Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Break~~~~

Hello Everyone,

I am going to have to take a break, during this Easter time,  my youngest grand children and even nieces and nephews are taking a Spring or Easter Break and my home is being invaded----good naturely.

So I will be unable to respond to any questions or post anything for a while.

In the mean time I recommend, especially to those who've lost loved ones and those who have loved ones in military service,  to attend Easter Services at a church or religious location of your choice, you will find it will help you to be closer to them.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ms. Q catching up on things, please read~~~

Hello Everyone,

I just had to post this little missive,   I've been busy catching up on questions that have accumulated while I was recovering from severe dental surgery,  and I have to admit I'm getting tried of poached eggs, soup and jello, especially when my stomach is demanding either a good stew or pot roast, even fried chicken.    But getting the gums to heal properly takes time.

There are still a few questions I have not yet answered because I need to think upon them a bit.  Please be patient with me.

For others, the subjects they asked has been covered in earlier posts and I refer one and all to the Archive and label or tag section of my blog as what you are looking for may be among those articles.

But some of you have asked about things that really need to be answered in much greater depth than just a limited reply in the comment section.  

So I will consider those as topics to write about and I recommend to you, my dear readers to watch for them.  

Some of the subjects suggested is "How to break a spell cast upon a person",  "How do I prepare for a reading to be done?", "What are or how do I find out what my spiritual gifts are?"  and most importantly and I have cautioned readers about this one "I have been recently scammed by a psychic, what can I do to prevent that in the future?"

There are some odd one's as well and you know who you are and I want to tell you I have not forgotten you, just give me time.

The one thing that I am very aware of is the faith and trust you have given to me for replies and assistance, and I take each question very seriously, but please be aware, I am not a miracle worker,  I leave that to the Most High. 

I can only offer suggestions that I know have worked for me, my Granny and her ladies and for the friends where I have given help.   

The first day of Spring is coming, followed by Easter, a time of renewal for everyone, although here in the US and in parts of Europe you are still under the grip of winter's snow think on the blessings and hope that this time of year brings.

Bright Blessings Everyone!
Ms. Q

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why you need to work to have spells work for you----Control that fear!

Dear Ms. Q

“I need a spell to stop so and so …”   “I need a spell because….”   “I need a spell because life is hard…”

This is an addendum or addition to my post on “Why spells don’t work”  if you have not read that post dear readers, please do.

I am getting a lot of requests for spells for this and spells for that and what makes it very hard for any spell to work is that the person or persons requesting the spell or spells,  is living in FEAR.   In fear of a person, in fear of a situation, in fear of the hardships of their life.

If I were a Televangists, I could explain to all of you that we ALL live lives of quiet desperation, even I do, I am not immune to it. 

BUT my Grandparents, my parents taught me and my brothers that WE are in charge of our lives, not anyone else, if someone else is in charge of our life it is because 1. We are under age, 2. We as adults allow someone else to make decisions for us, without our input or we do not research or look into what is the best choice for us or we simply give it up.  People who join cults do this, to tragic results (Jonestown, Waco Branch Davidians)

If you’re underage, well there the law says you do need the supervision of the adult, be it parent or guardian.  But even a child can ask for the help of another responsible adult for aid if it’s needed.   However if you broke a rule, didn’t tell your parents where you’re going, etc., then you do deserve a “time-out” and privileges taken away.

But if you are an adult and I say this especially to women, WHY DO YOU GIVE YOUR PERSONAL POWER, YOUR RIGHT OF PERSONAL CHOICE AWAY??   Why do you allow someone to control you?

Why do you?   For Love??  For protection?  Well that is a pretty poor choice or reason.

Because for example If he beats you up, you are not being loved, you are not being protected.  Therefore get away from him call the police, he/she will never love you, a person like that is incapable of love,  they only love power of the worse and most evil kind.   And that kind of person will not be happy until they kill you, and yet they will not accept any responsibility because they Have NO moral compass.

If someone else is making your life miserable, and you are an adult, and it does not matter if this person is your parent, an ex-husband or wife, or boy-friend or girlfriend, a brother, sister, cousin, relative, your neighbor or co-worker, or someone a family member brought into your life, you have a choice and a legal way to get them out of your life.

But what holds you back is FEAR, Fear of taking charge, Fear of being pro-active, Fear of even consulting legal consul to find out what you can legally do, Fear of calling the police to protect yourself and those you love.  

So why do you allow FEAR to control you?  You Shouldn't!

