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A side trip on to Group Souls and other subjects~~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

I know I have not posted in a long time, we’ll several things, I had been ill on and off, then a family member came down ill and I needed to take care of them, and then when I thought my life was going to get back on track and make plans, I was summoned and sworn in to do Jury Service---3 months of Jury Service. 

But like my Granny use to say “We make plans and God laughs”, well he must have thought he was pretty darn funny getting me on a Jury trial.  And I won’t go into it, that would be an entire Blog site on its own.

But it did give me time to think and see what I’d like to write about, but sometimes the direction happens in a different way, I had received a number of “private posts” on my blog and out of privacy concerns to those that did post to me I did not post their questions or remarks because it did cover pretty much the same subject, and because of that I am going to take a side trip in my blog.

I know that more people want me to go into the making of ritual oils and such, and I will do that eventually, but as I said, I have been having a number of people asking me about Group Souls, Soul Mates and the concept of Twin Flames as well as Past Lives/Reincarnation.

That is a very deep subject as well as combining all of these subjects and I need to answer them in a sort of direct line of thought.

Now some people do not believe in Group Souls, Soul Mates, Reincarnation etc. etc., which is fine, that is their personal thoughts on the matter, and I won’t argue with them or debate with them, but if asked questions I will answer them.

So First we are going to start with Group Souls in this post.

My Grandma told me a long time ago “God does not waste anything, Man does.”   Now she was saying this to me when I was growing up in the late 1940’s- 1950’s, and when I was with my Grandma and Mom I was taught to carry a small canvas bag, and if I found a glass bottle that was not broken or anything that was usable to put it into my bag,  glass bottles I could turn in for 3 cents each, and put that into my piggy bank, the bottles were remolded and made into new bottles thus not wasting minerals and other ore’s to make glass bottles.  I’d find string, pins (for sewing), pennies, it all adds up and all usable.

But Granny also meant that God (if one wants to believe in a Divine being) doesn’t waste souls either to just come onto this planet one time and then up to “heaven” and thinking well that’s it,  Oh no, Granny told me that God is a teacher and if we want to become part of him a part of the Divine Presences Cosmic Body to never return we have to come to earth or other planets that hold life and learn our experiences because Earth is a School for us to learn our lessons.

And each life time could be focused on just one lesson and learning it, so we will come back repeatedly, that is not to say that we as souls/spirits do not learn on the other side, we do, but to apply that spiritual learning to an incarnated reality is what makes the lesson stick, so to speak.  And sometimes we do not get it right so we have to come back in a different life to learn it again.

Now I know you’re going to ask “Why do some people come back and do horrible things?”  Well that is a long lesson in itself and deals with the issue of Karma, but that will be for another discussion.  My fingers can only type for so long---writer’s cramp you know.  (LOL)

 Of course for people with a logical or scientific mind this concept of the soul/spirit return does not make sense, but it does if you remember that energy is never destroyed it just reformats itself, and intelligent energy will do that again and again, and that is what Souls are, but it is far more than my overly simple description.

Even miracles are formed that way.

In an experiment with a human observer, subatomic particles behave differently from the way they behave when the experiment is not observed while in progress and then the results are examined only after the experiment is completed.

Because of this it is believed that on a subatomic level, human will can in part shape reality---something the Buddhists have talked about or taught for years.

It’s all about Quantum Theory or Quantum Mechanics if you apply it to a spiritual matter, Quantum Theory tells us that every point in the universe is intimately connected to every other point, regardless of apparent distance.  In some strange, mysterious even mystical way any point on a planet in a distant galaxy is as close to me as the very keyboard that I’m typing on.

Even in the first Star Wars movie, when a planet was destroyed Yoda said “There is a disturbance in The Force”.   Can you imagine someone so spiritually evolved to hear spiritually the dying cries of millions of people?   It would drive an average person insane.

But getting back to Quantum Theory, this hypothesis means that information or objects or even people, should be able to move instantly between locations or between earth and other planets, it’s just that we don’t as yet understand this quantum structure of reality sufficiently to even achieve such a miracle.  And I’m talking beyond the idea of “beaming down from the Starship Enterprise to a planet’s surface”.

