Friday, December 16, 2016

Am making a request of those who post comments---please read~~~

Hello Everyone,

I know that this is an odd request, but I'm going to have to ask that folks please stop posting comments under "Candle Colors and their Meaning"

The reason is that the comments section in that area is becoming unwieldy for me to find and reply to anyone's comments.

 Currently there are two that I may need to reply to in that post but I am asking that any further comments from now on please post either in this post, or the one previous as the comments section is not overwhelmed.

I do appreciate your questions and concerns but I need a little help here, and please include your initials, don't use unknown or anonymous, your initials will help me keep the right answer to the right comment.

Thank you.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Greetings to you! How do I stop my husband from cheating on me with another woman? And how can I tie up his nature for good? Is there something I can do to get rid of the woman as well?

    1. Dear Kjt,

      There are a number of ways of doing it but it would take more space to explain than what I can post here, AND you are not the only one, I’ve received 4 other wives/girlfriends complaining about their cheating husbands/boyfriends, so I’m going to do a complete post on tying up a man’s nature and breaking him off from the other/outside woman, that will be my next post so watch for “How to Tie up a Man’s Nature” aka “Ways to stop him cheating”.

      I’m sure the ladies are going to enjoy this one.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Good Morning Ms. Q,
    I wanted to know if there is something I can do to stop my divorce proceedings and reconcile instead. My ex is very stubborn and we have 3 young children. I don't want a divorce but hoping we can work on our marriage instead. There has been a lot of hurt feelings but we need to pass the hurt and think of our kids. Also if there is anything I can do to win custody in court. I am a very selfless mom and wife but somehow he didn't appreciate me.

    Thank You,

    1. Dear LA,

      I did several one card readings on your situation the first in regards to the divorce and it was the Four of Cups which means he took your love devotion for granted, and in his stubbornness is Ignoring the real and longing for the indefinable which even he doesn’t understand, out of his stubbornness he may not consider counseling but move forward. But I sense that in some ways there is Apathy in his thought process and he is ignoring the fact that it takes two to work at a marriage and so he feels Dissatisfaction with the condition and direction of affairs, but because of his stubbornness he is unable to accept new opportunities to re-connect with you.

      I really don’t see him at this time considering working things out or seeking counseling, but that may change later on if both your lawyers recommend it first for the sake of the children, it helps if he hears it from his lawyer or the judge since it would be coming from a 3rd party.

      In regards to you own personal life if the divorce goes through and becomes final I drew the Two of Cups, this tells me that someone new will come into your life that you will find is a kindred soul, and you may get married again and if so then this new relationship will find you very contented.

      In regards to getting custody of your children it depends upon their age, I hope you have a good woman lawyer who will fight for your rights, don’t get me wrong men lawyers are good but somehow I’ve always felt that they don’t fight as hard as women lawyers do.

      What you can do is get a purple candle and some cotton string, make a knot in the string for each child that you have, touch that knot to that child, take a tiny snip of hair from each child (hopefully their hair is long enough and place it on a saucer where you will put the candle, dress the candle with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil, then write your name and each child’s name on the candle then tie the string to the base of that candle, light the candle and pray Psalms 35, 37, 53, 109, and Genesis 49:19 (King James Version), have the candle burn for as long as it takes you to say those prayers (about 30 minutes) do that every night until the candle burns out and the wax from the candle covers the string and your children’s hair, put the melted wax and string and hair into a small purple colored bag (large enough to hold the wax etc.) along with a High John the Conquer root and carry that with you each time you go to court.

      You may also want to do a honey jar to sweeten him up and be amiable to counseling or to at least let you have custody of the children. You may also want to do a court case candle to help you win your case, and anoint it with court case oil and High John the Conquer oil.

      In regards to you getting custody of the children I drew a card for you on that matter and it was The Star, which means new hopes and splendid revelations of the future. Insight, inspiration, courage and enlightenment of the spiritual self. Body and mind and converging towards the light at the end of a dark time, this tells me that a comfortable arrangement will be worked out but it won’t be easy, you’ll have to “hang tough” on this matter, don’t wimp out and be overly accommodating, he has to work at it too and meet your requests, taking into account the needs of each child.

