Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Purpose of Black Destroyer Oil---First Defense~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I can understand you wanting to know more about the darker aspects of ritual work, it’s obvious by your questions it’s not so much about ritual as in Wicca, or in Santeria etc. but what do you do to protect yourself from that which is dark around you.

You have to also remember to be in the Light as well.  So such positive things like a blessing fount with Holy Water as well as Holy Oil, etc. to protect yourself and your home is understandable and necessary.  To employ rituals or workings to defend yourself, your loved ones and your home is also understand able. 

So when you employ such things you have to be clear as to their purpose and function, we both know, since we are older adults, that young people will do something purely out of spite, frustration, anger, but as we both know, it is best to employ cold, hard, logic in doing things, and to be certain and clear with the purpose. 

So with that in mind I’m going to give to you the recipes for some of what is considered some of the “Darker Art’s” oils.

I am surprised to see some of these already on the internet so they are pretty much out there, different strengths, and different formulations.   I’m also going to post a link of one of the very few practitioners that I know their goods are the “Real Deal” this is if you do not have the time or the ability to make your own materials. 

But I cannot emphasize  enough how important it is to make your own oils, incense, and gathering of materials, because when you do that you are adding greater strength and power and concentration to your “product”.

So one of the oils that I suggest you consider in adding to your “arsenal” is BLACK DESTROYER OIL--- this is also known in Spanish as / negro destructor oil (and I apologize to everyone if you are offended by the word “negro” but it is a Spanish or Hispanic word to describe a color, much like Blanco is used for “white” and Rojo is used for Red)

Black Destroyer oil destroys curses, hatred resentments, envy and any evil intentions towards you or your home.  Black Destroyer formulas are designed to help people clear serious messes out of their lives, protect their homes, and stop curses, evil, and resentment dead in their tracks, it is an excellent "first aid" application when under attack, and often it kills the hell out of stuff without you having to do a whole lot more, though of course this depends on who is “throwing down tricks” against you and what they are using to do it.

 But if you discover something is happening and you want to delay its action use this as a first defense to give you time to set up a “shield”, then discover what is being done and how to reverse it or send it back.

Sometimes just using it alone will work, but then it does pay to re-inforce your “shields” or “wards” aka protections.

First off be careful using the oil, Try hard not to spill it on your clothes as it WILL stain. It will also stain carpets, so with carpets Use sea salt that you bless in the name of the Father the son and the Holy Spirit, sweep it up into a paper or plastic bag, then put in the oil, remember to use disposable gloves.

One of the most common ways of applying this oil is to mix half a bottle (usually 2 oz) with 1 cup of mineral oil. Every night sprinkle contents around the location where the person that harms you walks through, at least for 7 to 9 nights, carry it in an empty cola can so it looks like you’re carrying a soda that you accidentally spill or can under concealment sprinkle carefully.

If you find that powders have been sprinkled across your path or just before you get into your car (driver’s side) dilute the Black Destroyer Oil  in mineral oil and use it as a sprinkle on messes that people have laid for you like if you find powders in your yard such as powders, bottles, or nails other things they have placed on your property or office space (but at the office or work then you have to clean the whole thing up, use paper towels and wear disposable gloves put the whole thing into a plastic baggy then add your Black Destroyer Oil and toss into a dumpster or garbage can that is outside of where you work ) and other stuff like that.

It pays to keep a prepared bottle in your car, or at work in your desk drawer or locker as well as Blessed Sea Salt for emergencies.

Another method although long distance or private workings is this:

For candle work, to dress a candle with Black Destroyer and/or Reversing oils (depending on what I want to happen),  if possible obtain a photo of the person, a handwriting sample or write their name 9 times on a piece of brown paper (like a torn paper bag) in a low, wide flat dish that has a small rim but the dish itself needs to be flat, set the candle on top of the photo, and then fill the dish with a dash of Black Destroyer and a lot of vinegar.  This works best with wider based or bottom candles like small pillars, votive, and 7 knob candles, rather than the kind you have to put in a candle holder. This is because You want to stick the candle right on top of the photo or paper, and you need the candle to be able to hold it down. 

