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Types of Waters for Magickal Uses---Part 2---Rain Water~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

This post is about Rain Water and the types of Rain water that abounds, since this is a very long post, I would advise that you print it out and add it to your book of magickal workings.  That way you can refer to it without having to go on line.

Water, Any kind of water has a certain mystical attraction to us, it not only covers 70% of the Earth's surface, but over 90 percent of our bodies is composed of water; we are born from the waters that contain us within our mother’s womb, it’s no joke when an expecting woman cries out “My Water broke!!”  It is a sign that a new life is coming.

Water defines, creates, destroys in its own way, it gives life and in its most destructive mode, floods, tsunamis, boiling hot and even two inches of bath water, it can take away life.

The human body can go 7 days to almost a month without food, but it can only last 3 days without water, many elderly people and even healthy athletes, find themselves being rushed to the hospital because they are de-hydrated, because without water we die.

Water is more precious that oil or gold, because we need it to survive.

Water is a magical thing, it is a combination of two very flammable gases. It's somehow a liquid at room temperature and hard as stone when frozen. In all three states, it's colorless, but when sunlight shines through it, it refracts a brilliant, multi-colored rainbow that can be seen for miles.  It is the only element that shows the levels of energy in our universe.

There are three states that water can be found in, solid, liquid and gas, can be seen as symbols of the three Realms of Land, Sea and Sky for water is found flowing from all three of these areas, no other element can do that.  It is the most magical and mystical of all the elements.

And no matter what your belief system is water is important to ritual, you’ll find that baptism, holy water, and other ritual uses of water are a central component of religions and spiritual beliefs.  Even the simple ritual of a cup of tea can bring a moment of calm, meditation and grounding.

It is the great purifier. We wash away our sins, we cleanse our wounds, and our tears bring release.   It is the Great Beginning for one finds in various legends and in the Bible the importance of water, how it was the first element.

The Hopi creation myth starts, "In the beginning, the earth was nothing but water," and in the Bible's book of Genesis, you' will read that "The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters."

It is interesting to discover how central a role water plays in belief systems throughout the world, and yet we make it an object of personal taste, in the latest styles or flavors of bottled water.

 Many Native American belief systems see the sun as the immediate creator. However, they also believe that there is a greater power beyond the sun, a power "so big that it cannot be named."  Science has noted especially one William E. Marks said that….  “Our sun is basically a collection of energy waves, energy waves that have their source from the cosmic waters that created and permeate our universe. In fact, recent science tells us that a star like our sun cannot form or survive without water. Without water, our sun would overheat and expand into its basic elements."

Cosmic Waters….that is a bit mind boggling that beyond the clouds beyond our atmosphere there is Cosmic Waters.

Which is why in ritual and spell work water is a very important component.

Over the years, through experimentation done by my Grandmother, her Mother, her Mother before her, and also with the ladies of my Granny’s group as well as myself, I’ve discovered what waters work in what capacity and it’s interesting to see these same discoveries reflected in other area’s on the internet.

But with my continuing series of posts on Water I hope to be able to collect it all for you in one location instead of it being scattered.

So let us start with  the most obvious and most variable types of water, for this post

 Which is Rain Water----

Rain water is drawn from moisture in the ground, the oceans, the poles and through a remarkable process is elevated into the heavens until the cloud formations become so heavy with moisture that it begins to fall back to earth and the seas.  

But on the way down it collects energy and it is that energy that we are seeking in this mutable of elements.

As I said there are basic headings on the types of waters but with each type of water there are sub-categories, and in each category there is specific uses and rituals.

And Rain has the most.

Each type of Rain storm gathers together various fragments of energy that create the flow and function of the Rain water. And will impact the type of energy infused into the water.

Let us start with the most basic:

 Seasonal Rain Fall or Rain Fall of the Seasons



Rains that happen on the Day and Night of the Equinox’s or the Solstices are especially powerful, it adds extra power to spell and ritual work, depending upon the type of work one is doing but if it happens to be the first rain just after the equinox or solstice it is just as good for spell work, because it is the closest to it.


 Rain water collected in spring should be stored in a light green bottle. It’s energy  can be used for empowering new ventures. Such as a new relationship, new business ventures, a new job and so on. 

But rain water collected on the Spring Equinox or from the first rain after the Spring Equinox is good for empowering spells for relationships, business as well, in some cases it can help relationships.


