Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A candle spell to banish a person and get your loved one back~~~

Hello Everyone,

Recently Ms. Q was asked if there is a candle spell to banish a negative person or persons out of someone's life and have them come back.

There are spells many spells, so it can be hard to say which one would work, in response to a question put by "Endlesslove"   Ms. Q has recommended these two spells.

But she does it with a caveat, the spell work can help up to a point but also physical work is needed, Ms. Q strongly believes in the adage that "God helps those who help themselves".

So with that in mind Ms. Q shares these two spells, we have seen them posted on several areas of the internet so it is out there, but she has found them to be helpful.

Here is the question------

Im in to candle work. I have a situation where i trying to keep my family together. My s/o is fighting and sex addiction as well a women is in the picture that keeps blocking us from rebuilding. What candle work can I use to remove the issues mainly the women and pull us closer together?

And here is Ms. Q's response~~~~~

Ms. Q says there are several levels that you are working on and you will have to work with each one separately, because doing them together will scatter your energy. 

 First you need to get rid of the woman or women if more than one from your s/o.  

Once you do that then you will need to do a healing ritual to bring under control this sex addiction but this should also be done in conjunction with therapy.  Sex addiction like drugs, alcohol and gambling is a physical and psychological disorder that needs to be worked on through a licensed therapist or group treatment, so both your s/o and you can understand why this obsession.

But even Ms. Q says that the rituals are not always completely successful, the sex drive is a powerful addiction.

So let’s start with breaking up and getting rid of the woman/women in your s/o life.

There are  two types of candle work you can do, this is one that she learned from one of the ladies in her Granny’s group, it’s an old Southern Hoodoo ritual, but all you need is one small red candle.  

 On separate sheets of brown paper that has not known a scissors (means you have to hand tear it) write on it 13 times the name of the woman----if there is more than one woman then it’s that many pieces of paper to write each woman’s name 13 times.    

Anoint the corners of the paper with Banishing oil and then in the center sprinkle with a bit of Banishing powder.  Fold the paper from each corner to the middle so that the ends overlap then seal the folds with the wax from a red candle or red sealing wax.

Bury this packet or packets in a discreet spot in your garden at midnight---now if you live in an apartment then bury them in a pot with dirt.  

Every night for the next 13 nights sprinkle the pot of dirt or the ground where you’ve buried the packet(s) with “Damnation” oil.  

 On the 14th night dig up the packet(s) and burn them to ashes in a safe fire proof container.    

Carefully collect the ashes and either throw them to the 4 winds (4 directions North, South, East, West) or into running water, such as a river, stream, lakeor fast moving rain water down a gutter.

That’s one type of very simple candle work.

Now there is also a “Hotfoot” candle spell but this works for a specific person in mind.   

This is an old Southern Hoodoo candle ritual and Ms. Q’s Granny has said that it has worked most of the time unless someone is working counter acting magic.

What you will need is 
a Black candle,
“Hot Foot” or “Get Away” oil and powder
A rusty nail
7 pins or needles
Brown paper that has not known a scissors
Red ink pen (felt tip is fine)

Write or inscribe the person’s name on the candle with the nail and dress the candle with the oil, stroke the candle away from you. 

 Insert the pins or needles at equal intervals through the candle from bottom to the top and sprinkle the candle with the powder.

On the paper write the person’s name 7 times in red ink.  Turn the paper 1 quarter turn and across their name write what you want them to do (move away, stay away, leave town etc.) 

 Place the paper under the candle and light the candle. 

Burn the candle until the first needle falls, all the while focus/concentrate on what you want to happen to this person and then extinguish this candle (snuff it out do not blow it out you can use a candle snuffer) with that first needle or pin stick it into the paper straight up and down, the next night when the second needle or pin falls out pin it across the first one   so that it looks like this  X.

By the end of the ritual you should have three crosses in the paper with the middle cross finished with the 7th pin going straight up and down.  

 It should look like this  X X X.  then the middle x has the 7th pin going up and down the middle.

Repeat this ritual every night added a bit more oil and more powder until the candle has burned down completely and all the pins have been used.

