Monday, July 20, 2015

Overcome by the heat wave~~~

Hello Ms. Q,

I am so sorry for not posting of late but the heat wave that we are having is just horrible, and I am near prostrate with it.

I do not have air conditioning as it is seldom needed, but I certainly wish for it now.

So I've been laying down in front of a fan, drinking water and resting.  Not to worry my family checks on me every day to see that I'm o.k.

Eating is very difficult with the heat, but I manage.

I'm looking over things I've covered, or will cover, and see where I may have left some gaps.   One of those gaps is how to "dress a candle" and the other is interpreting "candle talk".   Once I recover from this heat I will look into it, as well as the use of other types of dirt in ritual workings. 

As I've said I set up a reference link on a page that has an expanded use of the types of Graveyard dirt so do check that out.   And I will also do Reference pages or links on different things as I see fit.

Until then, keep cool and stay well.

Blessings Ms. Q

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