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The Art of "Candle Talk" Part 2~~~ Understanding what the Candle is saying

Dear Ms. Q,

“How do Candles ‘talk’ to you or me, how do I understand what they are saying?”

Ever since primitive man (wait a minute it might have been primitive woman) discovered fire, and later on how to make fire, fire has played a very significant role in religious or spiritual settings, wood will pop or snap, sometimes as if in answer to a question put before the gathered leaders, from there it was felt that spirits could speak through the flame.

Unfortunately with arson it takes a very twisted and sick turn.

But for someone doing candle magick or spells/rituals, how the candle “talks” or acts can give a person an idea of how a spell is going, in a way it’s a form of divination but more importantly it’s a way to connect to the spirit’s and your spirit guides and angels.

Divination using either a free-standing candle or a glass enclosed candle, takes on different forms, first with the flame itself how it acts, second the sound of the flame----does it pop, crackle, hiss, chatter, the smoke of the flame, how the candle melts especially in free standing and figural candles, the soot left on the glass enclosed candle, how the wax or glitter or herbs (especially in a glass enclosed candle) positon themselves.    This is all about how the spirits or energies communicate with you through the candle.


Before doing any candle magick or spells or even “setting lights” (I’ll explain that later) you need to test the various areas of where you’re going to do you candle spells.

Now for those that follow a pagan or wiccan belief this might be hard because some beliefs suggest to have your altar facing either true or magnetic North or in some cases East ward towards the rising sun I’m told native Americans have the entrances to their lodges facing eastward, most Catholic churches at least in ancient times traditionally  would have the main altar in the east quadrant with the entrance to the church facing  and side altars with the Mother Mary altar in the north  and St. Joseph altar in the south quadrant.   Now a days it depends on the plot of ground where they can build a church.

But where you will do your candle work may be in a different location  than where you have your altar for ritual work, and the only way to determine that is to take a plain pillar or taper candle and set it in different spots of your working area and take notes of any activity of the flame, if it moves around too much you have a draft and will not get a true reading or response from the candle,  if you find a spot where the “neutral candle’s flame” does not move around at all or very little then that is the area to do your candle work.   Some people go so far as to get a 3 or 4 sided folding screen to cut down on drafts as well, if it turns out that no spot is suitable.    Some people go so far as to use an elaborate 4 sided wooden screen to help not only create sacred space but also have a nearly no draft area for their candle work.

Once you have settled on a spot then as you do your work you can then get an idea from your candle what is happening.


Some people think that by burning a candle it will tell you whom you’re going to marry, not really, there is an old custom using a large mirror and a candle on a certain date of the year, that you will see who you will marry but that is not the same as using a candle to tell you who it will be.

Some people will use a “black Mirror” and a candle for scrying, but this is different from candle magic.

Only when you are doing a candle spell can you tell if the spell is working, having trouble, is not working at all etc. but only during the process of doing spell work.

Chas from Mystic Dreams shop says “ While most other symbolic modalities used in magic tend to be outwardly static when set in play, a candle can act as a sort of “self-diagnostic tool”, indicating how the spell in progress may or may not be working….. Remember that these are only general indicators and you should follow your intuition as your first authority”

Understanding what your spell candle is talking about  takes various steps, first is the Flame, then Smoke or Soot, then how the Wax melts (either with a free standing candle or glass-enclosed candles), then (more recently) how the glitter or herbs cling to the wax or glass sides. 

But the first thing is reading the Flame.


This is Both  for free standing and glass enclosed candles----


If the candle does not want to burn this means that spiritual cleansing other than what has been done, either on yourself or your spiritual environment needs to be done, especially if this is a prosperity or protection candle.  

If it does not even want to light it means this type of working will not be right nor will it work for what you need, therefore another type or kind of spell needs to be done.

If the candle you’re using is being used for domination of a person or to inflict harm, another type of spell must be used.  

If you attempt to snuff the flame out or blow out the flame and it does not go out it means that the spirit does not want you to put it out.

Also if you blow it out or snuff it out and it flicks back on, that means the same thing. 
You Must let the spirit complete the work because something important is working and you do not want to interfere with or interrupt it.

If you have to leave the candle alone such as leaving the house and are uncomfortable to leave it burning you must ask the spirit for permission to put it out and try to put it out again.  (Some practitioners may ask the spirit to protect the candle to allow it to burn unattended but that can be dangerous especially if there is someone working against you)  


The spell is going to work fast and be effective.  If this is for prosperity or protection it shows that the environment is clear of negativity. 

 If it’s for domination and/or harm of a person or business, may see quick results as they do not have spiritual protection.
 For other workings the candle is working by sending out a large amount of power & strength to make manifest your work, that your prayer will be answered quickly.

A high flame also means there is little resistance.

If a high flame is calm and does not produce smoke or soot then you are in the presence of a large entity or major guardian spirit.


If the flame is low it is not working well you need to cleanse your environment, especially in regards to prosperity and luck spells.  

With domination and harm of a person, they are protected and resisting due to a strong spirit, it will be awhile before you see results, it has been suggested to try another spell in combination with the present one to get faster results (personally I’ve found that it can be hard especially of the person you want to do harm to is essentially a good person)

Other meanings is that it is working slowly to remove an obstacle or to bring about positive energy,  your prayers may take longer to work and it will be harder to overcome some opposition.


It means the presence of spirits, this is good especially if you want to contact your ancestors, if the flame pops while flickering the spirit is trying to communicate to you, you need to meditate and open up to it but do not contact spirits if you are using the Ouija board, this brings negative spirits, you will need to create a circle or sphere of protection.

If this is a devotional candle it means you are in contact with your deity and any prayers or petitions will be heard.    

If the flame is high and aggressive and it flickers in large strokes this tend to be darker spirits and deities, and they are also there to listen and/or aid you.


This means that spiritual warfare might be occurring on your behalf, especially if this is a war-type candle, it’s possible the person you’re trying to affect is fighting back.


 There are several meanings behind this in some cases it means that spirits are talking about the work being done and how to do it, in essence the spirits are pleading your case for you on your behalf, the louder the crackling the stronger the opposition against you.

If for self-protection that indicates someone is talking about you and has bad intentions towards you.  If you’re using this candle to do harm on someone then they are thinking about you, and may know your intentions

You’ll need to look  to the purpose of the candle and the other actions of the flame to determine exactly what it is.


 If it goes out while burning it means the spirits cannot help you, the answer you seek is already determined.

It can also happen if you unexpectedly get the result before the candle is finished.

If the spell was for protection it means that while the spell was being performed, anti-spell craft was directed your way and your spirits were unable to fight it off.

 If it was a spell that you were directing towards someone it means their spirits were able to fight off the attack and the person is now aware of it, in that case another spell must be performed.


There several interpretations here, usually the center or main flame represents you.    If this is a candle for protection each flame other than the center one represents an enemy.  If using a domination candle spell it means that the person that the spell is focused upon is being helped by other people or spirits.

In matters of love there is usually on one single flame, if it splits into two separate flames it’s believed to indicate a split in the relationship or some sort of division or separation.   

If this is a break-up or separation candle to break up a couple it indicates that the request is being granted.  However if both flames stay lit the couple may stay together.

There are occasions when the flame will split into three flames if for divination it means someone is interfering between the couple or interfering in your work to break them up.

If this is candle work to attract a lover, watch to see if the flame appears to rise out of the wax, if so then your spell is working and if both flames join together into one large flame it should be successful.

Another meaning about two or more flames indicates the presences of spirits, deities or an unknown human being involved in the spell work.   If a human is involved you need to watch the action of the candle to see if this person is good or evil.


During a séance it is a sign that a spirit is present or it may mean the arrival of a stranger.


A healthy flame---it will have a bright red core, surrounded by a blue halo, then a yellow color.
A blazing red center means that spirits are getting to the heart of the matter.

A dim red center or it’s just a pinpoint shows that a situation that may not be motivated by the heart.

A blub or knot building on the tips of the wick means the possibility of opposition or a third party working against you.


This is a sign that good spirits are nearby especially if there is a lot of blue in the flame it means your angles and spirits are protecting you from a possible unhappy outcome.

But sometimes especially during a séance if a candle flame burns blue, it’s a warning that death is nearby, be careful.


Glass enclosed candles are also called Novena candles and they are used in Folk magic or Hoodoo tradition as well as Santerían tradition but I’ve also seen them used in Catholic folk magic as well, especially for Novena’s.   

 In the long run I prefer to use glass enclosed candles over free-standing ones for safety sake,   but since I have a fire place where I can burn a free standing candle safely and then do wax divination I have the best of both worlds, but for 90% it’s much better to use the glass enclosed candles.

The flame as it acts on a free-standing candle or figure or pillar candle will act the same in a glass enclosed candle but there are also these extra interpretations to it.


Watch if the flame is high and produces no soot on the glass you are in the presence of a larger entity or guardian spirit


A clean even burn from the top to the bottom indication that all will go well with your spell and that you will get what you are petitioning for.   Especially despite any opposition.

But this is only if you chose the correct spell or correct novena and used the correct timing.  If not then even though the candle may burn clean the expected results will not necessarily appear.

However on the positive side a clean burning candle does suggest that all will be well although the desired wish(s) may not manifest itself quickly.


If the candle burns the entire glass black all the way down it suggest that negativity has been directed towards you.

Your work is being blocked, this is serious obstacles that stand in your way, preventing you from attaining your desired result.  

There are several meanings behind this,  someone may have caste a spell against you so you may need to do more work such as uncrossing and negativity removing, usually cleansing your environment and lighting a reversing candle does the trick.

It can also mean the person has very seriously significant spiritual protection.     If so then burn another candle to break through their defenses, if still not working, then you need to re-evaluate if this working is just or not.

If this is a candle to dominate or harm someone then Spirit is saying you should stop because it may back fire on you.


Someone may have been working against you (the darker the blacking the stronger the opposition you’re facing)   if only the top part of the glass it means the spell was initially met with negativity before it could work,  if it clears by the middle  then the negative influence or obstacle has been unblocked.   Remain thinking positive thoughts and prayers and continue to persevere.


Again several meanings depending upon the work you’re doing.

It could be a warming that negative influences are being sent to you, that someone is working against you.

Or depending upon the work you may be facing a number of challenges and have a difficult road ahead, what some people will do is using a sharp object will scratch on the top a cross on all 4 sides and then increase your protections and consider doing uncrossing rituals.

If it was for prosperity or luck then negativity was sent your way and the candle detected it use what was suggested in the line above.

If it was used to dominate or harm a person, the soul/spirit of that person was alerted and took action to reverse the spell, either through prayer or spell work.


This too has many meanings

It can indicate communication with the spirits or angels, as well as purity of purpose or exorcising negativity.

I can indicate that the spirits heard your prayers and are working to remove the negativity that might be surrounding the work and this is especially true in doing unhexing or uncrossing rituals, the amount of white soot will tell you if it’s completed or not.

To determine that if the white soot only goes half way down or less then the cleansing was successful.

If the white soot goes from the top to the bottom of the glass you might need further cleansing and spiritual work.

If you find white soot only at the bottom of the candle it means the presence of outside assistance either spiritually or physically.

If the glass is burned half black and half white soot it means that one aspect overrode or is over-riding the other, by looking at the top have of the glass candle you can tell what was undone.

If black soot is on top then your spirits cleared it.  If white soot is on top then the spirits of another have worked against your attempts.  You need to look at a different candle spell.

If the soot is on just one side of the candle it means that the work you’re doing is incorrect, meaning that the way the candle was fixed wasn’t right or appropriate or the spirits were not happy with the candle itself.


Depending upon the candles being used for various reasons it can mean there is strong pressure from someone working against you.

If the glass cracks but does not break it means that there was some opposition that has been broken, the opposition was sent to the spell to try to deflect it or your spell encountered it while being sent.

With the glass only cracked it means your spell was protected and defended successfully.

But if the glass breaks, shatters or explodes it means you are up against something much stronger and larger than yourself.

It can be one of two things, malicious working have either protected your target or have been attracted to your work and are trying to interfere.

Or it can indicate someone is working or casting work against you and you are not spiritually protected properly or not strong enough because what was thrown at you was larger than what you sent out.   In that instance do a stronger working and light another candle to work against it.

If this was a protection or reversing candle it means that the candle protected something from attacking you which required a lot of negative energy being directed towards you, the candle broke the negativity in the environment, however it can also mean the presence of secret enemies.

If the candle is to dominate or cause conflict to someone it means the person is being protected spiritually,  if your working was to protect yourself by doing dominate or conflict work then light another candle of the same type to break their defense to allow the spell to work correctly.  But sometime it can mean that protection of the individual was broken.

However if this is an uncrossing candle this is a good sign because it means that a/the spell that was placed upon you has been broken. 

You have to remember blockages could be the result of someone coming up against you, however you could also be creating the blockage yourself and thereby sabotaging your workings.  You need to examine all possibilities honestly.


Your spell or work will only be partly effective, something was wrong with either the fixing of the candle or the wrong candle was used.


First make sure you do not have anything flammable near it and be prepared to smother it with sand, a fire extinguisher or water if the flame is exceedingly high.

Otherwise keep a very close eye on it to see how it settles down if it doesn’t then smother it something is working against you.

But if the top of the candle including the wick is on fire but not dangerously so again observe it to see how it settles down it means that the spell is being fought off by guardian spirits but more than likely, it will be successful---again keep a close eye on it and make sure it is on a flame resistant surface.

In the end all your resources to read this candle will come into play, the soot, flame and glass should be read for the outcome.


If the heat of the flame burns the label with the image of the saint it indicates that there is a nemesis or as the young people refer to them frenemies that are stabbing you in the back and/or are working against you possible even doing the evil eye.   Increase your protection and wear the blue and white glass bead that protects against the evil eye.


This maybe a good sign but the rewards may be short lived and you may have to repeat the spell.


Sometimes signs are left in the soot residue  and you may have to read it like reading tea leaves, for example if there appears a skull in heavy black soot that is not a good sign but if it’s a dove in white soot that is a good sign.

Write down what you see in the soot if there is anything at all and use your own intuition to come to a conclusion and be honest not wishful thinking regarding the significance of it.

If you decorated the inside of your candle with herbs and/or glitter read it as if it were like reading tea leaves.


If there is around ½ inch or more left over wax at the bottom of the glass it means the spell needs to be repeated.  

Any wax clinging to the insides of the glass means there may be some personal hindrances to the progress of the spell, and it may need to be repeated.


If a  free-standing candle  puts out a lot of smoke while burning but then burns clean at the end it means that there is hidden trouble or someone is working against you and what you desire, things will not go well at first but with repeated spell work it can be overcome.


The candle is starting to remove negative energy from you and what you petition.


It means your prayers or petition will be answered but there will first be a struggle to get it done.


Your prayer or petition will be more than likely be granted


For you to get your prayer or petition granted it will take a great deal of work and perseverance.


You will need to use patience to gain success, you must use your head or logic as oppose to your emotions to pursue your petition or desires.


You are in danger of sabotaging yourself subconsciously because you are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation if you continue being that way your petition or prayer will not be answered.

In my next several sections I will be discussing reading the wax in free-standing candles, then how to properly dispose of your candle workings, and then finally what psalms to use for what purpose with what color candle.

Please be patient as this is an extensive subject to cover.

Ms. Q


  1. Hey Mrs voodoo queen me and my ex were together 10 years I broke up with him but now I want him back I was not being mean we just need a little break I did a love spell will he come back and I did a break up spell on him and new girl we have kids together I just want my family back

    1. My Dear,

      You have gotten yourself into a situation, so I did a one card reading for you and the card I drew is The Tower, but it is reversed

      This means unexpected upheaval leading to a positive change in life. Catastrophe survived or narrowly avoided. A new lifestyle and enlightenment. I also indicates either a broken relationship, divorce, or failure in business or career, but in your case a broken relationship.

      Upright, the Tower indicates a time of great turmoil and destruction, which will eventually bring with it change and regeneration. Reversed, however, the Tower card indicates that you are simply delaying the inevitable. You need to go through this difficult time in order to learn an important lesson.

      Do not resist it. Even though it is hard to deal with, it is a very important part of your life journey.

      The Tower reversed suggests that, while you consciously want change and transformation, you are afraid of these two things because it brings with it destruction and pain, so you are resisting this.

      You are aware that in order to create the BIG change you are seeking, you need to go through a period of significant discomfort but you are afraid of this discomfort.

      Now is the time to think BIG and to not be afraid of taking BIG leaps ahead of you. Sure, the stakes are high and it is risky territory but if you really want to achieve the scale of change you aspire to, then you need to take some risk.

      The Tower reversed can also lessen the degree of change that is entering your life. You may have sensed that something major was going to happen, and you took action, You broke off.

      But now you just might be scared of doing it on your own, but it has to happen.

      My Granny use to say “The Wanting is greater than the Having”, remember you broke up with him for a very good reason, now he is with another person, that must chaff you real bad. But you have to examine why you broke up.

      If he loves his children he’ll be around for them, but not for you. You are going to have to accept that and work on having a “friendly” relationship for the children’s sake, you are not going to like it but it also means that you are free to find a man really worthy of what you have to offer.

      It’s going to be uncomfortable for you, maybe even a little scary, but in the long run it will be good for you, you may have been constrained by him in some ways, maybe your “light of creativeness” was hidden by him. Maybe you were doing all the giving and he was doing all the taking.

      The whole idea is this----don’t be afraid of being free---examine it, explore it, see what you can do with it. This is a major change in your life that had to come about, in your mind subconsciously you were ready for it, now the rest of You has to look at it honestly and be honest with yourself.

      If you do a love spell and a break up spell, do it for the children so their daddy can be in their lives, the big question to you is this “do you really want him in your life especially if he was so quick to get another girl friend.” Be honest with yourself on that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Hello,

    I have been on and off with my ex for over a decade, we got back together at the start of this year and recently he moved out. We did the whole therapy thing and he kept lying to me about the girl he had on the side and finally moved out and so I've done a few different candles for him and us but keep getting rings around the glass with wax and was wondering if there was a meaning to the rings and how many have shown up.

    Thank you

    1. My Dear,

      I’m sorry to say but those rings mean blockages.

      Part of it is that he is spiritually fighting you or resisting your efforts, and part of the problem is his lying to you.

      The other part is Spirit is trying to send you a message, for you to stop and think about things.

      I did a one card reading for you and the card I drew is the Ten of Wands which means Oppression. The Ten of Wands serves as a reminder of how much we take on in our lives and all the extra burdens and responsibilities we weigh ourselves down with.

      My take on this is you are doing too much to try and get him back and if you do manage to win him back, he will fall into his bad habits all over again, the lying, the cheating etc. And the question you have to ask yourself is this “Do you really want that grief?”

      The rings in your candles is Spirit saying to Stop and really think about this, do you want more pain with him or do you want a better life by being free? The rings are trying to force you to think, by blocking your efforts and make serious considerations.

      Not only is he resisting you but Spirit is also saying to think, so it’s a two prong resistance. Spirit is trying to show you that he is not going to change his ways.

      So now the next step is yours, do you want a happier life by moving on? Or do you want the same old grief?

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. hello me and my ex broke up but i want him back i did a love spell candle but it made a tunnel and wax put my fire out do i get a new candle or what does this mean

    1. My Dear,

      You could do a new candle but I feel that at this time might be hopeless to try.

      When a candle burns deep making a tunnel and the wick gets drowned, it is Spirit telling you that he has moved on, you may want him back, but he may not to want to come back. At least not at this time.

      Part of this depends upon how long ago the two of you broke up, and under what circumstances. If it was recent then your ex will not be ready to come back.

      Wait a few weeks until the new moon then do it again, and see how the candle burns, by that time it may tell a different outlook.

      But I do recommend reading my post “Do Reconcilliantion Spells Work?” (that is spells to get one’s ex-boy or girl friend, ex-husband or wife back) I posted it on September 19, 2016. Please read that because lots of time those spells will not work, especially if the love is not there by the other partner, when the partner no longer loves one, it’s almost impossible for the spell to work because the love is no longer there. My post will explain it better so do read it.

      And like I said try another candle but do it on the next New Moon and then see what the results are.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Hello Ms. Voodoo Queen:

    First, thank you for the insight that you provide through this medium. It's greatly appreciated to me and others.

    Secondly, I have a red penis candle that I received from a friend. She explained that to ensure that my lover always wants me, I need to carve the both of our names on it, place a picture of him underneath with my desires written and to burn it all the way down on a Friday evening. I want to practice this candle work on my own and would like your clarification on how I use the candle.

