Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soul Ages Part 2

Dear Ms. Q,

In my previous answer I said that in my studies and through meditations I said that there were 7 soul ages.

Starting with Infant/Baby,


Teen/Very young Adult,



Middle Age,


If you relate these basic ages to years it would break down like this

Infant/Baby---birth to 2 years

Toddler/Child---3 years to 12

Teen/Very Young Adult---13 to 20

Adult ----21 to 35

Mature---35 to 49

Middle Age 50 to 65

Old/Elder 65 plus

And within these 7 ages there are 7 levels of progressive development, which if you watch any person you will see how they act or act out in their development.

7 by the way is a sacred number, we have 7 charkas’ or energy levels, so if we look at the 7 charka levels and compare them to the 7 levels within each soul age it really makes sense, for example the 1 charka is about survival at it’s basic level. With each of the Soul age it starts out at the 1st level as just surviving or learning to survive as it gets to that soul level---for example at the teen soul age the first level is starting to learn how to survive your teen years---not an easy thing but as you progressively mature it becomes easier but then you hit the Adult Soul Age and you are out in that cold hard world.

So here you are now at the Adult Soul Age and its back to the first level within that Soul Age and how do you survive it.

Now I use 7 Soul Ages, but with the Michael Teachings they use only 5 Soul Ages,






but they also have 7 learning levels within each of their soul ages.

Frankly I feel that their break down of Soul ages is incomplete. Especially when they blur the Infant and Baby level and make the mistake of lumping Young to cover late teen to age 35, with Mature as being from 35 to 65.

Only because I have seen many souls that according to the Michael Teachings they would say is Young and I would classify as Teen.

That is because we are having many Teen souls come back who have died in last conflict (Gulf War) who are confused but are trying to work through it by being pro-active in helping people but are still a bit confused on it, so they have a tendency to allow their thinking to be easily guided by Toddler/Child groups.

The most difficult souls are those from the late level Infant/Baby-1st level Toddler/Child levels who died in the Vietnam war, they come back with much rage and hostility at not being recognized by our late Child-early Teen levels for the sacrifice that they made.

Many of them that have incarnated start joining gangs and are the ones who are involved with and killed in drive by shootings or gang wars, some of them easily get involved with drugs and O.D. Many of the young deaths that you read and hear about are those “raging” Baby to Toddler levels that exhibit a lot of immaturity and will never make it to old age on this side of the earthly plane.

And there are a lot of them---very scary.

Interestingly enough a number of people who are homosexual are working at the first few levels of the Mature Soul age---if they are asking questions about “Spirituality” they are at that level and are “On Track” in their Soul development.

They will seek out those that are either on the late Middle Age to Elder Level, but they will also not want to become part of a “commune” they want the safety of being taught by someone but not involved with a particular group

This is because as part of their subconscious remembers being “sucked” into a dogmatic, controlling religious environment at the late Baby or early Child of their Soul development and it was not a good experience. Much like those that are living in a theocracy government like Iraq, and Iran. Those countries are at the Infant/Baby stage of development whereas Israel is at the Late Teen/Young Adult level bordering or about to enter the Adult Level.

I’ve always said one does not give a baby matches and expect it to play safely.

There are web sites out there that talk about the Soul Levels according to the Michael Teachings and they are very good, however I do feel that they stress a lot of negative especially in the later aspects of the Soul Age development.

But if nothing else it can give you and idea of the age development of various Souls.

This is a subject that one could go into for months to discuss, because there are also various aspects of each soul, The Teacher, the warrior, the healer, the server, the King or great leader, the artisan, etc. and sometimes, like trying to read “I Ching” coins there is a higher and lower aspect of each soul, which can make for great confusion in just trying to learn it, for example Ms. Q, I am a Server who Teaches which is my higher aspect but I can become a warrior in my serving aspect when it comes to protecting my love ones but that is the lower aspect of the soul identity.

And we can change with each re-birth as we progress through the ages.

The Michael Teachings did finally come up with two more Soul Ages, which are the Transcendental Souls and the Infinite Souls.

These Souls resonate to a very high degree. Unfortunatly there are people who seek these souls and become blinded by false impressions. In the Bible it warns of becoming influenced by Charmatic people who are in the Negative Aspect of the Young Adult and Adult level of Soul Age, by saying “Beware of False Prophets”

These False Prophets can give off an impression of the Transcendental Soul to those at the Infant Child level, case examples are Jim Jones, David Korech of the Branch Davidians, and the Leader formerly known as “Bo” who was the leader of the suicidal “Heaven’s Gate” group.

True Transcendental Souls go beyond their own ego and think of the greater good, we are looking at the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Pope John XXIII, there are some who do things for a greater good that have not had such great recognition and some who although their teachings are wonderful can fall into a trap if they are not careful, fortunately that is extremely rare.

A True Transcendental Soul will remain amazingly clear, centered and conscious of what they do and how it could be perceived. I’m inclined to put Mother Theresa and Pope John-Paul II in that Category. Both had doubts about their mission and about themselves but focused on the greater good, in the end Pope John-Paul II through his illnesses offered himself up as an example of the suffering of the aged and how we must care for them. He gave himself wholly to Mother Mary, just as Mother Theresa gave herself wholly to Jesus.

The last Soul Age is one we see very rarely but has had a profound effect on human kind.

This is the Infinite Soul who is a manifestation of all that is. And yes, I’m talking about Jesus and Buddha, the Infinite Soul will take on a physical incarnation in the later life of a human body, usually someone who is either at the 7th level of Old/Elder or at the Transcendental Level and this is done with permission by the owner of that body.

