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The Postive and Negative use of Hot Foot Powder Part 1~~~

"Dear Ms. Q,

So what is Hot Food Powder?"

Well I am glad that you want to learn about Hot Foot Powder, (Goofer Dust’s less lethal cousin).

Sometimes by using it instead of Goofer Dust, the results can be more satisfying, especially if it’s only to get rid of someone who is really more annoying than anything.  Like bad neighbors, a persistent ex-boy or girl friend, a co-worker who steals all your credit and does none of the work, negative or abusive people, Bullies especially this is good for. 

But before you employ using it, you have to consider the purpose or reason why you want to use it, it cannot be done just because you don’t like someone, and it has to be a deeper purpose.

So before you just go ahead and do this work to “hot foot someone” you have to ask yourself this question first  “Is this the right spell for what I want to do, that is, do I actually want to send someone away?”

Then you have to ask yourself is this going to be a multilayered work or ritual, that is  for example: breaking up a couple and sending one person away leaving the other alone, or is it more extensive, for example: breaking up a couple, sending one of the people away, and having the other return to me?

Now the example that I have stated is very good if another woman or man stole your boy or girl friend and you want them back and the other person to go far, far away.

But then I would ask “why was it so easy for the other person to steal the person you were in love with?  Maybe it was for the best”

But if you’re dealing with someone who is negative, abusive, a bully, a cheat or someone you just don’t want to have pester you the relationship is over and done with, well that’s different.

But this cannot be done “willy-nilly”, Hot Foot Powder is not a toy, and I issue the same warnings on this as I did on Goofer Dust.

So as before let me give you a bit of history about Hot Foot Powder:


The use of Hot Foot Powder is another hoodoo ingredient that has been brought into the magickal practices of witchcraft especially here in the United States, as a matter of fact just by going by the natural combination of my Grandmother’s group of Ladies, their rituals and recipes did become an amalgamation of practices from all over the world, Bella and Della were Italian, Mrs. Byrd was German, Mrs. Harcourt was English, Mrs. Washington an African-American was from Louisiana, and my Grandmother was Portuguese but with learning from both Portugal and Hawaii.   So it was a bit of this and a bit of that.

For me I also learned a few things from several mentors after my Grandmother passed in Ifa, Cuban Santeria, Spiritualism, ancient Egypt and a few other places that I’ve found work very well.  So if something works well from someplace in terms of sympathetic magik – well then--- why not? 

Hot Foot Powder is used in hoodoo folk magic to drive unwanted people away(and you may find that I will be repeating this frequently)   It is a mixture of herbs and minerals, virtually always including cayenne pepper, and usually other ingredients such as sulfur, black pepper, graveyard dirt, bluestone, gunpowder or salt just to name a few.

It shares certain common uses with the Mexican sal negra or "black salt." It also shows some overlapping uses with Goofer Dust, which also is known to create restlessness and drive people away although Goofer Dust can and is deadly as well. But although it can back lash upon you if used carelessly, it is not as deadly as Goofer Dust even though it shares some of the same ingredients.

Harry M. Hyatt collected several recipes and spells for hot foot powder. Some modes of deploying hot foot collected by him include secreting a small amount into the victim's shoes or clothing, mixing it with a victim's foot track, or placing a paper with the victim's name into a bottle with Hot Food Powder and disposing of it in a river, all similar to Goofer Dust.  (I will address this in depth further down)

Hot Foot Powder is  also known as Drive Away or Get Away Powder depending on how the practitioner or seller of occult supplies wishes to market it, is alleged to rid one of bad neighbors and to cause ex-lovers to roam the world alone and unsatisfied.

Hot Foot Powder along with Hot Foot Oil, Hot Foot Incense, and Hot Foot Floor Wash, are old Southern hoodoo formulas that are used not only to get rid of unwanted people, to send enemies packing, it can help to keep peace in the home by eliminating troublemakers. The scent is usually hot and spicy, but it is not at all unpleasant.

Sometimes when I went to get something from Mrs. Washington at her house (at my Granny’s request) the scent in the kitchen would be very spicy and I had no idea if she was cooking up Gumbo or Hot Foot Powder, or using the smell of Gumbo to disguise the making of Hot Foot Powder.  Either way, I always came through the front door and exited the back door and back garden gate.  It was not out of any disrespect, it was to avoid spilling anything on her nice carpets or floor.

Many of the African type spells used in hoodoo involve foot track magic. In these rituals or spells, people's footprints are used to “lay down tricks”, such as crossing them, removing them from town, jinxing them, or bringing them under control. Hot Foot Powder and its “cousins” falls squarely into the realm of foot track magic, and can be seen especially in manner of application and use.

Most recipes used in doing a ritual, are based around oils, but Hot Foot Powder is allied to other, older allegedly "evil" or negative powders of African descent, such as Goofer Dust, Graveyard Dirt and Crossing Powder.  Which means that Hot Foot Powder predates the 19th century rise in popularity of scented "condition" sachet powders, those are mostly for love, or gambling, and although used in the same way, it is never referred to as a sachet, strictly as a powder.

A lot of spells used in Hoodoo find their origins in  Ancient African Foot Track magic although there has been references in ancient Egyptian writing as well as mention in some of the works of Pliny the Elder, so the idea of using Foot Track magic is as old as Human kind could think and in a way, reason. 

Any kind of Foot Track Magic uses a person’s foot print in rituals and spells in order to get them to leave a town, jinx them, and/or bring them under control.

And Hot Food Powder is one of those powders that can be used for both positive and negative workings depending upon the intent of the practitioner, it can be used to keep negative people away as a protection ritual or it can be used as a revenge ritual to do harm by bringing unhappiness to people.

Because Hot Foot Powder is used primarily in Hoodoo magic, negative practicing practitioners have found that by adding it to black magic spells especially revenge spells, it increases the power of the spells and actually make it so the person targeted leaves never to return.  Because it is also referred to as “Drive Away” or “Get Away” or “GTFO” Powder, it has many uses, but its function is to rid one of bad people, or people who are bothersome in your life.

 It is also an excellent tool for getting revenge on an ex-lover by causing them to roam the world forever alone and unsatisfied this is at one of its malevolent worse uses.  Several old time blues singers of the 1920’s to 1940’s sung songs about the negative aspects of Hot Food Powder.

Legend has it that the malevolent use of Hot Foot Powder in the South during the 1930s is attested to by no less an authority than the Mississippi Delta blues singer Robert Johnson. In his haunting song "Hellhound on My Trail," Johnson attributes his doomed and restless life to the fact that a woman has barred him from his family home by sprinkling Hot Foot Powder around the door. Whether or not this was true, it is a fact that Johnson never settled long in one place.

Part of the lyrics of his song goes like this:
         By Robert Johnson
        “ I got keep movin'
        I've got to keep movin'
        blues fallin' down like hail
        blues fallin' down like hail
        Umm mmm mmm mmm
        blues fallin' down like hail
        blues fallin' down like hail
        And the days keeps on worryin' me
        there's a hellhound on my trail
        hellhound on my trail
        hellhound on my trail…”


When I was little back in the 1950’s my Granny and her ladies, including my Mother and Aunts somehow incurred the ire of an Evangelical minister.   I was told some years later by several people that this guy and his family were just plain “nuts”, sort of like the Jim Jones, and David Koresh of his time.   And the people of his small store front church believed his lies, causing trouble to several small businesses. 

How he got on Granny’s radar is not known, but what he did was call the FBI and claim that Granny and her ladies were a communist cell, now this was back in the days of the “witchhunt” caused by Joseph P. McCarthy.  Well Granny was “detained” for 24 hours at a cell at the Police Department.   

But the cops there knew her and they did their best to make her comfortable and instead took her out of the cell and put her into one of the offices that they had with a police matron to watch, that way she could sleep comfortably on a couch, and made sure she had food and water and access to a bathroom.  This did piss off the FBI but the cops stood up to them saying it was an unfair persecution.

Mom was frantically calling the lawyer, an old family friend and he did his best to secure Granny’s release, the good thing was she was not booked, only detained.   In the meantime the FBI came to Granny’s house while Mom, my Aunts and the Ladies were there.   I was there and my baby brother, he was being held by my Mom, so the FBI agents realized there were children in the house, they were acting a bit arrogant but the Sargent that was with them told them it would be wise to "tone it down".

  The agents asked to be shown where the meetings were held. Mom and Mrs. Washington led them while the other ladies followed in essence surrounding the Agents.  The two cops that were with them knew what the ladies where doing and just followed but I saw one of the cops smiling like he knew the Agents were being “snookered”.

What they saw in the basement room was a room with religious pictures and statues, candles and rosaries, a huge bible, chairs and a big picture of the Holy Family which I still have.  There were no communist pamphlets or materials.  The agents asked what this was all about, Mrs. Harcourt the most vocal and erudite said “This is where we do rosary prayers for people who are sick or in need, or in memorial for those who have passed on, we pray and then we see what we can do to help.” 

Then the ladies started throwing questions at the agents like ‘who told lies about Miz Rosa’ and ‘we want the name of the liar’ and ‘we are good decent, patriotic, God fearing people, why are we being persecuted’ and Mrs. Harcourt saying “We have a lawyer and we will sue you for unlawful arrest, if you have harmed her we will sue you personally! You are in violation of our Constitutional Rights!”  and even the Cops told the agents “The Ladies are right, there is nothing wrong here, you were lied to or somebody made a mistake.”

Granny was released and brought home personally by one of the Sergeants in his patrol car and he carefully escorted her to her front door, Mom and I and the Ladies were there to greet her and we heard him apologized for how she had been treated.  Granny asked who made the accusation, he said that he didn’t know directly but he was told that the minister of the store front church did call the FBI local office.

All charges were immediately dropped against Granny and the Ladies as being unfounded, the two FBI agents came to Granny's house to tell her that, Mom asked about what was going to be done to the person who lied about Granny,  but nothing had been done to the minister, all he got was a scolding, but that didn't stop him from trying to slander Granny at her church with lies and innuendos that he told the parish priest, that the priest personally came to see her.  That was the final straw.

The next evening the Ladies got together in Granny’s kitchen my Uncles and Dad made themselves scarce by baby-sitting my little brother and my infant cousins at my Parents house, I stayed with the ladies because I was getting old enough to start to learn about things and that is how I learned about Hot Foot Powder.   Within a few weeks the minister and his family left town, and the store front church was closed and the building up for rent, much to the relief and joy to the neighboring businesses that had been plagued by him for months.

