Thursday, May 21, 2015

The deadly use of Goofer Dust~~~~

" Dear Ms. Q,

I Read about Goofer Dust, what is it?  Is it really that powerful?  How do I make it?"

Well I was concerned that eventually you'd ask me this question.

You've asked me a question because you've come across this term or item, Goofer Dust,  no my dear it does not make a person goofy, it is a powerful, deadly powder to be used only with extreme caution, and only as a completely last resort.   It is NOT a play thing.

So what is “Goofer Dust”? 

Before I continue I have to give you a warning in that I present this information for educational purposes only. I do not condone the making of or use of Goofer dust. Don't be deceived. Goopher Dust has no positive uses only negative.

If you need to get someone out of your life then I recommend using “Hot Foot” Powder, they will leave and it’s a bit safer to use, not by much but it is safer.

But if you are serious about Goofer Dust then I will tell you about it starting with first how I used it directly on a person only just one time and never again.

Goofer Dust, if you are a very serious practitioner is one of the more dangerous “powders” that one can put together for a hexing ritual.  In essence it is a poison of spiritual nature and you can get sick from it if not carefully handled.

I myself have used Goofer Dust one time, over 40 years ago, the reason was to get rid of an abusive boyfriend that was stalking my cousin, she pleaded with me to help her as she had tried repeatedly to get away from him but he kept stalking her, finding her new home or new job, even causing her to lose jobs.  So besides taking her into my home to protect her, I also talked to a police friend of mine to have him and his compatriots watch my house.

I found out what office her abuser worked at and made an appointment to see him, luck was on my side, his secretary let me into his office while he was attending to something else, I wore ladies gloves since it was chilly outside, while I was alone I quickly pulled out the small bottle, and sprinkled the dust under his desk where his feet would rest.   I found out from my cousin that he had a habit of slipping off his shoes, (he always wore loafers) when he was sitting behind his desk.  How she knew about that is that she worked for him as his secretary for a while until it turned romantic and then abusive.

Since the carpet was dark as well as the dust it would not be readily noticed.  I recapped the small bottle, put it into its small paper bag and into my purse.  I also manage to find a couple of stray hairs that clung to the high back cloth of his office chair where his head rested and in his waste basket a note that he had scribbled to remind him of something, which he had made a check mark so it I knew he had written it.  Those I tucked into a new empty letter size envelope that I kept in my purse.

When he came into his office he sat down not realizing who I was, I knew that he had put his feet on the dust, I then told him who I was and how I was related to his ex-girlfriend, I said to him that she wanted nothing more to do with him and for him to move on.  

 Since the door to his office was closed he told me quite pointedly that he was going to get her back, or make sure no one would have her.   I asked him if that was a threat, and he just shrugged and said that nothing that belongs to him including my cousin, ever leaves him.  I advised him to reconsider since a restraining order was going to be taken out against him.  He then asked me to leave, which I did but I said to him that it would be wise to leave my cousin alone.    Now this was over 40 years ago.  Men back then are pretty were pretty much the same as now who think they can frighten women into submission.

The restraining order worked in that he didn’t physically come near her, we had heard that he had been feeling ill on and off since I visited him, which helped, but for nearly 4 weeks he still would call my home and if she picked up he’d make threats to her, that was when I bought one of those early type of answering machines, so if he did call she had at least that as a barrier against his phone threats.

I could not change my phone number as too many people knew me so I needed to keep it.  After 4 weeks she felt she had no choice but to go back to him I told her that he could kill her, so I gave her a tiny bottle of Goofer Dust and said to add it to some of the foot powder that was used to dust the inside of his tennis shoes prior to him going jogging, I told her what precautions she need to take to handle it.  Since she had to act as his maid and make sure all his clothes, etc. were just so, it was no problem for her to do that.

After the 2 weeks that she was with him, he felt very ill, and was admitted into the hospital, he had been diagnosed with having a serious stroke, which was thought unusual for such a young man.   With him being incapacitated she left his place, moved out of state, found another job and eventually a good man. 

Her former abusive boyfriend never recovered from his stroke.

That was the first and last time I used Goofer Dust directly upon a person. There is a ritual one can do that indirectly uses Goofer Dust which I consider far safer, and we did apply it as well to my cousin’s abuser, I have it posted further down.

 My Grandmother and her friend from Granny’s group, Mrs. Washington told me that it was dangerous Hoodoo and since Mrs. Washington was from New Orleans and knew of such things I had no reason to doubt her word.

The making and use of Goofer Dust is for the Advance practioner, beginners should avoid it like the plague, but then if there is one thing I’ve known is that when an adult tells a young person to not do it, they will.

All I can say is that it is only as an ultimate last resort, once used it cannot be stopped unless one knows what to do and knows it in time, it can result in a serious debilitating illness, stroke and/or death.  That is the reason for the warning. 

It is an evil, negative agent intent on doing the worse possible harm.  So one needs to seriously consider if it is really called for.  It is not to be played with or for “fun and games” or just to get “even” with someone, this is a very serious step down a dark path.

Again if you want someone out of your life or to leave you alone I recommend using “Hot Foot Powder”.

However I know that many of you youngsters will look on the internet for a recipe for this dangerous item, and there are many different recipes out there.  But instead of graveyard dirt they will have you substitute the herb mullein, in real Goofer dust, you cannot substitute the herb for the dirt, it won’t work.

And the best kind of Goofer dust is the kind you make yourself. 

So before I give you the recipe let me first give you the history behind this so you will understand the origins of it.

Goofer Dust is the name of powder used to curse one's enemies in the practice of Hoodoo/Root work. 

Occasionally the term goofer dust is used as a synonym for graveyard dirt but usually graveyard dirt is but one ingredient in a recipe for goofer dust. The name 'goofer' stems from the Kikong word 'Kufwa', meaning "to die" while other people have translated it as "to kill". In effect, Goofer Dust is "magical killing powder" or to poison. It is perhaps the strongest black magic powder found in the practice of hoodoo/root work.

It was pointed out that The presence of iron filings within the formula points to the true origins of how this powder was originally prepared and empowered. While iron has been associated with both good workings such as repelling evil, and in negative aspects such as being referred to as the "Bones of Set" in Egyptian folklore, it has one interesting use that makes sense in regards to goofer dust. 
Iron bars are used around cemeteries to keep the spirits of the dead within it's confines. The same material could be used to keep spiritual energy trapped inside the powder as well. A spiritual energy that would be attached to the powder both from the graveyard dirt, and also from bone used within the powder as a base for a particular spirit to work through,  Essentially goofer dust when made in the traditional sense is far more necromantic then it is given credit for today. 

It is "conjure" in the purest sense of the word

The actual recipe for goofer dust varies from practitioner to practitioner.

Traditionally this powder is put wherever the person has to walk through it. It’s usually more effective if the person is barefoot or wears sandals or flip-flops.  Sometimes it’s added to a scented talc and used to dust the inside of shoes.  It causes extreme discomfort and is used to drive people away or worse. 

So, if you want to get your spouse/ boyfriend/girlfriend or free-loader, out of the house, put Goofer Dust where he or she must walk through it. If you find that your boy/girl friend has been cheating on you in the worse possible way, use Goofer Dust, if you are being beaten up by your spouse and you cannot get an agency to help you, use Goofer Dust,  BUT USE IT WISELY.  So you don’t get into the stuff yourself, carefully sprinkle a small amount in and around his or her shoes. Sprinkle a little under his or her pillow, or on his/her mattress but under the bottom sheet,  but if you do that do not share their bed.

As I said once concocted the powder is traditionally deployed by sprinkling in the path of the enemy. 
Usually this is done by sprinkling the power while walking backward in an odd number of steps,
while praying for the intended magical effect.

When the victim steps on the goofer dust it is believed to magically "poison them through their feet". More creative practitioners may find other uses for goofer dust, such as to sprinkle it on the victim's mattress, laundry, or in their shoes. Other hidden forms of deployment include placing the goofer dust in a mojo bag or bottle which is secretly hidden in the home of the victim or buried on their property, preferably near to where the victim will walk.

Besides the Laying of some Goofer Dust in your enemy's tracks to poison them through their feet, you can Dress candles with Goofer Dust to curse your enemies and toss the remains in the graveyard so they’ll end up there.  Some people will Sprinkle Goofer Dust into food to serve to their enemy to destroy their health and leave them rolling around on the floor howling in pain, however because graveyard dirt is used and sulfer, it's possible that the taste would not be palatable.

Remember to cleanse yourself with Uncrossing Herb Bath after using Goofer Dust to take the powerful evil of this hoodoo curse off of you.

I cannot stress enough that this is horrible stuff. Please handle with care, keep away from eyes and mouth (and children and pets), do not burn as incense, and take a spiritual cleansing bath after you use

If you or anyone unintended falls ill, sprinkle salt in the corners of your house, and commence sweeping and washing. Be sure to ritually cleanse the unintended victim, preferably in a magical bath.

Modern medicine will have no effect on goofering. If you or a loved one is goofered go immediately  to someone VERY knowledgeable in HooDoo, etc. to remove the curse. As for the home, scrub the floor in clean water and your urine, or urine from a child, another method of washing water is to use Chinese Purification Wash, which can be purchased from some Hoodoo dealers on line. Discard the water OFF of your property, throw it at a crossroads if possible, away from your home and never carry this water out the front door of your home.
 Victims who have been successfully cursed with goofer dust are referred to as being "goofered", and sometimes the term goofered is used as a synonym for being cursed or poisoned. People who have been goofered will begin to experience extreme bad luck, dangerous health complaints, insanity, and even death if the proper magical procedures are not performed to remove the cursed condition.

Though normally deployed in black magic spells for revenge, goofer dust is sometimes used in love spells designed to make a specific person love the spell caster. BUT IT IS NO LOVE SPELL, MORE LIKE LOVE ME OR DIE.   Such spells also fall under the category of black magic as they interfere with the free will of the intended person. 

