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Types of Waters for Margickal Uses---Part 3---River and Lake and Ocean Waters~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

In this section I will deal with River,  Lake and Ocean or Sea Waters~~~

Many Rivers around the world have a sacred connection, the Nile to Ancient Egyptians, The Jordan River to Christians, the Ganges to Hindu's,  as a matter of fact I have here a brief list of some of the better known rivers.

Aciravati,  Bhagirathi River, Brahmaputra River, Ganges River to Hindus,  Gowda Saraswat Brahmin, Indus River, Jordan River to Christians, Kaveri,  Manas River, Sarasvati River,  Triveni Sangam,  Turag River, Yamuna,  San Juan River and Little Colorado to the Navajo

Now in each area locally among the native people will know of other sacred rivers.  So what is important about River Water. 

First it is a moving body of water, a living water, it runs over the land and therefore either purifies it or fertilizes it such as the Nile, to Christians especially to be baptized in the waters of the River Jordan is to be cleansed of sins and to start life anew. 

The Ganges also holds that belief among the people of India.  As well as other places who have that same belief.

Because River water is moving it is considered highly energized, activating healthy negative ions, which many people who live near a moving river find refreshing to breathe, feel themselves energized.

River water is good for washing away negativity that may have been collected by just going out and dealing with people in general.

My Granny would mix Holy water from the church with River Water and put it in her Holy Water founts next to the inside of her Front Door as well as her back door. 

River Water is also used to make Peace Water or the 5 or 7 Holy Waters, which is a combination of different waters.   In some spell work River Water is used to banish negativity

One of Granny's Ladies in her group was a Mrs. Washington, she lived in Louisiana and learned a lot of what some people would call Hoodoo from a number of the practioners who lived around, some she traveled to, to learn things from and some she discovered were just down right frauds, but those that she learned from was, as we would say now a days, "The Real Deal".

She was very big on collecting River Water on St. John's Day in June (June 24th) she'd  collect river water and put it into a glass bottle, and bring it home,   June 24 is the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

She told me that  ST. JOHN'S WATER is a wonderful extra protection for a person and their home.

She said it was a tradition, especially in (but not restricted to) the New Orleans area, to collect St. John's Water every year on St. John's Day. This water is protective; it wards off evil and keeps the one who collects and keeps it,  secure and safe from harm.

You take a clean  dark colored glass bottle with a lid, this is one of those times when a metal lid or cap its fine. Be sure to wash it first as you would with any of the bottles you'd use to hold your collected waters, and then let it dry so that the washing water will not "contaminate" the river water you collect.
Carrying your bottle, go to a river in your area.  Rivers are the right body of water to use.  We are, dealing with St. John the Baptist, who baptized in the Jordan River.

You have to  recite prayers, first saying a prayer of contrition asking to be forgiven for your sins,  then say the traditional Lord's Prayer for the blessings for the year to come. 

Then ask St. John the Baptist for his help and blessings, he who was so intimately aware of the spiritual power of rivers.  Then fill your bottle, cap it, and take it home with you.

Set this bottle on it's side by the hinge side of your front door, so that it is a bit hidden from those who come to your door.  Make sure that the neck of the bottle is facing the door.  Keep the bottle in this position throughout the year.

If anyone comes to your door who you do not wish to deal with, anyone who may make life difficult for you  - or even if you are just worried that they may come to trouble you - simply roll that bottle with your foot. 

 Roll it back and forth on the floor, as you concentrate on exactly what you want especially what you want to say to the person to get them to leave. Then when they leave and you close the door roll the bottle right back into it's original position, where it will continue to guard and defend your home for the remainder of the year. 

Remember  when requesting the aid of any saint, including  St. John the Baptist be sure to thank him  for his assistance.

Just remember to renew this bottle of River Water every year on St. John's Day.

Lake Waters

Fresh water from a  lake is a collection of sustained energy. It provides a reservoir of creative energy. Think of it this way, these bodies of water provide life sustaining liquid to the animals that drink from it and the animals that live in it. This establishes the energy of Creation within its cells so to speak.  It is considered Living Water but water that awaits to be activated, the energy is far more quiet as oppose to River Water.

In many cases, it maybe used to call upon the Ancestors, especially if the Lake has a reputation of being a habitat of Ancestor spirits.

Collecting the waters from a Lake should be done only during the Full Moon never during the Dark Moon especially if you are dealing with spirits, because you may not know what spirit you will unleash.

This is a partial list and some of the legends surrounding some Lakes: 

Lake Bosumtwi,  The Ashanti consider Bosumtwi a sacred lake. According to traditional belief, the souls of the dead come here to bid farewell to the god Twi. Because of this, it is considered permissible to fish in the lake only from wooden planks.