The two FBI agents we found out were transferred far away.  (Yeah the Ladies did a bit of work on them, they made the mistake of personally handing to Mom their business cards)

But exactly how it was applied I never did know until some years later Della told me that the ladies visited very late at night the minister’s house and did the Hot Foot work, not only there but at the store front.  I asked her about what time, she said about 2 to 3 in the morning on a Friday night when the bars let out.   Della told me she drove but parked the car ½ a block away and the ladies wore their soft slippers and dark clothes and never made a sound.

In another situation a friend of mine had a male co-worker constantly annoying her asking her out, in essence stalking her, going to the same parties she went to, the same events, implying that he was her boyfriend.  She and I talked this over with Granny and she was given some Hot Foot Powder and she had a chance to sprinkle some under his desk and a little on his jacket.   Within the month he left for a new job out of state.

A casual acquaintance of mine that I’d sometimes have coffee with when she wants to discuss metaphysical matters,  told me how after hearing an old recording of Robert Johnson’s song “Hell Hound on my Trail” got an idea to create the use of a hell hound  using Hot Foot Powder, which I will describe further down in the recipe section.


IMPORTANT---be careful handling Hotfoot powder, oil, incense and wash, use gloves disposable preferably. Do Not get it on you, and keep it away from your skin, eyes, mouth, keep it away from children and pets.  Wear a face mask or filter mask espeically when using either or both Graveyard dirt and/or sulfur.  Although not as dangerous as “Goofer Dust” it does cause some nasty reactions.   And recently I heard that some people can contract a form of lung illness if you accidentally breathe in those two ingredients and very Hot powdered Peppers can also be irritating to the lungs.

So how does one use or utilize Hot Foot Powder, well it’s pretty much the same way as Goofer Dust.  The most traditional way is to sprinkle it while walking backwards over the intended target's doorstep, or any place where they may step be sure to state your intention but not too loudly for people to hear.

This is commonly called "poisoning through the feet" and is common practice in Hoodoo because it is based on African "foot-track" magic.  Because our feet are what literally carry us through life, it is especially appropriate to sprinkle hot foot powder in this manner. 

Another way is to get dirt from the intended target's footprint that is where they walked, then mix it with the hot foot powder, put into a packet made of brown paper like from a grocery store and dispose of the mixture, throwing it over your left shoulder into running water then walking away and not looking back .  The best method if possible is getting the powder directly into the target's shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops, sandals, slippers, even socks.

Another way is to sprinkle it just in front of the door that they will be leaving your house or apartment prior to their leaving where they will walk in it while leaving. They will soon find another place where they would rather be. O.K. you may call it Manipulative magic, and I won’t argue with you, it is, but what else do you do about a workplace bully or stalker ex-lover or intrusive neighbor?

Now some people use it to “draw a line in the sand” to prevent prowlers, busybodies, or problem neighbors from coming onto your property.  But you do need to take into consideration the post-man, the meter reader, the news boy, family and friends that you do want to see.   In that case you may have to consecrate it to deter only a particular person or sprinkle it late at night at the person’s home or apartment just outside their door so they will be crossing it.

And remember more is not better with Hot Foot Powder. You do not want it to be visible in the places you sprinkle it. Also, some of the recipes will give it a strong odor. You want this odor to register very subtly on the subconscious level, not to be a stink that calls attention to itself. So use it VERY sparingly to implement your clear boundaries.

Hot Foot Oil and Hot Foot Wash can also be employed, if using the oil is easier to put a few drops into their socks, or a drop in their shoes, working with socks or shoes is also referred to as  "sympathetic foot track magic,"  or to carefully smear on the door knob of their home.  With Hot Foot Oil be creative, BUT do not put into any food or drink, because with the more traditional recipes it can have a nasty taste.  

If you cannot lift a foot print, then cross the person's foot path with powders, fix his or her shoes, wash down the house, or lay a trick by tossing Hot Foot Powder in the yard, you can perform a Hot Foot candle ritual to rid yourself of the hated one's presence.

If the person you wish to be rid of rents a room from you, you may even go so far as to secretly wash down their walls and floor (if linoleum or hard wood) with Hot Foot Floor Wash, which will result in the victim's rapid removal from the premises. To make up the floor wash, just dissolve a handful of Hot Foot Crystals for Floor Wash in a pail of hot water. After they move out and you are ready to re-rent the room to a new tenant.

IMPORTANT  if you do this then be sure to wash down the walls and floor with purifying Chinese Wash to clean away that evil mess prior to re-renting the room.

I did mention this to one lady I know she was very unhappy with a renter she had and wanted them to leave because he was causing problems with her other tenants  but she said she didn’t have the time to do the washing down,  so I suggested this for her to  dissolved some Hot Foot Powder into a spray bottle then when she got a call from him complaining about another imagined problem she went armed with the spray bottle saying to him she’ll see if there’s anything that needed “spot cleaning” and pretended to be cleaning light fixtures and other spots she saw on the walls.  Then on her way out she sprinkled some Hot Foot Powder across the door saying that should keep out any bugs and for him to not disturb it.  The person moved out within two weeks.

But I had her do the same thing with the salt and spring water spray where she sprayed and sweep away the hot foot powder that was soaked down with that salt and spring water spray. 

I came across this Hot Foot candle spell which is very much like the ones I’ve seen Mrs. Washington use, you can perform a Hot Foot candle ritual to rid yourself of the hated one's presence.

There are many variations of this spell, but here is a simple one: Get a photo of the person or write his or her name nine times in red ink on a piece of paper. Anoint a black offertory candle with Hot Foot Oil and mark it into nine sections with nine sewing needles. Dip the four corners of the paper or photo in Hot Foot Oil and then sprinkle them with Hot Foot Powder. Place the photo or paper under a saucer beneath the candle. Light the candle, along with a portion of Hot Foot Incense, and let the candle burn one needle's worth, concentrating on your desire to be rid of the troublesome person. Save the used needle by sticking it into the photo or paper.

The next day and on each successive day, let the candle burn another needle's worth. Each time you light the candle, anoint it again and concentrate on your desire to be rid of the troublesome person. Save each needle by sticking it into the paper or photo, making double-crosses. (A "double cross" in hoodoo parlance is an X made with two strokes going in one direction and one stroke crossing in the other direction. In this case, nine pins or needles will make three double crosses, called "a triple double cross.")

Each day that you burn the candle down to the next needle say these portions of two Psalms to pray over the candle and needles:
    Psalms 35:
    [5] Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of the LORD chase them.
    [6] Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the LORD persecute them.

    Psalms 59
    [11] Slay them not, lest my people forget: scatter them by thy power; and bring them down,
                O Lord our shield.
    [12] For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their
                pride: and for cursing and lying which they speak.
    [13] Consume them in wrath, consume them that they may not be: and let them know that God
                ruleth in Jacob unto the ends of the earth. Selah.
    [14] And at evening let them return; and let them make a noise like a dog, and go round about
                the city.
    [15] Let them wander up and down for meat, and grudge if they be not satisfied.

I remember when my Granny prayed over the Hot Foot Powder she made she’s say the Rosary and at the beginning she’d  say first the two  from Psalm 35 and then say the Hail Mary’s and then say one line each from Psalm 59  on each “Our Father” bead .  At the end she’d finish with “Never let them find rest or comfort, nor a place to lay their head, until they beg forgiveness from me.” 

On the last day, when the candle is burned down to the ninth needle, remove the photo or paper from beneath the candle, complete your last double cross, and consume the paper in the flame. Mix the ashes and the nine needles with Hot Foot Powder into a packet made from a brown paper bag and throw them in running water over your left shoulder and walk away, just as you would have done with the person's footprint dirt.

When you are done, it’s important to wash down your own front path and door steps with salt mixed in with spring water (bottled will do )  or purifying Chinese Wash, sweeping away from the house and not toward it, while walking backward that is your body faces the house but sweep away from the house walking backwards.

When you are done, turn around and face the street but walk backwards into the house and close the door. After nine days, the one who has bothered you will be history as far as you and your family are concerned.

I remember the number of times we had to travel to this one place that had what one could call a river, it was a 45 minute drive away, otherwise if it were anyplace else it would be an all day trip.  As rivers are sort of scarce where I live, weak streams yes, rivers no.

Another variation of this candle spell is this:

Carve the name of the individual or situation you wish to eliminate into a black wax candle. Then, use Hot Foot Power to dress the candle by lightly brushing a little powder onto the candle. Or, you can jot your intentions down on some parchment or virgin paper (never written on) and then anoint the center of the sheet with Hot Foot Powder. Then, fold the paper away from yourself and insert it below the dressed candle. Be sure that the candle is properly placed in an appropriate candle holder. Finally, ignite the candle and recite the entire Psalm 35.

When the candles is completely burnt burn the paper and then gather the burnt candle and ash from the paper put into a packet made from a brown paper bag and dispose of in the usual manner.

REMEMBER---when handling hot foot powder even if it's been burnt always wear disposable gloves. 


There are different recipes of Hot Foot Power out there, but mostly they are made with a blend of Red Pepper, Sulphur, Salt, and other essential oils and herbal extracts and occasionally a special bug or two.  It usually has a nice spicy scent and is quite nice.  Hot Foot Power is exceptionally powerful and is considered by many as an “Evil” Powder similar to Goofer Dust, Crossing Powder and Graveyard Dirt.

I consider it more as a neutral Powder and it only shifts depending upon its use and what is added to the ingredients, something as simple as Graveyard Dirt can shift the intent, and you'll see that in one of the recipes.

I'm including several of them here, they are pretty basic but the beauty of Hot Foot Powder is you the practitioner can adjust it to the particular needs and strength that you may desire.
Now this is an old style Hot Foot Powder Recipe. And it’s close to what my Granny and her ladies did, to make things simple I took the idea of these dry components and suggest that you think of them as tablespoons so if I say 2 parts something think 2 tablespoons of it.

5 parts Graveyard dirt (minus pebbles, twigs but use the bugs) (be careful in your choice of Graveyard Dirt)

2 parts Salt (Black Salt for banishing will do)

2 parts Cayenne Pepper

1 part Black Pepper Powder

1 part Red Pepper Powder (the hotter the better)

3 parts Sulphur

1 part Blue Stone (aka Copper Sulphate)

Now Mrs. Washington where she use to live before she moved into Granny's neighborhood, would also add  5 parts Dirt Dauber Nest and yes you can make it without this ingredient but for some reason this seems to  adds a kick to it and there are some occult stores where you can order it.  Although I have seen Mrs. Washington use an abandoned Wasp’s nest which seemed to have worked just as well.