On the last night after the last needle or pin has fallen out and you’ve pinned it to the paper,  use the candles’  last flicker light to burn the paper, needles and all.   

Place the ashes and needles (or pins) in a piece of paper and mix with a bit more oil and powder then if possible without being seen sprinkle in the front yard of the person you want to leave your s/o alone if they don’t have a yard then at the front door or at the bottom step that leads to their front door. 

If you know their car you can put a bit of  the oil on their car handles that you know they will come in contact with.  Especially if you know they are the driver.

Once that has been done and is successful then there is a simple candle ritual that you can do to start the healing process.

 Get a pink (or red—white will do) male image candle and a female image candle, anoint them with  Adam and Eve oil (stroking it towards you as you Dress the candles) inscribe your S/O name on one and your name on the other (I’m assuming that your s/o is of the opposite sex if not then get the right candle to match each of your sexes).

Have the candles facing each other but a ways apart, burn them for 15 minutes concentrating on being together, then snuff out,  the next night light the candles and bring them closer together.

  Do this for 7 nights in a row, until they are directly facing each other,  on the last night let it burn completely out, then wrap the remains in red paper and bury under a rose bush.  

If all goes well and there is no counter magic working against you it should work.    

You should also wear a touch of “Cleo May” oil to re-attract you S/O and then gently encourage your S/O to seek help for this addiction and work together on this.   

But remember this is not an easy thing to overcome, and it will take more than candle work, it will need the personal touch as well. 

In Ms. Q’s words “Blessings to you”


  1. I was told her told this female has a very strong presence that is blocking us. His desire is to be with our family. He constantly turns his back to her but she is just there...I was told leave work might not be successful because she is so planted there, claiming him. But Love work can be down to pull us closer. Is there anyway I can get a one card read? Im hurt our kids are hurt in just need my family to come back together. And we are in counseling with a sex therapist. Just started going back

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      I've informed Ms Q and she says going to counseling is a very, very good start.

      Because of family commitments right now she cannot immediately reply, but in a day or two she will do a one card reading for you and also put up a Honey Jar spell that will help both you and one other reader of this blog.

      Again keep your home loving and comfortable for him so he will be more attracted to you and the children. This way he will begin to see a balance with a loving home life with you and the children and also what the counselor suggests.

      Ms. Q is keeping you in her prayer circle.

      And in her words "Many Blessings to you"

  2. I dont have access to a rose bush is there another "bring my love back" candle work

    1. Ms Q says a rose bush is usually the first choice, but this being winter that may be difficult to do. There is an alternative.

      If you are able to go to a large chain grocery store that has potted plants, buy one that will bloom flowers or already has flowers blooming on it.

      Buy a larger new flower pot and some bagged garden soil. Transfer the purchased plant into the new soil that's in the new flower pot.

      Then after you do the ritual spell bury the remains in the pot with the flowers.

      This works very well if you live in an apartment or its winter time and snow is on the ground and it's too cold to dig.

      That should work.

      And in Ms. Q's words "Many Blessings to you"

  3. How far apart should the banish spell and the and love spell be done

    1. Ms. Q says that Once you have completed the banishing spell, by the next evening you can start the love spell.

      But to even be more effective you can start it at the next new Moon which is January 10, 2016

      This is going by the idea that if you want something brought to us then do start it at the New Moon as it grows to Full Moon.

      If you want to banish something then do it from just after the Full Moon as it grows smaller to become a new moon, it's a form of sympathetic magic the problem will shrink in size.

      Ms Q says that sometimes it pays to rest between spells to build up your energy again. She also recommends that you read various other portions of her blog as it may give you more ideas as to what you can do.

      Again Ms. Q says "Many Blessings to You"

    2. Dear Endless Love, just as I finished writing the previous reply to you Ms. Q called to me and dictated your card reading.

      Ms. Q's prompted her to do a one card reading and it seems that her spirit guides are suggesting something even beyond just having your loved one returned, she said to me that it feels like a 2 part reading.

