Sunday, February 23, 2014

I have Returned and physical cleansing of your space~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

Thank you for being so paticent with me,  and to all of you who read my blog,  I've been away from it for a while, because I had been ill and then had to take care of family members, but now things are settling down a bit and I will resume my writing.

I have left you hanging about how to spiritual cleans and protect or ward you home or apartment or just your sacred space.  First I have to say that it matters not how large the area you want to protect, the most important thing is to first cleans it, protect it and ward it, and keep it cleans and protected.

The best thing I can recommend is to cleans and protect your entire living space both inside and out, this would be true if you own or rent a home that has a yard.

Then if you are lucky enough to have an area for sacred workings you can work with that area more often, and do the rest of your home at least 3 to 4 times a year.

This can be an on going project, it is so easy to let is slip and you cannot think that just because you have done it that it will be protected forever, no it will not.  That is why it is important to regularly do this.

Things can disrupt the energy allow negative things to enter, it can be a negative person, or situation, or an object that may have negative energy attached to it.   Some times it can be as something as simple as a letter or notice delivered in the mail and when that happens energy is released, and so you have to repeat the ritual all over again.

If you allow your home to become cluttered, messy, dusty that too can bring in negative energy, any argumentative person will do that.   Sometimes you can have it happen away from your home, but it can cling to you like rotten eggs, so you must take steps to leave it out side of your home.

These things I will cover in my upcoming posts.   A lot of it is so simple much you will have heard or read before from other sources, but it bears repeating, and as I have done it myself I Know it works.

So here is step one----Before you can do a spiritual cleansing you have got to do a physical house cleaning, and I mean like a serious Spring Cleaning.

In the Jewish Faith, before one of their special Jewish Holidays, they go over the entire house, cleaning it completely, no speck of dust, not a crumb of food must be left in the creavises before the Holiday begins, it must be made Clean.   I have know Jewish housewives take a clean white feather and have it go between the creaveses in the kitchen drawers and bread boxes and food pantries to be sure it is absolutely clean,  have Rabbies take blow torches to the inside of ovens to clean them, even microwaves, put a bowl of pure distilled (Kosher if possible) water inside the microwave and set it on high for 10 minutes to clean it.
All old sponges tossed out, dish clothes replaced and used only special dishes for their high holy day.

Well you will have to do almost the same,  except the blow torch in the oven, but your stove should be cleaned, and the way they do with the microwave I've found works very, very well and recommend it.

Even using one feather to get into any crevase that's hard to clean is good, washing with Pine sol is also a good Hoodoo thing to clean one's bathroom and kitchen and any floor, door and door frames, window frames and siles, use amonia with a few drops of lemon for the window panes, ceiling, wall, baseboards, cupboards that is washable it works.  You can use it to CAREFULLY wipe around electrical outlites with a damp not wet clean white cloth, just unplug anything plugged in. 

Then flush the used pinesol down the toilet, that will clean that as well. 

Vacume, sweep, wash the curtains, have the drapes cleaned, dust the window shades and blinds, dust with lemon pledge get all that dust out, open the windows and if you can open the front and back doors if you live in a safe neighborhood or have a locking screen door.

Go through the garage, the basement, the attic, the front and back yard, get ride of debrie, moldy boxes, sweep it out, go through your closets vacume and dust those shelves,  donate clothing, shoes, purses you haven't worn, if its a size too small you are never going to get into it, get rid of it.

Unclutter the clutter, organize your space, if it has sentimental value, put it in a "pride of Place" location or box it carefully and label the box, whether its your wedding veil or your baby's first tooth, and keep everything neat, become a neat freak if need be.

Once you have done that and have encouraged your family to do the same, then you can begin the process of spiritual cleansing, which I will write about in my next post.

Blessings to you Ms. Q