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The Use of Other Types of Dirt besides Graveyard Part 2 ~~~~

Well Everyone this is Part 2 of Other types of dirt.

 Now remember other things like nails, wood, pebbles etc. from these locations will also have the same significance but it also depends what it is and how you utilize it in your workings.


Dirt from the crossroads is different than being at a crossroads to do crossroads magic but you need to consider what it is or Who it is you want to call up when you’re doing spell work at your home privately with the dirt collected from these areas.

REMEMBER:  Crossroads magic or magic done at a crossroads is different than using dirt gathered from a Crossroads.

Crossroads dirt can be used in spells like needing to change the luck or direction of a circumstance. It can be used in road opening work as well. With the crossroads, it is an easier method of collecting then graveyard dirt! Its use is probably the most diverse. You can use it to cross someone up, to remove energies or a person from your life, use it in love work to change the direction that the relationship is headed, open new opportunities at the workplace, use as a general location to disperse energies into the universe. Pay the spirits of the crossroads with three coins, or three pennies, or even some rum.

A crossroads is any place where two roads intersect and form a sort of equal-armed cross, much like the plus-sign. Crossroads are the place where the world of man and the realm of spirit meet. Therefore, they belong to everyone and no one. Some folks divide crossroads into two types: male and female. Male crossroads are the three-way crossroads that form a capital T; the three points representing the penis and testicles. Female crossroads are the typical four-way crossroads which are said to represent the inner and outer lips of the vagina.

3 Way Crossroads----to be used in ritual work calling up the goddess Hecate, if you hear dogs howling or barking when you do your ritual, she’s coming but be prepared to honor her, because she can be pissed off if she finds out you did  it just for fun. Or to be used to affect a man’s prowess.

4 way Crossroads---- For Road Opening work, that is to break down barriers and see one’s path clear, or to affect a woman’s sexuality.

7 way Crossroads---- Major Road Opening work

Seven sequential 3 way crossroads--- same as  above only ramped up.

Seven sequential 4 way crossroads----Same as above only ramped up.

3 way forest----To call upon the Green Man

4 way forest----To call upon the Goddess of the Hunt Diana

There are workings where dirt from either a 3-way or 4-way Crossroads gathered at either Midnight, Sunrise, Noon and Sunset are involved depending upon the spell one is working.  So the time that you collect the Crossroads Dirt is also important.


There are other types of dirt that one can find in a Cemetery or a graveyard, and they don’t have to be from a grave but from other things within the cemetery. Most this for darker sometime Negative workings, so work carefully with this type of dirt and also you MUST pay the guardian of the Cemetery 9 pennies as I described in my post on collecting graveyard dirt, remember you do not get something for nothing, payment must always be made, most of the time no other payment is needed unless you are calling upon the Gods of the Cemetery they have specific offerings, from rum to cigars, flowers, coins, candy or cologne.  It’s best to find out which one you want to call upon.


Graveyard mole hill:   Used to cause discord and increase difficulties for someone who has wronged you like the adage “to make a mountain out of a mole hill”

Graveyard ant hill--- This allegedly causes financial discord: Gather dust from an anthill and sprinkle it on your targets property or on them if you can.
Those two above postings are for the darker aspects of their workings,  if you find a mole hill or an ant hill in regular areas  it will cause the same things but of a lesser degree.

Cemetery entrance:  Used in calling the major Gods or Goddesses of the Dead either in Witchcraft, Christianity or in Santeria etc.  it can be from 9 or 21 Cemetery entrances depending upon which deity you are calling, in Santeria each Orisha has a number that is specific to that God or his/her Christian Saint aspect.

Cemetery (General):  The same as Cemetery entrances only this time it is the Gods who reside in the cemetery, usually dirt from 9 cemeteries are used

This next grouping is usually to communicate with the spirits of the dead and there are also some specific rituals or spells that will call for the collection of dirt from these specific locations.


To post how to collect or the types of rituals involved with the above locations is far too long for me to post here,  just be aware of such locations and if eventually you need dirt from these locations you'll know what to do.

Abandoned cemetery:  To be used in Crossing spells,  can collect it from the entrance or at the center of it's location.

OPEN GRAVE:   Yewa/Yegua - Orisha of the grave. She represents (in one of her aspects) the process of the body decomposing back into earth.    St. Clare is her Catholic aspect as representing the spiritual side of the Goddess, the inward-looking, mystical aspects of being.  The transition of letting go.

Seven open graves:  See Open Grave

Unmarked grave:    See open grave

Graveyard water edge:    To break up a marriage or relationship, this is especially good if the relationship or marriage is abusive.   (This is for Graveyards or Cemeteries that bank up to the edge of a river, stream or ocean)

Cemetery quincunx- get a map of the layout of the cemetery and find the 4 farthest corners you can safely get to as well as what is the center of the cemetery this is used in protection from spirits. Once you find those 5 points (the corners and the center) gather it into one bag or jar for safe keeping.

Votary cross:  This is the symbol of the sufferer. Dirt collected from this is used in rituals to reject suffering.  To be likened to a ship which navigates the sea of suffering the greater the hardships befalling him, the greater the delight he feels, because of his strong faith, usually from a grave of a devoted (almost religiously so) adherent of a cause, some people would substitute the word “Martyr”

POTTER'S FIELD:   To be used in crossing spells to the point where the person is completely forgotten and cannot even be brought to mind by anyone.

