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Methods to stop gossip~~~~

Hello Everyone,

I know that posting this on Christmas Eve may seem out of place but I receive so many pleas from folks about how they are being tormented by vicious gossip, that I felt I should post this to help those that need it, stop this harmful practice against them and get their lives on track for the New Year,  so consider this my Christmas present to you. 

Most folks wrote to me asking:

“Dear Ms. Q,

There are people spreading gossip about me----there are evil people speaking lies about me-----there are people in my (husband/wife’s) family who are telling bad things about me---- it’s making me ill---it’s stressing me out--- it’s hurting my marriage with these lies! “

One of the saddest things I come across on the internet, among friends and acquaintances, and many, many comments sent to me here is about people viciously spreading lies, gossip, falsehoods, and generally making evil comments about other people, folks who have married into the family, supposed friends and blood family members who out of jealously, envy, malice, vindictiveness or just purely evil intent, will deliberately spread rumors, false tales, some even going so far as to “photo shop” the persons face onto a naked body and say they are unvirtuous.   THAT IS PURE EVIL.

The 10 Commandments says ‘THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR”   and what does that mean??  Well it is obvious, You will not tell Lies about people, family, friends, your neighbor, co-workers even people you don’t know, because it is evil for evil’s sake.  

Yet people ignore this commandment, because of the green eyed monster of jealously and envy.

Now people say that in Folk Magic or Hoodoo there is no such thing as the concept of Karma,  and truthfully this word or concept of Karma is foreign to Folk or Hoodoo magic or workings, HOWEVER  the idea or concept of “consequences” is Not Foreign to it. 

Because younger people understand the general concept of Karma, I’ve used that word to emphasize that there are consequences when the work is done out of spite, hatred, envy, malice or just as a joke, this work is no joke, it’s easier to use that word “karma” and that word appears to carry some heavy weight to it among younger people.   And I have on different occasions have told of people behaving badly towards friends and family and suffered the consequences or to put it bluntly “Karma bit them in the Ass”.

 But this post is not about what is Karma, this post is about people who gossip viciously to harm innocent people and that breaks my heart.  

People who spread vicious rumors and those that enjoy perpetuating them should realize that there are consequences, and for those of you who suffer or have suffered from this type of bullying (yes it is bullying)  I’m going to post here several ways to stop gossip,  It’s been called “Stop Gossip”  “Shut Up”  “Tapa Boca”  or “Shut the F (word) Up!”   No matter what it’s called it’s to stop lies.

I’m going to start from the quick and easiest spell work and work up to the more elaborate spell.  That way you can decide which method would be the best for you.

# 1   Purchase  a black candle. Carve the names of the people who you know are gossiping about you into the candle with a toothpick or needle or sharp carpenter’s nail. Then you are going to write your name directly on top of theirs. Anoint the candle with “Stop Gossip Oil” (it may have other names) starting at the middle of the candling and pushing downward towards the candle’s base. Also reinforce your intentions by writing out a petition on a small piece of paper torn from a brown paper bag and write the names of those who you know are doing the gossiping. Write your name directly over theirs. Then, write down your intention. Anoint a little oil on your petition in the sign of a cross. Light the candle and recite Psalm 34 or Psalm 37 (KJ version). After the candle has burned, take all the remains and leave it at a crossroads so it will scatter to the 4 winds.

# 2   This one involves making a honey jar. On a piece of brown paper torn from a  bag write down the names of those who are causing you harm. Write your name on top of theirs and then write out your intention. Place your petition in a jar with either honey or maple syrup. You can also add a bit of brown sugar if you choose. Once this is complete, pour a bit of the Stop Gossip Oil into the jar. Once you have done this, the next step is to cover the jar and seal it with Duct tape and then take a small white candle and light it. Make sure the jar you use has a metal lid.  I recommend using tea lights. You can light candles on top of the honey jar as long as you need to. Just be safe!  Continue do it until the gossip stops.

# 3  James Kambos came up with this spell work.  He writes ----for this spell to end gossip, you’ll need a small glass jar with a lid, a small piece of paper, a pinch each of salt and clove, a drop of olive oil, and a gray candle.   Begin by blending together the salt, clove, and oil. Write the gossip or rumor on the paper, and apply a drop of the oil mixture to the paper. Place the paper in the jar, and screw on the lid. Dress the candle with the remaining oil mixture. Light the candle, and hold the candle over the jar, letting some of the wax drip over the lid to seal it. As you do this, say:

"All lies and rumors will cease,
Vicious gossip will end in peace."