You can add whatever herbs and stuff you want that would also be appropriate to your situation.  Then let the candle burn down 'til the flame reaches the liquid.  Don't do this unless you'll be right there to keep an eye on it though, it will help if you encase it with they call a Hurricane glass chimney, keep it away from anything flammable like curtains and other cloth, etc. and Never on a carpet or on grass.  Due exercise caution

You will find that it is an amazing addition to a banishing ritual.   And when you dress a candle with this oil stroke the oil away from you, not up and down and not towards you---AWAY FROM YOU.


The oil has no specific amounts to the ingredients, that’s the beauty about it, you can add what you think would be the most important things into it, for what you want it to do.

Now this needs to be done in a base of olive oil, granted when sprinkling you are adding this to mineral oil but that just ramps up its effectiveness.

And you have to include at least 10 of the listed ingredients, after I give you the list I’ll show you what Granny’s Ladies did, I liked Mrs. Washington’s formula the best, even my Granny did.


So into a base of Olive Oil you add at least 10 of the following:

Burnt Chicken Feather (black preferable)
Sweet Basil
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Red Pepper
Powdered Charcoal (ritual use, not cook-out type)
Cayenne Powder
High John Root
Pomegranate Seed (dried)
Nails (what kind?)
Iron scrapings
Graveyard Dirt (what kind?)
Hot Foot Powder
Black Snake Root  also known as Black Cohosh

Once the oil is made place the oil or powder on your altar to consecrate. Use it to dress the candle in your ritual. For added power & energy roll the oil dressed candle in Black Destroyer Powder as well.

My Granny’s recipe was usually this:

Olive oil
Tobacco (she’d get hers from some fella’s that would roll their own cigarettes, like Bull Durham)
Anvil Dust---but Iron scrapings worked just as well
Hot Foot Powder
Sweet Basil
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Red Pepper
Cayenne Powder
Ash from a ritual banishing fire but powdered ritual charcoal like Three Kings works just as well, or the type of charcoal that is used in church rites, you can order that from a church supply shop on line.

Graveyard Dirt from a soldiers’ or police officer’s grave, if one of your relatives was in the military that would work but follow the ritual to gather the dirt

Burnt chicken feather preferably black from either a hen or a rooster-- Bantam’s are good

Nails ---now it depended if she used a nail from a jail, a mortuary, or a coffin nail, sometimes just a plain square nail, to nail the person down.

Black Cohosh aka Black Snake root

Frankincense and if she could get it Myrrh as Myrrh is a bitter perfume used in ancient funeral rites.

She would let it marinate in a Master bottle, especially if she was using a nail from a jail/prison, for three days, shaking it 3 times a day, morning, noon, and night.  She’d then put the master bottle on her altar and consecrate it. Then she’d pour off some into a small bottle, filtering it through muslin or 4 layers of cheese cloth, the putting the leavings back into the master bottle.

Sometimes she and Mrs. Washington would make a variation of the oil such as only using Myrrh, having a different nail and different graveyard dirt used.  


Everything is dry, it is not put in any oil, but ground very fine, and using the fine powder from the resins of either Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal (I started using Copal when I could get a hold of it and I’d used the dried Pomegranate seeds), let the garlic dry out in the sun and then chop if possible or grind.

I use an electric coffee grinder, but after the other ingredients were ground up then I’d add the iron filings and the resins powder as that stuff could hurt the grinder.  The Nail was added after all the dry stuff was mixed.

After making it and putting the powder into its container I had to wear disposable gloves to carefully clean the grinder so that product would not contaminate anything else I was making.    I never did use it for coffee beans, just be sure to label which is which.

Both the powder and the oil should be in your cabinet or what you can do is have the powder on hand and then if you need to make the oil, add the powder to your Olive Oil, that way you do not have to worry about it going rancid. 

I’ve known of some people putting the powder into vodka with the nail, allowing it to marinate, then pouring the vodka off and using the liquid to toss into an enemy’s property, and they have sworn by it to work.   Especially if using those ingredients that edge towards “death” such as Myrrh, Pomegranate seeds, and the types of nails, and graveyard dirt.

