Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why did I choose the image of the lady with the black leopard for my image?~~~~~~~

 Dear Ms. Q

That is really a good question I thought I’d answered that before, but it’s worth repeating, I may even do a page on it.

But the reason why I chose this particular image came about through several reasons.

I saw the Val Lewton Movie “the Leopard Man” some years ago and when I was able to collect it on DVD, I was happy to re-visit it again. 

Val Lewton’s movies always had some image of either a man or woman changing into an animal perhaps a variation of the were-wolf stories.  So there was always some sort of metaphysical message in it.   

His best known film  is “The Cat People”.  But he did a series of 11 or 13 horror  films that followed a bizarre mystical and strange path, sometimes showing in a mystical way or message,  what can happen when the energies you attempt to control get loose from you.  

These films can be found in the The Val Lewton Horror Collection (Cat People / The Curse of the Cat People / I Walked with a Zombie / The Body Snatcher / Isle of the Dead / Bedlam / The Leopard Man / The Ghost Ship / The Seventh Victim / Shadows in the Dark) on Amazon.

Another reason was that I’d admired the courage of the actress, a beautiful woman, willing to work with an essentially wild animal, it didn’t matter that the animal had been hand-raised and trained, its nature is to be wild.  And she had it on a leash as well.

To me that became symbolic of working with the magical energies that surround us.  The witchcraft or hoodoo aspect of working with them.   We have to appear as a normal person to the mundane world, yet ply our craft, to protect ourselves and our love ones. 

This power much like the leopard is neither positive nor negative, it is neither white, black nor grey, it simply exists, acting on natural instinct, waiting for direction either by its own desires or at the direction of who chooses to use it.

But we have to keep it on a very careful and tight leash, otherwise it can turn on you much like that black leopard could easily turn on that young woman, the only thing she has to control it is that leash and her will. 

She is framed in that door way alone, no one else except her will, and the power that she has at hand.

That is why when I caution you about something that I present or write about, it also means that either I have experienced the backlash first hand or know someone personally who has had that happen.

Another reason for this image is I love vintage clothing and the styles from the 1930’s, 1940’s and 50’s, were so elegant and lady-like as well as business like, a far cry from the flip-flop, muffin top, pajama wearers that I see so often at Wal-mart or Target, it gets very discouraging at times, so when they see me dressed so very nicely, it’s a shock to them. 

But frankly I want to remind them that by being elegant, and not dressed like those muffin top or skanky persons that I see on the Jerry Springer show (and others like it),  you can attract positive response and respect from many people, and you can do that even if you have to buy your clothes from Goodwill or Salvation Army, look for good quality things that will give you a good image of yourself, exercise even if it’s walking,  eat less of the fast foods, and more on the salads and soups, stop drinking the overly sweet soda’s, and drink more water, avoid fry foods and you’ll lose weight, slowly but you will lose it.

And while you are losing weight dress elegantly, every time, even if it’s to go to the market, make it an event.   I do it, and I look younger than my 70 years, I’ve had people swear I look like I’m in my 50’s.  It’s amazing what properly applied makeup and dressing nicely can do.

Even the professional stripper Dita Von Tesse does it.

And by controlling what you eat, and improving what you wear, you can control the energies around you as well, because if you feel better about yourself and your image your positive energy level will soar and when it soars, so can you control your workings, and you will find that you will Walk like the Queen that you are, not as a victim. 

That is what that image represents.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Ms. Q. I hope are are feeling will. With more I read the questions I have. How do I focus my energy during candle work? I did read the certain way candle burn says alot. When doing my candle work I have seen a moving flame and then strong steady flame in the same session.... i am new at this as you know. This will be my second candle work. And this will be the first one I am doing that I am educationing my self about.

    I must admit someone of the things I read has scared me but I know where I am working from happiness. Im not trying to open up any bed energies. So I rather ask than assume.

    Thank you again for all you help.

    1. Dear Child,

      I am slowly getting better, this cold weather doesn't exactly help me, but my niece is taking good care of me as well and she does fuss if I over tire myself.

      But your questions have giving me ideas for various blog postings.

      I Will have to do one on how to begin to learn to understand "Candle Talk" and I am going to have to do one showing the differences and similarities between "Hot Foot" and "Banishing" powder/oil.

