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What are the different Candle styles ....Part 2

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To continue from my previous post---

Figure candles or candles made into specialized shapes as far as I could determine, were a sort of 20th century development from making candles by hand in the shape of a person.

These “Old-Style” candles would have been done in the shape of a man or woman and would have mixed with the wax, hair, nail clippings, some threads of clothing that they wore, if possible a few drops of their blood, much like that of a doll created for magickal workings. (some people would call them Voodoo dolls)

But they could have been used to break a hex, turn any negativity onto the wax doll instead of the person or bring something good into their lives, the negative side which one reads about or seeing in movies or T.V. is the evil workings.
For many practitioners making your own candle for a specific purpose may have more potency than buying one, however depending if we are sharing living quarters, have long hours, or wish to do this in secret, making a candle might be very hard to do, so buying one and "dressing it" may be better.
But with the creation of holiday candles especially in the 1920’s practioners discovered that there were ways of focusing intent more specifically. 
As I've said Color is important for intent, so figure candles will have different colors depending upon intent.  In some cases such as the 7 Knobb candle it may have 1 knobb or section of a different color for different intents.
After I cover figure candles, I will go onto Jar Candles and then on to how to "dress" or "program" a candle.
But first let us deal with Figure candles.

I have here an alphabetical list of the types of figure candles offered in spiritual supply shops and their different functions.  Because there are so many different types I will do this in two posts:

A to L

•"Adam" (a nude male figure) and "Eve" (a nude female figure) these are separate figures individual figures if you are a woman and wish to bring someone into your life or banish them you would choose which appropriate figure for your work.

 -- White to meet someone new,

Pink and red for love spells,

 Blue for peacefulness at home or to bring about faithfulness,

 Black for harm or revenge.

Brown image candles are used in rituals which seek to have lost items found or returned to their owner, or to restore qualities which have been weakened or destroyed


•"Adam and Eve" (a nude couple combined) used for drawing an ideal love – Sometimes called a Unity Candle

 Green for prosperity,

Pink and red for love spells

 In Burning  the  candle for live it is to bring two people together in harmony.

When lighting this candle you are representing the two people you would like to bring together. Start at night and continue for one month, light the candle one hour daily and once finished light another until your wish of bringing that person close has come true.

Special Note:  in doing love spells you must remember that you are also interfering with the Karmic destiny of the other person. Be careful because the person you think you want may not be the right kind of person for you.

Altar Candles: The Altar Candles are used to represent the Deities or Powers with which you wish to communicate. This is a method of honoring them and their presence while tapping into their energy.
  Two Altar Candles are placed on the altar, one to the left side and one to the right. The candles must always be taller and longer burning than any others on the altar. They must be lit first and extinguished last. Which of the Altar Candles is lit first depends on the type of Magick you are performing.

 Color not withstanding, the right candle (facing you) represents male energy while the left represents female energy. Much like in the Catholic church the right smaller altar is dedicated to St. Joseph and the left smaller altar is dedicated to the Blessed Mother.

 ANGEL Candles  they come in a variety of colors, and according to color, used for healing, higher learning, spirituality, creativity and workings with angel magick or angel rituals, see also Guardian Angel candles.

Astral Candles: These are "Personal Candles" of colors and shapes you feel right for you or another person.  They can be substituted for Zodiac candles.

•"Baphomet" or "Sabbatic Goat Candle" Some people confuses these with the Devil candles, two totally different styles and use. The Baphomet candle is the most sacred symbol of witchcraft and has been referred to as the God of the Witches, possibly in relation to the pagan god Pan, Use it to increase one's powers in any situation, to attract love, money or better health and to repel unfavorable influences. 

-- Red for Controlling and Commanding of others as well as for lust spells, sex magick

--- Black -- as protection magick, but also for mischief. On the flip side it can be used for worship of bestial or satanic forces.  Be very careful in invoking this action.

