Monday, February 22, 2016

The Art of "Candle Talk" --Part 3-- Reading the Wax~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

"O.K. I understand how candles can talk, but what about the wax, does it have anything to say?"

"I got strange shapes in my wax, what does that mean?"

“I burned a free-standing candle and I got these strange images in the wax what does it mean?”

“I burned a male and a female candle and the female candle melted real fast over the male candle what does that mean?”

Wax puddles, and drippings come in all kinds of shapes and do strange things; most practitioners treat them like tea-leaves when they "read" them.   This is the 3rd part of Candle workings that practitioners need to understand when doing candle spells or rituals.  This also gives an idea how the spell is or has worked and is in essence a form of divination.  This works very well for free-standing candles but it’s much harder to decipher in glass-enclosed candles

What I’m going to explain here first is for free-standing candles. 

One thing you have to remember is that you should not buy candles that are marketed as drip-less because they will not leave any “signs” for you to read, if you are going to do candle divination buy a candle made of natural wax or beeswax, the beeswax ones maybe a bit more expensive but they tend to reveal the most spiritual information.  

Figure candles and pillar candles that you buy from a metaphysical store will melt and give you signs as well and can be used for candle divination.    

So let’s start with signs and symbols of free-standing pillar candles.  

Obviously if a free-standing candle leaves little or no wax residue, that is the best sign and your spell will be completed.

But most of the time a free-standing candle burns down to a puddle of wax, forming transient or in some cases persistent images. The shape may suggest an outcome regarding present or future matters, but it depends upon interpretation.

Transient images (those images that appear and then melt away) are those that show up while the candle is burning but disappear by the time the candle flame has gone out. Persistent images are those which are left in the form of solid wax after the flame has burned out.
While the wax melts and forms images, during the burning process a practioner will note what they see and the date and time they see it, it could be something of importance, for the shape may suggest a passage of something a person is going through, when the wax is finally melted and there is an image it will tell the outcome regarding the matter at hand.

One transient image that often forms while a candle burns, but may disappear by the time it is finished, is a run of wax droplets down the side of the candle. These are called "tears" or a “cascade of tears” they indicate that someone will cry before the spell succeeds. If the wax drips a lot, and forms hanging “waterfalls” or “frozen drops”, cascade flows, it’s usually means a sign that the success will come, but with a lot of effort and possibly tears preceding it, and more so if these remain after the candle has burnt down.  These are often seen as something that is in transit, because they rarely remain after the candle has burnt all the way down.  

If the tears melt away and are gone by the time the candle is finished, the sorrow will pass in due time.

If the tears persist after the candle is finished and either hang down like icicles or form unburned wax tears, the sorrow will be affecting a person for some time.

Once the candle is finished burning , the wax puddle that remains can be examined and its meaning related to the spell.

For example, if you are burning a red Eve image candle or a pink Adam image candle for a love spell and a heart-shaped wax puddle forms that is a good sign.

Conversely if you are burning a black devil candle against an enemy and a coffin-shaped wax puddle forms that too is a good sign.

But obviously if it is reversed then you have a serious problem.

This is a list of the number of common shapes you would see in a puddle of melted wax:

AIRPLANE - A trip of a disappointment
ANCHOR - Your loved one is true
BABY - Troubles are coming
BALL or BALLOON - Your problem will not last very long
BEANS - Money difficulties
BED - A vacation would be good for you
BELLS - A wedding
BIRD - News will reach you soon
BRIDGE - Take a chance
BROOM - Make a change
CANDLE - Spiritual growth
CAT - A friend is untrue
CHAIN - Go ahead with your plans
CIRCLE - Reconciliation
CLOUD - Something or someone threatens you
CROSS - Do not fear for you are protected
CROWN - Sickness
CUP - Bitter quarrel with a friend
DOG - Your self-esteem is too low
EAR - Be alert for an opportunity to advance in your work
EGG - New developments soon
FAN - A surprise is in store for you
FEATHER - The problem will be solved
FISH - Someone will betray you
GHOST - Someone from the past is looking for you
GRASS - Good fortune is approaching
HAT - A change of location is indicated
HEART - A friendship will turn into love
HOUSE - Better times are coming
KEY - A setback in plans should be expected
KITE - Your wish will come to naught
LADDER - Take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend
LEAF or LEAVES - Things will be changing soon
LION - An unpleasant situation is developing
MOON - Indicates more money
MOUNTAIN - Good friends are willing to help you
PANTS - You will be tempted
PEN - Expect a letter from a relative
PIN - Your lover may be attracted to another
PIPE - Peace and comfort
RING - Marriage may be possible in the near future
SCISSORS - Separation
SHOE - Be suspicious of a new acquaintance
SNAKE - Be on guard against an enemy
SPIDER WEB - Pleasant happenings
STAR - Happiness
SUN - Good fortune
TABLE - An abundance of blessings
TREE - A good time for new undertakings
UMBRELLA - Trouble is coming
WALKING STICK - Get out of the house and visit friends
WHEEL - One who has been away will return soon
WITCH - Danger will pass you by
WORM - Business troubles ahead if you are not careful 

(This list is by no means definitive and a good book on the symbols of tea leaves reading is very helpful, in time your own intuition will tell you what you’re seeing)

Sometimes letters or what appears to be words will form as well.

Other signs are long serpent-like strings indicating evil intent being neutralized and probably the need to repeat spell may be required.

Heart shaped wax puddles are positive when working love spells.

Even if you’re not working a love spell the appearance of a heart is a good sign if you’re looking for love.

Wax flowing in the direction the house of the person you want to effect is a good sign.

Round coin shapes are good if you’re looking for wealth.

A new moon shape indicates new beginnings.

The shape of an eye could be a warning about the “evil eye” or “glance of malice” influence or that someone is watching you.   

A Coffin shaped puddle indicates success when burning a candle against a nemesis.

Flat wavy papery remains usually with two claw-like projections are read as scorpions which means malicious gossip and back biting that is being neutralized. You’ll need to repeat the spell until the wax burns clean.

Twisted pillars of wax, bizarre shapes or monsters are read as turbulence and further healing is required.

Wax remains in the shape of sex organs usually means some sort of infidelity or a venereal disease (in the case of the latter go to a doctor to be sure)

This one has recently appeared especially among Hispanic folk, if a hooded figure appears it means that “Santa Muerte” Holy Death has been invoked and requires a further ritual to neutralize this.   If one is not Hispanic it still means that a negative spell has been cast and a protective ritual or strengthening your protections are needed.

It’s not unusual for the images of an animal to appear in the wax--- on the positive side, it could be an animal spirit or totem that is close to you and imparting a message to you.   There are books out there that talk about the messages of animal totems.  

But if you practice Santería or Palo Mayombe  and shapes of animals, cats, goats, domestic animals and fowls  appear it could mean that an animal sacrifice took place to strengthen a spell against you. A further ritual might be called for to neutralize the spell. Many folks will either make or buy tallow candles for uncrossing and unhexing spells to do this.   But for those who practice Santeria etc. go to a reputable Babalowel (High Priest) to do a divination to see if this is correct.

A free-standing candle that lets out a lot of smoke but burns clean at the end means hidden trouble or someone working against your wishes. Things will not go well at first, but with repeated work you will overcome.

The way a candle unfolds as it melts can be very significant.  If it unfolds like a flower that is a sign that your wish will be granted. It represents possibilities and paths opening for you.

A candle that is too lopsided in one direction or another, usually means that you are dealing with a situation that is way out of balance.

If the flame is buried by the wax that is often a sign that the wish will not be granted.

If it’s a spell to influence two people, who are, or should be romantically involved, and you’re using figural candles for the spell if the wax melts, and connects them firmly at their base this is a good omen, especially if it’s was some kind of reunion, or marriage, or other kind or love or friendship spell.

But If it’s a separation spell, this would indicate that the two people will fight and but they will overcome the spell, and remain together. 

If one is doing some kind of marriage spell, or fidelity spell with the bride and groom figural candle,  and one party ( bride or groom ) drips intensively over another,  it means that person (male or female) is more  eager on getting married and is trying to “cling” onto  the other party.

It can also mean that in a relationship that person will dominate the other and it would not be a good partnership.

This is the basic meaning of free-standing candles,  if you use herbs or glitter to fix the free standing candle and it forms shapes in the wax read them as you would tea leaves.

You have to remember in reading the wax listen to  your intuition the symbol meaning  list only give an indication but by using your intuition you can see more to what the wax signs are saying, you also have to remember the symbolism will vary depending upon the candle used and the purpose of the ritual or spell.

If you are using pins in a candle how the drop or don’t drop but instead cling can also means something.

A pin or needle on a marked free-standing candle drops -- but it clings and won't fall

Either the person for whom the candle is being burned or yourself if you’re burning the candle for you,  is clinging to past conditions or someone or something from the  past is unwilling to let the person go.

The term "past conditions" can even mean events or memories from the person past.

The term "someone or something" means that it may be a living person, or a hostile spirit sent against the client, or a spirit of the dead, or the spirit of a drug or illness.

If the person is the one who is clinging, you will probably know it by knowing the person's case.

If someone or something is clinging to the person, it is likely to be the same someone or something that is the cause of or is a part of whatever is the person’s problem or situation that you are working to remedy.

If, based on your knowledge of the situation, you don't know which situation applies (i.e. whether the person is clinging to him/her/it or he/she/it is clinging to the person), you need to do a simple divination on which situation is the operative one at this time.

Once you know which it is, then you can address the issue through spiritual and magical remediation:

If the person or yourself is the one clinging to the past, then cleanse the person (or yourself) by administering a Black Walnut bath to break ties with the past.

If someone or something is clinging to the person, then give the person a cleansing Van Van bath followed by a Cut and Clear rite (or, in a pinch, simply add Cut and Clear Dressing Oil to the  candle) to break that clinginess off.

If what is clinging to the person is very strong -- for instance, if it is the spirit of a drug or a bad companion who hangs around -- you may also have to do some Cast Off Evil and/or Hot Foot work.

Either way if a pin clings to the candle you have something that needs to be cleared up and broken off.

Reading the wax in Glass enclosed or Novena candles---

I’ve given interpretations on how the flame, smoke and/or soot will be read in a glass enclosed candle but there is also the wax.

If a glass encased vigil or novena candle burns and leaves no marks on the glass that is best results.

BUT A vigil candle burns down but leaves up to 1/2" of unburned wax at the bottom,  Unburned wax at the bottom of a glass-encased vigil candle is a classic sign of "unfinished business."

What that means will depend upon the nature of the condition for which the spiritual work was being done:   Here are some examples.

If the candle was being burned to rid someone of sickness, then the sign means that some sickness remains; it has not been completely cured. (Remember this is in addition to getting the person well, not as a substitute, always, ALWAYS seek proper medical help from a Doctor or Emergency clinic.)

 If the candle was being burned to draw in new love or return an old love, then this sign means that the person will not come completely, just part-way, due to issues not caused by the person or yourself, but rather due to "unfinished business" on the part of the person’s loved one.

 If the candle was being burned to harm someone, it may hurt them, but not severely; if it was intended to cause death, it may damage them but it is not going to kill.

  If the candle was being burned to keep the law away, they may stay away for one reason, but some other, older, "unfinished business" may draw them back.

 If the candle was being burned to draw money, then the sign means that the money may come part-way, not completely, and that there may be "unfinished business" to be handled before the petition is granted.

Herbs or glitter clinging to the sides of the glass enclosed candle, these maybe read like tea leaves and also note at what position did these items cling to the glass, at the top, near the top, the middle, past the middle, down at the end,  that will give you a time line when the symbol that indicates when it took place.

As always, remember reading the wax, the drippings, etc. is always a matter of intuition upon your part, as you get familiar with it then it will become second nature to you and give you a better idea how your spell craft is working. 

Catherine Yronwode has said “….a well-experienced home practitioner, or a professional root worker -- is looking for is a single divinatory narrative that combines the "statements" of the three "witnesses" to the burning: the flame, the wax, and the smoke.
In addition, sometimes there will be other "witnesses" -- the glass may crack, the label may scorch.
Again, the experienced candle setter consults ALL of these "witnesses" to the work.
It is all too problematic to light a candle and start worrying over it as it burns. Resist that temptation.”

And I agree with that statement, allow the candle to burn to do it’s “thing”, take notes as it burns, but don’t interfere with it, then when it has completed its burning, read the signs that are left and put it together with your notes and you will be able to tell how well the spell or ritual has gone, but don’t worry about it.   Doing that will send up negative energies and you don’t want that to sabotage your workings

On my Final post on the “ART OF CANDLE TALK” I will be dealing with the disposal of your spell workings.    I’m also going to be “tweaking” here and there these 4 posts as I come across more information in my notes, but this will give you all a start to understand candle spell/ritual work.

Blessings to you,
Ms. Q


  1. Dear Ms. Q,

    I am doing a come to me spell. The female candle I am trying to draw is burning very quickly.Its burning faster than my candle. What does that mean?

    1. Dear Child,

      Traditionally when a candle burns overly fast means that although the work will go well, it probably won’t last long or be permanent and you might need to repeat again at a later date.

      But in this case you are doing it with a female candle in a “Come to Me Spell” and it is this candle that is burning overly fast, that means it is not a good sign especially if one of the candles burns away much faster than the other does. It is often a sign that timing is off in the relationship, or it is not meant to be.

      So she may show some interest in you but don’t expect much to happen. Her destiny life path is in a different direction. Accept it as such and be at peace with the situation.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. I am doing this with the male and female candles. I am wanting my man back but the female candle that represents me burned quicker than the male candle, what does that mean?

    3. Dear Unknown,

      When one candle burns faster or quicker than the other candle it can have two meanings depending upon who is doing the spell work.

      Since you are doing the spell work and the candle that represented you has burned quicker it means that you want him back more than he wants to come back, which means that he may not want to return, that he is resisting your efforts.

      You have to remember Love cannot be forced, especially if the Love is no longer there within one party or the other.

      This would hold true in a love spell or a Come to me spell. Especially if the person you have in mind is also under the influence of another woman.

      I recommend a couple of things, first read my post on “Do reconciliation spells work?” posted on September 19, 2016, this is so you can understand why they are so difficult.

      Next get a white skull candle and dress it with “Come to me” oil, on the skull with a pin write or print “ So and So will think of Such and Such” So and so being your ex and Such and such is you.

      Then on plain brown paper (from a torn paper bag) Write a petition that you will always be on your man’s mind for him to have the desire to see you, place that petition under the skull candle. Do that ritual starting on the next new moon.

      Repeat doing that one more time immediately after the first skull candle burns out.

      If by the following new moon he has not contacted you then he has moved on. That is when I recommend burning a Hummingbird or Chuperosa candle for true love to find you, because he may not have been your true love.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Hello Ms. Q. I have a question or more so concerns. Through readings I have found that my husband is under a spell or root work. This caused our separation and his distance from me. I was told he still loves me and misses me but he can't get out of the hole that the woman has placed on him. I know by all means he let her enter through the door and she just use that to her advantage. I still love my husband and I still miss him and it's been months since or separation. When he sees me it's like he flirts and he wants to do certain things but he's blocked. My question to you is what should I do? Prior, I have done come to me candles separation candles and so forth and nothing seems to work. This situation has gotten out of hand to the point he gave up our home and wants to move to the state where the woman lives now. I just don't know what to do.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I have to ask some questions from you and you’ll need to meditate on them.

      First what caused your husband to become dissatisfied with his marriage to you? That’s very important, did you become boring to him? Did you put the children and your care of the home over his personal intimate needs? Was there problems in dealing with paying bills? Did he feel overwhelmed in this marriage that he sought freedom to go back and sow his “wild oats?”

      Is he young? Or old like in his 40’s 50’s? How is it that the woman now lives out of state and is not directly in contact with him, but he desires to move there? Is he trying to somehow escape you and abandon his legal obligations to you?

      What happened in your marriage that made him vulnerable to having a spell put on him, what made him so weak-willed? You need to find those answers, it's more than just That Woman.

      Instead of thinking of spells and rituals to bring him back, you first have to address was made him so vulnerable to this other woman’s maneuverings.

      If there is children involved that are under the age of 18 he still has legal obligations to them and to you because in essence he is deserting you.

      First get a good lawyer, a good woman lawyer, inquire to what can you do legally, sometimes the fear of divorce, paying child support and spousal alimony may make him think twice about leaving you.

      Instead of begging him to stay, tell him that he has put himself in a dangerous legal position and you won’t just sit back and let it happen. KICK HIS BUTT!! (verbally and legally) tell him to quite fooling around or you will take him to court and wake up his silly brain.

      Light a “Just Judge” candle and pray to Jesus of the Sacred Heart who has sat in judgement over those who would condemn a fallen woman, when they too had sins in their hearts, ask Jesus to wake up your husband to the truth.

      And don’t fall for the flirtation game your husband is playing with you, because he is then just stringing you along, tormenting you and that is abuse, don’t take that, tell him he either comes home and forget that woman and be a husband to you or be served with court papers and then you will find a man who is a real caring man who won’t desert you. AND MEAN IT!!

      You need to be strong and stand on your own two feet, don’t grovel, you may love him but his actions speak otherwise.

      I drew a card for you about this spell put on him and I drew the Knight of Cups---was a spell put on him? Yes, but he willingly allowed it.

      But the Knight of Cups speaks to you as well. Staying focused and following your most passionate beliefs will lead to progress towards your goals. You will find peace in deep, meaningful connections with others. The Knight represents self-acceptance and an arrival to finding the proper path for your life. And this can be with or without your husband. There are others out there that maybe better for you. Use “Just Judge” for justice.

      Bright Blessings and Good Luck to you,
      Ms. Q

  3. Hello Miss Q. Thank you for replying to me.
    My husband and I are both in our mid-late twenties. From what I do know the stresses of court caused problems with my husband and I where we were just too focused on him getting custody of his first child and we didn't even take time out for ourselves. It was extreme because with court comes Financial strain and he had to work more and I had to work longer and we were just going around each other. The woman that I mentioned before work with him and there was an investigation at his job because things were getting too hectic between them two it came down to the point where either he lost his job or she did and I saw him started to protect her. I met this woman before she claimed it was nothing but a friendship between them both but I knew better you know women and our instincts. Long story short things just got worse he just became more distant and eventually we just had a big fight and he claimed that he just felt I needed better because he couldn't protect me the way he wanted to anymore. According to him, that's why he felt the need to leave. Now when you mention he willingly allowed her to do the spell did he know she was doing something like this to separate us or did he just feed into his weakness so she can go ahead and do what she needed to do? Even his family worries about him because he really has changed he is by far the complete opposite of everything that he went against. But you are right my heart just misses him so much that I was accepting certain things to happen and I need to put a stop to that and lay down some boundaries. I will try my best to find one of those candles or some of them that you have mentioned. around here don't really have Botanicas. But as far as I do know the woman just recently moved back to her home state and now he wants to move there. He told his family and he told me that he is still in love with me he just don't know why he can't be with me. So with everything it just makes me confused.
    Thank you again for your help.

    1. My Dear,

      It seems that for some reason he is feeling guilty about this situation and guilt can cause a break in his natural protective spiritual aura.

      Also the fact that there was a financially draining court case for child custody, caused the relationship between you and your husband to fall apart, the two of you never really had a chance to properly connect as a couple---then you add this guilt that he has, something that he is not really opening up about which has caused him to be protective of this other woman.

      Putting down the boundaries will be important, he is going to need to open up truthfully to you because it seems that there is something your husband is very reluctant to talk about to you and to his family. The fact that he still wants to move to her home state indicates that he feels the need to continue protecting her, and that is what he feels guilty about. He needs to confess and be heard without judgement.

      Because right now all he is doing is just frustrating you and your relationship with you, you need to tell him that. This is going even beyond just a spell put on him. This is some kind of mis-guided or mis-placed guilt. He has much to tell you and get off his chest.

      About the candles, look on my links and you will see several recommended shops that sell on line as well. Conjure Cardea carries more “Hoodoo” type products and might be the one to carry what you need for this situation.

      I drew a card for you to see what you will need in terms of your own strength and I drew the Queen of Swords

      She is A person gifted with both keen logic and natural intuition, with uncanny powers of perception and insight. One who easily sees past deception and confusion to the heart of a matter, and understands both sides of any argument. The embodiment of calm, forthrightness, and wit, in the face of even the most trying circumstances.

      The Queen of Swords is a sign that you need to be independent in thought and in judgement. You must use your unbiased intelligence in order to make a judgement of a particular situation, drawing upon every piece of information and fact that you have gathered along the way.

      Do not let emotion get in the way. Rather, use fact and logic to make your decision be like Mr. Spock of the Star Trek series think and work logically on this, all emotion must be set aside. Don’t grovel.

      The Queen of Swords also has an innate ability to tell it like it is. She is a quick thinker and highly perceptive, and as such, she can cut through the noise and confusion to get straight to the point. There is certainly no ‘beating about the bush’, or ‘softening’ of her comments, opinions and thoughts. She is upfront and honest about her opinions, and expects the same from others. Therefore, it’s important to remain as impartial as possible, and to present your thoughts and opinions concisely and honestly to your husband and demand the same from him.

      If he cannot, then you have to seriously consider informing him that the marriage is over. That is drastic to say the least, but if he feels it’s important for him to go to her either out of a spell or over guilt then he was never yours in the first place.

