Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Souls and at what level~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"What Soul level are you?"

There are many levels of souls, the major groups as my studies have indicated is like the seven ages of human kind you start out as a baby, to the young child, to the teenager, to the adult in their 20's, then mature age which by logical definition is 35 to 45, middle age between 45 and 60, old age or elder which is 60 plus.

An infant soul is just that, an infant---they have no concept of spirit but only live for the Now, with the child then the soul is becoming aware of things outside themselves but because they are afraid of what is out there prefer to have someone else dictate to them---many fundamentalists are in that area. So are many criminals and psycho paths.

The child soul is still in the now but is beginning to wonder what is around them and question it, they keep asking the "Why" of things. They still prefer to have someone else call the shots, because they are afraid of taking those independent steps and rebelling, sometimes they can become so enamored of a belief that they willingly become suicide bombers, souls at this level are at a dangerous stage willing to die for a cause, much like the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany. But as they mature within this level the seeds for rebellion against fundamentalists ideas are sown.

The soul at the teen age level think they know everything and that there is nothing, this is our atheists or go into heavy metal music, become Goths all the expressions of angst and yet they think that they know it all but know nothing, not even life. Many of them may take their own lives because they feel there is nothing to live for, this is a very selfish time in a souls development.

The adult at their 20's level souls--- are passionate lovers they are sensing that there is something out there and passionately explore it---sometimes this takes the expression of exposing themselves to danger, like sky diving or rope free rock climbing or doing marathons, they are looking for that high---but this also can lead them down the path of drugs, a dangerous period in a souls development and one in which they could take on a lot of Karma

The mature soul----this is where an awareness comes upon them, they understand that there is a great source of existence, they are not sure how to seek it, but this is where they start to do good deeds, helping others, they seek answers even in religion but know enough to not allow religion to dominate them only to be a source of spiritual understanding and to help with their awareness. This is where the medical professionals come in starting at this level and scientists as well. Also Farmers, Ranchers, forest Rangers, psychic abilities come about at this level.

The middle age soul----They become the volunteers working at a local level or doing fund raisers, many of them go into public safety or public service, or the military feeling that by helping and protecting  their fellow man they are helping the world (teen or adult souls will go into the military as well but only to look for discipline) many take up religious orders and become priests, rabbi's, nuns, monks or take up the contemplative life, many learn to suppress their egos for the greater good. This is where you find Hero's who willingly sacrifice their life to save others.

The elder soul---They are the ones who give of themselves, they may still be dealing with the mundane world or lives, but they feed the hunger, go to poverty stricken countries to help those improve their lives, volunteer in times of disaster, they go beyond the fundraising they will go to the area that needs help, they become religious teachers but suppress their ego and their own opinions to allow the younger souls to learn and develop, they seem to know in advance of what is needed before it is even mentioned, This is where you get your Saints.

And even within these levels of soul development there are graduations with in each level.

I have been told that I am at the beginning of the elder soul level, although I personally feel that I'm at the Middle age level, because I still have a bit of ego which I do work to suppress to help others.

The soul will go through many incarnations to achieve all those levels even knowing that there maybe some "back sliding" they continue to develop even on the spirit side of existence by becoming Guides to other people. All souls need to take on at least one human incarnation so that they can understand the human idea of existence.

Because to live on Earth or another planet is to live in the 3rd dimension, where as when we cross over we go back to living in the fourth dimension which has greater expansion.

Ms. Q

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