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Working with the Saints~~~

Hello Everyone,

Right now we are having another horrible heat wave,  and I am relaxing, enjoying drinking nice ice cold water, with lemon slices in it and having a nice chat with family members and letting others do the work around me, getting things for me, making me comfortable, putting up the shade umbrellas etc.  

 Right now we are taking a break while the men folk do their manly duties and offer up “burnt offerings” to the “Propane Gods”  also known as bar-be-quing.     And a fire extinguisher is near-by with Pizza delivery on speed dial for just in case the propane gods are not happy, I and my adult nieces do not take any chances.

But before the bar-be-que ritual got started we chatted about an interesting question because I’ve had people ask me both here on the blog and among family and friends, “Why do you suggest to petition a saint or pray to a saint for help?”

The answer is easy, because there are times when we need all the help we can get.

Sometimes to petition or to pray to a Saint that has or governs certain aspects or situations, helps the petitioner focus their energy on getting either the answers or help and lots of times both, it helps to draw towards you what you need to get something done. 

Or in other situations to banish or get rid of that which you don’t want.

But if you are not familiar with the Saint, or are of a different belief it can be strange or uncomfortable to do that.   As my granny use to say “That is not a problem.  Introduce yourself.”

Yes, introduce yourself, or have your guardian angel introduce you to the particular Saint you feel will help.  We all have guardian angels even if you’re not Christian, we all have them, even when they are unknown to us. 

Now guardian angels are different from Spirit Guides, they are a different phylum or species, I know that it sounds like I’m referring to different animals or plants but you have to take in that we, as Homo Sapiens, are different from Neanderthal but are in the same major over-all grouping, like all animals all are mammals but not all mammals are the same, like whales and dolphins are mammals but they are different from the horse, or cow.    

It’s the same with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.   Guardian Angels were created directly from God, but have never been incarnated as a living being on earth, they help with higher spiritual matters, Spirit Guides although their souls are created directly from God, were created to incarnate on earth and live at least one earthly life and help with direct more earthly spiritual matters, both were created to assist us in our life learning.

Doreen Virtue has a wonderful article about angels and spirit guides and if you are interested in understanding them further I’ve provided you with this link:

Guardian angels will give “letters of introduction” to the Saint in question on your behalf.   Yes, I know that sounds so very Victorian but that is how it works--- from very early civilization when a form of writing was created to a little past the mid 20th century, a letter of introduction was usually written by someone who would know you to give to someone who doesn’t know you but knows the person who wrote the letter, an early Victorian form of “networking”.  Now it’s done by Credit Karma, and Facebook, it does lose a certain elegance and grace done that way.

To do a proper “letter of introduction”  it’s best to first find out all you can about the particular Saint you want to work with,  with the older saints  a current, updated copy of “Butler’s Lives of the Saint’s” or at least the concise edition will help but unfortunately only takes us up to 1991.   Given how often Pope John Paul the II was canonizing saints, I’m sure there are a lot more since then.  But the concise edition will give you an idea who might work best for your petition and you can do a quick look up on the internet.

Once you have an idea which saint will work best with you, write out a petition (aka letter) to your guardian angel asking them to speak to that Saint to introduce you to them.  Light a glass enclosed Guardian Angel candle, you can find them in Supermarkets or Drug stores in their candle section if you don’t have time to go to an occult or metaphysical shop (I have to admit I am a bargain shopper, sometimes you’ll find them in the Dollar Stores).  

Once you light the candle place your letter in front of it.

Next you pray---now I’ve had people ask me “How do I pray?”   Wiki How    gives these excellent steps on how to pray and I’ll reproduce it here in text (those remarks within these brackets are mine):

First ---Be grounded and focused. Be relaxed, sit in a comfortable chair and pray at a time when you will not be disturbed. Focus on communicating with your guardian angel.
Breathe. Breathe from your belly if you are able to - this way you can focus on the breathing and relaxation will come easier. Focus on the prayer you want to make. If there are any thoughts that are popping up in your head, let them go and focus back on the prayer.
Visualize. Visualize that there is a white light surrounding you - with you. It banishes all negative thoughts and behaviors. Breathe in the light in until you feel that you are completely at peace with yourself.
Relax and meditate. Relax and meditate for a couple of minutes. If you have any thoughts, let them go and continue with the meditation. When you feel like you're ready, say: Guardian angel, come to me. Exhale slowly and say to yourself: With love and joy, so let it be.
Pause. Pause and repeat this breathing exercise for as long as you like, then let it fade away. Continue breathing and set yourself open to your guardian angel. No matter what you see or feel, stay relaxed and centered.  (it is at this moment that you offer up your petition or prayer, pray it out loud and then carefully burn your letter or petition, light it from the flame of the candle and allow it to burn out in a fire proof dish or pot.)
 Give Thanks. Thank the divine for this gift and experience.
Watch the light fade. When you are done, again see yourself surrounded by white light and see it disperse or fade into Mother Earth. Slowly come back to the physical world. (Do not stand up immediately as you could be slightly dizzy, start to breathe more normally, drink a glass of water to help ground you further, this glass of water is separate from what you offer on your altar)

These steps are also excellent when you are petitioning the Saints or the Divine Presence, even if you are petitioning the Christian aspects of the Orisha’s or Loa’s.   I say that because you have to start somewhere.

For the next few days watch how the guardian angel candle burns, take notes, write it down, observe the flame, how it acts, if smoke is coming from it, what direction the flame leans or where the smoke drifts, observe any soot in the glass, and any wax remaining.   If you are burning a free standing candle watch what images forms,  and the candle either glass enclosed or free standing should be white and burning in a safe location away from little fingers, curious pets and flammable curtains, cloths or objects.

If you are not sure what direction the smoke is drifting besides left-right-towards you-away from you, get a cheap toy compass from a toy store and place it near the candle with the needle of the compass pointing towards magnetic North, that will give you an idea and help interpret the readings even better.

After 5 days to a week you will have your answer if the Saint wants to really work with you all the time or if it’s the right Saint for your situation.

Now I have said to different folks who have asked questions or comments to petition for their situation to either St. Expedite, St. Joseph, St. Martha, St. Clara, etc.  well they will help you especially for an immediate cause or situation, but the more you work with them, the Saints in general, the more you may need those “letters of introduction”. 

When I was a child (too many years ago) Granny had me do a letter of introduction to my guardian angel before I received my first communion (I’m Catholic) and she said for me to write in my letter to have my guardian angel let all the Saints know that I would be “calling upon them” at different times for different situations.  Eventually before confirmation (some 7 years later) I would know who would be my Guardian Saint, through signs and inclinations. 

And it was hard because two of them showed up, which one to choose, both were perfect.  My Uncle who was also my God Father, said “We’ll toss a silver coin into the air and the two Saints can decide”  so a sliver dollar was tossed with heads being one saint and tails being the other, it had to be silver to avoid any influence by any negative energies.   And that was my primary Guardian Saint but my secondary Saint helps me out as well from time to time.

So if you want to be on the safe side because you are not sure which Saint you may want to call upon, then do a general “letter of introduction”  and then observe the candle and also listen as well, not only as to how the candle and flame talks but also for any other signs. 

Just remember they will never turn you down, they may say either no or yes but more often like “Well here is something that would work better for you.” 

I will, from time to time post about different Saints that one works with the most frequently in doing “the work”.

Now I must go, it seems that the “Propane Gods” were happy and dinner is about to be served.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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