      It will take a bit of time for me to write this all out, but once you understand it the fear will be replaced by knowledge and understanding.

      First with your candle are you using a taper or pillar candle that is one that is not in a glass, or are you using a glass enclosed candle, sometimes called a novena candle.

      Because understanding them can differ a bit.

      However reading the flame is pretty much the same, now if the flame moves or dances first and then is steady afterwards that is one thing, but if it alternates between moving and being steady that is another interpretation, and I am only giving you how I would interpret it.

      Another worker would interpret it differently.

      So for now lets go by how I would read it.... If the candle flame moves or dances or flickers that indicates that there is spirit around you, your spirit guide or guardian angel they are listening and working on your petition, if it burns steady then the angels and your spirit guides are around you, protecting you and helping to work to a happy resolution.

      Now if it's doing this alternately then it's a lot of work they are doing for you, and the resolution may take a bit longer.

      But they are hearing you and doing their best.

      A more complete understanding of reading candles I'll have to post as a guide for you and others, but do not have any fear.

      The only thing I ask is that your candle is burning in a safe place away from causing any problems.

      Blessings My child

  2. For my commanding spell im using two white pillar candles. Those are the ones that have danced at first then for the most part a strong steady flame and may dance again.

    I am starting my love spell tonight. I found myself crying when I adressed them not because it was pain because what invasion was happiness to me. Those candles are the naked pink adam and even candles interwined candles. Is there are anything I should be looking while I burn them?

    Also when i start my candle work my heart is racing and my mind some times wonder. How do I foucs my energy.

    1. Dear Child,

      Crying while trying to focus your energy on causing the results you want is a form of energy release for you, you have put it into the candles.

      Focusing ones energy is also like meditating, you must get rid of any mental and even emotional distractions in some cases of ritual work.

      I always advise if you have children they should be asleep, pets safely contained, the phones turned off not even on vibrate, no television no radio, all outside sounds you must blank out, focus on an image, an image of you and your husband being together, imagine it happening, that is one example.

      On the other person, focus on her, bring her image to mind and then the imagine of her fading away into nothing.

      Those are the simplest suggestions, you can imagine whatever you want, but the imaging should be simple not complicated.

      Your worries and fears are distracting you, you have to let that go and focus on the results you want.

      Now on what to watch for the candles as they burn, observe the flame, any smoke, what the wick looks like and how the candle melts, all of those will give you an idea of how the work is going, and you will have to divine it’s meanings.

      Eventually I will be posting an entire blog post on that on reading candles it is quiet extensive.

      Because it is so extensive That should be part of your printed book so you can reference to it without having to turn on the computer all the time.

      Then after the candles burn down study the melted wax to see if it looks like anything and make a note of what it looks like, also did the Eve part of the candle melt over Adam or did Adam melt over Eve, that will indicate who will be the more dominate partner in the relationship.

      If the candles are enclosed inside a glass container then reading how they melted and any white or black soot that has appeared on the inside of the container is important to how to read the candle as well.

      Focusing is hard, it's hard to quiet the "monkey chatter" in our minds and hearts, but you have to work at it by keeping on image in mind which is the result you want.

      If need be do a drawing of what you want, or a photograph of what you want. A friend of mine to get her boyfriend back took a magazine picture of two people hugging, she pasted a picture of her over the woman and her boyfriend over the man, and used that image to help her focus, in time her boyfriend did come back. You may want to try that to help you.

      Blessings My Child

    2. Ms. Q I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for all your help. His candle really dont do too much, moving mostly a little Dancing but most a steady flame. The wax is melting to the left side of him and burning slower than mine making a pool of wax in the head of his. Now mine is all over that place. My flame is alot higher than his. Dancing all around and putting out black smoke and melting faster. After two 15 min sessions my head is almost gone. The wax is melting over his form in the back.... im giving this my all but im fighting for so much. I glad I am giving you ideas for different blog ses4sions. Im a novice in all this and u have been very helpful. I never thought this would be a route I would go but Im not just fighting for but my whole family.

    3. I just seeing you lasting post about my candle burning. Last night I trimmed the wick and the knot did not appear. I want him back but Its scary knowing he is fighting against an addiction but I am willing to work with him as long as he is willing to work on him.... that could be the energy causing a blockage.