Let me give you a personal life example, my next door neighbor wanted to remove a tree that was well inside my property, an apple tree, my apple tree, every year I and my family we picked the apples off the tree, we even offered some to my neighbor but he refused,  we made apple sauce or preserved the slices to make apple pie,   I made sure that the branches of this tree never hung over the fence line always trimmed them back,  this tree was 6 feet away from the fence line, but my neighbor hated that tree with an obsession.   

Now the fence was originally put up by my neighbor after we both had mutual surveys done to confirm the property line and the survey’s both were in agreement as to where the line was.   I even paid for half the cost of the fence as a neighborly gesture, but for 20 years afterwards my neighbor began to hate that apple tree,  and was demanding that I remove it (which I refused) even though the tree was there before my neighbor bought his house.  Every year I took pictures of my back yard, more for insurance purposes than anything and it included that tree.

One year I was gone for a week, and my daughter would pick up the mail and I had auto lights to turn the lights on and off in the house, the fence was falling down so my neighbor removed the fence and then trespassed onto my property and chopped down my tree, my daughter saw him do it, chain saw and all and tried to stop him she even called the police but it was too late my beloved old apple tree was gone, scatted in sections around my yard, it was treeacide!

I didn’t weep or cry about the loss, I didn’t argue with my neighbor, AND I didn’t live in Fear of him either,   in my mind I thought “Of course you know this means War!”  

So I did a ritual spell to win my court case against him which would include replacing my apple tree with one at least 5 years old,  I also had my property line resurveyed because while I was gone,  he built the new fence 1 foot onto my property, since I also had copies of my previous survey and his,  I did another ritual spell to win the court case to have him remove his fence and put it back on the original property line,  and this included court costs as well, I was going for the jugular.

Then I did binding spells on him, to prevent him for doing anything further, but in addition to that I also put up security cameras,  Do you see what I’m getting at?

I did not give him my power, I kept it, and for each step that I did legally, I backed it up with a ritual spell to strengthen it.

After a bit I started doing spells to have him move far, far away.    I’m not sure exactly what happened but one evening, he and his wife were throwing everything they could pack into their SUV and hurriedly left,  I heard they were living in a motel for a while and within two weeks, some movers came but only with the wife to direct them, the husband stayed away, and they moved the rest of their belongings out,  and the house was put up for sale.

I now have very nice neighbors who love the fresh apples my replacement apple tree provides.

What I’m trying to say is if you allow fear and other people to control your choices, your actions, then even a spell will not help you until you control that fear.   The spell can help you control that fear so you can make positive choices, do positive actions, but you need to work at it, Do Not be passive, be active, be a warrior, even if you think you're knees are shaking be a warrior. 

But Don’t weep, moan or beg for the other person to change, there are sick people who like that, they enjoy it, it’s a form of emotional black mail,  instead be Pro-active and find out what you can do.    If you must, then move far away if need be, but never allow them to be a parasite vampire in your life. 

I knew one woman (we still exchange letters) who lived in fear of her mother,  the mother was abusive, claimed her daughter was a liar, would drink and I saw the abuse she did to her daughter, didn’t allow her to go to the prom or attend her own graduation from high school, when the diploma was mailed to her, her mother ripped it up in front of her face and told her that it was useless since she was useless.   I saw her mother do that.  My friend felt helpless and turned to me and said "Help Me."

I told my Mom what happened, since my friend was 18 she moved out of her mother’s house and stayed with us while she went to business school, working part time and paying us a very modest rent, but I had her do spells and rituals to give her strength and confidence and to keep her Mom far, far away.   She got a job working at a lawyer’s office and got her own place, her helplessness left her, she felt empowered, that she is useful and with purpose. 

One evening we went to the movies, the theater was close to my house so she was going to stay overnight with me and catch a bus home the next day, as we were crossing the street near my house a car suddenly sped up and nearly ran us over, we were lucky just some scrapes and dirty clothes, told the police and tried to recover, Mom asked my friend if she was keeping up with her rituals for protection well no, since things seemed to be going fine, she let it lapse, but the next day we got what she needed and started it again.

Later that day I saw a car that looked like the one that nearly ran us over, I made a note of the license plate, a week later I drove by my friend’s Mother house the car was there and the license plate number was the same.   I told my friend, she got mad and did a restraining order on her Mother.   She kept the spells up, but decided she needed to move out of town, without anyone including other family members knowing where she moved to.   She continued doing the spells even when she was in a new place, until I called her to tell her that her Mom died.    

But she told me she continues to do the protection spells because they work and give her confidence in anything she does.   It helps to empower her.

And that is what I’m trying to tell you by these two examples that besides doing the spells you also need to empower yourself as well.   Never Ever Let Anyone Have Power Over You!

The spells will work but you have to be focused and you have to control and overcome your Fear and be empowered.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q