Again it depends upon circumstances. But again I do CAUTION you.  Do not use this indiscriminately, this is for defense of and from negative and/or evil energies and actions that are aimed at you, your loved ones, your property. 

Use it to destroy and stop in their tracks curses, hexes, hatred, resentments, envy and any evil intention towards you, your family or friends, or your home and to help people clear serious situations from their lives.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Another fascinating post. This blog has a wonderful archive which I've referred to often. I see that you will answer questions from readers; I wasn't sure how or where to ask a question, so I'm putting it here even though it doesn't apply to the post. Old books that mention conjure refer to "hush water." Supposedly it was around during the slavery era and supposedly made people patient enough to endure many things. On a sexist note, one source said men bought it and gave it to their wives to keep them quiet. Are you familiar with this water and what it contained?

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Malcolm,

      Well my first reaction was "Oh My Stars and Garters" which Granny would sometimes say when she heard something surprising or bringing back an old memory. I have heard about "Hush water" from several of the ladies of my Granny's group. And it did refer to several different things.

      I have to be honest, I'm going to do a post on this subject, it is a bit too long to just do as a simple reply. But give me a little time, this is the Holiday weekend and my Grandkiddies are taking me to the County Fair for a "bang-up" time, I just hope to be able to keep up with them.

      But I will answer this question to the best of my memory. Thank You Malcolm.

      Blessings to you.

    2. No rush. Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Hi Miss Q,
    I have concerns of a generational curse. I'm told it is one of the baddest ones around. Meaning to remove it will take a lot of power and serious prayer. I just found out about it yr ago and it explains so many things in my life. I've had a shamanic healing and not sure if it even tapped the surface. What can I do? Is Black Destroyer strong enough? What would you suggest?

  3. Hi Miss Q,
    I have concerns of a generational curse. I'm told it is one of the baddest ones around. Meaning to remove it will take a lot of power and serious prayer. I just found out about it yr ago and it explains so many things in my life. I've had a shamanic healing and not sure if it even tapped the surface. What can I do? Is Black Destroyer strong enough? What would you suggest? It's has been definitely a stressful time in my life. Everything I have ever wanted or come close to gets snatched or blocked from me. Help please!!!

    1. It can be done, but after you use it you then must do a positive ritual to improve your own life. Generational curses have a habit of emphasising the bad habits of a family in that they do not learn to improve themselves but say "Oh its the curse", you can fight the curse by doing things to improve your life and this is in addition to rituals, prayers to improve yourself.

      You also have to remember that in life we have our hills and our valleys, when we have our hills we can be happy but not to waste the positive that comes to us, when we have the valleys we must learn the lesson that the Higher Power is teaching us, by doing that we become strong.

      If something has been snatched or blocked from you maybe it was not the right thing, or the right time for it.

      First wrap yourself with the white liight of protection from Arch Angel Michael, recite the Michael prayer which I have posted much earlier on my Blog. Second get pictures of the Sacred heart of Jesus and Mary and put it over your bed.

      Cleanse the area where you live (apartment/house) you can use sage or sweet grass for it.

      Then do the ritual with Black Destroyer and send this curse back to the one who started it be they alive or dead.

      Then go to a Catholic church at the end of the Sunday mass sit at the back and pray for protection and enlightenment. Meditate there for a few minutes, take in the peace of the place.

      From then on do rituals and prayers for protection, enlightenment, and improvement. Do not put your hopes and dreams onto one thing but look for opportunities for improvement, they may not be what you expect but they will be what you REALLY need.

      I'll explain this in a post later on, and learn from that new post. Tonight here on the Pacific Coast we are going to have a lunar eclipse, you may see it where you are as well. Either way this is a Moon of powerful and somewhat uncomfortable change. I am going to post a link to this. Watch for it and do a ritual tonight to bring in positive things to you and banish all that is negative.

      It will take time but by this time next year you will see changes. Do NOT Despair, the Higher Power, God, Mother Mary, the Angles they all love you. Remember That!