1. Combine the ingredients into a mortar and pestle (or use an old pepper grinder)
2. Grind ingredients until it is a fine powder.
3. Once it is of a soft consistency fill it in a glass jar (preferably a dark jar or crock)
4. Store it in a dark place.  Use when needed.

When Granny wanted to get really nasty she’d make this variation:

 By adding dirt and ants collected from an ant hill that was collected on a Monday into a jar closing it tightly, then for 3 days once a day she’d shake the jar to disturb the ants.
Then get:
A dried whole scorpion OR (slightly milder) a tablespoon of cumin.  

A heaping tablespoon of salt, consecrated separately

Then on a Friday she’d grind together the dry ingredients listed further above including the dried dead scorpion and then Mix with the earth and ants that  was collected.

She’d consecrate it to St. Barbra and St. Michael and let the whole jar sit on her Altar with pictures of those saints for six days and she’d pray the rosary in the manner that I had described above.

When she was ready to use it or give it to use, she’d speak her intent to the salt, and then add it to the hot foot powder.  But she would not add the salt until there was a purpose.

Sometimes it would be a negative energy in a house or room that needed to be rid of so the same mixture would be made but Instead add cumin and not the scorpion, spread it around the place, and then vacuum it up, and throw away the contents of the vacuum bag outside in the garbage

One variation that I did for a friend was that she never knew when or if her stalker would show up,  he did it to harass her and it made it hard for her to call the police to complain about his stalking her.   I suggested that if she wanted him to stay away from her to write his name on a paper 9 times, pour in some powder, fold the paper away from her, and throw it in a river or the sea again throwing it over the left shoulder and walking away not looking back.  In her case it did work, he vanished and no one knew where he had gone.

Another Hot Food Recipe:

Cayenne Pepper (or the hottest dry pepper you can find)
Black Pepper
Black Mustard Seed
High John the Conqueror Root
Gun Powder (Optional: Gun powder can be added to formulas when especially fast results are desired)

Now you are supposed to grind the ingredients together and then store in an air tight jar, but I am very Leary of using Gun Powder because of its explosive nature and frankly unless you are into target shooting I would not have it around the house, it’s just too dangerous in another way.  I would substitute Black Salt that had been created with using banishing herbs.

Now I told you about a casual acquaintance of mine who got an idea to have a type of Hell Hound Hot Foot done on a cheating, despicable, lazy, pot smoking, no-good boyfriend hers and get him out of her life and to make sure he never cheated on any other woman either. 

Trust me I knew the fella and he was bad news from the very beginning, why she let him into her life even she had no idea, but after a few weeks she knew he had to leave but he wouldn't, no matter what she threaten to do.   

What gave her the idea was when she was listening to a new blues CD of old style Delta Blues and heard Robert Johnson’s “Hell Hound on my Trail.”

She realized that there were things she could use, but the main thing was the type of graveyard dirt she’d use.  She found a Pet Cemetery that had several K-9 and Military Dogs buried.  She did the usual ritual to gather graveyard dirt and she asked each spirit who would be willing to serve and although all of them were willing she decided upon one and thanked the rest by leaving flowers and dog biscuits saying that she made need their services later on.   And then completed the purchase of the one that she chose and in that case besides the usual payment she added 9 large Milk Bone biscuits.  Well it was a Dog!  

She called it  Hell Hound Hot Food Powder

2 parts cayenne pepper
2 parts any very hot red pepper
2 parts black salt for banishing
1 part ground black pepper
1 part graveyard dirt (from a Military or Police Dog)
1 part anvil dust
1 part iron shavings
1 part sulfur

And a few hairs from a living black dog (her neighbor’s dog is a black German Shepard and she brushed him so used his shed hairs---she also thought if she could get some shed wolf hair that would be good as well, but no poodles or Labradors)

She said the full  Psalms 35 and 59 and her intent which was “Be as a Hell Hound on so and so’s trail, never let him rest, never let him deceive another woman again, keep him moving from place to place, to never lay his weary head,  until the skin falls off his bones and his lungs breathe no more, then you, faithful friend can return to your place of rest, until I call upon you once more.”

Then she mixed it thoroughly using a wooden spoon labeled for that use and stored it in an airtight container.

Now she told me that the portions were small so 1 part was equal to 1 teaspoon, and she had made it to consecrate it towards a specific person, and she applied it in the usual manner.  

What happened to him?  He left her in a week, sold off or gave away most of his stuff packed what he could in two duffel bags, got into his Beater of a car and drove off.   She hears about him from time to time, and told me that the last time she heard about him was that he didn’t look too good.  “Too much drug use.” She said.

 But as we talked she realized she could make a Master batch and then when ready, add the Graveyard dirt and then activate it when she says the Psalms and then direct it towards whom she wishes out of her life.   It was just important to keep it in a sealed crock until ready to active what every portion she wished to use. But she also realized that if she had one dog working on one person, she'd have to have a different dog work on another, until the previous dog had done it's duty.   

It made sense to me.


Hot Foot can be adapted into an oil or wash, again it depends upon what type of recipe you want to use, I recommend making a Master Bottle and then pour what little you need into a very small bottle, pray over it and consecrate it to your use over the small bottle.

You take equal parts of :

2 parts cayenne pepper
2 parts any very hot red pepper
2 parts black salt for banishing
1 part ground black pepper
1 part Graveyard Dirt (be careful from who you choose to do your bidding---some people say from the grave of a murderer is best)
1 part anvil dust
1 part iron shavings
1 part sulfur

Fill the bottle up with Castor Oil, Shake very well and let it marinate

The bottle should be dark, like the dark brown medicine bottles or those glass bottles that hydrogen peroxides use to come in.    

For a Wash just pour a small amount of oil into a bucket or spray bottle filled with spring water (bottled will do) 

REMEMBER---when you are making either a powder, oil or wash wear a mask and use disposable gloves, you don't want to have it come on to you.

When should you make either the oil or the powder?   My Granny use to make hers when the Moon was waning or during the dark of the moon.   If it was on a Friday even better.

I’ve found even more Hot Foot type rituals and recipes but I will post them in another post.  Be on the Watch for it.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. As to my 1st comment I dont make my own goofers dust i buy it as i cannot get all needed ingredients

    1. Ms. Q says that using purchased goofer dust may take a bit longer for the spell or ritual to work, and with little children around it can be dangerous, she recommends that you have a cabinet or a desk drawer that you can lock to keep children out of for their safety.

      She says that you can buy Goofer Dust from either Lucky Hoodoo products or Lucky Mojo, but she thinks Lucky Hoodo may respond faster.

      And also check with Conjure Cardea as she really likes Sara's products, to see if she carries it.

      They're contact information is listed to one side of her blog.

      And in Ms Q's works "Blessings To You"

  2. Ms.Q its ne again. I have a few questions. I have read through you previous post. You have suggested I use hoot powder in and banishing spell. Ready what you have said about it it appears to be very powerful. What is the difference between hot foot and goofer dust. And with hot foot do I need an uncrossing?

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      In the simplest terms Hot Foot Powder is a sort of "Get out of town and out of my life NOW!!" type of powder, but one that does not cause physical harm. But it does, if used correctly, make a person leave as quickly as humanly possible.

      If you read what happened to my Granny and then what she and her ladies did, no one was hurt, but the cause of aggravation, left town. No physical hurt at all.

      But with Goofer Dust, this can cause a person to become very ill and this was used on a person who was an abuser, in using this power the woman (a relative) was free of his harmful influence, because if she stayed he would have either driving her insane or killed her or she would have taken her life.

      There is another type of powder and oil called D.U.M.E. it means Death unto my enemies. This is a really BAD type of powder/oil to use and I have never used it. But I do know of a woman who used it on an ex-boyfriend who became the worse kind of stalker, it was a situation where if he couldn't have her no one could, not her work, not her family, not anyone. Restraining orders didn't work, the police had a hard time. So she resorted to D.U.M.E It worked. She by-passed hot foot, by-passed Goofer and went straight to D.U.M.E. Her situation was that horrible.

      I am not sure if you need to do an uncrossing ritual with hotfoot, its more banishing in a very serious way.

      The differences and how to use it is subtle, and one has to consider the situation involved.

      Blessings my child.

    2. It will be safer for me to do an uncrossing after using hot foot power? If so how do I do it?

    3. Dear Endless Love,

      This is Ms.Q's niece, I have given her all your questions but she will not be able to answer for a few days, she has family visiting today and tomorrow she will be seeing her doctor, and she is usually tired after that.

      So it may be a few days before she can reply to all your questions.

      But she says according to her memory she does not remember advising you to do an uncrossing ritual, she does remember a banishing and love ritual. But she is going to go over her notes to be sure.

      She did ask me to ask you if another practitioner advised you to do an uncrossing ritual, or did you read it in a book.

      If another practitioner is advising you she does not want to go against that person's advice. But she is also concerned that you may be mixing up things as well.

      Please clarify if you can.

      And in Ms. Q's words "Blessings to you"

    4. Hello Niece I am not sure of your name but I think you too. Well i went to an shop to pick up the items I need for the banishing candle work. When I spoke with them about taking the damnation oil and dropping on the buried packets she said I was basically putting a curse on the individual and I would need an uncrossing. I was putting her in turmoil for the rest of her life. But they workded from a different stand point. That is nothing I want to do. I just want her to leave him so we can rebuild.

    5. Dear Endless Love,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece. I’ve informed Ms. Q and she understands what the folks at the shop are suggesting, they feel it’s a curse, but Ms. Q feels that it’s all a part to have this person out of your life and your family’s life, it’s not so much damning this person as it is to make sure the person stays away, according to Ms. Q.

      Ms. Q said that if one uses a different oil or powder and the ritual was a different type, more to do harm, then one would be walking a fine line, but if she is causing you turmoil isn’t it also justice that she too be that way?

      Ms. Q feels that the folks at the shop are looking at it from a Wiccan point of view, which is understandable and that is why they suggested doing an uncrossing, but is it an uncrossing ritual or bath on you?