 Rain water collected in the summer should be stored in a sky blue bottle. It can be used to encourage growth, be it personal growth, spiritual growth or growth of a venture or relationship. It can also be used for rituals that are designed to overcome bad habits.
Rain collected on Mid-summer’s eve and Day is especially mystical, if one does a spell using this water to bless a Holy hole a rock with a natural see through hole one then can see the fairy folk, but to do this with care as they do not like to be spied upon.  With spells for romance or to bring a new love to you a dab of this water on your petition paper is good.
Also if you know it’s going to rain just in general during this time put any indoor plants outside to enjoy and absorb the rain, including any herbs you are growing indoors.
Fall time
Rain water collected during the fall equinox or the first rain after the fall equinox should be stored in an orange or other fall colored glass bottle. This should be used for giving thanks and showing gratitude for the abundance you have received during the year. 
Other rains collected during this time depending upon new or full moon are good for blessings of thanks
 Rain water collected during the winter solstice or the first rain after should be stored in a silver or iridescent glass bottle. Iridescent bottles can be any color but will sparkle with a rainbow of color when moved in the light. The best color of these bottles to store your winter Rain water is, gold, silver or blue.
Winter rain can be used for blessings a person, relationship, family or object. It can also be used for blessing an event such as a wedding, birth, business venture and so on.  For to be able to survive the hardship of winter so should one be able to survive the hardship of life.
One of the hardest types of rains to collect is during the time of the Full or New Moon, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate.   Rain collected at those times of the Month is very powerful.
Dark Moon
Rain collected during the phase of the Dark Moon is good for banishings or to bring about difficulties to those who have troubled you.
New Moon
Some people have a hard time what is a dark moon and a new moon, for me a new moon is right when the barest sliver of the edge of the moon is showing, the dark moon is complete absence of moonlight
Rain collected at the New Moon is good for workings in which something needs to be brought in, or the starting of new projects.
Waxing Moon---
Sometimes we are not lucky to get rain during the exact moon phase, but either waxing or waning the rains collected that time is good as well, Waxing is to bring in good things, blessings, the start of a project, a new beginning.
Full Moon
To collect Rain during the Full Moon is sacred waters to honor the Goddess.  A small shot glass of this water (properly filtered) can be added to one’s cleansing bath, or for blessing during a full moon ritual
Now some people will collect every rain water possible during a full moon but label it according to the season of the moon such as Wolf Moon,  Snow Moon to reflect the energy of that moon and month according to that time period of that quarterly season.
In other cases to collect rain water during the full moon but label it according the Solar Astrological sign we are in such as Aries, Libra, Scorpio, this is to work with the energy that is reflected in that sign.
Now that you have your Full Moon Water you can use it to clean  alter spaces and other things in your home by putting the water in your cleaning products. You can use 1 ounce (equal to 1 small shot glass or just a few drops). Its used to clean, bless and purify your alter supplies and items that sit on your alter.
Using herbs you can sprinkle the water on just about anything that you would like to be cleared of negativity. Often before a ritual you will see someone doing just this. Walking around the circle and sprinkling the ground with water. The Full Moon Water can also be used for divination, child blessings, pet blessings, and even a few drops in your bath water before an important event or ritual. I have also seen a few drops mixed with wine or mead in ritual. There are hundreds of uses for the Full Moon Water
Waning Moon-
Rain waters collected during this time is good for getting rid of things, banishings, purging of negativity.
Moon water has many purposes and uses.  It can be used like blessing oil. It can be used to enhance your spells and rituals; it can be added to your bath for relaxation, for clarity, to promote love or prepare for lunar rituals, to anoint money to increase wealth, and to anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness, among many other purposes or water your plants with it. It’s only water. It is largely dependent on your intent and often what zodiac sign the moon is in.
Water that is not rain water but bottled water from a natural filtration system can be made into Moon water to make tea with.   I will cover that in another post.
 The next set of Rain Waters deal with the Elements
 Lightening Storm or Lightening Snow
I have always felt for the most powerful of waters the water collected during a lightning storm has the greatest energy. This is especially true for Lightening Snow storms, primarily because they are so rare. I never knew of Lightening Snow Stores but one of my Granny’s ladies lived back east and when she saw it for the first time, throwing on her coat and rain boots, she ran out with a huge bowl and collected it.