Bees Wax Candles---These are candles that are made out of pure bees wax from the used honey combs of bees after the honey has been extracted, these are very pure and natural candles, usually they are only in the color of the honey comb, except for either molding it nothing else has been done to it.
I have found that when I do the Rosary, that it’s best to do it by candle light and I light my Bees wax candle that I have specifically set aside for this much higher spiritual work or ritual. The purity of it feels very sacred, usually I will burn a stick of Frankincense or Frankincense and myrrh while I pray and meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary.  I usually will do it when the Sun  sets at the end of the day.

 •"Black Cat" aka Cat Candles --   Although commonly called Black Cat candles they do come in different colors.
Burn  a Black Cat Candle to reverse one's bad luck and draw the good luck. The burning of a black cat candle in the prescribed manner is intended to reverse one's bad luck and draw the good luck. To intensify the force of the candle, anoint it with any of the "lucky oils".   To intensify the force of the candle, it can be anointed with any of the lucky oils- Fast Luck, Gamblers, Jockey Club, Lucky Dog or Black Cat are some of the most widely used.

Traditionally one lights the candle and burns it for seven minutes the first night, eleven the second evening, then seven again on the third night, eleven on the fourth, seven on the fifth, etc. Alternate the burning time each evening between the seven and eleven minutes until enough good luck is attained this is for Gambler’s Luck but can also bring in other good things or to banish negative things.

Green – bring luck and money, Anoint the green cat candle with Money Drawing or Wealthy Way Oil. Write the amount of money needed for a specific purpose on a square of parchment and place it beneath the green cat candle light it and burn it  in the prescribed manner as the Black Cat candle until the needed amount is obtained.  It can also be used to help aid in healing a sick pet.

Red – attract love and affection, can be used for love objectives by anointing them with an appropriate love oil and burning them when the loved one is present also burn in the prescribed manner

Black – turn back evil and also to bring Gambler’s luck.

Black Cat Candle Goddess BAST

Another type of Cat or Black Cat candle is one called the Goddess Bast. Temple Guardian. Protectress of all she surveys and guide to the mysteries.

With this candle you write your specific goal or request on parchment paper and place it beneath the cat candle before lighting.

Black Turn back evil. Anoint with Fast Luck Oil.  Or a banishing oil.

Green Bring luck & money. Anoint with Money Drawing Oil and write the amount of money needed for a specific purpose on parchment paper and place beneath the cat candle. Burn the candle daily until results are achieved.

Red Attract love & affection. Anoint with Come to Me Oil and burn the candle when your loved one is present

•"Bride and Groom" Also known as “Marriage Candle”(man and woman side by side with two wicks)

– Red for passion, bring a relationship to marriage, improve a marriage

Pink for reconciliation,

 White to attract new love or sanctify married fidelity,

Black to cause harm or damage to a couple,

Blue for peace in the home.


Buddha This popular candle (also called Lucky Hotai) is a symbol of good luck and great fortune has endured for many centuries. Write your specific goal or request on parchment and place beneath the candle before lighting.

Green - Bring money and fast luck (this is the most popular)

Red - Draw love and respect

-Cat Candles see Black Cat

Charka candles:  usually these types of candles are enclosed in glass, but I have seen them in pillar or freestanding form.  They contain the seven colors of the energy vortexes of the body: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white.

Some candle makers pour the colors from red to white,  that is from root charka to crown where others may pour the colors from white or crown  to red or root.

The charkas candles work great for meditation, cleansing of body and mind, house blessings, and other activities where you feel you need the full spectrum of color in the magickal activity

Compass Candle:     Used mostly in divination.  A Compass or Directional Candle is employed to help you determine a specific direction to take in life. It is usually a taper that drips freely when lit.
After assigning each of the four quarters (North, South, East and West) or  a direction that you believe you would like your life to proceed in, observe the candle closely.

The wax will drip in the direction that is best for you to take, not necessarily the one you might want, but you will be told what is best based on your present abilities or location to move to.

•"Cross" or "Crucifix" candles:  there are two types with two different designs and each has their own specific name.