Such spells are designed to produce pain and suffering in the object of desire in order to force them to submit to the spell caster. If by chance the victim does not submit then they may eventually die if the curse/love spell is not eradicated with the proper counter-rituals.



This powder can be used in other rituals to rid yourself of any unwanted person. An alternative to using it the traditional way is to place some Goofer Dust in a cardboard box like a shoe box or something smaller like one of those jewelry gift boxes, then place a picture of your victim alone in the box, if you have anything like hair or a personal item add that to the box and bury it but bury it far away from your own home, where the cardboard box will rot.

Another Goofer Ritual :

Take personal items of the person you want goofered, such as hair, a tissue, some tiny personal item they won’t miss put it into a jar add  goofer dust into the jar seal it well, shake it to mix well .  Then go to a lake, river, ocean or even better a swamp, when there poke a hole in the top of the lid it doesn’t have to be too big, then throw it into the water. As it sinks, the person will begin wasting away.


Traditionally it is believed that if a person wears on an ankle bracelet or chain a real silver dime (before 1964) the dime first needs to be cleaned with a little baking soda and water before it’s attached to the ankle bracelet, should the dime get very tarnished then a person has been goofered and needs to do cleansing ritual baths and other rituals.  Another way is to have the dime taped to the bottom of your foot.   Another way to tell is changes in health and behavior, which might show up later if nothing is done.


The rituals performed to counter-act goofering include spiritual baths, the burning of candles and incense, and cleansing or "uncrossing" rituals of the afflicted individual and of the home and property. Generally such rituals are often followed with rituals to protect from further attack or to reverse the curse back to the spell caster.

The ritual can vary, but the first thing immediately is to first wash the bottoms of your feet, scrub them hard with salt and water, then get under a shower wash yourself with either an unscented soap such as Ivory, or Dove for Sensitive Skin or an oatmeal soap, wash yourself from the top of your head to between the toes of your feet and the bottoms of your feet.  Then in a muslin bag that is filled with Hyssop herb soak that in the shower and allow the essence of the herb wash all over you saying 3 times “Cleans me with Hyssop O Lord, that I maybe as pure as the whitest snow.”

Then wash or dry clean all your clothes and underwear, if you have a lot do it a load at a time, be sure to wear gloves, make sure all your shoes are cleaned from the inside and out, wash your bed linens, vacuum and dust your house but damp down your dust mop with a lemon furniture polish spray, you may need to throw your dust mop heads away, so using disposable ones is best.  Wear a hospital type filter mask and disposable gloves.

Still wearing gloves and a mask, sweep your front and back porch, steps and pathway with an old broom and a disposable dust pan, any dust you find put into a paper bag, seal it then put the broom, dust pan and the bag into a large garbage bag, along with the gloves and mask that you used, take it to the dumps, put on fresh disposable gloves and mask at the dumps and get rid of it there, after you’ve thrown it into the dumps throw in the gloves and mask.

Follow up with other spiritual baths, uncrossing rituals and candles both on the person and the property.    Then determine who might have “goofered” the person and do a reversing ritual.


First you must remember there are NO SUBSTITUTES 

Second you must remember it is Extremely Dangerous


Wipe the outside of the jar with a damp paper towel dispose quickly and safely, dispose of mask and gloves, wash clothing you were wearing.   Completely clean the area and wash all utensils that you were using use fresh set of disposable gloves.

Mark the jar with a white X keep away from children, pets and curious people.

You will need:

1/4 cup   Sulfur aka “Brimstone”

1/4 cup  Salt (the old style was to use non-iodized sea salt in the 1930's and 40's ---later on Black salt aka witches Salt was used when the European influence came in)

1 tablespoon Either the skin or head of a venomous snake, dried and ground sometimes skin sheds (that is the old skin sluffed off of the snake is used---but make sure it is from a venomous snake)

1 tablespoon Black pepper finely ground

3/4's cup Graveyard dirt preferable from the grave of a murderer, if possible collected at midnight *** See note on Graveyard dirt

 1 tablespoon Red pepper (I’m talking hot pepper, not bell pepper, the hotter the better, if need be Cayanne pepper will do)

1 tablespoon Ground bones Powdered bones of one of the following animals (black cat, possum, skunk, mole, rat, mouse or bat) (Use about a tablespoon)  There are places where you can order legitimately collected bones then you can powder them, sometimes the house cat she had would be a little lazy so she’d set up mouse traps, almost always would catch a mouse, shed let it dry out and put it into a dark jar for future use, but if you can’t wait then Bone Meal will do.  Some practioners have used ground human bones calling upon those spirits to assist.

Ground insects--- my Granny used 6 dried maggots, 6 dried blow flies, and 6 dried spiders preferably black widow or brown recluse, but when she found out that a Hispanic neighbor could get dried scorpions she would also add 3 powdered scorpions

 A pinch of Anvil dust--yes the dust from a blacksmith’s anvil, some people will substitute iron fillings but Anvil dust is finer, if you can find a blacksmith that does creative iron work that will do.  Get permission to collect it---some people will use iron filings or magnetic sand and that seems to work as well, but I prefer Anvil dust.

Dried and powdered poisonous plants just a teaspoon each from 3 of them ----such as belladonna, wolf’s bane (yes it does exist), believe it or not the leaves and stems of tomatoes are poisonous (keep away from dogs), the leaves and stems of the common Oleander bush and the leaves of the rhubarb plant is also poisonous, the leaves seeds and flowers of Foxglove is deadly.  There are many more.

WARNING---if you use extremely dangerous poisons plants and if you search the internet you will find them listed,  there is no reversal, not even doing ritual, spiritual cleansings will work, the action would be permanent.   And I don't want anyone to have this on their soul or part of their karma.


 For some reason of late there had been the addition of the herbs of mullein and sage, but since sage especially is for purification I cannot see the use of it in a baneful product.  Lots to times people will substitute mullein for graveyard dirt, and that is incorrect.

There are many common garden plants that we do not think of as being dangerous but they are, in my next post I will list them so you will be aware of the to protect you, your family and your pets.


Graveyard dirt must be collected in the proper manner with payment to both the "guardian of the cemetery or graveyard" as well as asking permission from the spirit and leaving payment for the spirit, see my postings on Graveyard Dirt and Collecting of Graveyard Dirt.

To ignore the proper proceedures or to ignore giving honor to the spirits of the dead is inviting trouble of the worse kind.

There you have it Ms. Q, all that I know and have learned about this deadly powder, that is why I only used it directly on a person just the one time.   I heeded the cautions from my Granny and her friend, since I live in the city doing what I call "country type hoo-doo" is difficult, but not so difficult if you know what to do.

So if there is someone that you want out of your life, then use "Hot Foot" powder, although similar in some of the ingredients, it's not as dangerous. 

And as a side note----in the T.V. program called "Supernatural" the writers make the claim that goofer dust will either kill or keep Hell Hounds away, no such thing, if Hell Hounds are coming to your "half acre" they Will come, nothing can stop them.

I post this for you for your educational knowledge and plead with you to never, ever use it.  The Karmic repercussions if used indiscriminately will be very bad.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Dear Q, I wasn't sure where to post my question to you. I hope it's ok to use this space..I have a practioner in cuba, who is currently doing love spell for me for my husband who lies in cuba. she sais she will use "powder" to use it where he work, I also know that she collected the dirt from where he you have any knowledge of what this powder is? my situation is very simple but ye very complicated. would so appreciate your thoughts. thank you.

    1. Dear Alwaysmoreno

      Not knowing the exact type of situation you are in with your husband except that you say it’s a love spell, it's hard to say. If it's to make him love you more there are love powders that do that, but it appears that the closest this practioner can get to your husband is his home and work place, which means that the practioner is trying to do foot track magic or at least a type of it and then from that a love powder is made.

      If you and your husband are separated as you say he lives in Cuba, I’m presuming you live in the U.S. such as Florida, if it’s to bring him closer to you then that might be the type of working the practioner is doing. However if it’s because he is with another person and you want him to come back to you then the practioner needs to do a break up ritual to breakup that relationship and then work a love spell to draw him back to you, but considering the still developing relationship between the U.S. and Cuba I don’t see that happening any time soon.

      Not knowing the full facts of the situation I cannot fully guess why type of powder your practioner is doing. But if you are spending too much money to create a love spell to regain your husbands love, I would think twice before spending any more and re-assess the situation. Sometimes things karmicly happen where you may need to gain personal internal strength and learn to deal with life on your own and instead ask that love to come to you instead of you forcing someone’s will to love you.
      Because if you do that then you might be dealing with negative karmic repercussions.

      So think carefully before proceeding further.

      Blessings to you.

    2. If I sprinkle goofer dust on a pregnant lady food what will happen?

    3. Dear Anonymous,

      You will not like what I have to say, but you will be harming the life of an innocent unborn child, and in doing that you would be condemning your soul.

      DO NOT DO IT!!

      If you are willing to harm an innocent life, then you will be harming your self in this life and the next.

      Leave well enough alone.

      I'll pray for you to see things clearly.

      Ms. Q

    4. I understand wait so it would kill the baby to? I did not know that

    5. Dear Anonymous,

      You are going to have to be very careful if you decide to proceed doing this.

      Because even after the baby is born, it is not unusual for a parent to feed it a little food from the parents plate, so at some point the child will get it too.

      Then again you will be harming an innocent life.

      Also if the Mother decides to breast feed, which is becoming more and more common, what the mother takes into her body food wise will also be in her breast milk and again you will be harming an innocent child.

      I strongly suggest that you abandon this plan of yours. The santity of your soul is far more important than what you plan to do.

      Ms. Q

    6. If someone steps on goofer dust what exactly happens?

    7. Dear Child,

      Traditionally, this word “Goofer” is derived from the Kikongo word "kufwa" meaning "to die".

      Historically, this dust allegedly causes the target to become weak and confused. Powers of speech, concentration, and thought are affected, in some cases the ability to move properly, giving the effects of a stroke.

      Historical accounts from hoodoos say the targets act "goofy", crawling on the floor and barking like a dog, I have not seen that happen so I would say that is an exaggerated description of someone having what appears to be a severe type of stroke with difficulty walking and talking.

