Thursday, September 25, 2014

Have been Ill and recommendations for protection~~~~

My Apologies Ms. Q,

I know you've been worried but I have been ill which required surgery and a long recuperation time, which made it difficult to sit up for any long periods of time.

I will resume my postings when I can.

In going over my notes and old books, I've discovered more information on various types of dirt gathered not just from graveyards but also from locations.

On jar candles I am bit by bit putting the information together as my health permits.

But now we have just passed the Autumn Equinox, and you will find that the veils between the physical world and the spiritual are getting thinner.

Of late Hollywood has been putting out movies dealing with possessed objects and people. 

Many of these stories are really for entertainment.

But a number of them do have a basis for fact but have been blown out of proportion for the thrill effect.

If a movie says it's based on a true story, remember it is only based on the story but is not the factual story itself.

Case in point is the Amityville house, the Exorcist, White Noise, The Conjuring and a new movie that's come out called Annabelle.

Hollywood is great for extreme exaggeration, so as with all things take it with a grain of salt and get the true facts.

However as I said, we have passed the Autumn Equinox and the veils are getting thinner, so in my previous posts look up ways to protect yourself and your home, DO NOT PLAY WITH QUIJA BOARDS, it is an open invite to that which you may not know.

If you go ghost hunting, take precautions to spiritually and physically protect yourself.  It is not a game. 

So please refer to my previous post on Spiritual protection and do take steps.

Halloween is fun, and you should have fun, but also be careful.

Blessings Ms. Q.


  1. Hello Ms. Q. I'm in need of your help. I'm a mother of 3 boys, one of which is a newborn. I was in a great relationship and shortly after the birth of our son a older married woman who was somewhat financially secure CAME and started sleeping with my boyfriend and giving him lavish gifts that I could not provide and eventually I had to let him go. He has a situation that she is aware of and she is conveniently using that to keep him in her grasps. Her husband still allows her to come back and forth to their home and he is well aware of the fact that she's cheating on him. I believe that she has had work done on the both of them due to the fact that she' does what she wants to and until she came along my boyfriend and I were very much in love and his world revolves around us. I'm so unhappy and I desperately want my family back the way it was and I want her to go back to her husband where she belongs . please can u help me

    1. Dear Kebaj42,

      It is possible that you have not read the most recent posts, Ms. Q has been very ill and is slowly recovering. She cannot do any spells because of her illness but she recommends that you do a banishing ritual using "Black Destroyer" Oil, she has posted a post on it, read that carefully so she recommends that you get a reversing candle and use that oil.

      But be very careful, she also recommend that you put a mirror in the window that faces out to the street that is in front of your home to send back any evil.

      She does warn you that when you are using candles never leave it unattended especially with young children around, this is to avoid a fire.

      Also there is possibly a legal way to remind your boyfriend especially if he is the father of your new born, to sue him for child support. Of course this depends upon what country you live in. But he helped you make the baby he is equally responsible for the child as well.

      Read carefully the rest of Ms. Q's blog for more information.

      But please remember she cannot do any readings over the blog, and her health is not that strong. She posts this blog to give Folks like you information so that you can help yourself.

      If you cannot make "Black Destroyer" oil you can purchase it and a reversing candle at a Metaphysical shop.

      But remember keep lit candles away from Children and way from curtains or drapes or anything that burns, this is for your physical safety.

      Ms. Q sends her blessings and is including you in her prayer circle for your success in getting your boyfriend back and once he's back, insist that he marries you, Don't play house and yet be unmarried. Get married even by a justice of the peace and keep that marriage certificate safe.

      In Ms. Q's words "Blessings to You"

  2. The posting of Black Destroyer Oil was on June 23 or 25 2015, please read that carefully.

    1. I also wanted to know if there was anyway to get clarification on if or not the love is still in his heart for me. He says that he is however if he doesn't love me then I won't try to make him. I just want to know if there is a way to find out if I'm still in his heart.

    2. Dear Kabaj42, Ms. Q managed to do a one card reading, we're going to see if we can post it here below.

      Please check.