      Blessings Child

  4. I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge. I've read through your archives, and you are very knowledgeable and I feel incredibly trustworthy in your working. I have recently been put in the position in my practice for clients, in which this type of work is becoming necessary for their protection, and I appreciate that you're very thorough in your warnings and respect for this type of work. Thank you SO much for providing a reliable resource. My clients thank you, as well.

    1. Dear Melissa,

      Thank you for your kind words, I am glad to have been of some assistance to you.

      Slowly I will add other information but it does take time.

      Bright Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

    2. I'm back to re-read your directions. The oil will be ready tomorrow, and I'm anxious to see if this does the trick for my client, though please do not see that as doubt in your instruction, but possibly in my lack of knowledge. I don't talk about my practice to anyone really, but my husband was watching me work as I made this, and saw the destroyer candle arrive in its' package, so he asked. He told me that he saw this attempt, even for the best of reasons, as being a situation in which I'm "walking a line", and after I explained my reasoning, he stated they sounded like justification to do something 'bad'. In my heart, I don't feel that to be the case, and it was actually at the suggestion of one of my Guides that I came across your page and this recipe and instructions to begin with. So I'll move forward in good faith.

      The binding and banishing I've done for this client to this point worked well, but only for months. This needs to be a permanent 'fix' for her as the person affecting her, a previous teacher and someone well-versed in TRULY 'bad' things, (though not outrightly so) seems to be seeing this as a challenge. I'm seeing this as a fighting of fire with fire, but would welcome your opinion on the matter.


    3. P.S. Is there a better time of moon phase in which to do this? Dark of moon?

    4. Dear Melissa,

      First my apologies for not getting back to you sooner, if you’ve been following things you know why.

      This oil can be used almost any time but with this type of oil you’re really banishing something or in essence destroying something, sending it away, so a waning moon is good but 2 to 3 days before the new Moon, which is the Dark of the moon is best, but if it’s a prolonged ritual then the week before the dark of the moon with it ending on the dark of the moon is good as well.

      Once every two years we get 2 dark of the moons in one month, this 2nd dark moon is called a Black Moon and it is the best for banishing and using this oil. So keep that in mind as well.

      And I am very grateful that my information is proving to be so helpful to you, any your clients.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    5. Dear Melissa,

      In regards to your Husband questioning your work, let me tell you about my husband.

      When I was doing the work after I was newly married, my husband also had reservations, but I told him this , “Even though the Lord said ‘If thine enemy smyth (hits me) thee, turn the other cheek,’ eventually one runs out of cheeks to turn and it then becomes abuse, and “we” do not like abusers or bullies.” He changed his mind after that.

      Now when he sees me get out the candles and the oils he just asks me "Candle time?" and I reply "yes" and he leaves me alone, why? Because of what I finally did to a very crazy and dangerous neighbor.

      Here is my reasoning behind all this and it's not simply Justification it is our God Given Right to Protect and Defend Ourselves. Anyone who says we shouldn't or don't is leaving themselves wide open to be a victim and we do not endanger our souls to protect ourselves.

      We have the right to defend ourselves, both physically, legally and spiritually, that is a fundamental right, but we forget that we have it.

      I had a paranoid schizophrenic person living across the street from us, he had threatened our lives, vandalize our property, woke us up in the middle of the night, called us foul names, his actions frightened the children in the neighborhood, his father refused to have him put in jail because of his drug usage, one day when his crazy son wasn’t home I talked to the father and said “If you don’t take action, I will, if he destroys any of my property tries to harm me or my family, I Will take action”.

      Then I did a legal restraining order on the person, that brought a measure of peace, but I followed it up with a very strong spiritual protection using Black Destroyer Oil.

      Now sometimes I have to be careful how much power I put into something, because a few weeks later the crazy person set fire to his sleeping quarters in one of his mania attacks, the good thing it was confined to a detached garage, no one was hurt, but he had been sent to a facility screaming the devil in the form of a black horse breathing fire was after him. He’s still there in that facility and the neighborhood has been very peaceful for the first time in years.

      My husband Never questioned anything I did after that.