      Extremely potent Goofers Dust is said to have the victim waste away and die, which is more likely.

      It is said or claimed that there is no known antidote for Goofer Dust, perhaps because of the use of the extremely dangerous and deadly effects of precipitate of Mercury, which is known to be a fatal poison. In some cases, the Hoodoo practioner would be familiar with the deadly effects of poisonous plants such as the Castor Bean plant, which contains Ricin and can cause severe liver damage and death if ingested.

      Traditionally to have this happen a person would have to step onto the dust or in some way touch the dust either barefooted or bare handed, and since feet and hands sweat, the poison can seep into the pores and into the blood stream, a small cut on the feet or hands or an abrasion can have it enter the system much faster. And considering the fashion to wear flip-flops or thong shoes or sandals it would not be difficult, although sweaty tennis shoes work better.

      Usually this is in dust or powder form, but it can be made into an oil, but one needs to exercise Extreme care, for safety sake.

      The modern formula’s no longer use mercury as it is a bio-hazard, nor the pulverized Castor Bean, nor Copper Sulfate, but in countries that do not have that restriction the possibility of it being in the mixture is there.

      Either way in its old form or new form it is toxic and very dangerous to make and to use. Do Not Fool around with it. Do not touch it, or make it. It’s is not a play thing!

      Only one person that I know makes a safer version of it, Conjured Cardea and she has it as part of a ritual and as a dust under Kuwfa, please read her product description as she is very specific on its use and I’ve known it to be effective for those specific uses.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. I believe I have been cursed. It has taken me years to determine this, and I've put careful consideration into this conclusion. Currently I am facing protecting my son from a very abusive father. Due to my experience with this man, I haven't been in a relationship in 9 years while he is working on his 4th marriage. My life for the past 7 years has been very difficult. To give you an idea and list of things that happened within only a few years.
    2007: I find out my mother has 6 months to live, my sons father kills my dog, he then threatens to kidnap my son.
    2008: I lose my home to foreclosure, due to losing my job. (I know this happened to many) My mother dies. My ex gets remarried and begins his late night calls while having sex with other women.
    2009: Leave to come home to birthplace and everything seems to be getting better, yet suffering from severe anxiety and panic disorder due to abuse.
    2010: Apply and get into Grad school. All seems to be okay until brother in law gets diagnosed with cancer then dies suddenly. Then I begin to have sever vertigo episodes.
    2011: 38yo brother gets diagnosed with rare cancer given 6 months to live. (he ended up fighting for a good three years)
    2012: graduate from grad program apply and get into Phd program.
    2013: Move to another state to attend school. Get accused of cheating and fixing the grades of one of my students. (this was ridiculous) at this point I start wondering "what the hell is going on?" I become a hated figure in my program, even though it is proved I NEVER did anything. My sons begins having night terrors.
    2014: my brother takes a turn for the worse, I leave program to come home to be with him. Am told if I leave I cannot come back. Severe vertigo episodes continues. At this point I've seen over 5 doctors and none can explain it. My brother dies.
    2015: I enroll and get accepted into another grad program only to have my financial aid get canceled mid way through my first semester. The school still hasn't explained what happened. Have to move back home. Then I find out my ex has filed for for joint custody of my son without my knowledge in another state and all of my efforts thus far have been futile. I still have vertigo problems but they are getting better due to seeing my doctor in another state who is also a practitioner of things other than medicine. However the sickness still lingers. I am also diagnosed with HPV that causes cancer even though I have been abstinent for over 5 years.

    Something is very wrong, and I can't figure out how to fix it, but I am very scared for my son, and I've had enough of whatever the hell is going on. So yes I want to use this dirt, however I need to know if it can be used at a distance?

    You should also know my mother was a priest, a very good one, she didn't believe in causing harm to others. Something happened right around 2003 and it seemed our lives began coming apart. This is all merely supposition, but if I had to choose a date it would be 2003. I have begun having dreams of being diagnosed with cervical cancer and my dreams have always been a precurser to actual events. I do not believe what is happening is just "fate" I know the difference.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      If you read the latest posting here, Ms. Q is ill and in the hospital and at this time cannot answer your question.

      But going by what I have read, your best course of action at this time is the legal one, work with your lawyer, and if you know how good your Mother was as a practitioner, You should remember some of her more positive spells and rituals to turn luck in your direction.

      Right now to are extremely stress and stress will make you ill and cause you to make poor decisions.

      I will forward your case to Ms. Q, but she is going to have to post a reply as a general answer, either under the subject of Revenge or Reversing Evil.

      First, relax, breathe, work with your lawyer and doctor,

      Second, pray to Mother Mary, Jesus and St. Michael for Strength and that your prayers are heard, since your Ex is now on his 4th marriage, have your lawyer show that he cannot be in a stable relationship and that can be harmful to your sons.

      Ms Q has survived cancer 3 times, because she prayed, she has survived the deaths of 10 family members in the space of 5 years, and her faith was and is strong.

      Now if you want to use this dirt then look for the posting that has the tag "hell hound" or hell hounds this is part of a much bigger post, and there is a way that you can do it at a distance, especially if you have any handwriting from your ex-husband.

      I will speak to Ms. Q about this and she can tell me further, so watch for future postings and breathe and pray.

  3. Hello my husband has been cheating with another woman in mexico for years now we have kids together & he also had a kid with this woman & this woman in mexico has does alot of witch craft that has effected me & my kids my kids have mysterious illnesses that doctors can't figure out nor cure & I was 6 mos pregnant when I visited my inlaws in mexico with my kids 2 years when all the bad stuff began and while I was in mexico my baby died I have had several readings and have been told this woman is trying to kill me & my kids she wants us dead & we have been given cleansings & protection several times. I want to split the woman up from my husband for good and I have a picture of the woman & I want to put goofers dust with her picture & bury at cemetary she is evil. And I found a picture of him with the woman what can I do with the picture of the 2 of them to seperate them forever? I feel my cause us justified to put goofers dust on her picture but do u think it will work to curse her? Me & my kids never had anything to do with this woman for her to do evil things to us my poor kids dont deserve any of this nor myselfI would never harm anyone but I have no way to leave my husband to support my children especially with unknown illnesses right now? Suggestions please

    1. Hello lol4462,

      I have informed Ms. Q on your situation Her feeling is if you are sure that this other woman is using witchcraft against you then there is justification.

      But it is this illness problem that has her concerned. She feels that what is making you and the children ill maybe something that you all come in contact with.

      First do a diary or journal and it must be daily, write down what you and the children eat and drink and is it at your regular home or in mexico, 2nd does your husband when he visits you and the children (if he does) does he bring any food products.

      If the children seem to get worse after eating or drinking certain things and you feel ill as well you may have found the source of your illness, and it could be a food allergy or some product that is contaminated.

      Make sure that any cleaning products and anything to kill insects or rodents are far away from any food source.

      Also any surface that you prepare food, wash it down with hot water and vinegar, do not use Lysol or bleach or anything else. If you have an old cutting board or boards get rid of them and buy new ones.

      Also check your heating system, if it is gas you could have a slow gas leak which can make you ill.

      Ms.Q feels that there is a food or drink product that is common in use from Mexico that you all might be allergic to. Also check what you and the children eat and drink of products that are served where you currently live.

      Also does your home have old lead paint? You'd be surprised how things like that can cause an unknown illness.

      Now with the picture of this woman and your husband, carefully cut this woman out of the picture so that nothing of her is touching the image of your husband, and put these photo's to one side, for now.

      If you do use this dust be careful handling it. And Ms. Q also wants you to pray to the "Intraquil Spirit" to aid you in bringing back your husband.

      She also wants you to look at the various posts that are posted on dealing with protection for you and your children.

      There are many types of break up rituals, cutting her out of the picture with your husband is a start. Ms. Q has posted a post on breaking up she is going to post a spell to bring back love as well.

      Please check the various posts by using the index tags to search for what you will want to do.

      She is including you and your children in her prayer circle and will pray for you.

      And in her words "Many Blessings to you"

  4. I hope Mrs Q is feeling better.

    1. Thank you, she is getting stronger, we had hoped she would be able to reply directly on this blog but it may take a little longer, she is in her 80's and it takes longer to get better from an illness. Please keep her in your prayers.

      And in her words "Blessings to you"

  5. Thank you I will continue to pray for your recovery.

  6. I want to use Goofer Dust on my husband who has evil in him. He as been physical and mentally abusive to me and my three children for 22 years. I want him out of my life! He works from home, my son and I, along with our pets, are home also. How can I apply this to him without it harming any of us? He's is as mean as Satan and I need him gone. However, I know that what you put out there comes back to me times three. Will this still happen if he is an evil man and the family is innocent? Please let me know. Thank you and Blessed Be.

    1. Dear Overstressed,

      If you read my most recent blog posting "the ethics of magickal workings" that should help you decide what to do.

      Please read that post and that should give you a clearer picture on this matter.

      One friend of mine used hot foot powder which is just as "tricky" to work with, but he had tennis shoes and socks that he wore to go jogging, since that was the one unique thing of his that never came in contact with children (pets are tricky so you need to work with caution) but it worked for her.

      His own evil will harm him, but in using anything powerful you do have to take extra precautions, just as you would to keep a powerful insecticide away from children and animals.

      Read my postings on Goofer Dust and Hot foot powder again very carefully.

      On deciding, the decision is yours, but if he is abusing you, hitting you or your child, then you need to consider calling the law and having him arrested for abuse. And be strong! Do not back down, do not bail him out.

      Blessings to you, Ms.Q

  7. How can I ask questions about my situation?and how do I request for a reading

    1. Dear Happinessforever,

      At my advance age and considering my health I do not do full readings nor read professionally anymore, I even find the use of computers a very strange thing. Because of my health I do not give out my phone number or e-mail as my previous computer had been infected with a virus and again because of my health.

