Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Could I do a list of the oil recipes under what tags are they found?

"Dear Ms. Q,

Can you do a list of all the oils and their recipes,  i need to know what to do to put into them"

 Dear Readers,

Yes I did get that question, so to make sure that I don't repeat myself and to make it a 'little' easier for you, my Readers,  in the "tags" or "archive' section of my blog if you go down, down, down the list of "tags"  you will come across one that says "Recipes for Oils".

This Tag shows 11 listings, that would include my most recent postings as well as much older ones,  in it you will find, when you read each post the recipes for the oils that I have so far written about and their uses.

They include Black Destroyer Oil, Fiery Wall of Protection, Just Judge, Black Arts, Protection, Good Fortune,  and several others. 

So by looking up that Tag you will find them and I don't have to repeat myself and I can continue on with my next articles aka posts on other oils.

If you are building up your own "Book" of workings then I recommend that you purchase a 3 ring binder and print out the posts for your own hard copy reference.   That's because I've had people saying to me, asking me "Why don't you write a book?"    

I don't have the time really and also with the comments that have been posted as well and on one Post I have 124 comments each with suggestions and variations on 'how to do something' ----well it would be very thick with a LOT of foot notes.    Much like that book  "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda, fascinating read but the footnotes are a book unto themselves.  (by the way I understand you can download a free copy from one of their websites)

So when I write about an oil or powder or incense and I include a recipe I will include the tag "Recipes for Oils"  etc.   To help you like an index.

And now I need to use the day because the Grandchildren are here and are upset that the rains have knocked over the Halloween decorations, so Granny and her Niece have to go "Help" the grandchildren "fix" the Halloween decorations.   I wish I had their energy.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q 


  1. Dear Ms. Q

    thank you a lot for the oil recipes. I am building my own book and these information are very helpful. I was looking for traditional oils recipes. I am so glad to have finally the recipe of banishing oil because I really need it....again thank you
    Blessings from France

    1. You are very Welcome My Dear,

      There will be others that I will post over time and they too will have that 'Tag' of "Recipes for Oils" attached to it, be on the watch for them.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q