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The use of a gun in magikal workings~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I know I was going to post more information on the use of coins in magic and ritual, but I just was busy with an urgent matter.

I am going to post it here, because it involves "cold Iron".  Cold Iron and Steel are two metal elements that can be used as protection in the form of wards and small amulets, in the situation that I was working with it took something a bit bigger,  well a lot bigger.

I have a friend of mine, that I had not seen in over a year, a good person really, but she made the mistake of getting involved with someone of an unsavory character.   To put it bluntly he dealt in drugs, beat her up, and eventually was going to prostitute her.  

He had her under his control for a long time,  until over a week ago I received a phone call from my friends' Mother, she had not heard from her daughter in over a month, she knew she was alive but it was hard for her to get in touch with her, so she asked me to do a ritual to allow her daughter to be able to have communication with her.   I did so and it did happen.

The Mother was horrified at the news her daughter was able to tell her, and then she lost contact with her,  from mutual aquaintances she found out that the boyfriend destroyed her daughters cell phone. 

The Mother came to me again and told me the situation.   In something like this I had to invoke some really "Big Guns" in the Spirit World,  Spirits and elements I really don't like to use if I can avoid it,  it drains me, and leaves me weak for a period of time.  But the timing to do the ritual and spell was perfect.

As I've said people can use various wards and such to protect their homes, cars and persons, one of the most common is the use of a horse shoe, one should nail one both over the front and back doors of one's home, and if there is a connecting garage, over the garage door and the door that leads from the garage into the home.  There are others such as the rail road spikes to "nail property" down, but there is one that is only very rarely used only because most witches, wiccans, pagans etc. do not own----A Gun.  

Many are of a peaceful nature, they are afraid of the violence this form of cold Iron and steel projects.   But I am a member of the NRA, I know how to use one safely, responsibly and legally.   I keep it locked in a safe made of metal, and I have wards on it as well as having it bolted to the cement floor, it is a fire proof box as well.  There is a second safe, smaller but made and warded the same way, and it holds ammo.

So I brought them both out, I invoked those spirits to assist me, did the ritual over the gun and the bullets, then took them in their locked carry cases to a legal gun range.  I used the outdoor alley way of the range as I wanted the energies of the earth as well as fire, air and water to join us,  (there was a bit of fog in the air at the range excellent for the water element). 

When the Ranger Master gave the signal we could fire, I had already done the finishing touches to the ritual, having prepared a target with the baneful persons name on it written in pencil and anoited with oil. 

I am a very good shot and with the six bullets had them hit the target perfectly, one of them even penetrated the name of the baneful person, at 25 feet away that is pretty good.   When the Range Master signalled to stop shooting, we all did and stepped back from the firing line.  Then at his signal we went to our targets, I carefully removed mine.   Then when I got back to my firing station, I packed my gun and spent shells and went home.

I made sure my gun was empty and I opened the cylinder at home, I completed the ritual and released the spirits to do what they where to do, I relocked the gun in it's safe, the spent shells I took later and carefully buried them at the feet of the grave of a solider.   The target I burned with herbs and incense to bind the baneful person and prevent him from harming my friend and to be captured by the police.

This morning I learned that the Mother was able to get her daughter, my friend, away from the abusive boyfriend last night,  he had gone to a club to sell his dope, thinking that my friend was too frightened to call her mother, but the mother had been watching the house and knew his routine, the minute he was out of sight, she got her daughter and those items that belonged to her daughter, they went to a motel and called the police and told them what the boyfriend was doing.   He was arrested, and the word is that he seemed, befuddled and confused, he was arranged and held for trail, none of his friends could bail him out, he has to stay in jail and it appears that the case against him is pretty solid.

My friend is with her Mother at a safe place and is going to get better.   I am tired, and exhausted, and will be that way for the next few days.  When I get my energy back the first thing I'm going to do is clean my gun, and have it ready for the next time.   

This is one of the more difficult uses of "Cold Iron" and "Steel"  I did not give you the particulars on this ritual because I was taught this by a male practioner, and he told me that the ritual needs to be devised by the individual practioner, that they must meditate as to what they will use and what spirits they will call.   The basic principals are the same, but the types of herbs and oils will vary depending on the person as well as depending which spirits one wants to invoke.  But the use of a gun is always the same.

The person who taught this to me used a .22 revolver, a revolver is easy to clean and easy to use, compared to an automatic, .22 ammo is cheap.   I used a revolver but I used a .38;  in meditation I realized that I needed more "fire power" and a snub nosed .38 revolver worked best for me.   The other thing is to have a metal safe, the addition of having the safe is good if you want to also protect and guard certain ritual items.  Although expensive well worth it.

I will get back to you on the use of coins in magikal workings later.

Blessings Ms. Q

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