    Background story:
    I've been in a four year relationship with an incredible man. We're best friends, he was a pivotal part of my healing process after losing my mom, we're each other's sounding board, we've helped each other's businesses and careers, we have fun, our communication is usually transparent, we're vulnerable with one another, we love each other unconditionally, etc. Our relationship is amazing on the surface.

    But it started under deception. I didn't know until almost a year in that he was married. By that time we had fallen in love. I admit my culpability for continuing the relationship even after I found out. We continued on our relationship. We discussed what life would be like if he got a divorce. He calculated how much it would cost for him to pay my bills and pay child support for their child. We went over the logistics of what a divorce and then to be with me would look like. We have called each other soul mates and we certainly have soul ties with one another.

    He explained that he hadn't been happy in his marriage for the last 7 of the 11 years they've been together. He told me that they've discussed divorce at least 5 times. When I asked why they're still together and had a child he said that it's because she's manipulative and has controlled him, that their families are intertwined, that they've built a co-dependency on each other's finances and that he held on to the first 3 years of their marriage. He thinks he got married too young and didn't ever think he'd meet someone like me. I edify him, love on him, support him in time of need, etc. Once on the phone I scolded him for calling himself stupid because he's not. I reiterated that's he's amazing, intuitive, brilliant and loving. He explain that he cried because he's been fed a negative narrative by his wife for years. He feels ignored, unappreciated, and verbally abused. Once that I know of, even physical abuse. He appreciated that I was empowering and supportive.

    Everything came to an end last week when his wife found our emails. He saw his love letters to me, concert tickets, travel itineraries, etc. The one reason that he kept saying he couldn't leave her is so that their son can grow up in a two parent household. Now with everything in the open, he says that she is ready to divorce him and run for the hills.

    He has a lot to atone for, things that date back to before he met me. So he's on a spiritual journey to right his wrongs and change himself. The pain that we're experiencing of not being together is jarring and we're grief stricken. He's tried to not talk to me, but he's called me everyday. We've cried in each other's arms. Although we know the relationship was underb wrong pretenses, the feelings we have for each other are genuine and true. We're refusing to see each other because or physical and sexual chemistry for each other is explosive and all encompassing. We want to stay above board.

    My question is if I should use the red penis candle? I want him to be mine, even if that's in a couple years.

  5. My Dear,

    The short answer is “No”.

    This type of candle should only be used for short term sex, not for a long term relationship. It is only for sex, lusty sex. If you want to always be on your lovers mind, then use a skull candle.

    Penis candles come in different colors, usually black and red but they can also be found in white and pink. I have also seen them in some “specialty shops” in other colors such as blue and purple, even rainbow stripe.

    Red is used to attract a either known or unknown man but more by sexual lust than by love it is for passion

    Black is to curse his manhood so he’ll never be able to perform- its used to curse a man's sexual nature or tie a man's sexual nature so he can't get it up with anyone else.

    White is to both heal and for spiritual love

    Pink is for romantic love, that is obvious.

    The penis candle represent the man, just as the skulls can also represent the man, the difference is the skull work on his mental state while the penis candle is more his physical state. If the man is too "in his head" then the penis candle is an excellent choice. If the man is too sexual with you, then the skull is a better choice.

    The ritual that your friend described is one that is usually done, that part is correct but you can also do that with a pink or white skull candle as well.

    But now you also have to take into consideration that he is going to be dealing with a nasty divorce from a soon to be ex-wife who will do her best to take him to the cleaners. And you will be named in that divorce, it won’t be private any more.

    For her to "discover" the deception means that she suspected for some time he was having an affair, even if he asked her 5 times about getting a divorce, the fact that she waited until past the 10 year mark means that she can claim ½ of his pension fund, ½ of his social security, etc. even after they are divorced. She most likely already has a lawyer and knew what she could do in advance and I fear it will not be good for him or you.

    Be prepared for her to use their child to manipulate him and drain him dry, he will need to keep excellent records for any spousal support, child support, medical, dental, education, she may want him to pay the entire tuition if the child plans to go to college, are you ready to deal with the headaches of being a step Mom? Of having a child resent you because you were what Daddy was hiding, being dis-respected by the child, possibly being accused of child abuse if the child should stay with you and your lover?

    Be prepared to be on the back burner and never really having any peace.

    Be prepared to have to emotionally share him and having him upset because he can’t have his child for Christmas or Thanksgiving or both.

    Be prepared by both his family and hers to resent you as “The Other Woman”

    Be prepared for the emotional trauma’s if his child is hurt, the guilt which will tear your relationship apart.

    Be prepared to never have enough money because something always comes up with his ex and the child.

    Once you found out he was married you should have question him as to why he didn’t tell you in the first place, in a way that was deceitful on his part. In essence you became his mistress, you should have kept it at the “Best Friends” level. But that is all done now.

    I know what I’m saying is very harsh, but this is the reality you will be facing, I hope you are prepared for it, for you to during this time to take that back seat and not be seen.

    I’m telling you this because a friend of mine was in the same situation, the ex-wife kept dragging out the divorce for years. In the end my friend was too old to have children because he kept saying “we need to wait”. She regretted the wasted opportunities in her life, her job and in other, possibly fulfilling relationships, because in the end her lover died of a heart attack, they never got married, the divorce still wasn’t final, the ex-wife got everything.

    So Be prepared.

    Good Luck and Bright Blessings,
    Ms. Q

  6. Ms. Q
    My honey of close to 9 years and I had a disagreement and he just stopped calling. I began a honey jar that I burn a pink taper candle on nightly,after I cleanse and dress with olive oil carved with our names and return. Its always a beautiful tall flame with no residue. However, after about 10 days I began a call me spell with a brown taper candle dressed in tobbaco. The first night it burned side by side with my honey jar, there were teara and puddles everywhere. The next 2 nights burned clean and he texted to tell me he would make the usual deposit for me, would I please take care of my usual responsibilities. Sure. We texted ALL DAY. When I went to light my usual 2 candles brown in tobacco and pink honey jar. The pink honey jar is a beautiful consistent flame. The Brown candle - the entire top sparked into multiple flames, it began to hiss and grow, wax began to disslove and ran EVERYWHERE. The flame continued and eventually burned for close to an hour with no wax just in the bottom of the holder, until eventually there was just lingering white smoke

    1. My Dear,

      From your description it seems as if someone is trying to interfere with your relationship, for it to spark and hiss means that your Spirit Guides were fighting the interference and the white smoke seems to indicate that they won in your favor.

      It would be wise to be on guard for such possibilities and continue doing the spell work that you are doing, be sweet to your Honey, even apologize for the disagreement, say you had a bad headache, and be as sweet as possible to him. The fact that the pink candle burned beautifully means that your work is working.

      Continue doing the work, especially if you are financially dependent upon him.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. just wanted to start with a thank you. your site is very informative. so a woman put a spell on my boyfriend and I are really nasty one . we broke up in may however he still calls me. but just to say hi we have not had sex since. so I had people do blood work for me to break the spells she put on him. I have also been burning candle. come to me candle chuparrosa love talisman candles and they all burn great for the first couple days. the they have a black top but clear bottom. I have had divination all saying he is coming back soon and I am confident he will. as he is more loving and affectionate to me
      so my candles should I continue to burn then even though they are turning black at the top. I actually witnessed my martha la dominatora candle turn fiery red and the flame was so high. then again turned very black halfway down clear at the bottom. my domination candle burned dark usher grey half way but I see white lines going down the candles at the bottom never seen that before... what are ur suggestions. what does the white lines mean thank u


    3. My Dear,

      It appears that your candles are giving you mixed messages, whatever she has done is very strong and they, the candles and spirits are working very hard to overcome the spell work. You say that work was done on you to break up the spell, but was work done on him? Especially since he is one half of this relationship.

      Because I am seeing that you are free, but those invisible chains are still binding him. Perhaps a binding spell on her to prevent her from exercising more spell work on him, so binding her might be in order.

      It seems like spirit is breaking things up but her energies re-enforce the spell work again, that is why I suggest a binding spell.

      To me these white lines you describe may be Spirit trying to break the spell, those are possibly the chains that still bind him, and perhaps Spirit is trying to tell you that.

      The fact that divination is saying he will come back is a good sign, but it’s going to take time, in love situations I recommend doing a Honey Jar spell, and keep the candle on the honey jar burning, to help assist in him coming back to you.

      If he is being sweet and affectionate that is a good sign but I also want to caution you as well, don’t wait forever, if he is not back with you in 3 months or by Spring, then have a divination done on him to see if he is just playing with your affection.

      If it comes back that he is then it would be healthier for you to let him go and just keep him as a friend if at all possible. Your health is important, you don’t want to jeopardize it waiting for him. Please consider that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  7. Ms. Q

    I have been with the same guy for 9 years. We stopped talking November 16. He will text to communicate about business, let me know he has made my monthly deposit ALL BUSINESS.
    I began a honey jar about a week after we stop talking. I started a candle spell to open communication and he began texting, needing info, nothing personal but almost daily during the week.
    I went to my grandmothers grave to purchase some dirt for a love spell that I placed under my bed. Working my communication spell and honey jar daily. I stopped working the communication spell. Slowed the intensity of daily work on the honey jar last week. But Friday, yesterday, I began an intranquility spell to make him think of US and be uncomfortable without US. His brother in law passed away Thursday and he ask me, via text, to look into flights for him. I passed the info along,I didnt hear anything until the next day. As I was out purchasing graveyard dirt from my Grandaddy, a solider in WWII, he texted me asking me to handle some business as it relates to some real estate he owns and eventually to please make the flight arrangements. I did as he ask, sent him all of the information, bid him a safe flight and my condolences and didn't think I would hear anymore from him, until next week. I am trying to play it cool.
    I came home dressed my candle for the intranquility spell and lit it, white smoked wafted into my face and in time the flame settled and it has DANCED for 24 hours. I woke up this morning with a texted from him just saying "thank you". I did not reply. About the time he landed at his destination I got another "Thank you" at that time after much comtemplation I decided to reply with a simple "you're welcome".
    I don't want to read a lot into the work. I want to relax and just let things ease back into place.
    But I am wondering if the things I am seeing are signs? If I am doing too much? I don't want to look at this through rose colored glasses.

    1. My Dear,

      You are being wise in avoiding at looking at your current situation through “rose colored glasses” and remain practical and helpful in a business-like manner for this situation as well as communicating that way with him

      I suggest that you go back on working the communication spell to keep the lines of communication open between the both of you and continue with the honey jar spell as well, this is in addition to your intranquility spell work.

      Right now his focus is on his brother in laws passing, and how his sister is handling things, so his family will be foremost in his mind, but the fact that the smoke caressed your face I would take it as a sign from Spirit saying to you that “they” are going to work on him, a dancing flame is them working, think of the “7 dwarfs” from Snow White working in their mine, it’s sort of like that.

      Taking steps to relax and let things work or ease into place is a good move on your part, take the time to enjoy the Holidays, do what you want to do, have him come to you.

      You have not explained why the two of you have stopped talking, did you have an argument? Has he been distracted by something or worries? You did do the right thing in starting the Honey Jar that is why you should keep working it. It seems that the two of you work in the same business, are you partners in a business?

      The reason I ask is I wanted to see how this situation is going to hold for the next 2 or 3 weeks and the card I drew is the Three of Pentacles (Works), but reversed. This card is usually towards a business venture or work related, which has me thinking that you two are in some business venture together besides any romantic relationship, the fact that he still trusts you to handle business as regards towards his real estate holdings indicate with the work you’ve been doing that he still places confidence in you as well as a certain amount of trust.

      Usually when this card is reversed it means Delays in the commencement of business, commercial transactions, or employment. Holding back or failing to use one's abilities to their full potential. A possible lack of attention to detail. Being hamstrung by convention, or failing to temper artistic fancy with an understanding of reality. If it were upright then it would mean a partnership progressing but instead its reversed, which means something is stagnating, and a possible breakdown in communication precipitated by a mis-understanding or argument.

      It’s possible that one of you expects the other partner to do all the work of keeping the relationship fresh and interesting. But now because of this misunderstanding there is a difficulty of communication, possibly brought about by pride on one person’s part, and so is keeping things businesslike until the situation or the head clears.

      It also shows an eventual lack of cooperation between the two parties, they cannot work together in any capacity and therefore the relationship might disintegrate if steps are not taken to improve the communication.

      This could also be a money problem but someone is not being forth coming about it. It also means the communication about building the relationship is stagnating. Right now the differences are so huge that the both of you are not even ready to see each other’s face, the elements of compromise at this point will be difficult to achieve and comes to a temporary halt.

      After the Holidays and the situation regarding his brother-in-law there will be changes between the two of you, by working the spells you’re working eventually changes will come about, they have to come about because after 9 years of the same routine something has to change, a new beginning and this is usually related to consciousness and lifestyle. In terms of love it may be unsettling but in its own way rewarding.

      So keep doing the spell work during the Holidays, relax, let things develop and ease into their own, if Spirit directs you to do other spell work, seriously consider that prompting.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Well, he and I have lived 600 miles a part for 3 years now. He would come here every two week, because I had to take care of my parents and young school age child.Last year we went on a hiatus just like this. My Daddy died and I was hurt and angry. We stopped talking other than text messgaes for 6 solid months apart for 11 months I handle his bill administration. Anything with regards to mortgages, IRS, refinancing, work continuing education. Nothing that net us income per se. "In exchange" he deposits into our joint account money for my abilities. About 9 months in his son died tragically. He called hysterical ask me to get him to the state I am in and even though we weren't talking I told him give me :15 I got him a flight, gave him the instructions and told him to call no matter what he needed. Even though we were apart because he is selfish and kinda whorish I was devastated. I cried and prayed for him but stayed away to allow him and the family to figure it out - he would call if he needed me. I heard from him about a week later and we began to speak consistently again. He ask could we meet at a 1/2 point ( 4hour drive each) to talk. I said yes. It was beautiful.
      I ask was there anyone else " No"
      It didn't take 25 days to find out his was lying.
      I was in the middle of a deal he was purchasing a house and all of his lies were unravelling. He was sorry it happened during our time apart allow him to fix it.
      It looked like he did we looked fine for months but my intuition wouldn't let me rest.
      I would go to his house he was here at mine. But something was off and that led me to be cranky, hostile sometimes, emotional...
      LONG story short the day of we didnt have an unusual argument just my usual sarcasm about his inexplicable disappearances. I said I will call you tonight. I called him, he didnt answer repeatedly and I didn't try again.
      He began the text stuff with the business dealings and...I just want my baby back -(without this chick in the picture) he really is the person that I talk to about the good and bad.
      I am in love with him and I believe he loves me too...
      I just want normal and I thought we were building toward that we had just spent time together for our anniversary. Ugh

  8. To answer yes ma'am he is very stressed. Just as we were getting back together he was forced into retirement. We are restructuring his finances to support that. He kids are struggling financially, he wants to help and his brother in law was dying. He was STRESSED and STRESSING me with the erratic behavior and I was giving him the blues, and probably shouldnt have because I was/am willing to figure out how to get us right.

    1. My Dear,

      Yours is a difficult and complicated situation, and there are a lot of things happening.

      I’m going to have to reply in several parts.

      The one thing I sense and my guides confirm this is that in this relationship it is you that are “the Rock”, the one solid thing in his world, you are his safety net, when he is confronted with difficulties it is you that he turns to. As I said he has placed a lot of trust and confidence in you, and it appears to be unwavering. To me that is a sign that there is love for you, how much I’m not sure, but if you were to disappear, he’d be floundering and would “go under” and subconsciously he knows it.

      But, and even you admitted he is under Stress and his Stress is stressing you, but only if you take on that emotion. Even I can see with him being out of job, he’s facing difficulty in finances, his children are struggling, his brother in law dying and I’m sure his brother in law’s wife(his sister?) is a wreck, and I’m sure the loss of his son is still wreaking havoc on him.

      And you are not without your stresses, caring for a young child, your Father dying, unfortunately with what he is dealing with there is not enough of him to spread out even further, coupled with the long distance the two of are dealing with, yet he cannot reach out to you when you need him the most, because I think subconsciously he may feel that you are a strong person to be able to hold your own.

      You are a caregiver, I was too when I had to take care of my Mother after she suffered 3 strokes, but I always say “Who cares for the caregiver?” Sadly hardly anyone, you are on your own.

      Yet you care enough about him to overlook his whorish ways, although not completely because it hurts you. Him being a man, if he cannot have you physically he will look for substitutes and that is what he is doing. And I feel secretly you may understand that, not so much up front but again subconsciously.

      I wanted to see further into your situation so I drew another card and it was the Five of Wands (Strife).

      This is an intense struggle motivated purely by a state of seeming chaos driven by endless small disputes and complications. A stressful situation that brings out the best in the participants. Yes I know “the best?” Well it’s true, you are the one who is holding everything together.

      This card deals with Anxiety · Conflict · Disagreement · Strife · Struggle, The Five of Wands is never a welcome card, as long tradition suggests you will be in line for struggle and aggravation. But console yourself that a positive solution is not outside your reach. Just be prepared for the possibility that the victory will come at a personal cost.

      Continue in Part 2

    2. Part 2

      The battles you have faced has led you to boldness of character. This is a valuable trait, but only in moderation. Facing adversity requires tact, and it may feel as though your progress is too far delayed by the obstacles in your path.

      In this relationship a miscommunication or misunderstanding will pose obstacles to your progress. However with time there will be an opportunity in the future that requires you to tame your boldness in order to succeed. No one can decide your actions but you, so rely on your strength of will to achieve balanced progress.

      It represents a deeper conflict that you are facing right now. The good news is that this is not a dire situation in your life, but it does indicate to you that you have to bring your ‘A game’ and keep on your toes in order to come out on top. Often this card will represent a need to be diligent in your actions at this time and It is a time of stress and needing to pull together all of your resources.

      With the Five of Wands concerning love it can be a negative sign for a relationship. It doesn’t denote breaking up necessarily as it is more about a struggle then an ending. Sometimes we must have difficult times in order to strengthen and gain resolve. All relationships are tested and at this time you are likely feeling the full force of that. Avoid running away or shutting down when conflict arises in a relationship that concerns love,

      You can’t control the actions of your partner, but you can be responsible of yourself. Make an extra effort at this time to be a bigger person even if your partner is acting out, being emotional, or irritable.

      Consider ways in which your own values are being challenged in regards to love. If you are looking for love understand that right now may not be the best time, try to realize what areas of your life need attention and care. This is likely a time for you to straighten out your own problems in your life, you want to be able to enter or renew your relationship with open arms and an open heart. Love will find you when you both are truly ready, not when you think you are.

      For now you are going to have to emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually “Hold The Fort”, doing the Spell work is the best thing you can do, especially now. But you also have to let go of responding with sarcasm, instead just accept how things are, you know what he is, what he is like. By you responding in an accepting manner instead of sarcasm, that will throw him off, he won’t be prepared for the “new you”, continue to be his rock, and you’ll find over time, with the spell work, the change in your attitude he’ll start to come around.

      You have to remember the way things are right now will not last forever, time changes everything, so during this time through New Year’s, also work on yourself, relax and also do a honey jar on yourself for love as well as continue the one for him. By this time next year you will see things have settled down and you’ll see positive changes.

      It will take time, but it will happen as long as you keep doing “the work”.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  9. Hello,

    I've been doing a honey jar for my ex hoping it would make things better. It pools at the bottom with the tears on the side of the jar. But the wax on top of the jar normally disappears 10p% after several weeks. The wicks all point in the same way towards our photos, but he is still with the girl he cheated on me with. Part of me wants to get revenge but I just want to heal. Should I be looking for deeper signs than what I've seen or just look at it as normal burning?

    Thank you

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Just below is another question very similar to yours, but since you have not put any initials on your comment for me to properly identify you, I’m going to assume that it is two different people, although I feel the reading will be the same.

      Tears, to me indicate that the working that you are doing will not produce the results you want, the fact that the wax vanishes after a few weeks tells me that so has any feelings your ex had for you, even though he is still with the other woman, the reason why the wicks point in the same direction as your photos tells me that you are putting more into re-establishing the relationship and he is not, if one wick was leaning in the other wicks direction I would feel more hopeful but according to your description that is not happening.

      Wanting revenge is natural, as a matter of fact I just posted a blog about “Tying up a Man’s Nature” now that can also be used as a form of revenge if you have any of his biological concerns hanging around like his hair brush for example.

      But really you should do a honey jar to heal yourself and the emptiness that he has left you in, do that and burn pink candles for love and hope.

      I did a one card reading for you to see if a new man will come into your life and the card I drew is The Magician

      This is a person who has Mastery over word, mind, and matter. Once you get past the hurt you will be able to turn ideas into actions, handle problems, and control your life. This is the initiation of a new way of life.