      The next time your husband questions your work tell him “The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few or the one” And one needs to be safe from harm, safe from fear, and free from both as well, because WE DO HAVE THAT RIGHT!

      Your client also needs to set up very strong protections around her home/apartment and especially around her bedroom, see my previous posts on protection, shielding, wards and warding and railroad spikes. That will be of some help, also she should have the images of the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary in her home facing the front door and a 2nd picture of that in her bedroom.

      That should be of some help, eventually that person will tire, and she should also wear the blessed medal of St. Michael and the blessed medal of the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary. They need to be priest blessed. If a priest won't do it, then put the medals in a bowl of holy water and say the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers and the St. Michael Prayer (I have it posted on this blog)ask them to protect your client and the client should be there when you do these prayers and say them as well.

      Every morning and night your client should say "Jesus and Mary Protect me for all that would harm me. St. Michael be my shield and guardian and turn away all that would hurt me".

      That should help things further. Eventually this negative person will tire, give up and leave your client alone.

      Remember things are always a continuous battle, it never ends until the other side gives up, or their work lashes back on them. Mirror spells work wonders. I'll see about posting a couple in the near future.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  5. Ms. Q! I finally heard from my client last night. I know you won't find this the least bit shocking, but I'm a bit blown away, myself! So the person on whom we worked this trick has apparently disappeared. His website is gone. Even his Facebook page is no longer operating. She's returned to her normal good self, is feeling well, is in a new relationship (something she hadn't found herself capable of in the years this man had been acting against her), and her agoraphobia is now gone completely.

    Thank you so much for your guidance!!

    1. Dear Melissa,

      I am so happy that your client is now in a good situation, It does take time and tremendous focus but it can be done.

      I am happy to have been of some help.

      Just as a follow up for your client remind her that she should continue to say the little prayer to Jesus, Mary and St. Michael both morning and night.

      She should not stop saying that, as that will continue the protection and in "thanks" she should make a donation to a charity that helps abused women.

      In doing that we pass the "goodness" on.

      Tell your client that I am very happy for her.

      I plan to post more things like how to petition the saints and other "recipes".

      And be sure to print out and keep in a binder what I've posted for future reference.

      You Melissa also have a great deal of positive energy to help others, Keep up the good work.

      Brightest of Blessings to you and those you help.

  6. Ms.Q my name is Charlie,I have the black destroyer oil.I feel someone is doing spiritual work against me or have done it.I feel they or attacking my home all my material blessings,an I can't seem to get back balance, like they stopping me from prospering by sending misfortune or bad luck.I am now bathing in the black destroyer oil then afterwards I anoint myself with money an success oil an protection oil,will this help ? I really need your advice Ms Q.

    1. Dear Charlie,

      This is Ms.Q's niece.

      Ms. Q suffered a very serious heart attack and is no longer able to write on her blog nor answer questions or comments in depth.

      The blog is being left up for reference for people.

      I did ask Ms.Q about your question.

      She replied for you to not bathe yourself in the Black destroyer oil, otherwise it will work against you. You are to use it on your petitions or spell work against who maybe working against you, even if you do not know who they are.

      On the Money & success oil, she suggested you take a 20 dollar bill anoint the oil to that and always keep it in your wallet as a mojo for good luck, along with a small picture of the sacred heart of Jesus for protection.

      Take time to relax and get your wit's together (your mind) to see what is the real problem, and then you can find the answers.

      If in doubt petition St. Jude to help you.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings

  7. Hello! Thank you for the awesome directions! How do you get the oil to maintain a dark black color like the stores? Is that important? I used charcoal but it just sinks to the bottom leaving a murky oil.

    1. Dear Roman,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece, Ms. Q has suffered a serious heart attack and has retired from writing her blog, as well as answering any comments or questions in depth.

      Your question was very simple so I asked her, she replied that the commercial made Black Destroyer Oil is different from homemade but when she use to make it she’d add a drop (just one drop) of India Ink to it to make it darker, you still have to shake it up every so often prior to using it but it has worked for her, you can buy India Ink at any arts and crafts store, be careful it leaves permanent stains on clothing.

      In Ms. Q’s words Bright Blessings