Friday, June 3, 2016

I have been away, but am now back~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q.

I am so sorry, I have been away for almost a month, visiting family, it was unexpected but very welcomed.

One of my family members invested (and that is really the right word) in a very serious Motor Home, and because I could rest while traveling in this Motor Home, I was able to attend several graduations, and 2 weddings and see family I haven't seen (although I have been in touch with) for nearly 15 years.

I made me very happy, to see them including one family member a cousin who is older than me and we had a LOT to share, revisiting memories and such.

But it means I've neglected my Blog,  I asked my Niece to not respond while I was gone because I wanted to attend to these matters myself.

Although I know some of you did post that you were worried about my health, but I am fine and feeling almost rejuvenated from seeing everyone.

And I do confess,  thanks to my relative, I may be going on a few more trips, with them, one place I do want to go to is called "Moonstone Beach"  its been years since I've been there but I have found some wonderful magical things there.    So that is on our travel list.

Now that I'm back I will attend to some questions that have been put before me,   although for some of you those are going to receive some difficult answers.

And I'm going to also post some idea's on how to read wax drippings or meltings from your candles.

But this will take a little time.

And I came upon an unusual but true recent event, which should give a few people some thoughts about the oddities of life.

But I am back, in good health for my age and I will be posting soon.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q 


  1. I'm very glad to hear it, Mrs. Q. I admit I started to worry, but I figured your niece would let us know if something was wrong. I'm happy your health is back.

    God bless you!

    1. Thank You Sonny,

      And many Blessings to you!

      Ms. Q

  2. Don't know what to believe anymore plz help me
    My boyfriend left me n went back with his ex girlfriend ! I've had a few reading that tell me that his mom did a spell for him to leave me because I was married n also have kids . I've been separated for 2 1/2 yrs .. I didn't see what the big deal was now I do since he just left n blocked me out of his life .. What can I do about all this

    1. Dear Luz,

      Forgive me for taking so long to get back to you but because of what’s happen recently it’s taken a bit to get my head back together.

      I’m responding to this message that you sent, Sad to say I think it is more than what spell his Mom did, I feel that it was a spell to “see the light” and encourage him to leave you, his Mother sees, in her mind that her son has no real future with you.

      Why? Because you, as you say or imply, that you are still married although separated from your husband and have children from that previous relationship.

      His mother feels that the ex-girl friend is a better catch for him, why? I’m not sure, but has made it clear he does not want you in his life by blocking you. He does not want what you offer. Which is sad.

      I’ve done a one card reading for you on this situation and the card I drew is the Page of Pentacles, reversed:

      This the dark essence of earth, such as a chasm or grave: it’s Unfavorable news about the physical world around you or in this case your relationship with your boyfriend.

      It also means a failure to recognize obvious facts, a lack of focus, and loss.

      If the Page of Pentacles was upright that would mean manifesting your dreams and goals.

      However this card is reversed, and shows that there are current blockages standing in the way of you achieving those goals.

      You were too much enjoying the relationship that you didn’t see the reality of the situation, it was never real for you nor was it real for him, not until the “wake up” spell was done.

      You will need to move beyond what has happened and move towards what will bring you sustainable happiness and fulfillment.

      Until you realize that he may not come back to you everything will amount to nothing, or it takes you even further away from where you want to be and a mounting frustration that perhaps you will never be able to achieve what you want.

      If this is the case then you need to relax, let go of him and give yourself some space and ‘down time’ for a short period. Take a holiday or a break from your usual routine, and you will find that this helps you to re-energize and re-focus.

      By doing that you open the possibilities of a real love to come into your life, but you also need to clear up the “marital” or “marriage” situation you’re currently in, either you are legally married or you are divorce, there is no half-way limbo situations.

      It’s either one or the other, and if you are married then your husband needs to get back to you, if he doesn’t want to, or he is playing you (that is "having his cake and eating it too), then divorce him and have him pay his obligations in child care.

      There is no carrot or stick with this situation, it has to be all stick to make that donkey move.

      If you want to be free to have a new love come into your life, then you need to legally free yourself from your marriage in which you are only separated, because as long as you are in that situation you will never be free and will always find yourself “buried” in unfulfilling relationships.

      Find a way to legally do that. You can you know, find a good lawyer and make it happen.

      Bright Blessings and Much Luck to you.

      Ms. Q

  3. Do redskull candle really work i have with high flame white smoke what do it mean

    1. Hello Dear,

      You are using a red skull candle for lust and passion, I have known it to happen but it also depends on what is the karmic path of the other person.

      When you use a red skull candle in love or lust work it is really for domination, and with a high flame it means you may see results, the white smoke says that spirits have heard your requests and are working on it.

      But it can only really work if there is a purity of purpose, or you are trying to either exorcise a negative situation around a person.

      If the amount of white smoke is small then it is not completed.

      If your purpose is not pure, then you may not be happy with the results.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. My flame are high is it getting threw with my target my target is stubborn yes i rub my candle with honey an oil is im on the right track

    1. Hello my Dear,

      That again depends upon what the candle is.

      If you are the person doing the red skull candle but your purpose is not pure, then there are elements protecting your target and with the high flame it means that your elements or spirits are working hard, very hard, but if it’s to dominate someone and take them away from their true life path, then elements are working hard on the spiritual side to prevent that.

      Either way there appears to be a battle of some sort.

      In essence what you are doing ritual-wise is correct but one has to remember that it is not right to interfere with someone else’s free will and that might be the road-block that you are encountering.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q