      In a love and relationship situation, it is an excellent card to get. This card basically talks of a lover who wants to be good to his sweetheart. He is serious by nature. That is why, he is capable of being a good boyfriend or husband. In short, upright, the Magician portrays a man who has only good intention in his heart.

      So heal yourself, forget about your Ex, and work on healing yourself and improving yourself because 2017 is going to bring someone new into your life.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  10. Hello,

    I've been doing a honey jar for my ex and hoping I may be able to sweeten him up to me again so maybe we can finally work on us. When the candles burn they have a few tears down the side but it will burn and always make pools in the glass base it's sitting on. Than sometimes it burns off all the wax that was on top just leaving behind all the wicks. I've been doing this jar for several months and wondering if it's a good sign or bad.

    Thank you


    1. Hello My Dear,

      Since your question is so close to a previous question I’m not sure if you are the same person since you didn’t put any initials for me to properly identify you, so I’m going to handle this as if you are two different people.

      Tears, going by my understanding almost always means that the work will not work at least not the way you hope they will, the fact that eventually it burns away everything except what is left of the wicks indicates to me that the relationship is burnt out, you may be able to generate some kind feelings from him but it’s not going to ignite and be the way it was, it’s not a bad sign nor is it a good sign it just telling you how the relationship no longer exists.

      Its Spirit’s way of saying that it would be wiser to move on than to hold out hope, that is why there are tears and then they eventually disappear. The honey jar is trying to heal you and still keep the idea of love within you, but not necessarily with your ex.

      Re-do your honey jar so that it will be healing for you, and burn pink candles for healing and hope.

      I also did a one card reading for you and after shuffling the cards thoroughly I drew a card for you and was surprised to see that once again I drew The Magician. So if you are the same person, this confirms my first reading.

      If you are a different person please read what I’ve posted above and look forward to 2017.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  11. Hello! Hoping you could help me! I saw a psychic/spiritualist last night. She advised me to burn one of the black "separation" candles (man/woman candles standing back to back), that she gave me to take home.

    The reason I saw her, for some background info, is because I was dating a guy who I fell hard for, but he recently broke up with me to get back with his ex girlfriend. :( I know she isn't good for him (they fight all the time, she's controlling, etc.) and I don't think he's truly happy. The psychic told me his ex "used something sentimental" to "weasel her way back into his life." And because he's not a strong man, he chose her over me because of the history they have (even though they only dated for less than a year). Anyway, it hurt me a lot. I still care him about so much .... the psychic told me that it would "be easier" for her to tell me that it's over with him so I can move on - but that she had to be honest with me, and tell me that "there's still so much I have left to experience with him" .... So, without really knowing what I was doing, or what the candle was used for, I lit it, as instructed when I got home from my reading with her.

    When I first lit the candle, the guy was burning faster than the guy. The girl's flame was higher, and a lot higher/taller. The girl candle was dripping more wax. Then, after about 5 minutes, both wicks started sparking/cracking/hissing - A LOT - I mean, I saw craaaazy SPARKS!! But the girl candle was sparking a bit more than the man.

    After 20 minutes, the girl's whole head fell off. The back of the man's head was done, but the front was still in tact.

    After 30 minutes, I noticed the man candle was burning significantly faster than the female.

    And, after an hour, the candle was COMPLETELY done. Here's what I noticed: The girl candle burned all the way first. There was nothing left. But, shortly after, the man candle completely COLLAPSED. (I wish I could show you a picture) It didn't burn all the way like the girl did.... it basically just fell over. (I feel like there's some significance here....)

    Okay, here's where it gets crazy..... after the candles were done, I fell asleep. It was about 11pm. At 4am, I was awoken from a deep sleep, and when I opened my eyes, I noticed that there was a bright light coming from my left. Sat up in bed, and saw that the REFRIGERATOR was WIDE OPEN and the light was coming from the fridge. Now, I hadn't eaten anything before I went to bed, and I live alone in a studio apartment. So I KNOW the door was shut to the fridge before I went to bed. I got out of bed, checked the apartment to make sure no one was in it, shut the door to the fridge, then went back to sleep.

    When I woke up this morning is when I remembered what happened, and was wondering a) what the significance of the way the candle burned is, and b) if the fridge opening incident had anything to do with me lighting the candles? Did I let spirits into my apartment? (unwillingly/knowingly)

    What does all this mean?? Please help!!


    1. My Dear,

      After reading your comment and concerns, the first thing that popped into my mind was a quote from a movie “Houston, we have a problem.”

      You have got a lot going on here, so let’s deal with it step by step.

      First---whenever you bring home a candle from a reader or a metaphysical shop or even a new candle you buy in a store or at a yard sale (Yeah I’ve found new candles at yard sales) you need to cleans them first with Holy Water to remove any negativity from the shop or reader or any entity that was hanging around.

      Since you didn’t do that, something followed you home, not to worry you can get rid of it, it’s not like opening the refrigerator and a creature pops out saying “ZOOOOOLLLL”

      So you need to collect what is left of the candle (all of it) put it into a brown paper bag and take it to a deserted or near deserted crossroads and bury it there so it will become lost and can’t find its way. Then take a different route home.

      If you threw it into the garbage and it has been collected that will work too but if the garbage has not been taken out, pull the candle remains out and do as I recommend. You don’t want it hanging around.

      Then you need to take a cleansing herb bath, read in the archives “13 herb bath” you’ll need to do that for 13 days in a row. Now after the first day you do the bath you are to go through your entire apartment with either burning sage or frankincense (in a heat proof container or a stick incense) and smudge your entire apartment, open the clothes doors, bath room, the drawers both kitchen and clothing drawer, (just be careful to not set anything on fire) open the front door of your apartment and say “Who ever or what ever you are BEGONE!! You are not wanted here, I command you to LEAVE!!”

      Now I’m pretty sure that it may have left when you take the left over candle wax and bury it, but that will remove any lingering trace, then get little mirror squares you can get those at a craft store and apply one in a corner of each of your windows the reflective side facing out wards (include your kitchen and bathroom) and if possible get a fung shui mirror from an Asian Store it’s a round mirror inside an 8 sided frame it doesn’t cost much not over $10. Have that facing your front door so that anyone coming in will see it.

      The idea of the mirrors is to reflect back any entity, also put a very fine line of salt along the bottom door frame of your front door do that until you can buy (and you can get them from a metaphysical shop or on line) a railroad spike.

      The iron railroad spike will keep out spirits, put it behind your front door. Also near your front door have a dish of Holy Water to bless you each time you go out and come back into your apartment and you may want to purchase a St. Michael medal to wear.

      Now you are doing this during the 13 days that you are also taking that bath. Now I want you to read in my archives about railroad spikes, salt, and warding and protection that will give you an idea and also my 4 part section about candles, if you are going to do the work you need to be “forearmed”.

      About the way the candle burned? Well yeah a fast burn like that means you will get results very quickly but not in the way you hope, you may find out something about him or he may get you involved in a combustible “love triangle” and you really don’t want that, tread carefully, because what you do find out will not make you happy, that is why the reader wanted to say for you to move on.

      Myself I would certainly say to you after reading how your candle burned it would be best to move on.

      If the refrigerator door opens again make sure the closing seal on it is firm, otherwise your landlord may have to get you a new fridge because you will be losing precious cold to keep your food from perishing.

      I also suggest that you read each article that I have posted on my blog as well as the comments you will learn from it especially for future.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  12. I have been burning a glass enclosed candle for reconciliation for the past week and I am now at the very bottom, less than 1/4" left. The candle has had a lot of flickering, black residue at the top only, and a lot of noise on and off. Now that I am at the bottom there is a lot of burnt up herbs and glitter and a group of herbs next to the wick have caught on fire. It appears to be two flames merged into one larger flame. And boy is it hissing, cracking and moving. Since the candle is at the very end, how can o read this dual flame merge?

    1. Dear Katie,

      Your spirit guides have been doing a lot of hard work, and it has not been easy for them, it appears that the other party has no desire at this time to reconcile with you, the two flames are indicating that things are remaining separated or a parting of the ways, some folks in reading a love or reconciliation candle would call this effect as “ill conditioned”

      The fact that it merged but is hissing etc. means that spirit is saying that if you want to continue doing this work you are going to have to work harder at it because the other party is fighting it off.

      Think of it as two wrestlers locked together and neither is getting the “upper hand”

      I would advise that you get a card reading from a reputable person, one who works in a Metaphysical Shop to see if it’s advisable to continue this work.

      Now I did a one card reading and it was the Page of Pentacles, but reversed.

      This is the dark essence of earth, such as a chasm: difficult to cross, it also means unfavorable news. One who delights in all forms of luxury and physical excess, yet leaving practical matters unattended, a wastrel, or irresponsible person. It also means Irrationality or obsession with the idea of whatever and failure to recognize obvious facts. Wastefulness, lack of focus, and loss.

      It seems to me from seeing this card that you may be wasting your time and money on attempting any reconciliation, this person is moving on. But if you wish to pursue this then again get a full reading from a reputable reader to see if it’s worth going forward.

      But from my interpretation it is not and you would do better to pick up the pieces and move on with your life, there are better things and people out there for you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  13. Hello I lit up a prosperity money candle and the glass turn black. What does that mean ?

    1. Hello my Dear,

      If the candle burns the entire glass black all the way down it suggest that either negativity has been directed towards you.

      Or y our work is being blocked, this is serious obstacles that stand in your way, preventing you from attaining your desired result.

      You may need to do more work such as uncrossing and negativity removing, for that doing the 13 herb bath works as well as cleansing your environment meaning your home, check my archive for spiritual cleansing, wards, and warding also lighting a reversing candle with reversal oil usually does the trick.

      After you do that burn another prosperity candle anointed with money drawing oil.

      You should see a difference.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  14. Hello!

    I have been doing work based on a reading I received.


    My ex and I dated for a very long time from a very young age. (Teen years) I though we had a strong relationship. We went away to college together and shortly after we returned home, I became pregnant. My pregnancy put a strain on our relationship and he became distant. After the baby was born, I thought things were getting better. We became close again, the passion returned and things were going well. Well, we started having small problems again, silly arguments and just not getting along. From there things wen down very quickly and he moved out. My gut kept telling me something was off because he acted towards me in ways he never did.

    She told me that his current partner did a sex spell on him to lure him away. And that all is fair in love and war, I must do what I need to to get my family back.

    I have been working with 2 spells. The first one, I burned my candle for 3 nights. The candle has been burning clean and the flame has been strong. On the 4th night, a tear began to form on the right side of the candle. When I put the candle out, I examined the wax that had formed at the bottom and it was in the shape of a heart!

    The 2nd spell-
    Tonight was my 2nd night working it. When I lit the candle it crackled. About 20 mins in, I saw colors of green in the flame. When I attempted to put it out, It wouldnt and hissed again.

    Thank you your help.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      It’s kind of hard to interpret the candle readings because I don’t know exactly what candles you are burning, obviously it must be to get your ex back, and I agree with your Reader, all is fair in love and war.

      So in regards to the first candle, the heart shape does indicate that there is the possibility he will eventually come back to you BUT there is going to be heart ache and tears before that happens, so hang in there.

      One thing you can do is be very nice to him when he comes over to see the baby, avoid any drama, keep a smile on your face, but do make it clear to him that its fine for him to come over and see the baby even have the baby for the day or two, but that his new girlfriend is not welcome because it’s just between you and him and the baby.

      Tell him, if he gets a bit huffy about it, that it’s much easier for you and him to discuss anything personal especially about the baby without her around as you feel that these discussions should be private, be calm about and matter of fact, do not display any anger or frustration just say it simply that it would be better and easier.

      Now about the 2nd spell, its making a hissing sound means that spell work is being worked against what you are doing but because the candle flame didn’t want to go out means that the work is working hard to get it done to break through the blockage.

      It’s rare for a flame to go green, which tells me that it’s working hard against some sort of negative workings.

      I’d suggest that you smudge your home against any negativity, be careful to not have any burning ash fall and cause a fire.

      If your reader suggested that you burn these candles inform the reader what happened and see what the reader thinks it might be, because his/her interpretation could be different from mine, and see what your reader suggests, it may be different than what I suggest but it could be very helpful to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  15. Blessed Be Queen,
    I did a water domination spell with an encased candle for my ex. There are times when the flame is high, never a low or weak flame but always dancing. The area where the herbs were placed , black soot formed at the top only then clear the rest of the way down. Initially The heat also burned the 2 corners of the label that surrounded the herbs. Because the soot is only where the herbs are located, do I consider that insignificant to the reading? The herbs remained clumped on the glass and the soot stops there.

    1. Dear Gray’ce,

      Well based upon my experiences with candle workings, with a flame that dances and even goes high it means that spirit is working on the situation, and working hard.

      Soot of any sort is to be taken into consideration burning the herbs also is like burning incense to appeal to having the work done, along with the dancing flame and even burning the edges of the label, it appears that the work encountered blockages as well, heavy blockages.

      Even though the soot stopped at the area where the herbs are, and the rest of the candle burned clear or fairly clear, which means that there was partial success.

      But the burned herbs clumped on the glass instead of going to the bottom means there are still some blockages.

      You may have to repeat the work again.

      Since we are still in the new to full moon phase if you are trying to dominate him that is bring him to “heel”, if you do it now you still have till the full moon on Feb 10 to make it effective.

      But all this depends upon what kind of dominance you want to do upon him. Or do you just want to make him miserable?

      I would say repeat the working again and then see how the burning goes, that will give you a definitive outlook or answer on the working.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  16. Thank you so much for that input Mrs. Q! I will do it again!

  17. Ms. Q,

    If I'd known all about this, I wouldn't have messed with my works.

    I tried to heat up my second work using the first work's flame and yes, there was soot on the bottom and side(s) of my new work, which I've tried to wipe away with my hand(s) and then a tissue.

    I've been not only anointing my candles and inscribing them, but upon realizing that the flame is much stronger with my anointed candles, I add lemongrass oil or whatever other positive oil I have to the flame to strengthen it. I've had tall, aggressively ignited, straight flames that have black smoke at the top, but clear on the bottom for some time until the black goes away and although the flame isn't high, it's looks normal and strong. At the end of the candles' time, they're just put out on their own, nearly running out of all the wax.

    I'm confused on one thing though. The first work's candle typically carried a dim flame to it, but the second work's candle has a normal-sized, strong flame. Why is this so? That is, until I poured the wax from one candle to the lid of another's did the first work's candle's flame looked normal...

    Did I change or made my good/bad luck?

    Also, if I unknowingly confused the energies of candles because their oils moved in different directions, isn't it a start-over again once I light another candle another day?

    Will read from you.

    1. Dear Ms. L,

      Oh dear, when one starts mucking around things yes things will get messed up. You should have left the soot alone because one can get a reading on the soot. You need to be careful with the oils, and never add them while a flame is burning as some oils are extremely volatile.

      When it’s black at the top it means things are working hard to get through barriers. A weak flame means that things are not going well, it’s having a hard time, when it’s followed by a normal flame the flame itself is saying things are working but then you have to look at other things around it like is it jumping or flicking, is it sending off black smoke or soot, is it burning black or clear, interpretation of what is happening to the candle as it is burning takes in more than just the flame but everything connected to it.

      It’s like doing an in-depth card reading you may have to do a 12 card reading to get a more in-depth idea of what is happening especially if things are complicated.

      That is why it is important to read my postings very carefully, even several times because it is so easy to miss something.

      You changed it to no luck, neither bad nor good, and yes, the energies got confused. Not a good thing.

      I would stop, reevaluate but not start over, this is becoming too confusing.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  18. Ms. Q,

    I composed a spell, which includes annointing brown parchments of petition, lit five candles to place atop, and casted it on Friday. One of the candles had a bulb on its wick and there originated two flames from one (division or separation), then the same candle had a second bulb(opposition or third party) and there were three flames. It was hard to read this one because they share the same base and the bulbs stunt it. This candle was the last to die out, and when it did, both bulbs fell from its wick before the wick withers without flame like the other candles before it.

    So, there is an opposition or third party working against me, later revealed to be an unknown human being. One of my candles was to protect the spell and it had a large, strong, healthy flame. It could've been read as a high flame. How did it not protect the spell from interference?
    Other than that, I am concerned about the unknown human being who somehow is involved in my spell work. I mean, I just made this spell today...

    1. Hello Le,

      Did you do a divination to determine if it is an unknown person or if it was an influence?

      If it is a person then this unknown person could be someone that the person that the candle represents knows or knows of but you are not aware of and that unknown person could have some influence without anyone knowing.

      Now it could also be the influence of an agency of some sort, such as Law enforcement, a lawyer, a bank, Human Resources for a company, that could be the unknown factor.

      Sometimes spirit decides to take hand in things, the question is whose spirit? You don't say if this candle that developed the bulbs was for you or someone else.

      If it was against someone else they may have someone doing workings to protect them. Or their spirit guides are working on them since I don't know the full workings of your spell its hard to determine, but that should give you some idea.

      Since you are burning two or more candles, named for specific people, and the flame of one tends to lean or bend toward the other, the person so represented is attracted to the person signified by the other candle. The one whose flame is taller is the dominant one. Now that may be good or not good depending upon the personalities involved.

      So if your flame to protect the spell had a tall and healthy flame then it did do its job, but spirit is saying that the situation may be more complicated than imagined.

      But those knobs or bulbs indicate that things or the situation is most likely far more stubborn than anticipated and you may have to do the spell work all over again, but you have twin flames which means that things may be delayed the flames should have eventually join together to indicate that it will work out but if they remained separated till the very end, then there will be delays.

      You candles are giving you a reading and telling you what to expect, so re-doing the spell might be the best option.

      The next time you do your candles also make note of the 4 cardinal directions North, South, East and West. The direction the way the flame or smoke moves will also give you more information. To find out what direction is what, buy a cheap child’s compass and place that in front of the candles so you can see which direction is where.

      Hopefully what I’ve told you is of some help.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Ms. Q,

      In regards to your questions about the first time I did the spell, the candle inscribed protect us had its flame wafted towards me. It was an ivory/white candle. One candle for an individual, not me, had 1 bulb and two flames, then 2 bulbs and three flames at the end. My pink candle had a normal flame, normal wick. I am doing this towards a crush who lives not too far from me. Us talking is like how many times does the eclipse occur and besides that, our lives are busy.

      When I redid the spell, and yes, I did put it in four cardinal directions. This time, I inscribed protect 'Protect our unity' and put it North. It had and kept a strong, tall, healthy flame. Yay. The individual's candle, in deep pink, did not have bulbs and stayed a single flame this time. My pink candle was normal as usual. The South candle was pink, inscribed 'remember me' and it had one bulb/knot. In the center of all directions, I placed a red candle, inscribed, 'Date me.' Unlike yesterday, the 'Date me' candle was dying quickly and I decided to annoint its flame with lemongrass oil just in time and its flame burned on throughout the whole spell, even being the last candle to burn out.

      But I was concerned about the 'remember me' candle. Although I know that our unity would protected, what unity would there be if the other individual doesn't really remember me and I was concerned of if I really did change the fate of 'Date me'. So I did another quick spell that so that person would dream of us at the seashore because our professions differ in shifts and fields, thus making it kind of an obstacle to find time to socialize. I annointed petition parchments and lit a red candle, annointed with oils. I tried to trim the wick, but instead got rid of the wax from the wick. Oh well. So I lit this candle. To think again, I should've put a protection candle along with it, but I didn't. So that single candle had a normal, strong flame at first, but became overwhelmed with a lot of melted wax surrounding its wick and it was weakening. So I am not sure which I first did, but I snuffed it out, annointed its wick with lemongrass and relit it. Later on, I snuffed it out and poured some wax over the petition parchments and stuck it on the wax atop of the torn, brown petition papers and relit it. It had a much stronger-looking, healthy, normal flame. Just what I wanted. Of course, I had to tackle my schedule, so after the 5-candle spell burned out, I snuffed the 1-candle spell and am keeping it, thinking of relighting it again, perhaps redoing the spell as well.

      The bulbs on the remember me made sense upon redoing it, and while I am glad that the individual's flame was normal, I am concerned about the first time, the two bulbs and three flames and what is going on there.

    3. Dear Le,

      You have too much going on there, and having to adjust the wick and re-anointing it can shift the spell so that in the end you really don’t get a true reading of how it’s working.

      At this time do not re-do the spell, you would be confusing the energies, it’s like baking a cake, or doing a soufflé you don’t stop mid-way in baking to add something else, it would spoil it and set it back or have it go flat.