In some cases as with Jesus and Buddha there is pre-preparation for that Infinite Soul to enter---the most classic is of course in the beginning of the New Testament, Mary—an old soul herself is made aware of what is to come, and her physical spouse Joseph also an old soul but at the earlier levels (there for with some doubts) is also made aware of the speicalness of this pregnancy.

The Infinite Soul will only come at times when needed—and so far has come only 3 times---the third is Kwan Yin, a female aspect of the Infinite Soul. Mother Mary Achieved Elder Soul/Transcendental Soul at the highest Level and is part of All That Is and hears all of us when we pray, she may take on a physical aspect at a time when needed. But trust me, she is not going to appear on a potato chip.

The Infinite Soul will come again and Teach that we are to love one another and the Earth and all work together without the religious factions that tear us apart.

Blessings, Ms. Q

Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Souls and at what level~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"What Soul level are you?"

There are many levels of souls, the major groups as my studies have indicated is like the seven ages of human kind you start out as a baby, to the young child, to the teenager, to the adult in their 20's, then mature age which by logical definition is 35 to 45, middle age between 45 and 60, old age or elder which is 60 plus.

An infant soul is just that, an infant---they have no concept of spirit but only live for the Now, with the child then the soul is becoming aware of things outside themselves but because they are afraid of what is out there prefer to have someone else dictate to them---many fundamentalists are in that area. So are many criminals and psycho paths.

The child soul is still in the now but is beginning to wonder what is around them and question it, they keep asking the "Why" of things. They still prefer to have someone else call the shots, because they are afraid of taking those independent steps and rebelling, sometimes they can become so enamored of a belief that they willingly become suicide bombers, souls at this level are at a dangerous stage willing to die for a cause, much like the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany. But as they mature within this level the seeds for rebellion against fundamentalists ideas are sown.

The soul at the teen age level think they know everything and that there is nothing, this is our atheists or go into heavy metal music, become Goths all the expressions of angst and yet they think that they know it all but know nothing, not even life. Many of them may take their own lives because they feel there is nothing to live for, this is a very selfish time in a souls development.

The adult at their 20's level souls--- are passionate lovers they are sensing that there is something out there and passionately explore it---sometimes this takes the expression of exposing themselves to danger, like sky diving or rope free rock climbing or doing marathons, they are looking for that high---but this also can lead them down the path of drugs, a dangerous period in a souls development and one in which they could take on a lot of Karma

The mature soul----this is where an awareness comes upon them, they understand that there is a great source of existence, they are not sure how to seek it, but this is where they start to do good deeds, helping others, they seek answers even in religion but know enough to not allow religion to dominate them only to be a source of spiritual understanding and to help with their awareness. This is where the medical professionals come in starting at this level and scientists as well. Also Farmers, Ranchers, forest Rangers, psychic abilities come about at this level.

The middle age soul----They become the volunteers working at a local level or doing fund raisers, many of them go into public safety or public service, or the military feeling that by helping and protecting  their fellow man they are helping the world (teen or adult souls will go into the military as well but only to look for discipline) many take up religious orders and become priests, rabbi's, nuns, monks or take up the contemplative life, many learn to suppress their egos for the greater good. This is where you find Hero's who willingly sacrifice their life to save others.

The elder soul---They are the ones who give of themselves, they may still be dealing with the mundane world or lives, but they feed the hunger, go to poverty stricken countries to help those improve their lives, volunteer in times of disaster, they go beyond the fundraising they will go to the area that needs help, they become religious teachers but suppress their ego and their own opinions to allow the younger souls to learn and develop, they seem to know in advance of what is needed before it is even mentioned, This is where you get your Saints.

And even within these levels of soul development there are graduations with in each level.

I have been told that I am at the beginning of the elder soul level, although I personally feel that I'm at the Middle age level, because I still have a bit of ego which I do work to suppress to help others.

The soul will go through many incarnations to achieve all those levels even knowing that there maybe some "back sliding" they continue to develop even on the spirit side of existence by becoming Guides to other people. All souls need to take on at least one human incarnation so that they can understand the human idea of existence.

Because to live on Earth or another planet is to live in the 3rd dimension, where as when we cross over we go back to living in the fourth dimension which has greater expansion.

Ms. Q

Q: Old soul?

Dear Ms.Q,

 I just read a quick article in the BPI Magazine about the different classes of souls (baby, infant, old, etc.). Can you explain the them in a bit more detail? Which one are you? 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Why A Blog?" ---Can't I e-mail you?~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"Why a Blog?---Can't I e-mail you?

There are several reason for a blog 

The reason to form a blog for your questions and answers is availability. If there is something that you vaguely remember reading about from me, you can access the blog at anytime any location without having to go through all your e-mail archives.

Also if your e-mail is disabled for any reason and you want to access the information, going to this blog, using a public terminal or with any phone app is easy. And you can access it anywhere, from where you live to Timbuktu.

There is a 3 reason and that is privacy and to protect my computer system.   I've had my computer hacked and I've been harassed by well-meaning but complete belligerent over-zealous Christians, and at my advanced age I have no intention of having that happen again.  I'm sure many of you who have had that happen can understand that.

By the way there are two Timbuktu's. One in Africa and one in California---the one in California is near "Rough and Ready" all that's left is an old Well Fargo station and a lot of cows.

Blessings, Ms. Q