Monday, November 7, 2016

Ms. Q is under the weather and not feeling well~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q’s niece. 

Ms. Q went to the Doctor’s today and they gave her a shot to prevent either shingles or pneumonia, I’m not sure which, I’ll have to check her medical records again.

Ms. Q does not do shots very well, when she gets a vaccine shot she always gets under the weather by the evening and becomes very tired for a few days, so she is going to be resting for a few days while the vaccine is getting absorbed into her body.

She has been working on a few posts, several on recipes for Oils, and one on the Super Moon that is coming next week.

If you post any questions in the comments section under any of the blog postings it will be several days or a little more before she can reply.    Please be patient and she will eventually respond to you.

To those of you who ask why they do not see their question immediately posted, Ms. Q  does not post your question until she is ready with her answer so do not worry if you don’t see your question come up right away,  that’s because this system helps weed out any improper postings. 

And it is important that at the end of your question you please include your initials to your first and last name, she just needs the initials so she can keep your questions and her answers straight. 

But please do not to worry, Ms. Q just needs a little time to rest.

Thank You for your patience and in her words “Bright Blessings to all of you”


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this update. I hope Ms Q gets well soon!

    1. Thank you Sarina,

      I'll let Ms. Q know you're wishing her to get well soon.

      In Ms. Q's words "Bright Blessings"

  2. I wish her a speedy recovery . We thank her for her time and her posts . They keep some of us very sane in a world where there is so much confusion. May she be blessed always .

    1. Thank you Kelebogile,

      I will let Ms. Q know of your good wishes.

      I have to admit her thoughts on things and events have been helpful even to me.

      She even slept through all the Presidential results, saying "Its in the hands of the people now."

      And in her words "Bright Blessings to you"

  3. Oh Dear,

    I'm very sorry to hear that. I wished Ms. Q a swift recovery from this.


    1. Hello D.C.

      I'll let Ms. Q know of your good wishes.

      She is getting better but this shot has given her a slight headache but I think she'll be fine in a day or two.

      Thank you again.

      And in her words "Bright Blessings to you"