apply an oil to it, you infuse it with your intent, your energy, you are activating the energies, the spirits around you to work upon your spell, the light of that candle, that particular focus, helps you focus and direct the spirits and angels to aid you, help you.

When you make it yourself, the oil or incense or powder, it does have a more personal energy, the Candles it's best to buy because candle making is dangerous, but not everyone has the time or ability to blend oils and such, maybe one or two, but not a whole legion of them, that's impossible.

But for those who are independent shops and can make their own, because that is their calling and business and they are sincere in their making, that can be a very big help to a practitioner, especially one who is starting out learning the work. 

Sometimes the problem or situation is very difficult, sometimes it is an experience that you must go through to learn from or to correct a karmic situation. 

Although the Candle Products maybe the same, the intent, the need is individual.  

I've used oils and other products from these shops, and after I pray over them I've found them to work, but again it depends upon the individual who prays over them.

These shops and their products I feel very comfortable with,  and can trust."

After Ms. Q told me this she gave me her recommendations and reasons why,  So I will be doing a links page to the web sites  as well as another post that lists each shop, what she knows about it and if they can mail internationally or not, and why she likes that shop.  

It will take time but it will be posted, please be patient.

About Ms. Q she is much stronger and is able to sit up for a short period of time and walk a bit, she is eating well, but we keep her to soups, and jello as it is easier to digest, both the visiting nurse and the Doctor are pleased with her progress,  Ms. Q claims it is the prayers she is receiving from all of you.

We hope to have her strong enough to join us at the Thanksgiving Table.

And in the words of Ms. Q "Blessings to all of you" 

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