Friday, February 8, 2013

Mention of money spells and wards~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Yes there are spells that use coins, many of them are prosperity spells.   You can use fake money to represent money, especially if you are reluctant to use real money in the spell.

Give me a little time to research my books and notes from my Grandmother and I will post them at a later time.   It will listed as "Part 2".

You have given me another question about Wards especially for protection of ones domicile (home)  some are simple some are complex, and it also depends upon if you are living in a house, town house that shares walls, apartment, or even a mobile trailer or caravan. 

Let me give you a very simple idea,  when I use to do card readings as various Renaissance Fairs, I asked permission that my tent be set up and remain up during the run of the fair, some fairs you had to take things down, I didn't do those any more until it was only a weekend fair.

But I'd anchor the tent with iron stakes specially prepared for such a use. 

Doing Wards will be a multiple post as well.  Again let me go though  my notes for your question.  But if you are camping traveling  iron stakes are very good protection as starters.

I'll post more later.

Blessing Ms. Q,

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  1. Dear Ms. Q,
    I read some of your posts and I felt very pleased to find your internet site. I wish that there are more people like you who is willing to give help to people around you. More blessings and more Power to you Ms. Q.