Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thoughts on what to write about next~~~

Dear Everyone,

It's Ms. Q, and I've briefly escaped from the well-meaning and concerned care of my niece as well as my daughter,  bless them both.

I am going to go back through my comments sections because many of you have within your comments posted questions to me that really cannot be replied to in any depth just in a comments section, and with that in mind I'm going to make a list of your questions and from there work on new "articles".

But as my niece insists and with the backing of my children, I need to also rest as well, but my daughter is visiting me for this month of March to help my niece out and between her and my niece they will put all my papers as well as various "formulas" that I've come across or scribbled when I was in touch with the ladies from my Granny's group, and they are going to put them in some semblance of order for me.

I am going to have to take a little time off because even at my advance age I have to have an infected tooth removed---the "joys" of old age.  But I'm going to ask my Dentist to save the tooth for me to take home.  There is a reason behind it which I will explain in another post.   But because of the dental surgery I will need to take a little time to recover.

They say getting old is not for the "faint of heart" well I can attest to that.  You've got to be tough!

So I'm going to use this particular post for you dear readers to post any questions in the Comments section, about Hoodoo, Witchcraft, folk magic and how my Granny and her Ladies dealt with it.

NOW I WANT TO MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR TO ALL OF YOU, that if you ask for me to do a reading or you have a situation in your own personal life that you want me to suggest how to through magic work to make it better or improve upon it, I will not answer that here in the comments section,  this is for questions about magic.  

Already I've had one question about how to tell a fake psychic, or how to prepare for a reading, and I've also had a further question about the uses of other kinds of dirt,(I know we're going back to dirt again),  and if you saw just recently I was asked the difference about Tar Water and War Water.

So that will give you an idea.  Some of the questions may seem like a review of things I've "talked" about before, but it will be possibly a more expanded information or in essence an addendum/addition to what I've written before.  

Now please understand I may not be able to answer these questions in a timely manner, I'm an old lady for heaven's sake, and sometimes my brain doesn't want to work properly and my health.

But I'm sure it will include both fascinating as well as mundane questions that I'm sure a number of you have also through personal experience have figured out, but if nothing else will, I'm sure will confirm your own experience.

And, I have to admit, there will be things I do Not have the answers for---like--what are my lucky numbers---If I knew what they were I'd be rich too.   No for most of us we are meant to just live as comfortably as possible.

Some of you ask where do I live and how do I live, well that is a bit personal,  all I can say is that I live on the West Coast of the United States.   And I'd have to give very careful consideration on giving out anything more about me. 

Many of you want me to do readings for you,  at my age I really can't do that, I use to do it professionally but I have retired from that, again due to health and I also had a full time job as well, so I've had a varied life experience.

 My relatives are many, down to the 3 and 4th generation and a few 5th generations showing up among us.  So cousins, nieces, nephews and a few grand children galore, and I'm in touch with the children and grandchildren of some of Granny's Ladies which has been very helpful for me.

But I also have to protect their privacy as well, and I'm sure you understand.

So everyone, if you have questions about Folk Magic, Hoodoo, witchcraft post your questions here in the comments section and I will write an "article" in response to your question. 

And now my niece is saying it's time to go and see the dentist to line up a time for the extraction, and not to worry I am on an antibiotic to counteract the infection and even that takes it out of me.

Bright Blessings Everyone,
Ms. Q


  1. I'd love to see an in-depth post on the infamous Love me or die spell!

    1. Dear Anon.,

      I can tell you would glee-fully be interested in this spell and all it's ramifications. It will take a little while to do and I'll start putting together my article over the weekend, however I am having a tooth pulled on Monday and I will be "down and out for the count" for a few days, so please be patient You will have your article on this spell.


  2. Dear Mrs. Q, thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge and experiences in Hoodoo. I am wondering you are planning to write a post on skull candle spells any time soon? One thing that has always stumped me about this spell is the wording of the idea you carve onto the candle that you want to influence your target with. For example, would you carve "Mary is perfect for you" or "I am perfect for you"?

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Frankly I would not do either because that is interfering with someone's life path, or being manipulative.

      Instead I would write "Mary think about (your name here) and see if (he/she) is right for you"

      That way instead of completely influencing the person you still give them the freedom to make up their own mind, you give them free will. And that is very important, Especially in matters of Love.

      My Granny use to say that "The wanting is always greater than the having" why? Because once you realize what it is you become disenchanted.

      Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she was wishing for what was over the rainbow, but when she got there all she wanted to do was go home.

      But you have given me an idea for one of my next topics, not much has been written on skull candles.

      Thank you for your suggestion, and I also found the other question that was asked of me that I had completely forgotten.

      Well if I can get away from my Niece's watchful eye, I'll get started on these articles.

      Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q