      Asking questions about one’s situation has often had people suddenly pouring out their entire life history, because they are looking for a neutral Father or Mother Confessor who can give an immediate answer to their problems. And because their situation is painful for them the person will pour their heart out, the main thing in planning to ask a question is to be focused.

      As I said I do not do readings anymore because of my health.

      But in your case, what is your most pressing question? Is it “will I get married?” “Will I find a job, get a place of my own, be wealthy?” The questions to find happiness are many and varied---so it’s always best to focus on your most pressing need.

      The fact that you’ve named yourself “Happinessforever” tells me that your overall situation suggests that you may Not be very happy.

      As a courtesy I’ve done a one card reading and the card I drew is the Page of Cups

      The Page of Cups’ Meaning is about an Announcement · Birth · Creative ideas · Good news · or a Message: It is the essence of water behaving as earth, such as a wellspring: it can be An unexpected new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. It suggests a romantic soul who embraces compassion and imagination with childlike joy. Gentle reflections on love, spirituality, and the importance of personal relationships in business and material affairs. It May herald the birth of a child or an idea, or a business or a new job or location.

      The Page of Cups, suggests you may have an introspective nature, inclined towards art or have an artistic soul, and possessing a kind heart. You may let credit that you deserve pass you by out of shyness. The card may also be indicative of someone, likely overlooked, in your own life who is in a position to aid you in pursuit of a specific goal. Although somewhat dependent on its position in a full spread, the Page is generally the bearer of good news.

      There is an idea you have already had that can be developed further for greater results. Your awareness of the obstacles before you will lead you to an understanding of the best ways around them. Good news will reach you and remind you of the importance of a fresh outlook on life. See the humor in life and remember the healing power of laughter when feeling down or sad.

      Be prepared for an upcoming opportunity. It could pass you by too easily if you are not ready to seize it for yourself. The emotional struggles you pass through will teach you how to love more deeply and intimately.

      The Page of Cups card refers to a gentle, artistic, dreamer-type messenger. He brings with him announcements of good news and messages of new, serene beginnings. All dealings with this card are of a positive nature.

      If you are feeling down, wondering about things, are you ever going to be happy, I would say “Hang in there” the reason I say that is there is the possibility of something very interesting, possibly exciting that may develop some time during the Summer. If you’ve been holding yourself back because of shyness then stop being shy, it will never let you get ahead, it’s one thing to be very pushy, or too forward to the point of rudeness, but it’s another thing to be friendly and engaging. Just be careful who you are with, and be sure of your surroundings.

      Your very simple question has given me an idea for a future blog post, in how to prepare for a reading, which would include how to frame your questions. Be on the watch for it.

      And I will have you in my prayer circle for you to find happiness.
      Blessings My Child,
      Ms. Q

    2. dear Ms Q,

      my situation in short is:-

      my mother in law has made my life a living hell. my husband doesnt want to listen to me.he does not love me. i am very unhappy in my marriage. my husband has sent me back to my parents.

      can you suggest a spell for turning my situation around?
      pls suggest a spell where my husband comes out of control of my inlaws.he behaves like a dumb puppet.
      last,can i use goofer dust for my mother in law?

    3. Dear Happinessforever,

      I have to put some questions to you and you need to think upon them honestly, be very honest with yourself.

      Do you really want to be married to a whimp of a man who listens to his mother?

      Do you want to establish your own household and not your Mother in law’s house hold?

      Is this an arranged marriage that you are in? Because it sure sounds like it.

      Are you very young, that is in your late teens or early 20’s?

      Who suggested that the two of you get married? Did you push him to it? Did he do it in defiance of his Mother? Did both sets of parents think it would be a good thing for the two of you to get married?

      I did a 2nd one card reading on you and the card was 3 of pentacles, this reflects the page of pentacles that I drew earlier for you and it is suggesting that your personalities are totally different, that you need to build up your own life and your own career. You are too independent in your personality which runs in conflict with him.

      I do not see much happiness in this arrangement or situation, and now you want to get back at your Mother-in-law to show that you have more power over the man the two of you are fighting over. It hurts your pride to give him up.

      I suggest that you talk to your parents and also talk to a marriage consuler if you want this marriage to work, or look deep within yourself and see if you had been persuaded that the only life you can live is being a wife instead of being an independent career woman making your own money.

      The Big question is this, is married life right for you at this point in time, is this the right man for you at this point in time? Did you marry in haste and now everyone is repenting at leisure?

      Because the 3 of pentacles suggests that you go to school, college, and learn a career, work on yourself, not on him. I do not see you being happy with him. You want a man who can be supportive and work with you as team mate, not someone who is being fought over like two dogs over a bone or is a whimp.

      The best spell you can use is one where you will be strong and can build your own life, as they say “living well is the best revenge”.

      But if you are set on getting your husband back then I suggest doing two Honey jar spells, one to sweeten your in-laws so they will welcome you and be supportive of you, and the other one to have your husband want you and listen to you and be the husband you want.

      However I have to stress this, it may be too late for those spells to work successfully.

      I suggest that you read carefully the other posts in my blog to get ideas on what you can do.

      On asking me if it’s alright to use Goofer Dust on your Mother in Law----well I’ve been asked that question from many people, and all I can suggest is that you read my post on the ethics of magical workings.

      And review your life and what you really want out of life, and not put all your hopes and dreams on one thing or person.

      However if you come from a cultural background where arranged marriages are the norm, you are going to have to see what you can do, and be strong. Remember you Will outlive her.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

    4. How exactly or in what ways can I use goofer dust

    5. My Dear,
      If you carefully read, word by word, line by line on my post about Goofer Dust, you will get the idea on how to use it, You have to use your imagination, be creative, and be sure to not have it come back upon you.

      A friend of mine mixed Goofer Dust into a ¾’s empty can of Cherry Cola leaving some in it and then spilt it on her neighbors front door mat, (making sure she did not step on the mat) her neighbor was a bit of a pervert, within several weeks he left the area, some people said it was because he got sick, since he liked to walk around barefoot he had to have stepped on the door mat. That’s one way.

      Another acquaintance of mine mixed goofer dust with some dark color glitter (lots of dark glitter) and sprinkled it on her rival during a party, to put glitter into her hair, she put plain glitter into her other friends hair but kept the special package for her rival separate, like I said you have to be creative.

      One person I know mixed it in a batch of cupcakes made with chili type spices.

      Another put it into a Bottle of Jim Beam Fiery Cinnamon Whisky, and allowed it to marinate with the whisky, then decanted it into a special decanter, filtering out the particles, and poured a drink from that special decanter to someone he secretly despised, taking care not to drink from that decanter.

      But also read the postings where I caution a person who wanted to put it into a pregnant woman’s food.

      Just remember, this is NOT a play thing, it can have serious repercussions, this is not a joke or for fun.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    6. Does the person have to physically touch the goofer dust

    7. It is my understanding, that the “target” that is the person who is going to be “goofered” has to in some way come into contact with the goofer dust.

      It was traditionally believed that if the dust was put where the person would walk or put into their shoes that would be the way they would be goofered.

      The best way I can figure it out is that we sweat, we sweat all over, the body, the hands, the feet, the head and neck we sweat, though our pores, we also breathe not only though our mouth and nose and into the lungs, but we also breathe through our pores as well.

      I have heard of cases where people painted with body metallic paint suffocate, think of the golden girl in the movie “Goldfinger” her pores could not breathe, she died of suffocation. (Not the actress, she was fine, only the character)

      People sweat through their feet as well, through the soles of their feet, they sweat through the pores on their head that is why sometimes some old timers would put it under the bottom sheet of the bed or between layers of pillows.

      BUT it is also dangerous to the person handling it so extreme caution must always be used.

      Because this dust has been written about in fiction books and in movies, and there are many sources on the internet about it, and how to make it, among practioners it is known and avoided.

      It is my understanding that it has even been mentioned in the T.V. show “Supernatural” as a way to keep Hell Hounds away, that’s just a plot devise conjured up by the script writers.

      Some of the much older recipes would include red mercury, a powdered form of mercury, a highly toxic metal, which can be absorbed through the pores of the skin making a person ill even death.

      In Victorian times there was a green shade of green in wall paper, Scheele’s Green, a brilliant, long-lasting green which was made from copper arsenite and therefore, poisonous, and with gas lamps arsenic-rich wallpaper would emit poisonous fumes, the coloring would flake off into the hair and food of the people.

      Victorian children’s toys were commonly painted with lead paint. Children are always likely to put their toys in their mouths, and lead paint was sweet to taste – but one flake could be enough to poison. Lead attacks the nervous system: even mild lead poisoning can cause encephalopathy and damage a child's development.

      The extremely old style goofer dust was the same way. That is why I say it’s not a play thing or to be done for fun.

      If you are writing a work of fiction that information should be of some help for your plot device, but if you are planning on using it, my words to you is this: DON’T DO IT, DO NOT HANDLE IT, IT IS NOT A JOKE OR A PLAY THING. It is worse than having Oleander Plants in your yard, which is also poisonous.

      Be extremely careful My Dear.
      Ms. Q

  8. Hope you know there is no karma in hoodoo. I have been speaking with a powerful hoodoo rootworker from Alabama whom I'm under the apprentice of. The only thing is when you kill someone their soul may follow you, but that is not karma.

    1. Dear Serenity,

      I am aware that the word karma or the concept of karma is not in traditional hoodoo, but Mrs. Washington was from Louisiana, as was her Mama and Grandma, and even my Granny who was Portuguese from Kauai and the Azores, they’d always said to me “You don’t mess up the road someone else is walking, or you’ll get hurt and it hurts them” unless it was to correct a wrong or send their messes back to them. To me that was a warning of a type of reaction, if not done for the right reasons, “karmic” or whatever.

      In Mrs. Washington’s elder years I mentioned the word karma to her she asked me to explain it and I did, she said to me that’s what her teacher who was a practitioner of hoodoo in Louisiana, described to her and why one has to be careful to do things wisely.

      I have seen workings done by people especially love workings, where it was not a good thing and the persons who did the workings had spiritual back lash. Either way if it’s called a backlash or payback, karma or the soul/spirit of someone, if you mess up their path they are walking for no good reason, then one needs to be prepared. Someone once said to me “Payback’s a Bitch” and they are so right.

