Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A little Update on Ms. Q~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q's niece.

I just posted Ms. Q's latest information on candle work at her request, but she's been a bit of a naughty lady and is not resting as she should.

So Ms. Q is going to have an enforced rest for at least a week if not longer. 

Her mind is whirling with more ideas for topics to write about here in her blog, thanks to your questions you have given her a lot of ideas and have jogged her memory about the family and friends and their workings,  and that is fine, but I want her to rest for a while.

I know that for some of you she has, as a courtesy done "one card" readings, but she needs her rest. 

If you post a question I'm not sure when she can get to it as her health is very important.

So please be patient.   Eventually she will respond.

And in Ms. Q's words "Bright Blessings to Everyone"


  1. Thank you to you both and blessings!

  2. Dear Ms. Q

    I have been so anxious lately, worrying if my current bf being loyal, considering we have a baby I wonder if he is going to Marry me. I have a lot of anxiety wondering if he has other woman's he is interested in. I wanted to see if you would kindly guide me, I am constantly feeling like if I am wasting my time.

    Thank you so much

    1. Hello my Dear,

      When I was a little girl we use to “jump rope” to rhymes, one that sticks out in my mind is this:

      “First comes love, THEN COMES MARRIAGE, then here comes the baby carriage”

      Do you get my meaning?

      It is very important to Not have a baby before you get married, it’s best to wait until the preacher pronounces you both “Husband and Wife” there are legal reasons for that especially in protecting the rights of your baby and for you should he desert you.

      But because the current modern male thinks it’s fine to go around spreading his seed and then leaving a number of young women stuck with a baby and on welfare or struggling to make ends meet is a very sad condition of our country.

      Why? Because he is not legally married to you and can simply walk away from you and even deny that he fathered the baby, leaving you to struggle to get even child support from him.

      A man doesn’t even have to put his name on the birth certificate and many of them avoid doing that.

      And you my Dear fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

      You feeling anxious? Why? Is it because when you ask when will the both of you get married and he sort of walks away? If he does then you have problems. And your sense of things can be on the mark.

      What people don’t realize it’s easy to get married if you don’t want a fancy wedding ceremony, You just go to the court house or county office that issues marriage licenses, pay to take out a marriage license, have a judge or the court administrator say the words to marry you, sign the papers along with two witnesses, (they can be friends and also have at least one of your parents with you) and then afterwards go to McDonalds, Burger King or Olive Garden for a celebratory meal. You’re married, easy-peasy, just takes a couple of days, or can do it in one day. And you as a wife have legal rights for you and your baby.

      But if he doesn’t even want to do that then I’d question his loyalty and stop wasting your time.

      O.K. so after this lecture I did a one card reading for you and the card I drew is The Knight of Swords this card represents him being headstrong and opinionated. It’s about being hasty and willful, even cunning and arrogant

      He does not worry about what harm may befall those around him, he sets his sights on a goal, and there is no stopping until he achieves it. He doesn’t care about the obstacles, the risks, and the dangers that may pop up along the way.

      For you, you may be embarking on a journey for which you have had very little preparation or foresight by what you have done and ignored potential warning signs.

      When it comes to love and relationships, this is a relationship that was recklessness, this card can also symbolize a fight or a battle of some sort between you and your partner.

      The person in your life that’s represented by the Knight of Swords ( he is) can symbolize a person who over all is emotionlessness, or has a lack of interest and care.

      Stop wondering my Dear child, be brave and determined and put the question to him, there is a baby in your lives, and the baby’s rights need to be legally protected.

      If he’s not even willing to do a courthouse marriage then you’ll have your answer and then you’ll need to see a lawyer on protecting your child’s rights, plus make sure that your child’s social security number is not stolen in identity theft.

      Many guys are having babies all over the place and then stealing their babies social security number, a detective friend of mine told me about that. So you will have a lot to do. Be safe, and be determined.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q