 Keys and a book on a flaming cross ("Master Key Crucifix Candle")  
Four-leaf clover on a cross ("Lucky Clover Crucifix Candle")

A beautiful waxen candle replica of the Floral Cross. The ideal molded candle for home or church altars, for all devotions and petitions. The Cross Candle is popular as a daily candle; many believers burn one each day of the week, choosing the color which is appropriate for that particular day –

White for spiritual purity and insight, Special requests, spirituality and uncrossing a difficult situation. Burn every Sunday to keep the home safe and the family harmonious for the entire week

Black for personal power and conjure work, or to Send evil forces to away

 Brown for court cases and legal matters,

Green for money spells, Success, fast luck & fertility or creativity

 Red for love spells, or Courage, Strength, Vitality

 Orange for change,

It would not be unusual to see white cross candles on an altar for spiritual devotional work or in the home of a Catholic.

Devotional Candle: Devotional Candles, are form of Novena Candle, are usually those found in picturesque, heat resistant glass containers but of late I have been finding them as pillar or freestanding candles so the information here I'm providing as a service to avoid confusion.  The pictures on the glass are usually of various Saints while a prayer is normally inscribed on the reverse.  I will talk about these further under Jar Candles.

 Dehexing Candle:  This have a two-fold meaning, the first and most common is a reversible candle which is usually black coating a red candle to reverse a situation, sometimes also referred to as a Double action candle which will send negative energy back and bring in good energy.
The other type of Dehexing candle is when you are doing a ritual and expect some negative or hexing energy to come back at you especially if you are also working against negative energies from another practioner.  So during ritual and afterwards this is a form of further protective energy.
The best colors of Dehexing Candles are Gray, Silver, Black and bi-colored Reversible Candles.
•Black: Absorbs anything coming to you.

•Gray: neutralizes anything coming to you.
-Silver: reflects the incoming energy back to the sender. The curse, jinx or crossing that was meant for you now rests on the sender. With the gray color, your energy must remain neutral.

Any situation which requires the use of a revising candle in addition to the dehexing candle is always a good combination   the Reversible Color is usually found in a combination of Red and Black, with the Black absorbing the incoming energy and the Red concentrating it, adding any tidbits of your making, and returning it to the sender with interest.

•"Devil" – Carved into the likeness of the devil, this candle`s purpose however lies within whichever direction you choose to work. .The color used in rituals is a matter of personal preference. Devil candles are used for exorcism rites, for spells to win the love of another, to clear one's home of dark forces, and for hexing an enemy. 

Red for commanding lust and sex, or Stop sinister forces from keeping loved one from you

Green for collecting money owed or for gambler's luck,

Black for doing harm to an enemy or Rid home of dark forces you can use black candle in your rituals to either banish the devil and his influences or conjure him, and seek out his power as you see fit.

If you use it in your ritual, choose wisely in the path you tread.

Devil Candle w/ Wings, is used same way and plain Devil candle but also Ideal for Rituals of YATUK DINOIH, Luciferian and Satanic sorcery

Special Note:  I have never seen the Devil candle used in exorcism and never by the Catholic Church as they would feel that it really gives strength to the devil.  Therefor I would exercise caution in using it.

•"Divorce candle" (man and woman back to back with one candle wick between)

– usually black, although also made in Red either way its function is  to cause a couple to separate.

Dolphin: Ocean and water magick.  Promotes the oneness with nature and harmony with natural forces on all levels and planes
Double Action Candle ----  These candles are unique they are ½ black and the other in a symbolic color that represents the general situation  Double Action Candle Double action candles are two-color candles, the lower half almost always black, and the upper half either white, red or green. The symbology is that the combination of color repels the bad influences and at the same time draws the good vibrations. The black and white candles are used for spiritual or cleansing matters, the red and black for love, sex or energy problems, green and black are used for money, luck and success in rituals.

They symbolize the positive and negative influences in your life. It is used to draw positive things to you and reverse negative things away from you

 Available in these three usual combinations:

Black/White (Entice the uplifting spiritual vibrations, drive away dark forces.)

Black/Green (Draw good luck get rid of bad situations.)

Black/Red (Attract love and affection, repel the dark influences

The best ones to use are the ones with the Black on the top and the color on the bottom to first banish and then bring in, but if the candle colors are reversed that is the color is first and then the black is on the bottom then turn it upside down, cut the candle burning end flat, and then on the flat bottom whittle it so it will burn.