      That is also understandable, Ms. Q says to do an uncrossing bath ritual on you is an excellent thing to do and would help you as well.

      It can be done at any time, but the question is how strong do you want to make it.

      There are mild ones for when you are just feeling a bit “off center” and there are more potent ones for when you feel things are really bad.

      Ms. Q said to me that the subject of doing an uncrossing ritual would require a full blog post, which would be beneficial to everyone, please watch for it, as it would apply to you as well.

      Because the answers to a number of your questions are long and she already has several that she needs to answer but it needs to be properly answered in a full blog post and she has to attend to her medical needs as well, so it may be a few days for her to answer, I don't want to tire her out.

      Forgive me but I am being very protective of her and her health, and her desire to help is very strong, but I don’t want her to become worn out.

      She will see what she can do with short answers to your immediate questions, but when she puts up her full blog posts she advises you to read those very carefully and you will get far more complete answers to your questions, and that way you'll be getting as much information as possible to help and not, as she puts it “in drips and drabs” or piece-meal. It will be as part of a greater whole.

      Please be patient and she will get to answer you.

      And in her words “Blessings to you”

    6. I completely understand. I was not expecting a response this week at all. Her health is most important. Wish her please

    7. Dear child,

      Thank you. In matters of love and family I become a Mama Tiger, but my family and my Doctor are saying my health comes first.

      I've answered some of your questions that are here and there on this blog.

      I'm working on postings on Uncrossing ritual baths, understanding candle readings and I think one other question that you asked, but I have to refer to my notes.

      It will take time but I'm thinking of the uncrossing ritual bath will be posted first as I feel that you and several others will need that first.

      The rest will follow.

      Blessings my child.

  3. I also was told hot foot powder and banishing power was the same thing. It that true? I brought hot foot because they didnt carry the banishing powder but told me it was the same thing.

    1. Dear Child,

      Not all banishing powders and oils work the same, some are a lot milder and for other types of banishing situations---I may have to do a post on the differences, which would include recipes.

      I have a friend who is Wiccan and a while ago we had discussed this and realized that in Wicca, because they have a tendency to "soften" things, many in Wicca feel that to use the word Banishing is less fearful than to say we're going to use "Hot Foot" and many banishing powders and oils will leave off one item or add an item to "soften" it.

      In essence depending on what formula one is using they Can be the same, but from what I've seen in practice they are not, they are always off by one element.

      Oh it will work, but a bit differently, because in Wicca they have everything tied into their religious beliefs whereas in Folk Magick or Hoodoo, it is not tied into any religious aspect except as to what is in a person's heart, and also how dire is the situation.

      Please read my posting on the ethics of magick, and if the person in the store told you it's the same thing then according to their formula it is the same thing and I would not dispute with them on that point.

      That is why I always like to make my own.

      The paths to magickal workings are many and varied, and you are now learning where some of them diverge. It takes time to learn and you will.

      Blessings my child.

  4. What is the best most effective break up spell when my huabands lover has done alot of witch craft on me & my kids i want to get rid of her from his life &ours shes very evil shes in mexico & he goes to see her 1 -2 a year he has a daughter with her. But she has told me she can kill me & my kids with a spell anytime to watch out. My kids have serious illness that doctors cant explain very scary. I wanted to goofer dust her picture i dont no how effective that would be. And break up my husband from her i beliece she does alot of witch craft on him as well ive tried doing break ups in them before vinegar jar but no luck I dont no what to do I dont want to harm my husband just break them up. But for her causing harm to us i do want to goofer shes evil!!! But i dont no if store bought goofers dust will work especially on just a picture. Any suggestions for me???

    1. Dear lol4462,

      In the post below I directed you to read one of my posts the one on goofer dust try that, it has been effective for many people.

      But on break up spells, no one spell is the perfect break up spell. I would have to do an entire blog post or several blog posts to do that.

      About your children being ill I replied on Dec. 30, 2015 as to what I recommend to track down the reason for illnesses, but if your husband brings back any foods from Mexico especially purchased from near where that woman lives, that only have him eat it, not you nor your children or throw it away.

      I have several postings I need to do on subjects I need to address, break up spells will be one of them but please be patient.

      Blessings to you.

  5. And any really good & strong break up spells you can recommend? And if you can give me advice on how to use store bought goofer dust with a picture would be so helpful ☺ thank u for all your help

    1. Dear lol4462,

      Go to my post on Goofer Dust, read all the way down to the section that say's "An Alternate Use of Goofer Dust" This ritual has been effective, but remember this does not happen overnight, it will happen over time. When you do it, think of all the things that she has threatened you with but have it happen to her.

      Blessings to you.

  6. Where would be a good place/person to purchase hot foot powder be? I would need to do the candle ritual as I don't have access to shoes and the like....would any black candle work? need an abusive ex husband away from my child quickly.

    1. My Dear,

      Any free standing black candle will work, provided that it has not been used for anything else, that is like new or it's been sitting in the drawer or some place for a time, but do read my 4 posts on the "Art of Candle Talk" the first part is about cleansing the candle.

      2nd make sure you can burn it safely were no children or pets will knock it over or touch it.

      I've listed several metaphysical shops that is to the left of this colum as Recommended metaphysical shops, e-mail them and see which one can provide you hot-foot powder through the mail, usually the first two or 3 are the most reliable.

      If he is an abusive ex do a domestic restraining order on him as well. Espeically if you are in fear for the safety of your child.

      Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  7. The nuisance neighbors door that I wish to hotfoot is very close to mine (like a ^ shape) How do I sprinkle hotfoot powder and safely pass because we have to use the same path and stairs daily. To clean my door and pathway would be cleaning their pathway too thus ruining the hotfoot application right?

    1. Well True if you and your neighbor use the same path and stairs then you do have a problem but neither you nor them use the same door to leave the home do you?

      If their door to their home is different from yours, you can put the powder on their door threshold that little narrow barrier that is right under the door usually made of wood.

      If they are not awake late at night, like at 3 a.m. then go to their door very quietly and sprinkle the powder there, avoiding the path and stair way.

      They may not step on the powder but like fleas the powder can invade their own home but avoiding yours. Try that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  8. Ingredients such as copper sulfate and precipitate of mercury (which are in some hot foot recipes)are extremely toxic and bad for the environment. The most dangerous item I use is the sulphur, but at least it's biodegradable. I prefer the oil to the powder, because there's less chance of it blowing around and hurting you or someone else. Great stories and ideas! Thanks!

    1. Dear DyanaAset,

      Thank you for the complement.

      My Granny and her ladies knew how dangerous mercury was and would never use it in any of their recipes because of the danger.

      I personally feel I need to include copper sulfate along with sulfur, but in any form, powder or oil I always stress the use of gloves and a mask when making it.

      My Granny would make hers out doors and I have done the same as well as keeping locked up all the utensils used in making either Goofer Dust/Oil and Hot Foot powder/oil.

      And I also stress the careful application of it. My Great Grandpa use to go hunting for Gold, and would use liquid mercury to collect the dust.

      Then he'd get a large potato, carve a hole in it and put the mercury/gold liquid into it and then burn it in a hot outdoor kiln with a warning sign.

      After a bit the liquid mercury would vaporize and he had all the dust in a solid button, the potato had to be burned completely to ash, as it was now poisonous.

      Some of the adventures he had hunting for gold would take a book to read he lived to be 90 years old, I'm glad I had a chance to write them down.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  9. Can hot foot powder be used for good as well as bad

    1. Dear Child,

      In using Hot Foot Powder it is the intent that is what is in the mind of the practitioner who is doing the workings.

      We have the right to be at peace in our lives, to live in peace with our lives and to protect our lives and the lives of those we love, so anything that is done to protect and bring peace to you and your loved ones is good.

      But if one is doing it out of spite, or for harm on someone whose intentions are good, or just to see if it works, that is bad.

      For example: If you wish to hot foot someone out of your life who is annoying, abusive, is causing trouble, has threatened you, or your loved ones, then I would say to hot foot them is good.

      But if it is someone who does good works, protects people (i.e. police), feeds and clothes the hungry, is helpful, and does not seek to gain anything, and they are hot footed out of jealousy or spite, that is evil.

      When I loved in my old neighborhood, (and it was getting real bad) there was a drug dealer who wanted to hot foot a good woman who would report to the police any criminal activity, in essence she was the neighborhood watch dog.

      So he tried to hot foot her using powder and oil, but she was old fashioned, every time she’d go out of her house she’d wear gloves, so when she touched the door knob to close the door there was oil on it, she saw it on her glove and knew what it was.

      Well she went back into the house burned the gloves in her fire place, and quickly took a salt bath, then wearing rubber gloves she used pine sol with lemon juice and washed it off her door knob.

      Later on she made a Chinese Wash and would wash her front door step every day, morning and night, and she’d kept doing that, told her friends to come into her house by the back door.

      She’d check that door knob several times throughout the day wearing rubber gloves and a paper towel.

      Well the Drug Dealer was making his own Hot Foot powder and oil and was using sulfur, blue stone (copper sulfate) and a pinch of dried red mercury, along with other stuff and he’d be making it bare handed.

      Well he hot footed himself into a coffin, because copper sulfate, sulfur, and precipitate of mercury is poisonous, toxic.

      In some hot foot recipes mercury is included, but I strongly advise to not use it, because it’s poisonous.

      That is why I say wear gloves if you make it, wear a mask to not breathe it, and wear gloves when you handle it, because even if you only use copper sulfate that is still dangerous and dried mercury is not sold nor is included in hot foot products made and sold in the U.S.

      Now in Mexico or the South American states, I’d be very, Very careful buying that product down there. Because they do use mercury.

      I eventually moved out of the neighborhood, I got tired of all the drama there but I understand that now it’s been cleaned up and no more drug dealing is done there, thanks to the hard work of that lady.

      So again I have to say look upon your intent, and determine if what you want to use it for is good or evil.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  10. Dear Ms. Q,

    I'm a recent reader of your blog. Seeing from one of the comments from above, I see that you mentioned "D.U.M.E" (Death unto my enemies). And what I've read from the "Goofer Dust" post you wrote, I thought that "Goofer Dust" was the most powerful/lethal powder that one could utilized in hoodoo/conjure/rootwork. And seeing from the previous comment, are you implying that there's another formula that's much powerful than Goofer Dust, because you said: "She by-passed hot foot, by-passed Goofer and went straight to D.U.M.E. Her situation was that horrible." Please clarify, Is there one powder this "D.U.M.E" powder much more lethal than Goofer Dust?

