Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rain and Full Moon Water from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day~~~~

Hello Everyone,

Ms. Q is getting stronger and more energetic each day and I do believe that by New Years she will be posting on her own once again.

But she became very excited a day or two ago when she found out that there will be rain on Christmas Eve Dec. 24 and Christmas Day Dec 25 as well as a Full Moon on Christmas Day.

So she has encourage me to put out white bowls to collect this rain water for Christmas Eve and I'm to put out Spring Water if it doesn't rain during the Full Moon of Christmas Day.

Many of you from different countries may not celebrate this time of year as many Christians do, and where you are at it may not rain either, but where we are it will, and rain is considered living water.

According to Ms. Q's Granny's tradition rain water collected on Christmas Eve is like Holy Water, thrice blessed, it is very powerful to keep evil banished and so should be used to bless the house and everyone in it, as well as breaking evil.  It can also be used for greater psychic clarity.

Spring water put out to collect the rays (either seen or unseen) during a Full Moon on Christmas Day is also considered extremely powerful in breaking evil.   Now should it also rain during the time of the Full Moon on Christmas Day collect that water.

But to have two conditions happening at nearly the same time is very rare,  the next full Moon on Christmas won't happen for another 17 years.   Although in Northern Climates experiencing winter and the possibility of rain on Christmas Eve can happen.

Now if where you live you don't get rain but snow, well that's solid rain, so put your bowls out to collect that.

This is considered sacred and holy water to be used in blessings and banishings,  but because it doesn't happen so often use it carefully and wisely.

Now when the Full Moon occurs on Christmas Day is 11:11 GMT  also an extra plus, but find out locally when it is to occur in your area.

Spiritually the Full Moon on Christmas Day and even the near Full Moon on Christmas Even has special spiritual influence, According to Sara Coughlin------

"Given its traditional name (Cold Moon), December's full moon is associated with a negative aspect of the month — the cold, dark, long nights, specifically. One can see this as a natural (if less-than-cheery) symbol for this month's moon, but it can also be an opportunity to step back and consider other sources of warmth and light in your life. Just as the winter solstice brings people together, you may recognize that, during the colder months of the year, you seek comfort among friends and family.

These feelings may be stronger than usual this year, as the maternal and familial influence of the full moon may intensify your desire to be around loved ones for the holidays. Other spiritual effects of the full moon (clarity of mind and heart, heightened psychic awareness, a greater capacity for healing) can be beneficial for your end-of-year reflections, and even help you set intentions for 2016. With this in mind, even your Christmas well-wishes can be imbued with the power of the full moon now.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, charity, and goodwill. The full moon can bring unexpected things about yourself to light. If simultaneously observed, the collision of these two events (the holiday and the full moon) will usher in a truly advantageous moment to reevaluate our place in the world and our relationships with those we care about."

If you go to   You will get more mundane information about this Rare Full Moon.

So gather this water or put your bowl of spring water out to collect the energy.   Keep it in dark blue colored bottles, collect as much as you can.   Because this is a rare and special spiritual event.

In the words of Ms. Q   "Blessings to Everyone"


  1. Merry Christmas Mrs. Q and her niece!

    Many blessings to you both in the new year!

    1. Hello Sonny,

      Ms. Q and I also wish you many bright blessing to you in the new year.