Her husband had to drag her indoors so she left her bowl out there to be filled to overflowing with this specially charged type of water
 With the water collected from a Snow lighting storm its best to store it in a white glass bottle, or a clear bottle covered with either white paper or the whitest cloth to be found.
With a powerful lighting storm one can store it in a black bottle or a dark brown bottle covered with black paper.
These types of waters can be used to empower any spell or prayer. Use it in a bath to re-energize your being, or to aid in a ritual for clearing and cleansing yourself, an area or any object.
The most powerful that I have ever collected was lighting storm on Samhain, you can imagine what uses one could do with that.
 Wind, Tornado, Hurricane Storm
 Water collected during a wind storm, especially a Tornado or Hurricane Storm, should be stored in a blue glass bottle. It can be used to empower spells for moving things forward. Such as letting go of the past and moving forward in your life.  Use it for getting out of a rut or changing a pattern you don’t like.  Or for helping a project move forward and get beyond any current blocks.
However if you are in the path of the Hurricane or Tornado, look for safe shelter. 
Rain & Sun Storm
 Rain collected when the sun is shining is a very rare thing, but it does happen.  I’ve had it happen on occasion during unexpected Summer storms with nary a cloud in the sky.
This water  can be used to balance energies when you’re feeling weighed down, or flighty and scattered in your thoughts. It should be stored in a dark green glass bottle.
 Rainbow Water---Aurora
This is very unusual, and it has only happened to me just once, it was one of those Summer storms where the Sun is shining which I thought was wonderful but just as I put my bowl out and collected a cup of water I saw that there was also a rainbow that lasted throughout the entire summer shower.
I used a few drops of this water to bless a baby, and she grew up to be a very artistically talented person; that was over 30 years ago, I decided to call this type of rain water Aurora water.
Hail Storm
I have mixed feelings on how to collect this type of water.  Some people say that Rain collected from a hail storm is the only time a metal bowl should be used, preferably an iron bowl should be used and the water should not stay in the bowl for longer than 3 to 6 hours.
But I have collected Hail in a glass bowl and other times in a white ceramic bowl and have not had problems, but that is because where I live when there’s hail it is the size of peas.  
Now unless the hail comes down the size of golf balls---THEN I’d recommend the Iron bowl, but usually most people don’t have that, but a clean cast iron skillet or Dutch oven works just as well.  I have one that has a crack in it that is no longer useful for cooking I cleaned it thoroughly and loaned it to a friend of mine who was going back east and while visiting friends there came down a hail storm, she put out the loaned pot because the hail stones were Huge.    She let the hail melt a bit at a time in the pot and poured it into dark brown clean beer bottles, and brought this bottled hail water home.
She has used it and I have too. 
Allow any hail collected to melt before storing. It should be stored in a black or very dark brown bottle. It can be used for dispelling psychic attacks or negative energies that have been sent to you from another. It is also the best form of rain to use for 'black' magik rituals designed to destroy your enemies or negative forces that stand in your way.
And if you have ever been hit by hail you know why it’s good for that.
Now the next part is collecting rain water from living things such as flowers and trees
The easiest waters to collect from a flower is collecting it from roses---
Now why roses---because roses are sacred to the female energy or as some people would say to the Goddess, if you are of Catholic beliefs or are a “Christian (catholic) Witch” you know that the Rose is sacred to Holy Mother Mary, because the rock rose is a 5 petaled flower, representing the 4 elements and spirit or will.  The Scent of Rose Water is also her sacred scent. 
Also Roses hold up well being shaken to release the rain water collected among its flowers and leaves.
Rain water collected from roses can be collected directly into a bowl. Simply shake the water from the roses over the vessel of your choosing for collection.
So now what does the energy of each type of rose impart to the water.
Black Roses
 While black roses aren’t truly black, remember that the intent is what generates energy. Hybrid roses that marketed as “black” carry with them the intent of being a live black variation of the rose.
Look for roses to plant in your garden that are of very dark hue or use the word black in its description
Rain water from black roses should be stored in a black or very dark red bottle. It can be used for  warding off negative energies, overcoming hatred,  depression and miserly. If used in a ritual for undoing, you can create energies to reverse these emotions.
Pink Roses
Rain water from pink roses should be stored in a dark pink bottle. It can be used for matters of protection and compassion.
 Purple Roses
Rain water from purple roses should be stored in a dark purple bottle. It can be used for matters of divination. Such as working to identify your psychic ability, developing your talent and learning the wisdom of divination.
You might even like to sprinkle a little on your table used for divination to enhance your connection to the tool being used and the topic or client you’re performing the reading for.