    Thank you

    1. Dear Danny,

      Goofer Dust is extremely powerful, BUT with an addition of other “items” it can be changed or ramped up to DUME (pronounced Doom) but to make it fully effective it has to be done in concert with a candle and spell ritual and a lot of will power, and for one to be prepared for the back-lash.

      Many years ago, I had a friend who owned her own store selling Botanica items, she eventually closed up shop when she married a very good man who understood her path and how she worked it.

      She and I would get together for tea and the most wonderful cookies, we’d compared formulas’ aka recipes and I said “Hey, you have here the same recipe but under two (or at times 3) different names. How come?”

      She said “Because what we’d would call it traditionally, to others who come into the shop, they would not understand and just pass on it, but if it’s given a different name even though it does the same thing it’s better understood by the uninitiated.” And also it depends upon focus. It was all in the marketing.

      For example and this is a good one, DUME is also called “Blacklist” and among wiccans or witches it’s also called “Kiss of Death”, why Blacklist I haven’t a clue, but “Kiss of Death” makes perfectly good sense. But DUME is becoming more frequent---it can mean “Death to my Enemies” or “Destruction to my Enemies”

      Is DUME more powerful than Goofer Dust? In terms of the dust/powder itself, no it is the same, because it is the same recipe but used in a specific ritual that can add more oomph to it, as oppose to basic foot track magic which Goofer Dust is usually used for (which goes back at least to the 17th Century), then yes because It is the will of the person that can add to it.

      Otherwise the formula is the same. I did find out about a “little extra added ingredient” many years ago from Mrs. Washington and from Bella, my Granny’s neighbor, they told me how extremely dangerous it is, in either form, to both the practitioner and the one on the receiving end. I know what it is but thank goodness it’s hard to get (at least I hope it is) even Agatha Christie the author was aware of it and used it in several of her novels and short stories.

      BUT---and this is where it gets really funny, the name D.U.M.E. didn’t come into use until the early 1970’s so it has always been Goofer Dust, at least from my sources. It’s possible that the DUME candle goes back to the 1940’s, but from what I’ve been able to find out from my sources it’s more likely very early 1970’s .

      But in the 1970’s with all the protests and such, there were people who wanted stuff which they thought was more powerful.

      Even my friend had a powder and oil called Ragnarok (Old Norse Ragnarök, “The Doom of the Gods”) the recipe was the same as Goofer Dust but she added the hair sheds of a black wolf (very hard to get) to represent the jaws of FENRIR the wolf destined to break his bonds and devour Odin at Ragnarok.

      But no matter what if it was called Goofer Dust, DUME, Kiss of Death, Blacklist, Ragnarok---it was the same, only the ritual, the intent and a bit of marketing that made them different, but either way----it worked!

      And I caution you to be very, Very careful with it. It is Not a play thing.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Ms. Q

      Thank you for clarifying the DUME powder.

    3. You are Welcome, Danny.

      I hope to be able to post more "articles" soon. Please be on the watch for them.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. P.S Ms Q,

      If I may suggest that you should do a blog article for the D.U.M.E powder so future readers don't confuse it with Goofer Dust.

    5. Hello Danny,

      That is a very good suggestion, I will keep that in mind.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  11. Hello there. I have a question, you said when the acquaintance went to the pet cemetery she picked the K9 she chose and she finished the the purchase and "besides the "usual payment" she added 9 large milk bones" what exactly is "the usual payment"?

    1. Dear Sean,

      There are several payments, the first one is to the guardian of the cemetery, that is usually 9 pennies and maybe whiskey (the kind you get with those little airplane size bottles.

      This holds true for both pet and human cemeteries, then in human cemeteries you purchase the spirit’s services with 3 silver coins usually dimes, and then anything extra, for some (mostly men but a few women) it’s whiskey or good scotch, a good cigar or cigarettes if they liked to smoke, for older women who didn’t like to drink it would be flowers, candy or a bit of perfume, for children it would be candy or a small stuff toy, but always 3 silver dimes.

      Now in the old days it had to be silver dimes those made prior to 1964, but that can get expensive, even with coins that are called “sliders” (coins with most of the distinguishing marks very worn off) “Sliders’ can cost anywhere from 3 to 5 dollars in today’s market.

      In the very old days a mercury dime (a dime with the image of the head of Mercury) was preferred because Mercury was the only God who could go down into the Underworld without be trapped by Hades.

      The most powerful spells calls for the use of a Mercury dime and that can be expensive even with a “slider”. I’ve known practitioners to use modern dimes and it seems to work but payment at the entrance to the cemetery as well as asking permission from the Guardian at the gate is mandatory.

      So my acquaintance, approached the pet cemetery asked permission from the Spirit Guardian at the gate, paid (left on the ground) 9 pennies and a small bottle of whiskey, then she mentally sent out a “call” and got a response from 3 dogs, she choose one and paid the three dimes (pushed into the ground) and left 9 dog biscuits as well, that is what the dog wanted.

      It’s hard to know in advance what a person might want, but with some spirits it’s fairly easy to guess, especially if you’re calling upon the spirit of a family member.

      Whether you leave dimes or pennies or whiskey or a combination, and how you place the payment with respect to the grave. Some spirits prefer that you dig at the head, some at the foot, and some over the heart area.

      Some practitioners will go to a cemetery and “interview” different spirits to get an idea of what they want and then come back later with the payment, I was told by this practitioner that if it’s just an “interview” and you’re not buying the services you just need to ask permission from the Guardian and leave a payment of 3 pennies but when you’re going to buy the services it must be the full payment of 9 pennies so you are spending a total of 12 cents.

      So if you find a penny, pick it up and put it in a jar it will come in handy.

      Read my Post on “buying” graveyard dirt that I posted on January 11, 2013, that will help you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  12. How do you make law stay away power

    1. Hello My Dear,

      If you’ve read my posts I’ve been having computer problems but now we are back and up and running.

      I am puzzled why you want “Law Stay Away” powder, I hope you are not doing anything illegal that could endanger you or those you love.

      I had an acquaintance who asked me how to make the same thing, what I didn’t know is he had a habit of speeding and doing “donuts” on the Freeway, I forgot what they called it but it was dangerous, so he made it and kept a packet in his car and one on him, and for a long time he never got caught until one evening his dangerous exploits caused him to hit a friend of his, sent his friend into the hospital and his friend never walked again.

      When I found out I did a revealing spell, and he got caught, so just remember for every measure there is a counter measure and all you need is a “savvy cop” who does the work.

      Also remember if Justice is needed then this powder will not prevent Justice from showing up at your front door and stepping on through.

      There are several different ways to make the powder, but because some of the herbs used also cause a blistering effect, it’s best to make several mojo bags or packets, one to keep on yourself, one to tack over your front and back door, and one to keep in the glove compartment of your car.

      They should be made with blue and orange flannel or felt which you can get in a craft store.

      You can cut the flannel or felt into smaller squares put one blue square to one orange square then stitch up three sides of the square to make a sort of pocket.

      Add equal parts of these herbs:
      Dragon blood chunks
      Licorice sticks broken or ground up or shaved into smaller pieces
      Deerhorn powder
      Fennel seeds
      Devil’s Shoe String
      Dill seeds
      Black Mustard Seed
      Red Brick dust
      Eucalyptus (ground leaves)
      And dirt from a police station

      Add to that one Indian Head Penny to each packet or square(this was made before the Lincoln Head Penny) the Indian Head Penny acts as a scout.

      After putting all of those items into your flannel or felt square stitch it closed, dress with your Law Keep/Stay Away Oil and smudge it with tobacco smoke.

      Pray over your packets or squares with the 91 psalm and then blow your breath into it.

      For the oil you add these same herbs etc. to Olive Oil in a “master bottle” allow it to marinate in the oil for 3 weeks, shaking it once a day, then strain the oil through several layers of cheese cloth the amount you want into a smaller bottle. This becomes your Law Stay away oil.

      You will want to feed your squares at least once a week with the oil, just a drop.

      If you want to keep things private this usually helps, unless what you are doing is dangerous and endangering, so you may want to consider that.

      When you feel concerned say the 23 psalm that helps but if Justice is being demanded then it won’t matter because all things need to be balanced out.

      There are a lot of Law Stay/Keep Away rituals and spells one can do but that would require a full blog post as well as variations on the recipe for the powder and oil, this is the one that I know.

      But I will consider in the future doing an entire post on this.

      Good Luck and stay out of trouble.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  13. Hello, I have a situation and don't know how to handle it. I have a roommate now we sleep in the same room just different beds. We bump heads, she takes offense, if I tell her something I didn't like she did she flips and starts cussing me out calling me dumb and everything. I don't do her like that, I don't, she knows too much about me to just jump in her face.But I don't like it, I don't cuss her out.


    1. Dear That Girl,

      You have a lousy roommate, one that I would refer to as a bully, the best thing you can do is silence, only speak to her when it has to do with room mate business such as “Did you borrow my Jacket?” “Have you seen my keys?” “Have you paid your portion of the rest, so and so was asking me to ask you” If she says she likes something say nothing, do not give an opinion. If she does something you don’t like say nothing. Ignore her and avoid joining her for anything, she is not a friend, she is just someone whom you share a room with.

      One thing you can ask her, ask her if she doesn’t mind you burning a candle just for ambiance in the room when your there, since its still winter something like that can bring about a certain mellowness---If she says she doesn’t mind, then if you can find one at the grocery store (like a major chain store like Safeway or Albertsons or Luckys) look for combination scented candles of lavender, I’ve come across them of Lavender and Vanilla and Lavender and honeysuckle. Do not leave the candle burning when you are not there.

      Lavender generates peace and Vanilla generates a cozy comfort feeling. That might take the energy level down a notch.

      But even with something as simple as that if she continues to pick on you, bully you, the next step is to privately make a cloth poppet (doll) stuff if with some of her hair, a few threads of her clothing, a picture of her, or a bit of her handwriting, include a paper with her full name including any nicknames and her birthdate, include some herbs such as oleander leaves, rue (that can be found in the Spanish section of a grocery store under Ruda), black pepper, cloves, cayenne pepper, and cemetery dirt from an open grave or just inside the cemetery gate.