But Quantum theory does give us reason to believe that on a deep structural level, every point in the universe is in some way the same point.

Now for the planet earth this interconnectedness of every point is so complete that if a huge flock of birds suddenly flew out of the trees (and I’m talking huge) that disturbance in the air caused by their wings will contribute to weather changes in a major city or state hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Primary example was the eruption of the Tambora volcano on the island of Soembawa in Indonesia on April 15th 1815. The eruption lasted one week and rumbled for 3 months. The mountain elevation dropped from 14,000 feet to 9000 feet, killed close to 10,000 people on the island and another 80,000 people and possibly much more than was recorded, would eventually die from starvation and diseases related to the eruption. Tambora was one of the largest recorded eruptions with estimates of 150 million tons of dust put into the air equaling 6 million atomic bombs. The theory is that the dust reached the Northern Hemisphere during the following year of 1816 reducing solar output.

This happen to co-inside with the growing season of 1816, resulting in crop failures in the US and over a wide spread swath in Europe.  It was referred to as “The Summer That Wasn’t”.   So what happened in the Southern Pacific Ocean affected Northern American, Canada and Europe as far away as India.

So what does this have to do with Group Souls?

If you apply this same principle of Quantum Theory to Souls, it means energy cannot be destroyed but reformed, with an intelligence behind it to plan one’s next rebirth.  As well as the group or groups of people that will be needed to help teach you this lesson, because they to need to interact with you even briefly for their own soul development and learning.

Now the holding place for all these groups souls has many names, The Source is but one of many names, some people will also say we are part of the Body of God or of Christ, some people will call it the “Holding place”, some people will call it heaven, the Summerland or the Bardo or something, but it has one function it is where we go back to, to review our previous life and what we need to do next and plan our next life.  

Many people simply call it “Home”.

So a soul group is a group of infinite beings of consciousness who help us learn life lessons.  Many have been with us in various previous incarnations and have spent the majority of time with us in the ethereal realms aka “heaven/home”.  While we’re on the “other side”, we make agreements with our soul groups to meet at some juncture in our Earth-bound lives (or any other place of incarnation, it doesn’t have to be Earth).

However some of these relationships will never manifest in one’s current incarnation due to free will as well as what one needs in one’s current incarnation and what the other spirit/soul needs in their incarnation.

Before we are born, we choose the experiences that we desire to have in one’s current incarnation and then make soul contracts with the souls of people who will help us along the way.  We also choose which parents we will have and the type of lifestyle we will lead.  It’s not unusual to be asking yourself, “Why did I choose THIS lifestyle?”  Because before you were born you knew it would give you the best chance to learn so many life lessons and to grow spiritually.  At birth, your personality, character, abilities, talents, strengths and weaknesses are already formed.  Now, it’s just a matter of learning from your weaknesses and using your abilities to the utmost capacity.

Each day as well as In the future, you will meet people at the most opportune times in your life, and not by coincidence.  These people are part of your soul group who will help you with your life lessons.

Something led you Ms. Q to my web site to read and learn, I didn’t do anything except I felt the need to create the web site, but you  had to instigate the hunt for my web site and that was YOU, not me, YOU, I was simply the soul that had made the deal with your soul long before you were born (remember at least 50 or more years difference in our ages) that we would come in contact at your own choosing by finding my site.

Now that does not take away your free will, because our earthly lives are like those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels that was popular years ago, where you had two or three choices and each choice would lead to a different outcome.

Now why at least 50 years, (plus the years for you to grow up so let’s say my 70 plus years of life) because I needed those years to learn the lessons to be able to give you answers to your questions.  And not only to you, but to others who have asked me many of those same questions.  Because my Soul energy is to be “Teacher”.   But it took me a long time to learn this and I had to be part of a soul group that would teach me the lessons be able to relate it to personal experiences to pass on to others including you, Ms. Q.