      I am only telling you the worst case scenario, there is the possibility that by working with the candles things can improve and you can break the spell she has on him. But you need to tell it to him like it is. And he needs to be completely truthful with you, he has been holding back and hiding something from you. He doesn’t want to or is afraid to admit it. You will need to get to the truth of it.

      Good Luck and Bright Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  4. Hello Ms. Q

    Thank you for your response. I will look for those candles soon. I made my decision with the court route. It hurts me to do so but it's starting to get out of control.

    I try to speak with him but I realized that I did place judgment without understanding on him. I was hurt by the actions he placed, I didn't even get to truly understand why he did it. I do need to put my emotions aside and think.

    You're absolutely right this goes on Beyond a spell that was placed on him. He told his sister that he doesn't want to leave. So there is something that is blocking him.

    I will try my best and see what comes out of this situation. I cannot thank you enough. I really do appreciate you helping me and others much blessings.

    1. My Dear,

      I know that this will be very hard for you. And hopefully you will soon have answers.

      Right now you need balance in your life, and as difficult as the path you will take, you will achieve that balance and harmony.

      I will have you in my prayer circle to give you strength and courage.

      Brightest of Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  5. Hello Ms. Q

    I do need balance. Everything is spiraling out of control. I took our son to see his father and it was disastrous. Long story short, our son saw him disrespect me.

    I need some peace in my heart and soul. Is there anything I can do? My mother gave me some psalms to read for healing.

    This was the worst thing he ever did. I'm not sure we can be around him. I want the hatred out of my heart. This isn't me.

    1. My Dear,
      You do not say how old your son is, he is between the ages of 3 to 12, old enough to know when parents, even if they are separated, are fighting.

      Was this when you took him to his father’s house so his father could have him for the day or the weekend? Was this a supervised visitation? Is his father in prison and that is why you had to take your son? Do you have shared custody, or you have primary custody with him having “visitation rights?”

      The reason why I ask these questions is to get an idea of the visitation.

      I can make this recommendation, if it’s an exchange that is he is to have him for the weekend or something of that sort, then do it in a safe and neutral location. I have a friend who has been dealing with something like this and what she does is they meet inside a police station (I understand that this is arranged ahead of time with the police chief or caption) because if her husband become belligerent the police can step in and calm things down.

      She just tells her now ex-husband, if their child has to take any medication, or is to not eat certain foods or whatever the problem the child might have, If he gets belligerent, she say it is not putting any restrictions, she makes this very clear, but does say what the child’s bed time is. If her Ex gets angry she says nothing, even if he starts dis-respecting her, she does not add to the argument, she does not even defend herself. She just says “the baby needs to be in bed by 8 p.m. or he gets cranky” always referring to the child’s needs and confirming with the Ex’s what time to meet to transfer the child back to her, again at the police station. And she sticks to that, she does nothing to feed into her ex’s belligerence.

      By it being at a police station it is a neutral, safe area, if he gets aggressive she can ask for a police officer to help.

      Sometimes something of this sort needs to be hammered out by the lawyers but one thing my friend made very clear to her Ex, the child is to be transferred into the father’s hands and only into the father’s hands, the only other acceptable person is the father’s mother, not a girlfriend or a friend nor any other relative except someone she knows and can trust among the Ex’s family and there should be an agreed list of those she can trust. She has her mother with her to video record the exchange. It keeps everyone honest. If a girlfriend comes along the girl friend is to say nothing except to confirm the child’s needs and bedtime.

      You may have to do the same thing, especially if he has no respect for you, you must always have respect for yourself. And if you bring a boyfriend along he is to say nothing, make that clear to him (

      I recommend that you do a “Honey Jar” to sweeten him, and be nice to you. It takes time, but by doing the exchange in a police station will make a big difference in his attitude, he should leave first with the child and you stay in the police station for 10 minutes so there is no problem outside the station.

      To bring in Balance and Harmony into yourself, get a white candle (glass enclosed is safest) anoint it with peace oil (put a drop or two on your index finger and rub the oil on the top of the candle clock wise) and ask St. Michael and Mother Mary to help you maintain peace and harmony and balance in your soul and spirit. This candle should be lit on a new moon and should burn out by or just before the Full Moon.

      Every evening focus on the candle and pray to Mother Mary and St. Michael for strength to remain detached from anything he says, to not show emotion but be an island of peace.

      This is for your own personal peace. If he is violent towards you seek legal advice from a woman lawyer to see what can be done to restrain him, but having the transfer of the child at a police station is best and safest, if the Father does not like that idea, inform him that it is the best neutral location if he wants to have visitation, otherwise you will get a lawyer and then only your lawyer will speak to him.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. One more thing My Dear,

      Be Strong, never let him brow-beat you, he is only reflecting the hate he has for himself. He is a weakling if he has to disrespect you, he is not a man, he is a bully. If he keeps it up---well we don't like bullies.

      Remember, BE STRONG!!

      Bright Blessings,

    3. Hello Ms. Q

      Our son is 4. I take him to his father at least twice a month. There's no order in place. I was the one making the trip because my husband wanted our son around her. I went so he couldn't do so as well as be around his daughter.
      I know it seemed silly but my husband wasn't even home taking care of his daughter. I didn't want our son to have the same issue. He didn't have an problem until she said something about it.
      I do have a honey jar going. I use red,pink, white and blue candles. The red and blue candles leave puddles.

      From now on, I won't argue with him. He knows how to push those buttons. I was told she did more so we can argue.
      I have spoken to a lawyer. Deep down inside I'm hoping he comes around. We'll meet halfway from now on. Since she's gone, I feel better. I know if he moves, my heart will ache knowing our son will be there with her. But I want our son to be with his father. There's nothing I can do.

      I will try my best to be at peace. I just hope she doesn't try to do something to our son.

    4. My Dear,

      I’m a little confused about your explanation but I’m presuming that your husband has a girlfriend, who is the “trouble maker” if that is the case, you could do a binding spell on her in an attempt to prevent her from hurting your son as well as a freezing spell to freeze her tongue.

      But since there is no court order in place, it is VITAL to work with your lawyer and to make sure that your son is protected as much as possible through the courts.

      When your son comes home from visiting his father (Your husband) question him gently about how was his visit with his “daddy”, make it very casual and conversational, like talking while eating milk and cookies, and listen very carefully to what your son says. If he says anything that gives you concern, you may want to speak to a lawyer or to a police officer before calling child protective services. If they say call CPS for them to do an investigation then do so.

      It is a good thing to do the Honey Jar, but you are going to have to do something about her as well, that is why I suggest both a binding spell and a freezing spell on her.

      It would take more space for me to post it here in the reply section, but in the next few days watch for a post on binding and freezing and apply those methods to keep her “in check”.

      I also suggest that in time, you get a Blessed St. Michael medal for your son to wear in the future when he is older say at age 8, as he is a too young right now to wear one. But for now to dedicate the protection of his welfare to St. Michael to watch over him.

      I’m putting you in my prayer circle to give you strength and peace of mind, heart and soul.

      Bright Blessings to you My Dear,
      Ms. Q

    5. Hello Ms. Q

      Yes ma'am, my husband has a mistress. She's the one that casted whatever spell on him. I am a novice to spiritual work. My mother knew some things that her mother taught her. I would say it worked for a while at the beginning. They would argue a lot and he started coming around to Me Slowly but with an instant it switched around.

      I even look into root work services to help my situation. Nothing has worked. I have tried myself to break them up and have him come around to me but again nothing has worked. My mother is fond of candles so I lit different types of candles for break up work. It could just mean I'm not strong enough I'm not sure.

      I just recently started the Honey Jar a month ago. As an attempt to get him to be nicer to me. So we'll see what will happen with that. I honestly want the girl out of the picture and try to reconcile with my husband. But she's hard to break off. I was told she did some serious work since last year on my husband and us being separated was the icing on the cake.

      Okay thank you for the help

    6. I have just read one of your posts and I do apologize for not leaving my initials


    7. My Dear,

      It seems you may have to “get tough”, and think about using Black Destroyer Oil on a black female image candle that should represent her. Be careful using this oil as it will stain clothing.

      If you know her name carve it on the back of the candle, When you apply the oil on the candle stroke the oil from the bottom of the candle to the top or head, make sure to have the head facing away from you, stroke the oil only in one direction which is away from you from the base to the head.

      While you are doing this think or chant something about her leaving him, leaving him alone, getting out of his life. This is a ritual you will have to do repeatedly, it’s always best to do this when the moon is waning (getting smaller), or do it during the dark of the moon when there is no moon at all, usually 3 days before the new moon. This is to banish her out of your life and your husband’s life.

      Some metaphysical shops carry Black Destroyer Oil or Destruction Oil, Lucky Mojo (which I have listed) carries Destruction Oil---or you could make it yourself, but it does take time to do. See my tag listings for Black Destroyer Oil.

      Like I said, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get tough, no holds bar type of workings.

      If he sees you for any reason you may want to dress a bit provocatively, don’t look like a weeping willow but a sexy diva who can hold her own, smile, flirt and let him know without words, what he’s missing. Wear “Follow Me Boy” or “Cleo May” oil to attract him. Fight fire with fire so to speak. Act like “O.K. you’re with her but maybe I might be getting some man interested in me too.”

      Men always want what they can’t have, and if he senses he’s losing you too, he just may change his tune, if you’ve ever watched the movie “Grease” The Boy starts looking at Miss Vanilla when she turns into Hot Cinnamon. She fights fire with fire. So make yourself look good, real good, dry those tears and put on a provocative smile on your face like the cat that ate the canary, and he’ll wonder what is up with you.

      When you talk to him look directly at him, never look away from him and don’t have your eyes look down, catch him with your eyes. He’ll try to stare you down but here’s a trick to take command only look at one of his eyes, not both, choose which eye you will look at and focus on that eye, it’s not doing the evil eye, it’s dominating him by only looking at one eye. And if she should try to talk to you do the same thing, you don’t even have to talk to her. She’ll begin to feel uncomfortable.

      The reason why I tell you this is this is the reason why cops wear reflective sun glasses, you cannot look at their eyes, I should know, one of my grand-nephews is a cop. But then it’s always wise to do as the police officer directs, saves a lot of grief.

      So do those things with the black Destroyer oil and wear those other scents, and look sexsay.

      And if he doesn’t come back, I can guarantee that a Good Man will find you and be what you want him to be.

      You should begin to see results within 4 to 6 weeks, so hang in there. And if nothing happens then the Devine Presence has something else planned for your life, it may be a better man, so don’t be a weeping willow, be a sexsay diva!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    8. Hello Ms. Q

      I am dying of laughter. So I see I'll have to step up and out of my comfort zone. I am willing to do anything. I'll try this and see what it'll bring.

      Everything you're saying, I've been avoiding. It's so hard looking at him. I will definitely try this.

      Thank you so much for helping me throughout these weeks!


    9. Dear AG,

      I'm happy to help you, and remember, there are a lot of good fish out in that ocean, just (as my Daddy use to say) dangle the "right kind of bait".

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  6. I was doing a breakup spell over the course of three days and on the second day, the candle went out and a heart formed in black wax at the base. Then the third day I continued burning the same candle and what looked like a sword piercing the heart and blood pouring out took shape in the wax. Also there was a twin flame for a little while, but it went back to a single flame... do you think the outcome will be in my favor?


    1. My Dear,

      You have/had a lot going on with this “breakup spell”. I’m presuming that you want to breakup two people because in some way you either disapproved of the relationship or you have desires for one of the persons involved----I’m not going to get into that, it’s your working.

      So I’m just going to deal with each event at a time and what it means----

      The second day the candle went out, when the candle goes out it means that strong energies are working against you. When this happens you have three choices:

      1) Dispose of this candle and start over with another.

      2) Re-light the candle and refortify it with fervent prayer.

      or 3) Dispose of the candle and re-evaluate your goal.

      In your case you chose to relight it, but a heart formed in the wax at the base, and this is a break up candle working and the flame went out---that means that the feelings between the two persons is strong.

      On the 3rd day you must have relit the candle and continued burning the same candle and there was a twin flame for a short time which became one flame---- that means that there would be a break up or separation but it will only be temporary and there will be a reunion.

      But under that an image formed looking like a sword piercing the heart and blood pouring out, that is a symbol of the break up and tears really, not necessarily blood, but remember the flames reunited.

      Usually when a sword shows up, it means judgement, arguments and or retribution to be suffered if the sword is pointing downwards, if the sword is pointing upwards it means protection, so if upwards that means that the relationship is protected.

      But what if it’s pointing downwards or is piercing the heart------

      In the Catholic belief this is a sign of the Sacred Heart of Mary, representing the grieving Mother of Christ, also called Our Lady of Sorrows (“A sword shall pierce through thine own soul also,” said Simeon to her in the temple). In fact, the heart-with-dagger symbol has even migrated, along with the aspect of Mary, into of voodoo. In one of its darker aspects it is the symbol of Erzulie Dantor, a dark, female spirit.

      Erzulie Dantor is the patron of healing, motherhood, protection from violence, lesbians, homosexuals, wealth, strength, magical power, single women, but she also can extract vengeance and cruelty and this is in many ways the opposite of Mary.

      So if you are doing a break-up spell or working for personal reasons, it doesn’t look too good. There will be heart ache not only for them, but also for you as well.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. It was pointing down. What would you suggest I do? Try something stronger to break them up? Is there a way to prevent the heartache for me?

    3. My Dear,

      I cannot answer your question until you tell me truthfully the reason why you want to do this break up spell.

      Emphasis on “Truthfully” and are you over 21 or under 21?

      My dear I have to ask these hard questions because in trying to interfere for “selfish” reasons would be negatively affecting their life path and lessons as well as yours, so don’t make up something or try and “dance” around it.

      Because if you do then there is no way to avoid “heart break” for you or anyone.

      So I would say for now stop doing the spell. It’s only going to lead to trouble.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  7. Yes, I'm over 21.
    I'm in love with a man that has a live in girlfriend. We have been involved for almost a year but he says he cannot break his current relationship because he supports her financially. He says he is working to help her become independent, and that he will end the relationship at that point, but I feel that she is lazy and takes advantage of him. He says their relationship is dead. There are no children involved and I just feel that he is waiting for her to do it for him. I think he does not like confrontation and maybe is not confident enough. I have actually tried to leave him twice but every time I do I feel physical pain and panic in my heart. I have never felt this way about anyone and worry that I never will again. I feel that we are in love and right for each other and don't know what to do.

    1. My Dear,

      I’m afraid that this man is just “stringing you along” it seems too convenient for him to be giving these excuses. The good thing is at this time no children are involved, But I strongly urge you to NOT get pregnant by him because it will lead to more heart ache. Do not loan or give him any money, do not buy him any gifts, do no co-sign for him either. WALK AWAY FROM HIM.

      The message from the candle is saying that the effort to break them up is “a lie”, he will not leave her, he really does care for her, he likes the idea of her being dependent upon him.

      The sad thing is that You have become the victim, having an affair with him and waiting for him to break up with her when a better man will come along, but that better man will not come along until You break it off with him.

      I did a reading for you asking if he will leave the other woman for you, and I drew the Eight of Swords, and it is not going to happen, what is happening is you’ve become emotionally caught up in a form of Psychological Entrapment and Self-Sabotage in thinking this man is for you, and you are doing the trapping because of your emotions.

      To get an even better idea I asked if doing another break up spell would help and I drew Justice, but it was reversed meaning that if you pursue trying to break them up it will only make matters worse, you are not doing yourself any good because if you do get him there will only be strife and arguments between the two of you, no love at all, because he is lying to you.

      To be honest you are not really in love with him, but because of this “forbidden romance” you think you are and that is why you feel the way you do.

      Heed the warning that Spirit, that is your guides and Guardian Angels are telling you, you will only have heart break. They have made it very clear to you, the sword through the heart and tears to follow. You will not get him.

      I did ask my guides to guide my hand with Tarot to see if a better man will come along and I drew the Sun, which means yes.

      Break up with this man, give yourself 18 months to heal, and clear your head and heart and know that a better man is coming, he will gently hold your heart and you will not feel pain and panic but warmth, love and joy.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  8. Thank you for doing the reading for me. Could you also tell me if they are planning on having children together? Will I have children with the man that is in my future? Is it a person I know already or someone new?

    1. My Dear,

      I had to break down your questions into segments. And it’s a good thing I have a lot of energy today, next week I won’t because I’m going to have a very busy Sunday. Apple picking and family get together---Bar-be-que! And the kids asking me to give them readings with my kiddie tarot deck.

      So to your questions-----

      "Could you also tell me if they are planning on having children together?"

      I drew the Seven of Pentacles (Assessment), but it is reversed, the answer is sort of mixed, she plans on it, but he doesn’t, he doesn’t want children, he fears them tying him up, holding him down, but she has other plans, so he’ll stay because of commitment but he won’t be happy, because she suspects something. Say nothing to him or her, it is their life path, don’t interfere with it.

      "Will I have children with the man that is in my future?"

      I drew The Chariot I see victory but first you are going to have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince, so you will be dating a few men until you meet the one who will ask you to marry him before you have children.

      "Is it a person I know already or someone new?"

      Is it someone you know?---the answer is No, this is a new person coming into your life, but I see several new people coming into your life, some will be players, only one will be true. Work on being perceptive, operate from Logic not emotion.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  9. Also, can you know why he got involved with me? I don't understand why he went after me for a long time if he didn't really want me? Does he care for me at all?

    1. My Dear,

      Again I had to do it in segments.

      “Can you know why he got involved with me?”

      I drew the Queen of Wands, he saw your inner fire, but also that you were too naïve, too anxious, he was bored with her and he wanted the “forbidden fruit” and he knew he could play at your “heart strings”

      “I don’t understand why he went after me for a long time if he didn’t really want me?”

      On this I drew the Knight of Pentacles but reversed, in a way he was lazy and you were available, proximity really and again he could play you.

      “Does he care for me at all?”

      My Dear, sadly I drew the Three of Cups (Abundance), but reversed, this means that for him it is a time of shallow overindulgence, and getting satisfaction from sensual pleasures divorced from any sense of love. So it was only what you can offer physically, but without love on his part, in terms of caring? The cards are saying “not really.”

      I am so sorry My Dear Child, but this all confirms what the reading from the Wax told you and that was a message from your spirit guides and guardian angels.

      We go through a lot of hurt and pain in trying to find the right life partner who will love us and care for us.

      When we seek it through the sensual path, instead of really learning about a person, that is being first friends, seeing if one’s likes and dis-likes match up and slowing down on the sensual flirtation, if we follow the sensual path then all we do is find ourselves getting hurt again and again.

      Even my Mother (God Bless Her) told me ages ago (and I’m nearing 80) “You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” And I have, and some of them were terrible kissers. This is a life lesson for you, so heed the message and be free of these false shackles, once and for all.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  10. Also, should I tell her that he is cheating on her?

    1. My Dear,

      Emphatically "NO!" you will only bring heart ache down on yourself, and accomplish Nothing and drive him away and have both her and him hate you.

      Do not be foolish. Trust me I speak from very sad experience, and the experience of others.

      It will only humiliate you and destroy you in spirit.

      I will get to your other questions tomorrow, please be patient.

      Bright Blessings and peace to your heart,
      Ms. Q

  11. Dear Voodoo Queen,

    This will be the first part just giving you a brief history on the situation....

    I have a situation that I would really like your input on. I lived with my amazing boyfriend who did the world for me and we got pregnant, he stayed the whole pregnancy and did everything until my 9th month this January when he started an affair with a married whore he met from work. He began cheating on me 9 months pregnant and telling me he wants to leave, he didnt want this, etc...
    Once I gave birth, I came home with our new baby and him and got a call from this whore telling me hes been in her bed every night my final week before i was due. I lost my mind and suffered tremendously with a newborn and being betrayed and abandoned. He contiued the relationship with her and is now still with this slut 8 months later.

    I am now over him, but I am not over the betrayal. He has remained in my Sons life and at first kept coming to my house to visit with him, until eventually taking me to court to ensure he can take his Son to his families house. I feel she definitely influenced him to do that. In the court order it states she is not allowed to be present during his visitation. When I saw his emails and found him trying to sneak her in his parents house when he has our Son, because she was jealous that he always sees his Son and cant have her there, I immediately stopped letting him take our Son. Instead of him trying to reason with me or stop the madness over her, he continued just worrying about her and didn't bother to come over at all to see his Son if he cant take him then. He went from a cheater and a guy who looked "guilty" and still treated me good financially and respectfully to now becoming a monster and basically not giving a shit about me or our Son, and just staying with her. Everyone says he seems miserable now, he looks like a slob, dirty, unkept, gained weight... he stopped posting on facebook like he would in the beginning of their relationship...he went pretty much under the radar now and doesnt seem to live a happy life because during all these 8 months while our relations became more and more toxic all because of this whore, he continued jeopardizing it all to stay with her and continue. And once she got comfortable, she began mocking me and spiting that shes his #1, and he loves her so much, etc etc on FB. Obviously to try to rub in my face or prove a point because shes insecure about something.

    She taunted me when I just gave birth and feels no shame or guilt for even breaking my childs home, she takes pride on FB, posting how "shes been through hell and she can look into the fire and smile"... she's an evil cunt. What she doesnt know is I been working on her.