      That is why I’m never happy with manipulative workings unless it’s to help someone be free from fear, threats or harm. But in trying to make someone fall in love with you? That I won’t do and I’d never suggest to anyone. The Love has to be there or it’s not. But in other things like getting your money back, a job promotion, getting a nasty neighbor or co-worker to leave, that’s different, that’s just getting peace and happiness in one’s life. Getting a criminal arrested and tried, that’s getting justice, there are differences.

      And many people, especially young folks who come to read my blog do understand the concept of karma and for me it makes things easier to explain and warn them.

      Everyone, based on how they were taught does things a bit differently this is how I learned it from my Granny and her ladies who were from various traditions, but in being together they found out how similar things were as well. So what your teacher has told you is based on her learning experience and education, just as mine is based on what I’ve learned over the nearly 79 years I’ve lived and both are correct, based on what one has learned.

      Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  9. I have a serious question I used goofers dust on an evil enemies picture today I am not very familiar with this stuff but I did not wear gloves or a mask I purchased the goofers dust online from Dr E. I am worried because i might have breathed it in I feel like I have a respitory infection like asthma when I breath maybe its a coincidence & i was going to get sick but now I am very worried i disposed of the workings in a canal away from my home & i have my dust & supplies outside in my shed but is this from the goofers dust will i get ill from not wearing gloves or a mask im paranoid now i have kids at home 1 with mysterious illness we believe the person i put the dust on has done to us. What can i do? What baths for me & my kids & house cleasings should i do will i be ok? Scared now 😕 please help

  10. I also did a hyssop cleanse in the shower i dont think i did it right i read your not suppose to dispose of that water your suppose to capture the hyssop water u used & dispose at a cross roads is this true? I find that hard to do i also said the 57th psalm silently while pouring the hyssop on my body.

    1. Hello lol4462,

      See my reply above and again, relax, you and the children will not get ill from it, you did what was right.

      Blessings to you,

  11. Pray all is well in your Mrs.Q I stumbled across your blog while googling something I was watching on TV and at the end of the post you mentioned the shows name. This made me feel it was no accident. God sometimes leads you places and sends confirmation , but this confirmation was like well my question is how to tell if someone has worked some type of of voodoo or spell casted on them? Thank you in advance May God continue to bless you!

    1. My Dear,

      I am sorry for the delay but it’s an interesting question one which I just answered for someone else.

      There are ways to determining this, but one first needs to eliminate the more mundane aspect first that that includes both physical and mental.

      The reason why I say this, is that it is easy to suddenly jump to the conclusion that a spell has been put on a person, when maybe it’s just that we are going through a period of difficulties that we must learn from, maybe because we made poor choices or choices for the wrong reason.

      What we think is a spell can also be a physical problem that needs to be seen by a doctor.

      If it’s mental or emotional then its best to seek consoling to determine if you are suffering that way. Sometimes a mixture of medicines can bring this one including mood changes, if you are in your 40’s you may be suffering from the effects of menopause, which can be taken care of. It is vital to first eliminate the physical and the mental/emotional first.

      So that part is easy BUT first you have to discern if a spell has been done on you, there are a number of signs that can indicate that but you have to sit down and write on a sheet of paper your answers to know, but also put to these questions, is it something I should see a doctor about as well, to eliminate that which can be treated by conventional medical means.

      Here are the questions

      Do you feel weird like a Loss of Energy or health problems, unexplained pain’s or depressed. (or you could be diabetic)

      Have you started to look different like worse instead of better (again medical)

      Has your personality changed, developed bad habits, are quick to anger or be impatient (medical or mental stress)

      Has your relationship with other people changed, gotten worse (the same)

      Have you been having a streak of bad luck (it’s life we need to learn from it)

      Has your attitude to a specific person changed (you may sense something about them)

      Have you fallen in love with someone you’d never think of falling in love with (see above)

      Has your family and/or friends attitude towards you changed, do they go out of their way to avoid you (you need to ask why and be open minded to what they say)

      Have you been having bad dreams a lot lately or trouble sleeping (again stress related)

      Have you been having Legal problems like a law suit or getting arrested for something. (poor choices and need to find out how it can be dealt with)

      Have you develop an unnatural fear of something or random panic attacks. (and consider that it might be stress related)

      As you can see the answers to those questions can be either medical or occult. So you need to eliminate the medical first.

      If it’s an occult attack it usually comes in waves of 3, if you have discovered that it’s not medical or emotional/mental then seek a reputable practioner, but beware if they say they can do it but charge you a lot of money, like hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I mean selling you a 5 dollar candle for a hundred dollars is a scam, but if it’s backed up by a ritual well that means their time, most of the time a really good practioner can do it by “setting lights” but if you do not feel any improvement after the first time, with-in 4 weeks, I’d be very careful about going back.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  12. Can goofer dust purchased online be trusted

    1. Dear Luze,

      It Depends upon the reputation and testimonials (which can be faked) of the practitioner.

      I can recommend several, Conjure Cardea does a "kufwa" spell kit using oil.

      Lucky Mojo sells the Dust and so Does Creole Moon. I can also suggest Conjure Doctor the home of Dr. E.

      I have not suggested the other web sites as they avoid this product.

      But if you have never done this type of working, or have never done any kind of working, then I STRONGLY SUGGEST/RECOMMEND/WARN that you not use this.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  13. If I put goofer dust inside a hat and they put it on will it still work

    1. My Dear,

      You must really hate the person that you want to “goofer”. But I am not going to judge.

      It depends on the type of hat and the interior color of the hat and if it has an interior sweat band (not outside but inside like a ribbon or leather type lining.) That interior band is called a “Sweat Band” And it also depends upon the color of the goofer dust. The color of the dust can vary depending upon the ingredients.

      Let me explain about the “sweat band” inside a hat, a person sweats through the pores on the head, especially through the forehead part, the idea of the sweat band is to preserve the hat so it will not show sweat stains, this is in addition to the silk or satin lining, Now I’m talking about men’s hats.

      Most women’s hats now especially if you get them at Target or Walmart and are felt and will not have that sweat band or they might and then the band will be made out of a heavy cloth. More expensive straw hats will have the ribbon sweat band.

      If you just sprinkle the dust inside the hat, and its lighter in color than the hat it will be noticeable, also depending upon how finely ground the dust is, it might be felt on the top of the head. But not so much if the person is in a hurry or careless and generally unaware of what they are doing which is automatic like putting on a hat.

      The best place to apply goofer dust is just inside the sweat band lining, the area between the interior band and the outer “shell” of the hat but that will only work best if the sweat band lining is cloth or like a heavy ribbon, if it’s a leather interior lining (and many of the better, more expensive hats do have that) it might not work at least not right away.

      However because of the tiny stitching where the sweat band is stitch to the hat and the degree of body heat and sweating, it could slowly “percolate” through although it could take time.

      But if you are dealing with a hat that has no sweat band lining at all such as a cheap felt ladies hat or beret or even a knitted watch cap, that looks like a ski cap and knitted for cold weather, then again you are looking at the color, with a knitted watch cap, part of the hat is always turned up so the dust could be applied to the outside fold and allow the persons sweat to do the rest.

      But if it’s a “French” beret or a plain felt hat applying it to the inside of the hat could be tricky if you don’t want the dust to be noticeable you’d have to look at the interior style of the hat, to see the best way to apply it.

      But if you want to do it “quick and dirty” and the interior is a darkish color just put a little into the hat and hope that the person will not notice it and quickly put it on their head and not be aware of it dusting their head.

      I have to say that is one of the more creative applications of the dust. But remember it could take some time to be “effective”, depending upon how it is made, by you or "store bought".

      Again read my warnings in this article and also be aware that if you are doing this out of spite or as a joke instead of protection then you could be doing some serious harm to your own soul, and it could come back to “bite you”.

      So if it’s not for protection but out of anger or spite or as a joke then DON’T DO IT!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  14. I love ur page!!! And absolutely love this article... u couldnt explain it better...even I that I'm going thru a transition sometimes we just need to let things go... and trust on ur spirit's guides... but human nature it's to get desperate and they want things done now without thinking about the consequences... people think before u act... once its done its done...

    Manny blessings from Puerto Rico
    Olo Obàtálá Okeilu

    1. Dear Debbie,

      You are welcome my Dear, I do my best, I hope to post more articles soon, but the Holidays are invading my home with great joy, but I will need to get to writing again soon.

      Yes, going through a transition is difficult and the hardest part is letting go, or allowing Spirit to allow things to happen in due time.

      I have found that young people, very young people are the most impatient, they act out of emotion instead of logic. They don’t understand that there are ways to get things done without having to resort to extremes.

      That is why I always caution them, make them think about their actions. But I have to admit sometimes it falls on “deaf ears”. That is where I feel they need to learn their life lesson, as hard as it may be.

      I’m glad you enjoy my articles.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  15. I used Goofer Dust to make a troublesome neighbor move who was harassing me, my mother, and both of my daughters.
    This neighbor called the police and children service on me saying I and my mother was abusing my daughters; somehow she had I lights and gas turned off; saying we were moving (we had them turned back on). Shot out our front poach lights and threw eggs at our front door.
    I had enough of this horrid woman. So I mixed some Goofer Dust with black art incense and dragons blood incense. Threw it on her poach, walkway and driveway early the next morning around 4:00 a.m. 3-month later this neighbor lost her house and was forced to move. We never saw her again.
    I normally wouldn't use Goofer Dust unless in extreme cases; well this was an extreme case.

    1. Dear Jadetatsu,

      And considering the grief this horrible person put you and your family through, it was the best thing to do.

      When one says "enough is enough" and especially if this person used a weapon to shoot out your front porch lights, then using Goofer dust is the perfect response.

      You did the right thing in your situation, although I would not have thought of combining it with Black Art's incense and Dragon's Blood incense-----I LIKE that combination.

      I'll make a note of that, for just in case.

