Friday, July 31, 2015

Make use of this Blue Moon~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

Yes I'm still flattened by the Heat Wave we've been experiencing but the Marine Layer has kicked in and I'm feeling better, until the heat returns.

I want to touch briefly about tonights Blue Moon.... the best thing I can say is when a Blue Moon rolls around Make Use of it!    This is a Wishing Moon, to banish things that have been troubling you, be it lack of love, lack of money, job etc. by banishing that problem you leave the path way open to bring in good things to you Love, Money, Employment etc.

And this moon is in Aquarius an innovator----

I'm going to use some quotes from the spiritual Journal called "Elephant Journal" so you'll have an idea of what you'll dealing with......


Full moons are always energetically powerful, deeply creative and also intensely magical times.

A full moon happens when the sun, earth and moon line up in that order, and the sun’s light shines directly onto the moon. It is also a time when the lunar energy is at its most intense.

Therefore, when we have a blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur in the same month, we are empowered more than ever. A blue moon only occurs approximately every 2.7 years and its energy is 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon. It is a rare phenomenon that should not be missed.

All full moons bring us in touch with our emotions, our sensitivities and our inner-selves.

When we are in tune with the natural energetic currents of nature, we can combine our own energy forces so that we have an extra surge, which helps to push us in the right direction.

This blue moon is a powerful one and it is signaling that it is time for us to take control and take the power back from areas of our lives that have been roaming free and taking us down a road that lead to nowhere.

Everything from our past is about to be illuminated and areas that desperately need focusing on will be brought to our attention and during this blue moon, there will be no looking away.

We will meet with certain issues that have been haunting us face-to-face and rather than being fearful, we should see this as an excellent chance for growth and transformation.

At this time of July’s full Blue Moon, when the power of Luna is doubly intense,  all signs would do well to sow seeds of intention for reaping at the next full Blue Moon.

Please be careful what you ask for, the full Blue Moon will give you everything in double measure, so take some time to contemplate our wishes and dreams.

Blue Moon magic is best harnessed to benefit not only themselves but others. This is a good time for humanitarian efforts.

The full Blue Moon may bring turbulent weather, either physically on the planet or within your soul. Take time to relax into yourself, meditate, breathe, allow for your expansive nature to appear and bless others with your full Blue Moon wisdom.

Blue Moon attributes on the human psyche may be the more negative moodiness, volatility and emotionalism or the more positive traits of compassion, caring, sensitivity and natural intuition.

This is a good time for exploring our darker side and shining some light on it via compassionate love of ourselves.

That will give you an idea of what type of energy you'll be dealing with on this Blue Moon,  for you I recommend that you get a Blue Candle, anoint it with High John the Conqueror Oil and make a mojo bag containing High John the Conqueror root, as well as tiny symbols of what you want brought into your life, a heart for love (not specific to any one person), a dollar sign for money, the word Job or Employment, a tiny horseshoe for luck,  there are tiny object almost doll house size, made out of tin called milagros, and they represent your desire, put them into a red flannel bag and anoint the bag with High John Oil.  

Take a fresh sheet of paper and write on it what you desire and anoint it with that oil, focus on it and send you energy out to it so that it will come to you, then when the full Moon (Blue Moon) rises, carefully burn that paper and take the ash and scatter it at a 4 way cross roads, ( do it safely) so that it will go out to the Powers that Be.   

Carry that mojo bag with you all the time, either in your purse, in a pocket, do not lose it.  And by the next Blue Moon everything you desire will have results----Just remember some times the results are "no" but that is because it was not right for you or too dangerous for you, especially if you want a particular person to love you, that is why I say to bring Love to you but not specific to any one person.

Now for those of you for whom the Blue Moon has passed, you'll know what to do with the next one. 

This is also a good time to collect Blue Moon water, put a bottle of spring water out where it will capture the blue moon rays, be sure to label the bottle after wards, bring it in before the Sun rises. 

Blessings Ms. Q

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