After the gossip ends, throw the jar and candle away.
Now he doesn’t say where to throw the jar and candle, I personally would use an empty baby food jar and toss the whole thing into a garbage can at a distance cemetery.

# 4   Absinthe, the Queen of Bitchcraft  posted this ona  forum using a lemon, paper, vinegar, black mustard seed, alum powder, red pepper, and sulfur powder (carefully scrape from a wooden match stick, 9 pins, black candle and crossing oil instead of stop gossip oil, but I think you can use the stop gossip oil.

 She writes-----“On a piece of paper, write their names. Soak the paper in vinegar. Make a slit in a lemon and stuff it with the paper, black mustard seeds (to sow confusion), alum powder (to stop slandering and gossip), red pepper (to make their lies burn in their mouth), and sulfur powder (to jinx them). Use nine pins to close the slit. Carve their name on a black candle and dress it in crossing oil. Tip the candle over the pins and use the wax to seal it up. Let the candle burn the rest of the way down on a paper which you've written their names nine times, turned it ninety degrees counterclockwise, and written "Stop your slander" over their names nine times. Hold the lemon in your left hand and firmly concentrate and pray aloud what you want to happen. Wrap it up in foil (shiny part on the inside) and stick it in the freezer. Throw the wax over the wall of a cemetery when the candle has burnt completely away.”

Now my Grandmother and her ladies have in a pinch used a variation of this lemon spell to stop gossip, the whole idea is to make the gossiper’s mouth and tongue pucker up so that they cannot say anything about you.

I myself have used brown paper written the names 9 times, turned it crossways and wrote “stop gossiping” 9 times over that, applied stop gossip oil in a 5 spot manner 4 corners and one in the middle, then folded the paper away from me, stuck 9 pins into the paper, put it into a very small plastic zip lock bag with a mixture of lemon juice, pepper (black), match heads, vinegar, and then put it into my freezer,  when the gossiping stopped, I would take the baggie out and drive to the cemetery and throw it into a garbage can there.

But the most potent is using a beef tongue, now if a beef tongue seems too big for you see if you can get a lamb’s tongue, but beef or calf tongue is best.  

What you will need:

Beef Tongue
Black String or Yarn
Heavy Gauge Needle
Brown Paper for Petition Paper can tear it from a clean brown paper bag
Black Ink Pen
Stop Gossip Powder & Oil  
9 Rusty Nails
9 Pins
9 Needles
Black Candle
Plate (preferably black or brown colored)

On the brown paper write the person's name 9 times, or 3 times per row
Like this:
Name, Name, Name
Name, Name, Name
Name, Name, Name

Next, turn the paper to the left (counter-clockwise) and write over the name these words:
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Dab some of the stop gossip oil on the Petition Paper in a 5 spot manner, one on each corner and one in the center.  Like the 5 spots on a dice

Dust the Petition Paper with the stop gossip powder and fold it in half, away from you, turn to the left (counter clockwise) and fold away from you again, and then again one more time (3x's total).

Dress the candle first with the stop gossip oil then with the powder.

While dressing the candle, repeat words to have the person's tongue tied & bound from speaking gossip any longer.   You’ll know what to say and it can be as strongly worded as possible.

After you do that then this is what you do with the Beef Tongue

Place the tongue on the plate.   Slice a deep cut down the center line of the tongue.   Stuff the Petition Paper inside the slit.    Sprinkle the stop gossip powder into the slit.

Using the heavy gauge needle and the black string or yarn, tie the entire slice back together, sewing the Petition Paper & the STFU powder inside.   While sewing repeat your spell, or pray that your enemy's tongue be tied shut so they can no longer gossip or cause harm against you.

Rub the stop gossip oil all over the tied tongue.  Stick the 9 rusty nails, pins, and needles into the tongue.  Make a cut and insert the prepared black candle into the cut so it will stand up on or in the tongue, then Sprinkle the remainder of the stop gossip powder over the tongue.  While doing this be sure to be reciting your spell or prayer to stop your enemy from gossiping about you.  

I’ve known Granny to recite Psalm 36 (catholic version) over the tongue or have one of her ladies do it while she is preparing the tongue, then light the candle and let it burn down completely.  

Once the candle has burnt down completely you have several choices on how to dispose of the beef tongue, by now it’s attracting flies while will lay eggs and from that maggots will hatch and start eating the tongue, with that in mind, when you dispose of the tongue picture that happening to the gossipers tongue.