      Her hand was guided to drawing the Eight of Pentacles, which is really a card of Prudence and workmanship.

      She had to meditate on this in terms of “love”, first you must set aside the pain that you are feeling if you are to be successful in gaining him back and working together to get clear of this person who appears to have an emotional hold on him.

      You must dedicate yourself fully to the task. Apply painstaking attention to detail to help him. Stick with it to see it through.

      There is the possibility of a spiritual reward. This is not necessarily a guarantee, but rather a suggestion that if you are prudent and organized in your attempt to help him and have him feel far more comfortable being with you, success is the likelier outcome.

      But here is the 2nd part of this reading that Ms. Q finds puzzling but in a way makes sense, The Eight of Pentacles is a card suggesting an improvement your own skills and studiousness.

      It shows a desirable career and acquiring new skills just ahead as long as you use discretion and take a balanced approach.

      It is possible that from this situation you will gain a desire to help others who are going through this same type of problem, there is the possibility of you going to school and getting a degree even though you have children to raise, this is because you will learn or teach yourself to separate your emotions from this situation and instead use logic to see it clearly and in doing so, besides using ritual you will discover abilities that you never knew you had.

      Ms. Q sees you developing in time your own career.

      Overall Ms. Q says with time and hard work and he too must be willing then The outlook from this card is positive.

      Ms Q hopes that this reading gives you some measure of hope, but she says that he must work at it too, he must learn to be strong, and by you showing him what he has to gain will go a long way.

      Otherwise if he doesn't then you must be strong.

      Ms. Q will keep you in her prayer circle.

      And "Many Blessings to you"

    3. That is a lot of information to take in, Thank you. My question is Im picking up my items today. She said start the banishing after the new moon so it will become smaller but to start my love spell on jan 10th with the new moon. the banishing spell takes 14 days if I was to start it today I wont complete it unitl 16th. When should I do them...

      I dont want to insult anyone but I have a strong belief in GOD and I wonder does this in take away my belief in him /my soul? That is where im torn. Do everything work together? Is this understable? I pray daily and I have have a war prayer book helping me through the pain of it all.i pray for him, myself and our kids. I am reading my bible more. I have no interest of ever doing anything dark.All I want is love, happiness and healing. Even the other women I just want her to release this man that completes my family and move on.

    4. Dear Endless Love, If you start the love spell on the new moon (that is when the moon is not seen or is barely seen) and continue it for the next 14 days towards the Full Moon, that is bringing in something to you, it grows, comes closer. And that is good.

      But with a banishing spell you do it from the Full Moon to the new moon, as it shrinks or gets smaller, it goes away from you, If you start the banishing spell now, and then the Love spell on the 10th there should be no or very little conflict. But it may not hurt (and I have done this myself) to repeat the spells but in better timing, New to full moon Love spell, Full to new Banishing spell.

      Many people who do the work themselves who are learning to work the energies think that by doing it just one time that will fix things, there are times when that is not the case, it may have to be repeated a 2nd time and even a 3rd.

      Again in the same type of timing.

      My child, about feeling conflicted or torn about doing this work and you think you maybe going against God and harming your soul. I can assure you that workings to bring about peace, love and to insure protection of you and your loved ones is not going against God.

      In Matthew 7:7 it says (depending upon which bible translation) "Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and ye shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you."

      Matthew 7:8
      For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

      Psalm 34:4
      I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

      Psalm 37:4
      Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

      In their own way it is saying that God helps those who help themselves, what is being done is to augment, and focus your prayers.

      Dear Child, with your 2nd question you have given me an idea for an essay to post here on my blog and it will be about the ethics of spiritual work. Both positive as well as negative.

      But even my Granny use to say to me "When you have turned the other cheek and they still keep slapping you, it's time to get tough, because you've run out of cheeks to slap."

      And even my own Mother (God Bless her) use to say "The most dangerous place to be is between a Mother and her family" You are a Mother, you have a family and no one should come between that.

      Blessings to you,

  4. Do I have to keep the flowers alive once I bury the candles? I was saw where i can put them The trash where four street corners meet.