    4. Dear child,

      It is a lot to fight for and I understand, the wax melting on the left side is the heart side, which is good, the fact that the head of your candle is almost gone indicates the worry that you have.

      In time you will see, that it will be come effective.

      I'm not sure if you have Netflixs but there is an old British film I'd like you to watch.

      The American title is "Burn Witch, Burn" yes very dramatic, but it's about a woman a wife who is fighting for the life of her husband, I suggest that you watch it.

      It's based on Fritz Lieber's novel "Conjure Wife" and if you can find a copy of that (I think it's still in print in paperback) get it and read it.

      It will explain better what you are feeling and going through.

      Blessings My child.

    5. Well tonight was the most interesting night since I started. His candle flame was alot bigger dancing and flaring . When I first lit it white smoke came from it. Then the candle made a crackle sound and the started sizzling. The started putting out black smoke not as much as mine actually mine wasnt was much was the two previous days. This was a big jump from what his candle was doing for the past two days. This wax is still melting to his left side but is now melting around the back to my eve candle... I dont know if this is a turn for the worst or what.

    6. Dear Endless Love,

      It seems, to my understanding, there is a lot of spirit work going on there and some resistance, not so much a turn for the worst as more of a resistant blockage trying to work against your ritual.

      You may have to repeat the ritual over again, and consider doing the Uncrossing ritual that I posted to help you.

      Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

    7. If I'm understanding correctly I should get an uncrossing because the other person in his life.she didnt take him from me I choose to step back because I refused to be in the middle of a triangle. This person is a strong presence in his life, have planted herself and claim him as hers.this was told to me by and advisor. I do know its some confusion with because of his addiction. That is an issue that could be effecting the candle work. I am planning on doing a banishing spell starting the full moon. His candle tonight dance and had black smoke but was very high coming to a point looking like a blue tint at the tip.

    8. Dear Endless Love,

      Now you have given me a missing piece of information, because it seems you had implied he was taken from you, but you made a choice instead to step back by an advisor, was this a spiritual advisor that is one who does ritual work or a card reader? Or was this a councilor for those with addictions (medical and mental health)? That makes a difference.

      The uncrossing for you would be good so that you can clear yourself of any negativity, the 13 day herb uncrossing would be good for him to start clearing himself of addictions, but he really needs to want to do the work, if not, then all your work is for nothing. Then what you need to do is make yourself healthy.

      I drew a card for you and it was the Ace of Cups, this is a heart card, which means if you want him you should do what you can to fight for him, but now I need to ask you this, are you two legally married? If not then he is what we use to call when I was young “fair game/a free agent”.

      The dancing flame and black smoke indicate blockages being worked through, doing a banishing spell starting on the full moon is good.
      Blessings Child

    9. Ms.Q... I stepped back myself because I refused to be evolved with the back and forth. I also was told by a counselor to do so. The spiritual advisor does both but I can not afford to pay her at this time so I took matters into my one hands. She said what I was doing was good because he was going to try to play both sides. But deisred tonbe with me and our children but she is there feesing his addiction. Speaking with him tonight he will be at the counseling appt on Tuesday. Cousneling has been to work on our individual issues as well as a couple. I want him to better s man if we never get back together for himself and our daughters.

      I guess you can call him a free agent we are not married. Lived together for 5 years rasing two daughters. Last night I did my candle burning there was no black smoke from my candle but his. Tonight there wasnt black smoke from either candle and very mild crackling from his and not as much dancing from either. We did spend a few hours today this evening which hasnt happpen in a while and we have been talking more. To me this man is to be my husband. Someone spoke to us years ago stating its GODs will for us to be together.... i dont love merely because i want him back. I Invest in because I want him to be great.

    10. One more thing last night day 4 I started to burn my candle.My daughter woke up crying and broke my concentration...i tried to.put the candles out. Mine went out fine but is flame didn't go out I.tried to do it about 3 times. So I continue to let it burn for 15 mins. While I wrote my thoughts down ( i found that is how I focus) his danced for a while and sizzle a little with a high flame The last 5 mines in when his had black smoke... Mine was much calmer than his danced a little but the flame was smaller with mo smoke.....

    11. Dear Endless Love,

      This is in response to both your latest postings.