You have a choice to either:

Throw away - preferably in a dumpster away from your home

Bury it in a cemetery. Be sure to leave an offering of whiskey and a dime.

Pickle it by placing the tongue in a jar of vinegar and let pickle. This can be kept for a while, stored away in a cabinet, buried permanently, or thrown away in such a way that it will not be broken open.  The idea is you want them to "stew" and "pickle" in their own mess.

If you have a large enough Freezer you can Freeze it place the tongue in the freezer to aid in "freezing" their gossip. Keep it there as long as you feel is needed, and eventually throw it away some place where it will rot.  In essence you've frozen their tongue and then given them a "bad taste" in their mouth if they try to gossip again.

Now some traditions suggest that you cook it and eat it, to see the person's will to gossip being crushed as you chew.   But Granny never liked that method, she felt that a person could get ill from eating a tongue prepared that way and you don’t want to take the illness inside you.

Another method is to put worms into a slit in the tongue and then bury it at a deserted Crossroads, Granny and her ladies have done that especially when they didn’t know who started the gossip so they’d write on the paper, “whomever started the gossip”, or “who ever told the lies” and then my poor uncle would have to drive them to one of those least traveled roads so they could bury the thing,  if anyone mentioned some of those areas that are now expanded suburbs (with fancy houses built on them), I have to work real hard to not bust out laughing, especially at the memory of those “special trips”.

Now if you don’t know who started the gossip you can write on the petition paper the same thing “who ever started the gossip” as if it were a person’s name when you do any of the other methods. 

The Stop Gossip Oil and Powder

Now about the Oil and Powder,   Stop Gossip oil would have many different names but it all meant the same thing the most forceful would be “Shut up” or “Shut the F***  up!”  “tapa Boca” etc.  there are various recipes to make it.

But most of them would include alum, slippery elm, and sulfur (Not salt peter) those three for sure

So one recipe for it is:
Sulfur (just scrape off the end of a matchstick)
Slippery Elm
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Chili Pepper Seeds or flakes
Put it into Virgin Olive Oil, for the powder it would be the same stuff minus the Olive oil.

Granny didn’t have Slippery Elm but she did have vinegar, So she’d make her oil without the Slippery Elm, use hot mustard seeds along with the other hot puckery peppers, including the alum (which also helped to close nasty cuts) and a teeny-tiny pinch of gunpowder, instead of Sulfur, and add a bit of vinegar, she’d also would sprinkle vinegar over the tongue as well.

Now some folks would add to that graveyard dirt as well as crossroads dirt to that usually graveyard dirt from someone who died very badly (and may have deserved it).  Or if they had photographs of the alleged gossipers they would put the hottest hot sauce on the photos and stick it into the slits cut into the tongue and then stitch the tongue up with black threat (heavy duty) using a heavy duty carpet needle.

And if Granny was really mad, she’d have either Mom or one of the ladies recite the 34th, 35th & 36th psalm (Douay-Rheims Catholic version)   or the 35th, 36th &  37th Psalms (King James Version) over the tongue while the candle was burning.  As I got older she’d have me recite those psalms because I’d envision one of the old time priests that we use to have intoning those psalms and the ladies said I could do it real good.

I’ve always felt that if one recites all three of those psalms (Catholic or KJ Version) that one was invoking real Old-time wrathful judgement upon the evil doer. And as I said they can also be recited if you’re doing the “milder” version to stop gossip work as well.

Now why Granny and her ladies didn’t do it with that so-called preacher that made trouble for her I really don’t know, unless they did but I was not aware of it, nor was I told years later if it was done, but when I think about it, it seems to me that they might have done that for good measure to prevent him from damaging other good people’s reputation.        

There are other ways of doing this type of work, but these as I said are from the easiest to the more difficult depending upon what your circumstances are to do this work. 

I hope this helps because we need to stop bullying, and bullies can be of any age, ethic background or even monetary background or sex, it's not just among kids or teens.

Bright Blessings and Merry Christmas!

Ms. Q 


  1. My husband is a cheater. Is there anything that I can do to break him from this outside woman and tie up his nature for life? Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Dear Mrs. MT,

      There are a number of ways of doing it but it would take more space to explain than what I can post here, AND you are not the only one, I’ve received 4 other wives/girlfriends complaining about their cheating husbands/boyfriends, so I’m going to do a complete post on tying up a man’s nature and breaking him off from the other/outside woman that will be my next post, so watch for “How to Tie up a Man’s Nature” aka “Ways to stop him cheating”.

      I’m sure it’s going to be fun for a lot of ladies,

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q