      Sometimes in creating a spell I prefer the KISS method----Keep It Super Simple.

      By doing that when you read the wax (if it’s free standing candle) or the glass (for glass enclosed candles) as well as the smoke and the flame you will get a better determination on how the spell or work is going. And one should never add an oil while doing the work, the candle should be properly dressed before burning.

      Some people believe its O.K. to work the wick, I do not, to me it’s like playing Craps with loaded dice so that you will make the outcome in your favor, when in truth it may not be so.

      I’ve never felt the need to do a protection candle to protect a spell. Usually it’s best to create sacred space around the entire workings and that can be done by pouring either salt around the workings in a large circle (use cheap salt) or by using clear quartz or amethyst crystals that have been placed in Holy water and the, allowed to air dry, You don’t have to get big crystals, the ones about the size of a quarter work very well either rough or tumble polished.

      I’m inclined to think that the third flame is a person that is not known to you but is known to your “target” which could cause complications especially if the person you are interested in is also interested in this unknown person.

      Remember you said your schedules and shifts don’t always match up, that is why the person is unknown to you. It could be anyone even a parent or family member that may need help that you are unaware of.

      I would suggest that you step back from what you created and take another look at the spell. If you think it’s still workable, do it again but starting at the New Moon. If after 4 weeks to 3 months there is no results, then it did not work. But usually you would see results within 4 to 6 weeks.

      Now I want to clarify what I meant by noticing in what direction the flames were burning, It’s fine to say the flame is leaning to the left or right, but it’s also important to notice in what cardinal direction the flame is leaning, that is is it leaning to the north, the south, east, west? Is it leaning towards you, away from you? That also goes for the smoke as well, these are all tell-tales as to how the work is going as well as where something (from what direction) it may arise.

      This is totally different than placing the candles at the 4 cardinal points of the compass.

      I’m beginning to think I may need to revise my post on reading candles and make sure I’ve included a lot of “finer” points to it.

      But as I said, review your spell, re-think it if need be, if you still think its viable then do it again starting on the New Moon.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Ms. Q,

      I am in a little rush to type this. Before I saw that you said to not redo the spell(s), I did the spells a couple of times further, which I will have to make time to tell you about it. As for now, I just want to say that I discovered that the kind of candle and wick one uses can affect its flame. Because on the third day of the same spell, I used different brand candles in different places and it changed the flames significantly. Something I'll have to clarify later.

      While holding off, I am considering a spell and would like to know... What do you think of it? Any information is welcome. Thank you.

      Attraction spell:

      it is best to meditate before hand, for at least 10-15 minutes.

      You may place soft, relaxing music or "love songs" to get you in the mood of this spell. Music has a strong effect over us, and can help aid in a spell a lot. Keep this music playing.

      Place the picture of the person aside. Make sure you visualize what this person looks like clearly. Memories of the person can also help aid in the spell.

      Light your candle(s).

      Grab a piece of paper and rip off a small corner. You only need a tiny piece of paper.
      In pen (preferably) or marker, write down the following:
      Your name + Your crush's name
      fall in love
      today's date: mm/dd/yyyy OR dd/mm/yyyy

      Fold the paper to where it is about the same size or smaller than a coin.

      Either place the small, folded paper in the candle. Or, place the paper in the flame then set it on a NON-FLAMMABLE item to let it burn.

      Chant the following until the paper is in complete ashes:

      "With all of my heart's desire,
      Hope yours I do acquire,
      with energy from me,
      with energy from the ground,the sky, the universe,
      the earth, the wind, the fire, the water, the spirit,
      Here I say my wish to be,
      let this wish come true,
      so mote it be."

      while you chant, imagine your energy going into the spell. Direct it to do what you wish: making the person love you.

      imagine the outcome.

      this spell does not work if one person is an adult while the other is a minor.

      Tell me if you've known of any similar spells such as this one and its causes and effects? Which moon phase is best for the spell I mentioned?

    5. As I might as well question, whose spirit (as the spell will ask of) will come forth? Spirit guides can be friendly... or not. So should I call upon a certain spirit, like a notable, hospitable historical figure? Any recommendations or advice would be helpful to such matters as these.

    6. Dear Le,

      I would call upon a Saint as oppose to a spirit/spirit guide.

      Because first you need to do meditation to find out who are your spirit guides and that can take years, as on an average we have 7 guides (basic).

      Please read my posts about spirit guides to get a better understanding of them.

      So it would be best to call upon a Saint to help you. Now it depends upon what your petition was/is. If it's for love, even "courtly love" that is dating then call upon St. Valentine---I'm not joking he is a real saint.

      Although the Catholic Church removed St. Valentine from the General Roman Calendar, because so little is known about him, the church still recognizes him as a saint, listing him in the February 14 spot of Roman Martyrolgy.

      In our own secular way we do celebrate this Saints Day without really knowing about him.

      He lived in Rome during the mid-third century and secretly married couples so the husbands would not have to go to war. And there are other legends about him. That he cured a jailer’s blind daughter and in doing so convinced a prominent person of Rome who converted, but Valentine was executed on Feb.14th. Before he died he wrote a letter to the Jailer’s daughter talking about faith and love and signed it “from your Valentine”.

      Archeologists uncovered an ancient church dedicated to St. Valentine. So it is believed he did exist.

      I would call upon him to aid you as he is the patron saint of Love, Young people and marriages. So whatever is your goal that would be the Saint to call upon.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    7. Ms. Q,

      I did the spell I told you about and opted for Saint Valentine's.I meditated, annointed the candle with lemongrass oil on four cardinal directions, and lit the wick. After I added the parchment to the flame in the candle, it burned on both the wick and parchment, creating the wildest �� I've seen of all the spells I've done. So I stood at a short distance. It cooled down, splitting into two; a taller flame on the wick and a short flame on the parchment. I continued chanting and those flames eventually join as one and the whole candle, wax, wick, and parchment was set aflame. Although it was one blanket of a flame, it had two flames from it, on each sides of the candle a lot of times. It's a together, but separate flame at the same time. When the wax disappears, the flame did as well, leaving the ashed parchment, which crackled a couple of times and black soot outlining the outside edge of the tealight's cup.

      I am waiting for this spell to manifest and trying to not worry about its side effects, if anything happens. I casted this spell today, as the moon phase approaches the new moon phase. Do you think that my future relationship will last, but decrease and fade upon the arrival of the new moon?
      I am trying to stay focused on positive thoughts as of now.

    8. Dear Le,

      I'm going to answer both your questions the one you posted 2 days ago and this current one.

      I’m only just catching up with various questions as I’m also trying to write out a Blog Post.

      And I saw that you wrote to me about the effects of the spell which I will address in that comment section.

      I have seen spells like this with different words, and slightly different, well the best words are “movements”, but the effect is the same, it is mind manipulation to bring the one you have a crush on to you.

      BUT a spell to attract or bring to you must be done on the waxing moon phase, new to full, NOT the waning moon phase full to new----Read my post about Moon Phases, this is very important in doing the work, to attract or bring to you Waxing, to banish or take away from you Waning.

      Since you have done this on the waning phase I’m not sure what the results will be except I don’t think it will be what you expect.

      Now I will comment to your second post on what happened.

      Well I have to say WOW! It’s a good thing your place didn’t catch on fire.

      As I said with a spell of this sort it’s best to do on a Waxing phase of the moon, sometimes a person gets so anxious about having that “crush” attracted to them that they throw caution to the winds, and that can hurt.

      The fact that the flame danced apart and then came together tells me that this relationship is going to be difficult may even tempestuous and I think there were or are hindrances as evidenced by the black soot outside the edge of the cup.

      You did right by calling on St. Valentine but you used the wrong oil, Lemongrass oil is for purifying the body, good luck & power, not for attraction and/or love.

      If you are using essential oils then I would have used either Rose, Jasmine, Spearmint or Tuberose, not Lemongrass.

      No wonder it exploded the way it did.

      I’ll be honest I really can’t say what will happen, but my general feeling is this:
      You have a crush on this person is that correct? And you want this person to be more serious about you?

      Well what you are doing is trying to manipulate a situation, having the work and your spirit guides try to be “Matchmaker” for you. That almost never works out well. Especially if you are doing it during the wrong moon phase and using the wrong oil.

      For now I would take a deep breath and see how things turn out and then on or just after the new moon on February 26, 2017, try the work again but with the right oil and the right moon phase.

      If you do not see any serious results by the next New Moon in March 27, then it was not meant to happen, something else is involved and acting within the situation, and I suggest that then you not interfere with it.

      My Granny use to say and I heard it on a Star Trek episode “The Wanting is always greater than the Having” it is possible that Spirit has something else in mind for you. But you won’t know until you see the results from this latest spell casting.

      Be careful My Dear.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    9. Ms. Q,

      Perhaps I am unintentionally pushing away the individual with the waning phase. I used lemongrass oil because I thought that that would speed up my results since I don't have Van-Van oil at the moment. So do you suggest that I do it for a consecutive week starting this upcoming new moon or from the new moon to the next full moon? Or is just once during the new moon cycle is enough, as long as it's in the waxing phase?
      Besides St. Valentine, can I borrow someone else's spirit guide? Are there certain spells where a person's good spirit guides (any one of the seven) turn against them?
      If I have to do it consecutively over a certain period of time, there is no guarantee that I can find quietness to proceed as so.
      I should add that on one spell that I am holding off, for the individual to dream of us in unity, the pink votive candle's wax melted into a handle. Not down like I would expect, but I guess that there's thick enough wax to do so. It's a votive candle cup. I found that to mean, "Quarrel with a friend." Then that night, I accidentally left my chanting scrap on the kitchen table and I am unsure of whether someone has looked at it when I found it the following day; no one has confronted me, however. Should I still proceed with the spell upon the new moon (I take that it is a new beginning for each and all spells)? And almost every time I light a 'Remember Me' candle and include it in one of my spells, it has an undesirable bulb on its wick.
      My nonbiological "Mother" confronted me about the burnt spot on the kitchen table, however, and suggested I use a wooden thing so as to not cause further damage.
      My memory is not that effective (hopefully it won't get worse as I age), so in regards to using memories to aid the spell... well, I'll see.

      Until then...
      Let's hope the days will be less rainy on both of our sides.

    10. I do have rose oil and rosemary oil; planning to apply them during the next moon cycle.

    11. Dear Le,

      I agree I am so tired of these rainy days.

      You have to be very careful, you are getting too careless in your work, having a burn spot on the kitchen table is a big fat No-No, my Mom would have swatted my behind if I did that. And leaving your “chanting slip”? Trust me someone has seen it, read it, please understand everything is pointing to things not working for you on this working.

      When someone is living with other people or with family all you can do is just learn about things but not work them, unless one of the family members is also doing the work but in most cases no one is, then just read and learn.

      Not all spells start on the New Moon, some such as banishing’s start on the full Moon---Read my post about Moon phases, if need be print it out and put it into a binder.

      Yes you are unintentionally pushing things away by doing it during the wrong cycle, and the wrong oil, for a spell to work it must be done or worked on for at least 5 to 7 days, un-interrupted, and if you can’t get that then don’t do it.

      Certain things are done certain ways don’t mess up the recipe.

      No you cannot borrow someone else’s spirit guide, but you can ask your spirit guides to “speak” to the other person’s spirit guides, but it doesn’t mean that they will help, not if they feel (the other person’s guides feel) that it is in the person’s best interest to not return, the guides can only negotiate just so much and if they think it is wrong for the other person’s karmic life path there is nothing you can do, no pleading, begging, promising will do it. I should know been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt.

      The message from the way the candle melted also means no success, the bulb on the wick for a remember me candle also means no success.

      The recommendations by your Non biological “Mom” is correct, you need to make sure there is extra added protection like an old wooden chopping board between the workings and the table for protection. I know my behind would have been spanked.

      Dear Le, it would be far wiser to let this Go, just stop and read the signs, everything is working against you, even I would take the hint from my guides if that was happening to me.

      If you plan on doing the work especially when you are living on your own, then for now just read and learn, write out or print out the information and put together your own binder, and take notes.

      You are in love, well trust me you will be in love many times, not just this one time, but many times. It has happened to me as well, It wasn’t until I was 40 that I finally met the REAL love of my life. Yeah that is late, but even Tyler Perry as Medea said that some people are in your life for only a season and some are in your life for a year, and some are in forever, but you don’t know which is which, if you say you’re in love with someone who is really in for a season then you will get hurt and hurt bad.

      Just enjoy what you’ve enjoyed, bless it and let it go, because in 5 years from now you may not remember their last name. That has happened to me, and it’s not age, its fate.

      If you are interested in the work, then for now learn about it, put together your own text book, don’t be afraid to ask me questions to clarify something. Learn to walk and then when you are on your own and have the privacy you need to do the working, then you can run.

      Because that is what I have learned.

      About the oils, I would only use Rose oil since it is the feminine aspect of love and is used in most love spells and promotes joy, Rosemary is the masculine aspect and although it is used in love spells its primary action is for protection, as well as exorcism so it might be too aggressive and contribute to the pushing away action.

      I would think twice adding rosemary to your workings if your workings is strictly for love and attraction.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    12. Ms. Q,

      I have some olive oil and it's currently on sale nearby. What is its purposes and what can it be used for in spells?

      The spell I used can be of mind manipulation, but what of skull candles? To put thoughts and considerations in someone's mind that he or she would not have thought of naturally. Is influencing someone's mind a kind of mind manipulation?

      If two people influenced the same mind to think of different things, would it cancel out and that person remain natural or would that person have mixed thoughts?

      Does moon phases affect saints' powers or capabilities to help spellcasters? Why would the moon phases affect saints? Aren't saints powerful? If a saint has the power to help, but cannot help because of a moon phase, that would be like saying the saint is weak, and I don't like to think that saints are weak.

      I was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church with Etheldreda as my saint. Can I ask her for help in my spells (any kind of spell for any purpose)? How do I know whether or not a saint is already someone's spirit guide (as I cannot borrow someone else's spirit guides)?

      The pink votive candle cup was used in the dream spell, so I interpreted it as we argued in the dream if the person dreamt on me during the spell. We haven't had an argument (at least in my point of view). There was a time when I offered the person a sweet snack that's been refused, so I ate on... So either we argued in the dream or could the wax possibly be wrong? Do you still discourage trying again after recommending me to try again now that I have the opportunity in the new moon cycle?

      What can I use flaxseed oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, coconut oil, and safflower oil for (in spells)? (Any information, even on one of these oils would be helpful.)

      I don't want to be like my nonbiological, 32-year-old virgin sister. No one flirts with her, nor wants to date her... Her love life seems to be nonexistent. If she could lose 50-70 lbs., she might have a chance (no offense to her). But what can I say, everyone has their flaws and although we try hard to change ours, we have to someday find someone (for those of us who haven't found someone yet) who can accept our flaws as it is a part of us. Someone who can love us and encourage change, not change us into someone he or she can love.

    13. Ms. Q,

      I found a spell (it's like a prayer to me as there are no ingredients nor candles):

      "Begin by saying the following to the angels:

      'Angels of the sky, I summon thee.

      Bring (lover's name) back to me.

      Make( lover's name) love me forevermore.

      Make(lover's name) love me until I die.

      Give me the love I desire, and not friendship I seek.

      Show me the respect I deserve, don't treat me like a bore.

      Make our love powerful and romantic.

      Make it last, so mote it be.'"

      I had to edit the the composer's grammar in the spell to where it's more comprehensible.

      I was thinking, I can do more to this prayer, right? Like, anoint the parchment with this prayer and/or candle with rose oil and let it burn in the candle as I pray to the angels.

      Let me know your thoughts on this one. Thank you.

    14. Dear Le,

      As a Wiccan prayer or chant its very beautiful, how effective is it I could not say, you do not have to use parchment, a piece of a clean torn brown paper from a paper bag would do, and of course the rose oil.

      You could try it but I do want to remind you of something that my Granny and my cousin who was a Nun, they use to say “Sometimes the answer from God and his angels is ‘ no’ “ because we do not know the life or karmic path the other person needs to take.

      I’m not saying to not do this, I’m only saying to not be disappointed if it doesn’t work, but you can try. In the end all one can do is try.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    15. Dear Le,

      You have a lot of questions so I’m going to have to do my best to answer them----I may have to do it in sections. Please bear with me.

      St. Etheldreda (aka St. Audrey) was well known for keeping her virginity even when she was married twice, her first husband died leaving her a virgin widow, the second husband disliked the “brother-sister” arrangement decided to take her by force but she escaped and hid out for a period of time (long story there) she developed throat aliments and may have died from throat cancer, she along with her 3 virgin sisters, founded several Abbys, she is called upon to help with throat and neck aliments, she is the patron saint of the University of Cambridge and of widows. She is venerated in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church and in the Anglican Communion which includes the Church of England, since she resided in England in the early to mid-600’s.

      Because of her determination to keep her virginity I’m not sure if it would be wise to call upon her, especially in love matters.

      Moon phases and the saints: the power of the saints is the same in spite of the moon phase but the moon phases determines to either attract or to banish and it can affect your own personal energies on working a spell, think of it like the ocean tides, with an incoming tide one can catch a fair amount of fish, with an outgoing tide, hardly anything, at the highest point of the tide (equivalent to the full moon) is when more fish will be around.

      If you ask a Saint to help bring something to you your energies are better from the new to the full moon, because your own energies are working better to attract something, but a saint will work with you but it depends upon how you put your petition to the saint, Let’s use St. Joseph as an example, if you petition him during the new to full moon phase for an apartment you’d ask him to help you find an apartment to bring it to you, if you petition him from the Full to new moon phase you ask him to banish the fear of homelessness by having an apartment to live in, it’s all in the asking.

      But the Full to Moon phase is good to ask a saint to help banish problems from you, such as stopping gossip, banishing debt, fear, joblessness.

      The whole idea is to work with them in concert with the planetary energies, because all things are tied together St. Jude and St. Expeditus seem to be the major exceptions along with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary

      Continued in Part 2

    16. Part 2

      Most magical oil recipes call for the various essential oils to be added to 1/8 cup of base or carrier oil. This base oil can be any of the following: Olive Oil, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Apricot, Almond Oil, Jojoba, sunflower, safflower. Some recipes are measured in Drams. A Dram is a unit of apothecary weight equal to an eighth of an ounce, but sometimes because Olive Oil has a strong scent, another oil maybe used as a base oil that is less overpowering. I have never known flaxseed or canola oil to be used because of their tendency to go rancid quickly. Coconut oil has a strong scent and should only be used in making a ritual oil which specifically calls for Coconut oil as the base scent. Other practioners may disagree with this assessment but based upon my experience I’ve found it to be true.

      Skull candles are used in in many rituals, from healing to getting money owed to you, the idea is to influence a person to think of you and to make things right. But if two people project contradictory thoughts to the same person, it can cause a major headache and indecision, to the point where the “target” cannot decide.

      In my much younger years when I was young and fairly attractive, there were two young men who did the workings and each wanted them to have me. For a period of time I was experiencing headaches and crazy dreams, both of them were on my mind, and it made it difficult for me to focus on my college classes, I finally went to my grandma, and she was pissed off, and had me a St. Benedict Medal (blessed), do a 13 herb uncrossing bath and had a dream catcher over my bed as well as where I did my homework, it stopped them and reflected things back to them. When I had a break in my studies I went to each young man and told them to “bug off” if they want to date me, then spend the darn money and take me out but not when I’m studying or having exams otherwise I would do a very serious reversing ritual on both of them.

      Mind manipulation I do not like, except when someone owes me money that I’ve loaned them and I want it paid back, I really don’t like to do it, the only other time I’ve done it and it was with a skull candle was to help a friend of mine get out of depression over her illness and to start healing, yes influencing someone’s mind is a kind of mind manipulation but it depends on the circumstances.

      I certainly would not use it to have someone fall in love with me, that is interfering with their Life path, and could prove to be harmful, one has to think carefully in doing something like that and not for selfish, self-centered reasons.

      If you are trying to reconcile or make amends with someone that I feel might be a bit different and so I would say to re-do the spell.

      But it’s also important to give yourself a time limit, I’ve always said if one does not see any indications that things are moving the way you want it to after 8 weeks then it’s not going to happen. Something else is happening with that target.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    17. Ms. Q,

      I surmise that hoodoo's popular around where you were and well known by those surrounding you then. I'm glad you were able to straighten things out.