You can have many soul groups that can include literally millions of people!  And one soul from one group can briefly interact with another soul from another group to give the lessons needed, and when I say briefly it depends upon factors that are in play that we do not even know about that are yet to come, for example I should die suddenly or you find a job out of state and lose my web site information, as well as any number of other factors.   But it will be for as long as needed.

So how would all this look like?

Well the best way I could describe it is the internal workings of an old-fashioned complicated Pocket Watch, the case of the watch is the universe, the main spring is the energy, but we have all these little wheels with cogs and teeth and such, now some of these wheels do not interact directly with the other wheels but with the aid of the cogs and levers and such,  they do, now over the years some wheels will have the tiny teeth wear down and miss connecting with the cogs, nothing much happens except that the watch will lose a brief millisecond of time, and those are missed opportunities, eventually they will re-connect in other ways and continue functioning, but it will be missing something and the soul will sense its missed something and it will try to make up for it in other ways, so our subconscious self will see the watch is losing time, we don’t want that to happen so a wise person will take the watch to a watch repair person, and get it functioning again, and somehow in another way with another soul you’ll have that next opportunity.

But an unwise person or soul, will not take time to continue to fix it or to continue to look for opportunities and when that happens, well it is a sad and dissatisfied life one will lead.  Until you pass over to the other side, and talk with your spiritual counselor, that person will show you the missed opportunities, so you plan it all over again into another life.

In 1991 an excellent movie came out with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep called “Defending Your Life”, in a comic way it does explain what happens on the other side all the good and the bad. Defending Your Life is a romantic comedy-fantasy film about a man who dies and arrives in the afterlife only to find that he must stand trial and justify his lifelong fears in order to advance to the next phase of life; or be sent back to earth to do it again.

Meryl Streep plays the young lady who made all the right choices and did well, while Albert Brooks sees all the bad choices and how he never learned from it.  In one sequence Streep announces to Brooks “I was a Knight before, what were you?”   The man looks at the screen and sees himself as a Hindu fellow running for his life from a hungry Tiger so he replies “LUNCH!”   It’s worth watching even for a laugh.

The only trouble with this film is that it does not go into the group soul concept.  But it does in a way give an idea of Soul Mates as well.

There are many ideas on the afterlife but we have to remember in the afterlife we are multidimensional beings on the other side, and we make thousands upon thousands of contracts to meet specific people at specific times in one’s life.  In the third dimensional reality, it’s difficult to comprehend the numerous amounts of contracts that we’ve made but when you’re multidimensional, it’s quite easy to do.

And as I said some of these relationships will never manifest in this incarnation due to free will.

An excellent book that describes the afterlife and gives an indication of group souls is
Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives--- Paperback – July, 1994
by Michael Newton (Author)

Now I have to be honest I don’t completely agree with some of the hypothesis that Newton promotes but some of the descriptions that his subjects relates does match up with what I have seen in out of body experiences and through meditation, as well as through the experiences my Grandmother, Mother and close friends have seen and experienced.

Now remember even though we’ve made contracts on “the Other side” we have not pre-determined our lives, we’ve only given ourselves situations at certain points in our lives, it is for us to do with as we ourselves choose to do.

So bottom line, we were meant to meet, but it was up to you to find me or my web site.

Exciting isn’t it.

Now before I sign off there is one application of group souls, and that is those who die in a form of mass destruction such as Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, and The Twin Towers.   These are large groups of souls that take on that mantle to die as a group for several reasons, of which I can only fathom a few.

One is to move a historical event forward to create a situation for spiritual learning, another is a mass payment of Karmic debt and in doing so to move things forward, now this can be in groups of thousands, or hundreds of thousands to as small as 50 to a hundred or even less.  But it is to be a learning lesson to those left behind and for those who lose loved ones to have a spiritual lesson as well.

But how they want to take that lesson is dependent on the individuals’ choices, some took to drink, other’s created groups to deal with the loss, just to name a few.   And it seems that some of these souls will do it again and again until that Karmic debt is paid.

In my next post I’ll discuss soul mates and hopefully twin flames concepts.

Blessings Ms. Q

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