Red Roses
Rain water from red roses should be stored in a red bottle. It can be used for matters of love and commitment.
 White Roses
Rain water from white roses should be stored in a white bottle. It can be used for protection and any general spiritual matter. Such as communicating with spirit, working on raising energies for meditation or bringing a greater sense of Divinity into your being.
 Yellow Roses
 Rain water from yellow roses should be stored in a yellow bottle. It can be used for bringing success to any kind of venture. Such as a court case, a new business plan, looking for a job and so on.
Multi-colored Roses
 Rain water from multi-colored roses take on the properties of both colors. For instance, a white rose with dark red trim, would infuse both the essence of communication from spirit with the love and commitment.  Those with the combination of red or white with orange for success, look at the color listings on my pages links and you will see what color combinations that can be developed for these types of waters.
Dew, Rain or Snow from Trees
Rain collected from a tree is similar to collecting from a rose. Depending on the energy of the tree, will depend on what the rain is used for in rituals.  In general, a bottle in any variation of green can be used
for storing Rain water from trees. But you can also use a color that distinguishes the tree itself, such as a white bottle for birch trees, or greenish-blue for a Blue Spruce and so on.
If you do not want to go that far in collecting bottles you can tie a ribbon to the neck of the bottle, but the easiest is to simply label your bottle.
Ash Trees
 The Ash represents balance, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The ash is a strong wood, and even its most slender limbs are hard to break. As such it also represents strength, endurance and getting back on your feet.
Birch Trees
The birch tree is a totem tree of Celtic shamans. It is seen as the “World Tree,” the axis upon which the universe spins upon. Rain water collected from a Birch tree can be used for fertility, inception, conception, cleansing, purification, birth and rebirth.
Elder Trees
The Elder tree represents death and regeneration, the Mother phase of the Goddess and wisdom. Rain water from an Elder tree can be used for transformation, change, communication with spirits. It also represents Gods rebirth and can be used for regeneration or starting over.
Holly Trees
Holly trees represent the physical world, authority, courage, soldiers/warriors, male sexuality and energy. Rain water from Holly Trees can be used to improve physical energy, provide support for taking on tasks as a leader or in positions of authority.
 Oak Trees
The oak tree is seen as the “door” between the light and dark halves of the year. It is the door of protection between the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as, between home and the outside world. A view that is still practiced today. Rain water from Oak trees can be used for protection, setting shields around yourself, home or a circle for spiritual work.
This short list gives you an idea, there are many more which I will list on a separate post about the uses of trees in magic. 
So if you know what type of tree you are near that is covered with rain or snow, gather its waters and put it into a green bottle until you’ve had a chance to see what its magical properties are.
The next part is about collecting Rain Water from the ground, now the reason for this is sometimes because of work or other events that keep you indoors you may not have a chance to go out and collect
water from a bountiful rain fall.  Or there is a type of rain water that you seek for a special use.  In that case you are looking at collecting rain water from the ground.
Rain water collected from the ground can also provide varying forms of energy. Strong rain storms that generate a flow of water down a driveway, road, or yard will pick up additional energy from that area. For instance water from a flow of rain through a yard will pick up energy from the grass and soil as well.
But you are cautioned to remember that whatever was on the ground will also be in the water you collect. This is the one time that I strongly suggest filtering your collection before you store it. And because this is from unusual circumstances you can use a plastic bottle or small jug.
Concrete Driveways
 Rain water collected from a concrete driveway should be stored in a sand colored bottle or crock. It can be used to bind things together. Such as binding yourself to a job. Or binding a family together.
Asphalt Roads or Parking Lots
 Rain water collected from asphalt should be stored in a gray bottle. It can be used to remove negative energies. Or sending negative energies back from where they came. Remember there will be motor oil in these areas DO NOT DRINK!
Dirt Roads
 Rain water from a dirt road should be stored in a brown bottle and can be used to promote a sense of “getting back to nature”. It can be used to promote travel and to create energy for a safe trip.
When I see rain water from a dirt road I’m reminded of that song “Take Me Home, Country Roads, Where I Belong….” 
 Grass Lawns/Fields
 Rain water collected from a grassy area should be stored in a green bottle and can be used to promote physical healing of the body.
 Dew, Rain or Snow From the Beach