      Good move on your part.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  16. Good Evening, I would like to have advice on a situation months ago while on a job assignment I traveled only to return to find another woman sandals under my bed.. I never confronted my fiancé about this only to ask has he been cheating... after asking this he made such a big fight only to say he wanted out of the relationship because of my accusations yet I have not told him I found the sandals.. The fight was so bad he wanted to separate. I'm so confused all of a sudden he wanted to end a six year relationship with no explanation... I wanted to know being that I have the womans sandals can I use goofer dust on them to get the person to leave.. I do not know her name just a photo of her on our home camera.. Please Advise I'm so broken over this he has been cheating and the moment I ask about it he snaps and want out of the relationship do not know where to turn...

    1. Hi There,

      I’m Ms. Q’s niece she is going to be having dental surgery and right now is taking antibiotics to decrease the infection, this has made her very fuzzy headed and dizzy.

      I read to her your concerns, she is unable to completely address your problem at this time but she did say to hide the woman’s sandals and her photo in a shoe box where your fiancé can’t find it.

      She also says to not confront him any more about his cheating for now. To just remain quiet about it even though it breaks your heart.

      One thing that Ms. Q says he’s doing is blackmailing you emotionally about his leaving you.

      She wants you to take deep breaths and make a list of pro’s and con’s if he leaves you, do not think in terms of heart ache or emotion but in practical physical terms as well as financial. If it comes out that you can survive quite well physically if he leaves you then you will have nothing to worry about.

      When she recovers from her surgery she will tell you what to do with the sandals and the picture. And for you to make a good supply of goofer dust.

      Ms. Q will not forget you, but you do need to relax a bit and step back emotionally, it will be better for you.

      In Ms. Q’s words “Bright Blessings and hang in there.”

    2. Hello My Dear,

      My Niece, Victoria, told me about your situation, I just hope that you stopped confronting your boyfriend about the sandals or him possibly cheating on you.

      If you have, good, lull him into thinking he’s safe, do not tell him about the sandals.

      I hope you were able to print up the photo of her that was on your home camera, if you have, take the photo and rub it on the foot arch of the sandals to pick up her energy, then lightly dust it with the goofer dust, then put the photo down flat and tap the sandals gently so that the loose goofer dust will fall onto her photo, then carefully fold the photo away from you so that the dust is trapped inside the photo.

      Now you do not need to use all the dust, only a small amount.

      For now keep the photo that contains the goofer dust in a shoe box along with the sandals.

      Allow for a few weeks to past, until the full moon which occurs on February 10, then very gently show your boyfriend the sandals and ask him “Did anyone come by to visit? Well can you return their sandals to them for me?”

      Now if he said I don’t know what you’re talking about, very quietly say “Well I know these are not mine, maybe it was a neighbor, if you happen to remember just give it to them as I’m pretty busy.” And then hand the sandals to him. Just be casual and nonchalant about it like it doesn’t bother you.

      Now if he goes into that he’s leaving ask him why, all you asked was for him to try and remember who the sandals belong to and to return them say that the sandals don’t bother you except that they’re not yours and for him to try and remember who came by and return it to them, and be as calm as can be.

      Don’t cry, don’t yell, don’t accuse him of anything. When you don’t accuse him or yell or cry that confuses them, they think they got away with it, and then never bring it up to him again. NOT EVER.

      Then if he’s going to be away for sometime, take the photo that has the goofer dust in it and put it in an envelope, Say over it “Whomever you are you will waste way you will never come back here again” take that envelop with the photo to a cemetery and bury it in the far corner, and walk away.

      When you come home take a cleansing shower with a small muslin bag of Hyssop herb hanging from the shower head so it will get wet and recite “Cleans me with Hyssop O Lord God, that I be made clean as the whitest snow” after you’ve been under that for a few minutes wash yourself with oatmeal soap Alveeno makes a fine grade of oatmeal soap, then rinse, dry yourself and put on clean clothes, toss the used muslin bag of hyssop into the trash.

      As the envelop with the photo breaks down in the dirt so will the woman waste away.

      Now I do hope you made that list of pros and cons of him leaving you or being with you and I suggested that it be practical not emotional, I mean if the lease is in his name or he pays half the rent then you’ve got some financial and legal problems to deal with. But if you can manage financially etc. without him then you’ll be fine.

      Because if he does leave you then he was not worth having anyway, for him to verbally abuse you and emotionally blackmail you is cruel and abusive and you don’t need that.

      I did a two card reading for you the first to ask if he was cheating on you and it was the Nine of Swords, showing that his attitude towards you is very cruel and uncaring and yes he was cheating.

      The 2nd card I drew was for you, could you live without him and it was the Six of Pentacles this means Success because you can, for it will be A time of prosperity and profit. Success and generosity in material things. Power and influence turned to noble pursuits. Philanthropy, and the balancing of physical and spiritual life, which means better things will be coming into your life.

      Don’t despair if he leaves you my Dear it will be a blessing for you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  17. So many stories of those having a cause for the use of Goofer Dust. I have one to tell, please read.
    I married my husband 23 years ago and at the time, my oldest son was Six. It wasn't until my son was 23 when I learned that my Husband's Brother had molested my son from the time he was six until he was fifteen. It has overwhelmed me with great grief, to say the least. I was mortified! I speaking to my Brothers-in-law, he has bluntly admitted that he is still indeed a Pedifile. He hides behind a church robe. I have tried everything in my power to warn his church and others that he is still on the prowl, so to speak. I have been a Witch for many years and have held off using any Goofer Dust on him. However, the more I wait, the more children are getting seduced by this pervert. I wish to do this safely. What is your advice? Please help.

    1. Dear Star,

      By law the only person who could take him to court is your son, if your son has the courage to do that, but it seems he doesn’t and I don’t blame him for remaining quiet.

      I trust he is getting help and stays far away from his uncle.

      Obviously being a witch you may be following the law of “harm none”, that is fine, but even my cousin who was a nun said to me that it’s always kind to turn the other cheek but after a while you run out of cheeks.

      And in dealing with a Pedophile, an admitted Pedophile, the gloves are off, forget the “harm none” rule as he has harmed someone and is still harming someone.

      If you are making the Goofer Dust as I said always wear disposable surgical gloves and wear a dust mask as well. Take a shower immediately after making it and wash your clothing inner and outer garments immediately.

      So anytime you handle it, or are transferring it into a container always wear the gloves and mask for safety.

      Goofer dust traditionally needs to be in direct contact with the target, in this case I’d put it into his underwear, if you have access to his bedroom or where he keeps his underwear.

      If he wears a jacket of some sort with pockets you can put some into the pockets, when he comes over to visit and you hang up his jacket, he has to reach into the pockets to keep his hands warm or get out his keys.

      You can keep a bit of the dust in a small glass vial, the kind that would hold less than a dram (as if you were going to put oil in it) with a screw on cap, that way you can handle it safely without gloves.

      The whole idea is to put it on him or in his clothing, shoes, tennis shoes are perfect for this but do it at a time when he would not be aware of it. So you have to be stealthy.

      This man has also earned the D.U.M.E. candle ritual as well. Among those who work “grey” magic it’s called “the kiss of death” and he deserves it.

      You can also make the oil by putting the dry mixture of goofer dust and mix it with mineral oil, shake well and keep in a dark place. Anoint candles with it using disposable surgical gloves, you can get these at any drug store.

      You can also do a “reveal spell” or even better, if you can get some of his “personal concerns” like hair or his signature you can put that into a poppet stuffed with baneful herbs as well as some goofer dust, and then bury it in a cemetery and as it breaks down he will break down in health.

      Or you can do a black skull candle, write his name on the back of it, and do a “mental spell” on him to confess to his congregation, I’ve seen black skull candles that when they burn there is red underneath, I’ve always referred to them as revealing candles, in which the target of the spell, reveals the truth about themselves. That is another thing you could do.

      In my many years of doing the work as well as my Granny doing it, we didn’t believe in what was developed by Gerald Gardener, even Mrs. Harcourt who was English and a witch and knew Gardener, Crowley, Dion Fortune and others she was disgusted with Gardener and she said that there was never a “harm none” rule, but as a witch they were aware of the magical principal that was best explained by Newton’s Three laws of Motion that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. And all though that applied to physics it also applied to magical principals.

      So that when they were going to punish someone, they had to be sure that it was being done for the right reasons and also made plans to do cleansings as well as putting extra wards on their homes and family members before they engaged in the work. But since it was to bring about justice any negative or opposite reactions were usually negated because it was in the principal of justice as well as making sure no one else was harmed.

      I hope what I have described is of some help to you, and also ease your mind in handling the dust.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  18. Dear Ms. Q,

    I have a nephew who is very evil. He is also an attorney who has locked me into an arrangement where I own 25% of a property with him and my other siblings, also evil. He went as far as to hire a Mexican man to put a rattlesnake in my mail box last year! Luckily, the snake has found it's out and my husband found it dangling from the open door the next morning.
    Although he laughed and bragged about doing this to a friend, who then told me, the police said that it was "here say" and they could do nothing.
    My question is could I throw goofer dust on his driveway or property to make him go away? I never see him or the evil siblings, but could I send them anonymous greeting cards with the dust on them or even send a batch of brownies with it baked in?
    I know you don't like when people use it and I agree for the most part, but this is the only way to get these people out of my life and get my 25% share of what's legally mine. I just want these people out of my life and my family's life forever!!!! I've run "out of cheeks" and enough is enough.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      First get another attorney (a really good one, I prefer woman attorney) to look into this contract or arrangement, see if there is a way to prove that you were somehow duped or tricked into this arrangement, if this was done by your nephew in a fraudulent manner where he mis-represented the arrangement that could break the contract but it could also be costly.

      Second see if you can get a copy of the police report (you did file a police report?) about this snake business.

      See if you can find the friend who also had the snake business done to him, to show possible malice, inform your new attorney about this, because it’s possible the police did not take this matter seriously.

