Friday, November 4, 2016

13th Hour Water~~~~

Dear Readers,

Here in the U.S. many states are on Daylight Savings Time which will end at 2 a.m. Sunday Morning November 6, 2016.   

For those of you who live in those states that do Daylight Savings time this will be a perfect time to collect or create 13th hour water.

Saturday night have your water (Spring water) prepared in a bowl either white, black or clear, to energize water during a 13th hour, put out the bowl of water outside at Midnight (still) Daylight Savings Time) then roll all the clocks in your home back 1 hour to 11 p.m. leave the bowl out there for 1 hour, that creates your 13th hour water, bring the water in and bottle it.

What would it be used for?  Since it's an hour that only exists rarely you can put it on your altar to help speak to the spirits, is excellent to do negative magic, séances, or calling upon the spirits to help you with positive help, it works for a number of  things, depending upon your focus.

Now this is different from Halloween 13th hour water, that only occurs every 7 or 8 years (depending upon leap year, See posting for Nov. 5, 2015) That type of water is more powerful and even more so if there is a Taurid Meteor Shower.   So it does pay to watch the calendar each year to see when these occurrences happen.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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