Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Please read---I will Not post unsolicited information~~~

Dear Readers,

From time to time I get in my comments file unsolicited announcements, saying what a great practitioner this person or that person is.  

I have to inform you that if I have not worked with this person, or I have not been to the metaphysical shop they work from, if I have not had any kind of experience with them, if any of my friends and acquaintances have not had any experience with them, then I will NOT post that "advertisement" or announcement.

I do that to protect you my readers.   That is why I post warnings from time to time, because that is my policy.

If the individual who attempts to post a comment here had a good experience, that is fine, but I will Not post any unsolicited advertisement unless I Know this person, and/or had positive experience with them or their products.   Otherwise it is deleted. 


Currently I am working on another post as well as a question from one of my readers which I hope to post soon.

Also my younger nephews and children are decorating the house for Halloween, even if it is on a Monday, we are planning on the Saturday before it to have a party for family, friends and their children,   at least all I have to do is just say "yes", "no" "put that over there", "No you're not doing that in MY House"  (that was about an indoor fog machine) "The punch dispensers are in the pantry", "Remove the breakables and put them in the spare bedroom", "No that is not a toy!" (this to my 4 year old great niece she gets into everything)

My Niece who helps take care of me is stocking up on candy for Halloween and will be answering the door, I get a lot of trick or treaters every year, between 200 to 300.   But with Halloween on a Monday we might get less, but who knows.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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