Monday, April 7, 2014

In regard to ritual Oils and their formula's~a short editorial~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I can understand your desire for me to list all the ritual oils that is used in spell work and rituals and their formula's  but if I were to do that it would boggle the mind and possibly put a strain on my bandwidth.

The oldest oil formula that is known and easy to find is in the Bible, old Testament, in which God tells the priesthood, how to build and consecrate the Ark of the Covenant.   Some of the herbs that are mentioned,  current perfumers or makers of oils are not sure of, because of what the early writers would refer to as one herb may mean an entirely different herb.

But I have smelled an approximation of it and it is an aroma that is profoundly mind lifting.  And yet the apothecary who made it was still not sure that it was correct.

There are others that are listed in ancient texts from ancient Egypt, Sumer, and Babylon and I have heard of them, but I have never made them.  Again because of confusion as to the herbs mentioned, that in modern day we are not sure of.

Zora Neal Houston in her Book "Mules and Men" mention several types of oils, and her work I would trust but not Slatter's materials.

Anna Riva (pen name) printed a book that listed over 550 oils, and what their uses are, but not how to make them.  The booklets of Anna Riva are still in print today and are good basic materials.

The people that I knew in Granny's Group, would make their own oils using the herbs they grew in their garden and their knowledge of what those herbs could influence.  Most of the time they used pure olive oil as a base oil, sometimes they would get Almond oil from a druggist and use that as a base oil, and they would put the washed and dried herbs into a clean bottle and pour the oil over the herbs and then have the mixture sit all day in the sun, sometimes for as much as a week.  Shaking the mixture in the bottle from time to time during the day.

Then when they felt it was right would pour some of that mixture through a cheese cloth filter, into glass measuring cup and from that into a much smaller bottle.  They would keep the original bottle mixture in a dark cabinet, until it was used up, then all the herbs would be buried in the yard and start the process all over again.

Of late I've heard that there is nearly 2,000 ritual oil combinations, depending upon strength, availability of herbs, and intent of use.

Those formula's that I will post here especially in connection to a ritual,  are the one's I am most familiar with and have worked with.

Some of the other basic things such as "Made Waters" I will post those formula's as I know them to be.

In time you will build up your own book of recipes on these things.

Blessings Ms. Q

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