      Then get 24 inches of black ribbon (from a sewing or crafts store) During the dark of the moon, wrap the poppet with the black ribbon and say “I bind thee, I bind thee, I bind thee. No more shall thou harm me. I bind your feet, I bind your actions, I bind your mouth, I bind your mind, I bind your power, I bind you that you be helpless” tie it off then spit on it.

      Either keep it under your bed between the mattress and box spring or someplace where she cannot find it or privately burn it and then put the cool ashes in a paper bag and bury in a cemetery or throw it in a garbage can at a cemetery. I recommend burning it and taking it to the cemetery.

      If any of those things don’t work, then I suggest looking for another place to live, because you don’t need to live with a bully and bullies don’t change. When she starts calling you names you have to remember that is what she subconsciously knows that she is, if she calls you dumb, it’s her that is really dumb, you get the idea. The fact that she flips out and starts cuss tells me that she has an unstable temperament and mind. It could be dangerous, so moving would be your best option.

      You don’t cuss that’s because you are a lady which she is not, remember that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  14. I waited for my abusive alcoholic to go to bed before I made my Hot Foot powder. He woke up while I was in the middle of it and plopped himself down at the dining room table even though I asked him not to bother me right now. He refused to leave so I just kept on making it. I refused to answer any questions about what I was doing, I just kept on adding and mixing ingredients all the while visualizing him walking out the door. He now has a good dose of it in his yard shoes and house shoes.

    1. Dear LydiaO,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      I told her about your post and what you did and she got a good laugh about it.

      She hopes he leaves you soon.

      Good work!!

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  15. Your postings and Q&A about hot foot have been very helpful. I'm planning to do a hot foot myself soon. My place of employment has been severely harassed by a malicious neighbor for several years now. He has been doing everything imaginable to put us out of business but hasn't succeeded yet. As time goes on it has gotten harder and harder to stay open. His actions have drastically effected our ability to generate revenue and we are barely holding on. My boss is a good man and keeps it going at great financial and personal cost to himself and his family. We are good people that offer a lot to our community and the community loves and supports us in return. If this neighbor is able to shut us down it will devastate me, my employers, and my coworkers(most of whom have families to support). So I want to give this guy the hotfoot. I haven't made any powder yet but after reading your recipes, I like the idea of strengthening it with some Graveyard Dirt. I also liked the idea of recruiting a Hellhound. Last year my employers dog died she is buried in the back yard. He was a large, tough, and very protective pit bull who we all loved. I am thinking of asking for his help. What type of payment is appropriate since he is in the yard and not a cemetery? I can skip the Graveyard Dirt if you think it's overkill. I wanted to give the hotfoot some extra gusto because the situation is getting dire and we need him gone and out of our lives. However, I'm not intending to be malicious, I just want us to get on with our lives.
    I plan to gather a footprint and do a jar spell. I'm thinking about asking my boss and his wife to each do one as well. Does that make sense or should I just do it myself. Thanks for taking the time to read my questions, I look forward to hearing what you think. You are much appreciated.

    1. Dear Danny,

      This person is intent on destroying the livelihood of your boss, your coworkers and yourself----that is theft, there is no other way to describe it but as theft.

      This person is malicious so it’s time to “kick some butt”.

      First has your boss done a civil restraining order on this person for harassment?

      If not he should contact a lawyer to see what his legal options are to restrain this person.

      The jar spell would not hurt and frankly you and your boss need to do everything possible to constrain this person, so if they are willing have them join in doing the "work".

      Secondly in regards to the dog, you do have to pay something to the guardians of the dead, even if it’s not a cemetery, so bury 3 dimes and 3 pennies to pay them where the dog is buried, then call upon the dog’s spirit and offer to pay 6 large milk bone dog biscuits for his service, explain to the dog why his help is needed and once this malicious person is gone the dog can rest. Bury the biscuits where the dog is buried and then take what you need in dirt.

      There is another thing that you can do as well. First take a picture of this person without the person knowing if possible.

      Denise Alvarado wrote about this ritual and when I read it I laughed out loud because it’s one that I learned when I was young, but she added an alternative way of using the doll which I consider also effective.

      Denise Alvarado says and quiet rightly that in doing this spell you are calling upon God to restore balance and bring justice to the situation, for God to act as the “go-between” to protect you and those you care about and punish those who would do harm, and this person is trying to do harm.

      My Granny taught me this spell when I was dealing with bullies at school and yes I did have a few, not many but a couple.

      You will need:

      Piece of parchment paper (or a piece of plain brown paper torn not cut from a brown paper bag)

      Black Arts Oil

      General purpose Voodoo doll (this can be a cloth doll in the general shape of a person, head, two arms, 2 legs and body can make it out of muslin doesn’t have to be fancy)

      9 Black pins (if you can’t find black pins plain sewing pins will do)

      Black cloth (a bit more to wrap the doll)

      Print out a copy of Psalm 55 (found in the King James Bible)

      [I also would have the photo of the person who is harassing your boss]


      Write the name of your target on the parchment paper and anoint with Black Arts oil.
      Tuck the paper into the Voodoo doll. [also tuck into the doll or glue to the head of the doll the photo face of the person]
      Recite Psalm 55 nine times over the doll, and stick one pin through the parchment paper and into the doll.
      Wrap the doll in a black cloth and hide in a dark place, careful to choose a place where no one can find it and handle it.

      Each day for eight more days (for a total of nine days), take out the doll and recite Psalm 55 nine times over it and stick a pin through the parchment paper and into the doll.
      Wrap the doll in a black cloth and hide away in a dark place, away from prying eyes.

      On the ninth day, take the doll and the black cloth and bury it near a cemetery. Alternately, you can burn the doll and throw the ashes in a cemetery. Or, you may keep the doll and remove the parchment paper and nine pins from the doll and either bury them in or near a cemetery or burn and throw the ashes in or near a cemetery. If you keep the doll for future use, you may only use it for the same person, and you must keep it wrapped up and away from view, except when you wish to speak to your enemy through it.

      Now I prefer to burn the doll pins and all and toss into the farthest corner of the cemetery, this way the results are permanent, and no one can accidentally dig up the doll and undo the workings.

      I cannot say how soon this will take effect but you may see something in 4 to 6 weeks.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  16. Hello,
    First, thank you for this informative article, it has been so helpful. I was wondering if you would be able to provide some more insight. Do you think this would work for an entire family of people? They really are just awful people, not just in terms of being neighbors. They all usually come in and out of the house daily so I'm fairly confident they would walk in the path of the powder. If they were to track a small amount onto the sidewalk and someone else or myself walked through it would that have a negative impact on us? I greatly appreciate you help!!!

    1. Hello My Dear,

      If they step onto it first, then the powder will have reached its intended target(s) so that by the time they walk to the sidewalk it would not affect any innocent person. Including you, but after you place the hotfoot powder on their path, go home and shower with hyssop and sea salt to make sure that nothing residual is clinging to you.

      One or two other things you might want to consider doing also is a banishing ritual or sprinkling a bit of black destroyer oil on their walk way as well.

      Read my post on Black Destroyer Oil it will give you ideas how to apply it. Although the formula says olive oil, you can make it with mineral oil.

      Another thing you may want to do quickly until you can get the ingredients together is to “freeze” them, put their names on a piece of brown paper (torn from a paper bag) or photos of them write on the paper or photo’s “Leave this place” 9 times. Put it into a hefty freezer bag and fill with water and put it into the freezer, by doing that it will temporally freeze them until you can do a banishing or Hot Foot them.

      And the most drastic is to do a D.U.M.E candle ritual on them I have that listed in my archives as well, but do take protections to protect yourself and your home.

      I’ve got a horrible neighbor and I’ve been doing the “Freezer” spell on him, I don’t do anything to the rest of the family because they are nice, so I don’t want to harm them. And it works for me.

      So the choice is yours. Good Luck!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  17. I guess I am new at all this, obviously would not be looking if I was not in dire straights. So my husband and I have been together for almost 13 years. It has been highs and lows, mainly lows (big LOWS). He is horribly negative - can be mentally/emotional abusive and a few times physically aggressive - grabbing my wrists, etc. Has a sex addiction (which I knew or suspected and just came out during marriage counselling this month), stayed out during both pregnancies (basically abandonment), treated me like a roommate with no love, support only as person to have sex with, no help financially with the kids all the while I was helping him with monthly bills, looking at hookup ads, the list GOES ON AND On. Over the last year I have been wanting to leave - planning to leave - now all the while trying to figure this with a now 1 year old and 4 year old. I finally had a breaking point (LOW POINT) late this Feb and started an emotional affair with an ex of mine from 16 years ago which ended being physically in May. All the while this was happening I was trying to separate from my husband - horrible to say the least, very mean, negative, told me had money and he would get the kids, I would be on the streets,etc. He did not find out until the Sunday I returned from seeing my ex so the ugliness from Feb - he found out was all based that he wanted to suffer and entrap me by making those threats where I would not leave and be scared to leave which I was. So now I feel stuck and know that this is no life to live and that I deserve happiness, positive energy to surround me and for me to be the best version of myself for my children and teach them that life can be wonderful, happy and not so negative and ugly. He has said that this was a wakeup call for him and he wanted to make things work. He goes for a day or two and its great then something as little as me forgetting to give the card I got his dad from the kids into a full blown attack or on fathers day the fact that I did not "give him sex for fathers day" then the following day I get the I am so so sorry, I dont know why I cant control my reactions, etc. This is how he always been, I have known that and more than ever know now that nothing I do can fix him or nor is it on me to fix him. I am trying to figure out my plan of escape but heard someone talk about a rootworker and I started googling away and stumbled on this. Other than the basics - filing for separation, leaving, etc can I do when it comes to voodoo and hoodoo. I live in highly Gullah populated area and was hoping to find someone local but obviously that is hard to do.

  18. I guess I am new at all this, obviously would not be looking if I was not in dire straights. - I hope that did not sound offensive, I just reread that and thought it could come across the wrong way. Much thanks.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      No, you didn't sound offensive, your just going through a difficult time and are very frustrated.

      Please give me a day or two to respond, I'm meditating very carefully on your situation.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you. i do not want to make it sound like I am little miss perfect either. But our first marriage counselor we saw in Mar that I was using to repair our friendship and partnership (not marriage) for the kids told me get out that he was bad news and had nothing going for him that is why he held so tightly to me, now that I have told some of my close friends that I am giving it another try - they have stated that they love me, they support me but cannot support him or the toxic marriage or bear to see me be broken or take the disrespect that he shows them any longer. He has always been horrible my friends and family. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to meditate over this. I just don't know which way to go or what to do. I did also want to see if there was something I can recite or do to protect the kids, the home and myself as well. Again THANK YOU. Take Care.