  3. Thank You. And my prayers are sent hoping that she feels better.

    1. Dear Kebaj42,

      Ms. Q doesn’t do readings because of the energy it takes and given the advancement of her age, but she does have a soft spot when it comes to “love”.

      So she did a one card reading, that is she put the question to her Tarot cards, spread the deck out and allowed her spirit guides to guide her hand to the card that will give some sort of answer.

      The card that she was guided to is JUDGEMENT.

      Judgement means Change · Decisions · Success · Transformation · Upheaval : A swift and conclusive decision. The resolution of a matter long unanswered. A change in point of view, most frequently towards greater enlightenment. It is also a Final balancing of karma.

      Judgment tells a story of transition, but unlike Death or the Tower, it is not sudden change, or born of luck or intuition, but change that springs from reason.

      It signifies plans, often long in the making, coming to fruition. If it points towards the future, it may also speak towards the nature of the change; if there is a choice that needs to be made, ruminate and let your mind guide the decision.

      Logic, in this case, is a better guide than intuition. Be prepared to make a major decision in your life, likely one that will shape the next chapter of your life.

      The Judgement card is representative of some sort of change or transformation, likely one that has already occurred. It could mean the presence of a spiritual or professional calling and making decisions that will lead to your success.

      The answer to your question is yes, but there will be a struggle in him returning, because the gifts this older woman is giving him is enticing.

      But she is buying his love, her beauty is withering away, eventually she cannot hold him, You should wear “Cleo May” to attract him back, be loving, have your home look inviting and comfortable, and show him the baby, to remind him of his responsibilities, once he comes back encourage him to marry you so that the status of you and especially the children have legality, tell him that it is not good for the children to be considered in the eyes of the law as bastards with very little standing. They need to be protected. But do this gently. Remember this is going to take time. Be brave, have courage.

      Ms. Q is keeping you in her prayer circle for you and the children.

      And in Ms. Q’s words “Blessings to you”.

  4. I haven't purchased the Cleo May oil as of yet. I will be doing it soon, however I have purchased come to me oil. I hate to have to go to the extent of all of this to win back his heart because I have been good to him with everything in me, I thought this man was MY best friend and immediately after the birth of our son he was with another and I was alone so I feel like I lost my love and my friend . he is financially supportive but the truth is that this has taken me on a ride to post partum depression like I have never known. I spoke with a close friend of mine today and I was shocked to find out that she had the same woman that my ex is with come and do business for my friend and start sleeping with my friends husband. The same woman, my friend told me that her husband was showing signs that he was in love with the woman just like my ex is doing and being as though this homewrecker is married and steps out on her husband often and he is aware and constantly takes her back im starting to question if she's having some spiritual work done on the men she lures into her bed. People who know her say she has been this way for years and I can't understand how in the world did this happen out of no where with a man who showed me love in every way possible and when she came it stopped. He doesn't seem like himself in many ways. How can I find out if she is doing work on him and if so how can I help him. I'm so broken. This is my family in fighting for and I was so happy and looking forward to enjoying this beautiful baby of ours whom is a spitting image of his father with him. And can you recommend a place for me to order the Cleo may. Thanks

    1. Dear Kebaj42,

      Come to Me oil is a very good oil to work with, I suspect that the other Woman is using Cleo May as well.

      As to a shop to order any oils I recommend Conjured Cardea it is on my links list, she also offers an oil called "Commit to Me", once he comes back to you then switch to Commit to me.

      I have seen your situation happen many times with other men, once a baby arrives, once a man sees where the baby comes from, he cannot look upon the woman he made love to and create the baby as a sexual partner but as a mother and in a way he cannot view a mother as a sex partner because he's looking for sex as well, his hormones don't stop, but now he's confused.

      He becomes as some of my friends say "A Hound Dog" and will see another woman as a sex partner as oppose to being a mother.

      Part of your situation is that you are both a mother and a sexual partner but he cannot see that anymore. He sees you are a mother.

      Your post partum depression also makes it difficult for you, you feel that you have lost your sexual attractiveness because your hormones are switching to a "mother status".

      You need to take vitamins and talk with your doctor about this, once you relieve the post partum depression everything else will balance out.