Lord of the cemetery:   When you want to call upon the Angel of Death or Baron Samdedi

Lady of the cemetery:   When you want to call upon the Goddess of Death  Yewa (Yegua) is the Orisha of Death. She is a Virgin Orisha. Her priestesses are past their prime and always celibate. Her color is pink. When she dances at funeral rites she covers her face with two horse tails.    Her Christian aspect is Saint Claire. She is queen of the underworld. She represents the spiritual side of the Goddess, the inward-looking, mystical aspects of being.

Some rituals or spells demand or request that you gather dirt from a specific grave located in a specific location, these are the two most common, you still need to ask permission and pay for the dirt.  Usually it either the 3rd grave on the left or the 7th grave (either left or right) from the gate.

Memorial stone dirt: There are places where people are not buried but they have a stone marking their memorial. I have had good results using this dirt as well. I Mrs. Washington and Mrs. Byrd, have always felt the presence of the individual when they’ve gathered dirt from on the memorial plot.  And then I talked to some practioners who swear they would never use dirt from these places since the bodies and energy is not there. But I’ve found that if it’s a place where a tragedy has happened even though the bodies are buried elsewhere the energy has been powerful enough for spell work.

Dirt from the Roots of Cemetery Trees
The workings of these trees is the same as for non-cemetery trees but they are dealing with the darker aspect workings of those trees.

Cemetery cypress tree----To cause discomfort and agony to the spirit of one’s target.

Cemetery yew tree--- Many churches and churchyards once stood in a circle of yews — representing the passage from life to death and many of the older cemeteries will have a stand of yews to remind people of this passage.  Using the dirt from a Cemetery yew trees although sacred to Hecate is calling her up in her darker aspect and could be used to frighten a person to death with dark dreams.  A yew tree growing outside of a church yard would be the positive aspect of its energy and would be used to protect against evil.

Cemetery oak tree ----works on the mind, allowing it to become confused on the task at hand and be distracted. Will make a person afraid and lose all sense of strength.

Cemetery Holly Tree-----To call upon the spirits of the dead to affect a man in a negative way, if sprinkled around an enemy’s house to call upon the spirits of the dead to negatively affect them and drive them away.

Uprooted graveyard Tree:  Any uprooted tree uprooted by natures force symbolizes the blows of life, using dirt gathered from a tree uprooted in a graveyard, is for spells of a dark kind to bring about an uprooting in another person’s life.

3 way cemetery crossroads----Darker aspects of Cross Roads magic to cause blockages or do harm on a man’s path.  To call upon the Darker aspect of Hecate or the three headed hound Cerberus.

4 way cemetery cross roads---Darker aspects of Cross Roads magic to block or do harm on a woman’s path.

All these dirt’s have some magical aspect, but you have to think how it could be applied, to what form of magic spells, mojo bags, and candle work can they be done.   In doing the workings before you even start you have to think how to construct it to your satisfaction.

I’m going to re-post all this information on my links page so that it will be easier for you to find and refer to, but I do suggest that you might want to print it up and add to your “work book” for quick reference without having to go on your computer.   A simple three ring binder works best.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Hi, I asked this question on another blog post of yours. But I am unable to find it now. When should I cast the graveyard love spell? Do you have a recommended day and time on when I should cast it? I know the moon is very important but it is cloudy here and I have not found a reliable source online.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Anna,

      Not knowing what time zone you are in I can only guess but really it depends upon the phase of the Moon.

      To bring something to you such as love it should be done during the waxing phase of the moon, that is getting bigger from new to full.

      Right now we are in the first section of the waxing phase so tonight or tomorrow will be good.

      If it's to get rid of something, banish something, break up a relationship, then it should start on the Full Moon and then while it's waning or getting smaller.

      So if you want to do banishing then our next Full Moon is on October 16, any time of the day or evening is good for both phases.

      By the way you posted your first question on Graveyard Dirt Part 2, which is about graveyard dirt.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Dear Ms. Q,

    thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I will print this post and the previous one to have the time to read it well (and also to translate it in French). I have never collected graveyard dirt, I do not know in USA, but here in France there are security cameras in cemeteries (this is for security because of all the problems around religion we have at moment in the country). Also, about crossroad, I live in a big town, so I suppose that is better to find a country crossroad to collect dirt or a city crossroad works as well?
    Blessings from France

    1. In your case, especially for privacy a country crossroads would work, but don't go alone, travel with a like minded friend.

      I can understand in France their using security Cameras, here in the States, taking flowers to a grave can mask a little grave digging, and using a small teaspoon and a tiny baggie (plastic bag) or a small pill bottle can hide what one is doing, the whole idea is to not be obvious.

      Check my posts on Graveyard dirt so you'll have a better idea, but if you cannot collect it at the certain times, the more important thing is to collect it--with permission from the spirit of the person buried---from the right grave, that is very important.

      And to be as inconspicuous as possible, more like you are tending the grave.

      If need be you can always order it from Conjure Cardena or Lucky Mojo or Lucky Hoodoo, for the dirt. Because it doesn't matter what country its from, only the type of grave.

      Bright Blessings,