  12. Now onto the work I've done so far...
    I did my first traditional breakup jar on them in June. On the 5th night the jar broke at the top in my hand and I buried it in her front yard. He still stayed with her but on August 22, I wasnt allowed in his parents house for his Dads birthday because he brought her instead and me and my Son werent welcome. Thats when we REALLY got toxic and havent seen each other or spoken since, other than when he needs to give me money. He is still with her now, but on August 22, I drove to her house and sprinkled inflammatory confusion, breakup and goofer dust on her doormat. That seemed to instantly show some work because she started posting on her page how she risks heartbreak because she craves love, and how she will give her all and more but wont be fooled or lied to... and then posted to her friend how he treats her like shit and if it doesnt improve they should get their own place together.

    I think the tricks being laid did more than the jar did. So anyway, things seem fine again now from her posts but could just be her trying to mess with me because he literally posts nothing on his page anymore and stays away. I now started a cursing jar on her this Saturday, along with a black figural candle with pins and also a vigil for "revenge" on her. It's been going strong ever since, but the figural candle has been tearing like crazy each night. And finally last night as I cursed her, she melted FAST pulling the wax from both sides down the middle to the wick, kinda like the bottom shape of a heart.... and it started tearing like MAD both from the back and the front. All the pins I stuck in her melted off except the one I put in her heart. On the first night, I carved a broken heart on it and stabbed it with the pin. That night, the flame barely got to the neck, and there were 2 small tears coming out of the heart where the pin was. Is that normal? Could that be a scientific conclusion behind that?

    And now, well last night... was the 4th night... thats when she started really melting fast down to the center and her whole left arm never melted down, it just melted off from the shoulder and fell to the side, in the shape of a claw or a devil horn... the pin i stabbed in her heart is STILL attached and melted now all the way down with the rest of the wax, entangled with all the tears and it looks like a knot on the pin. It was also pierced all the way through the candle though so that may be why it won't fall out? It is laying vertically down though , piercing through all the tears and wax in front of her.

    Also, there was a blurry light around her flame last night... almost like an omen or something. And then it crackled once or twice.....but the tears did not stop flowing at all for the whole 30 minutes. Is there a sign to that?

    Lastly, her novena candle for revenge is burning strong each day and night now, however, only when i curse her it gets weak while the figural candle responds.... and the top of the glass is sooty but not like the first vigil I did on her which was all black to top half... this one is like 1/4 blackish grey at the top and the rest clear. is this a sign I should still do another candle on her?

  13. Please let me know how you would interpret these signs. Also if I can, I would love to send you the pictures of the wax because theres a WHOLE lot of signs in those tears and puddles and I cant read them... thanks so much. Hope you can help me with your suggestions. I really need her to be out of the picture simply because she destroyed the most special time of my and my childs life and she is conflicting with my ability to coparent with his Father and give my Son a stable life. I dont want him back, but I want him to not be with someone who disrespected me and our Son to that extreme when I was pregnant and still has indirect influence on the outcomes of our situation. I seek pure justified revenge for all the intentional hell and torment she caused me and she won't shut her mouth and learn her boundaries until it happens. He loved his Son and was still active in his life until she made us fight more and more and now I dont even know him at all anymore, and I dont think hes that happy with her either. Hes just confused and in a funk not knowing what to do with his life now. Please help.

    Stay blessed.

  14. Hi Q,

    Just had a question about how my candle is burning. It is a free standing candle which is brown for a court settlement from EEOC. It seems as if the candle is peeling open with a lot of waz burning evenly on the plate. I have a green candle with it and that is burning just fine. Would you consider this wax to be tears?


    1. Dear Unknown,

      If the brown candle is peeling open, it may reveal things from the EEOC which they withheld from you, there is the possibility you might have to do an appeal, but they have put you through a lot, the fact that the green candle is burning well, which is for money tells me that the money will come to you, but it may take a bit more work than you planned.

      I would say that it is more frustration with the EEOC, hang in there, don’t give up, you will get what is owed to you.

      Bright Blessings,

  15. HI ms. Q,

    What does it mean when the melted candle looks like a cat and the other candle so far no mess yet?

    1. Hello Jey,

      It depends upon how close to the base of the candle the cat is.

      If near the candles' base in a resting position, it shows domes­tic comfort.

      But if it's a face or standing then it means someone of a crafty nature and warns you of lurking enmity which aims at spoliation and plunder.

      Be on your guard against the predatory instincts of someone crafty and subtle, and either in your business or personal beware of cheating and fraud.

      Your position in a situation could also be insecure and needs much careful watching.

      Basically when it is further away from the candle or is a face or standing the cat usually shows treachery or deception approaching or nearby.

      Without knowing exactly what your spell or candle was for, I cannot go beyond the basic meanings.

      What the other candle that has no mess unless I know what it is burning for I cannot give a reading, but usually it means all is well. Unless you're hexing someone.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  16. Hello? It's the same poster from above... please help me. Thank you

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I have not forgotten you, but I have been plagued with a sinus headache all day----from allergies.

      Your situation is very complicated. I'd have to say that your revenge workings are working, but I'd have to say at what cost to yourself.

      You don't want him back, but he does need to be in his son's life as he is the father and his parents, your son's grand parents should be able to see your son. What you might want to do is call your baby's grandparents and ask if you can bring the baby around so they can see him, with out the father or his girlfriend being there.

      Do not make disparaging remarks about the girlfriend or about him except to say that "it would be wonderful if he could help out with the baby and see the baby at your place without the girl friend, so he can get to know his boy better."

      By being nice and sweet about it, while doing skull candle work, can work wonders. But be sweet, keep negative comments out of the conversation regarding her, or you will undo all your work.

      If you want to keep doing revenge upon her, then continue to do so but you should also work it so that he will start thinking about your son and you to care for your boy and to have respect for you.

      I recommend working with a white skull candle to have the both of you on his mind and by doing so have him come around to you to work with you on caring for your baby.

      You can also use a black skull candle on her. Check out my blog post on skull candles, for more information.

      The working with the powders seemed to work very well, but you do risk being found out doing that, you may want to continue doing that but be careful. Especially with Goofer Dust.

      I did a one card reading and I drew the 4 of Swords which means Truce---The Four of Swords reversed can indicate that you are feeling restless and wanting to do everything at once. Even if your body is telling you that you need to rest and relax, your mind may be pushing you forward, trying to accomplish a long list of tasks.

      You may be getting quite sick or stressed as a result, so it is vital that you force yourself to pause and take it easy to ensure that you do not become completely run down and exhausted.

      The Four of Swords reversed suggests that you are feeling frustrated with the lack of progress and change in your life.

      The Four of Swords reversed can also represent stagnation and a lack of action that is leading to increased frustration. You may need to take a break from this stalled situation and come back to it when the energy is flowing better.

      If you don't you could get ill, it's important for you to maintain your health and the baby's health.

      The spells are working, eventually she'll destroy her own self. But not at the expense of your health.

      Bright Blessings,

    2. My Dear,

      If you are the one with the brown candle burning from the EEOC. this reply is not for you but for the person above. If you do not include initals of your first and last name then I cnnot credit the correct answer to the right person. It will help me GREATLY.

      I will answer your question tomorrow.

      Bright Blessings,

  17. I am doing some healing love work for myself and someone to come back together and strengthen our bond. We are currently broken up and on vague speaking terms following a misunderstanding that led to an argument in which we both said some hurtful things we didn't mean. We have since apologized and ackowledged that we are still very much in love, but things between us is up in the air and now we are both afraid.. him more so than me. We have been hurt before and we don't want to hurt each other anymore. I have been meditating, taking regular sea salt and honey baths and burning white and pink candles. I recently did a ritual that my aunt taught me years ago in which I dressed three free standing votive candles in sugar, honey, and blessed them with florida water... placed them in the shape of a heart on a plate and surrounded them with rose petals. I then placed a hematite ring in the middle of them. I have two large rose quartz stones that I pushed together with a photo of us in the middle... one candle is red one is white and the other is Pink. I meditated over the candles and prayed, lit them, and all three flames crackled a little bit before burning high and strong. Once they melted, the pink candle and white candle burned clean into a perfect circle while the red candle melted all over the place. The red candle left puddles of Wax shaped like so many hearts around the mirror plate I had them sitting on. I counted at least twelve hearts in the red wax. The ring shifted into the center of the white candle where it pushed the flame to the side and rested right in the middle of the white candle In regards to my recent candle work can you give me some insight regarding the images that I saw in the wax and why the Ring went into the white candle? Is that a good sign? Is the crackling that I heard reassurance from the angels? All of my other candles for our love and healing Burn High and the flames spiral and they burn clean and leave no wax. This time was different and threw me off just a little bit because while I can read the candle flame I am no good at reading the wax. Thank you so much for any advice you may have to give. Blessings and peace to you.


    1. My Dear,

      This is my interpretation of what you described to me---

      “The red candle left puddles of Wax shaped like so many hearts around the mirror plate I had them sitting on. I counted at least twelve hearts in the red wax. The ring shifted into the center of the white candle where it pushed the flame to the side and rested right in the middle of the white candle"

      If you work carefully with him and reassure him, it is possible he will propose to you. The ring into the white candle indicates the possibility of marriage, based on the flame of reassurance, as oppose to overt passion, should he ask you to marry him, you will have a long married life---at least that is my interpretation.

      The crackling sounds are your angels and spirit guides discussing the situation.

      Those candles that burned clean means that things will work out and you’ll both have answers.

      But it will take time, he is so unsure about things, he may dance away from you.

      It sounds like you are both young, sometimes getting married at a young age when both have been hurt and are unsure can make things difficult in the issues of trust,

      1. If you both care for each other work on that trust.

      2. Do not get pregnant before you marry, that will destroy the trust. Use protection, do not allow passion to exceed caution.

      With men, if a woman gets pregnant the men become distrustful sub consciously, so work on the trust issue.

      Either way, something wonderful will happen in terms of love in 12 months’ time.

      Primarily do not rush into things, build up the trust slowly, and mend the anger that caused those words to be spoken, get to understand each other better.

      Bright Blessings,

    2. Thank you for your interpretation. Makes sense to me. We are in our 30s. We both have children from past relationships... I am permanently sterile and can't have anymore children. He is aware of that and is satisfied with the number of children between the both of us, so unplanned pregnancy isn't an issue. I am also abstinent from sex. He and I have been intimate before. In his absence I date, but am avoiding sex altogether while I work to cleanse my aura and balance my chakras. We have known each other for decades and have been friends all of that time. Through it all we have never argued or spoke ill words to each other. This is the first time. I've had readings in which I've been told that he is my soul mate, twin flame... and right now serves as healing time for the both of us... we should reconcile in December, talk about what happened, and things will slowly progress into a more final step into commitment in April 2017. I have been told that he will eventually propose and we will have a wonderful bond and marriage, but he is a slow mover and though these things will happen it will take time.

      I asked your advice because you are so informative in your posts and patient in explaining things. I also wanted to share my story for reference of others that might be going through something similar.

      Thank you again... be wonderfully and abundantly blessed.

    3. Thank you my Dear,

      And you also be wonderfully and abundantly blessed, and don't be surprised if he suggests that the both of you either adopt or foster a child in need.

      There is the possibility of that happening.

      Bright Blessings,

    4. I am curious to know if you do readings and/or work. If so, what is your fee?

    5. Dear visblog85,

      I am retired, I'm nearly 80, and my health is so-so.

      On doing readings I may do a "One-Card" reading on this blog as a courtesy, if it's kept to one question.

      On doing the work, I only do it now for myself and my family, again because of health, none of them do it but they understand it.

      If you are looking for an extensive reading or for someone to "set lights" (ie the work), I recommend looking at the American Rootworkers Association their web site is, founded by Denise Alvarado, I like them because Carolina Dean and Sarah Kathleen of Conjure Cardena are associated with them. Look for them in the Members Directory.

      The other one is the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, their web site is although founded by Catherine Yronwood I like them because they have Mama E. and ConjureMan Ali. The are in the members directory.

      Bright Blessings,

  18. Hello I did a honey jar on someone who has a court case on me right now. I want to sweeten him up and put things in my favor I been burning candles on it for a while now. I ran out of pink and white candles so I used a gray one. The tears are present. And all the wax melted in front of the candle towards me. This spell was for him to change his mind and drop the court case. The tears ran on the right side of the jar and the front of the jar. What do you think? Thanks

    1. My Dear,

      This is a mixed message from your Honey Jar, it means that IF you do not have solid evidence to refute what claims this person has on you it could go against you.

      You want him to change his mind and drop the court case, this tells me that your case to refute him maybe weak unless you have a physical witness to testify on your behalf that what he says is wrong or are lies.

      The tears are saying you need to be sure of your case, that hopefully your evidence is strong and solid against him. If you’ve ever watched “Judge Judy” or “The People’s Court” if there is no photographic evidence, no contract (verbal does not fly), or written agreement, there is no witness to back you up, then there will be “tears”.

      Part of the problem is you switched from pink and white candles to grey, and although grey is neutral, it tells me that he might go forward with his case against you.

      I did a one card reading for you to get an idea of this situation and the card I drew is Nine of Swords (Cruelty)

      Nine of Swords’ Meaning is about Accidents · Paranoia · Depression · Grief · Mental anguish: Debilitating mental anguish or ill health. Being dragged down by the dishonor of others. Participation in a shameful or regrettable act. Inescapable guilt, mistrust, and doubt. May indicate a death or other catastrophic loss.

      One of the more negative cards to draw, the Nine of Swords foretells or describes a powerful mental anguish. The source of this anguish may well be within you, arising from you being too quick to cast a negative light on your actions or abilities. It may also arise from paranoia. Despite often being unfounded, your pain can take the form of sleeplessness, of fear, depression, loneliness and isolation. Beware pushing away those who are seeking to help you, and find the courage to reach out for help. Even if these feelings are based in reality, it may be difficult for you to clearly find a solution in your current state. Carefully consider and look for potential sources of aid and counsel.

      The difficulty you have shouldered will soon be lifted from you. Your feelings of depression and mental distress must be dealt with. The standards you have set for yourself may be unreasonable and steer you towards self-loathing and disappointment. You must be able to forgive yourself and others in order to move past your negative feelings.

      The Nine of Swords is symbolic of worry, grief, and anxiety. It could mean a period of mental anguish, some sort of horrible accident, or many sleepless nights to come. A turn for the worse could be ahead of you, and you should beware of depression and thoughts of self-harm. To your question the answer is No.

      As my Granny use to say when faced with something that even all the magickal workings are not squaring away, it means that it is a life lesson you have to learn from, or to put it in her terms “Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst, Deal with what Comes.”

      This person is determined to go through with the case, if you had stayed with the pink and white candles there could have been a softening but now not so much because you shifted to a grey candle, that’s why the tears. Remember in dealing with the Judge, just because you might say “That didn’t happen” is not enough, you have to PROVE your side of it, if you can’t, then you can’t and have to deal with the consequences.

      I can’t help but feel that this is a life lesson for you, you have to step back and see where did you make your mistake and accept some responsibility for it.

      Good Luck My Dear,

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  19. Greetings Ms.Q I've been seeing this guy for a year, on and off... He and his son's mother weren't together as far i knew..he let me come stay at his house.then one night he tried to stay out but I wouldn't let him, he got mad, and put me out. Devastated me.. Now not even two months later. I think him and son's mom are back together and she don't even love him.she Just didn't like seeing him happy with me. We have been sexaul..I'm doing a come to me spell with a pink candle and herbs and honey jar with a cigarette of his and my hair the flame is dancing swirling around mostly to the right can you please help me I just started it yesterday

    1. Dear MB,

      My senses say that he doesn’t like being told what to do, and it’s possible that he and his son’s mother have worked something out and that you may be out of the picture so to speak.

      If the flame is moving frequently to the right and is dancing my interpretation is this it reveals indecisiveness and doubts. The person you are trying to affect is fighting back.

      Technically speaking if the flame bends to the right – Love life should be smooth, but it’s dancing i.e. jumping, so there are problems, you are dealing with a situation that is way out of balance, you will need to use your head rather than your emotions if you decide to pursue the situation, which my interpretation says is futile.

      I did a one card reading on this situation and I drew Judgement

      Judgement's Meaning is about Change · Decisions · Success · Transformation and Upheaval

      Judgment tells a story of transition, but unlike Death or the Tower, it is not sudden change, or born of luck or intuition, but change that springs from reason. It signifies plans, often long in the making, coming to fruition. It speak towards the nature of the change; if there is a choice that needs to be made, ruminate and let your mind guide the decision. Logic, in this case, is a better guide than intuition. Be prepared to make that major decision in your life, likely one that will shape the next chapter of your life.

      The present has arrived and you need to relinquish the past this is the best time to change an element of your lifestyle.

      The Judgement card is representative of some sort of change or transformation, likely one that has already occurred. It could mean the presence of a spiritual or professional calling and making decisions that will lead to a life success but to do that you need to let go of the past, including past relationships that are no longer valid or really in your life.

      Sad as this is, you should adjust the honey jar so you can love yourself and move on in your life, it will not develop as you want, you have to remember in magic you cannot force someone to love you that is a violation of “free will” and can have harmful repercussions on you and the one you want.

      Adjust the honey jar so you can have love for yourself, within yourself and release the pain of the situation.

      Otherwise you will discover he will be just using you and that will be extremely painful to you, you don’t need that in your life, there is something, someone better coming to you, but you have to be patient, by this time next year, you will be amazed at how much you have grown emotionally.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  20. I did a love spell in a man I love. We are not in a relationship however he has said he would
    One day want one... I wrote both my name and the mans name on two pink candles. They melted down into a heart but the wicks are going opposite ways. I also did a honey jar but the wax doesn't seem to be sticking to the jar much I'm not sure if it's because both the candle and jar are from the dollar store. How long do I have
    To keep lighting candles on the jar? How long does it take to work? Please help

  21. I did a love spell in a man I love. We are not in a relationship however he has said he would
    One day want one... I wrote both my name and the mans name on two pink candles. They melted down into a heart but the wicks are going opposite ways. I also did a honey jar but the wax doesn't seem to be sticking to the jar much I'm not sure if it's because both the candle and jar are from the dollar store. How long do I have
    To keep lighting candles on the jar? How long does it take to work? Please help

    1. Dear Lovinghim,

      I think you posted your question twice, but I'll respond here.

      I’ve used candles and jars and such from the Dollar Store myself, it doesn’t matter where you purchase the materials, it’s the intent of the working, so it is working and it’s giving you a message.

      Even though the candles melted down to a heart shape the direction of the wicks tell the truth of the matter, it means that neither of you will get together in matters of the heart, he is in one direction and the Guiding Spirit is saying that love for you is in another direction.

      Another meaning by the wicks going in two directions is like the old saying “He’s saying one thing but is meaning another,” if you understand my meaning.

      You cannot force a person to love you even through magical means if the love is not there. I’m just advising you on that aspect, to prepare you in case of disappointment.

      So your last two questions have the same answer, I’ve always said that you should begin to see any positive progress between the time you light the candles and continue to burn candles to either the full or new moon, if there is no obvious progress then continue doing it for another moon cycle. After that then stop, because nothing is going to happen. So you will be burning candles for at least 1 moon cycle but no more than 2 moon cycles.

      Or in a more mundane way, if you do not see anything happening within 4 to 8 weeks, then it will Not happen, because it was not meant to happen. Your life paths are different.

      The best thing you can do is, in your heart if nothing happens, is to let him go. Treat him as a friend because his path is not the same as yours. But if he blandishes words of “hope” to you, then be careful, he is playing you, to keep you on his “string” should he tire of whomever he might be seeing. And THAT is not fair to you or your chance of having Real Love come to you.

      If the candles do not stick very well to the jar use a bit of putty or child’s modeling clay to hold the candle to the top of the jar. That usually does the trick.

      And using candles and things from the Dollar Store works very well in magical practices. I've used them myself, as well as herbs and things including candles from Grocery Stores and Drug stores.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  22. I'm burning a green candle. As it melts down, the wax is melting over one side and it looks like a tongue. The flame is high and steady. Any thoughts?

    1. My Dear,

      I am presuming you are burning a green candle for money to come in to your home, or for a job, prosperity or possibly to have a child, i.e. fertility, not knowing exactly why you’re burning a green candle except for any one of those possible reasons, does leave me a bit in the dark.

      With the flame high and steady as of your writing, that indicates to me that your spell is working very well, but the wax melting and how it looks at the time of your writing perturbs and puzzles me.

      You view the image as a tongue, but it could be a Waterfall or a Wall and each one has a different meaning.

      I’m first going with the idea that you are either seeking money or a job (please remember I’m flying blind here not knowing your spell) if the image is a Wall and the candle flame is steady and high then it means that you are going through difficulties in your life and you are seeking the courage to overcome them, then with the high and steady flame, your spell work is going to be successful, but you will need to apply yourself to the task at hand, that wall will not come down on its own.

      If this is a waterfall, then what that means is that the spell will give you some sudden clarity on what you will need to do, it means wearing away the difficulties, perhaps a new resume or you will have a sudden realization where your opportunities will be.