      So with the first post:

      The advisor is right in the fact that he is trying to play both sides, many young men think they can do that and get away with it but in the end it will hurt them.

      The fact that he does want to be with you and the children is good, but being with a woman who feeds his addiction is hard to break from, the fact that he is getting counseling is good and a big step in the right direction. Again the black smoke, I’ve posted in your other response what that means, and then the next night no smoke but sounds from his is Spirit talking, the fact that you are doing the work is slowly taking effect but just like taking an antibiotic one pill will not cure you, you have to take a series of pills to effect a cure, so will you have to repeat the ritual.

      My feeling is that over time he will be cured but it will be a very hard going for you. But once he is with you and only you, insist that the two of you get married even if it has to be done in a court house, it will give legitimacy to your children and strengthen the link between you two.

      It won’t matter what any other woman does, he will be yours, forever, but to do that---get married.

      Now to your 2nd posting:

      Writing your thoughts down is an excellent way to focus, but for his flame being hard to go out can have several meanings, one is that some energy is trying to work against your work or some sort of blockage, however since you tried 3 times to put it out and had to let it burn means that Spirit and the Angels did not want it to go out because they were working on your behalf, it wasn’t until 15 minutes past that you were able to put it out, the candle sizzle sound means that the Spirits or Angels are trying to talk to you, and with a high flame indicates that the ritual is slowly working but the black smoke also indicates that there is some blockages.

      Since yours was calmer with a smaller flame says yours is working but there is a lot of energy that’s trying to work against you.

      Again I feel that you may have to repeat this candle ritual.

      But do not despair, you know this man is worth fighting for, you see the potential greatness in him, but his addiction is curtailing it.

      You have a lot of work to do and a lot of courage to do it, which makes you very remarkable.

      I drew a card for you from Tarot and it was the ACE of CUPS, this is from the heart and it is a very spiritual card, it is love over-flowing, which tells me that eventually you will get him back.

      Surprisingly I also drew this card for another reader who is also fighting for her husband, to have this card come up twice informs that there is a lot of love power for all the right reasons, flowing, and that is good.

      Blessings my child

  3. MS.Q you have been very helpful. I do believe his blockage could be his addiction because from what I have heard it makes your thinking all over the place. Our candles our all over the place. One night we didnt have any smoke, then the next night i had smoke he didn't, and tonight i had no smoke and he had smoke. The wax is now dripping down the back of each of candles of the adam and eve candle. Last night my candle didnt want to go out and tonight his didnt. Both way "talking" and had to burn several minutes before I could put them. I did take a two day spiritual bath to help with my blockages.

    I know until he gets his addiction under control it will be an uphill battle.And as long as he is willing to go to counseling Im willing to stay by his side. That is the 2nd time you drew the ace of cups for me. Hopefully that is a good sign.

    Getting married is what he desires. To be with me and to give our daughters the family they deserve. He spoke this in counseling. But as long as someone is feeding his addiction takes control of everything. Thats a reason I am doing the banishing spell on the other women starting the full moon. I did plan to do the love spell again at the start of the new moon. I am also starting my honey jar tomorrow.

    I see him as a great man I learning or trying to separate the addiction from the man. I fight for the man I love not the addict. I always tell him you may not be perfect but you great.

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      Having drawn the Ace of Cups for you twice is a good sign, and you’re right it is an uphill battle. I suggest that each full moon repeat the banishing spell, and on each new moon repeat the love spell, by doing that it will keep the energy going for as long as it takes. It’s good that you’re doing the honey jar as well that will help in addition to the love spell. You are a very strong woman and you will achieve what you want.

      After I post the things for Uncrossing such as the herb bath, oil, incense and powder recipes, I will do one on understanding or reading “Candle Talk” for both glass enclosed and free standing candles. It is a lot, and most of the materials are all over the place what I want to do is codify it so to understand what’s happening is easier.

      That way you can print it out and refer to it when the candles start “talking” to you.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms Q

    2. Thank you Ms. Q....I watch my candles for all different types of movement. I noticed as I get closer to the end of my 14 days his candle is burning faster than mine. The Flame is dancing was well as talking with less smoke compared to before... also his wax is now melted down over the left side and covered my side of his candle. This started maybe two days ago.