Chagan Lake (China), Chicabal Lake, Crater Lake (Oregon USA), Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee is considered important  among Christians because many of Jesus’s miracles took place along the shores of the Sea, Ganga Chhu, Ganga Talao, Gosaikunda,  Grand Lake (Colorado) Grand Lake was named Spirit Lake by the Ute Tribe because they believed the lake's cold waters to be the dwelling place of departed souls.

Kaali crater,  Lac Ste. Anne (Alberta, Canada, Lake Saint Anne)  Lac Ste. Anne was first called Wakamne, or God's Lake by the Nakota Sioux, and Manitou Sakhahigan (Lake of the Spirit) by the Cree first nations before the arrival of the settlers.

The legend goes that the Indians hunted buffalo and fished in the lake called Manitou Sakhahigan. The legend told of a large monster that lived in the lake, and as it moved it would create dangerous and unpredictable currents, which could easily capsize a canoe. Very few people saw the monster but when the Hudson's Bay Company came they renamed the lake Devil's Lake, possibly in reference to the reported lake monster.

Elders of Alexis Reserve remember their grandparents telling of how as children they would go out on the lake and peer down through the then clear water to the lake bottom in search of the monster. They would hope and fear that they might actually see its legendary form.

"Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage is a site of national historic significance because as early as 1889, Aboriginal people, including Cree, Dene, Blackfoot and Métis, have been coming to Lac Ste. Anne to celebrate the Feast of Saint Anne. Saint Anne embodies, for many Aboriginal peoples, the traditional importance of the grandmother figure. For the Aboriginal people of Western and Northwestern Canada, the pilgrimage site is an important place of social, cultural and spiritual rejuvenation, which are important aspects of the traditional summer gathering."

Lake Guatavita, Lake Iguaque, Lake Nemi,  Lake Ronkonkoma (lake)  and the legend of the Lady of the Lake  I offer this to you to show how legend can form around Sacred lakes.

Supposedly a Native American woman committed suicide by drowning herself in the lake during the colonial era.  Variations of the legend indicate that her tribe was assaulted by European settlers, one among them being her lover. Betrayed, she drowned herself in grief.   Since then its said at least once a year she will claim a man to be her lover. But her claiming of men is out of love and need, for she does not understand that she is also condemning these individuals to death. Her loneliness overwhelms her and she reaches out to these men in desperation. Some men, likely in the mood to cause a stir, claim that when they swim beyond the boundaries of the designated swim area (marked typically by buoyed rope), they feel "cold fingers" touch and try to grasp at their ankles.[citation needed]

Rumored to have no bottom, Lake Ronkonkoma has deep depressions that seem to go on forever. Myths continue to persist of the "bottomless lake". Such rumors include the presence of a "whirlpool" in the dead center of the lake that drags people down into the bottomless hole where they drown and are never seen again. Similarly, it is said that the deepest depression forms an underground tunnel that empties out into Long Island Sound, and through this tunnel myriad creatures from the sea pour in. A popular rumor among wildly imaginative kids is that the depressions are gateways to Hell.

Lake Waiau, Lhamo La-tso, Lake Manassarovar, Nydam Mose, Sacred Cenote , Lake Sonfon, Taos Pueblo,   Yamdrok Lake (Tibet) --- Like mountains, lakes are considered sacred by Tibetan people, the principle being that they are the dwelling places of protective deities and therefore invested with special spiritual powers.

 And last but not least, Zuni Salt Lake.

Ocean or Sea Water

If you're lucky enough to live near the Ocean the energy from it is good for almost all magical workings with some exceptions , especially if rain fall does not come at a time when you need it.

But there are some limitations, primarily Sea water is best for exorcism and expelling evil spirits from a person, home, or piece of land  especially if it is collected at high noon.— “nothing evil ever came from the sea”.

In certain rituals  Sea water is not offered to the dead,  nor is it used for any Full moon collected rain water nor used in ancestral rites. Because Salt protects from and exorcises spirits,  so for banishing's or exorcisms, to cleans something of negativity it is excellent.  

Sea water is never used to bless land nor a woman who wants to conceive, as the focus of Sea or Ocean water is to rid evil, if there is land or a location that is negative then use the Ocean water for banishing, and once the area is cleared of negativity follow it with Rain Water for fertility.

Never harvest or collect Ocean or Sea water during the Dark Moon, collecting Ocean Water during the New Moon (when the barest sliver of moon is showing) is fine.

Sea or Ocean waters are used during spells or rituals when working with deities who are associated with the Ocean or spell work that would involve the Sea.

In my next post I will deal with Spring and Well Water, followed by Holy and Consecrated Waters and then Made Waters.

Blessings Ms. Q


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