      But if it’s a tongue, and you’re burning a green candle for “prosperity” (money, job, home etc.) and yet the candle flame is high and steady, well the tongue is warning you that although the spell will be successful be careful what you say or do because unless you change your ways you could unthinkingly make mischief by indiscreet and unkind words. So be careful what you say, don’t brag about your success, be cautious and discreet.

      Another meaning to this is if you spell is successful then be careful because it could cause jealousy in some people’s minds, for it denotes malicious and dangerous persons whose tongues are to be feared, who could spread malicious gossip about your success.

      So anyway it is a “Heads Up” meaning, your spell will be successful but you need to work at it as well and to be careful what you say and be careful around certain jealous people who could make life difficult for you because of your success.

      I hope that helps you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you so much. I was thinking some of these same thoughts about jealous people and the spread of gossip. Makes total sense!

    3. You are welcome, Good Luck to you!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  23. Hi and good evening. I just started doing candle magic. I brought a pink candle and placed it in a single glass holder. I noticed on glab off wax called a tear to the left. The flame was steady and it burned really fast. When I looked at the glass a piece of it broke,some parts were shattered but still together. One side of the glass is burned. I look in the remaining wax and I see a face or a skull and it looks like its smiling. I dont even know what to make of it. I just wanted to bring more love in my life and to my home.

    1. My Dear,

      This is a very clear sign that your spell or working is not going to work, this is not a good time to do it.

      If the candle is still burning blow it out, allow it to cool, when everything is cool put the glass, the candle etc. into a brown paper bag and toss it into a trash receptacle far far away from your home.

      Then you need to smudge your home with Sage, the area where you were doing the working and burning the candle especially.

      If it is a special table or altar that you have set up for this, that you don’t mind it getting wet (especially if it’s wood) , then wipe it down with spring water that has either sea salt or kosher salt (you can get that in the grocery store) dissolved in it and wipe that area down.

      Then burn Frankincense to purify the area and finish eliminating negative energy.

      You did something wrong with the spell or you did not clear your working area first by smudging it with sage or Frankincense.

      This is also the wrong time of year to do a spell for love, it’s too close to All Hallows Eve and the divide between the veils is very thin. You could easily invite something in and Spirit was warning you of that.

      What you need to do is a spell for a peaceful home, which is fine but avoid doing one for love for at least a week, I do not know if you live in the US were parts of the country does Daylight Savings time. If you do then Do your spell for love once we are back on standard time, but you can do a spell or working to have a peaceful home anytime.

      Consider yourself fortunate my dear that your spirit guides and angels warned you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Oh my I wasn't even thinking of that and I also did a blue candle to open up my pysche more and to have a better understanding of my dreams within hours the candle was nearly out of flame i used a 7 day candle this occured yesterday and then I had relight it today and I still didn't feel right inside. So now iam concerned if I brought in a spirit so I think for now I will hold off doing everything

    3. My Dear,

      It's always wise to trust your "gut feelings", if it didn't feel right, then it's not.

      Do as I've suggested, the smuging with sage followed by frankincense should take care of things.

      You may also want to "address" what ever might be there to leave and go to the light, to encourage it to do that light a white candle, go room to room repeating that it should go to the light eventually with the lit candle go out the front door, stand there for a minute and say the Lord's Prayer "Our Father" and then after you say "Amen" blow out the candle.

      So first remove the candles that you did for your workings.

      Second wash or wipe down your altar or space where you did your working.

      Next smuge first with sage, followed by Frankincense.

      Lastly go through your home with a white lit taper candle addressing (speaking) to what might be there and ask it to leave and go to the light.

      Walk out the front door with the lit candle say the Lord's Prayer then blow the candle out.

      Should the candle flame go out while you are saying the prayer that's a sign for sure the spirit has left, but complete the prayer before going back into your home.

      You may want to wipe down the door frame with the spring water and salt top, sides and bottom, do that also to your windows and if you have a back door or sliding doors, do that as well.

      Better to be as safe as possible.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  24. Good day queen! I was given a talisman by my root worker and was told that I need to burn a pink candle over it, then once the candle goes out, I need to keep it under my mattress. This is love/reconciliation work. There has been positive movement, fairly quickly. But it took a lot of cleansing, healing, chakra balancing, and once divination gave the all clear, I was told that this is the final piece. The overall process took several months. Anyhow, when I burned the pink candle, the wick curved and ended up forming a ring. Then about an hour later, it formed another ring connected to the first one, but the second one looked like it had a diamond on it. The two rings combined formed what looked like the number 8 or infinity line. The candle burned clean in the glass and left nothing behind but the wick still the connected rings. My talisman (please forgive my terminology if I'm incorrect) is in its place where it will remain. Usually, I can make out things in the wax, but the wick seemed to want to tell me something. Also, I was burning a red 3 wick scented candle ... didn't have much intent behind it... just wanted my home to smell nice. However, the third wick went out on its own and the other two wicks created the same shape in the wax that the wick created in my pink candle. They were burning at the same time. All flames were remarkably high. I was wondering what insight you have into this. Thank you very kindly... Blessings. *YEMAYA*

    1. My Sweet Dear,

      That is unusual for two rings to form with the 2nd one looking like it had a diamond in it and then the two forming the symbol for eternity. I’ve only seen that happen once before and I usually take that as a good sign, especially for such a clean burn.

      And for the same thing to show up on a different candle that you didn’t have intent upon it, I’d say Amazing.

      But you have done a lot of work to get this done and I’m glad that the divination gave the all clear for it to be done.

      My take on this is this: If you’re trying for reconciliation it might work, but I also have a feeling that there is a new love that is going to be coming to you that will be far better than expected.

      Either way, this double sign is extremely positive to receive, and I would not be surprise if you marry and it will be forever.

      But to your former lover or to a new lover I’m not sure, just that it will happen.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Hi Ms Q. Thank you for your response. I really appreciate all that you do. I have an add on question if that's alright. So the work is specific to my former lover. Could the rings in the candles still be showing me a new lover even though the energy is being directed to towards him? I now have blue and white candles burning for my own healing and cleansing. It seems with every step I take towards healing myself, the closer he comes to me. I've tried to date new people since him and when I do oracle card readings and burn divination candles on each them, I always end up with a warning. My former love is the only one that I consistently draw the relationship, there's nothing to worry about, steady progress, and wedding card on. My root worker told me that I'm love sick and I over think, but strongly intellectual. Which makes and breaks me. He said that I need to clear the fog in my mind because I have the gift of sight. So rather than working on my lover, I recently started working on myself because he's right. I worry too much and it isn't intentional. Before I work anymore on my love, I have to get control of my thoughts because there really may not be anything to worry about and spirit is telling me in these candles. I just can't see it in my over thinking. *yemaya*

    3. My Dear,

      Ahhhhh Love, it can make a person “Twitterpaytted”, as the Owl said in “Bambi”, I agree with your root worker, you are love sick and over thinking.

      The best thing you can do is stop working on your former lover and work on yourself and open yourself to other possibilities.

      The way you were going before has clouded your mind and your readings. It is vital that you relax and opening your mind, that there is more out there than the ex-lover you are thinking about. What it is that you want were all the good qualities that he had, but not that which caused the break up. THAT is what you really want, not him but someone with positive qualities.

      Spirit is saying to you that the possibility of coming in contact with someone with those qualities is possible, it is there, BUT you need to let your ex go, that is vital.

      It is important to be careful when engaging in a “new romance”, the oracle cards are saying that because you are also still “Twitterpaytted”. When you draw on your former lover the cards are saying it’s the qualities you want, but not necessarily him.

      Yes it is vital that you work on yourself, clear your energy of him, relax, breathe, and simply let go, that is so important to simply let go and be free, only then will the door be open to the endless possibilities that are out there.

      Years ago I use to worry about if the right man would come into my life, I obsessed about it, until my Granny intervened and said to me “Don’t Push the River, It Will Flow By Itself”, so what I did is I threw it up to the Universe and let go.

      3 months later my man came into my life and although over these many years we have our ups and downs and hissy fits, he stands by me, worries about me, cares for me, takes care of me, he can’t do everything, some things my niece has to do but he is right there to give me his hand especially at the times when I need it the most.

      So let go My Dear, Spirit is saying that the Divine Presence will provide at the right time and the right place, just Don’t push the river.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Ms. Q. I appreciate your insight. I'm pretty certain he's the one. We both feel that way. We are not together at this time because we tried to rush our relationship too soon after we split from our ex lovers and didn't want to repeat the same patterns that we did in past relationships. We want to be right for each other so we split to take time to heal on our own. We had been friends for so many years and wanted to be cautious because just as we grew up together, so have our children. We want to be careful with the kids being involved as it affects them just as much. When we noticed our damage from the past was negatively affecting the relationship we tried to begin, we decided to step back so we don't unintentionally hurt each other any more than we already have. So, not only is it his qualities that I adore and love... It is him. I am love sick because I do miss him every day. I miss his presence and the contentment that we feel when we are together. I also am very afraid because all of my past lovers left many scars on my heart and I'm not confident in love anymore. I am afraid to be vulnerable to anyone because I've been hurt so many times. My past affects me. He isn't my past, he is my present. I work on him because I'm afraid I will get cold feet and hurt him. He is fearful too for the same reasons. I feel he is too good to be true and vice versa. While we feel we are perfect for each other, we keep running out of fear. I may over think, but I am certain that he's it and is the one who has been there all along. We both just need our healing time. I trust that when we come back together, everything will be OK. I know that there are possibilities in other people and I'm not closed minded to it, but I know. It's not him I need to let go of... It's all of those before him.
      Either way, I trust that Spirit will guide me in the right direction. Thank you again. *yemaya*

    5. By the way, your story is beautiful. I have the utmose respect for you and your family. One day, for me... One day. I just need to stop being a worry wort because things are not as bad as my the scenarios in my mind lead me to believe. *yemaya*

    6. Thank you My Dear,

      I use my life experiences (and they are many) to help illustrate what Spirit and the Divine Presence can do and provide.

      That is why I say let go, throw it up to the Universe, work on yourself and your fears, worry can only make you ill.

      If he is truly the one, he will come back to you, but you need to free him and yourself, it's the only way to know, to truly know.

      Have Faith, the Divine Presence has great possibilities waiting for you in all aspects of your life.

      Just let go, breathe and have that leap of faith.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    7. Good morning. I am just writing to let you know that you were so right. On Thanksgiving, I called him and he answered the phone while making love to a woman. He told me that I was a fool, he never loved me. Though we've known each other since childhood he had a sexual conquest for me and I should have known what I was getting myself into... He knew he had to play nice guy to to me and though I was a fun ride, he will never be with me. He said nothing I did for him mattered because he has a woman, always has and he is moving on with his life. He convinced a married woman to leave her husband for him. He told me that regardless of what I do, he does not want to be with me and he tried to spare my heart by ignoring me but I left him no choice but to tell me the truth. He called the police in new that night and told them I was some deranged who was obsessed with him and trying to break into his home though I was clear across town. He told me that his game always works to get him good girls like me. I am shocked and devastated and don't see how anything good could come to a person like him. You were right Ms. Q... I was so foolish because I only saw the good in him.

      Meanwhile, there is a man who patiently waited nearly 10 years for a chance with me. He came out of the blue and uplifted me the night the man I thought was so wonderful literally snatched my heart out and stepped on it. He brought movies for my babies and snacks to occupy them while he talked to me and made me feel better. He promised me that he will never let me go and will see to it that the smile never leaves my face and that I am too beautiful and kind for the man who threw my love away.

      He has checked on me every day since. I don't know where it's going, but he's amazing and how I wish I has given him this chance many years ago.

      I just thought I'd update you and let you know that. Many blessings. *yemaya*

    8. My Dear,

      I’m glad you did, and I am happy for you, it’s sad that your Thanksgiving was both sad, but also wonderful, with this new man in your life.
      Spirit was telling you that someone good would come into your life, but obsession can cloud judgement, enjoy this lovely man that you know will do his best for you. You deserve it.

      But now this other fellow, this Ex. He deliberately made, encouraged, and enticed a married woman to leave her husband for him? That is evil of the worse despicable sort! He will eventually encounter disaster and it will not be good for him.

      There is a way to get your own back in a way, allow for a little time to pass, once you are sure about your new man, and if you’re on facebook, let everyone know how a wonderful man has come into your life, post nothing but good things that have happened between you two.

      The more wonderful things that you post the more you ex will just seethe, he may even try to get back to you and tempt you away, if he does then that is the perfect time to slam the door in his face without him taking a step into your home.

      And enjoy life even more.

      I myself had that happen after I got together with my future husband, my ex-boyfriend heard about it (through the grapevine, we didn’t have face book then) and he came around my house all smiles and promises, I kept him out on the porch, it was a nice day, so I made sure he stayed out there and we talked, but that gave some time for a few ladies that I knew to come walking by that he had dated and dropped and they saw us talking, I called out to them and they came up the walk way and asked how things were going and I said to them “Can you believe this? (pointing to my ex-boyfriend on my porch) So and So here is trying to get me to go out with him again after he dropped me, all because I’m now engaged to Such and Such, I mean what gall, how disrespectful, So and So is not much better than a Hound Dog” and I slammed the door in his face.

      The ladies laughed and word got around what he was trying to do, well not too long after he wasn’t having much luck with the ladies, they knew him finally for what he was.

      And that will eventually happen to your ex. Just be happy, you have a good man now and enjoy life.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    9. Ms. Q... yes ma'am, thank you for the well wishes. I'm glad your ex got his due. Serves him right for being doggish. You got better while he got worse. My new man is definitely a wonderful thing. He's been dedicating so much time towards making me feel better and uplifting me. The more time we spend together, the better I feel. I feel wanted and desired again... my root worker had also been there for me and had been helping me restore that which has been depleted from the last man. He realigned my chakras, did some aura cleansing, and he gave me a Ven a Mis candle to burn and pray over for 7 days. I feel so much better.... like myself again, but better and wiser. It's funny how we can get so caught up in loving someone that we forget to love ourselves. We forget that love starts within and radiates outward... While I'm not against love work that sends positive vibrations towards another to enhance a spiritual connection, the best love work that anyone can do is for themselves. Some folks, like my ex, are just not receptive to magical no matter how many candles we light on them, because they are just that consumed in negativity. And in some cases it just is not meant to be. Intimacy mixed with comfort and pity can create brittle soul ties that can make a snake look like a soul mate. While snakes have their purpose in the universe, their instinct is to bite. I have blocked my ex from my life, including Facebook so the only way he will witness my new found happiness is if we cross paths by coincidence. However, I will not look for him. Karma will soon have its way with my ex and he will receive all the pain that he inflicts on others tenfold. As satisfying as witnessing his karmic payback would be, even more so to facilitate it... I don't even need to witness it. Time will tell and I trust that he will indeed reap the consequences of his deeds. I know I got sidetracked on this post about candles, but in reading the comments of others I wanted to share my story and the wisdom of what I learned - when Spirit communicates to us through the wax and flame, it is not always manifesting our exact intentions, but what is best. We can't always read the signs from the perspective of the specific thing we are asking for... it is necessary to open our hearts and minds to endless possibilities. Thank you for your wisdom Ms. Q. You are wonderful. *Yemaya*

    10. My Dear,

      I am happy that all is going positive and well for you, and yes it has been a learning lesson as well.

      That is so true that we give love out to someone but we forget to love ourselves, you are right it must start within and then radiate out.

      And it is true Love work does not work on someone who has creative a shield of selfishness and negativity, they have wrapped themselves in it, but what they forget is that in their arrogance they will come to a fall.

      My Granny use to say frequently “Living Well is the BEST Revenge”. And with the new love in your life you are living very well.

      Remember whenever you feel “down” do love work on yourself, and you’ll be surprised at all the blessings that will appear to let you know that “You Are Loved”.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

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  26. need help.. my friend who is wiccan has often read my cards and were never bad after 15 bad things happening in a months time I contracted her cause I got very ill quickly. She said someone put a hex on me confusion and fighting and to destroy all my happiness she said it was a women looks like at my job but I cant think of anyone that would do this to me I waitress I am momma there to everyone. I been out of work since sunday at er twice and gi doctor yesterday it started quick sat night I couldnt swallow my food feels like a lump in my throat and food is getting stuck I tried cup of sou those tiny ring noodles are getting stuck. I have only ate pudding and protein drinks for the last 6 days. it also feels someone is sitting on my throat even when I drink water or protein drink heaviness. My left side is swollen ears and glands I did get meds for sinus finally but still cant swallow food. My friend dropped off a home made hex breaking candle which is now burning down the wax melted on the plate looks like three feet but it is still burning down yet. Any thoughts I want to eat again. Than you

    1. Dear Carol,

      Go back to your Doctor, immediately! I feel that this is more than just sinus problems, but a very bad sinus infection.

      If the meds are not antibiotics, it should be, see your Doctor again.

      For your throat to also be involved could be not only a sinus infection but Strep Throat.

      I am not a doctor nor a nurse, but for something to go this quickly sounds like a fast moving infection. If the Doctor can't see you then go to the ER.

      The three feet can have different meanings, in some cases the idea of travel, especially if you've been thinking of travel.

      Another meaning is the return of a faithless lover.

      But in your case it means to not allow yourself to be influenced by sweet words. Someone will entice you into believing what is contrary to your personal beliefs or ideas and therefor you are in danger of involving yourself.

      Be wary of friends who pose as such. There can be no doubt that you need to keep your distance from unkind people.

      The best thing you can do is be involved in worthy undertakings. That will keep you occupied with less time to spare for other things and you won't be distracted. (Of course this is after you are well)

      I did a one card reading for you and drew the Seven of Swords Reversed. The Seven of Swords asks you to be very cautious and wary so that you do not become a victim of someone else deception, betrayal, cheating and false motives. You may trust someone who then turns out to be running their own agenda, leaving you high and dry. You need to be very careful of who you trust over these coming months as you are at risk of being taken advantage of.

      Look out for any sneaky behavior and trust your gut instinct about when something does not feel right or is too good to be true.

      The Seven of Swords reversed suggests that you need to break free from old habits and ways of thinking in order to overcome the blockages that currently stand in your way. You need to accept what is happening to you and act on it, rather than trying to escape.

      You need to do things differently, releasing yourself from past behaviors or limiting beliefs so that you can move forward in your life. Do not become trapped into thinking that you can only do certain things with which you are familiar. Expand your consideration set to broader horizons.

      During the Holidays especially be careful of possible scams, and motives of other people, I’m reminded of a line from Shakespeare “To smile and smile and still be a villain” just be careful, your caring nature could leave you open to deception.

      And see your Doctor again!! Having your throat close is not good, Do not worry, Modern Medicine can take care of this.

      I also have you in my prayer circle for healing.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  27. I think a woman my husband works with, put something in his coffee to ruin his life? could that be possible?

    1. My Dear,

      In dealing with “the work” almost anything is possible, but it depends on what aspect of his life is ruined? You haven’t told me anything specific.

      Did she hand the coffee to him, did she do what they call a “coffee run” and know which one was his, did he say that his coffee taste different? Does he make his coffee at work or bring a thermos from home?

      And a few more questions, is he acting differently? Is he being evasive to you? More angry, less attentive?

      And still a few more questions, why would she do that? What would be her motive?

      Has your husband become ill? Is his focus on his work become less, is he getting sloppy? Doing bad customer service?

      All of these things are questions that one would ask if one’s husband is experiencing pressures at work or there are rumors of layoffs.

      Your question is far to general to be specific in my answer, except that if his coffee was unattended then it is possible.

      But you say you only think a woman has done that, do you have any facts? Suspicions can ruin marriages too you know, so be careful on what you suspect.

      If you see anything more specific then you have to think this, is it medical? Work related? Possible layoffs? Or an affair? Go with the first three because that is most likely, the affair aspect could be a ‘long shot’ unless you have concrete evidence. But just remember suspicions can ruin marriages when something is really not there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. He told me she gave him a coffee, she asked him if he would like one and he said sure and so he accepted the coffee from her. She supposedly made a sexual advance towards him that he turned down a few weeks after he drank this coffee. the night she gave him this coffee he had an hallucination that i was cheating on him, and he wouldn't believe me when i said i didn't. It took him a few days to realize i wasn't. He has also recently been diagnosed with mental illness, which has caused him to get into legal trouble. This legal trouble will most likely result in him loosing his job. this has all happened over a 6 month span. He only grew angrier towards me as of late, he was mostly angry/paranoid with his coworkers and his job. he also went on a confession spree out of no where stating that he cheated on me when we first started dating.

    3. My Dear,

      I asked Spirit to guide me on this, and I drew a card for you and it is the Two of Cups reversed.

      When this card is reversed it means Instability in romance, friendship, or business. A deep infatuation that excludes existing friends. The profaning of the sacred through the introduction of base desire. Folly, depletion, and waste. May suggest conflict, divorce, or a severing of ties.

      Ordinarily I would look upon this card reversed as just life becoming boring for him, but from your description his behavior is bizarre so I looked beyond the standard meaning of this card and can say quite clearly to you, that your husband was NOT in any way influenced by anything she put in his coffee, nor do I think her kindness was in anyway sexual.

      It is all part of his mental illness, but before putting it down that he has a mental illness he should be checked out to see if there is any possible stroke or tumor in his brain, this can also cause hallucinations and change how he acts and reacts to people causing him to become angry as well as paranoid.