      But even if you divorce I do see a good man coming into your life and he may be better for you and the children.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. Hello,

    I need a little help. My wife has been cheating on me for the past year and i've finally reached to point where i seek retribution. Is there a spell you can recommend to destroy her sexual appetite or perhaps cause excruciating pain during intercourse?
    Most would say just leave, but I'm afraid its not that simple. The level of disrespect and cavalier attitude has increase, and my heart breaks daily. I'm starting to think there is no justice in this world for I did nothing whatsoever to deserve this treatment.

    I seek your guidance in allowing me a moment of pleasure as payback.


    1. Dear Broken-art

      Remember revenge is a dish best served cold. With that in mind there are spells, but you have to also determine why IS your wife cheating on you?

      Is she home all day and when you get home you just want to sit, have a beer and watch TV and she wants to go and do something fun or party?

      Have you been a little less attentive to her, like not saying she looks beautiful or making more of an effort to make love to her?

      Are there children involved and she’s been with them all day?

      Did the two of you marry young and she never really had a chance to go out and party? There are those questions plus many others that you should ask before you start seeking revenge.

      Because it’s obvious the two of you do not have the same interests that you two can do together, and that is the reason for a lot of cheating and breakups.

      O.K. so it’s not that easy for you to just leave, that means that your finances are tied up, she doesn’t work so you’d have to pay alimony, or other things.

      If you are saying she is being cavalier and disrespectful, that she doesn’t think you’re giving her enough, then the best thing is to leave and see how well she does on her own without an income but you can’t do that, another thing is to cut her off from the joint checking account, that means you have to make sure all the bills are paid, she won’t be happy but you’ll know there will be a roof over your head. I also suggest that you get checked out by a doctor for any STD’s as well.

      O.K. if all those questions are answered in the negative and she’s just treating you like a doormat then yes there is a spell or two or a dozen you can do.

      But it helps if you have an area that is private that she will not go to and where you will not be disturb to perform this ritual. Just remember that what you call down on her can indirectly affect you, because if she develops horrible “things” that can be transmitted you could also catch it, but if she is not having sex with you then make sure that you don’t.

      This has been done on both men and women and it’s not for the squeamish and it depends upon the candle one uses, get a black female genital candle (it can be ordered on the internet). When you receive it you need to place upon it her personal concerns, a bit of hair, fingernail cuttings, a bit of her menstrual blood (if she uses napkins), a few threads from her clothing (can be removed from the seams), on the back of the candle carve with a rusty nail her name and date of birth.

      Then anoint the candle with these oils Crossing, Black Arts, and Destruction Oil and sprinkle with Goofer Dust, ground Asafoetida, Red Peppers, Black Peppers, (wear latex gloves), stick with either rose thorns or pins as you heap curses on this image, and finish with the rusty nail.

      Burn the candle for nine days for 15 minutes a day, on the ninth day let it completely burn out, burn it on a heat resistance surface, each time you burn it focus your anger on it and on her. Then take the left over wax and bury it in a remote corner of a cemetery.

      If you know which man she is seeing you can do the same thing to a black penis candle (oils , powders, pins and nail), if you cannot get his personal concerns a picture placed under the candle will do when the candle complete burns down, burn his picture as well dispose of in the same way.

      Now if you want this to be long term you can do also a bottle spell, use a small bottle fill it with her personal concerns, add a few drops of the same oils, and the same powders, add the pins, the nail even a rusty razor blade, fill the bottle with rusty water and seal it, when she goes out shake the bottle vigorously thinking what you’d like to have happen. But hide it in a place where she can’t find it.

      You can also put a light amount of goofer dust in her favorite pair of evening shoes as well.

      When she comes to you asking for forgiveness, forgive her and then empty the bottle into a garbage can.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

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