Monday, May 2, 2016

Needing to repeat a message~~~

Hello Everyone,

I've not had a chance to post anything lately, there was a loss in the family and it was very sad for everyone, a close relation of mine.   So I have not been able to focus on my writing.   But I will get back to it.   Sometimes the best antidote to grief is to channel it into focused work, the tears can come in the privacy of one's room in the quiet of the night.  So it is best to rise up from the ashes and remember the good things, the good times.

But now I need to inform those who do read my blog, some of you may have encountered working with practitioners and want others to know about them.   That is all well and good.  

And there are those who will attempt to use my blog to drum up their business. 

HOWEVER,  since these are people that I have never worked with, nor do I know of their work and especially if their contact number is outside of the USA, I am inclined to be extremely suspicious of such solicitation.

I will Never post another practitioners' contact information if I have never had first hand experience with them.   That is my policy.

So if anyone attempts to post such information I will delete it, I do this to protect those who read my posts from any unscrupulous person.   Even though some of you may have had a good experience with them, since I do not know that person I will err on the side of caution, to protect my readers.

This is my policy.

I will get to writing soon.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q



  1. Thank you so much for your blog. Would you be able to post your contact information?
    I know you don't do many, but I wonder if I could schedule a private reading with you?

    1. My Dear,

      I am sorry but I no longer do private readings nor do I do readings at any public events, my health does not permit it.

      And unfortunately I do not post any private contact information, I use to many years ago but now I no longer do that in the interest of privacy.

      I do have on occasion readers who post their question on this site and I'll do a one card reading, since I can take my time with it. But it really should be with just one question.

      It would take a little time again because of my health, but that is your option.

      Blessings to you my Dear,
      Ms. Q