      Once the physical aspect has been eliminated then you will be dealing with the physiological side of it where it is a mental illness.

      I fear that you may have to eventually consider divorce to prevent you from becoming entangled in a legal mess that could also affect your income as well if you also have a job.

      I recommend talking to his doctor as well as a lawyer to find out how you can legally protect yourself as well as any assets that you personally own.

      The confession spree is also part of his mania, he imagined that his co-worker came onto him, therefor he feels he needs to confess that he did cheat on you in the early part of your relationship.

      Another thing to consider, and I dread even saying this but mental illness can also be caused by long dormant syphilis, if he’s been tested and has that then you should be tested as well and get treatment.

      But anything he says you should treat with care and caution, and he should get help NOW!

      I have you in my prayer circle to give you strength.
      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  28. Hello Queen,
    You seem to really know your candles, etc. I would first like to Thank You for this site.

    I started a come to me candle on the new moon (pink) that I burned for 7 days. Today I started a red one for the same thing. Both glass encased.

    The pink one burned with a lot of flame dancing, and the top 1/4 was black, the rest was clear with just barely enough wax to cover the bottom when finished.

    The red candle which I just started today (right after the pink one) The flame is super high. Bright yellow, some dancing and then straight, then repeats itself again. The wick was cut back to approx. 1/2 in. before started. The flame is staying between 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches high. Yet the candle is not burning at a fast pace.

    The one I am burning this for, we were once engaged and due to outside interference it caused a break up and both of us were hurt deeply. Since then I have stopped speaking to those whom were involved and I want my man back.

    He has a key to my house and will watch my cat when I'm away, only that is the only contact. He doesn't come around me, and when I have seen him, there is still pain in his eyes.

    I tried to tell him what the others did and whom, only I'm not sure he totally believes me. My mother didn't think he was rich enough for our family, she saw him driving my vehicle and called the cops saying she was me and said he wouldn't give the vehicle back. (Little did she know he had bought the vehicle from me).

    Do you see him getting threw this and returning to me?

    Thank You So Much for your time!


    1. Dear TZ,

      The one thing I really hate is when people try to interfere in the development of a relationship, if the others who interfered did this out of malice then you have the perfect right to not speak to them, and what disturbs me even more is your Mother comparing wealth to love.

      However if she didn’t know that you sold the vehicle to him, then to “Protect” you and your property I would have to say she did the correct thing, but saying that she was you was not correct, she should have called you first to be sure.

      But if the others interfered to protect you, fearing that he was going to use you “financially” well then I’d have to say that “protective” motives are o.k., but malice motives are not.

      My Daddy use to say, “When in doubt, check him out” and with the internet one can find out if there is any criminal activity, hidden marriages, and with social media well I have to admit a lot of it is garbage and falsehoods, but as one of my favorite Aunts also said “Where’s there’s smoke get out of the house because fire is right behind.”

      That’s kind of him to take care of your cat that does show a kind heart but the pain of the breakup is seriously affecting you both, so the question is “will he come back?”

      Let’s look at the pink candle and it had a seriously dancing flame and the first ¼ of it was black, the spirits were working hard for you and met a lot of resistance, eventually it gave way for the rest of it to burn clear, so he is thinking of you, but the question is “Is he ready?” Because there was a lot of pain, and it seems there is a certain amount of dis-belief in his heart, and that is still hard for him to get rid of.

      The 2nd candle is red, for passion, because it is a slow burn, it sort of churns up that’s when he’s thinking of you, but when it goes straight that’s when spirit takes over to at least keep you in his mind, but with it being a slow burn even with the height of the candle flame it’s going to take repeat work on this situation for it to work. Especially now during the Holidays. The Holidays can distract him if he has his own family involved.

      I would seriously considered repeating the work, but before you do that I wanted to do a one card reading to see how well it would work.

      I asked Spirit to guide my hand and I drew the Queen of Cups, but it is reversed.

      Cups in Tarot deals with matter of the heart, so I drew in essence the Queen of Hearts but upside down, this means the dark essence of water, such as a deep and foreboding lake: Discomfort with the worlds of mind and matter, leading to a retreat to the spiritual. Insecurity leading to undue susceptibility to outside influences.

      Reversed Queen of Cups is the bearer of bad news, for it now emphasizes, “It is me and not us”. In other words, there is a rift in the relationship. This card goes into the emotions a lot deeper, it is also betrayal in love, you sense that he doesn’t believe what you are saying is correct.

      He is withdrawing into himself and would prefer to not have anything to do with you, not so much you but your family and friends, yet you cannot divorce yourself from them either because if you choose him over them you would be cutting off a safety net for yourself as well and you will need that safety net.

      At this point in time there is no compromise until he heals, so I suggest that you burn a candle for healing for him, and to open his heart to the truth, since we are on the waning moon a candle spell to banish his doubts about you and your feelings would be good, then on the new moon again do a “come to me spell” but I’m going to give you a dead-line on this.

      If he does not respond to this work by Feb 14th, then consider he is just a friend who will watch your cat because he will not have healed enough to be open to you and your family and friends. I do not see him coming back to you soon on this.

      But do the work, if he has any feelings for you eventually he’ll come around, but not too quickly.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  29. Thank You Ms. Q for your fast response
    to my above question. this is TZ.

    The man in question has never been mean to me, nor was he after my money as I have none. Neither does my family, my mother has always said, (marry a man with money don't worry if you love him or not, you will learn to.) I know that is sad.

    This isn't the first time my mother has done something to cause a breakup with someone one of her children were with, however, it is the last time she will do it to me. Yes I did walk away and close that door to her. Which I admit is sad, only I did it for me, not for him.

    The strangest part about all of this, is he has things in my garage that belong to him. He has a key to my home. Yes he watches my cat, yet I have told him, if you know longer want anything to do with me, then simply leave my key and he never does.

    When he comes to take care of the cat, he can at any time remove his things and leave the key.... Do you see where he confuses me???

    I will do the healing candle work and see where it goes. I do ask the Gods every day and night to return him to me. I dream of him nightly, the way it use to be only better then before.

    Thank you again so much for your assistance and for this site. I have really enjoyed everything I've read so far.

    Thank You and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    1. Dear TZ,

      I can understand your confusion, in his own way he's not ready to either let go or re-commit himself, so by doing what he is doing he is leaving his options open.

      Do not stress yourself, do "the work" and relax and enjoy the Holidays.

      Eventually something will develop as you do the work.

      You also have a Merry Christmas to you and those you care about.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  30. Hello Ms Q,
    And Happy New Year! i just found your blog and I was wondering if you are able to pull a card for me sto see if I am on the right path with my love problem. i am trying to bring back a man that I had a relation with for 6 mo and with whom I connected so strong from the first hello that now for 3 mo 8 became a veggy inside me from not talking to him. I have never felt this way and I dont want to gave up the hope thta he will come back at least as a friend as he is having all I asked zgod for in a man -eith good and bad. I know he doesnt feel as strong as i do but i also know he misses me and he feels very good around me as i can constantly feel his energy. Unfortunatelly he is in a difficult unpleasant situation now back w a woman he hates from all his heart only to solve some money problems and to get rid of the guilt feeling. Now all I did was to burn some candles - although I am not sure what I am doing but I know I know what my heart and soul needs and this is the energy i put into the candle. They all burned nicely bit yet no sign from him.i dont want to contact him as i dont want to disturb what he is doing there but I need to communicate with him so I am not sure what is the best approch with this. I burned figural candles and even with the 3rd black candle sending her away from him and all it happened was her calling me for 45 minutes trying to find out if i am the one he is having a relation with and we ended up her telling me she hates him and she is there only becaise she is afraid financialy. I know it sounds like a soup opera but i also know Ive been looking for him for years and i know you dont find it twice. I dont want to gave up as i lost too much in my life already by giving up. i prefer to wait for him if that is what it takes. Thank you kindly for any kind of reply you might send me.

    1. Dear Dani,

      If nothing else you did get results but perhaps not the one you expected, that she hates him I find puzzling because she says she is also afraid financially. This financial fear of hers and the money problems they have has created a dependent yet hate relationship, they need to help each other financially but they hate each other.

      What you may want to do is a Honey jar for them to be calm and find logical and comfortable ways to resolve their financial problems so that she can leave and not be afraid of “being homeless” that she will have a home, just not with him. The question also is why they are in this financial problem, you cannot solve it. But you need to tread carefully, it is possible that he put her into this bind, there are things that you don’t really know about him except that internally he has your heart fluttering and getting mushy---or as my Granny liked to say “Twitterpaytted”. Lots of times it’s really sexual.

      And why I say that is that in my long life time I’ve had numerous “lovers” that I at first thought was “the one” only to be sorely disappointed and wondering why did I waste my time with him.

      You are doing the right thing by not disturbing him and pretty much staying out of it that is the best course of action.

      So I asked my Spirit Guides to guide my hand to draw a card for you to explain what or where this is all going to lead and I drew the Page of Swords, but reversed.

      This is the dark essence of air behaving as earth, such as a sandstorm: The approach of an unexpected challenge, met with muddled thought and unjust action. A person filled with a destructive appetite for all matters of mind and logic. The use of clever argument and eloquent speech to mask the truth.

      This card is telling you to beware of his deviousness and his blatant disregard for other’s feelings, he is a very cunning and manipulative person who uses other people and situation to their advantage, and this also suggests that he has done secretive actions that have become malicious. As a result bad feelings will surface and may result in a violent confrontation.

      You are asked to if possible look further into this situation before making any decisions, as there are aspects that you first need to fully understand that you are not aware of that could be harmful to you.

      There are many things that you don’t about in this situation and you could become caught up in an unhappy web, because of any “sweet words” he tells you, it is vital that you think and make decisions with your mind and not with your heart otherwise you could be in the same situation as she is in.

      I was upset about seeing this card in this position but I wanted to see if anything positive was on the horizon for you and asking my guides I drew this card the Magician upright!! I was so flabbergasted that I had to meditate on this a bit and I strongly sensed that you will meet someone new and the relationship will very likely seem to rise to new, deeper levels of commitment and enjoyment.

      So DO NOT WAIT FOR HIM get out there out into the world, no matter what the weather is like because This is an excellent time to "get out and meet people." You will meet someone who will make you feel safe and loved who will not have “secrets”.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  31. Hi Dear,

    I burnt a Money and abundance Reiki Candle, and put coins around it and some cinnamon with nutmeg . After burning fast there is puddle created it, I was wondering if you do private candle reading, That I can send you the picture and you would be able to tell me what it means. Also do you burn candles for others yourself?

    Thank you love

    1. Hello Asal,

      I'm sorry I only burn candles for family members now, given my health issues.

      And I'm also very reluctant to give out my private e-mail.

      If you can describe to me how the puddle was created, did it adsorb the coins, describe to me as best you can what you see and I'll do my best to see how to interpret it.

      I will reply here in the comments section and my apologies but because of my health I value my privacy a great deal.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  32. Hi

    Thank you for the respond, yes it absorbed the coins, it's melted like a river puddle, like circles on top of each other, then there is a part of the melted candle that's standing, also I see a shape of heart. I wish I could post the picture here :(. Consider they were two candles one for money and one for abundance. The money one has more circles and like a small waterfall effect.

    I hope this helps if not I think I can create a link to the pic.

    Thank you

    1. Dear Asal,

      In essence you are working towards the same goal, one specific (Money) and one more general (abundance) and that can mean many things beyond wealth.

      A waterfall effect can mean several things but primarily it means prosperity will flow upon you, the circles mean both money and completion of things, and the heart means that your heart’s true desire will come to you, the fact that part of the candle is still standing also means that you have the strength and courage to stand up for what you believe in and that you won’t take any abuse or “no” for an answer.

      All in all I’d say that what Spirit is showing you is very, very positive, that it appears that you will eventually succeed in attaining your goal, the fact that one is taking a little longer to work or activate is also indicating that things won’t happen right away but I think you’ll see begin to see results come mid-spring.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  33. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback. Do you recommend a book that has most of the information you have on your blog, or do you have a book that I can purchase? I do want to do some magic work for my personal life and I want to make sure I am doing things right and at the right time, I guess I need your guidance in order to educate myself, do you have any books in mind that would help me with gaining the knowledge I need in order to do works for myself and family.


    1. Dear Asal,

      There are so many books out there that you would have a huge library of information, and I’m talking about bookshelves that go from floor to ceiling.

      I should know because my Library is taken up on three sides by bookshelves and these were ones built years ago by my Uncle, a carpenter, for my Grandmother in her home that I now live in.

      Later on I had more bookshelves built that have creeped out into the Hall flanking either side of door way to my Library, there is so much out there that I have learned over the years.

      The information that I garnered from my Grandmother, Mother and the Ladies of my Grandmothers group are contained in 8 binders 3 inches thick and I’m still sorting through more papers and notes that I have in an old World War II 4 drawer file cabinet, so there is going to be more binders.

      For me to put it into a book would be nearly impossible, although I’m flattered that you would buy one from me should I write one.

      Many people don’t know what is their best path when they start doing workings, some think to go on the path of Wicca but then you are dealing with Gods and Goddesses a religious path.

      Some think to follow voodoo, Santeria, Ifa etc. and again you are dealing with Gods and Goddesses and a religious path.

      But in doing hoodoo or conjure work you are dealing with energies, true you do call upon saints and Jesus, St. Michael and Mother Mary in some ways but it is the energy and their personalities that are reflected in all religious beliefs that you are working with, so it need not be having an allegiance to wicca, voodoo, being protestant or catholic but knowing what and ‘who’ you are dealing with.

      Dr. E for one makes it clear that Hoodoo or Conjure “is not a religion, it is a magical system” it is a blend of “the magical technology of Congo slaves that were taken from Africa in the slave trade, combined with Native American herbal knowledge, bits of European folk magic and Jewish mysticism.” He goes further to say “Hoodoo Rootwork adapted practices of the local people's magical systems like the use of Jewish Psalms, German (Pennsylvania "Dutch") Braucherei curios and even bits of Espiritismo and Santeria.”

      Which is true, when I take into account what was brought together by the Ladies of my Granny’s group.

      Dr. E states “In my opinion, Hoodoo Rootwork is not necessarily tied to Christian religious practice…..”

      And I agree with his opinion even Marie Leveau was a practicing Catholic even though she is considered the Queen of Voodoo and Hoodoo.

      So you would have to learn about a lot of different things, and it can stretch far and wide.

      To give you an over view of Hoodoo I recommend “Voodoo & Hoodoo” by Jim Haskins, read it first, It is an excellent to get you started and informed

      There’s a few other authors I can recommend to you: Anna Riva, Denise Alvarado, Henri Gamache, Dion Fortune (her psychic protection book), Catherine Yronwode, “ Black and White Magic” allegedly by Marie Leveau, Draja Mickaharic, Lewis de Claremont, Charmaine Dey, Henry Hayatt and that’s just a few. Some folks would include Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland as well, the list appears endless.

      But not everything they write is all in their books, the sources are in the thousands, so it’s not all in one place, and things with “the work” are fluid, even I am still learning, so if you like, go ahead and print out my blog including the comments sections, because you’ll find new things within that as well.

      And if you have any questions please do ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  34. Hi again,

    I forgot to ask you what do I do with the wax? do I bury it or ...

    Thank you sooooo MUCH

    1. Dear Asal,
      You are very welcome, I’m glad I was able to help you.

      On how to dispose of the wax, since this is something that you want to bring into your life, if you have a garden or back yard, bury it in your own yard. That will complete the “circuit” of the magical workings.

      But from this point on continue working with the honey jars, that is continue burning candles on them to keep it working. Do not worry about the readings on the wax from this point forward, any new wax melting’s you can easily dispose of in your garbage.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  35. Thank you so much for all the info, your blog is truly impressive. As far as the honey jar I couldn't find where it states what I should mix in the honey jar for money and prosperity and success in business, would you please direct me where I should go on your blog to get that information. Thank you

    1. Dear Asal,

      LOL! That’s because I have not posted that part yet, My Honey jar posting was for Love etc. but to get you started I’ll give you one way how to do it for that. Then I’ll do a more extensive post on Honey jar for money etc. later on.

      But thank you for reminding me.

      Now you can use honey or sugar(solid not melted), and there are different ways to do the candles as well as different herbs but let’s go with this:

      What you’ll need a green candle (4 inch one works well) and you’ll need 7 of them because you’re going to be burning 1 a day (or night)
      7 shiny new dimes or one silver mercury dime
      A paper bill (20 dollar bill works best but a 5 or 10 will do this has to be real money)
      A jar of course the half pint mason canning jars work real good
      Pyrite to draw money (or a bit of broken gold chain) and these stones malachite, moss agate, a real pearl if you can find them, if not don’t worry, if you can only get one of them that’s fine too.
      Lodestone or a magnet write on it “money”
      And these herbs:
      Cinnamon either stick or powder form, ginger, orange peel, patchouli, vervain
      High John ---this removes obstacles
      Alkanet Root or alfalfa to protect the money
      Five Finger Grass to grab the money
      Your petition

      Your personal concerns since this is for you, drop or two of blood, hair, finger nail clippings from the real nails not those artificial ones that are built on the real nail, a photograph of you (take a selfie and print it out) no urine, no menstrual blood that is used for a different type of jar spell.

      Money Drawing Oil or Abundance oil or Prosperity oil (you can buy those for now) add 3 drops to the honey.

      Write you name on the petition paper, the write around it in one continuous sentence what you want but make it simple. Then after you do that over all of it write the first line of the 23 psalm “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” apply the oil on your petition on each corner and in the center. Then Fold the petition towards you, put it in the jar.

      Now after you seal the jar shake it up light the first candle and pray over it and let it burn all the way down, do that for 7 consecutive days. After that just burn a candle or tea light 3 times a week like Monday, Wednesday, Friday but first shake the jar, light it then pray over it, keep it going for as long as you want.

      There are other ways to do a Money Honey Jar but this one is the first that came to mind.

      This should get you going.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  36. Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤ you are amazing, I can't wait to try this for my business and see how it works out!


    1. Dear Asal,

      Thank you and I have to admit I'm a bit flattered.

      I hope it does work well for your business, I know that right now things on the economic level are difficult but with determination you will succeed.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  37. Hi Dear

    So I have another question for you, it's going to be really hard for me to explain this but I hope I can so that you can advise me. I'm burning 3 candles harmony, love and positive energy, love candle created two stand up residue not attached to the candle, and the harmony and positive energy created each 1 stand up. Like a little puddle created and there is candle standing like a tear stick. I have the picture I wish I could post it here. What does that mean?

    Thank you so much

  38. Hi Ms. Q

    Sorry to bother you again, I hope you're doing well. oh how I wish I could send you a picture of the new candle that I burnt. SO I burnt 3 Reiki Pillar Candles one for Love, Peace, and Harmony all together at the same time, the weird thing is the candles created stand up unattached to the candle residue like a stand up thin line with tear drops on it, so the love candle created two of them, peace created one and harmony created another one. I don't understand what that means. after they burnt down the love left some residue, but the harmony residue went over the peace and has three oval shape but the peace candle didnt left much. I would appreciate if you make me understand what this means. nonetheless what do I do with the left overs?

    Thank you so much XOXO

    1. Dear Asal,

      With the power going off and on because of the storms we’ve been having here I get enough time to pick up the comments and before I have a chance to reply, the power goes off again, good thing I’ve been saving things frequently. So sorry for the delay, I was informed that because of the work P G & E has to do this will be happening for the rest of the week so please bear with me. At least we are not flooded out thank goodness.

      Even if they are freestanding Reiki candles the meaning is still the same, basically things are still left over or not resolved,

      With the love candle since there are two tear streaks I’d say that what you are hoping for in love is not going to be easy or come about easy, there will be some detachment involved of some sort, not knowing what you are looking for with the love candle it is hard to explain except that something needs to be cleared up or straighten out in order to obtain what you desire completely.

      On the Harmony and positive energy ones it’s almost the same except not quite so bad and there is some unfinished business that still needs to be attended to. Because with all of them and especially the love candle there are some hindrances that have to be looked at, this could be some emotional blocks, if that be the case you may need to do an uncrossing bath like the 13 herb bath. You can find those in my archives.

      I would say that you may need to also clear away any negativity in your environment be it at home or at work or in your office or all three. In your home you can do a complete cleansing and warding look up in my archives on Wards and Warding for the home, in your office or work area that will be a bit more difficult, you should wash or wipe down your desk and equipment with spring water mixed with lemon scented pine sol, with everyone catch colds and the flu doing something like that and using that as an excuse won’t be so bad.

      Then after you do that burn those same candles again and work them pray over them and see how they burn this time.

      You will eventually get peace and harmony and positive energy, the love part will be a bit harder to work and will take longer, but it also depends on what you are trying to do in the love part. Observe how those candles burn and let me know.