      I redid the spell. I got a circle of wax surrounding my inscribed, anointed tealight candle while it was burning with its anointed, brown wish paper. At first the high flame was jumping, then it became one like an Eiffel Tower, tall, straight, and slimming upwards. It started to make a valley at the very top of the flame, but never separated into two like the last time, and stayed Eiffel Tower style most of the time. At the end, the tealight cup had black soot outlining the bottom of the inside edge and black soot outlining the upper inside edge, but it is clear in the middle inside edge. There was a little bit of black soot on the upper outside edge, but no outline. After I removed the tealight from the surrounding circle of wax (which means reconciliation, cheers), a side of a face eventually forms (nose, mouth, chin, it appears), and the side of the face was facing left of me, or west. The nose was pointed upwards. What does this mean? The side of the face was formed on the outside and left side of the wax circle. I think that using rose oil and casting it early on February 27th helped created favorable flames and wax.

      I haven't tried the prayer to angels yet as I am not sure as to whether or not it will interfere with my spell whose help's from Saint Valentine.
      I appreciate you informing me of the oils and otherwise; it is all of good reference.

    18. Oh, and I know this is old news, but I can't help to wonder... Are there instances when the wax is wrong?

    19. Ms. Q,

      Do you think that some spells are better left done once or should spells always be done 7 times a week continuously?
      The second time I did my spell, on February 28th, my tealight's flame cooled down to a lake of blue towards the end. How can I tell whether it is a warning that death is nearby or that Saint Valentine is protecting me? Either way, I think it is a séance, so I am not sure how to take it.

    20. Day 4: I had a tall flame, jumping, then tall, slim, and straight, burning off black smoke that drifts away. The flame subdued, but still considerably high, and has no black smoke. Cheers, banished be all negativities! Flames arise from the pool of wax within the tealight to unite with the main flame. All looks to be going well so far. Short exterior line of black soot with dots here and there and an interior black arc, so as to assume that amidst my obstacles, there is an egress (the unstained part).

      How are things going with you, Ms. Q?

    21. Dear Le,

      I’m going to have to answer your questions in sections, so here we go:

      I’ve been surrounded (and invaded) by family members some who had to leave their homes because of the weather flooding conditions and some who will not be able to visit me for Easter. With all of that it is causing a delay in responding to one’s questions.

      I’m glad that the information on the carrier oils was of good use to you. The prayer to the angels will not interfere with St. Valentine, but I cannot help but feel that you are doing too much and therefore maybe scattering your energies especially if you are intent on one subject with the hopes that it will come to pass or happen.

      The face that formed on the left side means that you will eventually make a discovery but it may not make you happy, but at least it will settle a question in your mind. How the Soot formed meant that some difficulty was met, then it cleared for a bit, but was met again even though the flame was tall it was working hard.

      You’ve received messages that to me I would say means someone else may be coming into your life whom you may be ignoring, you should re-analyze the workings you’re doing, the angels and saints are working with you but it’s possible the focus is all wrong. I would say take a break and see if anything develops, before doing any more workings.

      About the Wax--- The Wax is never wrong but how you see it could be, one has to remember the wishing for something can blind us to the reality, so it’s easy to see something one way, when it’s really another we have a tendency to ignore both sides of the question and turn a blind eye if we don’t like what we see.

      Continued in Part 2

    22. Part 2

      Continuously doing spells----If you are using tea lights for your spell work then it is always being interrupted and therefore not complete, it’s best to use glass enclosed candles that will burn for 5 to 7 days, they have different names such as novena candles or jar candles I called them glass enclosed candles, when you go to a Metaphysical shop you’ll see them labeled for different saints or situations like Job, Peace, Road Opener, Hummingbird or Chuparosa. They can be “dressed” with oil and/or herbs and seeing how they burn and develop over the course of the days can tell you far better how a spell is going.

      Now you can buy plain glass enclosed candles at a drug store or Grocery store, in a Grocery Store I always find them in the aisle that has Hispanic foods. They are tall about 8 inches and here on the West Coast cost between $1. 39 to $1.98, I’ve also seen them for sale at the Dollar Stores, Dollar City Stores and 99 Cent stores.

      Now the blue color means angelic spirits or the saints such as Valentine are around protecting you, but NOT death---let’s not panic here.

      A séance? No I don’t think so, a gathering is more likely.

      Regarding Day 4-----Not necessarily, the flame at first Jumping means that it was in dispute with another energy, then when it settled down it got to work, working but the black smoke that drifted away, did it drift towards you or away from you, that is also important, either way the obstacles are being removed but if it drifted towards you it may not be quite so easy.

      A short line with dots means things are still blocking here and there like pot holes in a road, making the “journey” difficult, the black arc means that things are not as clear as one thinks.

      I would suggest that you burn a glass enclosed candle that will burn for 5 to 7 days that will give a better reading.

      Tea lights only give part of a message and because its short term it doesn’t give the entire message only bits and pieces.

      One thing I always strongly suggest before doing any spell work is to do a divination (usually with the Tarot cards) to ask if the workings will work, by doing that it avoids false hope.

      I hate to be a wet blanket on things but I feel you are not really giving things a chance to really work, now is the time to rest and wait and see if the workings ARE working, usually by the next completed moon cycle (30 days approx.) you’ll know.

      You do have to see, otherwise you’ll get so wrapped up in doing it that you’ll not take time to see the results. And usually after burning a “novena” candle after 7 days (approx.) of working, take the next 21 days to see if there are results. That also gives you a chance to rebuild your own personal energies.

      By the way the family is fine but the one’s from the flood area may have their children with me another week until they can make other arrangements. But then that is what family is for.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  19. I forgot to say that the candle to protect to spell wafted towards me and there were times during the burning when all of the candles leaned to the right. The other candles represented individuals and I've read that if one candle burns down before the other (the candle with three flames), then it is not good. Could one of the candles representing an individual end up as one of the flames on the other candle?

    1. Dear Le,

      There is one thing that I always do especially when there are storms or elevated winds, they can cause drafts, so what I do is I also burn what I call a “control candle” it is plain either in a glass if I’m burning glass enclosed candles or a taper candle of the same type that I’m burning, but this “control candle” is not dressed or prepared for any spiritual use, just a plain undressed candle.

      The reason behind that is so I can compare any actions by the flames, if the flames of the prepared or dressed candles are moving in a certain way but the “control candle” is not, then I know it is spirit talking to me, but if the control candle is also bending or acting the same way as the dressed candles then I know I have a draft which can affect the reading of the flame, so the best thing is to make sure all doors and windows are closed to cut off air currents.

      I found an old wooden 3 panel hinged screen which I fixed up and decorated to help shield off any drafts and that has worked immensely. It's also great if you need to undress and privacy is a problem.

      When you say that the candle wafted towards you was that the flame or the smoke? Usually that means that your prayer will be successful but with all the candles leaning towards the right that means you also need to exercise patience with your workings, it won’t happen all at once.

      About one candle burning ahead of the others then that person will be most affected by the work, but the influence may not last long enough to produce a permanent change, so you may have to repeat the spell for that person.

      About the flames transferring to represent another person, no, each flame is a spirit directed towards that particular person---perhaps the word “spirit” is not correct, maybe “energy” would be more correct to describe it.

      I hope what I’ve told you helps.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  20. Hi, I had posted under the wrong blog. I wanted to know did I interpreted my vigil candle correctly.
    The candle burned leaving a band of opaque, black soot, around the top half of the glass;does this mean the candle was met with negatively in the beginning but resolved towards the end. I was thinking the spell would work but may take time, thanks.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Just for your future information, when you post a comment, if it doesn't show up right away its because the moderator hasn't seen it yet and allowed it to post.

      That is to help screen out any obscene posts.

      I replied more in depth to your final post and I thank you for including what the candle was for, that is helpful.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  21. Hi, I had posted under the wrong blog. I just wanted to make sure I was interpreting my vigil candle correctly.
    The candle burned leaving a band of opaque, black soot, around the top half of the glass;does this mean that it was met with negatively but resolved towards the end meaning the spell will be successful. It is a breakup spell, for a man that's being cheated on, thanks.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Yes it does mean that it was met with negativity. It is a sign of struggle, and working hard to achieve victory.

      If it faded clear towards the bottom it means there are still hidden troubles or something is working against the spell, you may have to repeat the working to continue to clear the situation as this may be very difficult and only positive thinking and perseverance will get it to succeed.

      Did this candle have any knots in the wick or did it have a paper label?

      If it did have a paper label did that burn, and did you notice how the flame was burning or acting, that can add to the interpretation of it.

      Now about the subject of the candle, are you trying to break up the relationship between the man who is being cheated on and the woman he is with that is doing the cheating?

      If you are then unless he requested the work, you are spiritually interfering with a situation that needs to resolve itself on its own time.

      Maybe he does know she is cheating and is willing to accept it, but if he doesn’t know it, then instead of a break up spell, maybe you should do a revealing spell so he will find out and then he can make his own decisions.

      That is less karmic interference.

      When one is doing the work, one has to take into consideration all the ramifications, and then carefully decide which would be the better course of action.

      It’s too easy to go out and do a break up spell, especially if you want the person in question to come to you, because that might not happen and he turns to someone else instead.

      That is why the interpretations of the flame, the wick and anything else is also important.

      So now with this new information, you are going to have to decide what to do next.

      But now that I look over my blog post I think I may need to expand and revise it, thank you for drawing my attention to it. And good luck.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  22. Hi Ms. Q, The candle flame burned steadily, thanks.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Usually with a steady flame it means that things will remain the same but is trying to send out energy to manifest your desires.

      But because there was black soot it will not come out in your favor at this time.

      If the glass was clear from top to bottom then it would be in your favor.

      So if you wish to continue to do this type of work you will have to do another candle to continue working towards your goal.

      But do remember my previous comments, this is still up in the air, so to speak.

      So if you want to repeat the ritual it will be up to you, However we are slowly entering the Dark Moon phase.

      It will be the new moon on Feb. 26, the question I put to you is this, do you want him to come to you?

      If so then starting attraction work on the New Moon is suggested.

      Or doing a "revealing spell" so he can see that she is cheating on him might be better.

      Think on what you want to do next.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  23. Hi Ms. Q, I was doing the work because I do want him to come back. I started doing Psychic readings this year, and was told he will return. I'm not sure now if the readings were off or they were telling me what I want hear. My only concern is now do I need magic to bring him back or should I let things happen.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      As a suggestion if you have any future questions could you please include the first letter of your first name so I can be sure I’m addressing the correct person when I reply, it will help me a great deal otherwise things can get mixed up, because more than one person that posts as Anonymous, in fact too many post that way.

      Now about your question: Are the other readers telling you what you want to hear? Well yes and no, a really honest reader who has nothing to invest in the outcome of the reading will tell the truth but if the reader has overhead, paying taxes and such they may want you to come back and will sense body signs that you are hoping for a positive outcome.

      I do not have that problem, I can do a one card reading and inform you what I’m seeing and sensing.

      And I did a one card reading for you, the card I drew from Tarot was the Queen of Cups but reversed or upside down, I had to think long and deep on this because the Queen of Cups also represents someone who has a form of clairvoyance, and you are sensing something but you have internal doubts, and those doubts are correct.

      The Queen of Cups embraces all things dreamlike and receptive, such as perfect and unconditional love.

      She is the essence of water like a deep and placid lake but she hides many things under the surface, she both reflects and observes and is also emotional in a quiet way.

      When you get this tarot card in your reading you have to be careful in how you interpret it, because sometimes one can find the truth but in a painful way.

      This tarot card might just ask you to pay attention to information that your sixth sense provides you about your relationship or about others.

      The reversed Queen of Cups is the bearer of bad news, for it emphasizes, “It is me and not us”.

      In other words, there is a rift in the relationship. The two do not like to share everything with each other because the truth is something else and because of this, one of them is actually suffering.

      Additionally, one of them is not interested in thinking about the future of the relationship.

      The Queen of Cups is a sensitive, quite, and virtuous woman who represents seeking and channeling a transformation within.

      Her presence either right side up or up-side down is neither positive nor negative, and she brings an unclear answer to your question.

      So I would suggest that you not do any future magical workings and wait and see how things develop, because if you do magic to bring him back then you are forcing the situation, manipulating it and that is not wise, because then you are creating a false romantic situation and that forces you to always have to do magic to maintain it and that can be exhausting.

      If the other person truly cares about you then he will come back or get in touch with you.

      I think by the end of June you will have a much clearer answer to your situation. By then the truth will be revealed.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  24. Ms.Q, Do you do readings or still doing readings, thanks.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I don't know if you are the person who posted above but I do a one card reading as a courtesy, but I need to know the question and the back ground that leads to this question.

      And Please include your initials of your first name or the initials of your first and last name, that way I can keep it straight who is asking what, because too many people post as Anonymous and it gets confusing.

      Especially if they ask nearly the same question. So for clerical correctness please post your initials.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  25. Hi Ms. Q, It was me, I did post twice. I just had a question about the tarot. When you say relationship are you talking about the two I was trying to breakup. SD

    1. Hello SD,

      See my answer below.

      Bright blessings,
      Ms. Q

  26. Ms.Q, I'm sorry for not adding this to the other post. The reason why I asked for the clarity on the relationship question because I'm not in a relationship. Was the rift in the relationship a reflection on theirs, thanks. SD

    1. Hello SD,

      Yes it is, but he is not aware of it as yet, but if you do a reveal working or spell he will be and as I said if he cares about you he will get in touch with you and again I'm still seeing the month of June as being very pivotal in this.

      It is important to get as much background so that the reading can be clear.

      You can go up to 3,999 characters and spaces on the comments section.

      You might see rumblings as early as the end of March, someone will get careless.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  27. Hi, Ms. Q
    Thanks. I will stay away from the breakup work. For a revealing spell is that like a doubt or clarity spell? For background information his initials are RWD Jr dob 08/09/1982 her name is N Dixon she's a Scorpio, I was told she is unfaithful and that when he finds out it would bring him back, which is why I did the breakup spell. My initials are SD my dob 04/29/1985, thanks.SD


    1. Hello SD,

      Either a doubt or a clarity spell will work or what you can do is start with a doubt spell, and then when it finishes go with a clarity spell, and see how they work, make a note of how the candles burn and what they reveal that will tell you the success or the difficulties of the working.

      I took a look at their Astrological signs RWD Jr is a Leo which is a fire sign, N being a Scorpio is a water sign and Fire signs do not like to have their fire put out, Scorpio’s are like the phrase “Still waters run deep” which means it’s difficult for anyone to know what is under the surface, there are Scorpio’s that keep secrets and sometimes make the best spies.

      He likes his comfort and the limelight, but Scorpio’s prefer to be in control and will manipulate things behind the scenes, Leo is ruled by the Sun and indeed emits a kind of zeal and enthusiasm. Scorpio is ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto Mars is about war, brashness and battle, and Pluto is the influence on Scorpio’s inner dialogue. Ruled by the House of Sex, Pluto influences the idea of regeneration and rebirthing that is a current theme in Scorpio’s life. So the possibility of her cheating is there.

      Because both Signs are so determined, these partners really need to work to understand and accept one another, but that may not happen and it could divide them.

      Now you are a Tarus and when Taurus and Leo come together in a love arrangement, they can be a great couple because they know how to stroke one another’s egos and love to have their own stroked! They have similar needs: Taurus needs plenty of affection, to be loved and cherished, while Leo likes compliments and wants to be adored and admired. They’re both extremely loyal and possessive lovers. Since they have such similar desires, they can generally provide for one another’s needs quite well.

      Though they can work together quite well, it’s not all roses between these two; both Signs are very stubborn and must work hard to understand and accept one another. Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus (Love and Money) and Leo is ruled by the Sun (Self). As a matter of fact, Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun, so they belong close together! The Sun represents life and Venus represents love; as long as they are careful to understand each other, their combination is a positive one.

      Both are fixed signs which means that both can be stubborn, and neither one can dominate the other. What’s the best aspect of the Taurus-Leo relationship? Their mutual admiration. Both Signs have very powerful personalities, so neither will dominate the other — no matter how hard they try! Others see them as an excellent match as they share the commitment to fulfilling their goals.

      So if you know for a fact that N is cheating on him then first the Doubt spell followed by the Clarity spell appears to be the way to go.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  28. Hi Ms. Q,

    I've had 2 tarot card readings since my break up last april, one in july and one at the beginning of this year. Each of them basically told me that my ex will come back. Since then I have started to do some candle and stone work on my own.

    I have an attraction candle and a Come to me candle. The attraction candle started out with a steady flame but then started to become "jumpy". The come to me candle started out steady but then got really low and it goes in up and down. I'm really confused about the meanings. I also want to add that in between those reading I've had dreams about her. And since I got the come to me candle, I've seen her in passing. I was hoping you could shed some light for me.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Jay,

      Let’s ‘talk’ about the come to me candle and how its flame is acting, it started out steady and evidently was making some progress but with it going up and down it means that there is some opposition some sort of negativity, you say she’s your ex, the question is how or on what sort of terms did you break up, was it amicable, or angry, if it was angry then subconsciously she could still be harboring resentment, if it was amicable then she might be interested in someone else or has other plans on her mind that she wants to work on.

      But because it’s going up and down it may be working through any negativity that is on her mind.

      Now about the jumpy flame on the attraction candle, did you make sure that there are no drafts, that can affect it, but if there are no drafts then this signals some form of indecisiveness and doubts, you may not be focusing on her in a positive manner, the person you’re focusing on could be subconsciously fighting back, remember how was the manner in which the two of you broke up.

      You may have to project positive thoughts to her about you.

      You may need to be more centered and focused otherwise you just might as well stop.

      Now since you’ve seen her since you got the come to me candle, you may need to repeat the working again, Feb 26 is the new moon, so starting a new series of candle working might work, but again read the candles and flame as to how they are acting. Also any smoke or soot if these are glass enclosed candles or any wax drippings if these are free standing candles.

      Generally you may have a lot of work to do, and you may have to repeat this working several times to see if you have any results, she could subconsciously be fighting you off, don’t force the issue, but do focus with positive, caring thoughts.

      If after the third time you repeat the workings you do not see any results, then its best to let it go, her angels and spirit guides are then working very hard to keep her on a particular karmic life path that you should not interfere with, unless the two of you happen to run into each other only then will you know if you are meant to be in her life.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  29. Thank you,

    The break up wasn't angry, we didn't have an argument or anything nor amicable because I surely didn't want to end but it really just happened.

    I tested out some regular candles and they jump, I think my place just has a natural draft (its a studio), so that's probably why it jumps. There are black soot spots at the top of both the attraction and come to me candle but they don't cover the top. The come to me candle only light to where I can see mostly the blue part of the flame and very little yellow. I'm not sure what that means. I'll restart the work tonight.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Jay,

      Drafts can cause a problem, one of the best solutions I’ve found is having a 3 sided folding screen (mostly used for modesty in a dressing room or to hide something) I found that by placing that screen around my candle burning or altar area it cuts down on drafts and you get an accurate burn from the candle. You could make one like a shoji screen, that should help.

      The black soot spots even though they didn’t cover the top still are indicators of negative energy working against you, what that is I think I covered in my last response to you.

      A blue flame indicates a spiritual presence trying to work on your situation, but it may be having a hard time. It means spiritual or emotional storms ahead. But the angels and spirits are protecting you from a possibly unhappy outcome.

      Yes do re-start the work. And make a note of how the candles burn.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  30. Hi Ms. Q,

    I have a "Follow Me Boy" candle burning and I'm concerned about the flame. It is a strong flame with heavy flickering. It appears to be burning wildly with. I am seeing black smoke. Could this be due to the herbs and glitter? There is no residual wax or soot on the glass so far. The man that I am trying to bring my way is living in the house with the mother of his children. This man professes his love for me almost on a daily basis. His children's mother has even told me that he tells her he loves me. They both deny being in a relationship, and say that they are staying in the same house for the kids. I'm not sure if anything I do will truly bring us together since he's still there.

    Thank you
    Ms. J

    1. Dear Ms. J

      Even though the flame is strong because it’s flickering that tells me that it is both fighting negativity, resistance on the part of the “target” as well as the presence of spirits that are affecting the outcome of the work.

      The black smoke confirms that there are obstacles in the way, and the candle is working to try and remove these negative obstacles, but it’s not succeeding so far.

      Once the candle completes its burn and with further observation will you know more, but it’s not the glitter or herbs.

      If children are involved and they say they are staying together for the kids, it means that they have what some people would call an “Open Marriage” in which they will have the tax and financial benefits of remaining together but can have affairs outside as well, it feels like a “swinging couple”.

      I did a one card reading for you and I drew The Sun, but reversed.

      This means loneliness and uncertainty. The Sun reversed indicates that finding the positive aspects to a particular situation may prove to be difficult. The clouds may be blocking out the warmth, and preventing you from feeling as though everything is on track.

