Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Hallows Eve (Halloween) Water~~~~~

Dear Readers,

If I am reading my Moon Calendar and looking at my Moon phase information from the internet correctly, this evening promises to be very interesting.

Especially if you are still interested in gathering spiritual waters.

Tonight is a Dark Moon, now some Calendars and Moon phase information on the internet, say Black Moon, but it seems to be confused with September as well.   So for now let’s just say Dark Moon, and it will be that way tomorrow evening as well.

So depending upon the weather, tonight at Midnight put out a bottle filled with Spring Water, and gather the energy of this Halloween Dark Moon October 30/31. 

If you are also lucky enough in your area for rain, put out a glass or pottery bowl to gather the rain water as well.   And if you’re not sure if it will rain, put out both the bowl and the bottle of spring water to be sure.   If it does rain then the energy will be ramped up even more.

What is this water good for?  First put it into an amber bottle and keep in a dark place, this water would be good to bless your area when you are trying to contact the spirits or hold a séance.  

This is especially good to use to contact with spirits on Halloween.   Also you can use this water when you are holding a memorial service on the anniversary of the date when someone you know died.    

BUT Do Not use with an Ouija Board as those boards seem to attract low level spirits, using this type of water seems to attract them even more.  Avoid doing that.

As I said when keeping the water make sure it is in a dark or brown/amber bottle and keep in a dark place.   Make sure you properly label it and also indicate if it is Spring or Rain water gathered on this night. 

Now I did do a post on Halloween water on November 5, 2015 (look for the Archive Tag that says Halloween water there will be two listed)  so be sure to read that one as well.

But since this year we do not have a Taurid Meteor Shower on Halloween, and we are not setting the clocks back one hour either,  we need to look at this one as a Dark Moon Halloween Water instead.  But do read my last years post for more information.

I say this because each Halloween, depending upon conditions (Meteor shower, 13th hour, Dark Moon, Black Moon, Full Moon, Blue Moon etc.)  each "batch" of Halloween water could/can/is different and should be handled differently as well as carefully. 

Next year, I will see what the conditions will be and advise as well.

Since I will be very busy handing out candy Halloween night (if it doesn’t get rained out)  I want all of you to have a safe, and sane All Hallows Eve.  And don’t eat too much candy.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q  


  1. Is it ok to ask you who will be the winner of the 2016 POTUS election? If not, would it be ok to ask what will be the consequences (positive and negative) of both candidates?

    1. My Dear,

      With the Lottery, horse races, football or baseball etc. games and political elections I don’t make predictions, and with this political race it’s too close to call because we have 8% of the voters who are still undecided and they are the ones who will decide who will win.

      However we also have to deal with the electoral college which could throw the election either way, because in the end it is not the people who elect the president it is the electoral college, which I think is grossly unfair because they can ignore the will of the people.

      I also strongly believe that a current president should Not campaign for a candidate, it biases the process.

      Trump is a pompous ass, but he speaks what is on the peoples mind, he may amend Obamacare because it has increased the cost of medical care by raising rates, preventing people to keep the doctors who’ve been helping them and has prevented, because of what plan one gets, from having access to those doctors who are needed. For me I’m glad I’m with Kaiser Permanente, it is a little more expensive but I’ve had great care.

      He may do immigration reform, but some people will feel it is not just but many will feel it is needed. He may make other changes on other issues that many people feel have long been out of alinement but it may be done using a sledgehammer and not a delicate scalpel. But this can happen only if he appoints excellent cabinet members who are not “yes men” but can work to make good changes, if his selection is poor then we’ll have serious problems, his foreign policy is weak or non-existent. He is not a diplomate and will alienate foreign counties who will see him as a buffoon. But I’m afraid he might let the Dakota Pipeline through. His running mate for vice president may be able to give him the guidance he needs for the various mine fields, if Trumps’ ego does not get in the way. He will have a beautiful first lady and his health in general is good.

      Hillary is a criminal. She was removed from the Watergate panel for improper conduct, she had her license to be a lawyer removed, her use of using her personal e-mail server to transmit sensitive documents left it wide open to be hacked by foreign agents, Bengazi, and she is against people having the right to protect themselves from harm and will gut the Constitution if she can. So I ask why does Obama campaign for her when she made a bad call on foreign policy, she may allow the Dakota Pipeline through. She may not do immigration reform or if she does it will be because of some serious disasters.

      She will keep Obamacare in place even though it is ruinous, and her husband as “first gentleman” after what happened to him in the White house? She will have a better handle on foreign policy but with Middle Eastern countries, China and North Korea they look at her as just a woman and not worth any notice, her running mate is weak and will do as he’s told. She has had TIA’s or what is called baby strokes which can impair judgement.

      The problem with this election is that neither candidate really talked about issues but about personalities and that was not good. This will be an election about personalities, not issues.

      Either candidate is not good, but do not throw your vote on an outsider, there are two of them. It will only give one or the other side a chance to win.

      Do vote because on your local ballot there will be local measures that you have to decide upon which is vital for your community.

      The NEXT FOUR YEARS??? My gut feeling is they are not going to be good either way, so fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q