      This is the kind of woman who preys upon men like this.

      Is she doing workings? It is possible but a reading, a full card reading by a reliable card reader can help you.

      If you have purchased the Come to Me oil from a brick and mortar metaphysical shop, ask if there is someone there who does readings.

      I suspect that she is but I do not have the energy or strength to do a full reading to completely determine this.

      But most importantly get help for your post partum depression, have your doctor see if you are low in iron, and vitamin B for nerves, get tested for that, and get well from it.

      Conjured Cardea by the way will be starting to take orders again after January 7th, she's been on vacation during the holidays.

      If he is helping you financially, that is good he does recognize a part of his responsibilities, as a father but he also wants sex, and now with the baby it is hard for him to see that.

      In time he will but you are going to have to work on that both spiritually and physically, do not give up, and get the reading and see a doctor for your health.

      I am keeping you and your situation in my prayer circle and will pray for you.

      Blessings My child.

    2. Thank you very much for your guidance in what has felt like one of the most difficult times in my life. I wish I could turn my heart off and listen to my mind but it doesn't work like that in matters of the heart, as u already know. However how is the oil to be used. Is it only to be worn in his presence or everyday even if I don't see him everyday.

    3. And please continue to pray for me.

    4. Dear Child,

      There has been some debate on how often to wear the oil, but I have found that it's best to wear it every day, because there maybe times when you will run into the person unexpectedly.

      Or in some cases, you may meet up with someone who can positively influence him to come back to you, make it a habit to wear every day, that way you won't forget to wear it.

      And yes, do not fear, you will be prayed for everyday.

      Blessings my child.

  5. Ms Q . I have been doing a lot of my own work by way of candles. I have recently moved back to my home state and I'm living with a relative until I can get my own place next month. Since I'm not in my own space it is complicated to have the space and privacy I need while burning my candles so I have to go in the bathroom and do it there every night when I can. Also since it is the bathroom and other people use it after I burn my candles for about 15 minutes when I put them out I have to take them and put them in a secluded place. I'm wondering if the inconsistency of the time of night and the fact that I have to move them back and forth can it hinder my work or is it ok as long as my focus and intent is there?

    1. Dear Kebaj42,

      Yes, having to move the candles all the time breaks up the work, you really need a dedicated space to set up your candles to do the work, in essence you need to create “sacred space”.

      It means you cannot focus properly, nor can the ritual work properly if you have to set up and break it down all the time.

      This is too bad as I was not aware that you had this problem, it adds to the difficulty.

      Since you have the candles and work with them for 15 minutes a day, continue as best as you can to at least get the energy started in some way.

      Then when you have your own place see if you can get a cheap 2nd hand table not much bigger than a card table to do your work, if you have children tell them “This is Mommy’s special place do not touch!” and mean it with them, children need to learn.

      One of these days I may need to write a post about “Sacred Space”.

      Once you have your own place repeat the ritual again and you will see a difference. And when you have your own place see about doing an Uncrossing bath ritual as I’ve posted before you repeat the ritual.

      Blessings my child.

  6. And his candle has a lot of wax building up running towards the front of the figure but it is not falling off its just building up more and more in the front toward the lower part of the front and his flame stands really tall. Mines has very little was running to the right side and my flame is strong but not as strong as his. Cani tell me what this could possibly mean.

    1. Dear Kebaj42,

      First, on a cautionary side, be very careful if the flame goes very tall you could have a fire hazard so be very, very careful make sure nothing flammable not even a curtain or picture or anything is near it.

      That being said, a tall flame means that the message is slowly getting through to him but the fact that the wax on his candle is running in front of the figure indicates blockages, it’s going to be a slow difficult job.

      Your flame being strong is good, but not as strong as his, it continues the message that there is still a lot of work for you to do but your will and love is strong.

      If the wax is running a little bit on the right side, is it covering the arm? Then that would mean some things are still holding the situation back, trying to hamper you but the fact that it’s only running a little is a good sign, you won’t be hampered that much.

      Watch and observe the candles very carefully, and especially make sure they are not a fire hazard.

      Blessings my child