      Yes, you are "kind of" with him, but you are not as happy as you expected. Yes, he loves you, but it is not in a very strong way, only for the moment until he decides to move on.

      You will always be 2nd fiddle to the overall situation, if you’re hoping for marriage and commitment, then you will be waiting for a long time and short-changing yourself of other possibilities.

      What will happen when the children are grown, then it will be they have to stay together to help the kids get through college, then they have to stay together to present a united front when the kids get married, or now the grandchildren come along.

      My dear see how the candle burns out and let me know.

      But for now I put to you this question, do you want to wait that long or do you want to see what else is out there for you? Do you always want to be 2nd fiddle? I suggest that you think long and hard about this and think with logic, not with romance.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  31. So I started over Sunday during the new moon. I did an attraction candle, road opener, and come to me. All 3 started out steady and calm. The next day however they all danced but the come to me candle started going low and weak but what I noticed is in the middle of the night between say 1am and 7am the flame is stronger and dancing. That confuses me because there are small spots of black soot at the top of the glass but don't around it or going down it. I hope you can add some insight. The other candles are doing well and should be burned out by sunday.

    1. Hello Jay,

      Well its really fairly simple.

      They started by putting out spiritual feelers, to see what to do, when they started “dancing” they were fighting other spirits that are around the person you’ve targeted, those spirits were fighting back in essence obeying the subconscious direction of the other person to not be “invaded”.

      The flame on the come to me candle going low and weak means it encountered heavy opposition, obstacles, and it needed to burn through that (that’s the reason for the black soot).

      Now is the Road Opener also to encourage the person to come to you as well? How has it and the attraction candle burned?

      How it continues to burn through Sunday it and the other two candles will give a better idea of how the working is going.

      Because of the strong opposition it may be difficult for the come to me candle to do its work.

      There is the possibility of having to repeat the workings. But if this is the third time you’ve done the workings you may have to give it a rest and simply let things go.

      Because sometimes some things are not meant to happen, at least not for now, maybe later, but not for now.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  32. Hi Ms Quinton,

    So I had a clean burn from the attraction candle all the way through. I restarted the work with the road opener and come to candle on Monday. I burned themy a long with a white candle. I put more work into the come to me candle this time. Although the last time it burned pretty good except for some black spots at the top similar to the road opener. Well the road opener and the white candle burning really clean and fast, they were out by Friday. The Come to me candle is the only one left. This time there isn't any soot spots but my flame is low. This is the second go around with the come to me candle and it's not quite finished but almost. I'm not sure what the clean glass and low flame means. The first come to me candle, the flame was up and down through the day. This time it started strong but then got low or weak. I'm not sure if it's resistance or the wick at this point.

  33. Sorry my auto correct changed Ms Q to Ms Quinton.

    1. LOL!!

      Isn't that the way with auto correct. I will be posting a reply to your question in the next 30 minutes. I'm sending the family out for pizza.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Hello Jay,

      I sense that it’s more a serious resistance on the Come to me candle, there is heavy opposition from a stronger spirit, you could be losing out, with such negativity towards this candle (or possible spiritual protection).

      Although it has started strong, the fact that it has gotten weak means that nothing will happen.

      Even though both it and the white candle burned clean, but not nearly clean enough because of the few black spots.

      Now even though the attraction candle burned clean, only half the work was done.

      Jay, if there is no results showing by the new moon at the end of this month, not even any movement then it is not meant to be.

      But if you are still determined to try again, wait until one day after the new moon (March 27) and try again.

      If for sure after that magical working there is no movement in what you hope will happen, then it only confirms that the Divine Presence has something else in mind.

      You then cannot do anything further magically. It would be best to conserve your energy and see what develops on the mundane level.

      Sometimes one does the working but doesn’t see results at least not right away, it could take months for something to happen.

      But I am concerned about the low flame on the come to me candle, it does not seem to indicate anything positive, at least for now.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  34. Hi Ms Q, I have been seeing great movement with the revealing spell and I am now working on a doubt spell. My question is everything is happening so fast I have heard my target is ending things with the other person. I know when you did the one card reading you said I will hear rumblings at the end of March. I'm jusing wondering if all of what's happening is true and if it's because of my spell, thanks. SD

    1. Dear SD

      I drew a card from tarot and it is the Five of Pentacles (Worry)

      This means Hard times for someone brought on by an outside event.

      The possibility of your target ending things is there, but do remember rumor can also be misinterpreted, it seems you have, on a metaphysical level, started something.

      I think by the middle of April you will know for sure if the relationships has ended, I would go ahead with the doubt spell and see how things develop after the middle of April.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  35. Hi Ms. Q, I do see what your saying. I wanted to make sure that what I'm thinking is clear. The previous tarot card was a reversed Queen of Cups, I understand both of them were keeping the truth away from each and one was suffering and one doesn't care about the future of the relationship. Now that a revealing spell has been done truths are coming to surface. It looks like he is the one suffering. Can the five of pentacles also mean that he is worrying about her not being loyal. Can it also means he feels he is not connected to her and the connection is on and off or like in a circle. I can see how finances can play a part but he told me himself with finances he was struggling before, so I took it as it didn't matter if he or the other person was financial stable or not, thanks SD. His initials RWM Jr hers ND


    1. Hello My Dear,

      Please remember typing in all Capital letters sounds like you are yelling, please calm down.

      The fact that the candles are black at the top but are clear at the bottom means that spirits are fighting the negativity off. That is good.

      Keep doing the work for protection and call upon Arch Angel Michael for protection, read my articles on “Protection”, “Shielding”, “Warding”.

      You can do a binding spell since you are trying to protect yourself and your children, you could even go so far as doing a D.U.M.E candle spell if you are that insistent.

      But do the protection first, and the binding before you go that far.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  37. Ms. Q,
    How are you? I hope things have settled since our last communication. I have a question about the result of a money work I did last night. My petition was for a specific sum of money. I used a candle plate and a single candle. I had oil Ms herbs on the celebrity and herbs surrounding the candle on the plate. The flame burned very high emitting white smoke straight up frequently. The flame sometimes became orange/red at the top when it was its highest almost 3" high. The candle burned clean but the plate shattered into 5 pieces with no wax present. Was this because the flame was so hot or something spiritual? I had anticipated with my flame so high and a little flickering that my work was successful and would work fast. However, the plate has thrown me. Please advise.
    Blessed Be

    1. Dear Gray’ce,

      I apologize for being so late getting back to you, if you read my niece’s posts you know why. The good thing is I am getting better.

      White smoke indicates your desire will be granted but with struggle because how to resolve the situation that isn’t clear.

      There may be issues that require attention first, the fact that it would appear frequently shows hidden trouble. Someone or something is getting in the way.

      An orange/red flame can have different meanings depending upon the spell, in this case combined with the actions and color of the smoke and the plate breaking indicates that you have opposition, or a third party working against you.

      The plate breaking is the same as a glass enclosed candle breaking, it confirms even more so what the white smoke was telling you, it’s not good, something was working against you, most likely forcing you to work much harder for the sum of money you need.

      If you haven’t done it by now I recommend smudging your home to get rid of any negativity energy and doing an uncrossing bath, at least a simple one to remove any negativity that might be clinging to you.

      And then see about setting up or re-enforcing your wards and shields as well as other manners of protection, you can read my articles about them on the blog, just look it up in the archives section. This will help keep negativity out of your home and not allow it to attach itself to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  38. Hi Ms Q,

    I waited like you said for after the 27th to do the "Come With Me"Candle for a 3rd cycle and it's doing well. It's half way done and it's burning clean. There's sone flickering but not a lot and the flame is high, it hasn't gone low. I think my wick was messed up on the last candle so it messed up my results. However, this candle is doing way better. I just hope and pray that I see the results of the work sooner than later.

    Thank you for the help.


    1. Hello Jay,

      I hope that by now you’ve received some positive results.

      I’m sorry for not being able to get in touch with you but if you read my niece’s posts, I’ve been laid up for a while with a broken ankle.

      Please let me know what results you’ve had on your workings.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. I haven't actually had any results. I burned the candle again and this time the flame was HUGE at times but then it was steady and bright. I saw the person I had intended the "Come to me" for and they acted like they saw a ghost when they saw me, so I have since let that go. So I'm curious that if my candles burned well who or what is coming my way, if it's not her?

    3. Hello Jay,

      In a way it’s a good thing that you let her go, by doing that you’ve given her free-will and that is very important. If she is destined to come to you she will do it of her own free-will and not be forced by magic.

      The fact that the candles burned so well is Spirit’s saying that something or someone positive is coming to you but in its own time, not sooner nor later, but you need to be open to it, sometimes it’s not so much a person as an event that can be mind-opening or awakening.

      Of course when one thinks of an event they think it will be something big, like super-nova big, but I’ve found many times that to not be the case, sometimes it will be something small, almost insignificant to the world, but to the individual it can be tremendous.

      For you Jay I sense that after doing all this work you will discover over time, a sense of balance and inner harmony after a great trial, if you have or had any agreements, or contracts, that have been up in the air they will be concluded justly. In time you’ll find that some things are set right for you.

      You’ll have a sense that karma is restored. It will be a turn for the better in all matters. But it will develop slowly but over time you’ll have this feeling of justice and harmony and you’ll find things slowly getting better over many levels of your life.

      It’s an awakening.

      So the best thing is to relax, be open to possibilities and enjoy the Summer season.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Hi Ms.Q,

      I concluded my "Come to Me" work in March. However since then I've seen the person it was intended for and they acted like they saw a ghost when seeing me. Then I saw them again, this time with an old acquaintance/lover of theirs however I believe it was school related because they are in the same PH.D program. I say this to say, i had a dream in March where someone told me "in a couple of months she will be back to get you" the person wasn't very specific about who "here was. Now I had faith that it was my ex but after our first encounter I lost hope. But then after seeing them this weekend and realizing her internship was over and she has more time to focus on her personal now. Also maybe her reaction to seeing me was that because we hadn't seen each other in a year. I have also made significant changes in my life, I thought maybe that time would be soon. I want to take those as signs from the universe because I also randomly think about her and feel it intensely in my heart which makes me think she may be thinking of me and i see her in my dreams more. Nonetheless is there something i should do to be sure or should i just wait it out?

      Thank you,

    5. Dear Jay,

      My feeling is that you should wait it out.

      I drew a card from Tarot for you and it was the Knight of Swords reversed, which means some upheaval may come and disappoint you at first primarily because of impatience.

      When this card comes up reversed it is saying that this not a good time to start a new project or change a big part of your life.

      Now is the time to maintain what you have and to be patient. With this patience, you will be able to restructure your relationships, which will be better for you and will allow you to feel less chained down in the future.

      So relax breathe and enjoy the summer and wait and see how things play out, by doing that you will have better answers and information than before.

      Just go slow.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  39. Hi Ms Q! Your blog is a treat to read. Currently I've set out 2 deep pink novena candles, anointed with rose oil, sprinkled in sugar and various herbs. One is for me, the other for my love interest. I worked my spell/intention over these candles and found that the flame of my love interests candle responded to my requests with strong, momentary flickering. I took a photo of his candle, and saw a bright blue light shining over the flame. The herbs in his candle are taking the shape of a heart. As well, I noticed our candles seemed to speak to one another. Mine would dance around for a few seconds, then pause while his did the same. After a minute they began dancing together, then stopped. I feel like these are all very positive signs, that our energies are responding to one another. What say you? - Terra

    1. Dear Terra,

      I apologize for responding so late but if you read my niece’s post, I was and still am healing from a broken ankle.

      From how you describe it, it certainly seems that way, but I need to ask this----did you do a card divination first to see if this would work on the one you are interested in?

      Because of the bright blue flame of his candle that tells me that there is spirit intervention on him, now whether that is to have that happen (romantic interest in you) or whether it is to protect him from any workings is hard to say, but for sure Spirit is hovering over him, seeking for him to find his karmic path. The question is, is his path with you?

      Since this is now June and we are having a full moon today by now you should have either seen or not seen any results. That is why doing a card divination first before any workings is important.

      If he has responded then Hooray!! If not then the blue flame means he was protected and needs to follow a different path. By now you will have seen how things have developed.

      Please let me know your results.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  40. Hi Ms. Q. My bf recently broke up with me by friend zoning me due to "mixed feelings." On a Friday I did a white, yellow and pink small taper candle and plan to do 2 more rounds on Saturday and Sunday. They all burned well- high consistent flames. The only one that left a residue puddle really was the yellow- intended for communication. I've done this on him before and also skull candles. When I began this work it was due to a reading that said that I could perform it... but now I'm unsure if I should still be performing work on this person. I've never had a candle burn poorly besides some jumping or hissing once or twice. And when I do try to finalize our times separated I always feel like I get signs... last time I would randomly smell his cologne on my sheets out of no where or find a random sock of his. I know he's financially stressed right now and sometimes feels like having a gf is a distraction but I'm not sure if I should continue putting in all of the work and effort.


    1. Dear BM,

      Doing work on him while his mind is on his finances IS giving him more stress than he can handle.

      It would be advisable to just do yellow candles to keep the lines of communication open with him so you’ll at least know where and what he is at, that is if you want to.

      Keeping him as a friend for now might be best, and you need to move on with your life as well, he may have done you a favor by “Friend zoning” you.

      But I need to give you a warning, --- do Not loan money to him unless you get a promissory note signed by him and do Not co-sign anything with him, and do Not allow him to use your credit cards in any way shape or form, and always if you do decide to help, Always get a contract signed by him that says he will pay you back.

      It’s too easy to pull on your heart strings and want to help him out but not at the expense of your savings, income and good credit.

      So keep him as a friend and get out and enjoy the summer. And don’t be surprised if he shows up with a different girl friend. Sometimes that is what the "zoning" means.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. You were correct, lol. On a Tuesday he was still in love and although we were friends was still talking about a future together and by Friday he acted like he hated me out of no where. I got to a desperate point and did a love skull candle, big mistake. First time a candle like that burned horribly... And the next day I see him on social media with another girl. I was devastated. I think he cares for me and loves me but just isn't ready for something serious. So I stopped burning candles and everything all together. The only thing I have is a honey jar I been made and shake every now and then. I've been keeping my spirits high and enjoying my summer, but I still think of him all the time.

    3. Hello My Dear,

      Sad to say that is life.

      You are doing the right thing to stop burning the candles, but keep the honey jar going.

      He may not be ready for anything serious for a long time, so don't let his actions spoil your summer.

      Continue to keep your spirits up and enjoy life, just remember he's only one fish in a large ocean.

      Keep your options open and have fun.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  41. Hello I have lit a come to me candle and it's always dancing Swishing side to side My Heart has been with a guy that I have always liked we have Tried for a relationship but he always leaves me Hanging and we won't talk for about a week then he will come around so I lit a come to me candle n it's a high flame yellow with blue on the bottom but I still see no Difference between Him and I We haven't talked in about a week is the flame a good sign?

    1. Dear Roberta

      Not with the way the flame was swishing side to side, it appears to not being able to get through to him, as if it senses he’s not serious.
      Please read my response to your 2nd post.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  42. I burn a separation lovers candle the wick of the candle has taken a shape and is burning like that.. is there a meaning to this. I have a picture of it

    1. Dear Angel,

      I am unable to receive any photo’s on the comments section of the blog, nor do I accept any e-mails, you’ll have to describe what the shape of the wick of the candle is, sometimes the wick will develop a bulb of some sort and the formation of a bulb has a meaning, sometimes it takes on a different shape, could you do your best to describe it and I’ll try to figure out its meaning.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  43. Hello Ms Q I have lit a candle For love ven a mi and It had a bright flame It had burned Clean no problems with it But was Going to Burn 2 more candles it's always dancing the Reason I lit these was Cause I met this Guy About 3 years ago but he always leaves me hanging and I Love him but it's So hard to get him to Stay texting me he always leave me hanging for no reason I always ask why he does it and all he has to say is idk but I really do like u and wanna be with you I have always had feelings for him. we got into this little argument so I blocked him maybe for about 10 mins and unblocked him so I tried adding him back but Since then we haven't talked I really do wanna be with him and hopefully my spell works! I would really like to know How long it takes to work or What I might need to do so on and so on?

    1. Dear Roberta,

      You are dealing with a “passive-aggressive” personality, he prefers to have the girls chasing him, not him chasing them, very lazy.

      In my previous response to you, you described the flame swishing side to side, it’s not getting through to him because he really is not interested in you, just enjoying being chased by you or any other girl.

      He has these psychic barriers up so that he controls the “chase.”

      And he’s leading you on too by saying “I really do like you etc. etc.”

      I drew a card for you and it was the Seven of Pentacles but it was reversed, that means scattered thoughts.

      That is, your love interest has too many things going in his mind for which you are definitely not his priority.

      Sometimes the only thing the spell will do is through the flame reveal his personality, that is why I always say it's best to do a card divination first before any spell work.

      And you also have to take in his previous actions. One always needs to in life take off those "Rose colored glasses".

      I’d like you to listen to this song from “South Pacific” called “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” (you can find it on You Tube) listen to it and do the same.

      Summer is here, get out and enjoy it, there are plenty of other fish in the sea and a much better catch waiting for you, Get out there and Enjoy life, don’t go putting your dreams on one guy who is not worth your time.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  44. It was like the wick had an infinity shape and I burn like that until the end... The candle started out with black soot at the top.. But the finish result is clear all the way down... Now I have confirmation that the relationship has ended... But he is still hesitant.. he says that I'm Adm the one he wants to be with and that he knows I am his God sent wife... Idk if the relationship that just ended had something to do with his reactions because it was a very bad bad relationship. I'm not contacting him. I'm letting him contact me..I don't know what to do or how to do.. We both are in love with each other..I don't wanna lose him again either...I let my guard down and that girl use black magic on him and took him from me... Can't allow this to happen again because she almost destroyed him..

    1. Dear Angel,

      You are doing the right thing to have him contact you, and to keep him interested in you wear Cleo May oil or Jezebel Oil (this is potent in action you may get other fellows interested in you).

      Then what you need to do is create a poppet (a cloth doll) put into it these herbs Basil, Rosemary, thyme, leaves from an oak tree, some of his personal concerns (Hair, fingernail clippings, a bit of spit or blood on a Kleenex, a few threads from the inside seams of his most worn often clothing) and put that inside the poppet, include a picture of his face inside it, a small rose quartz, black onyx, and amethyst stones, then baptize the doll to say that it is him saying:

      “You were two, now you are one,
      You are him and protect him you must
      From all that is evil, from all that would take him away from me

      Protect him, protect him, protect him, I command thee.”

      Then anoint it with a protection oil, then wrap it in a white cloth and put it in a safe place where no one will find it.

      If it eventually seems that things really are not working out between the two of you, then take the poppet and say to it “Your work is done you are free, and separated you shall be” then deconstruct the poppet, scatter the herbs, file away the picture, toss the concerns (or keep it for later use---you never know) keep the stones for later use (but first have them be cleans in a salt water bath) and toss away the cloth.

      At the same time you’ll need to also set up wards and protections in your home, look up in my archive section for those posts and read them.

      But be on the watch for his actions, because I myself get very suspicious when someone says to me "You are my God sent wife", words come easy, actions are proof, so be on the watch.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  45. Hello I would like to know if there is any luck for me and my ex to get back together. Things got crazy 6 months ago and I just found he was seeing an ex who was the cause of our relationship to fail. I did a honey jar spell, do you think he will come back?

    1. Hello Chyna,

      In matters of love and reconciliation I always stress that it’s best to do a card reading first to see if it’s worth doing a spell such as the honey jar.

      Sad to say I don’t think so, if he was so easily swayed by an ex and it broke up your relationship, then he was not really in love with you, any man truly in love would not be influenced by an ex and now he is seeing her again, then he has already moved on.

      I drew a card from Tarot and it is the Queen of Cups reversed, which only confirmed my suspicions on this situation---when this card is reversed it means you are being swayed by your own emotions, you want him back but you are not being practical about the matter, the fact that he’s seeing his ex is causing you to be jealous, this is not love.

      The reverse Queen of Cups is the bearer of bad news, it confirms the riff in the relationship, that there really was no sharing in goals, and this card is very bad news in his regards towards you thinking that you are a drama queen both at home and in public.

      You may not be that way but he feels you are and is not interested in re-igniting the relationship.

      I recommend setting aside this honey jar for now, and work on a honey jar for yourself to heal from this situation and to bring in new love into your life.

