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I get a lot of young people, mostly girls, who are dissatisfied with their current religious upbringing or lack of same.

Many young people feel that their world, their lives are chaotic and out of control, for many reasons. They are trying to find answers and within those answers trying to find a way they can control their lives.

What they do not realize is that certain things, events, places and people are placed in their path for a reason; a learning lesson and they need to learn from those lessons.

Do not think that by knowing how to do magick dark or light that you can dominate someone, you can not, for if they are there for a reason they are there and the higher power will not allow such domination.

What you can do is work to control the impact they or it can have on you, but you must acknowledge the lesson to be learned otherwise Karma will come back to “bit you on the butt, BIG TIME”.

Whatever you do, do NOT skip anything, if I were to train you in person it would require you to be an apprentice, and forget the year and a day thing----proper training requires a life time and also an acknowledgement that there are things you cannot or never will control, that you will always meet up with something or someone stronger than you.

Do not ignore the basics, the foundations and just jump to the spells if you do that you will Not be prepared for the back lash that can happen to you.

So what I plan to do is this--- I will have chapters that deal with history, the why’s we do things, how it came about, I will have chapters that deal with the “Wheel of the Year” so that you understand that we are really connected to the nature energies, I will have chapters about rituals, and I will have chapters about spells (I’m using that as a general word).

I will show you, if you are Christian or Jewish, Muslim (but I will have to do it from a christian perspective) how you can incorporate those beliefs into the Craft, and no you do not have to give up your mundane religious beliefs. My Granny didn’t, as a matter of fact it helped expand my Christian beliefs and give them more meaning, but it did mean to give up the “pleasant poetry” of religious works (i.e. bible, torah, koran) and look at them with a much harder historical eye.

By doing that I have been able to weed out fiction and man-made restrictions from truth.

Granny once told me that ‘TRUTH LIES AT THE BOTTOM OF A WELL’

what she meant is that we have to delve into that deep well of lies, muck, falsehoods, slime of atrocities, mis-conceptions, breaking off the shackles of man-made patriarchy to begin to breathe the sweet air of true freedom.

But even with that freedom comes responsibilities and making sure that out of chaos comes order and to recognize the natural order that the higher power has placed upon us that patriarchal man tries to impose upon us by claiming it’s evil.

Because “TRUTH” is never evil.

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