      I was told the closerr they move together the flare up and high flames I will see more of this. I dont think his candle is going to last the remaining 5 days. I have to at least try 3 different times to put his candle out and after each try the candle will again talk again.... im trying to be patient in all of this.

    3. Dear Endless Love,

      Patience is always needed in great quantities when doing candle work or any type of work, sometimes the results are quick, sometimes the results are painfully slow especially when dealing with someone who has an addiction as well trying to separate a person (the woman) who is an enabler, that is someone who feeds his addiction, from the one you care about.

      That is correct you will see flare ups and high flames as they get closer together, in a way it is a battle, your will (for love and healing) over his subconscious desire of the addiction as well as the other person who is trying to have a hold over him.

      My Granny use to call it “the soap opera triangle” it was her play on words and situations.

      The fact that the candle refuses to be put out is showing how hard the Angels and beneficial spirits are working on this.

      Should his candle completely melt down and the flame go out on its own naturally, still continue to move the candles together until the time is completed.

      Then again starting on the new moon repeat the ritual again with new candles. Just as you have to repeat the banishing ritual every time on the full moon with a new candle.

      You have the energy flowing, you need to keep the momentum going until it is completed or you see a result that tells you that everything is going to be fine.

      I knew of a woman who did this type of ritual for 9 months she was almost at the point where she was going to give up, but then one day her estranged husband said it was like a fog lifted and he threw the other woman out of his life and begged his wife to take him back, that was 4 years ago and their marriage is stronger than ever.

      Remember Patience is always needed in doing this.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

    4. Ms. Q I hope all is well. Well I contract one of the recommended spaces and I am now so confused. You have told me to continue to do my work. Because my energy is built up. Sarah told me that i need to take a break for a couple of weeks between my work because it can come off greedy and impatient. I am sti start my banishing spell Sunday.

      Another thing while burning my candles tonight (which are close now) i watch has his candle melted down the side and made a mealted wax line directly connecting to my candle. As soon as they connected the flames flared up and started dancing. And I watch as the the other side connected the based of the candles connectes also. I can no longer move my candles any closer because the are melted to together. I wish I could post pictures. The flames remained high after the connected.

    5. Dear child,

      After what you have just told me what your candles are doing, I agree with Sarah.

      Do your banishing spell on Sunday, but once it is completed yes rest, do take a break.

      You have worked up a lot of energy here, now it's best to see how things are working out, see what develops.

      I am not sure what time frame Sarah told you but if she told you a couple of weeks then she wants you to wait until the next full moon in February.

      And I agree, right now there is a connection between the two of you, but there is still some distance, but the connection is there.

      So this after your banishing work is completed, this would be a good time to take a break and build up your health and as I said before see how things progress.

      You may see an improvement.

      Now is the time to watch and see and wait.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

    6. Thank you, do I continue with the honey Jar? If I am understanding you correctly after the 13 day banishing spell take a rest. Meaning do not start a New Love ritual on Feb New Moon but another separation spell on Full Moon in Feb....

      Thank you for all your help. I have seen an improvement but I still have moments when my mind goes to sadness about the issue at hand and indecisiveness. I try to redirect my thoughts forcing positive thoughts. Im not trying to work against my work with negative energy.

    7. Dear child,

      Since the honey jar is a more passive spell yes, continue it, since once you get it flowing you can slowly reduce working with it over time---be sure to read what I wrote about it for you to be clear.

      And that is correct do not start a new love ritual on the feb new moon since you have the honey jar working for you now, but you can (after resting for two weeks) do another banishing on the Full Moon in Feb.

      After you complete the banishing ritual, take a one month break (except for the honey jar) from any spell work to see what is happening, and it will give you a chance to build up your strength.

      Since you have seen an improvement keep focusing on that, do your best to not have your mind go towards sadness or negativity.

      I do not know if you are Catholic but when my Mother would be troubled by negative or sad thoughts she would say one decade of the rosary, starting with the Our Father, then she’d recite 10 Hail Mary’s, at the end she’d ask Mother Mary to help keep her thoughts positive and take away any negative thoughts out of her mind and then she say “Pray for me Most Holy Mother of God and make me worthy of your promises”.

      That always seemed to help her, I have done it to when I was seriously troubled, especially when it came to my husband and his health, and the fear, the negativity would be gone.

      Do that to help keep your spirits up and to remain positive.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q