      The Summer is here, and there are plenty of fish in the sea, so get out an enjoy life, and in doing so a new love worthy of you will come to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  46. Dear Mrs. Queen

    I was recently advised that a women had placed an hex on me to separate my boyfriend and I. I was told it is a spanish woman whom I never seen or heard of. Im not sure if this is an ex of his or someone who found interested in him. The hex is to stop my boyfriend from getting closer to me. The more he shows affection the more he drifts away from me. At first I thought it might have been insecurities but now Im starting to think the hex is true from his actions. One minute he's in love with me the next minute he broke up with me for no apparent reason. I want to know if he will come back and if the hex will be removed for good.
    I burned three candles a come to me candle, triple reversal and a bend over candle. All are burning bright and strong but are dancing/flickering constantly.When I first lit the come to me candle I saw 5 blue sparks 3 green and 2 yellow. The candles seem to be burning clear so far with moderate sounds of crackling or small chirps. There is a little bit of blue towards the bottom of the flame not much.The candles are all in a enclosed glass. Is there anything else that I can to to protect our relationship.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I apologize for the delay in replying to you---I have family visiting for the holidays.

      I’m presuming that the woman who advised you did a card reading for you.

      In regards to the sparks blue is the spiritual which went out to seek if it’s possible to work on this, the green has two meanings either fertility or jealousy, the two yellow is an attempt to remove obstacles.

      The sounds of crackling from the flame says that there is communication but if it’s between the spirits themselves or trying to get your attention that depends on which candle was “talking”.

      Taking into consideration the types of candles you’re burning it could mean they are having a hard time getting the spell to work.

      The weak blue flame indicates that the spirits are trying work with you and protect you but they are having a hard time succeeding.

      Over all this does not look good.

      So I drew a card from Tarot to see what it all means and I drew the Page of Cups, this means a young or youngish thinking person who really is not ready for emotional, personal commitment this is a person who is emotionally many years away from the responsibilities of a serious relationship.

      The initial Love he had was an immediate interest and a youthful intoxicant, but once the buzz is gone, one is left with a hangover.

      I would say that you may be getting out of a relationship that would not go anywhere.

      What you need to do is do an uncrossing bath for yourself, ( see my Archives for that look at my latest post called Love Mess)to open up the possibilities of a new love coming into your life, because something like can affect a person emotionally from having any other loving relationships.

      I wanted to see if a hex was really put on you and your boyfriend and I drew from Tarot the King of Swords upright, that means no, there was no hex, but the King is mature and thoughtful if imposing, while the Page of Cups can be a callow youth sort of here today and gone tomorrow.

      So you need a man in your life who is mature in thought, word and deed and not fly by night and he will come to you at the right moment, at the right time, and not sooner.

      The relationship you had was a learning lesson for you but don’t let this get you down, put a smile on your face and get out there and live, burn a yellow candle anointed with rose oil for happiness and it will come to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  47. Hello Ms.Q,
    I have been in a relationship with someone for about 5 years now. At least 1x per year we break up and he ends up coming back. This time around he broke up with me because he says im not there for him enough and he needs to be alone with his projects. Its been about 2 weeks since we broke up. At first he said he didn't want to see me or talk to me ever. And that this was the last time he was breaking up with me. That this time it was really over. On sunday, I asked if we could speak, he had said no we had nothing more to talk about and then later asked if i could go over to talk about what was happening over the last few days, but we didnt talk about us. He's been texting about ones a day, my replies have been short. I have been burning 2 candles one is the bring happiness (yellow)candle, and the other is the jinx removal (red & black). I began burning them at the same time. They have been burning for about 3-4 days. The jinx removal is burning faster than the other one. and the top of the glass has black sooth. The Bring Happiness candle has white sooth at the top (rim) of the glass. What can this mean?

    1. Hello SC,

      It sounds like this person you’ve been in a relationship with is very selfish of his time and needs, he wants YOU to be there for HIM?

      A real relationship doesn’t work that way, you both need to be there for each other, if there is a jinx it’s on you, and you’re the one that needs happiness.

      O.k. about the candles---The jinx one is burning faster and has black soot on the top, usually it means that it’s working hard on your situation but the rewards would be short lived and with the black soot it met with negativity before it could work, it’s important to think positive thoughts, the possibility of it working to remove the jinx is only half-hearted.

      The Happiness candle with white soot at the time means the spirits of another have worked against your attempts. You need to look at a different candle spell.

      I believe that the spirits surrounding your boyfriend is manifesting his own personal desires to only have happiness for himself and none for you, it’s reflecting his selfishness towards your own happiness.

      I drew a card from Tarot to see if this confirms or denies my interpretation and I drew the King of Swords reversed---this describes your boyfriends inner character as a tyrant who must be obeyed, he doesn’t inspire love or devotion, but fear within you of him leaving you.

      He is manipulating you with his breaking up once a year to have you go crawling to him.

      So I have to ask you this----do you really want a boyfriend like that?

      He has jinxed you emotionally, and you need to be free to find someone who will be really there for you and not play this mind games on you to keep you on “pins and needles” in the fear that he will leave you.

      Turn the tables on him and leave him.

      Burn a Chuperosa candle (aka Hummingbird candle) and ask Mother Mary to bring real love into your life, to bring a real man who will be honest and caring for you, the summer is still young, get out and have fun and find someone who will really be there for you and your happiness.

      Trust me you will get over the pain and you will get mad at wasting 5 years of your life on a selfish person, but remember it is a learning lesson.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you for your response!

      Does this mean that he will be returning in again or was this really the last time he breaks up with me?

    3. Hello SC,

      I have a feeling he will come back once again to "toy with your emotions"

      And man like this has a bit of a sadistic streak in him, so I ask you do you really want that?

      You are going to have to make some very serious decisions because you have wasted 5 years of your life with him and his games.

      I recommend that you read my latest post on "How to deal with a Love Mess", I posted it just a few days ago. Read it for your own sake.

      And even if he doesn't come back, breathe a sigh of relief because now you can really get on with your life.

      Do not have a man or even a woman define your life or your love, only you can do that, be your own person, take back your personal power and LIVE LIFE!!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Thank you! I will read your post!

    5. You are welcome SC.

      Enjoy the 4th of July holiday and Live Life!!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  48. Does anybody know if Ms. Q still replies on this thread? I have some questions that I would like to ask her, but not 100% sure this is still an active thread. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      She does reply to this thread but she is having family visiting right now for the 4th of July Holiday weekend.

      She is a bit behind but if you have posted a question earlier she will get to you.

      If you have outstanding questions again she will get to you but please be patient.

      And in her words
      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q's niece

  49. Hello,
    I started burning my glass candles in my basement, they were made especially for my purpose so they are very scenty smelling and couldnt burn them in my altar. Can I move them to my altar now that the smell decreased a lot? Or they must burn down all the way where I stared to burn them?
    Thank you, your time is appreciated!

    1. Hello Christina,

      That's too bad that they have a strong scent, because burning them on your altar would make them even more effective.

      I trust that you set up an "emergency altar" for that purpose in your basement.

      This is because once the ritual/spell starts it starts in the area of initiation, so it would not be wise to move them, especially if you plan on interpreting any signs the burning and wax melting leaves.

      To move them would disrupt it.

      Were you allergic to the scent or did you fear someone would be suspicious of them, or was it a strong repulsive scent for banishings? (Much like garlic is to vampires)

      If you have to burn candles in an area where you cannot monitor them (such as a basement) be sure to set them up where they cannot fall over and cause a fire.

      The reason I say that is an immigrant family was burning candles in their closet for a spell and things caught on fire, at least they all got out safely but they lost everything.

      So do be careful.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. My Ex friend for over 20+ years got back in contact. We amended fences and got back together. Now we have stopped speaking over a misunderstanding. I did a love candle in a glass. I used the come to me oil with it. The flame started off low, now its a high flame with blue starting at the bottom of the wick, yellow light, and you can see the red from the burning wick in the middle. The flames is bouncing around not straight. The glass is clear. I'm confused to what it means. I hear popping sometimes coming from it. I'm clueless. I just want my relationship back to normal.

    3. Dear Onyx,

      Your spirits are working very hard and it seems that it will take some time for the misunderstanding to fade away, it’s possible the person you’re trying to affect is psychically fighting back without their knowing it or their spirit guides is protecting this ex-friend for some reason.

      The combination of colors in the flame means that your spirit guides are working and trying their best to get to the heart of the situation, that is working on your ex-friend, the popping sound is the spirits talking.

      As long as the glass is clear they are not meeting any negative entity resistance, only the psychic attitude of your ex-friend in your ex-friend’s attempt to not contact you, that is the resistance they are meeting.

      You have to remember your ex-friend is still hurting, you make want to make a gesture of reconciliation by dropping by your ex-friends place with flowers (I’m assuming your friend is female, if male then a box of good candy like Godiva chocolates or a good bottle of wine) and simply say “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to hurt you, if I did, I’m genuinely sorry”

      If your ex-friend still doesn’t want to talk, at least you made the attempt to heal things, which should help the spell work go easier and your ex-friend may yet still come around.

      The clean burn in the candle does mean that all will be well, but it will take a little while to show itself.

      Obviously you and your ex-friend broke up before, try and remember what caused the first break up, because in some way your friend is still underneath still hurting from it, so maybe the fences were not mended as well as you thought. That is something to consider.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  50. Ms.Q

    I have a question in regards to a candle I burned for St. Martha. I went to get my cards read in regards to my boyfriend breaking up with me. The reader said he would come back but in the mean time I should stop asking to work things out. She suggested I burn a candle for St. Martha to gave me strength not to call him. Well 3 days later I called him and asked if we could speak he agreed we messaged for a while and then later I went over. There was no conversation about our relationship or anything if that kind. When I came back home, the candle's flame was going crazy and was high. Up until this point the glass had been burning clear, but when I got back the top-middle of the glass had turned black. Does this mean I upset St. Martha? What can I do?


    1. Dear Yvette,

      Oh my Dear Child.

      Well you were advised to Not call him and for St. Martha to give you the strength to NOT call him, you broke your promise.

      The whole idea is to let Him “stew in his own juices” and realize that he can’t live without you and that you are strong enough to not go crawling to him, for you to dominate the situation.

      The black soot said that what you had hoped for would not work, and the way the flame was flickering-- yep! She was Not happy, you had asked her for help and you broke it.

      Because St. Martha is also called St. Martha the Dominator, YOU have to be in control of your emotions and the situation Not him, he is the one that needs to work it out, not you.

      With you going over to him and then he not speaking of the relationship he dominated the relationship and maybe was “secretly pleased” that he could control you and avoid working things out.

      So I have to ask you this---do you want to be a doormat? Do you want to be dominated or controlled by a man? Do you want this man to control your emotions or your life?

      If the answer is No, then why did you call and text him?

      So what can you do?

      Well this time burn another St. Martha candle and make offerings to her of pound cake, white wine, perfume, water, and white flowers. These items are commonly available.

      Then after you make the offerings, talk to St. Martha, pray to her and listen to her as best as you can.

      My Granny when she was sometimes faced with a situation that appeared to be going “side-ways” would do a novena to St. Martha---because St. Martha could be one tough lady.

      What she would do is light a candle on a Tuesday reciting the prayer to St. Martha, and she would follow it with the rosary, then allow the candle to burn out, then light another one on the next Tuesday this would be done for nine consecutive Tuesdays and you recite this prayer:

      Saint Martha,
      I resort to thy aid and protection.
      As proof of my affection and faith,
      I offer thee this light,
      which I shall burn every Tuesday.
      Comfort me in all my difficulties
      and through the great favors thou didst enjoy
      when the Savior was lodged in thy house,
      intercede for (me or my family)
      that we /I be provided for in mine/our necessities.
      I ask of thee, Saint Martha,
      to overcome all difficulties
      as thou didst overcome the dragon
      which thou hadst at thy feet.
      In the name of the Father
      and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

      You are asking her for strength, and both my Mother, Granny and I have found we may not get what we want but we do get what we need and even better and lots of times even before we light the 9th candle. But do light that 9th candle, don’t quit. If they are glass candles put the glass in a recycling bin that is always best

      And DO NOT CALL OR TEXT HIM to work it out, he’s the one at fault, not you.

      And when you get what you want or discover what you really need, you can repay St. Martha by contributing funds to a charity, I’ve always donated to charities that help abused women.

      Just remember it may not be what you expected, but it will be what You need.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you for the fast reply! I will do the offerings and burn the candles. What should be done with the offerings after? How do I dispose of them?

      Also, what if he calls or text? Do you keep a short reply or ignore it?

      Would you be able to tell me if it is true he will be coming back?


    3. Hello Yvette,

      It should be a slice of pound cake on a small plate, a small glass of white wine, a small glass of water, a bit of perfume sprayed into a very clean whisky shot glass, the white flowers can be a much as you want. Make it look nice.

      With the pound cake when it gets stale offer it to the birds or bury it in a garden, the wine and water will evaporate, the same with the perfume, when they leave only an empty dry glass, wash the glasses with lemon scented dish soap, the flowers will of course wilt, they should be buried or left out in the woods.

      With the glass enclosed candles when they burn out put them in the recycling bin.

      If he texts you, text back saying he should call you, no texting, and when he calls you tell him he should come to you not you to him and that the conversation needs to be in person on the relationship, where is it going, do not have him try to distract you from the subject of the relationship.

      And wear Cleo May oil when he shows up, just a dab or two behind your ears.

      Keep your remarks in text and on the phone short, let him know who’s boss.

      The conversation needs to be at your place where you can control the environment and the situation, not his place.

      Remember YOU need to be in control.

      If he tries to talk about anything else first tell him that you are not interested in any other subject. that you want to know where the relationship is going---be the dominator.

      If he cannot or will not give you a clear answer or tries to dodge the question by talking about other things, if he says he doesn’t want to come to your place then you will have gotten your answer----he is trying to string you along and wants to control you, he’s not really interesting in a real relationship.

      When that happens show him what the door is for and make sure it metaphorically hits him in the butt, you will be done and will move on.

      Why? Because you want a Real Man, who takes a real interest in You.

      I drew a card for you and it is The Hanged Man. This means letting go of past patterns and growing beyond them.

      This card means you are standing at a crossroads of some sort, and you’re compelled to do something about it but have no idea what or how. That’s actually your cue to stop and calm down, and to look for ways to deal with the bad situation.

      This card means that when it comes to love and relationships, it can signify letting go. Letting go of bad habits, bad lovers, bad experiences, bad feelings, bad decisions, or bad thoughts. The list goes on.

      You need to let this bad one go so that the good one can step in and find a space in your life. In another sense, if you’re in a "committed" relationship and things between you and your man are starting to turn sour, you need to let go that is the only way to be happy.

      This card says it’s time to consider taking stock of the situation, thinking about your options, and planning your next move.

      The Hanged Man can also mean a break in a relationship, or the need for some space, or the pain felt over a breakup.

      It signifies choices and letting you know there’s plenty of options that will surface, and you don’t want to waste this chance by not making a choice.

      This card often comes up in a reading when one is being plagued by a certain level of uncertainty and therefore the Hanged Man reminds you to have faith in solace and allow yourself to gain perspective.

      So will he contact you? The possibility is there, but he wants you to stew a bit so you’ll go crawling back to him---don’t do it, even if it means he’s out of your life, because The Hanged Man is saying something better is out there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Hello Ms. Q,
      I have began burning the new candle. The botanica was sold out and had to wait. At first the candle's flame was burning low and now it is burning high and going crazy. What is it that could be making this happen? Should I be worried?

    5. Dear Yvette,

      Don't panic, but make sure that the flame is not close to anything flammable to be on the safe side.

      The fact that it started burning low meant you were or are facing some heavy opposition to having the request granted. It meant that you would have to pray a little longer time before your desire is granted.

      But you've must have done something, prayed to her or something because now it's an attention getter indicating raw emotions along with explosions of energy.

      This flame is a good indication the candle is working by sending out a lot of power and energy to bring about a manifestation of your prayer. It's a sign that the candle is working rapidly.

      But I'm also assuming that by "going crazy" it's jumping around a lot, this means spiritual warfare is taking place on your behalf with a lot of raw energy and power working.

      This is St. Martha energy, so remember what I said to you before, You be in control not him.

      And again make sure the candle is burning in a safe place away from anything flammable, tiny child fingers and away from curious pets.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    6. Ms. Q
      Thank you! I started to freak out thinking I had upset her again.

      The flame is now high and still dancing around. I was also able to hear a pop. It wasn't too loud. Is that also a good sign?


    7. Dear Yvette,

      The pop could mean several things.

      1. that she is talking to other spirits to get through to him.

      2. she wants you to take note (write down) how the candle is burning so that at the end of the burn you can interpret the results.

      This can mean several things, and for that you would need a compass (you can buy a cheap toy one for a dollar or so.)

      You would need to take note (write down) the direction the flame is leaning or flickering towards, and you would need to write down in what direction the smoke (if any) is going towards.

      Also if there is white or black smoke and if there is any soot inside the glass and if so at what level (top, middle, bottom)

      There can also be a deep but hazy white soot as well, but if you can see through the glass then that means it's clear.

      So do take notes. Then it can be interpreted later.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    8. Hello Ms. Q
      I'm on my second candle for St. Martha. I feel like the second candle burned super fast. I started burning it Tuesday midnite and it was done burning last night(Friday). There was also about 5 pops that came from the candle.(that I am aware of) both of the candles burned pretty much clear. Also, the second candle that I burned flared up a second flame. It seems like some of the herbs or a piece of the wick caught fire. Is that significant? Also on both of the candles that I've burned, the wick curls up like in a loop/circle. What can that mean? Or is it just something the wick does. Thank you in advance!

    9. Dear Yvette,

      Sometimes the wicks of candles do curl up in a loop or circle or they form knots, depending upon what kind of candle it is, it can have meaning or it does not mean a thing.

      5 pops, the spirit was talking to someone or the number 5 could be significant. It could mean 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months etc. or something might happen at 5 o’clock or it means 5th street, 5th avenue, either way it is significant, but I also feel that it was having a very serious talk to other spirits.

      The best thing is to write down what the candle flame does, how the wax burns, what shapes in the wax, any soot inside the glass, everything counts, because it is a form of divination. So taking notes is important.

      A second flame can form, but it depends if it stays for a long time or not, either way a 2nd flame can mean, for this type of candle, that the person that you are focusing on is being helped or protected by other spirits, which makes the work harder to do, burning the herbs means that the spirit of the candle is taking on the energy of the herbs associated with what you are trying to do. (But make sure the candle is burning in a safe place, you don’t want anything to catch on fire)

      The fact that the candles burned clear means the desired wish or wishes may eventually happen but may not manifest itself quickly, especially with this type of candle. Because the type of candle needs to be taken into account especially in this type of work.

      The loop in the wick in this case, means you will need to continue repeating the ritual for its full 9 consecutive Tuesdays Novena, only after will you know the full results.

      The fact that it burned within 4 days means that the ritual is working hard for you.

      I hope my interpretation has been helpful to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    10. Ms. Q

      Thank you for the interpretation.

      In regards to the second flame? It would burn on and off. It this about 3 times. And then it finally went out. It also happened a little before the whole candle burned out. There wasn't much wax left in the glass. It would kind of join the main flame.


    11. Hello Yvette,

      Then it means that the other person's protective spirits could only help him sporadically.

      With the 2nd flame joining the main flame they 'sort of surrendered' at least that is how it would be interpreted.

      With very little wax left that is a sign that things appear to be working hard on your behalf.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    12. Ms. Q

      By "working hard on your behalf" does that mean it's working in my favor? As in hopefully my prayer is answered?


    13. Dear Yvette,

      The short answer is "yes".

      But I want to qualify that answer, it does mean that they are working on your behalf, but the results may be a bit different than you might expect.

      The one thing my Granny taught me is that there is no absolutes.

      Which means that "Spirit" or St. Martha or whomever you're petitioning, might think or feel that something else may be better for you. Or they may have things happen but in a different way than you expect.

      So yes, they are working in your favor, but in a way that would be best for you.

      For example, a person petitions for a million dollars, because they are having financial difficulties.

      They won't get a million dollars but they will get only exactly what they need and no more, just to get them back on track, such as a friend re-paying a loan or a 2nd job comes in that will help pay off the bills, or they get hired when they desperately needed a job.

      It will be what they (meaning "spirit") feels is best for you in a way that is best for you.

      So all one can do is "Thank them" and see what happens, even after you do a 9 Tuesday Novena.

      I've found by having that sort of mind set when I've done petitions, that I have been happily surprised by what develops.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  51. I would also like to add that with each time I did the "Come to me" it was a clean burn and the flame was normal and but sometimes high at times the 2nd and third times. I only did it 3 times.