    3. Hello My Dear,

      My first marriage was with a highly abusive and toxic man, but I was lucky in one respect, I didn’t have children by him, that made leaving him easier, in your case his threats are to intimidate you and are mentally abusive, if you have a cell phone that can record, keep it with you if possible and record every conversation where he threatens you, have someone transfer that to a CD to be played in court.

      If he physically abuses you don’t hesitate to call the police and have him arrested then get a copy of the “Incident Report” that starts a paper trail.

      The Marriage Counselor gave you the best advice—Get OUT!! Yes, file for separation and divorce as well as a restraining order, and he should only have supervised visits with the children, he should never be alone with them nor should he take them anywhere.

      Ask that Marriage Counselor if he/she is willing to give an affidavit regarding his observations between you and your husband and his recommendation to get out of the marriage.

      In short Document, document, document.

      Now on the spiritual level, I wanted to see if I could make any sense of what your husband and the relationship is like and I kept getting Swords from Tarot. 4 of Swords reversed meaning mental disharmony, struggling, a disaster, 9 of swords reversed issues and problems that cannot be ignored and then 10 of swords it means endings, it indicates hitting rock bottom.

      My Dear you cannot fix anything here, even Tarot and my guides are saying get out now while you can, while you have your sanity—trust me even after the divorce he will make your life a living hell.

      I’m not surprised that in a highly Gullah area you have not found someone, they are very private, and I’d have to respect that.

      If in your area there is a metaphysical shop you can purchase either Dark Arts oil or Black Arts oil then do a Lemon curse on him, but do it after you leave him.

      If there is no metaphysical shop then order this oil from one of the shops that I have a link to either Conjured Cardena or Lucky Mojo.

      Have the oil delivered to a friend’s house if you are still with your husband, it will not be a large amount but it will be enough for this purpose.

      Then leave your husband and do this hex far away from him.

      You will need one lemon, a bowl (preferably black), one 4 inch black candle, 9 nails, Dark Arts Oil or Black Arts Oil, a photo of your husband, and a knife.

      Light the candle and by candle light cut a slit into the lemon, put the picture (folded) inside the slit, take one nail and feel your anger for all the abuse he’s done to you, picture that anger—get really mad then pierce the nail into the lemon, do the same with the remaining 8 nails and each time your anger at your husband should get blacker and backer.

      After you’ve pierced the last nail into the lemon, put it all into the bowl, pour the oil onto the lemon filling the bowl until the lemon is half covered with the oil (add either mineral oil or olive oil to stretch out the oil you’ve bought).

      Then let the lemon rot in this bowl, put the bowl somewhere where no one will look at it or touch it. As the lemon rots so too will the life and luck of your husband.

      Allow the candle to burn out while you envision your soon to be ex-husband rotting away.

      When the lemon is completely rotted, bury the lemon and the oil in the farthest corner of a cemetery, dispose the candle in the trash, wash the bowl with lemon scented soap and only use for ritual work.

      When you can read my other postings as well as the comments and replies for more information.

      Build up your own spell book, you can use a 3 ring binder. Eventually you’ll come in contact with someone.

      Recite Psalm 23 and the St. Michael's' prayer for protection.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Thank you for taking the time and care to put into this. I am saddened by the response but it is something that I already knew, I guess just knowing that it what it is, hearing it from someone that is not here seeing it, but can feel it - I need to be honest with myself and stop skirting around the truth of what is enviable. When you say "Then leave your husband and do this hex far away from him." You mean separate right? Just wanted to be clear, then comes my issue - I haven't the means to leave right now and have been trying to figure that out. Would it be possible to still do something to push him to leave him the house, then I could file for separation, once that happens and he isn't living here or vice versa then do the lemon spell? My state I live in is horrible with separation - one has to leave the house and not be living in the house before the other can file for separation - then it is for a 1 year unless at fault is found. I would have left over the last 4 months but the financial and housing uncertainty with the 2 children is what held me back. I can understand the "sanity" part. I often feel like I am crazy for not wanting to be with him or have felt like "Am I overreacting" or "Did I just imagine him doing that". Even over the weekend - our child's 1st birthday sat - he decided to drink with a friend for 4 hours during the day (a weekend we took intentionally to just be family - the 4 of us) and then walk around with his typical grimace expression. Then Sun we return home, I needed space so ask him if he would like to go out and while he is out books a vacation for my birthday just the 2 of us, which I have not so much as a card in the last I don't even know how many years - so with things like that, it just sends my mind into fits and I cannot wrap my head around if there is true sincerity in anything, is it for show or what. This why I know I cant stay, the back and forth is just too much. I would love another reading though and not sure if you are willing to do that or could suggest someone in my area. It is hard to know who to go to. Thank you so much for much for putting so much energy and care into the response . Much love - M

    5. Also I guess I just want to make sure that nothing will come back on me or harm me and my children as well. Thank you again for your time Ms. Q. Much Love M

    6. Dear M,

      Thank you for clarifying the separation laws for your state, it is clear that he is the one that needs to leave, so that you can at least have a place to stay with the children.

      With the Lemon curse you can do that when he is not at home, put the bowl in an area where he will not go to in your home or ask a friend if you can do it at her house and have her keep the bowl where no one will touch it ---do not put it in the refrigerator, if your friend has a back yard, it could be put up on a shelf outside or in a garage out of sight, check on it once a week then when it has sufficiently rotted follow through with the rest of the instructions. Find a friend who would be sympathetic to what you are doing.

      You can do the lemon spell after he leaves the house, or before he leaves. Whichever you’d feel best doing in timing.

      On having him leave you may want to use Goofer Dust from Lucky Mojo, or Kufwa dust from Conjured Cardea, wear disposable gloves or rubber gloves and put a tiny pinch inside his shoes, in the back pocket of all his jeans or slacks.

      As you do that recite Psalm 35 lines 5 and 6 and Psalm 59 lines 11 through 15 from the King James Bible, to get him to leave.

      Be sure to wash all his clothing separate from yours and the children.

      If you use rubber dishwashing gloves, after you put the dust in wash the gloves with lemon scented dishwashing soap to clean them.

      You are not over reacting, he is playing mind games with you, take anything he says or does with a “grain of salt”, it’s like saying mindlessly, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. It will help maintain your sanity.

      Keep of journal with dates of what he does, hide the journal, he wants you to leave so he can gain more control over you.

      Like I said if he abuses you physically do not hesitate to call the police and have him detained in jail, do not bail him out, he needs to be away from you.

      If you have the funds talk to a female divorce lawyer to get an idea of what you can do. At least you’ll have more information.

      In essence he is trying to do what use to be called “Gaslighting”, named after the film “Gaslight”.

      Make an excuse to cancel the birthday vacation and get a refund, it does not sound like a wise thing to do with just the 2 of you, say that you cannot leave the baby in the care of another. No matter what he says, don’t do it.

      I drew a card for you I got the Knight of Wands, reversed, this means discord, or cruel indifference, making haste without thinking.

      You need to be very careful of not rushing into things without thinking it through first.

      Even if you are starting to get frustrated with a lack of action, you need to consider the consequences before doing something. It's referring to him, then it is best to steer clear of his games for the time being, avoid being alone unless you have the children or a friend.

      The Knight of Wands reversed suggests that you are at risk of acting impulsively, doing or saying things that you may later regret.

      Be careful, too, that you are not reacting instantly to everything that happens but that you give your circumstances some space and time before you take action.

      You may also find yourself feeling frustrated that there are certain factors impacting your situation that you feel you cannot control.

      Remind yourself that there WILL be things that you can control and change as you want to.

      Plan your actions carefully for separation and divorce, document everything and no you & the children will not be hexed.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    7. THANK YOU! I pulled up this article and it is him to a tee.
      It has literally broke me, he denies things that he has said and done - in return I think I am crazy. I will sit down and think things through and have a plan. I had already retained a lawyer (female) in March and have kept her retained, she thinks I need to go for the throat - alcohol/drug test within he first week we separate, etc. Thank you so very much for everything you have done over the past few days! I greatly appreciate it and will be going to a shop today or tomorrow to get the oil and speak with someone in the store and try and network. Bless you for your ability and support. It is just such a scary thought and I have felt so guilty for trying "to break our family apart" as he has said, I just need to overcome those fears and do what I know is right in my heart. Much Love M

    8. Dear M,

      You are welcome.

      I'm putting you and your children into my prayer circle to help give you strength.

      Tell your friends and family members that now you know what he is trying to do, keep them aware of his tricks.

      Your lawyer is right--go for the throat---he is crazy.

      And do not go on that vacation trip with him, have him cancel it and get a refund.

      Considering his mental make up it would be unwise to do.

      And stop feeling guilty about divorcing him.

      With my first husband I was trying to stick it out, but my Mother told me what happened to one of her family members, that family members husband drove her to suicide, Granny and Mom found out later what he had done, needless to say they "fixed" him.

      Stay strong and do what is right for you and the children.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    9. Thank you. I will make sure to update you as to what is going on and how things are going. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

    10. You are welcome my Dear.

      Yes, please keep me posted and I have you and your children in my prayer circle for strength and protection.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  19. Hello, my name is Gia. I'm in a very similar and distressing situation to the last lady you helped. I, too, have been trapped for 13 years - by a covert narcissist. I don't have children with him, thank God, nor am I married to him, but I have gone through hell and found your site today looking for new answers. I read everything on this page and found your wisdom and advice very helpful. I'm afraid if I hotfoot my abusive squatter it will hurt me karmically. I try very hard to do God's will. I'm not a religious fanatic, I just am wary of doing actual magic. However, I've got to get safely free before I lose everything. I feel that lady's pain. I learned there were covert narcissists just last week. I pray she gets free. I pray everyone trapped gets liberated, me included. Bless you for helping people when all other help fails. ♡

    1. I just told him this past weekend that I was done. He has shown me a side of him that I would have hoped to have seen while I was still in love with him but still very weary that this is just a show and know that I am not going back. I have only done the hot foot which has not worked yet but I have heard that there is no real time period ?? for these things to work, that it is up to the greater powers. I hate that you are going through all of this, I truly do. It is very tiring - emotionally, physically and mentally. I feel like a fog was lifted literally and I was able to stop going back to blaming myself for his actions and forgiving him when I know I should have just left and giving him chance after chance. I am not a very religious person either but have found myself praying more. You have to just make a decision that when it has been enough, he has been enough and that is truly the hard part and finding the strength to break free of the situation. I hope that I can continue on this path and to get out of the relationship.