Either way the black part must burn first and then the color section to banish bad things.

However if you want to have negative things happen to someone else, then burn the color side and then the black end, But I do not recommend that as things can back lash upon you.

Now some people will just whittle a burning wick end on the black part and then impale the candle in the middle on some safe sharp pointed thing and burn the candle at both ends so that both actions happen at the same time.  You may have to make a special holder for that and then have a metal tray underneath it to prevent fires.

Dragon:  Power and protection.  If you are into Dragon magick or workings this is an excellent candle to burn during your most potent personal protection spells or rituals. Anoint with Dragon's blood oil and burn Dragon's blood incense as well.

•"Eye in Pyramid Candle"--- burned for money spells such as money drawing. Usually Green in color with an “All Seeing Eye” like you see on the top of a pyramid on the U.S. 1 dollar bill.

See also Pyramid Candles

Floating Candles:  These do exactly what their name suggests they float in liquid, usually water.  These candles work well for employing equal balance of water and fire elements in your working, and work wonderfully for scrying. Simply fill a bowl with water, light the candles, set them afloat in the bowl, turn out the lights, relax, let the candles settle then gaze into the bowl

Glass Oil Candle: Though similar to the Floating Wick Candle by virtue of using oil instead of wax in a (glass) container, the Glass Oil Candle's wick does not float. It is suspended into the oil body from a separate metal or glass fixture. The Glass Oil Candle comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and is extremely useful in Magick as a Perpetual Flame or Altar Candle. The fragrant oils can be exchanged to match the Magick you are performing. The thick glass is usually safe and heat resistant.
The container usually has a small opening where new oil can be added without extinguishing the flame. As many of the containers are transparent, it is easy to see when the oil needs replacing.

 As an Altar Candle for a magickal ritual, use the glass tapers. A neutral yet high vibrational oil in a thick crystal taper burns long after your Magick is complete.
When using the Glass Oil Candle in a magickal act, always imbue the container first with your will. Do not anoint the container however. Instead, with your will, imbue the oil meant to go into the container. In this way, the container has stored energy and power along with the oil.

SPECIAL NOTE:  As with any open flame candle burn in a very safe place out of reach of children and animals, if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes do what you can to make it safe, if you live in an area prone to tornado's or hurricanes, if you are at home and are alerted, for safety put the flame out, you can always re-light it ritually after all danger has passed.
GUARDIAN ANGEL IMAGE CANDLE - White Guardian Angel Candle Light candle for protection or guidance.

Recite the Guardian Angel Prayer: Angel of God, my guardian dear to whom God's love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

The Guardian Flame Candle: There are many magicians who will only light a ritual candle with the "Sacred Flame" that has been dedicated to a Deity. This flame stands as a guardian in the home or temple. The glass Oil Candle is excellent for his purpose, this is much like in the Catholic church where they have a perpetual flame enclosed lamp called a Sanctuary Lamp, to indicate the presence of God at the altar.

HEART CANDLES Conjure a strong symbolism to romance,
burn red heart candles for luck in love
white heart candles for purity in love
pink heart candles for strengthening a friendship

Invocation Candle: An Altar Candle used to invoke a specific Deity. The Seven-Day Novena Candle is frequently used as an Invocation Candle as it is tall and will normally outlast other candles on the altar.  These can be either freestanding with a symbol of the deity carved on it or a glass enclosed candle.

•"Lady" (a clothed female figure) and "Gentleman" (a clothed male figure) often used when performing spells related to job, school, or career

 -- White to meet someone new; – healing light for the sick, clearing the mind, persuasion

Pink for reconciliation or friendship;

Green – collect money owed from others

Red to foster love;

Blue for peacefulness, health, or peace on the job;

Black for harm or revenge or get rid of problems;

Reversing (red inside, black outside) to reverse a situation, dispel evil, cleanse yourself of bad influences

•"Lovers" (nude embracing couple) Sometimes referred to as Adam and Eve candles See also.

-- Red for sexual passion,

 White for new love.

Lucky Hotai----see Budda
I will continue in my next post about the remaining figure candles.

                                    Blessings Ms. Q

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