Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reference List Posted for Grave and Graveyard Dirts

Dear Ms. Q,

I heard your complaint and I have to agree, it is hard to be hunting all over my blog to find specific things.

So what I'm going to do on my recommended Links page is post Links to my pages that deal with specific things.   So check back frequently as I will be adding things.

The first thing I have posted is the types of Grave or Graveyard Dirt's to use in ritual workings.  This is far more expanded than the original one that I posted some time ago.  I had a chance to look over my Granny's notes as well as  a few other notes in my Journal and I'm glad I did, as I had a chance to work with Mrs. Washington's Great-Grand daughter and she is becoming quiet proficent in her work.

The next thing I will post on the Links section will be How to collect the Dirt, and then next the times to collect the dirt.

There are other dirt's that are used in ritual or spell workings and I'm going to post that as well, but again it will take time.   Those will also be on my Links pages.  So do keep checking. 

So why again dirt, well think of it as dust, it is the most primeval of things,  it's what we walk on and what we leave, especially in doing "foot track" magic so Dirt is important.  As it says in the bible, "Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, we were formed from the dust and to dust we shall return" so Dirt is important.

Blessings Ms. Q

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