    1. Hello Jay,

      Read my answer to you with your previous post.

      The fact the the burn was clean is a good sign, the high flame means that spirit is working on it.

      But again I advise to just wait and see what develops.

      I know that is hard but it pays off to see what will happen.

      As my Granny use to say "Don't push the river, it will flow by itself".

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  52. Husband continues to cheat. I worked a beaking ties candle and did not work. Now moving on to dual action domination love candle. I want him back. Marriage of 10 months and 5 years together. Continues to spend weekends with her. I call and text him. I look for him. Maybe it's not wise. He has full control of my emotions. He tells me he loves me and wants to work things out but does the complete opposite. He spent this weekend with me. Only I feel used and now set aside because nothing has changed. The candle has taken so long to burn and it's close to being done. It cracked but continues to burn. I've noticed black and white soot. I feel like giving up on our marriage like he did, but want to keep the faith going. But my heart breaks after I see or talk to him. He just lies to me.

    1. Hello My Dear,

      5 years and 10 months, and he’s treating you like rubbish? And after all those other weekends with her NOW he spends a weekend with you, I’d ask “What happen? She got another boyfriend?”

      Treat him like rubbish. Stop calling him, stop texting him, stop looking for him, at first he’ll think that’s fine and then after a while (maybe a month) he’ll begin to wonder---Ignore him that always works and it keeps him wondering and maybe getting a little scared.

      But first get tested in case he’s given you an STD, because not only is he going to bed with this other woman but also with all the other men she’s been with.

      I read recently that Gonorrhea is getting resistant to antibiotics and is now very hard to treat. So take care of yourself first.

      And if he has given you and STD let him know it and DO NOT give him any more sexual favors, because you can’t trust him.

      With the candle covered with both black and white soot, it means the spirits of another have worked against your attempts. You need to look at a different candle spell. BUT the glass cracked even though the flame is still burning not a good sign. You were doing a break up spell but the glass cracked it means the person is being protected spiritually, light another candle of the same type to break their defense to allow the spell to work correctly.

      Stop having your heart broken by him and his lies, because the way this marriage is going it cannot be saved at all. So you need to come up with a plan.

      Each time he comes around or says he’s going to come around make yourself look beautiful and wear Cleo May (Cleo Mae) oil or Jezebel oil to entice him and see about getting money out of him.

      Make your place look inviting, even sexy, but do not give in to his lies, just say to him if he wants to work it out he needs to leave the other woman. Say it once, but if he gives you the run-around just repeat to him “If you want to work this out you need to leave her and come back to me.” Say it in a sexy way.

      Make him think something might be going on, because men are selfish, they don’t want one woman they want a Harem, but women are smart they want a Sugar Daddy.

      So make him your Sugar Daddy!

      But if you have had it with him then get a very good woman lawyer and take him for all he’s got, heavy Alimony, ½ the property, ½ the finances and burn a Just Judge candle to get what you want.

      Leave him stripped and poor, then see how quick his girlfriend will dump him.

      And Don’t take him back because he will cheat on you again.

      I’ve learned over the years, it’s a smart woman who loves herself and puts herself first when it comes to relationships, to never give your heart and power over to a man because it makes you his prisoner, he controls your life, not you. So Take Back Your Power! (in films a good example is Mae West )

      Then from now on, once you’re divorced wear Cleo May oil while dating, and have men be your Sugar Daddies and put yourself First!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  53. what if the flame is just steady, very still and doesn't move. Like stands straight up tall, with a slight bend to the left without movement?

    1. Hello My Dear,

      It depends upon the type of candle you are working with and what is your intention with the ritual.

      If the flame does not produce soot on the glass then a tall straight flame means you are in the presence of a larger entity or guardian spirit, who is taking your petition very seriously and could also be informing you of an arrival of a stranger coming into your life, if this person will help you or not needs to be seen.

      And you also need to be careful because the flame has that slight bend to the left that means you are in danger of sabotaging yourself subconsciously because you are becoming too emotionally involved with the situation, if you continue being that way your petition or prayer will not be answered.

      You need to take your emotions out of it and focus on the petition and ground yourself.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  54. My boyfriend of 8 years left me and went back to a ex he had only dated for 8 months before our 6 years. All we did was fuss fight for no apparent reason. He acted as if he hated me, in our last year together. They have been dating now 7 months and he has proposed marriage to her. What can I do to break up the relationship, I haven't seen or heard from him in 7 months. Help me !!!

  55. Help me !! My boyfriend broke up with me after 6 years for an ex that he dated prior to me for 7 months. Before the break up, all we did was argue and the majority of the arguments came from no where. He is now with her and has proposed marriage after 7 months. I haven't seen or heard from him, how can I break up this relationship and get my man back

    1. Hello my Dear,

      I’m presuming that you posted twice with your question.

      Have your ever heard the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Well that is what has happened.

      He went back because of the arguments and fussing, and there was a reason behind it, but apparently you didn’t know, or maybe you suspected.

      I drew a card from Tarot to see why he broke up with you and I drew the Four of Wands (completion) but reversed. Oh Dear.

      The break up was bound to happen. This card clearly states that there was a lack of harmony or a breakdown in communication in your relationship, causing tension between you and him.

      There was no active listening to what the other was saying, that someone always wanted to prove they were right and the other was wrong---- you have to think was that you?

      During the last year it seems that he began to feel that perhaps a permanent life with you was not worth all the fights the two of you were having.

      He began to remember his relationship with his ex, maybe it felt better to him, so he left and he found that there were no fights, no fussing, he felt at peace, so the proposal and wedding to come.

      Doing a break-up spell on them would not be worth the time or effort on your part.

      Now are there children involved? If there is and he fathered them, then you can sue him for child support and doing that before the wedding would cause the tension between him and his ex that you are seeking.

      But if there isn’t, then it would be best for you to move on because this card also indicates changes in your life and once you recover from the shock and get your life together it will be for the better.

      Because I drew a 2nd card to see what would happen in your future and that card is the Nine of Swords (Cruelty), but reversed, this means you will endure and overcome what he has done because you refuse to be dragged down by what he’s done.

      In a way you may have avoided a catastrophic situation with him, and will come out of this far better than before.

      Because the Nine of Swords card is also the card of Nightmares so count your blessings, and take a deep breath and realize that life is not as bad as it seems and that the more you dwell on what he’s done, the more harm you are doing to yourself, so stop it.

      Because if you married him your life would have been a Nightmare, now it’s hers.

      So Be thankful.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  56. Blessings I lit a candle for my grandma im trying to see if thier is a meaning to the candle i lit for her because the firer is high and moving around but thier is no daft in my house.. Have a bless day

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I always recommend burning a test candle, that is one that has not been dedicated to any specific ritual or prayers, and watch how that candle acts.

      This will tell you if there is or is not a draft.

      Because drafts can be very subtle, you’d barely feel it, but the flame of a candle will know.

      Now if you are sure there is no draft of any kind, then I’m going to have to assume that you mean that you lit a candle in memory of your Grandmother (is she deceased or alive?)

      That is part of the problem about posting a quick question without all the facts, because it helps me to know the reason for lighting the candle.

      Because I don’t know the reason I’ll have to give you several meanings as to why the candle flame is acting the way it is.

      Now this is assuming that your Grandmother is deceased---if so then when the flame is high like that and moving around means that she, her spirit, is present, and is with you.

      Now if your Grandmother is alive and this is only with prayers for her then a protective spirit or angel is around you and her.

      If you had lit a candle for a spell for your Grandmother, then it would mean that the spell is getting resisted, and may not work, the higher the flame and the more it jumps around the more resistance the spell met.

      But I’m going with the idea that you have lit this candle in memory of your Grandmother who maybe deceased, so the first interpretation would be the right one.

      When you post a candle question please give me more information especially if it’s a candle that was done in regards to spell work, it will help me give you are far more accurate answer.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  57. Hi Recently after several years I'm back in the dating world (took a break). I’ve met a few potential prospects and would say one is in the lead (lead’s initials are SJC initials- other potentials AJ, and B). My friend has psychic abilities and told me that SJC is secretive, not disclosing and there are 3-4 distractions (woman) around him. When we talked, he denied and said that is a high amount of people and he's never dated so many people at a time. I’ve lite a love spell candle the past few days and the patterns keep changing. The first flame was a solid high flame that started to flicker strongly than formed a bulb towards the end of its burning. The second day, the candle flame was hissing than turned extremely high tapering to about 4 inches with black smoke. The third day was interesting since it was a solid high flame that turned into a shorter flame creating 3 bulbs that split into two than eventually forming one solid flame again. I thought it was interesting to have the 3 bulbs since my friend told me that he had 3 distractions which he denied. SJC also made a comment that his potentials are all going away. Today, the flame is a solid steady flame again. Not as high but periods of light flickering here and there with no bulbs forming. I also have a protection candle lite. The candles appear to be very calm today than most days but I also saged the house this morning. Can you please tell me what this means and if this spell for SJC love interest will come to fruition. Also, since finding love is my goal, I was hoping you can pull a tarot card also. Thank you in advance for answering my message. BM

    1. Dear BM,

      It’s a good thing that you did sage your home, because negative spirits were interfering with your love candle making it hard to get a good reading.

      You may have to repeat it again, and first sage the area where you are burning your candles and also burn what I call a “control candle” this is a candle that has not been dressed for any spell work, it is just plain, by seeing how the control candle is burning will tell you if there are any drafts that could affect how the flame on your spell candle is burning.

      To get a good reading on your love candle not only should you take note on how the flame is burning but (in the case of glass enclosed candles) if there is any soot (black or white) forming and in what area of the glass, also use a compass so you’ll know where magnetic north is, because if a flame is leaning in a direction (besides left or right, towards you or away from you) it will tell where anything or someone is approaching from.

      There is a lot to reading a candle besides the Flame.

      Now I did draw a card from Tarot in regards to your finding love situation and the card I drew is the Wheel of Fortune, this card is the path of destiny. Karma on a grand scale. An unexpected turn of good fortune. It indicates success, luck, and happiness.

      This is the card for being successful in life, and in love, it means that the Universe will be doing the matchmaking.

      It would be a mistake to think that you can plan to meet your lover because as the old saying goes “Man makes plans and God laughs”, it will just happen unexpectedly in the strangest of places. You will most likely meet through what looks like fate or destiny, rather than through other people.

      In regards to love, this card says your partner will renew your energy and outlook on life. This card also indicates positive changes on the mental plane to bring in new people and events, even a new way to do your job. It could push you in a completely new direction to put you around people you normally would never have met.

      This card describes relationships between two people who are destined to be together. This is the kind of relationship that will bring you the highs and lows of human emotions, and you will make great leaps forward towards a life you could never even imagine. There are plenty of adventures waiting.

      This card indicates that the Universe will bring people together who usually would never have met. And you will meet your life partner through what seems like complete chance.

      The Wheel of Fortune advises you to deal with limiting beliefs around success and achievements as the Wheel of Fortune is always expanding and so will you under its influence.

      So will the persons that you are interested in be your life partner? Not necessarily this card indicates for you to enjoy your relationship with SJC and with B and AJ, but there is still someone else out there, but don’t go looking for him, the Universe will bring him to you when the Universe decides the time is right.

      So if you are going to do a love spell candle ask the spell working to bring to you the right person who would be right for you, not anyone specific just the person who has the good qualities that you want.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  58. hi my name is Michael I lit a prosperity candle and a black protection candle the protection candle was burning very fast with high bright flames it almost burnt all the way but then went out but my prosperity candle is still burning what does that mean

    1. i just be feeling like I'm getting attacked all around the board how do I, strengthen myself so, that things go better it seems like my love life even takes hits

    2. Hello Michael,

      When a protection candle burns that fast, and then goes out it was it shows that the environment is clear of negativity and it must of worked real hard and fast on that, because it went out when it was through. So that is a good sign.

      Your prosperity candle is still burning means its plodding along doing what it can do, but what does the flame look like would help.

      If the flame is normal and just doing it’s thing that is also good.

      But the protection candle had to clear a lot of negativity to get things going.

      I would also recommend that you talk to a financial consuler to help guide you on your finances because with the protection candle burning so fast means that you need to seek professional guidance on what are you doing right and what are you doing wrong in handling your finances and seeing what should you cut out to help save money.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    3. Hello Michael,

      I just got your latest comment.

      First relax, breathe, and just know in life we have our peaks and our valleys, we go through periods where nothing seems to be going right.

      I should know---been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

      First you need to clear any remaining negativity from where you live or sleep, smudging with sage helps as well as the protection candle.

      But you're going to have to do more.

      I just had someone ask me about psychically cleansing themselves and shielding themselves.

      They posted there question (in two parts) under my blog post "A Question".

      I recommend that you read it because it is what I would also suggest to you as well.

      About your love life, well Michael even in my love life, I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my Prince.

      You may have to do the same to find your Princess. So just relax and breathe, the right person will come at the right time when you least expect it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  59. Hi Ms Q,

    I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago about my relationship status with an ex lover. You said that I should be patient enjoy the summer and things will happen, nothing too specific which is cool.

    Well I haven't had any great luck with finding new jobs either so it was recommended to do an Oshun candle. I did a honey jar offering as well. So far it started calm, then a lot of jumping, now it just jumps here and there. Very little white soot at the very top of the glass candle but no more thus far.

    I say that to say that I believe in the magic and believe I things I want and believe I deserve them. I think oshun is my last hope, maybe. Anything else I should do?

    1. Hello Jay,

      Do not think that Oshun is your last hope, there are many paths to success and Oshun is just one of them, for me when I’ve had difficulties I’ve sometimes petition Chango in his aspect of St. Barbra to bust through road blocks, but then I’ve always been a person to tackle problems and difficulties head on or at least be “devious” enough to see if there is an “end run” around the problem.

      First let’s deal with interpreting how your candle is burning. You say that the flame was doing a lot of jumping and now jumps just here and there, a jumping flame means that spirits are fighting on your behalf which is odd for an Oshun candle unless it feels that finding the right job is very difficult at this time, I find it odd also to do an Oshun candle to find a new job, but it appears to be working very hard on your behalf.

      Now the little bit of white soot at the top of the candle means communication with the spirits or angels, as well exorcising negativity or trying to remove whatever obstacles blocking your path for a new job, the spirits heard your prayers and attempted to work to remove the negativity that might be surrounding the work but since it was such a small amount of white soot, the blockage at this time is hard to break through.

      I did a 1 card reading for you on finding a new job and I drew the Page of Cups, this is the essence of water behaving as earth, such as water coming up from the earth.

      This is a positive messenger for you indicating the beginning of a creative project or venture, as well as the importance of having positive relationships regarding business and in your life in general.

      This card is saying to never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams. If you cease to dream, then your dreams shall never come true because then they do not exist anymore. Dare to dream and all things become possible.

      This card is also an indication that your intuition is very sharp and you might be more inclined to act on a hunch or have a psychic experience. This is a good time to trust your intuition and your gut feeling.

      As I said I thought it odd to burn an Oshun candle to find a new job, but something else may develop because the Page of Cups also indicates the possibility of an unexpected new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. If you’re thinking of your ex-lover, don’t---this will be someone new, now when this will happen I’m not sure, but things appear to have started.

      On the new Job front, burn a Road Opener candle along with a Job candle, and if you wish to burn candles to Oshun alongside those two then do so.

      Depending upon the type of work you’re trying to find it may take some time but don’t give up, something right for you is out there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  60. Hey Ms Q,

    Thank you for responding and for the help. I did Oshun because I'm also having issues with my love relationship life. I did the petition to oshun for who I want, that was the person I'm still connected to, my ex. I've had readings done and she's still connected to my energy, where she still thinks of me and those kinds of things but we don't speak. I'm willing to but she has to make the first move apparently. Because we're still very connected it's hard to start new relationships because I feel begin to feel her energy so strongly, it doesn't work between me and others.

    So for me oshun was to help attract her to m so we can talk and figure things out. I don't know what else to do.

    1. Dear Jay,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you but the family has been celebrating a new addition, a lovely and healthy baby girl, another great-niece for me, Mother and Daughter are doing fine, Daddy fainted from exhaustion, but he’ll be fine as well. It’s their first.

      So we are going to be celebrating at my house since I have the space for it, and they are in the process of setting up two large bar-be-que’s even as I type this.

      Thank you for clearing that up about using the Oshun candle, because I was confused about that.

      Besides the readings that you’ve had done, what other signs have you received lately that tells you she is still thinking of you and that your energy is still connected?

      Because if you feel that there are still some unanswered questions or issues, you need to start a “spark” to get her to contact you to discuss those issues, if she wants to.

      Sometimes something simple like mailing a card that says “Thinking of you” could start communication.

      I’ve done this with others who have been in situations similar to yours where there are some unanswered questions, and I’ve said that one of two results will happen, and depending on what the result is, you will have your answer.

      So get a very simple (from the store) “Thinking of you” card, write on the inside saying “I’ve been thinking of you and hope we can get together for coffee and a chat, just to find out why we’re not together. Please let me know if you like to get together to talk.”

      Sign it, Include your phone number and e-mail.

      Address it to her and put a stamp on it. Put that card in front of Oshun’s candle and ask Oshun to see if your Ex is willing to talk with you.

      Leave that card in front of Oshun’s candle for 24 hours from the time you address the envelope.

      Then after 24 hours have passed, mail the card.

      Within two weeks you will have one of two responses, either she’ll want to see you, or she won’t respond at all or say no.

      If it is the first response you’ll have answers and you’ll know if she wants to be with you or not, if she does, that’s fine, if not then you need to do a cut and clear ritual.

      If it is the 2nd response (that is she flat out says ‘no’ or doesn’t respond to your request), then you’ll need to do a cut and clear ritual so you can break off that link that You are keeping on going, because she’ll have given her answer but you must break the link, otherwise you will never be able to have future relationships.

      Because what is keeping that energy link going is you because you need answers, you are the one feeling that it’s not over.

      I did a one card reading but I asked Tarot if your Ex still wants to be with you, and what I drew is The Moon card, but reversed.

      This card reversed means truth and it is telling you that you might be deceiving yourself about this relationship and that you need to make a healthy choice.

      You are going through something very deep right now but you are also without realizing it, alienating other possibilities from you.

      Because of this you are running yourself ragged and you need a break, because you are allowing Chaos to run your life.

      It is vital that you take charge of what you can and strengthen your personal resolve to move on with your life.

      Once you do that, other things will come to you easier.

      But you want answers and you are not going to change your pattern until you have them, so do what I have suggested instead of standing still in one spot waiting for something that will not happen until you put a “spark” to it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  61. I also would like to add that I thought the eclipse may bring some clarity to my situation but it's made me more uncertain.

    1. Dear Jay,

      In truth an eclipse is more for the darker side of things, and it can cause confusion as well.

      That is why I never do any workings a few days before, during and after an eclipse until I feel that the “energies” are clear and even now (8/26/17) they still feel uncertain.

      But now that we are heading towards a Full Moon (Sept. 6 ) I think doing a ritual or burning a candle to to St. Clare for Clarity would be good.

      When you burn the St. Clare candle you can anoint it with All Saints oil and put your petition for clarity on this situation under the St. Clare candle.

      Now I have found them in some drug stores and even large chain grocery stores, but if you can’t find it there then try a Metaphysical/Occult Supply Shop.

      By the Labor Day Weekend (September 1-4) you’ll begin to find yourself thinking a bit more clearly but it helps to petition that Saint and meditate on your situation.

      Also if you are seeking for a new job, this is a good time to do a Road Opener or Block Buster Candle to help you find that new job.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  62. Hi Ms Q,

    Besides readings, I haven't tried to date but everyone I run into has her name it seems like. I've met 5 different women out of like 10 since really trying to break the connection and they had her name.Ive seen her in my dreams and have run into her but we haven't spoken. It's like if she's not going to comeback around I would really like to move on, I used to think that may be things would turn around but it's been over a year and nothing has happened. I would be open to speaking with her at any time by the way. However, when I try to move on something brings her energy back around me, I just didn't know what to do at this point.

    1. Hello Jay,

      If it's been over a year and she has not really spoken to you, then it is only you who are keeping the energy link going, not her.

      Try doing the card thing that I suggested in my previous post to you, and see what the results will be.

      That will be the first step in either re-connecting to her or taking the first step to breaking the psychic link you've indirectly established.

      The fact that you on occasion run into her, means that the two of you are living in the same neighborhood.

      It's like me when I go shopping at a major Grocery store, from time to time I run into a former boyfriend (just as aged as me) it can't be helped, it happens.

      So try mailing the card to her and also do the candle burning that I suggested in both replies.

      Eventually clarity will come to yo