      Do not send brownies or a greeting card with the dust, because there would be a way (via fingerprints or DNA like saliva if you lick stamps or the envelop) to have it traced back to you.

      Yes, I do not like using goofer dust, but putting a rattlesnake into your mail box is just pure evil in my opinion, therefore I would say there are two things you can do, one is the goofer dust on his driveway or property but remember he might have security cameras so it should be done very late at night and don’t throw it, just pour it on an inconspicuous corner of his property.

      Now the other thing is creating a “Hell Hound” for this you need to look up in my Archives the words “Hell Hounds” I know it’s part of a much longer article on Hot Food Powder.

      A hell hound can worry a person to death if need be, or make them so ill they cannot think straight.

      Now you can substitute Hot Food Powder with the Goofer Dust, but the trick is getting close enough to slip some of that powder into a jacket of his or put a little under a couch cushion. Which means you will have to see them at least once.

      But no matter what you will need to wear gloves, even fancy thin leather ladies gloves or driving gloves that one wears when driving a car.

      Get people use to seeing you wear gloves even cotton type gloves say it’s to protect your hands from chaffing and after 4 months it won’t be strange to them.

      There are other things you can do, read my post on Hot Foot Powder and on DUME candles (check the archives).

      But remember you also need to have security camera’s on your home, as well in case they decide to do the rattlesnake thing again, once you have a recording of it then police will not discount anything you say. And especially if you get your own attorney to break the arrangement.

      Just be very careful.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  19. My name is Natia,

    I'm truly feeling as though I've been rooted. I'm from the Carolinas & that is what it is called here. For the past 6 months I've lost all of the ppl I called true friends and now my boyfriend of 14 years has turned his back on me and just stop speaking to me for no reason that I know of. People who have been in my corner for years, have just turned away from me. Even my own mother has betrayed me. My business has been failing and I've even had some other financial crisis all out of the blue. I'm a great person to know me and do no harm to anyone. Someone said to me that I may have been goofered around my home and my business. How can I find out and what can I do to fix this if so? Please help me as I don't want to loose everything I've built over someone's jealousy!
    Thanking you in advance

    1. Dear Natiaj5
      This is going to be in two parts: Here is Part 1

      I think first if you haven’t done it, see if your business has been given bad reviews, through either Yelp or some form of Social Media. Try and find out who posted any negative reviews and deal with them directly.

      Next directly speak to your Mother as to why she has betrayed you, ask her quite calmly for an explanation, if she says she hasn’t then tell her what has been happening and what people have been doing and that you are seeking, looking for answers.

      Speak to a few individuals who have been in your corner and ask them why they have turned away from you and ask them to speak honestly, please do this in a calm manner, if you approach them in an anxious way they will consider it hostile or be afraid to speak to you. Just ask them what is wrong, you want to make it right.

      About your Boyfriend, that might be a different matter, so for now I’m not going to deal with him.

      Now about getting un-goofered, there is a very simple spell Brazilian spell that was spoken of by Draja Mickaharic that you can do using a birthday candle and a tea cup filled with dirt. Light the candle and put it into the dirt so it will stand upright and the flame is steady, once that’s done quickly take the candle out of the dirt turn it upside and snuff the flame out. Once you do that bit off the burnt end of the candle and spit it out and then light the new exposed wick now you’ll need to say this as the flame burns:
      “As the candle flame is reversed, so let all that is against me be reversed, As the flame perished in the dirt let those who oppose me come to nothing in their work”

      Leave the candle to burn out, and when it does put it and the dirt into a garbage bag and take it away from your home and throw it into a trash can. That will help get things started.

      Continued in Part 2

    2. Part 2

      Afterwards you will have to do an Egg Cleansing spell first follow by a spiritual uncrossing bath, the 13 herb bath that I have them listed on my web site, look it up on my archives.

      Then you will need to burn sage and frankincense and myrrh in both your home and at your business.

      Look up how to do protections and cleansings on my archives to cleans and protect your home and business.

      Once you have done that (and it is labor intensive) you will need to do protections both on your home and business and on yourself, for you wear a blessed medal of St. Michael or that of Jesus and Mother Mary.

      Then you need to do a reversing candle there are several they are half black and half either green, white or red, the idea is to reverse the spell back upon the person who cast it.

      You can burn a green and black for financial, a red and black for love and relationships, so you will need to get those two and anoint them with “Reversing oil” you can get these from your local metaphysical shop.

      The question is who goofered you, for that you need to do an Egg spell, just recently I’ve written on my blog how to do an egg spell to find out who hexed you once you’ve done that you can focus the reversing candle upon that person.

      But usually doing that first spell seems to bring about immediate sense of relief. But you’ll need to do these others for the long term.

      I did a one card reading for you and the card I drew is (now don’t be afraid) but I drew Death

      This is not really a bad card it just means a major change or transformation, possibly traumatic and unexpected. Yet freedom from the shackles of the past. A new beginning. Death coupled with rebirth, usually related to consciousness and lifestyle.

      What this card is saying is that changes are coming about to tell you who is real and who isn’t, and that you may be looking at new changes a new lifestyle for the better, sometimes it comes about after going through a crisis, but after you do all these workings, you’re going to see a clean sweep of things in your life and you’ll find out the truth about things and people.

      But it’s going to take one step at a time. You feel like you’re being battered from all sides but that is just a gauntlet of things, tackle the most important ones first, your financial crisis and working on your business, relationships come next, and for that work on the one with your mother and then with those who were at one time your best supporters.

      About your boyfriend, I think eventually the truth regarding him will be revealed, so forget about him at this time and work on that which affects you the most directly and that is monetarily.

      Things happen sometimes for a reason, you may not like it but you’ll have to deal with it for the better.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  20. Hi I opened a tin that had gooferdust from luckymojo in it. It spilled onto my hands then the wind blew it I think it it my leg I may well have walked through it. What do I do? I was outside several miles from home. Can you help?

    Thank you, tallulah

    1. Dear Tallulah,

      I talked to Ms. Q about this unfortunate situation and she informed me that if the goofer dust had not been “activated” that is by ritual for the intended “target” you should be fine, but she does recommend as a precaution to make a cloth (cotton or muslin works well) bag of sea salt and fresh Basil (you can buy it from the supermarket) and Hyssop (may need to get that from a metaphysical shop) and shower from head to toes.

      Have the water run over the cloth bag so the ingredients will run over you (hot water will cause the salt to melt and the oils in the herbs to run out), while doing that chant the line “Cleanse me with Hyssop oh Lord that I may be as clean as the whitest snow” 3 times.

      Finish with washing with a bar of oat meal soap or Dove for Sensitive skin bar soap and Dove hair shampoo, as the salt can sometimes be irritating to delicate skin.

      Ms. Q suggests that in the future, when opening a bottle or tin of dry “ritual” materials to open it at home where there is no breeze and carefully transfer it to a zip lock bag for easy transport and avoid such mishaps again.

      She admitted that she learned that “the hard way”.

      And she says you should be just fine.

      She told me that goofer dust although dangerous especially if it is the version made in Mexico that has mercury in it (although Lucky Mojo never uses that ingredient), it becomes very dangerous when ritually activated towards the intended target, that can happen when applying it on a surface or in clothing while thinking strongly of the intended person.

      If you were just opening the tin and had not yet applied it you are fine, but it is very necessary to wash it off as soon as possible.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  21. What happens should I walk in the Hot Foot Powder/Goofers dust I have lain and cast for another?

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Hopefully you were not barefoot or just wearing flip-flops or sandals that could make things a little difficult.

      Either way, the activation is for your intended target which is good BUT I strongly recommend as a precaution to make a cloth (cotton or muslin works well) bag of sea salt and fresh Basil (you can buy it from the supermarket) and Hyssop (may need to get that from a metaphysical shop) and shower from head to toes.

      If you cannot get Hyssop then the salt and fresh Basil will do.

      Have the water run over the cloth bag so the ingredients will run over you (hot water will cause the salt to melt and the oils in the herbs to run out), while doing that chant the line “Cleanse me with Hyssop oh Lord that I may be as clean as the whitest snow” 3 times.

      Finish with washing with a bar of oat meal soap or Dove for Sensitive skin bar soap and Dove hair shampoo, as the salt can sometimes be irritating to delicate skin.

      While washing pay careful attention to washing the ankles, tops and bottoms of your feet and your hands as well.

      After doing that you should be fine.

      When laying down Goofer Dust or Hot Foot Powder or even oils it pays to wear closed toe shoes and socks, should any of the dust or oils get on them they can be cleaned easily but you need to wear disposable rubber or latex gloves if you need to clean or wash them to make sure you don’t come in contact with the dust.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  22. Looking back, there's only one household (and I mean everyone in it, husband wife and kids) that I can think of that I would have legitimately considered using goofer dust on. It was a bad neighbor that antagonized my family and the wife actually struck my mom with her car.

    But I was in high school and didn't know about it at the time. They've moved and have suffered since then or I'd use it now.

    In any event, I've thought about what I'd put in it as far as insects should the need ever arise, and I think that fire ants would be a particularly potent addition. I'd also considered scorpion and wasps.

    But if I haven't used it on the woman that deliberately hurt my mother... I doubt I'd ever end up using it.

    1. Dear ACR,

      If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is to “Never say Never”.

      I say that because even if it is years later we will use it, especially if our personal safety and the safety of family members are involved.

      It could sit on one’s magical shelf for years (collecting dust and what-not) but then something will come up.

      You use every logical and legal means possible to clear away the problem, until finally something happens and even the law can’t step in, that is when the dust on that particular bottle gets disturbed.

      So it does pay to make it in advance, even if you have an inkling of problems to come.

      It’s like having a fire extinguisher, you pray you’ll never have to use it and then give thanks that you had it to use.

      Fire Ants, scorpions and wasps are good additions (provided that they are dried so they can be powered), I’ve even collected abandon wasps nests and keep them in a cardboard box (labeled).

      My youngest family members know to not go into my magical cabinet, (and the older ones know better) I keep it locked, but then I do know they get curious, so what I’ll do every October is I’ll show them what is in that cabinet, and then warn them to never, ever touch anything in it and explain why. It takes away the mystery and settles their curiosity.