Rain water falling at the beach has always had a sense of purity to it. It can often feel refreshing, cleansing and re-energizing. There’s nothing like a lightning storm at the beach. And all this promotes an additional element of energy in the rain. . Whither it's collected directly from the sky, a flow  of rain water from the sand, or directly from the edge of the surf.
Collecting it from a hotel or motel balcony or patio won’t do. You’ll need to be at the beach itself.
Now I know why would I want to collect rain water that is falling at a beach?  There is plenty of Ocean water---that is true but the combination of energies of the two types of water is very heady and it can vary depending on where you are in the world. It can be used to for clearing, cleansing and re-energizing your overall physical, emotional and spiritual being. It promotes a sense of serenity and relaxation.
And if you have the extra kick of a lighting storm it can be very powerful in dealing with the sea Goddesses.   Another thing to take into consideration is the mood of the Ocean when it is raining, is it violent, re-energizing, invigorating, moody this also needs to be taken into consideration when collecting this rain water, meditate, reach out and feel the mood, and add that to the label on the bottle
The Rain water should be stored in a sea colored bottle
Dew, Rain or Snow from A Building or Object
 Collecting Rain water from a building can be tricky. Try looking for a place where the building has a seam of some kind. It’s usually one of the easiest places where you can get a bottle or collector that will allow rain to pour directly into your container. Buildings also have edges or rough profiles where snow can stick to the building.
It’s hard to place a container next to the building and collect the Rain water. Because of this, you can use a tool to collect rain. Try using a funnel to place against the building and funnel the flow into your bottle. Finding a place that ‘drips’ is also good. But try not to take drippings from a roof you don’t want to fall and hurt yourself. The best and safest way to collect snow from a building is to brush it off a window ledge.
Or during a rain storm if you have a chance, see what would be the best way to collect the water, sometimes one gets lucky and a nice puddle forms on the ground that the building is built upon, so water can be collected from that.
 Professional Buildings
 Rain water collected from a business building should be stored in a bottle that matches the color of the building. It can be used to empower a ritual or spell designed to match the purpose of the business. For instance, collecting rain from your bank can be used to promote financial abundance. From a court house, it can be used to promote success in a legal matter. From a hospital to promote healing
I know of one practioner who collected rain water from the Coroner’s office (this was done at night), she used it for some negative magic, but I warned her that she could have a back lash, she did but was prepared for it. And she managed to collect rain water from a Police Station, she sat outside and told anyone who asked she was waiting for someone to pick her up, she had a small plastic bowl which she manage to collect 4 ounces of water.
 Rain water collected from a monument, such as a historical site; should be stored in a copper colored  bottle. Copper green can also be used, this is that natural color copper turns to when it ages. It can be used for rituals of remembrance.
Rain water collected from a gravestone or mausoleum, should be stored in a black glass bottle. Most people think of this as a negative collection; but a gravestone is erected to remember a loved one. So this Rain water can be used to ease a loss, to put things to rest, to bury a long held emotional hurt or to bury feelings that one desires to let go.
 Rain water collected from a home should be stored in a blue bottle. It can be used to create a sense of security, safety and harmony. If you’re hoping to buy a new home, and have an opportunity to collect Rain water from that home, it can be used to promote a connection to the space and set an energy of possession over the property. An “it’s my new home” type of connection to promote the purchase of the home. Of course you’ll want to get permission from the current resident.  Or you can go to a building development where they are building new homes and collect the ground rain water from that area, if this is where you want to live.
 FINAL NOTE ON RAIN WATER----First this is by no means a definitive list, I’m sure you think of other types of rain water or where to be collected from.
Now if you’ve noticed I’ve included snow in some cases as a substitute for rain, this is because in many areas it gets so cold it doesn’t rain it snows---so snow should be equated as rain water as well, with the exception of Hail, that type of water has an entirely different energy.
And no matter what, do not drink this water, it is not for any brew or potion to be drunk, and no matter what all rain water should be filtered as a precaution.
Now there are other types of waters which I also call “Made Waters” and I will include that in my list of waters.
In my next few posts  I will talk about "Collected Waters" which are River Water, Lake Water, Ocean water,  Spring water, as well as  "Made Waters", and how to create "Moon Water" when there are no rains for that phase of the Moon and I will finish with what you can do with these waters depending upon your magickal intent.
Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Thank you for posting this information.