    Also at first you relayed to your niece to do the love spell for 7 days then I was told by you 14 days. Which is best? I have also stated wearing the come to me oil. i haven't been able to start tbe banishing spell you offered but I have stated a commanding spell where I write the other women name in egg shells, and spray her name with commanding oil as well was van van spray. I smudge her name and wipe it away. As I command what I want to happen. I plan to do this until the new moon and start the love spell.

    I know Im all over the place Im just trying to understand everything to get a better outcome. Im fighting for my family. And to me that is everything.

    1. Dear Child,

      I suggested the 7 days at first because most people think things will work after one day, and that is not the case, 14 days is much better as it follows a half moon cycle that is in love workings from new to full.

      But in starting it I always say 7 days at first to get the energy going so that everyone understands that doing it just one day does not always work instantly, but takes time. In your case, 14 days is much better, but if the candle burns out quickly and sometimes it does before it reaches the goal of coming together, then have a 2nd candle or candles ready to dress to complete the ritual. Sometimes if it burns out quickly it tells me that spirits are working very hard to help, so you need to continue it until both candles are immediately facing each other.

      In regards to disposing of the workings, you throw banishings into trash far away from you.

      Love spells should be planted at a growing plant or tree, and if you put it into a pot with a live plant you do need to keep it growing until it completes it's life cycle (this is for seed plants, plants grown from seeds) a root plant such as a miniature rose, and I have seen them in supermarkets, will grow and live in a good size pot for several years.

      I have an Autumn Sage plant (also called Hot Lips) growing in a large pot for over two years, and the humming birds come to feed from it.

      Now this is how I was taught by my Grandmother and the ladies in her group, the person who told you about the egg shells may have learned things differently depending upon where she grew up.

      The egg shells ritual is a good one to do as well, and may not seem as frightening as the banishing ritual. So you can do that.

      But yes you are all over the place because you are fighting for your family.

      You need to relax, breathe and not scatter your energies. Take things one step at a time.

      You are trying to learn a lot in a very short amount of time, clear your mind, focus and yet relax. A confused mind, a worried mind scatters your energies.

      So read my blog from the very beginning, and read the comments as well.

      If need be print it out, to make the reading of it easier. And in time you will understand things better.

      Blessings my child

  5. Also, the banishing spell is that some what a curse? Im nervous about doing something like that. I dont want to spend the rest of her life in turmoil but i want her out of his and ours

    1. Dear Child,

      To banish someone out of your life or your family's life is not a curse, I can assure you of that.

      If her life is in turmoil it is because she is on her own Karmic path, but you do not want her Karmic path to influence his or your family's path.

      No you are not harming her by banishing her, you are simply getting her to move on to something else to have her lose interest in him so he can come back to you.

      There are negative rituals where harm can be done serious harm, but I usually reserve that for confirmed murders and rapists who are unremorseful.

      I want you to relax, breathe, and bring in loving energy into your life.

      And I want you to take the time to read my blog from the very, very beginning from when I did my first post. It will give you a better idea of things.

      Blessings to you My Child

  6. MS. Q

    Its me again lol. I hope all is well. Quick question what is a growing tree? Are they around this time of year? Im in VA

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      A growing tree can be an evergreen, like a pine tree, or it can be a tree that although loses it's leaves in the winter will sprout green leaves in the spring.

      Because it is winter time if there is snow on the ground then I would look for an evergreen tree, that way I know it's alive and growing.

      Of course during Spring and Summer if it has it's leaves then it is obvious that it is a growing tree.

      Where I live we have been having a horrible drought which has killed a number of trees, and in the winter one cannot tell if it has survived the drought or not.

      That is why I use the term "growing tree", fruit trees are wonderful, but if in severe weather conditions are prone to die off.

      Oak trees are good, but I've found that there are two types, those that have leaves year round and those that lose there in the winter.

      When doing this work one becomes more aware of plant life, and the elements and seasons around you, even in the city. In time you will discover this.

      I'm slowing getting better, but this cold weather makes it difficult.