      I think if you had known at the time what that woman had done to your mother you would have taken action. And from what you’ve told me it seems someone has.

      If you are into the “work” you may want to at least keep the recipe just in case for any possible future use.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  23. I have a very serious problem. I have read your article above and I have weighed out the pros and cons and I believe in my situation that I need to proceed with it. I have been dating this guy for about two years now and we have a baby together. He has a job that requires him to travel and be gone a lot. But he is very mean and hateful to me. I found out he's been cheating on me with a woman in the town he working in. He says no but the woman told me yes. But anyways every time we argue over anything he always tells me he will be here to pick up our son and leave. He says that if we aren't together he is taking the baby. I have a past case with my other children and I lost them permanently. It would kill me to lose another baby. And he knows this and uses that to break me down. I know if I went to court I would probably lose custody because of my past and I have no money for an attorney. I am a good mother and I can't keep living thinking today might be my last day with my child. He (boyfriend) gets mad at me for every little thing and I just can't win with him. Can you please help me and tell me what I need to do. I don't have access to the boyfriend he is 13 hours away working right now so I can't put it in his shoes. Also I do have graveyard dirt from my uncle who died almost 2 years ago in a bad car accident. I took it from his heart and left a dollar coin in its place. I have a small prescription bottle full of it. I figured I could get the sulfur but I have no access to poison snake head or skin. Was wondering if I could substitute anything in its place. Also can I put his picture in a wooden box with this stuff and bury it? Do I need to say anything when doing it or burn candle and say anything? Please I am desperate and need some guidance. And I need to do this as soon as possible before he takes my baby away from me. Thank you for your time. Jennifer

    1. Dear Jennifer,

      First stop arguing with him about his cheating, you know he is cheating so don’t add fuel to the fire. This will let him think things are fine, and give you a chance to do what you need to do.

      Now he must leave some wearable clothing at your place when he comes back, something with pockets, you can put a little of the dust into that, and he must eventually remove his shoes at your place like when he goes to sleep you can slip a little dust into them.

      Since he is some distance away from you, this is now a good time for you to prepare the dust, if you can’t get snakeskin sheds you can always use a dead chopped up spider maybe 3 of them or wasps or hornets dead of course and cut up, the sulfur is fine.

      Do not use up all your dust on one ritual just use a little, and always keep some to use later, with the graveyard dirt from your uncle’s grave make sure that it is well dried and ground up very fine.

      One ritual is to put it the dust on top of his picture in a tiny box you can get from a craft store and bury it preferably in a very distant corner of a cemetery, what I’ve done is add a little bit of sugar to it, so that ants and beetles will eat it, then say the prayer for the dead over it as well, I’ve said this prayer:

      “O God, Whose property is always the soul, I humbly beseech Thee for the soul of Thy servant (put his name here), which Thou hast this day commanded to depart out of this world, that Thou would deliver it into the hands of the enemy, and would command it to be received and sent to its true country; that as in Thee it is hoped and believed it may suffer the pains of hell it has given me, and may never take possession of eternal joys.
      Through You.

      Make sure your child does not see you do this, otherwise the child might accidentally say something to your boyfriend.

      If you can find a craft store (the Michael’s Craft shops are very good on this) or a metaphysical shop that sells 4 inch high black candles, and an inexpensive candle holder, you can scratch his name on it, roll it in some of the dust (remember don’t use all of it) and say that prayer while it’s burning. Make sure your child does not touch the candle or knock it over, make sure it burns safely away from any flammable objects.

      Just remember do not argue about him cheating on you because now you do not want to draw attention to you while you are doing it.

      But if he should threaten to take your child, go to a lawyer or free law clinic to help you, you gave birth to this child, you are the mother, for what reason should he take the baby from you except to torture you mentally, find out what are your legal rights, but if you are smoking pot or doing any kind of drugs it may look bad for you even if you are a good mother.

      If need be go to a battered women’s shelter with the child to get away from him and what you can do to protect yourself.

      I will have you in my prayer circle.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  24. Sorry I’m not sure if my ? Posted & I tried it twice already. So I apologize if it shows up repeatedly, but is the plant poison powder optional as if says once’s used the Goofer Dust spell cannot be removed not even by spiritual rituals or is it a must used ingredient?
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Lorena Maue,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, Ms. Q has had a heart attack and will no longer be posting any articles, nor doing any readings, or answering comments or questions.

      She has retired because of her serious health condition.

      I did ask her you question as it appears it needs clairfication.

      The use of poison plant powder is optional.

      A Goofer Dust spell is hard to remove, only by doing speical banishing baths and then a reversing ritual.

      However it is not always successful. That is why she says to use carefully.

      In Ms. Q's words, Bright Blessings.

    2. Oh no, I’m so sorry about her health condition. It makes me sad to hear that. I just recently stumbled upon this page & loved the information you share. So it’s sad to hear she isn’t doing well. Sending blessings her way & thank you for your response.

  25. I so sorry to here about Mrs Q . sending love and blessings..

    Mrs Q's blogs are pure gold

  26. Sorry to hear what happened. I guess then I am late asking a question. But I try, maybe someone can reply: How can I use the Goofer Dust on my enemies if they are living far away from me?

    1. Hello This is Ms. Q's niece.

      I asked her your question, she said if you have DUME candle you can write your enemies name on it and on a petition to put under the candle and carefully sprinkle a little Goofer Dust on it. When the Candle burns down low to the point of almost going out burn the petition.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings.

    2. Thank you for the reply and your advice VooDoo Queen. I will find a DUME candle. I am appreciate your helpfulness. Bright Blessings.

  27. Hello, Ms. Q's niece,
    I too, have just found this page. I have been sitting here reading/learning and feeling so at home. I hope today is a good day for VooDoo Queen. Well wishes sent her way.
    My story is a long one. But I’d like for Ms. Q to know why I am here. The short of it is: My son was murdered, our new county DA decided to clear all murders off of the dockets by accepting plea bargains and letting them live here, on our streets, with only probation as the “Justice”. This is not acceptable to me. My sons murder, being one out of 4. I must now take action. I have kept myself shut down for 3 years waiting on the legal system to take care of business. Probation, is not justice, nor closure, for any of the family victims here in our county. I need to be able to look my son’s little boy in the eye someday and say that Justice was served, the murderer did pay. This is what brought me here today.
    Thank you so much,
    For your time, and this page

    1. Dear Grieving Mother,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece.

      I read your post to her and she being a Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother as well as Aunt and Great-Aunt, understands your pain.

      She said that you’re right probation is not justice for the act of murder.

      She said there are two people who need to be punished, not only the murderer of your son but also the (as she calls them) “snowflake” of your county DA.

      Usually the Justice system works but because the criminal activity is so great that it is overwhelmed so “snowflake” DA’s do something like this to “clear their books”---Ms. Q agrees with you it is not Justice, it’s “wimping out”.

      First she recommends that you burn a Just Judge Candle with a petition to have the new DA removed and a “law and order” DA installed. When the candle burns out burn your petition and put it all into a recycling bin. Repeat as often as you feel the need.

      Now with your son’s murderer, she says there are several things you can do but she recommends that you first purchase a D.U.M. E. candle from a metaphysical store or from Wisdom Products on line and anoint it with Black Destroyer oil, put your petition with the murderers name on it with a pinch of goofer dust, under it, if you can, see if you can get a picture of the person and anoint it with Black destroyer oil and a pinch of goofer dust. When the candle burns out burn your petition and the picture, put it into a brown paper bag and take it to a cemetery, you can either bury it in the farthest corner of the cemetery or throw it into a garbage can in the cemetery.

      After the initial D.U.M.E. Candle you can repeat this or keep it going with a plain black candle with another petition and picture anointed the same way, inscribe the murderers name on the black candle, once it burns down again burn the petition and picture and toss into a garbage can in a cemetery. Repeat as you feel the need.

      There is another thing you might want to do, if you know where the murderer lives you can either toss or bury on his property a “hexing” Jack Ball, this is made of wax with baneful herbs, Swamp Water Botanica has made some that are in the process of drying you can order it from them, their web site is but if you do toss it on his property do it in a way that it cannot be seen. You can also do it to the DA if you want.

      For yourself, make a sachet bag in purple fill it with lavender and a cinnamon stick and a bit of kosher or sea salt keep that bag in your purse, whenever you feel stressed, sniff the scent to calm you down, it is also protection for you and wear a blessed St. Michaels medal as well.

      Ms. Q says that since the murderer is only on probation he will slip up and either be in jail or will be killed by a rival gang member.

      But Ms. Q says that you need to keep a level head as well for the sake of your son’s child, do not allow “revenge” to completely consume you.

      In Ms. Q’s words Bright Blessings

    2. Thank you so much for the advice above. In this situation, there is a very fine line between "revenge" and "justice". I have spent the past 3 years pondering on this alone. I needed to make sure where my head was. I do know where the murderer lives, you see, he was my stepson for 22 years. My whole world has been turned upside down. Your right about my grandson, we are having to struggle hard to develop a "normal" relationship. Not one based on the loss of Daddy. So very hard to do. We see in each other only Daddy. This is going to be a long haul, but I love that little boy, we need each other. again, thank you.

    3. Dear Grieving Mother,

      I read your response to Ms. Q and she admires the fact that you've put a lot of thought into this situation.

      She said that just as Cain slew Able, Cain was punished and driven away with a mark upon him so no one would kill him, however his off-spring were destroyed in the Great Flood whereas Noah the descendant of Seth the 3rd son of Adam and Eve survived.

      In your case it is similar, your step-son and any off-spring he has will not come to a good end, this is what Ms. Q forsee's.

      Ms. Q says that if you are uncomfortable doing a D.U.M.E. candle, you can still do a JUST JUDGE candle on your step-son.

      And for yourself and your grandson light a guardian angle candle to bring peace and love and healing to you both.

      Ms. Q says "God Bless You and your Grandson this Christmas season"