    The Lonely Navigator

    1. You are most welcome, there will be other posts in regards to waters, and their applications. I sincerely hope you will find it interesting

      Blessings to you Lonely Navigator

  2. What type of water can I use to cleanse my inside of my body. I think someone has put a spell in my food. And I would like to remove it.

    1. Dear Ofelia,

      What has you thinking that someone has put a spell in or on your food? Are you having reactions to it like a food allergy? Breaking out in a rash? Something like that?

      I can make a suggestion to you on what to do, but I would suggest that you see a doctor first if you are having adverse reactions to the food you’re eating, and also do a Food Diary, it is possible that you are having a reaction to certain things that you are eating, an allergy to nuts is the most common and many food items (processed) might have some form of nuts in it like in powder form.

      If you are eating processed meats like salami, Pepperoni, baloney etc. you could be allergic to that. Certain citrus fruits such as tangerines, cherries, oranges could be causing a problem, even the common banana even if they are organically grown you could have an allergy.

      Also you could be allergenic to white bread or wheat flour even whole or 2 % milk, the possibilities are endless, that is why keeping a food diary is important. It will help you and your Doctor.

      How do you do that? Get a note book write down each day what you eat breakfast, lunch, & dinner, snack time, bedtime, be faithful doing it, note the time that you eat and then when you have a reaction. And break it down what you eat, for example breakfast, 1 scrambled egg cooked with vegetable oil , 2 slices of bacon, 2 slices toast with butter, small glass orange juice, 1 cup of caffeinated coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar and a dash of half and half eaten at 7:30 a.m. That’s just to give you an idea how to write things down in your Food diary.

      If you start seeing a pattern where you get sick after eating at a certain time with certain foods, start eliminating the most obvious of the foods to find out which one you are having a reaction to.

      Do you buy your food yourself? Does someone shop for you? Do you buy it in a grocery store or farmers Market, is it organic? This you have to take note of. Then consider does anyone have access to any of your prepared or non-prepared foods? Then who? Has the packaging been tampered with or opened without your permission or knowledge. And remember just because it is organic doesn’t mean that you are not allergic to it, you can.

      Another thing to consider is to eat smaller portions, if you use to have two slices of toast eat only one slice, If you use to drink two cups of coffee have only 1 cup, sometimes the stomach can feel too full and have a person feel ill.

      Does someone else prepare the food for you? Or do you do your own cooking? Again these are questions you need to ask, be the detective.

      Now what you can do in the meantime is this, Drink commercially bottled Spring water after each meal at least 12 oz. but not more than 12 oz. Add to that Spring water 3 drops of church Blessed Holy Water. No more than 3 drops. That will help remove the spell internally. Also before eating your food, quietly pray over it saying to yourself “In Jesus name, Bless this food that it be pure for me, Amen”

      And this is in addition to finding out what you are having a reaction to with your Food Diary, as well as seeing your Doctor for allergy symptoms, by doing all three things especially working with your Doctor you will be feeling better.

      Another thing to consider is if anyone else is eating the same food as you and does not have any reaction then I suspect you could be having a food allergy. But do see a Doctor first.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q


    1. My Dear

      I have seriously thought about that, but I think it's better that each person print out what they read on this blog and compile it into their own 3 ring binder.

      That way each person can organize it as well as create their own cross-reference information.

      I don't mind sharing.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Can collecting runoff rainwater from your own roof after the rain has stopped be used for something? I'm still new to all this and i just want to be properly informed. Thanks<3

    1. Hello,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece, If you’ve read the latest post you’ll know that Ms. Q has suffered a serious heart attack and has retired from posting on her blog.

      However your question was very simple and I asked Ms. Q about this.

      She replied that rain water from your roof would be good to use in house protection work such as a floor wash or to wash the front and back steps or thresholds , but first you need to use several layers of cheese cloth to filter out the debris that also comes off the roof.

      You can add a few drops of this rain water, plus a few drops of Chinese Floor Wash or lemon scented Pine-sol to a bucket of water, wash down the porch and front and back steps to keep out negativity, good to mop the kitchen floor, since the Kitchen is considered the "heart of the house", if you have wall to wall carpeting using a broom dip the kind with natural corn brush into the water and sweep the carpets into the direction of the open door and then sweep the debris down the steps and into the gutter.

      You can also hand wash around the windows and front and back doors to help keep out negativity, do it once a month, then put the wash water into the gutter to drain away from your home.

      In Ms. Q’s words Bright Blessings