      Blessings my Child.

  7. Ms. Q with the damnation oil am I damning the person or the connection they have with the person. In the above banishing candle work I will be using power stuff. I am why person and need to understand what is happening.

    1. Dear Endless love,

      You are focusing on the connection and are trying to break it off, so you are damning the connection, not the person.

      Most people when they turn to using the work it is for a very distressing situation and are confused as to what to do, yes understanding what you're doing is important, and you will understand but it takes time.

      Your will, your focus and energy on what you want to have happen is what will direct the ritual.

      Because you are working with the energies that surround this situation. It takes time especially as you are building up the focus, but eventually a result will happen.

      Blessings My child.

    2. My Q, I hope all is well. I have.started my Banishing spell. I do have have a question. Am I to sprinkle the damnation oil on the soil everynight at 12am. Or can it be anytime at night?

      On another note there has been some improvement with him. I have seen a difference with him coming around and wanting to be around.

      You advised me to stop my work and and to build my energy. When I start back up which will be the next full moon I would like to know which direction I should take. I want to do another love work, healing work for his addiction as well as , break up spell just... i dont knkw how to approach them in what order. Also can you give me a healing work for an sexual addiction or addiction period..... he has started going back to counseling

    3. Dear Endless love,

      You only have to sprinkle the damnation oil when you bury it at 12 midnight, just that one time. It cannot be done at any other time.

      The fact that he is coming around and is showing a difference is good.

      When you start on the Full Moon the moon will be going from Full to Dark so this is a "pushing away" or "diminishing or banishing" type of Moon, so this is the type of moon period to use to "break up something" such as a relationship or something bad or "banish or take away or diminish something" like an addiction.

      Love and healing spells should be done when the Moon is new and going towards Full, because you want to bring something positive into your life or his life. You can use this particular phase of the moon to encourage him to keep going to counseling, which is also healing.

      On your last request a "healing work" for his addiction, that can be a bit confusing because you want to "banish" his desire for his addiction, but then you have to consider what to put into it's place to heal that void.

      And that would be "love" for you and children to make the relationship between you and him a positive loving one.

      You're working with the Honey Jar, that will bring in the energy to fill the void once the addiction leaves, so that is good and you need to keep praying and focusing on it and that means lighting new candles when the old ones burn our, to keep that "flame of love" going.

      Let me get back to you on the rest.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

  8. Ms.Q I am about 5 days into a banishing work. After I burn the packet can I flush the ashes. I see it has to be fast moving water?

    1. Dear Endless Love,

      If you've done the banishing work using pins and then you burn the packet with pins and all, we then have a quandary with this type of banishing, if it was paper only, no pins and certainly no wax, I would say yes flush it down the toilet, but we also have pins and maybe wax.

      The problem with pins is that it could clog up your toilet, and wax most certainly would.

      Ordinarily I would say when it's a mixture of pins and ash take it to a fast moving river or stream, even a fast flowing gutter during a rain storm would work, provided it is far away from your home.

      In your case we have to be creative, in which you separate the pins from the ash and flush the ash, the pins throw away in a dumpster or city trash can far from your home, how far I would say at least a good distance, like a mile.

      And if you have any left-over candle wax from the banishing ritual, throw that into the same trash can. Just make sure you do not keep it around your home any further.

      Now some people believe that you can toss the ashes to the 4 winds, that is an option but I prefer the old-fashion method.

      In a way where I live there is a fast moving water channel with a bridge over it, so it's no problem for me to toss the whole thing.

      But if you live in an apartment or city without easy access to the usual methods of disposal one then has to be creative, but without clogging up the plumbing.

      I have to thank you again my Dear, because you've just given me an idea for another blog post, in the proper methods to dispose of ritual/spell workings.

      It can be a quandary, I'm not sure when I'll post it but it also may be part of a much larger post, maybe a series of post.

      Thank you again.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

    2. Ms.Q I have done the banishing work where you bury the packet and sprinkle it will damnation oil for 13 days. Also what do I do with the soil I use to bury the packet...... please try to get some rest. My questions can wait.

