Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ethic's in magical workings on line~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I'm finally catching up with things and hope to post more frequently.

In coming onto my blog I found this comment on my "7 Sisters of Algiers" post

Would like to do a marriage spell
Email me at s******

This was my reply-----
  1. The one thing I do not do is spells to affect another person's life unless I personally know to my own direct knowledge that it is an abusive relationship, but just on the say-so of someone I do not know, ethically I cannot perform such a service.

    Since you are not giving me more information I have no idea if it's to prevent a marriage, break up a marriage, steal another's spouse, in some way affect or influence someone to marry you, have a marriage happen or to bless a marriage.

    If you are inquiring about having a "Handfasting" performed I would recommend going to your local metaphysical shop or Occult shop and find out if there is a a wiccan or druid that can legally perform a Handfasting ceremony and there by bless a marriage.

    Good Luck to you.

    First off Ms. Q, this person did not give me any information of the type of marriage spell, and secondly if they had and it was any of those situations that I describe Ethically I would not do it.

    Influencing someone else to do something that they have no interest in doing affects their Karmic path and can be of more harm than good.  To break up a happy relationship is also unethical, to persuade someone to marry you that claims to want to marry you but is not ready to set a date---I would say it's more important to ask that person why are they stalling?  And if so, then maybe that is not the right person to marry.  

    Now that is not to say that there are practitioners on the internet and out in the real world who would do that, there is.... because to them it is not their business but the business of the person who is "buying the service"  but those practitioners are in the business of providing a service, any kind of magical service. 

    To me that is letting a dangerous genii out of the bottle, and when that happens there is no bottling it back up.

    In Star Trek there is an episode called "Amok Time" where Spock is bespoken to a woman, but she really desires another, and she takes steps to interfer with the marriage to Spock, but also has plans B, C and D in place.  Spock gives her up and turns to the other vulcan who wishes to marry her and says "In time you will discover that the WANTING is greater than the HAVING".

    So I will not do anything to in anyway influence a person or situation where thing seem to be going their natural course....Having said that I have done magical workings in order to rescue someone from an abusive situation, one that I personally and directly knew about.   To me that was different.

    But when it is someone whom I do not know who approaches me with such a vague request and I'm only getting it just on one person's say so, then I recommend that they go somewhere else.  I'm not going to let a genii out of the bottle or do harm to another. 

    However if you see something on my blog that you think will be helpful to you that is different, I'm only providing information to be used....hopefully used wisely.

    Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Hi. I am new your blog and although I have not had much time to read lately. I feel like the things that have popped out to me have been at the right moment and perfect timing. I am drawn to your teachings and want to learn more. I have a long story. I am new to posting or responding so I am not even sure this is where I should share it. I am seeking help for my daughter. I myself have been very sick the last couple months and then on May 12 It went away. I went from being bed ridden and needing nebulizer treatments several times a day, not being able to walk straight banging into walls when I tried and being in serious pain to being almost 100% better in the matter of moments when something I believe to be spiritual happened to me. I have been happy and feel almost free however there is a heavy negative feeling in my daughters bedroom. I just re decorated it with all new furniture and bright colors to try to make her feel brighter and less negative.. My baby is only 10 years old and has been a very angry and negative person the last couple years and she just told me she sees shadows and it feel heavy on her and she is afraid to be alone in the bedroom. I don't know what to do. can you advise me?

    1. Dear Deanna,

      There are a few posts in the Archive section on my blog that I recommend that you read They are under House warding, House cleansing, and protection.

      The next thing is have your child be seen by a doctor to determine that her anger and negativity is not caused by physical and mental reasons. That is has something happened to her or within the family to have caused her to react this way.

      Even a priest will recommend that all physical, mental and emotional psychological reasons be examined first, then do the spiritual.

      Another reason is the possibility of mold in your home, that can cause sever sickness and personality changes, and can create a heaviness upon a person.

      A fourth reason is of all things, electrical wiring or being near heavy duty power transmission lines, wiring that has been done improperly can cause behavior changes and sickness as well. Living near heavy Duty Transmission lines have been known to cause problems.

      Have a reputable electrician check the EMF readings in your home, if they are too high they need to be corrected.

      Once you have checked out all physical possibilities, then do the spiritual ones, go through the subjects listed on my Archive list and read those articles and see if they can be helpful to you.

      This is how my Grandmother and my Mother worked in dealing with such problems.

      It is possible that somehow something that you were seriously allergic to had been eliminated, but is still affecting your daughter. Think of what might have been a change, it could have been the removal of something, a change in your diet, something that you would not think was important but can be.

      Also if your child is on the internet or has a Facebook page or e-mail is she being bullied on line, or in school, that can cause problems as well. Lots of times they will not admit that they are being bullied or are being torments by girl or boy bullies in school, or are forcing her to be this way to be accepted.

      You have been ill, you may not have had a chance to see that it could also be a problem on the outside as well.

      Look into all these things, in addition to doing spiritual ones.

      Blessings to you.