    2. Dear Gia,

      I’m replying to both your comments

      God Bless you for your bravery. And to answer your question, no it will not hurt you karmicly, because this person is a squatter, you don’t want him, you want him out O-U-T out!!

      The one thing that the Divine Presence wants if for us to be happy, and if you’re not happy, then get rid of what is making you un-happy, use Hotfoot, use a D.U.M.E candle, serve an eviction letter on him, call the cops, if he so much as put a finger on you call the cops and get him locked up.

      You will not be punished by God, THAT I can guarantee.

      In reply to your second comment, You will, you just have to be strong, and if Hotfoot doesn’t work after another week, then switch to Goofer Dust, Also in a heated oil diffuser (the kind that is ceramic and you burn a tea light under it) heat up white vinegar with crushed garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Rosemary and Black Pepper in it, the pungent smell might cause him to leave.

      This is a form of 4 Thieves vinegar it is used to strengthen you and weaken those you don’t like and drive away unwanted people.

      Just make sure to replenish the vinegar to make sure the diffuser doesn’t burn. And don’t just burn it once, do it often.

      And pray to God and St. Michael to get rid of him.

      You’ve learn a lesson from being with him. Now it’s time to take out the trash.

      I’ll put you in my prayer circle.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    3. Hello Mrs Q.
      Im in a situation with my gf she is mentally an physically abusive to me an my kids. She's just out right mean. We have a place together an she refuses to leave. Im not at peace in my home. Me an my children live n fear. I just want her gone. No harm done to her I just want her to leave an forget about me an my family.. I've lost my oldest daughter because of her. She doesn't trust her nor like her so she doesnt come around an we barely speak.. My question is will hot foot powder work for what I want done??

    4. Hello Mrs Q

      I need help.. My gf has been abusive to me an my children. Physically an mentally. We have been together 3 years the 1st year was ok but it started getting bad. She always refuses to leave because we have a place together.. I have lost my oldeat daughter because of her she wont come around because she doesn't like nor trust her... I was thinking about using hot foot powder but wasnt sure if this was the best for my situation.. I dont want any harm to come to her I just want her out of mines an my children's life for good.. An no harm or karma to come back to us. What would be your recommendation. Thank you for your help in advance.

    5. Hello My Dear,

      I'm assuming that you posted your question twice and to both my answer is the same. I'd like to let you know that no question will post until the "moderator" first sees it and then it will post.

      First let’s look at your situation from a legal standpoint----are you renting? Or do you own your place? Is her name on the rental agreement or on the title to the house?

      If it is then you might have a difficult time legally to get rid of her but not an impossible one since she is an undesirable tenant, but if her name is NOT on the rental agreement or on the title to your place, it should be easier to serve a 30 day eviction notice on her as an undesirable tenant.

      Talk to a lawyer about that to do the proper procedures in either case, since you are NOT married to her and have concern for the welfare of your children, you should be able to have her legally removed.

      In the meantime put a bit of the powder into her shoes, a touch into the pockets of her clothing, a tiny pinch into her hair shampoo, do this when she is not at home, and make sure she does not have any video recording devices going on.

      If she replaces the shampoo or brushes it out of her clothing or shoes, put the powder in again when she is not at home, lightly sprinkle some on her side of the bed when she’s not there, so her bare feet will touch it when she gets in and out of bed.

      If she should notice the dust and asks where did it came from say to her “I don’t know, maybe you kicked it up on your shoes from some place.” Which is true, you don’t know exactly where it came from.

      No bad karma will come to you or the children because you are doing this to protect you and most importantly your children,

      In doing the work to protect yourself and those you love that is a perfectly good reason that the Divine Presence would approve of because you and your children deserve to be safe and happy.

      And don’t be afraid to call the cops if she should hurt you or the children, this will build up a legal case against her for eviction by showing a reason for it.

      And you can have the police with you when the time comes for you to legally evict her.

      Then get a “stay away order” against her sighting physical abuse against you and the children.

      The hotfoot powder will have her leave voluntarily, but the “stay away order’ will make it permanent.

      I’ve always said that the magick is done in support of those things or efforts that one does in the real world.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  20. Do you think I can use this to get rid of a sickness? Banishing the sickness and keeping the good?

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I am sorry but Hot Foot Powder will not banish a sickness, it can only be used to banish a person from your presence, not a sickness that is in your body.

      For that you need to see a doctor and get medical treatment and do not hesitate to see the doctor if you are ill.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  21. Hello Ms. Q,

    Can Hot Foot Powder be used to rid a house of rodents? I know it's a crazy question but they keep coming back. The cat ignores and they get smart on the traps. I might sound crazy but I swear they're a curse. I'm grateful for any ideas. I enjoy your blog, very insightful. Blessings,

    1. Dear Sab,

      Technically --- No.

      Rats are highly intelligent, that’s why they are used by scientists in mazes and pshycology tests.

      And yes they are a curse.

      But you need to see what is attracting them to your house, are they coming into the house or basement? Or into your attic?

      First you need to remove what it is that attracts them, such as food including cat food or easy to get to garbage, even a compost heap can attract rats.

      Then hunt for any holes that allow them entrance into your home.

      If you have fruit trees in your yard you need to pick up any fallen fruit as well as pick any ripening fruit.

      If they go into your attic, put down poison as they will make a nest up there and eat the electric wires---I know that sounds cruel but wild rats are what brought the Plague and you need keep your home free of such vermin.

      You can use fresh Bay Leaves in your attic or basement if buying rat poison scares you. But make sure your cat doesn’t get to that.

      Put the Bay leaves down all the time, even when you think they are gone.

      One remedy that my granny use to do is plant a lot of peppermint plants around her house and around where she had her garbage bins, she also planted it around her hen house and chicken run as well.

      And that seemed to work, but it takes time to get those plants established, in the meantime I’m giving you this link for home remedies to get rid of rats:

      And you'll find that the peppermint plants are very nice smelling for humans.

      Good Luck!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  22. Hello Ms.Q I posted my problem last night in the middle of the night because I am at the end of my rope and don't know what to do. However I forgot to check the notify button on bottom of the box. I wasn't sure how I would is able to get a response and thought maybe I should give you my email address if that would help. It is I really hope to hear from you. And would greatly appreciate your help

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      Not to worry, I found your question, it had gone into the "spam" folder.

      I'll be replying to you in the next day or two, I'm still recovering from the excitement among the family seeing the Eclipse.

      Hang in there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  23. Hello Ms.Q,
    I've found all of your childhood story's and all of your very helpful hints on the Hot foot powder very helpful also just on a side note the details in your learning and raising as a young I could see it in my mind as you were describing so thank you :) my question for you is I found a recapie for Hot foot powder containing black salt pepper red pepper and sulfur powder, So would this recipe work as a Hot foot powder? Thank you in advance :)

    1. Hello Elishia,

      Yes it would be effective as those are the basic ingredients for Hot Foot Powder, much like water, flour, salt and yeast are the basic ingredients for bread.

      People add other ingredients to ramp up the power in it like graveyard dirt, dirt daubler nest, dried scorpions etc.

      Just be careful with the red pepper and sulfur powder, do not touch your eyes with your hands, and be sure to wash your hands after handling it, or wear disposable gloves.

      I hope as I write about more things to include my experiences from my younger days, it seems that many of my readers, like you, enjoy the fact that I include my experiences from when I was young, I guess it helps out.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  24. Yes ma'am I'll be cautious while marrying the ingredients together. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk or type lol to me. And yes ma'am I'm looking forward to reading more from your family experiences :)

    1. You are very Welcome Elishia. And I’m glad that you are being cautious.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  25. I love your post on hot foot powders. Can you explain how the Hell Hound Hot Foot Powder would be applied? Thank you!

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Funny that you would ask that. The other day my friend who had come up with making and using the Hell Hound Hot Foot Powder dropped by for coffee and as we chatted that very same subject came up.

      She remarked that she had last seen the horrible, abusive bad-news ex-boyfriend earlier this year and he looked horrible, a few months later she saw his obituary in the newspaper.

      I asked her if that is what she wanted and she replied, without any guilt, “yes” because he was bad news for any woman.

      We talked about the Hell Hound Hot Foot Powder, she said she applied it the same way as you would any standard hot foot powder, a little in his shoes (all of his shoes), a little in the back pocket of his jeans, a little in the pocket of his jacket, a little on the side of his bed where he usually gets up out of bed.

      She even put a tiny amount between the bottom sheet and mattress cover of his bed. She made sure she never slept in his bed. She put it in any of his clothes that had pockets. She even put a tiny amount in the bill-fold section of his wallet, but it had to be tiny amounts so he wouldn’t wonder about it.

      He even had a pair of favorite Jeans that he rarely washed so she sprinkled a bit on the inside leg of those jeans. She was creative.

      So he left her, but he could never settle down, couldn’t hold a job for any long period of time, he said to mutual friends that he thought he was being followed, they thought he was being paranoid, stop smoking the mary jane they said.

      He couldn’t even keep an apartment so he’d bunk out at any friends place but didn’t stay long.

      One of them that knew her said when her ex-boyfriend was staying with him that he thought there was a dog in his apartment because he could hear panting and like the sound of dog nails on the wood floor when the bad-news boyfriend was staying with him. One time he heard what sounded like a dog growling It stopped when the ex-boyfriend left.

      Once she read that he had died, she went to the jar of the left over graveyard dirt of the K-9 that she got it from, (she kept some of it in reserve to keep a spiritual connection to the dog) she held it between her hands and thanked the dog/hound for his service and he could now rest from his duties.

      Later she went back to the cemetery and put on that dog’s grave 9 more biscuits for services rendered as a reward saying “Good Boy, that’s a Good Dog!”

      She said that if she needed to do it again, she’d once again ask the dogs at the cemetery to see which one would like to take on the job, she said if it’s the same one that’s fine.

      But she knows you have to do payment.

      I hope that helps you.

      You know you’ve just given me an idea about another article since you and several others asked about Hell Hounds. Thank You!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q