    3. Dear Endless love,

      Basically you do nothing with the soil.

      Now if you buried it in a pot of soil because you live in an apartment, keep the pot of soil for other work mostly banishing.

      I have a friend and she lives in an apartment complex, fortunately she has a good size balcony, and she has several pots (large) of soil. One she uses for banishing work, one for purifying work, one for peace and love work.

      In the banishing one she planted marigold seeds or the seedling plants, in the Love and peace one she planted a violet, and in the purifying one she planted common wood sorrel some times known as "sour grass".

      But she leaves a bit of space in the pots to do the planting.

      Now if you have a yard which you buried the packet again you do not have to do anything with the soil.

      Although I do know of some practitioners who have sprinkled Holy water to purify it and make it neutral, you could do that with any potted soil as well and just leave the soil plain, no plants or anything or plant the common wood sorrel one sees it growing wildly with yellow flowers and having 3 leaf clover like leaves on it.

      But on the whole you do nothing to it. But if you want you can sprinkle holy water on it to neutralize it. But if you want to keep it just for banishing in case you feel you want to repeat the ritual again you can do that as well.

      And yes my niece makes sure I get plenty of rest, Thank you my dear.

      Blessings my child,
      Ms. Q

    4. Ms Q, I have already asked but I am not sure if it went through. How do I do this banishing spell to someone living overseas. My significant other is working overseas at the moment and should be coming back to me but has met a woman who is well aware that he is in a relationship. How can I banish her if I can't sprinkle the ashes, pins etc on her property? I hope you can help me. Thank you

    5. Dear Edwina,

      Almost all the banishing spells I know involve something in which you must be in some form of contact, and be able to leave something on their property. However I will keep looking in my files for remote banishing.

      You say this is your significant other, which tells me that you are not married, when it’s a situation of this sort the other person may not feel as committed to the relationship as you do.
      My Daddy use to say “Until that ring is on your finger, and you’ve got the paper that says you both said the ‘I do’s’ anything else is not worth spit” Crude yes, to the point Yes! But it points out how flimsy your relationship is, you have nothing really to hold him, not even legally.

      So a banishing would be useless. But there are two things that you can do, one is a ritual to make him be drawn back to you to miss you and want to be with you. It may work. If you are willing to try it here it is:

      You will need
      2 Pink candles
      1 Blue candle
      Dove's Blood Oil
      1 Pink String
      This is a simple break up spell, and should be done from the full moon to new moon.

      Take each candle and with the pin carve each person’s names onto the candle that represents them, that is take one pink candle and carve your full name, the second pink candle, carve the full name of the other woman, and finally take the blue candle and carve his full name.

      On the Full Moon anoint your candle with the Dove's Blood oil, rub it from the center down, then from the center up with your index finger of your dominant hand (the one you’d use to write your name).

      Put your candle on one end of a table. Place their two candles together on the other end. Light each candle. Visualize him leaving her. Then you chant:

      {your boyfriends name} I love you,
      {your boyfriends name} love me too,
      {your boyfriends name} be drawn to me,
      and far away from her.
      {Other woman’s name } be hated,
      {Other woman’s name } be scorn,
      it is I {your name} that he adores.

      Watch the candles and continue visualizing him leaving her, let the candles burn [about 5 minutes] then snuff each one out, first hers, then his, then your candle last. Repeat this every night until the new moon, each night move his blue candle away from her pink candle, and towards your candle.

      Then on the New Moon, bind your candle and his candle together (unlit) with the pink string, anoint both with the dove’s blood oil:

      Then you Chant
      We are together now {your boyfriends name}
      and {Other woman’s name } is no more.
      Come to me, {your name }, who loves you so.
      {his name} love me,
      stay beside me,
      never leave me,
      As I will it, so shall it be.

      Keep the two candles bound until the next full moon. Hopefully the candles are still big enough to light on the full moon and let them burn down, pink string (or yarn) and all.

      What is left of your candle keep in a small box in your bedroom, what is left of her candle take and bury in the farthest corner of a cemetery or throw into a trash can in a cemetery.