      Since you’ve saved the results by photo with the first set, to dispose of them burying them would be best, but not near you, if it’s possible (taking into account weather conditions) it would be best to bury them in some sort of forest or park land that is safe to go to. Otherwise until you can do that wrap them up in a white cloth and keep in a shoe box until you can do that. The results from the candles are not completely negative, something is working but it is not totally complete. So do that for now to keep them safe then when you are ready to bury them take them out of the shoe-box and cloth and then bury them.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are welcome Asal,

      Happy to be of some help.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  40. Hi there. I've been burning a green candle to open someone's heart chackra. When it was first lit it was burning weak and actually went out. I prayed over the candleft and re lit it. This time it burned strong but it went out with 1/2" of wax remaining. The glass burned clear. This man is a man from my past and I ran into him randomly and things just ignited immediately. I know he's in love with me but he's scared of me because I hurt him when we were younger. He comes on very strong and then backs off completely. Recently while the candle was burning we had a disagreement and basically basically decided to take a step back from things. By then end of the night he was promising to make things up to me. What does this mean?

    1. Hello My Dear,

      It means indecision especially on his part.

      When the candle was first lit the flame was weak and it went out, it meant that the spirits could not do the job or work.

      After you prayed over it there by invoking the spirits, the flame then went to work, but it went out when only half way through.

      That means "unfinished business" on his part, even though the glass was clear there is something in his past and present that he is not finished with, it could be another relationship or something he is keeping secret from you.

      The fact that he was hurt by you in the past is an important factor.

      All together it means he cannot make up his mind, he remembers the hurt, but he has an attraction to you.

      But that pain is still keeping his heart closed.

      That is why he is having indecision and that is reflected in the way the candle burned.

      If you want him and there is still "the little flame of love" within him, then you are going to have to do more working on his heart chakra.

      Just remember he still remembers the previous pain.

      If you can find a pink and green or green and pink combination candle use that with both Healing oil and either Love Oil or even better Dixie Love Oil.

      This will aid in healing his heart chakra as well as re-kindling the love he still has for you.

      But it's going to take time and it depends on the unfinished business he has.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you so much for your response. I do actually know what his unfinished business is. I just didnt realize that it was bothering him this badly.I will start on this tomorrow. Do I need to utilize his picture or place his name and birth date under the candle?

    3. Hello My Dear,

      Actually all three would be a big help in focusing the work to be done.

      So if possible use all three but if you don't know his birthday or don't have his picture using his name will work.

      But all three would work better.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. One last thing...sorry...another gentlemen is burning a candle for me already and had me burning mine in conjunction with his. If I start a new one is it going to affect the way the other candle burns?

    5. Well My Dear,

      If he is burning a candle for you that is "setting lights", to do heart chakra healing or to bring this person closer to you, then its possible that what I prescribed might run counter to his workings.

      If you continue to work with him on this then you need to decide to continue working with him and inform him of what has happened.

      But do not tell him what I feel (that is my reading)or interpretation of what has happened, see what he says and if it is similar to what he says then I'd say that's confirmation.

      I suggest that you hold off on what I recommended, do not even mention it to him.

      Because what I suggest might run against or counter to his workings, and for me to do that would be rude and unethical.

      Get in touch with him and tell him what happened with the candle and with the person and see what he says and then do what he recommends, unless you feel that it might become too expensive for you.

      Only you can make that decision.

      You have to remember to have two or more practitioners work for you or suggest things to you is not a wise practice and the energies could run against each other.

      Because each practitioner has their own method of working as well as divining things according to their training and teachings.

      Be polite and see what he says and do not go forward on what I suggested, he may have something in mind that could be better.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    6. You are so sweet to reply. Thank you so much for this. The gentleman that's doing the work for me is somw times so hard to get ahold of. I do realize that I need to have more patience and to let the situation go. I've just never in my life had these kind of feelings for a man before. Funny how life works. But again thank you for taking time out to help a stranger!

      Blessings to you!

  41. Dear Ms Q

    I have a quick question for you, I am really addicted to psychic reading, I have had multiple readings with n'utilise different people and multiple different psychics had done candle work for me and cleansing. I don't know how to get out of this cycle, and honestly all have some how said the same things about my significant other and how he feels about me. I still get readings it's almost an addiction I believe and then they predict things but it hasn't happened. So I am really confused what do you think I should do to get out of this cycle ?

    Thank you

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I’m going to have to answer this in several parts because it is a long answer.

      Addiction of any kind is hard to break. There are all kinds of additions, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, food, shopping, and superstitions. All of these things (and more) play into something within each of us that subconsciously we are lacking.

      For some it’s about attention, affection, for others a thrill within a boring life, others a body craving, or a sense of lack of self-worth. Some are really related to some sort of physical mechanism, some emotional or psychological.

      In the case of seeing psychics and having cleansings and candle work done it’s a combination of fear and the sense of lack of control in one’s life as well as trust issues.

      The bible says to not be dependent upon “soothsayers”, I really feel that through that early observation the writers of the bible were noticing “addictions”, but didn’t have the right word for it.

      Because of that it’s easy for people to fall into a cult or become dependent upon a psychic which for unscrupulous people can take advantage of. Fear can drive a person to become a victim of “the Gypsy Switch” or the “Nigerian Scam” now I say these things because although I have a ‘gift” my husband was an amateur magician and from time to time was consulted by local police officers about various forms of grifting or scams and how they were done.

      That is why when anyone writes to me in the comments section or I post about something I always give a warning and that is “If anyone says to you they can clear all your problems, or you have a curse, or can lift (whatever it is) off of you for a large amount of money, RUN don’t walk to the nearest exit” and I have people here consult with me about things, yet I do not take money, I have nothing to sell, it’s like people writing to “Ann Landers” or “Dear Abby” but on a spiritual level, and I am honest about it.

      People go to a psychic for a reading because of various reasons, they have a question but they are so close to the problem they cannot see the answer before them, a reading clears their mind, some folks do it to have control in their lives, but sometimes the control is taken away by events, and so they go to a psychic to try and regain it. Some are lonely and want to hear someone give caring and what they think is loving advice, and it happens that they literally give over their lives to be guided by readings, astrology, numerology etc. to the point that they don’t dare make a move, they lock themselves in, that leaves them open to be scamed.

      I look at the planets to see what kind of energy the day may have, I ask for a person’s birthdate so I’ll have an idea of what kind of personality I’m dealing with, but I do not allow it to control my life.

      I’ve had friends try to break habits, not an easy thing to do, that’s why they go to Gamblers Anonymous or AA for help, unfortunately there is nothing out there really for people who have a “psychic or fortune telling” addiction.

      You keep going to different ones because something in the back of your mind thinks that your partner is unfaithful and yet each time the reading says the same thing. You feel that something is “grabbing” you (and that’s the best word I can find) so you do candle burnings and “cleansings” and it only works for a little while, and then that old fear comes right back.

      What is really grabbing you is FEAR, what kind of fear I don’t know, it could be triggered by anything, something you see on T.V. or read or hear, and even social media gossip can trigger that fear.

      Continued in Part 2

    2. Part 2

      So how do you stop spending money on psychics for readings, to burn candles for you or cleansings on you?


      You do it yourself.

      I’ve never had in the last 55 plus years of my life have anyone do any of that, now once in a while I might need a reading because I’m too close to the problem, but at least I’m with friends who have the same abilities as me, and they do not have any vested interest in what I need to know.

      When you go to a psychic for a reading, subconsciously they do have a vested interest in you, because you are a paying customer, they’d like you to come back, they have overhead, they have to pay taxes, insurance, utility bills, rent etc.

      BUT if they are ethical, they will give you an honest reading. And if all of them, independently are saying the same thing, then I ask this of you, why do you doubt them?

      O.K. I’m going to do a short one card reading on your relationship with your partner, I’m not being paid so I have no vested interest in the outcome and as I meditated Spirit guided my hand to this card: The Queen of Wands reversed (upside down).

      As I looked at this card I could clearly hear Spirit say “He is faithful, but she is making it difficult” so I started asking myself is this ‘who is this she that you are listening too much to, this person who is negative?’ That is a possibility, because what is happening is that you have lost your confidence in yourself and have become a shrinking violet. What you need to do is restore faith and belief in yourself and the relationship.

      You are subconsciously doing that with the candle burning and the cleansings, but you don’t have to pay someone to do that for you, you can do it yourself, just read my archive for egg cleansing, uncrossing, 13 herb bath and other things whenever you feel any self-doubt. Because these are things you can do on your own.

      Next, get some church blessed Holy Water, have it in a bowl next to your front door, bless yourself each time you go out and each time you come back. Carry salt wrapped in a small bit of brown paper and taped up in your purse or pocket to help keep negativity away.

      Now they predict things but these thing haven’t come true, well the one thing I always have told my clients is that I see the possibility of ‘such and such’ a thing happening, but one’s choices can change that outcome because the future is always fluid.

      Example: I told a client that they could have an accident in their car if they don’t have their breaks checked. The client thought their breaks were fine but it was time for a checkup the breaks were fine but the area where the steering was bolted or mounted to was on the verge of breaking and could cause an accident. So I was wrong about the breaks, and no accident happened but what did happen was a potential problem was found. So it’s a matter of choices or decisions that can change things and no reader may know the other factors that might be involved.

      Every time you feel the urge to go get a reading, put the amount of money you would spend for a reading into a “Mad Money” jar, save up that money it will come in handy for something very special for you, then go to a church a pray the 23 psalm, the Our Father prayer and the Hail Mary prayer, Pray, ask Jesus and Mary and St. Michael to guide and protect you, meditate quietly if you have a question, eventually the answer will come to you.

      Stop and ask yourself where did that “negative thought” come from, was it something someone said to me? A friend, a family member? If so, why? Because someone is putting fear into you where there shouldn’t be any.

      Eventually you will slowly break the habit of going to a psychic every time you have even the tiniest doubts about your partner or about anything. And you’ll be a stronger person for it.

      It’s o.k. to have a reading once in a great while, especially if it’s a problem where you can’t see an answer, but if you are feeling a lack of confidence stop and think who or what undermined it and you’ll get your answer.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  42. Hi my dear

    I appreciate you taking the time and writing me, this was so informative and helpful to me. I have officially gave up any sort of reading and candle work for about 40 days. I believe I have spent thousands of dollars for the past 3 years & honestly I am not financially doing good. I have cut on so many things that I need in order to pay these psychics to do readings and candle works.
    Also thank you very much for doing the card for me, its really put me at ease and I am going to be positive and follow your direction.

    1. I am happy to hear that, you are doing the right thing.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer.

      Be Happy!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  43. Hi Miss Q,
    I have been working on a honey jar for my ex for a long time. I recently made a new one with honey, sugar, balm of gilead buds, catnip, basil, cinnamon and heart's eas herb bought from a botanica. I have been praying and lighting candle on it everyday. I keep looking at the wax.
    I got 3 waves in S shape moving from left, going in counter clockwise dircetion towards the right.waves going from the middle left to almost center right. That was when i burnt a white candle.
    Second time I got a small circle kind in the left center and a puddle of white wax separated from that circle and just flowing from the lower middle to the right middle. Then I burned a puple candlw with 6 pins on the letters of his first name. All the 4 pins fell down expect two which was stuck to the wax. one of the pin was stuck to the top center of the wax and the other one was in the right center. The wax was in in the form of petals of a flower, but then it seems like two ears in the right center overlapping each other and forming a heart, and the pin passing through it. Then I burnt a red candle which looks like i don't know how to explain. wax spreads from the top left to the lower left and goes a little inside and then again spread into a circle going inside a little and forming another petal and ending in the middle right.
    I really don't know what all of this means. Before doing all of this I had burnt two pink canbdles and it gave a clean burn without leaving any wax residue. i have been burning the candles on the new reconciliation jar, and have kept the old reconciliation jar next to it.
    I have also made a compact mirror with his photo and wrote all the negativity he has put me through should go back to him so he realizes the pain I have been through.
    I have been burning black cabdles on it, just writing his name.Now I have started writing his name in the reverse direction. First day, I saw a snake on the top of the circle and claws on the bottom center going toward right. Then second time I got a seal With caterpillar which also looks like a left ear in the right of the seal.Then I again got a seal but wax flowing in the right side with a snake on the lower right of the seal.Then last night I have got a seal, with even wax flow all around it. I started my new honey jar on January 20 107, and the mirror box on January 23 2017. I also didn't look at the mirror. Can you please give me your input as I have spent so much money on reading, spell work, and all. I am so broke and now I am losing hope.
    He came back on Nov 21, and got back and broke up again after few days. So I don't know what is happening.

    1. Dear DS,

      You have been sending a lot of mix messages to Spirit that Spirit didn’t know what you want, that’s what the waves were about.

      So what has been happening is that Spirit has been sending to you messages as to his personality and all the grief he’s put you through and that is of a snake with claws, the caterpillar is trying to tell you that you must emerge from all this grief that he has put you through and become your own butterfly and go out on your own without him.

      In doing that love will come to you but not from him. The heart with the pin passing through it was telling you of all the pain he has put you through and will put you through if you keep going after him.

      All the waves is spirit saying that you are confused about everything because he has confused you and you’re afraid of being alone, Trust me, being alone is far better than being used by a snake.

      I did a one card reading about your situation and him and I drew the Nine of Pentacles (Gain), but reversed: This means dishonesty on his part, he has contempt for you and lacks discipline in dealing with real events and emotions.

      In the reversed position, Nine of Pentacles emphasizes that being together was a mistake. In other words, your love interest is not what you thought him to be. So his affection for you is and was fake.

      It is now important that you are focused on what is most important to you and it’s not him, the most important thing you should be focused on is your health and well-being.

      The Nine of Pentacles suggests that you may be suffering from financial setbacks or you have experienced a loss due to unwise decisions or foolish actions. Your emotional foundations has given way.

      Learn from your mistakes and build a more solid and secure foundation for next time, but not with him.

      Rebuild your finances, take time to relax, if possible get out and enjoy nature (depending upon where you live) go to a museum and learn about art, history, science, find free things to do, get out and enjoy life.

      When you do that new and wonderful opportunities will come to you both in work and in relationships.

      Do NOT spend one more dime on him and trying to reconcile with him, but Do keep his negativity towards you in that compact and send it back to him. Never open it, tie it up with string and either bury it or throw it in a garbage can at a cemetery or bury it in the farthest corner of a cemetery. And never think of him again.

      Take apart your honey jars, throw it into a garbage can, let him go for you are Done and over him.

      When you do that you will find wonderful things will start coming towards you, this is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rooster, get out and crow about your freedom!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  44. Blessed be I just did my first green attract money steady employment candle and really need to a permanent job as my ex husband has made it impossible to see n communicate with my 12 yr old son. I pray for help as I dnt want him to hate me. I need this money n jib to fix this. I'm so depleated as I lost my mother at the age of 9. My daughter is back with me but I need my son as well. Help thank u.

    1. Dear Tyra,

      You should also petition St. Joseph the worker for help in getting a job, he was the “step-father” to Jesus and his duty was to protect the “Holy Family”, once you get your job, then petition St. Joseph to help see your son.

      You may also want to consider going to a free Law Clinic to see about how to go about petitioning the courts to be able to have visitation rights to see your son as well. That will help give you guidance.

      It is very sad when one loses their mother at such an early age, but you’ve never been really alone, Mother Mary has been always there, all you have to do is ask.

      When I was in need of assistance to help with my Mother when she was ill I petitioned Mother Mary in her aspect of “Mary, Help of Christians” and within 24 hours I was led to the assistance that I would need.

      In essence you feel beaten down, when you feel that way pray to her with this Novena prayer:

      “O Mary, most holy, I greet you as my gracious Queen and thank you for the countless blessings you have been showering on all those who come to you for help (mention your prayer request). Mary, powerful Virgin, you are the mighty and glorious protector of the Church. You are the marvelous help of Christians. You are awe-inspiring as an army in battle array. You eliminated heresy in the world. In the midst of my anguish, struggle and distress, defend me from the power of the enemy, and at the hour of my death receive my soul in heaven. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

      In petitioning St. Joseph say this prayer when you petition him when you light a green or white candle each evening allow it to burn safely, have a picture of St. Joseph nearby to help focus your prayers.

      “Oh, Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.

      Oh, Saint Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most Loving of Fathers.

      Saint Joseph, Protector of the Holy Family– pray for me. (Mention your intention) Amen.”

      Say this prayer each morning and night for at least 9 days in a row to help get you going for the day to find that job and to help you get legal counseling to see your son and when you light the candle in the evening to help lift your spirits.

      If you feel the need to do it more than nine days, do so, as often as you want, but get it going.

      You can buy inexpensive candles at either a drug store, at a large grocery store chain, at Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, burn the glass enclosed ones as they are safer, do not blow the candle out, snuff it out with an old saucer placed over the mouth of the glass container.

      Look on line for a picture of St. Joseph and for Mother Mary and keep them on the wall of your home so that each time you look at them you will know you are not alone.

      You will slowly begin to see good things happening to you and for you in 6 weeks time. Perhaps sooner, but you have to do some work as well, job hunting, going to interviews etc. You know it won't just fall into your lap, one has to work at it.

      Do not give up and do not despair, St. Joseph and Mother Mary are with you always, even when things seem darkest. Give over your worries to them and be guided by them.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  45. Thank you for your prompt response. Honestly, if I think with my head, I know you are right. But I am still in love with him. I will try a little more and when I have done with him, I will be done forever. I will keep you posted. The root worker who is doing the spell told me all the opposite and I am thankful for your honest feedback.
    I will keep you posted.

    1. Dear DS,

      Ahhh Love, when love comes around everyone becomes "twitterpayted" and logic goes out the window.

      Well DS, I should know having been in that position several times many years ago. So I understand your feelings, perfectly understandable.

      The root worker who is doing the spell can only see what he/she sees at that time, and will go by their training. So at that point in time they may have been partly right.

      It's obvious that you have given me more information and by my training at this point in time I see it differently, and I project further forward in time than most root workers.

      So I would not say your root worker was wrong but only looking at the immediate and past.

      When I do a reading I'm looking at past, present and future at the same time. That is why it takes me a day or two to reply, because I want to be sure.

      O.K. try a little more, I can understand you wanting to do that.

      Take care, breathe and relax and enjoy life.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Ms Q,
      I have no have another problem. I have now taken a new class and he is in that I dropped the course that I was taking. Now the university is telling me I'll have to pay 100% tuition even though I have dropped the course. Can you please draw a card for me. $6000 is a huge amount of money for a course I already dropped. I have written to the exception and alleviate committed regarding my condition. Do you think they will give it in my favor and return me the money?
      I really need your help.

    3. Dear DS,

      I have drawn a card for you and it is the Two of Swords it means that at this point in time no decision has been made, everything is still in balance with no outcome clear it leans neither toward yes or no. Thus maybe is the answer, but that is no guarantee.

      But this card is also telling me another thing and it is your attitude to allow his presence to dictate your actions, you need to refuse to be ruled by negative emotions.

      Just because he is in that class is no excuse for you to drop it, it is a costly $6000 mistake.


      You need to think with your head not your emotions, if it was me and I knew someone I had feelings for was in the same class I was going to take and I had that much money in the balance I’D TAKE THE CLASS AND HIM BE DAMNED.

      That class would have been your chance to really let him know you are so over him that you want to get on with your life, and it would have been a chance for you to assess his real worth in terms of personality and honesty.

      What he has done is done another negative thing against you and it’s going to cost you, if they do not decide in your favor.

      The Two of Swords it telling you there is a conflict that will lock up your energies in the effort to resolve it.

      By overcoming indecision, you will take deliberate action to decide the resolution.

      Which means you move forward, don’t allow his presence to undermine anything that you want to do.

      The difficult situations that lay ahead of you must be overcome immediately, so do not delay or hesitate.

      Because there will be other situations where he will be present, you do not leave the battlefield, you stay there and take charge of your own situation, it will be up to him to leave not you, because what is happening is you are allowing it and him to overrun your life, Do Not Allow that to happen, STAND YOUR GROUND!!

      The Two of Swords symbolizes conflict resolution and decisions that must be made.

      But you need to make them so that they are best for you, if it’s a party you want to go to, then go, a movie to see with friends, see it, a class you want to take, take it!!

      Do you get the point?

      Never Ever let his presence run you down.

      Trust me DS I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt many times over and the one thing I learned especially for being (at the time) a shy person, is to stand my ground, and I found out that I was loving it and making the other guy fume and squirm, you need to do the same.

      Stop being “twitterpayted” and work from it logically.

      This will be the best advice any young woman will ever get dealing with a loser of an ex-boyfriend and he is a loser. YOU MY DEAR BE THE WINNER!!

      If Miss France can win the Miss Universe Contest you can win at Life!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  46. I lit three candles at the same time to help my love and I get back together. The tie guajiro burned faster than the is burned out now..the glass has a haze to it. The second was a blessing to oshun..its about 3/4 burned and going strong...white around the top of the glass...the third is a love honey candle. Is has had a difficult time to say the least. Small flame, wax rings, and its only half way thru. Still burning though. What ate your suggestions ..thank you for all of your insight.

    1. Hello Mary,

      Trying to read 3 candles as one unit is a bit difficult but I’ll do my best.

      The Oshun candle is doing its best to work with you on this matter but it is also saying with the white soot on the top that more work will need to be done.

      It is the same with the tie guajiro candle, it is working but it only worked part way, there is some sort of resistance.

      The 3rd candle the Love Honey candle is the most telling of all three.

      The small flame is working slowly to bring results, your prayers may take longer to work and it will be harder to overcome some unknown opposition.

      The wax rings indicate that the spell needs to be repeated. Because of the wax rings that means there may be some personal hindrances to the progress of the spell, and it may need to be repeated.

      When combining all three candle readings I can only say that there is some resistance or blockage about you and your love getting back together. It’s going to be extremely difficult.

      I would suggest repeating all three candles again and see how they burn, that will give a better indication of what is happening.

      But if after the 2nd set of candles burn he does not get back with you, then something has developed and he has no desire to see you or get back with you.

      I’m sorry to tell you this but I do want to prepare you for the worse possible outcome.

      Try again and see what develops.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  47. I'm doing a moving candle spell (7days) with a naked male figural candle and naked woman figural candle.
    My intention is reconciliation with my ex and love attraction to be established between us. Day one: both candles burn steady and in equal timing, nothing stood out in the burning.
    Day two: towards the end of the burning .... Both flames kept crackling, popping, and wavering. Then the male candle flame burned really high and burned way faster than the female candle. A big droplet formed on the left side of the male candle. When I tried to use a snuffer to put the male candle out it wouldn't go out. I had to use the snuffer 3 times before the game went out on the male candle. The female candle then burned very slow with a steady high flame, snuffed out with one snuff.
    What does this mean? Is it a bad sign? I found difference from day 2 burning and day 1 burning very alarming. Any interpretations , please? Thanks for the help.

    1. Dear Lovely Summer,

      The candles are “talking” to you, spirits governing both candles were “talking” back and forth to each other, the guardian spirits of him and of you, it was, from the sound of it, an argument.

      A high Flame on a candle usually means the spell is going to work fast and be effective. There is the possibility you may see quick results as there appears to be little resistance BUT if it is straight and tall (the flame) then there is the presence of a large entity or major guardian spirit that is working to protect him from any spiritual workings.

      The fact that although your flame was high and steady but burning slow means that your spirit guardians are working hard to get through to you ex.

      The fact that his flame did not want to go out tells me his guardian spirit is very, very strong and is resisting any efforts on your part. Yours went out or snuffed out normally.

      I think after these 7 days you may have to repeat it again. And I would say if there is no response after the 2nd set of candles working, then his shields are up to prevent any thing happening.

      I’d like you to read my post on “Why Reconciliation Spells don’t work” you may find some information that would be of use to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  48. Hello there Ms. Voodoo Queen. I just had my 51st birthday on January 1st and sadly I have yet to achieve any of my life goals. I was diagnosed bipolar in 2007 been on disability ever since but because of that I'm limited on earning extra income. Okay well, I've come across some Network marketing businesses that i attempted to build to the point to where i would no longer need to depend on the government help. The first business like this last one, I started doing really well but for some reason everything I've done, even at my regular jobs, it all goes downhill for me. I have been on this same rollercoaster practically my whole life with jobs and my love life. Well this New Year I got very ill and i did the mexican tradidional cleansing with an egg and it worked immediately. Same week my daughter and i both lost our jobs, so we were unable to pay any of our bills for February. I had to surrender my apartment and move into one that my ex-husband was nice enough to lend me the money for. Also, my disability case has been in the process of finalization after my re-evaluation which was done back in July of 2015. I was receiving critical payments in the meantime they complete the process but as of January 30th they are stopping my monthly payments until further notice. I began to panic,began losing my Faith in God because I completely put my trust in him all these years but nothing ever works in my favor. A person i know on Facebook recommended I burn a Reversing Candle and I've always been reluctant to do that because of my Faith but in my desperation, I went ahead and did it. I lit it on Tuesday night, February 7 and being a 7 day candle it finished burning last night. Not sure of time because it was still burning when i went to bed at about 11pm. When I first lit it, it was covered in black soot and it's black well beyond half of the glass but not all the way down. This is the first time I do this myself and I've been reading many of the literature online about what it means and how to read the burning flame and so forth but, there are differences and I'm a bit unsure about what the meaning is on mine and what i should do next. Help!!��


    1. Hello My Dear,

      First, take a deep breath and slowly release it, when there is a lot of black soot in a reversing candle it means that your spirit guides and guardian angels are working very hard the fact that towards the end it cleared up somewhat means they managed to take care of somethings, but it’s going to be a lot of hard work.

      If you’ve been reading my blog you will note I’ve done a 4 part section on reading the candle and candle flame and it pretty much holds true.

      However because there was so much black soot you may need to do another one, and when you light it pray to Mother Mary to help you in your time of need and to help you overcome these difficulties

      I did a one card reading for you and it was the Page of Cups, but reversed However The Sun card was stuck to it also reversed It means that you have ideas but you seem to have trouble making them into a reality. You maybe getting distracted which goes against working with common sense, because of that you are having a hard time buckling down even though the desire is there, it’s having the follow through to complete it.

      But as I said The Sun card was stuck to the Page of Cups and this card was also reversed. The Sun Reversed means you may have to work harder to bring the “freedom,” about. Still, this is an excellent and important time to experience different things, things which are out of your usual routines. The Sun is about vitality, freedom, joy, and self-expression.

      In general when you draw the Sun, reversed or upright, money is likely to be much better than usual. Still, of course, budget your funds carefully. If you’ve been waiting on a financial decision to be made by others - this means you won’t have to wait much longer and that the decision is very likely to be in your favor. When the card is reversed, however, you may need to provide more information to the financial people before everything is finalized. If so, don’t worry. Things look good, ask for advice from a trusted, experienced friend or family member or even better get a lawyer who is experienced in these matters to help you clear things up.

      Continue doing the reversing candle and praying to Mother Mary for assistance but also get that Lawyer to make this come true for you and your daughter, because both these cards are saying that you cannot go it alone without legal assistance.

      I’ve included you in my prayer circle for strength to get you through this.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  49. Dear Ms Q.

    I'm in need of help to get a good reading, as I am having a lot problems with myself I have been really unhappy lately, and I constantly feel like something bad is going to happen to me I have a lot of anxiety, I don't if someone that I know is playing tricks on me and making me feel this way. I have no trust in my relationship with my significant other and I have no valid reason I just don't feel good. I want to know if you could help with directing to someone that you know to to help me since I know you don't take one on one clients. I trust your judgement. I feel like I am imposing if I ask you how do you see my situation do you feel that my significant other is being fateful or not, do you feel I should distance myself from some people around. I am all over teh place and I dont know what to do with all these energies.

    I would really appreciate your help and guidance!

    Thank you


    1. Dear Naz,

      First I want to ask you are you drinking a lot of caffeine either in coffee, tea, iced coffee or caffeinated soda or energy drinks such as Red Bull?

      If you are stop and switch to de-caffeinated and stop drinking soda even diet sodas and any energy drinks.

      By doing that it will help lower your anxiety levels a great deal.

      2nd I think it would not hurt for you to document anything that has been happening around you and what people are saying to you.

      Sometimes someone can callously say something to you to have you think negatively, not so much tricks as manipulation.

      Write down what you feel or think is causing you to distrust your significant other.

      By having it in a concrete form (written down on paper) it will help you analyze it.

      Another thing is to see if you are having any food allergy reactions, it would be best to talk to your doctor he may be able to pin point things better for you because some foods can act like a poison on one’s system.

      You may want to consider taking a B vitamin complex as well.

      It is possible that you are suffering from some sort of depression, sometimes that is weather related but only your Doctor will know for sure.

      Once you take care of the psychical then one can start taking care of the spiritual.

      I did a one card reading for you and I drew the King of Cups, but reversed, what this means is You may be struggling with self-deception and/or the deceptions of others, and the most important thing in this situation is to see yourself and others as they actually are, with clear and loving eyes but not foster any sense of dependence or weakness through your own actions.

      In a relationship reading, this reversed card suggests that you feel quite confused about your relationship and your emotions are out of balance and out of control.

      You are uncertain about your true feelings, and every day they seem to chop and change, leaving you completely confused.

      You need to be careful, too, about the messages you are sending to your partner as he/she may become easily confused too if you are ‘up’ one day and ‘down’ the next. It is probably best to keep some distance now until you work out your feelings and are more in control of your emotional state.

      It would be wise to let your partner know how you are feeling and that you need to work on it or tell your partner you may need to seek medical advice so that your partner is not confused either.

      This reversed card also suggests that you need to take greater control and responsibility for your emotional state.

      Right now, you are a loose cannon, letting your emotions rule and flip-flopping from one point of view to another.

      You want to take charge of your life but then you are waiting for the Universe or for fate to show you the way. You need to be more accountable for your emotional well-being.

      That is why I strongly recommend that you see a Doctor about your health, you do not say how old you are but from what you are describing it almost sounds as if you are heading into menopause or having some sort of anemia or depression, now it is not unusual to have menopause early in life, I’ve known young women in their 30’s start having it.

      Do see your doctor and cut down on caffeine and start taking a Vitamin B supplement as well, ask your Doctor if you are suffering from any iron deficiency anemia as well. A complete blood panel work will be very helpful to diagnose any problems.

      If you want a more complete reading I can recommend Devi Spring at She may be able to help you spiritually.

      I will put you into my prayer circle for your well-being.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  50. Ms Q

    You are beyond amazing!! I'm so shocked, I had a baby about a year ago and I was diagnosed with thyroid then they said I'm ok I no longer have it then I stopped taking the medication. The other day I had a nervous breakdown. I do drink tea and coffee I will stop at once. I will do my blood work immediately, i dearly love my partner but I feel like why doesn't he marry me already? But you are right I need to take care of myself.

    Thank you thank you a 1000 times

    1. You are Welcome, Naz.

      Take care of yourself remember your health comes first, so you can take care of those who are precious to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  51. Dear Miss Q

    I finished burning my first red candle on a honey jar reconciliation spell last night. My ex and I broke up due to his family's interference. His family is very traditional and disapproves of our cultural differences. It had got to the point where he became so stressed from the situation that he decided he didn't want me to go through it and I deserve better than what he can give me. Despite everything, we still talk and he has told me that he still loves me and cares about me. I love him deeply and still want to be with him. I want him to gain confidence in himself and speak up against the hate and how he's been treated so that he and I can get back together again.

    My candle burned steadily with a high flame, now mike and most of the wax was burning on the right side. The melted wax created a circle covering the lid with tiny bumps and clumps on the right. There are two tiny teardrops and one large teardrop coming down the jar. The candle burned out with little to now smoke. Can you tell me if this is a good sign and if there is anything else I can do to help him and get his family to be more understanding of our situation. I will begin another candle on Wednesday evening.

    Thank you

    - J

    1. Dear J,

      This means tears, and difficulties. The fact that it burned only on one side means that it was only partially effective, and it seems something, a spirit guide or angel wants to protect you from more hurt, little or no smoke means the situation is over and done with.

      Your now ex is correct and has made the right decision he is doing this so you can be free to follow your path, the path of love is always covered with shattered glass, you will find that you will not live the life you want to live but the life that you will need to live.

      If you are going to school or college get that education so your eyes are more open to what is out there in the world, so that you will have more choices and more life experiences.

      Years ago I had this same problem, (remember I was once young) and I and a young man we fell in love, but we were of different religious beliefs, because his parents would have thrown hissy fits if they knew what I did well it would have been world war 3.
      So he would say “Oh I’m going out with this person or that person and we’re going to the movies” when really he was meeting me and we were going to the movies.

      But after a period of time I began to notice that there were things that would not have worked out, he was too ingrained in his religious beliefs, and my eyes were may clear, so we broke up, 3 months later I found out some information and I realized I had a near escape.

      So what he is doing is a favor to you, bless it and let go. All the signs are pointing to that it won’t work.

      See my other reply to you under “Honey Jars…”

      But do not do another candle tomorrow evening, it will go against you and your Ex.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Miss Q

      Thank you for your response. A part of me still believes that there is a chance for reconciliation.. Is there no other way even though both of us still have deep feelings for on another? I had started another candle but this was before reading your reply. I hope that there is something I can do to reverse this if it worsens the situation.

      - J

    3. Dear J,

      At this point in time I do not see any good resolutions.

      Since you have started the candle (and for some reason your comment landed in the spam file which has delayed my response, so I take that as a sign of some sort, I'm going to say allow the candle to burn (but do not leave it unattended).

      See what the flame, wax, smoke does, write down your observations and report it to me under this post.

      Then I can tell you what Spirit is saying to you.

      Both you and your ex keep a low profile for now, let me know by the new Moon on Feb 26. Then I'll also do a one card reading for you as well.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Dear Miss Q

      Thank you for taking your time to respond to me. The last candle that I burned was clean and had a strong, high flame. There were a few tears dripping down the side, almost cascading in unison but they were all gone once the candle finished burning. One small icicle was left on the side of the jar. The candle burned evenly outwards from all sides with a low smoke. The wax formed one large circle and I can see images of animals like a bird and a snake.

      Thank you

      - J

    5. Dear J,

      The images of the bird and snake are very important featured in the bottom position the bird symbolizes dangerous situations. Positively, you are protected in these situations as a bird also symbolizes new beginnings.

      In addition this can indicate a relationship. This relationship has provided you with a certain amount of happiness.

      However the bird or relationship is endangered by the presence of the snake image.

      The snake indicates inveterate enemies or people or energies that oppose this situation, when this happens Spirit is warning you to stop and re-assess the situation, sometimes the bird needs to fly free or to be let go, by being encaged in a circle indicates a trap situation one in which there is no clear outcome, with the exception of the tear on the left side of the jar, tears or a tear on the left means one has to let go of the situation otherwise it will continue to be painful.

      Even though the flame was strong and high it means that spirit did not have any difficulty in seeking communication spiritually, and it was a sad communication, even though the other tears, with the exception of the one, did eventually go away, it does indicate that the situation is difficult with no happy ending.

      I did a one card reading again after analyzing how your candle burned, and I drew the Six of Cups reversed (upside down) this is an unhappy card to get.

      Reversed Six of Cups deals with memories of the situation but they are sad. There is nothing good that comes to mind and so these memories will only cause pain.

      This is a terrible tarot card to get because it implies difficulties, and it’s best to let go, what is past is past, bless the situation you had as a learning experience and for the brief happiness you had and to let go.

      I am so sorry J, but all the signs are pointing to things not returning to the way they were, I wish I could give you good news, but I’m not going to lie.

      It is best that you pull yourself together and take the time to heal yourself. At this point in time it’s all you can do.

      In time you will see the wisdom of this, even though it is hard now, I am truly sorry.

      Bright Blessings
      Ms. Q

  52. Dear Ms.Q

    I recently burned a crown of success candle on top of of a honey jar as my husband is up for promotion to a higher management position. Last time I did this spell he was promoted twice within two months, unheard of in his line of work. I've had pretty good luck with this particular spell in general.

    I used a big gold candle dressed with both master oil and crown of success oil and a few herbs (master root, high john, sampson snake root, gravel root, etc) and purple glitter. It burned beautifully. Strong High flame (one of the highest steadiest flames I've ever seen) no tears. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to leave any wax at all jut a bit of purple glitter. (like my other spell) Well I was mostly right. The center of the candle burned down to the lid not even a bit of wick left, just glitter, but the candle left not a puddle but formed a small circle crown. Almost like a gold crown shaped bracelet made of wax. Like an actual crown you could put on a doll's head with the word Success imprinted with the purple glitter in the center. ( I wrote success all over the crown before I dressed it). I wish I could take a picture, It's actually a beautiful looking crown with a nice energy. I felt like this was a really really positive sign, until I looked up the meaning of seeing a crown in wax(sickness). But I still feel like it was a good sign as my husband's interview yesterday was perfect and they pretty much told him the job was his and they would iron out the details this Friday.

    I guess my question is, If you're doing a crown of success spell and it burns down into a crown with the word success on it, is it a good sign?

    Thank you so much n advance if you have time to respond. It's been a real pleasure reading your thoughtful positive replies to everyone. I've bookmarked your site!


    1. Dear N,

      I am happy for you and your successful workings as well as your husbands success in his promotions.

      There are many different interpretations to different meanings, what I've posted above is one meaning.

      In that case it means something different depending upon the ritual.

      In your case you are doing a Crown of success spell and you've gotten a crown symbol, then I'd take that as a good sign.

      Because in this ritual it means:

      The symbol of supremacy, denoting ascendancy over all difficulties and elevation to positions of high degree, with increase of power and influence. What you have in hand will lead to success.

      Some will achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.

      In all cases there is success but with increased responsibility.

      Now if this was just a freestanding candle spell I would also look for these other signs:

      If straight lines are close to it the crown signifies a straight course to honors.
      If wavy lines around, there will be delays and obstacles in the way of deserved honors.

      By Friday both you and your husband will know the outcome, and if you still have the melted results I'd take a picture of it for posterity.

      The other meaning is used more in divination if one is not doing a promotion or crown of success ritual. So do not have any fear.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  53. Dear Ms Q,

    Well we got the happiest news last night.
    My husband got the job! They told him they are grooming him for even bigger opportunities in the future because they see potential in him. Thank you so much for putting my heart at ease because it's been a bit stressful. A lot of people he thought were friends turned on him when he got promoted the first time as they'd gone for the same job. He ended up being their boss and they were none too pleased let me tell you. It hurts his heart so. He really is a kind soul. I'm *mostly* gentle until I see people being cruel for no reason, then the fiery part in me comes out. I've no tolerance for bullies. Never have. But he made new truer friends so it worked out.

    Even with all the signs I've been getting (pulling the chariot, four of wands and eight of wands cards over and over) I was still real nervous. He had people talking him down behind his back trying to interfere and sabotage. All this is relatively new to me ( Well, it is and it isn't. I had a knack for hoodoo and dreaming things before they happened as a child but my mom told me to ignore it and discouraged it, because she thought it was... not a good thing. It runs in the family a bit). I decided last year that the Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess doesn't give people bad gifts, its just what you do with them that matters. As long as I'm not hurting anyone (who doesn't have it coming, lol) I think I'm alright. His two biggest detractors, one got demoted and the other resigned with encouragement. Not my doing, the meanest I'll get is a little old lemon freezer spell to stop gossip and lies, but justice comes for everyone eventually, I think.

    Anyway, thank you for your time and the wealth of knowledge you share on your site. You're very very gifted and generous to share it with others. I'm going to spend a lot of time reading and learning. I smiled to see you had a Web Blog named Inanna as that particular goddess is kind of what made it okay for me to explore what came natural to me without fear or shame! Funny old world, isn't it? Thank you again and I'm sending nice energy your way!


    1. Dear Nickey,

      I am so happy for you and your husband about his promotion, of course you know it will mean long and tiring hours for him but I feel you are the kind of wife who will be very supportive and understanding with your husband.

      Thank you for the good energy, I’ve been needing it today, it seems we’ve adopted our neighbor’s dog, or it adopted us, but between our neighbor and us it will work out nicely.

      I know that you prefer to do only good spells or workings and that is fine, but it doesn’t hurt to at least know how the negative one’s work so you’ll know how to counter-act them, You don’t have to do them but to understand their workings is vital.

      And since you have the gift you should never neglect it but work with it in the positive sense. It’s sad that parents discourage their children about their gifts, but I feel it’s because they don’t know how to help their child work with it and control it, so instead they discourage the child.

      In my case I was not discouraged but I was instructed to keep it under wraps when I’m with “Muggles”, sorry I had to use that Harry Potter word I think it best describes those without the gifts.

      And you are right God does give us these gifts, in the Bible is shows people of the Bible using them, so why should we be afraid of these gifts if we use it for the best possible and highest Good.

      If you have any questions or feel that there is a subject that should have an article about please let me know, and I’ll be happy to help you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  54. Lord, I wrote the longest response thanking you profusely and it looks like this computer ate it! I guess I'll keep it short ans sweet! Ah well my husband heard last night he got the promotion and we're celebrating this weekend. I want to thank you so much for your time and kindness as it means a lot. I've still a lot to learn and your website is an amazing resource. Thank you again and I'm sending well wishes your way!



    1. Again Thank you Nickey,

      I am very happy for you and your husband, have a wonderful celebration, ENJOY!!

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  55. Ms. Q,
    I just stumbled upon your amazing blog at what seems like the perfect time. In December someone I was in love with 8 years ago popped back into my mind with such fever that it felt like some one had done a spell on me. I reached out to him and he suggested we meet then never followed up. I then wrote him a long email and did a 7 day pink candle telling him that I had missed him. He wrote back quickly saying he was a scared of meeting up with me, that he was a destructive person but he would always be there for me. That same day I ran into him on the street after not seeing him for 4 years. He asked me again to hang out but has only interacted with me on Facebook and social media. I did a red skull candle for him and it started off burning slowly then today split open and the wax is still burning in the container. I don't know if that means a breakthrough has happened on his end or what. Any guidance is appreciated!

    1. Dear Meg,

      I would say that it means for you to remain open and aware of new avenues to be pursued and be aware that new, and previously unknown information will come to you, as well as opportunities will arise, just be aware that he did say he is or was a destructive person, which also mean a manipulating person as well.

      So take it slow it’s possible that he is interested in you but it’s important that both of you play it cautious. See how things develop in a week or two.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you so much!
      I did speak to him over the weekend. You are right about the manipulating. I did initiate contact and he suggested we meet up over the weekend (possibly) then never contacted me. We did talk quite a bit yesterday but he remains vauge. I guess I will just let the spell do its work.

    3. Dear Meg,

      You might as well, but again, do use caution with this particular person, be very careful of his manipulating and do not co-sign anything with him or with anyone he suggests and do not loan him money or bail him out of trouble.

      He would just be using you. I maybe over cautious but I also don’t want to see you hurt either.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  56. Hi,
    I have been burning a red candle every night Conjuring Oshun, I wish to intensify my boyfriend's love for me and want to stay with me forever and stay faithful. Last night the candle left a big puddle of a man protecting a baby with his arms, the candle itself left a rim of a heart shape.what does all this signify?

    1. Hello my Dear,

      It’s good to conjure or petition Oshun for love, but I would need to ask you why are you so fearful of your boyfriends love or lack of love?

      Do you sense that he might be cheating on you or seeing someone else, or has his love become sort of halfhearted, that he thinks you will know and understand that he cares about you? Do you need more reassurance from him that he truly loves you?

      Even Oshun cannot force what may not be there, she can only manifest what is there already.

      Now about the candle melting, are you sure that it is a man holding a baby? It could be a woman. And it could be symbolic as well.

      When a baby appears it can mean one of several things It can mean a new project is on the horizon or it is time to let go of the past and to move on in the future.

      There are various meanings related to this symbol. New birth, new beginnings, happy content times, this illustrates the problem that we sometimes encounter with wax divination, if you think the baby is being held by a man it means new challenges. If it looks like its being held by a woman then it is likely to suggest a pregnancy, even a pregnancy that may not be planned.

      The presence of this symbol can also mean a strong need for growth and maturity. If you are desperate to hold onto your boyfriends love then you need to mature a bit, especially if you have an idea that he is already cheating on you. In that case then the baby can mean you need to let him go if he is flighty and takes off and you don’t know where he is or where he’s gone. The love is not being there.
      But the possibility of a new love coming to you may happen and you need to be prepared for it.

      The shape of a heart on the rim means the feelings of truth, bravely resides in the heart. Oshun is saying new love will come to you, especially if your man is not honest with you, so you must bravely face that and then be open to new love coming to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  57. Hi Ms Q

    I am really confused about my relationship, one minute I feel like I should walk away, the next I feel like why should I? I am in love with my significant other but I have been nagging him a lot so he is distant, I don't know may be he is distant cause he is interested in some one else, I mean distant in energy not actuality. I dont know what to do, I don't know how to bring our energy and dynamic back alive. Its almost like I feel like I am losing him so I'm chasing him and he keeps telling me I am in love with you I just don't understand why you are becoming an annoying person. He express to me he is really about his career and money. I kept thinking what is there is someone else. I mean since I have been arguing with him and I have said some crazy stuff to him we are not being sexual, cause he feels like its fake, when I argue and accuse him then try to be sexual with him. I dont know how to pass this terrible cycle, I almost feel like is someone playing with my emotion and energy that I feel that way. Please guide me!!

    I really want my relationship back to the harmony we had and the love that I felt. I just dont know how to go back to that and do I stop contacting him so much when he is at work or away. what do I do? do you think there is another woman he is interested in? I am really confused!

    Thank you

    1. Hello My Dear,

      First, stop nagging him, the more you nag and chase and weep and moan the more you contact him at work or when he’s away, the more you push him away.

      Try to relax, and calmly say that you are interested in his career and would like to know (short of loaning him money) how you can be supportive of him in it, and you’d like to know more about it.

      Once you relax and focus on your own life, your own health, career and well-being and only contact him when it’s really vital, like your car broke down or you have to work late, then you’ll begin to see his true colors.

      If there is someone else in his life, he can’t keep it hidden for long.

      But if there isn’t anyone else, he’ll appreciate your interest and emotional support and the fact that you can be independent as well.

      I have found that when a man sees that his woman is being independent and standing on her own two feet and not weeping, moaning or being possessive, his ear’s prick up and he’ll wonder more about you and will start coming around you.

      Now there are a couple of rituals you can do. One is using Follow Me Boy oil and the other is using Cleo May Oil. I recommend getting both oils and remember relax, breathe, relax. You will also need 1 purple candle and 7 pink candles both about 4 to 6 inches tall and either a calamus root or a licorice root and “Come to Me” incense, you can get the oils, roots, incense and candles from a metaphysical shop. And a photo that you can spare of your significant other.

      O.K. the first one will be using the Follow Me Boy oil and the purple candle this is to “dominate” your significant other, but you’re not going to dominate him you just want him interested in you, but not to the detriment of him earning money or his career.

      Follow Me Boy oil can be deployed in several ways including, but not limited to, anointing the individual as part of a massage, a few drops may be placed in his shoes, shampoo, or his laundry in the final rinse, and dressing candles.

      A simple spell using Follow Me Boy you write his name on a purple candle about 4 to 6 inches tall, anointing it with Follow Me Boy oil and your sexual fluids. Set the candle in a holder and place a photograph him underneath the holder, anoint the four corners and center of the photo with Follow Me Boy Oil and place a small piece of calamus or licorice root in the center of the photo then taking the photo fold the photo towards you three times, rotating it clockwise one turn in between each fold.

      Keep the folded photo under the candle as you light the candle and make your prayer or petition saying:

      "With God's blessings, may [his name] come under my command. As the sheep follows the shepherd, as night follows day; where ever I lead, let him follow; where ever I stay, let him be. In Jesus name. Amen." Allow the candle to burn down safely on its own, dispose of any left-over wax by burying it in your backyard or in a special place such as a flower garden. Take the folded photo with the root, put it in a small red bag and keep it in your purse that way it will be with you all the time.

      Second one is a little easier. You’ll need seven pink candles that are about 4 to 6 inches tall and Cleo May oil. Anoint the seven pink candles with the Cleo May oil, one each night and then burn one candle a night for seven days – beginning on Friday, that is the day of Venus. Burn the Come to Me Incense as well after you light the candle and pray that his love for you will always manifest itself towards you.

      Then start wearing the Cleo May oil just a drop on your pulse points but make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.

      Sometimes a drop on a small cotton ball tucked inside your bra will work as well.

      Bury the left over wax in the same location where you buried the purple candle wax.

      Allow 4 weeks to pass to see if things improve. If not let me know.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  58. Thank you so much, I will do this ritual hopefully it works, I think I need to do something for my own mind that goes crazy.

    Also we are suppose to move by April together I want to see if you think this move is good and brings more blessing?

    I need to do something about my finances and his flourishing do you have any easy ritual that is not complicated for me to do ?

    Thank you


    1. Hello My Dear,

      I did a one card reading for you and I drew the Ace of Wands but it was reversed, and the Nine of Wands reversed was stuck to it.

      This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that for the both of you you’ll have to work harder in attaining what you want. The 9 of Wands reversed means that there might be some delays in doing the move it could be an illness like the flu or some sort of obstacle like where you plan to stay may not be ready in time. You need to expect the worst and take extra precautions to avoid any negative consequences to your plans. Be on guard and wary of any potential obstacles or opponents who may stand in your way.

      Also you need to be careful of dwelling on past frustrations and grievances. Just try to let go and be mindful not to make assumptions or hasty judgements. Don’t let those old fears come back to torment you otherwise things could be undone.
      Let’s look at the major card the ACE of WANDS but reversed, Ace of Wands upright usually means “Go for it”, in this case it’s reversed, so you and your partner will go for it but it will be very difficult, there will be a surge of vitality, creativity which will be fruitful but with a lot of sweat and tears.

      This card has to do with the realm of accomplishment and work/career. With the reversal, it may be difficult for you to keep your focus and to avoid becoming ineffective. Keep your focus on one thing at a time.

      In general even though the reversed Ace still points to reason for feeling good, you may be having difficulty "feeling it." If you are struggling with anxiety, try to get a handle on what you are worrying about and what is bothering you. You may benefit by talking to someone new about the way that they handle such things; this could be very inspirational.

      This card shows good possibilities at and for work, but there is a downside implied here as well. An example the job is good but you have a demanding supervisor. There may be misunderstandings and feeling undervalued, do not to jump to conclusion but ask questions to get answers.

      With Love in your existing relationship, this card shows a need to think before you speak and to listen hard to your partner. Misunderstandings are easy now. Be careful those old fears could come back when they don’t need to.

      During this time there is a need to pay close attention to what you are doing with your money. This is not the time to take chances or to just hand over your financial responsibility to a broker or banker and expect them to act in your best interest. There is no such thing as a "sure bet," in anything.

      During this time of adjustment pay careful attention to your health and your partner’s health it would be too easy to get run down. Take precautions to stay health and to not overindulge.

      On a spiritual level this card is reminding you to take a few moments for yourself, to allow your spirit to drink in the energies of the universe. This will help sustain you, and will benefit you more than you can imagine.

      Be careful not let paranoia take over, don’t let your internal fears overwhelm you, if you feel things are emotionally difficult seek counselling from a professional to help you over the difficulties, you’ll find your fears were unfounded. You were over-tired from the hard work.

      The easiest ritual is to burn a green candle anointed with Prosperity oil, I recommend a glass enclosed candle you can find them at a grocery store, drug store or metaphysical shop, the oil you get at a metaphysical shop, write your petition on plain brown paper you can tear it from a paper bag, put a tiny dab of the oil on the 4 corners of the paper and one in the center. Pray the 23 psalm. Do it at the start of the new moon. When the candle burns out burn your petition and toss the ashes to the wind. With the now empty glass put that into a recycling bin, do this once a month at the new moon.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  59. Hi Ms Q!

    I am so grateful to have come across your page! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

    I recently burned a small beeswax votive i made myself and inscribed a sigil for protection. When it burned the sigil was left standing but the rest of wax collected in the jar top I placed it in (that part is normal for me)
    I was wondering what do you think it means that the sigil was left standing alone?
    At first I thought i needed more protection but then i thought that maybe i am protected and should carry the wax with me..

    Thank you♡
    Jenn Aquila

    1. Hello Jenn,

      This is Ms. Q's niece. I apologize getting back to you so late, but she broke her ankle in early March and has been on pain medication, only recently has she been able to start answering questions.

      She hopes you kept the sigil, and recommends that you put it inside a felt square to protect it (purple is a good color)you can get felt at a crafts store, make it just a little larger than the sigil and then stitch it closed. That way you can carry it without it getting damaged or wax on other things.

      She said it's a good sign and your instincts are right on this.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  60. Dear Ms. Q

    I am really concerned about someone that I know in my professional work environment, I want to see if you pick up anything. Also what do you recommend me doing in order to block their energies so it doesn't effect me and my life. I believe since I have met this person a lot of weird feelings and energies came to my life. I have a feeling this person talks behind my back to the people in control. At times I want to stop sharing my feelings and thoughts with, but for some reason its almost impossible. I want to see what you believe I should do in this regards. I feel a pretending energy like pretend to be my friend but this individual is not really my friend in reality, but pretends to be really close to me. I am almost afraid I don't know why I feel like since we met I have lost a lot of confidence in my self.

    Many Blessings


    1. Dear Char,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you, if you read the posts my niece put up you understand why.

      What you sense is true in part you sense that you are losing your confidence but only if you let your feelings about this person get out of control. I trust that by now you do have those feelings under control.

      This person has a knack for getting people to talk about things that are personal, first you must make every effort to only talk about work and only work, keep your personal feelings and thoughts out of any conversation with this person.

      I recommend that you get a Blessed St. Michael the Arch Angel medal to wear under your clothing for personal protection, before you walk through the door of where you work say to yourself “St. Michael be my Shield and Sword, protect me” and then envision a bubble of white light surrounding you that reflects back any projections this person may attempt to do.

      If you work in a private cubicle at work there are some protections you can do and you can also cleans yourself as well.

      I want you to read my posts on Shielding as well as the posts on Protection. You may also need to do a cleansing bath, read my post on that as well. You can find them in the Archive section of my blog on the left side. Those posts go into detail to help you.

      This person sounds like a variation of a psychic vampire.

      As long as you do the white light of protection this person will not get through and as I said talk only about work and only work.

      Hold you head up high and do your best at your work, if possible be pro-active on any projects at work

      Avoid revealing any problems you may have at home to this person, be cordial and courteous but not overly friendly.

      It may be hard to avoid having this person “invade” your personal space (ie your mind) but it can be done, it does take work.

      When I had moments of a lack of self-confidence my Granny told me “Act like you’ve got all the confidence in the world even if you think you don’t act like you do and then you’ll find that you really do have it.” That too is a shield to protect you, so do that.

      Another thing I do advise is for you to take good quality vitamins, especially a vitamin B complex to help build up your nerves and also take an iron pill twice a week to help build up strength, sometimes the lack of self-confidence can also be due to being run down, if you are dealing with some form of psychic vampire this will be of immense help to keep your energy level up.

      Read those posts I recommended and get that St. Michael medal.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  61. Hi Ms Q

    I wanted to do a honey jar to make my relationship stronger, he be more interested in me, and want me to be around him more. He used to take me to many places even his work now he doesn't do that, also I need some sort of reconciliation so he feels more positive about me and he doesn't think I am insecure of other woman. what do you think I should use in order to make the honey jar? Also I did a honey jar for money and I cute my picture with scissor not knowing I shouldn't use scissors now I am freaking out thinking should I destroy the Jar? as far as writing petitions I have heard that we should use certain words then others, that kind of confuses me, so I heard do not use the word "want" is that true?

    Thank you


    1. Dear Sarah,

      The non-use of the word “want” is correct, better to say “need”, but be specific if you need money to repair your car say “I need (amount) to repair my car, pay my rent” because we have to separate “needs” from “wants”

      For example one can say “I want a Rolex Watch” when really they need a good watch to keep time so they can get to work on time.

      Now about your picture, it is true that it’s best to not use a scissors in cutting a piece of paper for ritual work and it can apply to photos as well, but if it’s a picture of someone you want out of your life using a scissors is fine, but if it’s of a loved one or yourself, it’s best to fold the picture, crease it deeply so it will be easy to tear, but if you’ve used a scissors, don’t freak out, I’m sure it will work, but not as quickly.

      About your relationship, you can do a honey jar for love, rose petals always works, something from him a bit of hair, or a thread from something he wears often, his photo, and something from you and your photo your petition, burn pink and red candles (alternately) for love and passion, check my list on things on the Honey Jar post that will give you an idea.

      But I find it odd that he would take you everywhere even to his job, don’t you have a life of your own? It’s not wise to give up so much of your own personal power and it pays to be independent and have your own job, don’t allow him to control too much of your life, take off those “rose colored” glasses and see what is he really like, you may decide to not waste the time and money to make a Honey Jar on him.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  62. Hi I need a reading...tarot if possible to tell me if I could possibly be sign is Capricorn and my Initials are DB...if possible I'd like you to tell me the initials and birthdays of the man responsible.

    1. Hello DB,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      If you've read the latest post on this site you will know she broke her ankle and is healing at a care facility and is unable to do any readings.

      I did mention your question to her and she replied that by now you would know if you are expecting, if you are still uncertain purchase a pregnancy test to be sure.

      If you are ask your Doctor what was the possible date of conception and then write down the names of those whom you were seeing, let them know one of them could be the father BUT only a DNA test will prove who it is.

      Do not be accusatory only be informative and business-like and ask for their help to sort things out.

      Ms. Q wishes she could help you further but as she is also on pain medication having a reading would be futile.

      Bright Blessings to you from Ms. Q

  63. i am burning 2 love candles to get my ex who left me after plans have been done to build a future together. the candles are still burning at same level with a nice steady flame some wax has dripped and the candles got attached together i saw a sort of ballon and a small heart in the puddle but it is not finished yet A woman had got in between us i am sure this woman and her family had done some spells on him and on me and he is taking some substance with consent but not knowing what is inside

    1. Hello My Dear,

      If he is doing substance abuse, thinking its fine then he does know but doesn’t want to admit it.

      The balloon is a warning to you that your heart is being broken and yet held prisoner and with, so far, the candles being attached means that if you pursue trying to get him back you’ll be drawn into something unsafe.

      You need to do an egg cleansing spell followed by an uncrossing bath to detach the negativity that is being sent to you. He is a lost-cause because of his own free-will he wishes to follow a negative path.

      You must be calm and show restraint. Exercise self-control, patience and tact in handling this situation. Even if it means letting him go, you need to heal from this situation, and know that you will need to apply balanced spiritual and psychic forces to your life. Protect yourself and cut the psychic attachment you have to him and start a new life without him.

      Sometimes you have to do that, sacrificing yourself, your health and well-being is not good. Put yourself first and move on in life.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  64. Hi Ms. Q

    I am almost done with the pink candles and I want to know what I do with his pic and the herb inside of it, do I bury everything in our backyard ? what do you recommend ?

    Thank you

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I've been recovering from my broken ankle and catching up with all these questions.

      But I'm not sure if you are the person who also posted on April 24, 2017.

      If you are then you have your answer, if you are not then do the same as I suggested to the reply below.

      Please let me know.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  65. Hi Ms. Q

    I did the candles as you mentioned but what do I do with the picture which has the licorice root in it now that I am done with the ritual ?

    Thank you

    1. Hello There,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, I had to print up your original question and her reply to you to help jog her memory.

      She advises that you put the picture and licorice root into a pink or purple bag or felt square that you can make with a piece of felt from a craft store.

      Anoint it with Follow Me Boy oil, and keep it in your purse or in a drawer in your night stand or in the drawer that you keep your lingerie, re-anoint the bag once a month on the full or new moon. And continue to follow her recommendations.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  66. Hi there... so this is my first time doing this... I lit a pink candle so the guy I'm in love with and I get back together. I hit a bad patch in Feb and went through depression and a suicide attempt. It was just after we broke up... we were in something very complicated for 2 years as we both had communication problems... but we always found our way back to each other... this time he blames himself and wants to get over us and everything we haven't spoken after the attempt and u did tell him he wasn't the reason. We talk and sometimes I feel like his coming back. But we haven't been talking lately... I feel us growing apart ... so I lit this pink candle for 5 days. It has a strong flame and I couldn't see anything in the left over wax. Today I have no idea what to make of the wax as its burning but a line of the wax is curling on the side. Please help...

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I apologize for being so late in answering your question, I'm recovering from a broken ankle that required surgery.

      A candle that is burning or melting too lopsided in one direction or another means that you are dealing with a situation that is way out of balance. That it was only part way effective. That means that you are more interested in reconnecting with him than he is with you.

      Now it is June a month later than when you asked this question, if he still is not contacting you or communication is lacking on his side, then it’s best to let nature take its course and concentrate on healing yourself and building up your own self-esteem and confidence in life.

      I drew a card for you to see your future and the card I drew is The World, this is a very positive card to get, it means that nothing is impossible for you, but you need to apply yourself, build up your health, your outlook on life.

      If you are still having depression problems seek help because life is not that bad, this is a time of success, reward, achievement, prosperity, security and joy. And it’s possible to gain this may indicate travel or a change in residence. A very positive move for you.

      And don’t pin your hopes on any one person, there is so much out there for you, but you need to work at it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  67. Good Morning Ms. Q,

    Happy Mothers Day! I have been burning an Road Opener candle along with 2 white figurines male and female for reconciliation since the full moon 5 days ago Wednesday.

    The Road Opener candle interesting enough, caught on fire the entire top while the flame popped and hissed and eventually the glass broke off and went flying towards me over the path laid out for the reconciliation spell in front of it. There was a ton of white smoke and blackening on the glass at the time, but after putting out the candle, the black soot started disappearing and a letter A was left in the remaining soot. Now Day 2 I lit the candle again, same thing occurred and the glass on the top broke again! Flying again towards me, breaking off the black soot left the day before. The flame has been dancing and going strong and bright ever since and the glass is completely clean and the broken pieces actually broke evenly around the top the second time so it looks like a brand new candle! Have read up on this outcome for this candle, everything has pointed me in the direction that this is a most excellent sign!

    As for the two figurine candles, the purpose of doing the road opener along side them, is to open up all communication and allowing healing of the past between someone I've been off and on with for 2 years. I've had my cards read, and that's what was pointed out in order for us to move forward. The love is there, and the friendship, but I couldn't let go of the hurt - causing us to fight and him walk away feeling defeated which has ended our relationship. We still talk constantly but as for a couple, the past hasn't stayed the past.

    I lit the figurine candles after placing them face to face with enough space between to move them forward each day after the road opener and they had steady bright high flames each of them, with little tears or wax leftover. My figurines wax went to the right of her, while his came down in front towards my figurine. Day 2 all three flames were dancing and high as the road opener was doing its thing as mentioned above. Leaving more tears and wax this time. His flowing towards me, and mine continuing to flow towards the right of my figurines. Day 3 I came home to find my his candle moved and not sure if it was my kids, but I replaced it to position and co tknued my work. Same thing, our flames switching between who was higher, both strong and only his dancing with an occasional flicker from mine. Day 4 which was last night, same outcome from all three but his flame was more intense as if the spell was really effecting him. His candle got put out earlier than mine cause it was burning a little faster and as I waited and mediated over my mine, I fell asleep. I awoke to find it burned way down, not completely but pretty fair down and the wax overflowing to my right still. Can I still perform the spell with having this happen? And what is your take on things?

    Hope this made sense! Thank you in advance for your help!!!

    1. Hello Ashley,

      Yes it did make sense, I've posted my reply under your June 1, inquiry.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  68. Forgot to mention in my wax blob there's a heart!