      Now one other thing you can do from the new moon to the full moon is a sort of revenge thing, after you bind the two candles together and throw the other one in the trash, write the other woman’s name on a bit of toilet tissue, then when you have a bowel movement, put that bit of tissue with the rest and wipe the feces with it saying " You're s#*t! You're life is s#*t!", and flush it down the toilet. So not only have you broken them up, but you’ll also turned her life upside down. If you go more than once a day, then you can do this spell multiple times during the day too.

      But Edwina, you really need to have strong faith because as my Granny use to say “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” so it depends on how guilty he begins to feel. Write to him and let him know how much you miss him ---sometimes a little guilt can work wonders.

      Good Luck to you and Watch my future posts on my blog, if I come up with a banishing at a distance I’ll post it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  9. Ms.Q I hope all is well. I was wondering if you could pull a card for me. I have being love work and banishing work i would like to know has it been a shift in things. Especially with the other women getting out the picture

  10. Thank you so much Ms Q. I really appreciate all the time you have taken helping me with this. I will let you know how it goes. Sending you blessings and love. Edwina

    1. My Pleasure Edwina,

      I hope it works, a few of my friends have done this and it worked for them, hopefully it will for you.

      Good Luck and Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  11. Hello again VooDoo Queen

    We talk few days ago under different topic "do reconciliation spell work"( THE HUMMINGBIRD PRAYER)and I was wondering if you can help me with some suggestion for the break up between my husband and this women who is the reason he left.She works with him in the same business but not in the same place and shes using him a lot but he doesn't see it.
    Because the moon became gibbous again on July 10Th i would like to work to break them apart so we have more chances to reconcile.
    Can i also ask you if you can do a card for this situation.
    Thank you so much for your time,

    1. Dear D,

      I drew a card from Tarot on this and I drew the Page of Swords, but the Queen of Wands was stuck to it.

      The Page of Swords is almost like a green light to say, “Go for it”.

      Just remember there are always going to be challenges with whatever option you choose and not everyone is going to be happy with your choices but when it comes down to it, you need to follow your passions and go where your true energy lies.

      This Page encourages you to move forward and to get the wheels in motion, despite any challenges or setbacks that may potentially stand in the way.

      This could mean that you may have to repeat the break up spell and also work on being in touch with him to reconcile.

      The Queen of Wands that was stuck to the page indicates that she is blessing your life with a tremendous level of fiery joy. The entire universe appears to be protected from harm at this point which means that now is the time to either actively pursue that person that you have been interested in for a long time.

      Creativity is extremely important at this point in your life. You are buzzing with desire and now you must project that energy outward for the world to see.

      Consider your personal power and behave spontaneously for your own good.

      This means that the type of spell you are doing is a good spell, and you may see some positive results, but just as you are working in the spiritual world you also have to work in the mundane world, which means getting in touch with him to keep him remembering you and the children.

      But I also want you to remember that previously I drew the “Wheel of Fortune” which means “life changes” so there is the possibility that you may get him back, but there needs to be a lot of work to do it, but to also be prepared if the work might fail.

      Look at my previous post to you to wear those oils I recommended, and you may want to wear “Jezebel” oil as an alternative when he comes by, to keep him interested in you.

      And I will continue to keep you in my prayer circle.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  12. Hello VooDoo Queen and thank you so much for your time i will start again a break up jar next Saturday .I will keep reading your blog for ideas.
    Thanks again

    1. You are welcome D.

      Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  13. Hi Voodoo Queen,
    Do you think this work would be effective for breaking up a toxic relationship and getting the person to leave on their own? Without excessive drama or fighting?

    Thank you,

    1. Dear C,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, she is still recovering from her heart attack, but yesterday she was feeling stronger so I read your question to her.

      She says it would help breaking up such a relationship, but getting the person to leave will require using hot foot powder by putting it into their shoes or in a pocket of their jacket.

      Excessive drama? It's hard to say if its possible to avoid that. Because a Toxic person loves the drama, but as long as they leave that is the result you want.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings